- every day there are 5 vehicles relief aid to Shangjie Rangers for car.Recently, the meteorological department continues to issue signal of early-warning of cold wave: from December 1st onwards, Shijiazhuang minimum temperature generally decreased by 8 to 10 DEG C,fixing socket and sub zero temperatures continued to be in the next few days. Cold wave hit, when we sit in the warm room, can not help but worry about those street people. Fortunately, the capital of many caring people and units, we love for Rangers warmth. The cold weather, if you are still in the street, please call the Shijiazhuang rescue station 24 hour hotline: 966008.  The man lying under the bridge only cover a towelA few days, the provincial capital of the temperature is more and more low, the night is cold. November 27th midnight, cotton a police station officer Zhao Changqing shift, when he went to the cotton under the overpass, suddenly found the ground, curling up with an emaciated man, a single underwear, body and the ground only spread a layer of foam board, biting cold, men only a a small towel, shivering.”So cold day, so frozen one night is not an accident!” Zhao Changqing hurried to wake him up. The skinny man surnamed Ma, this year 21 years old, his hometown in Shandong Jining. One or two months ago, he was working in Beijing, can work units do not give money, so he moved to Shijiazhuang in November 26th, hoping to find work. During the day can not find a job, have no money on me pony at night have to sleep on the street. Zhao Changqing found in the inquiry, pony, not only small, but slow response, poor expression ability. So, Zhao Changqing contacted a hotel in the area, to find a warm place.After dawn, Zhao Changqing put down the pony, and came to the hotel to buy breakfast. Looking at the pony eat like wolves and tigers eat a meal, Zhao Changqing began pondering for him to find a job. So, Zhao Jingguan took him to the Guanghua Road, a car wash. Say that finish, wash boss decided no matter how, to take the. Boss gave him a thick overalls, and arranged the accommodations for him. Zhao Changqing was relieved to leave.Back home, Zhao Changqing still felt that the work should be done through. He find the pony’s home, toss contact on the pony’s a woman. That the pony’s news, very surprised: “our family are looking for him, how to run to Shijiazhuang.” According to foreign introduced pony, pony head is not so, my father had died, the mother has a mental problem, now has been in the care of their uncle. Family members said, if the pony would like to go home, the family will be at the station to station.Contact of everything, in November 29th, Zhao Changqing bought a clean cotton to pony, will people sent to Shijiazhuang rescue station. The assistance station staff said will be arranged for him to go home recently. Yesterday, after understanding, because the colt had a disease, Shijiazhuang rescue station first arrange the pony went to hospital for treatment, and so many will send him home.  The cold winter they curled up in a poor street goodSimilarly. In November 27th, members of the public Mr Wang live in provincial art school dormitory call this newspaper, a woman about 40 years old on the streets, when sleeping in the evening always curled up on the ground, was riding a green mat, looked very poor. “District residents and the door two food store boss think that she is poor, every day to the rice will give her to take some hot meal.” Mr. Wang said, the staff stone city rescue station to receive the news came every day to this, but each time disappointed. “Advised her several times, she refused to accept the assistance station help.” Mr. Wang said.Recently, the reporter saw the woman. She was wearing a thin red cotton padded jacket, in the eyes full of panic. The reporter tried to talk, but she quickly ran into the building on the opposite side of the basement, then how is not willing to come out.”The weather is getting cold, residents are worried about, there are a few old man often comes out at night to see her, the district police also come here, but she would not listen.” Mr. Wang said, the capital of the lower temperature the streets now, not just her, those who are still in the street people can do, sleep outside the body definitely can’t take. Ms. Zhang that said: “just think about, is anxious for them.”  Please see the Rangers 110 or 966008 dial the hotlineThese people how to do? Yesterday, city of stone relief stations staff said, along with the arrival of cold wave, in order to protect the life unfunded vagrant beggars on the street, and into a temporary crisis of survival personnel life safety “winter warmth” special relief operations have been officially launched. Since the October start of active Shangjie relief, stone city rescue station a total relief of vagrants and beggars and encountered temporary difficulties personnel more than 450 people, more than 50 issued convenient food box, cotton padded clothes, quilt issued more than 150, ensure the stranded street begging and encountered temporary difficulties personnel can safely for the winter.”We rescue station every day to send 5 cars on the street of Shangjie rescue.” According to the Shijiazhuang city rescue station Changbai month introduced, each rescue team composed of a rescue vehicles and 2 staff members, they will