The graph is the morning, Austrian Park,BFD coupler “cattle” is to take the child public sale of tickets / reporter Luo Xiaojing perturbationThe Olympic Park Longma spiders show entered its second day today, a reporter for the morning visit found, cattle aimed at this show business opportunities, the recovery of five yuan tickets sold, selling fifty yuan, one day earn about two thousand yuan.At 10 in the morning, the reporters came to the Olympic Park to see, line up to enter the park residents lined up.The show activity park to implement free is not free of charge system, the public can book tickets online, an ID three. But there are still many people do not know, to the scene to no tickets can not enter.Because today is the weekend, compared with yesterday’s passenger flow today, obviously a lot more, armed police and security began on duty, to guide the visitor.”Front Gate can not go, have to go around, and now too many people start, current limiting.” The scene of armed police officers explained to visitors.”To vote no, one of the 50.” Reporters came to the Austrian Park entrance, two was a cattle around asked.When a reporter asked about the online without a ticket, your ticket to come? The ox says, a lot of public order more, we have recovered, and then sold to the need to go in to watch the performance of tourists.Then, with an extra ticket scalpers citizens of recovery, a ticket 5 yuan recovery.The reporter notices, come here with the children the most people.”With the child, can only accompany him, the ticket is not enough, so can only buy cattle.” A with children, said mr..When a reporter asked about these cattle can earn much money, a cattle bluntly said: “Austrian Park this activity too hot a day, about 2000, such work more comfortable.”A cattle call, they do all Beijing speculative reselling of tickets, the bird’s nest here is the largest concert, “Austrian Park is the first time such speculative reselling of tickets, not seen before, this time also earned a lot.” (reporter Luo Xiaojing)

Liu Congfu only childhood photos.Liu Congfu photo. (photograph by Liu Congfu himself)The Ministry of Public Security announced the first batch of 60 rescued children did not find out the source, he is the oldest one, abducted the longest. 15 years tracing,halfen channel his footprints all over on both sides of the Changjiang River. On the excessive, duped, countless times down, still don’t give up. Liu Congfu said, “to think that my parents might be thought so much looking forward to my home, I cannot stop tracing footsteps.” Recently, he gets home may be in the vicinity of Heze news, and sought the help, craving for round home dream.  The mystery of life: fuzzy memory is a clue to the remainingFrom the Liu Congfu identity card can be seen, he was born in 1976. According to the Ministry of public security “baby home” data display, in 1983 he left trafficked to Anhui jieshou. However whether Jieshou City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade Interpol or Liu Congfu himself, or is Liu Congfu’s foster parents, has said he is not clear in 1982 or 1983 abducted to Jieshou city.Because for the first time in 30 years, Liu Congfu has some vague memory of stolen. “Do not know how old he was, just remember that in a bus station, is a very hot summer, a man with a red toy cars, car will beep sound, so I cheated.”Liu Congfu remember, was the first to sit green train pour a car, after the car, also walked a long time country road. “The weather is very hot at the time, the edge of the field there are many wells and irrigation machine, pumping well water irrigation. I’m thirsty, lay and drink in the roadside a bucket, diesel in the water.”In Liu Congfu’s memories, impressed by train, but has not said the specific circumstances, just remember that there is a middle-aged woman was beside him. “If my hometown has a river, people with large net fishing. Eat round fish, in the long board pressure lasagna and red often in childhood.”Leave the already a long time of Liu Congfu who is still with home mark. “The village many people said to me, arrived in the village, I said or native dialect, beatings said to be ‘volume one’, ‘said bladder urine is’. I remember a small named ‘baby’.”  