China News AgencyWuhan on 30 October, (reporter Ai Qiping) China centers in rural research at Huazhong Normal University announced 30 Chinese farmers’ political ability index for 0.5867, in the middle level of the whole.China centers in rural research at Huazhong Normal University Dr. Ren Lu day in Wuhan said, “the farmer in Chinese development status report, political volume” Research Report, the School researchers into the hand from political knowledge, political ideas, political attitude, political evaluation and the participation in political affairs, using the factor analysis method to reflect the political ability 36 a subjective and objective index to make quantitative analysis, established a measurement model to measure the farmers’ political ability.According to introduction, the specific point of view, a middle-aged male farmers’ political ability is more outstanding. The middle-aged male farmers often participate in village committee election, villagers meeting, more concerned about the village finance and village affairs etc.. The two is the high degree of high income farmers’ political ability is higher than the low degree of low income of farmers. With higher education and income of farmers belonging to the village elite, pay attention to political events, there is a clear sense of participation, also has the power to participate in public affairs. Three is the highest capacity of rural cadre politics, political ability of migrant workers the minimum. Index of rural cadre politics highest capacity, 0.6128. Rural cadres because of work reasons, often come into contact with the village public affairs, compared with ordinary villagers, higher political ability.It is understood, the political ability index into five classes: 0-0.2 is low level, 0.2-0.4 is low, 0.4-0.6 is in medium level, 0.6-0.8 is high level, 0.8-1.0 is high level.The report from the Ministry of education China key Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research Institute of Huazhong Normal University China — rural “100 villages observe” platform. Since 2009, “100 villages observe” platform for the country’s 31 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) more than 200 village two times a year, a large sample survey data, made a large number of first hand. The research data mainly comes from the 2013 “100 villages observe” project. (end)

Liu Hao (right) with Liu Kaiyun (left) plaited basket.    Liu Kaiyun is an honest farmer,ledger blade ten years ago, his wife left him suffering from cancer and a pair of children. Six years ago, the son daughter-in-law left he and his 6 year old grandson migrate mentally retarded. Because years ago with avascular necrosis of the femoral head, the body fall disability he had made a basket of old technology support “silly grandson”. The ill fated he had thought of suicide, can be thought of the poor “silly sun”, said the old man, zaikuzailei raise him.  Hard hearted parents left “foolish” walk awayLiu Kaiyun lives in the Huan Dun Cun Ni Gou town of Taierzhuang District, in the eyes of the villagers, he has always been a competent, honest people, although the family was not rich, but one family life more enjoyable. Ten years ago, his wife died of cancer, leaving him with a pair of children. Later, hard-working and capable he is not only scenery to marry his daughter to go out, but also to the son married a daughter-in-law, embrace the grandson.However, in the vast three year old grandson, Liu Kaiyun found he did not like other children. “The family children are able to babble out one’s first speech sounds, what’s my grandson toddler, eyes a bit dull, can only play a small bench to play at home.” Liu Kaiyun said, when he felt bad omen, and then with the vast went to Ji’nan big hospital, experts say children with normal brain development. The thought of the vast is not serious, can not think of, then the child becomes slow to speak, eyes dull, obviously it is a “silly boy”, the result let Liu Kaiyun feel sad.In the interview, Huan Dun Cun village Party Secretary Sun Zhongcheng told reporters, Liu is really unfortunate, grandson of some silly, later, his son and daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter, did not expect this granddaughter or some silly, his son and daughter-in-law can not bear the pressure, with a small daughter far away from home.”That they go, the child was 6 years old, do not know where are they.” Liu Kaiyun said, the son daughter-in-law has left them for six years, this six years they did not come back, also don’t know where they are, well.  ”Silly love sun” no parents, grandfather when “baby” body painAlthough there is no parents around love, but small mighty have a grandfather’s care, now has grown into a big boy. The 29 day, the reporter saw Liu Kaiyun and his “stupid son”. The 71 year old Liu Kaiyun looked much older than their peers, because a few years ago avascular necrosis of the femoral head, he walked right leg limp. The 12 year old the vast size and normal children, but his behavior is like a few years old child, talk to also can only take out a few words.”The poor children ah!” Liu Kaiyun looked at the expression slack’s grandson, written in the eyes of mercy and love, he said, “when the village children not to play with him, than he children laughed at him, children younger than he saw he was scared to cry, he also does not know what day, silly run rampant.”Liu Kaiyun tells a reporter, the vast often run don’t know where home is home, he often to the outside looked for the grandson, on one occasion, the vast distance of 10 Li Ran LAN Cheng Jie Cun, fortunately in the market encountered