carry the food, cotton quilts, hot water and other aid. Staff every morning, afternoon, night in the vagrants and beggars activities more regional patrol, for Vagrants and beggars and bivouac researchers found that timely implementation of relief. Unwilling to accept the assistance of the elderly to relief stations staff, and can not have life danger, the staff will be issued emergency food, water and clothes, quilts, take protective aid for possible danger to personnel, the timely delivery of designated hospitals for treatment.To be willing to rescue station. Came to the rescue station, the staff will arrange for them to take a shower Huanyi, accommodation, such as willing to go home will arrange bus. At the same time, business hall 24 hours on duty, in need of assistance any time to come, can timely reception. The staff in the train station, bus station and other personnel flow more set of guide signs, grant assistance guide card to the public, also set up a 24 – hour hotline 966008. The streets of winter, if you see a need to help people around, welcome to dial the 966008 hotline, staff will be deployed rapidly, let them feel the love in the warm winter. Article / reporter Nan Kaiyu Dong Chang – Chart

A baby girl was born less than 10 days,http://www.aopformwork.com abandoned by their families in the grass,halfen channel who only have to write a note of the date of birth. Yangzhou Baoying a couple of good to see, will the baby home and alarm. This time looking for children to relatives in the police, which start with a temporary parents kind of husband and wife, take care of the children.  Baby found in the grassXiao Wang is more than 30 years of age is a chef, the family lives in Baoying County Flood Water Town, he and his wife on to the villagers make arrangements for a living. November 26th at 5 pm, he and his wife drove the van, ready to town residents of the home office feast. When it came to the nearby flood water Zhen Bao fan Lu Xi Yuan Ju Wei Hui, sharp eyed wife suddenly found the roadside grass, there was a white blanket.”Who put this good throw blanket in the grass?” See the blanket is relatively new, Wang’s wife saw one eye, feel very strange, let Xiao Wang parking. When she came to the blanket near, suddenly heard the baby crying, she ran quickly several step, see there is a baby blanket.”As a child, come on.” She called Wang to come over, two people do not bear children in the grass, quickly picked up, then alarm.  There is a note blanketsAfter receiving the alarm, flood water police station rushed to the scene. At this time, Wang’s wife is holding a child on the roadside waiting for the police. The police found, this is a girl, probably in the grass a long time, the baby face was blue with cold.To wrap the baby blankets, police found a note: “because of my young and ignorant, incapable of bringing up baby, look good adoption, well intentioned people want to treat her well, raising her adult. Children born in November 18th.” No status information about the child’s biological parents note.”The parents are too hard, even throw in this place.” Police to help the child wrapped in a blanket, want to let children to warm up a little bit, but the child began to cry, and louder and louder.”The estimate the child is hungry, may be a long time not to drink milk.” Look at cry sad child, some people very uncomfortable. I do not know what to do.  Good husband and wife temporary parents start”So the men sent primarily, who will take care of the children?” Watching the non-stop crying children, police police dumbfounded. Hear this sentence, Wang couple immediately said, they can help with the children. “To find the child’s biological parents, or have a way of placement of children, then the children take.” Wang couples for advice, the police has to consider, agreed.Subsequently, the police and Wang went to Xiao Wang Jia, also on the way to the children to buy the milk, the milk bottle. In their care, children eat, soon cry no trouble, quietly to sleep.”We gave him a name, called Le Le, hope she can be Le Le to grow up.” Yesterday morning, when a reporter contact Wang, he said happily, at present the child doing well in their home. “We have over 30 years of age, and have no children, feel with the child special congenial. Now the Department of civil affairs of the people also come and seen the child, we are actively to the children to parents.”Wang said, as long as the child have a good home, they can rest assured, after all, to take care of so many days, have feelings, feel that the child is so cute. “I really do not know the child’s family how willing to give up the child dropped.” Wang said, if possible, they will go to apply to adopt the child, hoping to give the child a complete family.Police remind, is not only a moral problem of abandoned children, is also a kind of crime. Please parents saw the report, immediately and contact the police station, the child brought back.  The abandoned babies suspected what crimeThe foundling behavior, our law has not stipulated the crime subjective purpose of abandoned babies, but according to the different divided into the abandonment crime and crime of intentional homicide.If the abandoned baby, obviously does not consider the baby’s living environment, with such malicious subjective intent in general for the crime of intentional homicide, such as baby abandoned in the wilderness; if in the abandoned baby, put the baby easy to find in someone else’s place and not make the baby happen serious consequences, abandoned this behavior not subjective malicious can be set for the crime of abandonment, for example, will the baby in a local hospital, welfare etc..The law constitute the crime of abandonment, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment or criminal detention, control, constitute the crime of homicide according to the seriousness of the case for more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 10 years or more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment, the death penalty.(reporter Mei Hong Lv Qiangsheng correspondent Jiang Jing)