Long in the new home: grew up in foster parents care “outsiders”Liu Congfu’s new house has a big his four year old sister. From the bustling city to the quiet countryside, strange environment let him once on the new house is very inconsistent. “Just go do not eat, do not drink, do not shout their big, Niang (local name for parents). Until you can’t stand the hungry, began to eat, they began to shout.”Although he accepted the new home, but in his memory, never know they are not foster parents. “The village people have been curious about me. From me to Jieshou, often have a neighbor asked me, ‘what is your years? Do you remember where it came from? Who is the parents’? Later I learned that brought me to a new home for people with adoptive parents is a relative relationship, when the father spent 600 yuan to buy my.”In the new home, Liu Congfu read primary school, working in the local plastics factory, plant, until he joined the army in 1994. After leaving the army Liu Congfu returned to Jieshou, is a local well-known winery employment. All the time since, his parents show the utmost solicitude, his life is busy and fulfilling, and did not move over the idea of tracing.Until 1999, Liu Congfu to the “said the wife” age. One day in April, he heard the father Liu Zilin and uncle for a family quarrel. “Uncle in the village said I was the skin, that is to say I was unwanted, no parents of children. In this way, I became an outsider in the village, no one will want to marry her daughter to me.” Liu Congfu then decided to find her biological parents.  The search path: on both sides of the Changjiang River paternity 10 times in vainLiu Congfu did not think of is, even if found kidnapping his suspect, the way back home is so bumpy and long. In 1999 May, Liu Congfu found his new home was brought to the people in an uncle’s help, ask him where the lost “”. “Then the man and I arranged to meet a Henan couple. The couple said I was in some cases of trafficking, and my own memories are similar, I believe they are my parents, adoptive father took me recognize dear.”However, the couple without due care between Liu Congfu think family is sick, but borrow grounds has took it from him ten thousand yuan. “I married, the couple did not how to say. I have proposed a paternity test, they are too expensive to refuse. Finally have the opportunity to do identification, to confirm that they are fake. Could take me to new home when people don’t want me to report to find someone to replace.”This story once let Liu Congfu depressed, but new hope appearing let he persisted. In 2001, Ningbo a couple of Tang that Liu Congfu the forehead has an old scar, and I went to Jieshou extracted from blood samples, back to Ningbo to do identification. In more than half a month of waiting, Tang couple and Liu Congfu often call each other all the other, recognized as a family.But the identification results showed, matching rate does not match. “I was desperate, after receiving the notice, cry bitter tears.” Liu Congfu said, at that time he was downhearted have given up looking for her biological parents thought. But Tang married couples are still concerned about Liu Congfu, and then think of their parents may also Chafanbusi, tries hard to wait for his home, he rekindled hope and faith.Because after a long, although the police investigation confirmed that Liu Congfu was abducted, but not identified to take him to the new home of the people will be trafficked people. Jieshou City police team captain Wang told reporters, “the suspect says that year is new home Jieshou entrusted to take Liu Congfu to, not from his mouth that Liu Congfu in the end is where the abduction to the.” But the police managed to give Liu Congfu some provinces abducted time and he was approximately the same age, to find the lost child and parent information.According to these clues, he have traveled to Fujian, Sichuan, Guangxi, Jilin, Hunan, Shandong and other places, to meet with parents, parent-child appraisal has also made nearly ten. “There are many children lost their parents think I told their children look like, I’ll go find them that, but some lost time, location is not the same. Paternity has also done a lot, but each time the results were depressing, matching rate does not match.”  New hope:  Accent like the Heze area,  From loved ones closerFor a long time, Liu Congfu began to calm down and think. “At the beginning too blind, had a lot of energy, but they didn’t find the. I decided to do a search route map now.” So he each to a place will be a detailed understanding of the local dialect and living habits, to do comparison with their own childhood memories. In a much deeper understanding, he focused on the Shandong.Let him believe that his home in Shandong for another reason. The 13 day, Liu Congfu accompanied by two local police, found to take him to the new home that year again. “He has said did not know, but when I say Shandong’s time, he clearly some excitement and fear, the hands are trembling. This took me, earlier also has repeatedly come to Shandong, my accent is very like the Heze area, and heard 30 years ago many children at the