cooked talent to back home the vast security.Huan Dun village branch secretary Sun Zhongcheng told reporters, Liu Kaiyun in the past good health can do heavy work to feed the grandson, a few years ago he avascular necrosis of the femoral head, no money, he dropped the disability, two acres of the farm can only rely on his little daughter to help take care of. In order to take care of grandchildren, he picked up the old craft — plaited basket, get the market to sell, just rely on this, Zu Sun two sisters.Liu Kaiyun’s neighbor also disclosed to reporters a thing, once, Liu Kaiyun suffered from femoral head necrosis of the time, the pain made him don’t want to live, the thought of “silly grandson”, he gave up suicide, reluctant to leave the child alone.”As long as I live, again painstakingly again tired also had to support him.” Liu Kaiyun hesitated to say, now he also made a basket to maintain life, later if he could not move, no one to take care of grandchildren, his greatest wish is the son daughter-in-law to come back. Reporter Bai Xueyan correspondent Liu Fengqi Li Yubo

Yesterday, the A9 version published the “dear,erection anchor move more,adjustable base jack one article is too lazy to really be dead”, cause intense attention of the public, in just one day, has dozens of enthusiastic readers and friends call this newspaper news hotline or attention through Micro message, of which there are complaints, say why, on the point of view, have to mention the views of. So, what makes us more and more lazy? Facing reporter’s interview, some said no time, some say not in the mood, some say too tired! Psychological expert expresses, at present, “lazy” has been a serious threat to human health!The public about theNo time, not in the mood, too tired!”Lazy, just lazy, I admit that I was lazy!” Mention “lazy”, Ms Wang citizens a headache, she said, she had spent 2000 yuan on the unit near a gymnasium do a year of card, but this card with no more than five times have never used. “There is no time to exercise, work is also very busy, more time is often work overtime, no time to exercise?” Ms. Wang said, she and her lover were from the countryside, in the city can survive is not easy, even when busy doing housework, child care do not have the time, “even the occasional weekend time to arrange the movement, but also can often be a party or his home to relatives and other chores delay”.Compared with Ms. Wang have no time, Mr Zhao reason given was “too tired”. “Every day after work felt exhausted, simply do not have the energy to exercise.” Mr. Zhao said, “now, I feel like to climb to the five floor on the sweaty, her heart beating fast, also panting.”For exercise, “90″ after Wang answer more simply: “not in the mood.” Wang said: “the exercise is too boring, boring, a time not sleep at home, on the internet. Besides, I was young, my body is very good, don’t need to exercise!”Reporter surveyHundreds of people, 76 people said “lazy”"No matter in life, or work, you feel lazy?” From the last Tuesday began last Sunday, with this question, the reporter in the Micro message circle of friends, QQ group, the hotel and the street randomly interviewed hundreds of people of different ages. According to the results of the survey, 76 of respondents said “I was lazy”. This part of the respondents to the urban white-collar workers and young people, the majority of civil servants. And don’t think I lazy respondents mostly elderly in the elderly.”Weekdays you exercise?” Face this problem, 100 respondents, 69 people said “never movement”; 13 of respondents said “regular exercise”, the remaining 18 respondents surveyed said “occasionally movement”. Talking about the reasons for not moving, 69 respondents some answered “no time”, some answered “no effort”, some said “don’t need”. “I know I need to exercise, but just do not want to do, is to act on the lazy!” Respondents Mr. Qian said: “I take a bus to work before, can walk. But since the car bought last year, I found the exercise time is less and less, so I decided to do some exercise, but at the time it is too lazy to go!”Compared with the young people, sports consciousness and sports time in the elderly is relatively large. “Taiji boxing, tennis, mountain climbing, swimming…… My daily exercise time in 1.5 hours. I seldom get sick, this 10 years or even not been hospitalized.” Respondents Zhao aunt said, she 69 years old this year, the examination results of each year are in the normal range, “eat sweet, sweet sleep”, which makes her very proud.The expertsLazy is a reflection of real life escape mentalityThe director of the Hebei Medical University Hospital psychiatrist An Cuixia said, at present, “lazy” has been a serious threat to human health. “From a psychological perspective, ‘lazy’ has become a ‘postmodern mental illness’”.”Lazy, not bacteria, not viruses, is a terrible psychological crisis, is the embodiment of psychological tired.” An Cuixia think, from the psychological point of view, when a person in the heart make some ideal at the same time, also follow cause a psychological resistance, the resistance of the heart is an innate instinct — lazy. “Lazy psychology is the security mechanism of our survival. The reason we resist change, basically is to ensure that I don’t get hurt. Generally speaking, lazy is a reflection of real life, to escape the mentality of the escape competition pressure, escape, escape from the hurt.An Cuixia said, laziness of the body are mostly from the thoughts of lazy, lazy to not to leave loopholes, must first understand its harm to health. In fact, people who love life will have more power to overcome the lazy. Some