- full equipped truck out of the old factory. Reporter Qie Lei perturbation- stand the last bus hillock.Origin – Railway Dachang water tower has been regarded as the Shijiazhuang.In December 1st, with a whistle, a car packed full of big truck and moved slowly down the CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd door, heading for the new plant, opened with the growth of Shijiazhuang “hundred years of railway Dachang” overall relocation of the prelude. Manufacturing in Luancheng is located in the area of equipment manufacturing base covers an area of nearly 2000 acres of CSR Shijiazhuang Industrial Park, “one hundred years of railway Dachang” will start a new green journey.  News events  One hundred years of Dachang start the overall relocationIn December 1st, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd held the overall relocation and mobilization swearing in ceremony, the 109 year history of the century old factory began to move away from the city center, move to Luancheng is located in the area of Shijiazhuang equipment manufacturing base, and open the new journey of transformation and upgrading, to greater development space. The reporter understands, November 30th, the old factory has full production; in December 8th, the last car “completed car” will be shipped from the old factory, the old plant will be thoroughly completed their historical mission.CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., is the old Shijiazhuang people commonly known as “railway Dachang”, is located in the old train station north of 125 St. the vehicle factory, founded in 1905. CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., company enterprise culture minister Zhao Liansuo said, Touch the Sky water tower factory known as the origin of Shijiazhuang city. The factory is not only the birthplace of Shijiazhuang city industrial civilization, also witnessed the historical process from the countryside into the city of Shijiazhuang.Zhao Weizong, chairman and general manager, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., company introduction, the overall relocation and mobilization swearing in ceremony was held, marking the overall relocation work fully opened the curtain, also marks the enterprise is about to embark on a new journey. For the moment, the new factory foundation from June 21, 2011 up to now, after three years of construction, the new factory truck plate basically completed, with the relocation of conditions. “In order to ensure that the relocation, in just the past 11 months, stone car company staff fighting courageously, to complete the annual task of production one month in advance, and laid a solid foundation for the launch of the relocation.”The reporter understands, the relocation time in December of this year to 2 by the end of next year. In the meantime, a year is due at least car maintenance period, continuous period is before and after two years of work, move in this period of time, can be reduced as much as possible relocation impact on enterprise development, to win time for the development of enterprises. At present, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. has developed a whole relocation plan, set up the relocation of headquarters and 5 working groups, to ensure the smooth implementation of next March production target.Zhao Weizong introduces, the first half of next year, the plant plans to complete the maintenance tasks of freight train 3500 to 4000 vehicles. But after the completion of the relocation, the new plant technology and equipment also need a run in period. In the relocation period, the new factory staff pre service training will start early, as soon as possible so that each employee to master new technology process, familiar with the new working environment, and through trial production stage to quickly solve the bottleneck restricting the production, ensure rapid relocation.  