Heze bus station lost. This further strengthened my determination to find in Shandong.”Liu Congfu thought more than once meet with parents of the scene, although not think of yourself will say what, but he expressed the will to cry out. “I want to know who your parents are, they were well. Also want to tell them that I have been independent, so they can rest assured, and I also want to take good care of them, as do so many years before the filial piety.” Speaking of which, Liu Congfu choked.For parents, Liu Congfu said the search path to get their understanding and support, “the people are the meat, they for my upbringing I won’t forget, more will not abandon them, they will always be my mother and. I will do my son’s obligations, take good care of their life.”Reader friend if this can provide a clue, please call our hotline 96706, or contact with Liu Congfu, Liu Congfu Tel: 13708935610. Trainee reporter Wang Xiaomeng

China News AgencyJingdezhen on 18 October, (Fan Wenjuan Jiang Tao) 2014 China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair opened in the “China porcelain” Jingdezhen 18.From Italy, France,formwork clamp South Korea and other 35 major world ceramic producing countries and more than 800 well-known ceramics enterprises at home and abroad Chinese many of the participants on behalf of more than 5000 people gathered in Jingdezhen porcelain.The International Ceramic Fair has 1900 standard booths,halfen frimeda exhibits cover daily-use ceramics, art ceramics, high-tech ceramics and achievements, and ceramic packaging, ceramic raw materials, ceramic machinery, ceramic support materials and other related industries products.During the exhibition will also carry out “along the way” (Silk Road Economic Belt and the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road) theme activities, Jiang Qi “Tao Ji” and Jingdezhen Song Yuan Ceramics International Symposium, 2013 ten major archaeological discovery of the “Southern Leping kiln in Tang Dynasty ruins” mining achievements exhibition, Jingdezhen International ceramics exhibition China etc. ceramic research, trade and cultural exchange activities.Jingdezhen is the world-famous Millennium porcelain, has 1700 years of history of Jingdezhen porcelain, porcelain with “Bai Ruyu, Bo Ruzhi, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound” renowned Chinese and foreign. The fair was first held since 2004, attracts the world 49 countries and regions more than 5000 exhibitors and sourcing company, the fair has become the international trading platform event, world ceramic. (end)

In new networkNanjing on 18 October, (Xu Xingkun Li Ke) this year the Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,lifting loop a vast sea of Ge Sanghua bloom, brilliant purples and reds, beautiful. This also let many Nanjing residents with family travel, enjoy this piece of beauty.It entered the garden, tens of thousands of square meters garden, apart from a few path, pink, white, yellow Ge Sanghua overwhelming, people feel like being with a picture of them.Ge Sanghua origin of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, annual 5-10 month is Ge Sanghua opened the season. In the Tibetan Gaisang is the meaning of happiness, a lot of couples specially for this group photo with “happy to spend”.In the wedding industry Fu Yicong, because Ge Sanghua’s flower, specifically with the couple to the film here wedding MV. Want to pass Ge Sanghua good meaning, express the blessing of the couple.Before retiring in Academy of Agricultural Sciences work Ma Zhaozhi is a genuine photographic fans. The self proclaimed “80″ after he has taken over, Nanjing each big university. Ge Sanghua felt here, only the spring season China February LAN can match.But the reporter to the scene found that the display part area cordoned off, not open to the public. But some visitors to turn a deaf ear to, tore off the warning line, into the.Many children with Ge Sanghua’s parents’ house, in order to bring their children take good, let their children enter the flowers, many flowers are picked, flower stem has also been taking pictures of the tourists stepped down. These uncivilized action let beautiful Huahai some “be thrown into a panic”.Reporters from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine to know, this area no good planning, the school first on Ge Sanghua, both beautiful and generous. But Ge Sanghua also can be used as medicinal, too. The original design of the flower sea, also taking into account the possible there will be students, members of the public to come to play, specially designed many paths, for visitors to shuttle. But still a lot of people have entered the flowers, and Ge Sanghua “intimate contact”. Arranged for volunteers to discourage, but often volunteers go, visitors back in. See the display very distressed, the school is also very hurt.It is reported that Gaisang in Tibetan, is a “good time” or “happy” means, so Ge Sanghua is also called the flower of happiness, this is a growth in the plateau on the flowers, has long been entrusted with the Tibetan people look forward to a happy and auspicious good feelings. There is a beautiful legend in Tibetan culture: no matter who, as long as found eight petal Ge Sanghua, will find happiness. (end)