Moving target  The realization of the rise of green in the new plantAlong the Shijiazhuang main street sports, Yuxiang Street South, South Sanhuan into equipment manufacturing base. To the south about 3 kilometers, the new factory Road on the west side is the CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co. ltd.. In the new plant area of nearly 2000 acres in railway freight car repair workshop covers an area of 800 acres and built the comprehensive office building has been completed, special planning and covering an area of 300 acres, a total investment of 1000000000 yuan in urban rail base project, grey building a large new is the upcoming production of Metro vehicle workshop.”After the relocation, the company will turn a new page.” Zhao Liansuo introduces, to upgrade based on original Van building, planning the railway freight car repair, city rail made equipment, new energy vehicles, engineering machinery and other industries plate. The railway wagon plate introduced advanced production equipment, annual reforger 4000 trucks, repair of freight car 15000.But the future provide metro vehicle city rail project construction covers an area of 300 acres, a total investment of 1000000000 yuan. Plate planning investment of car of new energy resources 1000000000 yuan, covers an area of about 500 acres, after the completion of an annual output of 5000 new energy vehicles. Engineering machinery plate covers an area of 400 mu, building area of 130000 square meters, the main production of crawler crane, tunnel construction equipment and other products.The reporter understands, after removal of the CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. not only to achieve the expansion of scale, more to achieve green development, especially the metro vehicle manufacturing and new energy vehicles, are low carbon environmental pollution projects, not only help enterprises to achieve green development, provides more opportunities for Shijiazhuang to achieve green travel.  Employee voice  In order to achieve greater development only move away from the main urban areas”Although a little worn, but to say no feelings, it is absolutely impossible.” After graduating in 1991, positive definite Zhao Liansuo was assigned to what was then called Shijiazhuang vehicle factory in CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., was just 20 years old. Zhao Liansuo said, was very proud, after all, is a home in this city famous large enterprises, to return to the rural area home are people envy.In the next 23 years, Zhao Liansuo at the factory, love, marriage, children, buying a car, Zhao Liansuo said his life every step, with all of the factory are inseparable, at present he has is the corporate culture minister. In the factory, a rail, a tree, Zhao Liansuo said can evoke memories of a period of their own.Although hard, but Zhao Liansuo is still very much in support of the relocation of the. “You look around the factory, are tall, factory space is limited, the original site has been difficult to have development space.” Zhao Liansuo said that in order to achieve greater development, but move away from the main urban areas. “In the new plant, we have a very comprehensive building style, the office of the three surfaces are windows to move past welcome you come!”It is understood that the vacated the old factory area of hundreds of acres, the building and the surrounding of the coordination of commercial and residential projects, to meet the needs of urban development.  Journalism  Background  The red one hundred years of Dachang  Open green journeyIn 1905, a teenage boy Railway built specifically for narrow gauge locomotives, passenger cars, freight car factories — teenage boy railway Shijiazhuang general machine factory (CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. predecessor) construction, after 16 years of unremitting efforts, finally completed in 1921, it has become a modern factory in Shijiazhuang the first to use the machine production, this is stone car the predecessor of the company.Today, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. from the single “repair train”, become a large modern enterprise railway manufacture and repair of railway freight cars and special vehicle manufacturing, rail transport refrigeration equipment R & D and manufacturing, engineering, R & D and manufacturing machinery in a body. In 109 years, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd accumulated repair of railway freight car in 400721, the new 7308 car for railway freight cars, from 2010 to 2013, only 3 years time, the hundred years of state-owned enterprises operating income rose from 1597000000 yuan all the way to 2200000000 yuan, to maintain stable growth.”Shijiazhuang is the first member of the Communist Party is out from our factory.” Zhao Liansuo introduced, the winter of 1921, was also called the Zhengtai railway operator factory worker Sun Yunpeng joined the Communist Party of China, Shijiazhuang region as the first member of the Communist Party, became Vice Chairman of Federation of trade unions long Zhengtai railway.Since then, the factory under the leadership of the party, is closely linked with the fate of the country and the nation.In 1922, established the Zhengtai Railway Union, 18 members of the Executive Committee are the switchboard factory workers. Under the leadership of the CPC, the total plant and wanting railway workers held the first boy strike, a complete success.On February 7, 1923 -9, the switchboard factory workers with Zhengtai railway workers held a “two seven” strike, take practical action to aid the Jinghan railway workers struggle.In 1928 August, under the leadership of the party, the establishment of the Shijiazhuang municipal Party committee, the switchboard factory workers, Communist Chen Meisheng as first Secretary of the municipal Party committee.After the liberation of Shijiazhuang in November 12, 1947, the workers finally see the light and hope. Liberation of the workers have put forward the “Liberation Army play to where, where the railway repair, the train is where” slogan, stepped up production to support the front. In January 19, 1948, the factory repair in the liberation of the first locomotives out of the factory.Zhao Liansuo said that since the reform and opening up, the factory from the pure state-owned economy to both state-owned and collective economy, and multiple economic transformation and development of Sino foreign joint venture. In 2004, the factory first breakthrough truck factory Xiuwan mark, established the leading position of inspection and repair of railway freight cars. Last January 15th, China Nanche first 22 gas electric hybrid city bus successfully delivered to the Shijiazhuang city bus company put into operation, open the CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. “green rise” dream road.In 2014 January, CSR Shijiazhuang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. was established in Shijiazhuang Southern Railway Track Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd., to promote the development of urban rail vehicle industry started in the provincial capital, creatively put forward and promote the “urban green public transport solution” research project, for the capital to provide modern tram, subway, car of new energy resources “Trinity” of green public transportation methods. – reporter Sun Huifang

The Gwageo sooner or later will cool down,scaffolding parts this is the irreversible trend, but for now, there is no sufficient evidence that countries have test cooling. Those who believe that “countries take an examination of” cool people, is the sustenance of the most naive expectation.The 2015 national civil service examination in November 30th test. According to statistics, in this year the central organs and institutions directly under the civil servant recruitment examination written nearly 900000 people, and last year is 990000 people. There are 3 position to enter oneself for an examination the proportion of more than 2000:1 of this year, 7 fewer than last year; enter oneself for an examination the highest proportion of 2674:1, significantly lower than last year.The legend of the Gwageo cooling, seem to have found the most intuitive examples. Once everything is overheating is not good, the country take if the cooling, but also let people glad of it. The problem is, only by registration number and average competition ratio reached a new low, hurried to draw “Gwageo cooling” conclusion, not necessarily accurate, seems wishful thinking.The number of candidates is less, and some high threshold related posts. This year, the state has increased basic remote area post recruitment efforts. Recruiting post, municipal institution under the plan Zhaolu 20078 people, accounting for 90.2% of the total number of plans, including, county (District) level and the following positions plan Zhaolu 17071 people, accounting for 76.7% of the total. Those who do not see the grass-roots work, natural and step back. Moreover, many grass-roots posts high requirement to the almost “harsh”. For example, direct marked “hard working conditions, often travel, field operation need, need night” and so on condition. Those aspirations “lofty” pick easy jobs and shirk hard ones, people will be afraid to enter oneself for an examination.In addition, this year for the examinee integrity requirements tightened. Department of State Bureau of civil servants KaoLu responsible person said, for on the day of the interview temporary abandon exam, in the report to link to waive register for examination of position behavior, will be credited to the credit archives. In good faith has become citizens of the second ID card today, bad credit record in the file, the consequences will be grievous. Virtually, this also caused some people no longer enter oneself for an examination.The Gwageo sooner or later will cool down, this is the irreversible trend, but for now, there is no sufficient evidence that countries have test cooling. In the realistic context of new jobs each year, the population of high employment situation is still severe in the country take the heat, fear will continue for quite a long period of time. Add Shangguan thinking of standard market, history, the number of candidates diminished, hard to shake this situation. The most important is, compared to the general civil servants occupation, income stability, decent, safeguard is perfect, although less than a few high gold content of the occupation, but absolutely let most of the staff of envy.The country take to cool down, at least depends on two aspects. One, against the four wind continued to deepen, the gold content of dilution of civil servants. Investigation shows, the civil service the main attraction causes are “gray income” multiple “power utility” and “social status”. If fewer benefits, privileges did not, for those who chase the right and benefit of the people lost power. Second, strengthen the private enterprises, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. If working in enterprises also face, treatment security, why when the civil servants? If the entrepreneurial space more open, more equitable competition, the value of life don’t have to rely on when the civil servants to realize.In fact, those who believe that “countries take an examination of” cool people, is the sustenance of the most simple expect: expect official standard thinking desalination, much attention is no longer expect civil servants; civil service applicants less utilitarian, civil servants more pure; look forward to the flow of talent more yuan, civil servants occupation will no longer be a talent pump; look forward to the central anti-corruption long-term, “safe seats, bustling about faking, lame dawdle, eat and drink scoop up bank note” civil servants is less and less. The special commentator Wang Shichuan