China News AgencySanya on 18 October, (Li Yufan) the annual autumn and winter intersection,ledger blade Chinese northern provinces has a large number of old people fly to Hainan spend the winter in Sanya, known as the “migratory birds” old man. Heilongjiang,halfen frimeda Jilin, Liaoning, Beijing and other places riding enthusiasts consisting of hundred million in cycling team, starting from the China north of the border, after 50 days of riding, 18 arrived in Hainan Sanya, which has more than 60 old people is “riding” and “migratory birds”.According to a hundred million in cycling team leader Guo Xiaohong introduced, they set out from Heilongjiang Chinese Heixiazi Island, via Chinese 12 provinces and 1 municipalities directly under the central government, about 6500 km trip. To participate in the activities of the Sanya riders arrived in Hainan a total of 113 people, the oldest 76 years old, the youngest 24 years old, the average age of 60 years, of which more than 60 old people will spend the winter in Sanya. Reporters rough estimate, they travel from the point of view of Lisbon in quite driving, across many European countries, arrived in russia.”These men and let me admire, the daily average of 120 kilometers of strength can persist, dreams really do not divide the age.” The 43 year old Guo Xiaohong told reporters, “we have separated, along the way the groundless talk, I loathe to give up their”.This year Li Guoli of 60 years old because with a goatee, was riding a friend nicknamed “old goat”, he is also one of the “migratory birds”. “The ride and let me get to know a new partner, also challenged myself.” Said Li Guoli, riding let your body better, have the chance to ride.From Jilin Province, 62 year old Tan Junlan and 63 year old song Rengong is a pair of husband and wife “migratory birds”. Tan Junlan is riding a novice, after signing up to tell her husband. “I was in Sanya, heard the news immediately booked a flight to fly back to the registration, friends say I’m too ‘luxury’, fly back. This is my hobby.” Qu Rengong said with a smile.”The way the car has a problem or psychological disorder, is he help me to solve, dredge.” Tan Junlan said. “We the couple, the car is original, his wife is the original, we quite envy, we feel very proud.” The words of Qu Rengong from the friends of riding a laugh. (end)

This morning,precast accessories the Fragrance Hill passers-by much,cast in sockets vehicles have been mixed and slow moving camera / reporter Lin Hui with the crowdXiangshan red leaf Festival this week opening, today is the first weekend after the opening, Fragrance Hill in the first rush of tourists. As of this morning, the Fragrant Hill Park has nearly 30000 people, today is expected to flow will reach 60000. “Legal Evening News” reporter in the morning in the Xiangshan Park to see more outside the east gate, 7 in the morning, in the parking spaces has been a full stop, the uphill road congestion, traffic department said, Xiangshan mountain peak traffic, will continue until noon.  Witness  Ludu parking lot full of Beijing tour are7 a.m., the Fragrant Hill Park East Gate in the parking lot, almost all parking is a full stop, only more than a few parking spaces. According to the manager of the parking lot, in previous years red during the day hill parking lot is at seven thirty in the morning is almost saturated.”We all know that this time more people are hard, uphill downhill, drove back and forth also traffic jam. This morning I saw some people more than 5 climb the Fragrant Hills, 6 points after climbing down and drove off.” The administrator said.The parking lot was almost a full stop, the road is also very congested.About seven thirty, Xiangshan Road in Xiangshan direction lane very congestion, 563 road bus load, the private car driving slowly, constantly pressed the horn.According to the law enforcement of traffic police is introduced, seven twenty this morning, Xiangshan Road began a traffic jam.Reporters on the scene saw, up the mountain to see the red tourists have many field to Beijing Tourism Group today.”We particularly want to see Xiangshan, Xiangshan red leaf is our first stop to Beijing. The tour guide let us today more than 5 points starting from the hotel, just give us the six thirty to 7 and a half hours at a time, for fear of ten o’clock too many tourists.” A visitor said.  Bright spot  Science and technology to help leaves more Yan Ying ornamental best time next weekAccording to the Xiangshan Park Red phenological observation group observation, today discoloration Park Cotinus coggygria average rate reached 30% – 33%, Xiangshan Beishan today is expected to can reach 45%.”Next week and next week red color rate will exceed 50%, will usher in the leaves of the best viewing.” The Xiangshan Park Management Office staff said Wu Lijia.According to the Xiangshan Park leaves of professional and technical personnel, the Xiangshan Park over the past three years in Beijing city science and Technology Commission and a start “integration and demonstration of” key technology of Xiangshan red leaf landscape promotion, through research and efforts of researchers, extension of maple leaf ornamental period, guarantee the ornamental effect.In 2011, red day after the opening of the first weekend of 2012 ushered in the 68000 visitors; 70000 in the same month last year reached 80000.This year, only this morning there were nearly 30000 visitors to admire red autumnal leaves. The Xiangshan Park relevant responsible person said, is expected today, the number of tourists will reach sixty thousand people. The number of visitors is expected to exceed the previous weekend.The Xiangshan Park Management Office staff said, if confirmed to appear congestion, Xiangshan Park will quickly organize the position control of road, the tourists to less number of evacuation according to the road, North Road, is climbing the mountain road, prohibit the downlink, South Road and along the walls road Yutai door down the mountain road “big cycle” project. Article / reporter Tong Sijiu Geng Xueqing Xie Lu intern Jie vibration  Travel TipsDrive to the fragrant hills:- the city of Victoria Sihai bridge to the west, the bypass road, North Wu Cun min Zhuang Lu, Xiangshan South RoadEnters Fushilu Dinghui Bridge Road West City of Victoria westward (don’t walk viaduct), in the Fu jade right turn north into the dry river road, and then along the minzhuang Road West, arrived in Fragrance Hill Road South- via Chang’an Avenue, Fuxing Road line westward, Xiangshan area via Yuquanlu Road, dry river road, min Zhuang Lu, Xiangshan South Road

The field emitting smoke. The Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin perturbationThe field emitting smoke. The Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin perturbationThe field emitting smoke. The Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin perturbationFire is the scene of fire. The Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin perturbationIn October 18,BFD coupler 2014, thermal pipeline at eleven twenty in the morning Xu Chaoyang District Grandbuy Road No. 18 on the west side of Road Hospital under construction fire occurred, dozens of meters of smoke emitted from the pipeline wellhead. At eleven thirty the firemen arrived at the scene and to water pipeline in 20 minutes after fire. According to the on-site construction personnel said is the construction insulation surface thermal pipeline layer has the fire, after the fire pipe without staff. (reporter Wang Guibin)

In new networkWanzai on 18 October,ferrule insert (reporter Wang Haoyang Huashan) on October 17th to 19, “Chinese – Wanzai Second International Fireworks Festival” held in the “China fireworks town” title Jiangxi Wanzai County, from Germany, France, India, America and China and other countries and regions of the fireworks purchaser to gather here, to visit the fireworks safety environmental products exhibition, on display at the new safety powder and production machinery concern.According to the CPC Wanzai county Party Secretary Hu Xinming, known as “Wanzai fireworks town” reputation, the fireworks industry is an important economic support Wanzai fireworks production, has a history of thousands of years in the local. In recent years, Wanzai county according to province, city puts forward “the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, safety and environmental protection” requirements, and constantly improve the supporting industries, to promote the development of fireworks industry upgrade.Wanzai county magistrate Chen Hong told reporters, the county efforts to strengthen the research and development of environment-friendly, safety of fireworks and firecrackers, new technology, new technology of the new formulation, relying on the newly formed fireworks scientific research, guidance, establish their own R & D institutions promote county at least 100 enterprises, and strive to introduce each year new safety, environment friendly fireworks products do not less than 100 of fireworks products, not less than 20. 