Some people regard this is external to mock or self deprecating internalized into the psychological dirt, self handicapping,lifting insert until the “can not walk upright”; others with the heart of the firm dispel external humble mediocrity “scale”,lifting loop and finally learned to run and flight”Hanging wire” has become a lot of young people self tagging. It is the self proclaimed “two generation” and various ratio, called each other and also friends, also may be used in a self deprecating, flattered when sheepishly saying “I am a hanging wire”. Both men and women, whether they are small achievements or lazy decadent, are naturally or half unconsciously to get the title — as if not since lead is divorced from the masses.Someone gave hanging wire drawing like, for example, meet the standards in appearance, health, inner, feelings, economic conditions, way of life, lovers partner, is the occupation. Named after the word sub culture, popular, behind the complex social and psychological factors. But the implicit self dwarfing, must be criticized and abandoned, the spirit of youth its destructive power can not be ignored.Of course, this self dwarfing, motivation is very complex, not a “who cares” can end. Have to spit tool, mark of social injustice anger; someone put the label as a kind of personality, really different from others of the singular; it was also used by the label self anaesthesia, lower standards, with a self handicapping way pull low expectations, relieve pressure; others use this tag to conceal, think it is indispensable to the world of the Internet virtual space: in all admission grassroots, have “lifting wire” of the outer membrane had self protection may be; also some people thought that it was very be modest and prudent, took the title is not publicity, but also not to self and others deliberately choose splitting strategy.There are a common sense: society rarely an appellation foist one’s opinions upon others, more time is a “self” identified, then the collective conscious identity formation in a wider range, and then spread into a “like for like, who is also the” pattern. Take the “lifting wire” of the word, one is on the surface, the heart is not his own stunt think so; one is inside and outside all his stunt and true identity; the third category is both inside and outside the dwarf and the identity and not without a sense of. The first category is in reducing the attitude, the second category is the dwarf mentality, the latter is a state of paralysis. No matter what type, hanging silk cultural existence, even the subjective intention manifest courage against the mainstream, or as the down to Earth Spirit of the Internet, from the objective effect, this also does not make young people more personal independence of conduct, how much more did not deliver the righteousness to the society.Especially in modern times appeared in countless “counterattack” case, irrationality of this culture is somewhat absurd. We can observe two cases totally rebellious, someone put this is external to mock or self deprecating internalized into the psychological dirt, self handicapping, until the “can not walk upright”; others with the heart of the firm dispel external humble mediocrity “scale”, and finally learned to run and flight.From this perspective, counter attack, is more than an action on the upgrade, is also a kind of mentality to mention retaining beyond. Only in the value of their real stunt man, will be marginalized, while those in the enrichment oneself value who will enter the core. Suffice it to say, it does not matter how you call, the key is what attitude to identity and choose how to action — low pose no problem, don’t short mentality!Everyone can just say they won the biggest prize “come back a bottle of Sprite Award”, but some people will write the full marks in the future life of your resume, and some people even one more bottle of Sprite possibilities have not. Just want to say, this is not the spirit of victory, shorter than others attitude not true dwarf, dwarf mentality really wouldn’t grow “high”. Li Yiguan