1000000 yuan of special funds to support the construction of county fiscal year funds technology platform, support enterprises in technological innovation, technology development and mechanization promotion work. At present, the county is a comprehensive specification fireworks enterprises equipped with sealing machine, actively and steadily promote the automatic medicine mixing machine machine, wet process production of fireworks, the pressing machine, bright new machinery, new technology bead drying machine.In the exhibition site, a new safety powder companies exhibited by customers attention. A new material company head Li Bing told reporters, no sulfur environmental pyrotechnic silicon potassium powder propellant, safety and environmental protection of the company’s new, not containing potassium nitrate, sulfur, without the risk of transportation and storage, security index of standard for Europe and the United States, and its dosage as long as a semi traditional propellant, is conducive to the fireworks enterprises to reduce the production cost, during the exhibition will receive a lot of orders.A production of fireworks Wanzai County special flute agent enterprises responsible person told the reporter, the company producing new fireworks medicine is safe and environmental friendly products, the state work safety supervision departments and public security departments to encourage research and development of the properties of stability, waterproof and moistureproof, as fireworks medicine emission intensity, combustion products not containing nitrogen, sulfur and other pollutants, compared to black the traditional safe gunpowder, has significant environmental benefits.Mr. Lin came to visit the Taiwan businessmen, with the enhancement of social security environmental protection idea, fireworks enterprises themselves are upgrading of industrial technology, the participants saw many new technology and new products, confidence in the future development of fireworks industry Millennium China innovation.During the fireworks festival, will also hold the International Music Fireworks competition, both sides of the Taiwan Straits Fireworks Industry Development Summit Forum, from all over the world’s fireworks industry associations responsible person, business representatives, vendors gathered together, join forces to promote the healthy and continuous development of fireworks industry. (end)

Report Gao Yulun niece son-in-law a working in the harvest of soybeans, Gao Yulun’s younger brother also help in theAt noon on October 15th,cast in ferrules the bright sunlight guarding Harbin Yanshou county. Compared with the prior month excitement, at the moment of detention was extraordinarily quiet.Noon at about 12, have the police by twos and threes to come out from the West in the duty room, came to the fence to walk west. In more than a month ago, Gao Yulun, Li Haiwei, Wang Damin is from here to climb out.September 2, 2014 morning 6 when make, 3 prisoners Gao Yulun, Wang Damin, Li Haiwei in Yanshou County Public Security Bureau 1 guards killed on duty after carrying away. After breaking out of jail, Heilongjiang police offered a reward of 150000 wanted Yanshou detention three escape the suspect in custody.Qingchuan Ding Yanshou County township government deputy secretary told reporters, the Public Security Bureau in order to arrest the 3 fugitives and published 150000 each reward have been sent down.Recently, “Legal Evening News” reporter an exclusive visit to the original report and reap the rewards of the villagers, about their lives because of changes in the incident.  After the public: soup home is reluctant to mention the bonusOther towns and the northeast as, Qingchuan Fu Cun Xiang He Xi Wang Jia Tun crops mature, the villagers into the busy harvest season. Soup home and past not too different, new house door and “tie the knot” red poetic couplet, shining in the sun.In front of his home ground, Tang Jinhai (sound) is a busy harvesting soybeans. His son soup star farm tractors in the park, he and his wife with a fork to cut down soybeans fork into the car, again and again.In soup home, do not see a trace of “reward 150000 yuan” traces.Will my in laws Gao Yulun tied up, then handed over to the police, loyalty Tang Jinhai has not received the fellow villagers pointing fingers, however, he was more be timid and overcautious, especially for the $150000 reward, tight lipped. But the villagers even think that money is just a cover at the time, there is no change at all.It seems that in the villagers, the fugitive is caught is one thing, they have to pay more attention to it quietly issued a reward. “Never heard of before they received the money ah, we thought it was just talk, not cash.” Many villagers told reporters.However, after a communication, Tang Jinhai finally told reporters, they took the 150000 yuan, a lot of. Tang Jinhai said, I heard that the government will also reward him one hundred thousand yuan, but the money is not to, “I’m not going to go, I’m not going to ask these.”  ”If another bad, I still catch”About this month of life, Tang Jinhai “busy” to describe the word, they have more than 300 acres of land, this month just is the season of harvest. “They got up at two or three in the morning, before retiring for the night six or seven.” Tang Jinhai’s neighbor told reporters.However, for his in laws — led Li Haiwei, Wang Damin killed the police escaped Gao Yulun, Tang Jinhai and did not want to mention. “I don’t care about their families how to say, now I did not contact their home with their families, no one came to see me.”"People love what. I am not afraid of being misunderstood, I do is the right thing, if the bad guys, I still catch.” Tang Jinhai tried to avoid the 150000 yuan bonus, repeatedly said, oneself is not strong money goes.And the day the earth, Gao Yulun’s younger brother also help them with the work. And before the rumors of soup Jiaer daughter-in-law (Gao Yulun’s niece) of divorce was not confirmed. Through the window to see, Gao Yulun’s niece is take the children home. His neighbor told reporters: “they recently very jolly, no divorce thing.”And after different conflict journalists, the Tang Jinhai a benign countenance, gray hair is a smiling face.There is also the village villagers told reporters, soup home catch Gao Yulun before careful arrangement of the Bureau, and later the police to go to their homes for the investigation of the truth.However, these groundless talk, and there to get Tang Jinhai confirmed. He will be the 150000 yuan reward quietly saved, as what had happened.  ”Discounted” bonus: informants very depressedNearly 60 years old Li sitting on the Kang, a mouthful vomit a smoke ring. Smoke ring along his wrinkled brow, gray hair upward floating, dispersed. However, Lao Li think, his family gathered in sorrow.If it were not for the $150000 reward, Yanshou County Qingchuan Xiang Xin Sheng Cun Lao Li at the moment should be the same as before, with his son, daughter-in-law to work on the ground in their own.However, things change due to the September 2nd Yanshou detention escape events. He still remember the night of September 3rd, Wang Damin came to the door of fugitive beg for food, Lee raised his own loudspeakers summoned the whole village villagers and police, and his son also reported, and the police according to Lao Li’s report captured fugitive Wang Damin.Since then, Lee began to look forward to the 150000 yuan reward.”Wife had heart disease, cerebral infarction and other diseases, always wanted to give her to do the operation had no money; also want to buy my son a taxi, let him run the car rental; agricultural tractors home has been used for three or four years, the climbing is very difficult, need to change a new one for agricultural tractors.” Lao Li and his son have been guarding the home of more than 100 acres, son just read junior high school, he wanted to let the son of another occupation.However, hopes.In September 30th, Lee Yanshou County Public Security Bureau was informed of the money. And this is to be jubilant, return in low spirits.”I always thought they were the lowest will give me 100000 yuan, finally said only 50000.” Lao Li said, he told the village government theory for thirty or forty minutes, was told: “this fifty thousand yuan you don’t, we will go to.” In desperation, Lee had no choice but to accept the money.Somebody make fun of said the government may give him only 50000 yuan reward in received money before, “then I don’t believe.” Lao Li said, before the money down, he want a good how should we spend the money.  