Ms. Ni do business in Xi’an through Alipay remittances,halfen channel but mistakenly will be 5000 yuan to Xi’an a Miss Liu’s account. Ms. Ni call and ask for to Ms Liu, Liu is for fear of telephone fraud and repeatedly rejected. Finally through the Weiyang District Court lawsuit before mediation, the two sides will sit together to say clearly.What happened in October 5th this year,anchor nut Ms. Ni through paying treasure remittance, the results will be 5000 yuan to the wrong remitted to Xi’an a Miss Liu’s account. Ms. Ni subsequent telephone contact to Ms. Liu explained the situation, but It is without rhyme or reason. received such a call, Ms. Liu did not clear between true and false, and fear of telecommunications fraud, resulting in the wrong has not recovered the remittance. On one side is constantly beg, one side is more sceptical, both sides have emotional.In late November, Ms. Ni to Weiyang District Court for filing a case, think through litigation to recover the remittance. Case filing chamber President Lu Kanghu received her, in the preliminary pacify irritable mood after parties, arrange the vice president Song Ailing on both sides of the pre litigation mediation. Song Ailing side to verify the situation, the side quickly contact the payee Liu, invite her to the courts to resolve disputes. According to the predetermined time, both parties to the court, under the auspices of a judge, by allowing the parties to communicate with each other, understand each other’s occupation, address, eliminating the concerns of each other. Finally, two people shake hands. Then, Ms. Liu quickly put the money to the wrong sink returned to Ms. ni. The reporter is elegant

In new networkNanchang on 2 December, (Wen Sibiao Fan Wenjuan) 2 days from Jiangxi Bureau of Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve Management Press, the world only Yu critically endangered migratory birds tufted duck 500 or so recently appeared in Poyang Lake.According to the management office,adjustable base jack Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve in November 28th, the Bureau of Jiujiang protection monitoring station staff in Jiujiang County of East Lake patrol monitoring is pleasantly surprised to discover, in flocks of swans, geese and other migratory group actually has two critically endangered birds tufted duck, this is the first time the bird found in Jiujiang County in East Lake.Data show that, due to the impact of habitat loss and other reasons, the past 10 years, the number of blue duck sharp decline. At present, the number of blue duck than the giant panda still scarce, only more than 500 left the world. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) in the International Red List of threatened species will be the threatened category as “critically endangered”.Blue duck body length of about 45 cm, the female body pure feather brown. The male head and neck black, and with Green gloss, eye white; black brown upper body, lower back and shoulder two mixed with brown moth patch, abdomen white, completely separate and chest maroon, and to the threat of the two front extending upward, the lower abdomen miscellaneous spot; two rib, pale brown, with white end spot.Blue duck is very high on the habitat requirements, because very few, rare. Said zone authority experts in Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve, tufted duck was found in Jiujiang County of East Lake, East Lake environment suitable for the description of their habitat, administration will strengthen the protection of the tufted duck. (end)

According to the Chinese sound “center wide news” report, recently, a 22 year old Henan Zhengzhou youth thanks with a month’s time, daily used the camera to record the atmospheric changes status of Zhengzhou in the same region, the group known as the “Zhengzhou 30 days” pictures of popular network.Give thanks in the past November, at 4 pm every day on time to find the same angle, in their residential roof platform two scenes were filmed three or four Zhang Zhengzhou sky and buildings, thirty days after the photo mosaic, a landmark building in Zhengzhou “corn” and clearly visible, sometimes obscure. Thanks, we usually just more to complain about how bad the weather was, PM2.5 numerical another table and so on, but rarely to see the gradual process of it. I want to pass the recording mode this gradient, help us to clearly see the effect of haze on our lives, causing more people to pay attention to atmospheric environment, starting from their own environmental protection to make some changes.In the network, the micro-blog quickly became popular, Zhengzhou in thirty days of this group of pictures is back. Some netizens said, this is a group of very carefully, adhere to the thirty days of filming is not easy, let everybody see directly comparing daily air quality, a praise. There are also many netizens specialized forwarding micro-blog, hopes to attract more people to pay attention to atmospheric environment. (Zhengzhou reporter Zhang Hang)

The police blind dismounting gun,scaffolding accessories the whole process with only 50 secondsA cloth covering his eyes, only 50 seconds, the police put a police pistol down into parts and then installed. This wonderful performances,swivel coupler led to the scene of delegate of National People’s Congress on behalf of the masses and bursts of applause. Yesterday, the public security sub Weiyang invite area people’s Congress, and representatives of the masses enterprise site to observe the police anti-terrorism and other performances, dismantling gun shield, at the same time, to point out the shortcomings of the public security work, advice.The 1 day, the temperature plummeted, many people were come unexpectedly cold shivering, Street Pedestrian relative usually have a lot less. The public security sub Weiyang hospital was particularly lively, armed police are conducting counter-terrorism shield, cudgel, qindi boxing performances. The police disassembly gun performance, feed one’s sight on so many people. I saw a