The villagers are forgotten escaped a month agoLee told, divided into 150000 yuan bonus report Yanshou detention fugitive Wang Damin, of which 75000 yuan was allocated to the relevant personnel to catch Wang Damin, and another 25000 yuan to the village of Liu Hui.”He (Liu Hui) is more than 4 in the morning bell found Wang Damin, and my report is in the evening 9 o’clock. Not to mention his report did not catch people ah, is based on my report to catch people, give him so much money. It’s not fair……” Lao Li some angry, the heart began to unbalance the balance.Things beyond expectation, Lao Li think would rather not have the $150000 to make, “if not for the money, I report; but their promises to do, it makes me very angry.” Lee began to count their pay.Angry like Lao Li is his wife, after the incident, her illness, when all people are busy with the harvest time, she was out of the loop.When the villagers saw Lee of the time, would have asked him this 150000 yuan reward thing, in the face of the villagers envy, he shook his head and said “no message”. He still can not accept only reward him 50000 yuan of the fact, he will quietly deposit money into the bank, did not dare to spend a cent.To begin, Lao Li was going to engage in a lawsuit, but he thought about for a long time past, want to find the relationship between, but ultimately not implemented, he still expected, tangled…… Is this about the reward to disrupt life, he doesn’t know how to regular.A staff member of the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau said, bonus has been issued, in addition to the police to arrest the contribution of personnel, should be assigned to reward. As for the distribution rules for the reward of 150000 yuan, he said that was not clear.Qingchuan Township Government Secretary Ding said, in the process of the last arrest the escaped prisoner Wang Damin, armed minister and deputy mayor Aokawa Gochi has merit, but it is not clear that whether they got the bonus.Then, reporters call the Qingchuan Xiang that contribute to the arrest of the deputy mayor, said he did not accept any interviews.On the way back to the county seat, carrying the golden corn car bumper to bumper, farmers are busy in again, they were forgotten for more than a month ago that prison break. (Li, Liu Huijun is a pseudonym / Li case investigative reporter Zou Yan perturbation / reporter Wu Hailang)

In new networkLiuzhou on 18 October, (Zhou Xiaonan Wei Desheng) Guangxi Liuzhou Hang Road five Nanyuan area residents by dog vendors open-air firing “Daoxiang dog” distress, perennial did not dare open the window,steel chamfer suffer unspeakably.According to the Nanyuan area residents Ms. Li introduces, the National People’s Congress burning dog is more Liu Yong farmers market transaction vendors engaged in dog. Every day at 5 a.m. 9, dog dealer with a tricycle or electric car pull to kill good dog and straw. Paved two rows of rice straw, and then will be slaughtered a good dog placed in the straw, and then covered with straw, ignited by fire. With the raging fire smoke billowing into the sky, the firing process lasted more than 10 minutes. The dog after burn, place a trail of ashes.”The door every day is so thick ash, home furniture with Cao, this place how to live?” Live in Nanyuan District of Ms. Li said, most of the day there are dozens of dial the people came to burn the dog. Every day the ash burn out wind floating around, even shut the doors and windows but also to prevent, home every day to engage in health or a lot of dust. Breathe this air every day with ash, mouth nose is very uncomfortable.Miss Qin said, every day three times to wipe tables and chairs, still continue to have the ash fly in. The smoke produced by burning dog, odor and Cao, serious disturbance to residents living. Therefore, the district residents came to burn the dog negotiating with vendors for many times, no fruit. Later the residents to the community to reflect the community, set up a brand in the open side, the result that sign is also a dog vendors for firewood.To burn the dog vendors said, after they are burning dog in a clearing away from the residential areas farther on, then that space is the estate company built flats, only transfer so far. And that of straw burned meat more sweet, more popular with diners preferences. For burning dog caused environmental pollution problems and complaints from residents, the vendors did not respond.Local urban management department was informed of the matter, launched an investigation. In October 18th, Liuzhou urban management Liunan District Law Enforcement Bureau came to the Nanyuan area near Dunshou, seize the two day morning came to burn the dog man, immediately to criticize and educate the party, and hold for burning dog tricycle, spray gun and other tools.According to the person in charge of the renovation led a said: open burning dog behavior, indeed had an impact on the life of nearby residents, the future will strengthen the inspection, found a similar phenomenon will be seriously dealt with. Hope to have to burn the dog people looking for a suitable place to burn the dog, otherwise affect the daily life of residents, will be dealt with severely.