policeman from the pocket and took out a red eyes covered, then began Police Pistol opponent of the disassembling and installation. From the magazine, unloading the drop-down bar spring and a pull rod, remove the ejector, remove the trigger and trigger spring…… Then, one by one, then each part reduction, the whole process with only 50 seconds. Reportedly, the police has represented the province to participate in Xi’an police firearms disassembly performance, achieved good ranking, if not the cold weather reason, also speed may be faster.The public security sub Weiyang relevant responsible person said, yesterday, Weiyang police specifically invited area of the people’s Congress, enterprises and institutions and representatives of the masses, dedicated to the Weiyang public security carping, suggestions, so as to improve the work, the better for the people service area. Reporter Wang Tao text / chart

Guanyun County, Lianyungang City,lifting anchor Jiangsu, a small town, has also appeared in the country banned the sale, mad cow disease epidemic area of beef from Brazil. Jiangsu police from beef business households investigation, track down sb. by following clues, found hidden in the Brazil beef dealers in Xuzhou, banned beef from here in Jiangsu and the surrounding provinces of marketing, sales amount is huge, or billions of yuan, only Lianyungang Area has 100000000 multivariate. (December 1st surging News)As early as in 2012, our country makes clear a regulation, not sales from Brazil the mad cow disease epidemic area of beef and related food, but the ban has been lifted in January this year. Because of the mad cow disease can be transmitted to humans, therefore, to ban the sale of Brazil input cattle and related products, is to prevent the Brazil mad cow disease was introduced into china.However, in a small town, so there are a huge number of mad cow disease, and the mad cow disease also sold to the country. Now the police seemed to be the most urgent task, of course, is recovered to the market of the mad cow disease. However, there is a more important issue can not be forgotten, that is to find out what mad cow disease door entrance is how easily the passover, and the improvement measures of how, completely blocking the black channel.From Brazil to China, thousands of miles away, in the meantime to experience how much the regulatory perimeter? Including the first step into the country, must accept the quarantine of import and export, but in domestic, to the daily management of a number of departments of industry and commerce, food and Drug Administration of the acceptance. But these lines in front of mad cow disease all failed.The report says, the beef into our country from illegal channels. If only busy tracing beef, and let the illegal channels continue to exist, then there will be more mad cow disease continue to flow into our country. Abroad this seemingly close to the Great Wall, also in such illegal channels invasion becomes fragile. Today is May to BSE beef, maybe next time there will be other sick food influx, let China into dumping world and inferior disease categories of food.Of course, need to reflect on and many domestic regulators. Although Jiangsu Guanyun County Public Security Bureau deputy director Dai Leyu introduction, this is because the illegal dealers sales gimmick relatively hidden, they are the separation of people and goods. However, if the regular supervision all duty, beef is sold in the market must be in accordance with the provisions, with all the legal license to the table, then the possibility of mad cow disease not into the terminal, also won’t and consumers face-to-face.And this is precisely exposes the weakness which domestic food safety regulation. Although many areas of the country have established formal food sales places, such as markets, also hanging high “prohibited the sale of substandard food” brand, operating households should also pay taxes on time payment, placed in front of the consumer food usually also has a series of qualification, can’t guard frequent food safety accidents including the mad cow disease. When the food safety supervision of management, can not always be solved; some law enforcement personnel may charge is not strict inspection duties, even to the license for the alteration and daily checks for profit channel, the money will do more to unknown food release, also has caused the government credit as the real paradox of unqualified food endorsement.Mad cow disease of course terrible, but worse, mad cow disease can easily get through all the links, to enter the innocent consumers stomach. When the formal channels should be to protect consumers’ useless, so much has a statutory duty supervisor, will shift the burden to the post accident report a folk clues, and before consumers suffer physical and mental health has become a sunk cost. Crazy beef may be a short period of time disappear from the scene, but the black channel not to be investigated and dealt with, will continue to exist.People eat into the belly of the mad cow disease is out of the duty of the public security organs, the limited, can only be responsible for BSE beef sellers responsibility. So, for those related departments has been stand, of mad cow disease ravaged blameworthy liability, whether will never have a disciplinary strategy? Bi Ge