people think that, “lazy” can alleviate the psychological pressure, physical fatigue, but in fact the “lazy” is not the best way of decompression. Want to decompression, can catharsis through sports, listen to music and other positive way, but also cultivate the enthusiasm for life, to treat life seriously. Most importantly, be clear about your “lazy” reasons or excuses, clear, can be an antidote against the disease. Then do things carefully planned in advance, proceeding from the most easily accomplished, gradually develop self-confidence, overcome the lazy successful experience in the practice process.In addition, vigilance is required, sometimes “a manifestation of lazy” is depression, depression can make people lack of motivation, social avoidance, reduction activity…… Such as “lazy” a long time, and there is no pleasure, the proposal sees psychological doctor.Department responseCalls for much home orgnaization:Action, in order to health”Let your body move, let the mind active, to our health!” The newspaper published the “dear, move more, a text is too lazy to really be dead”, also caused great concern in the provinces and cities Health Planning Commission, disease control and medical institutions, they appealed to the people: “from now on, begin from me, a positive move!”The provincial CDC health education experts said: “the real health should include three aspects, the first is the health of the body, the second is the psychological health, and social psychological aspects of health is. In view of this, set up a good awareness of health, it is very important to develop a good living habits. Called on people to timely pay attention to own body, can better learning health knowledge, to master their own health, to better safeguard their own health.” Health experts Zhang Yuheng said, at present, China’s export of chronic patients continued to increase, if by “exercise prescription” early intervention, should be able to prevent disease, effective to enhance the physical. “At present, the concept of exercise prescription is not popular in China, the vast majority of the hospital provided only prescription drugs, do not issue the” exercise prescription”. In this context, this report evening news launched, was in no doubt ‘exercise prescription’, in disease prevention and health promotion and other aspects will play a positive role.”Extension of newsWith the lazy related diseasesToo lazy to eat breakfast susceptible to coronary heart diseaseToo lazy to tidy up the room cause allergiesToo lazy to brush your teeth increase risk of pneumoniaToo lazy to go to the toilet to suppress the bladder cancerToo lazy to move 10 years off your lifeDon’t bother to go to the hospital to accelerate the deterioration of the diseaseToo lazy to think vulnerable to dementiaToo lazy to walk more prone to osteoporosisChief reporter Wang Fengwei – Newspaper

In 575000000 – 541000000 years, lived on the earth a “offbeat” biota,shuttering magnet once they are the earth’s “hegemony”,lifting loop but it is thought to have complex internal structure in a new generation of front, quietly died, become a “experiment” Earth evolution of life on the road, it is Eddie Carla biota. Co sponsored by the Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology and Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy of State Key Laboratory of “the evolutionary history of life on the flower — Eddie Carla biota” Coptic exhibition, recently in the museum official display.  They look like “alien life”In twentieth Century 50, Eddie Carla period of ancient biological fossil impressions have been found in South Australia’s Eddie Carla hill, the fossils in the survival is positioned in the 575000000 years ago to 541000000 years ago, they appear in the eve of the Cambrian explosion.These fossil paleontology expert “to feed one’s sight on”, some of them like the jellyfish, but can’t swim rafting; they are like the animal, it seems more like the plant life. This group of researchers described as a group of like the “alien life” as grotesque creatures, because it looks too weird and even considered these fossils have been found to be fake, the same type of fossil until all over the world, the scientific community to admit, life on earth has the Eddie Cara animal group, and once ruled the earth.Now, except Antarctica, and Ediacaran animal fossils are found in the similar, many locations. Therefore, the Ediacaran animal group in the Precambrian is holed up in a few areas, but the extensive tour at the time in Earth’s oceans biological.  Ice age ended provides paradise living environmentUnlike today life forms on earth, the Ediacaran biota is particularly “non mainstream”: they’re special, such as disc, tubular, foliaceous. “Head” the difference is very obvious, from a few millimeters to meters range; its body is not a bone, the body is very flat, rely on the continuous expansion of body surface area to obtain energy, thus “big size”, the formation of a variety of strange shapes.Scientists analyzed, in the time of the original marine, ecological competition is not very intense, carnivorous animal still does not appear, the Ediacaran biota can be carefree and content to bask in their marine territory, rather than rack sth. to pondering the defense. The period of the glacial shortly after the end of glacial action, let the earth polar ice cap expansion, sea level drops, forming a large area of shallow sea beach, offers a diverse environment for benthic multicellular organisms. But seawater phytoplankton and benthic algae flourished, photosynthesis release oxygen are also increasing gradually. This provides a “paradise” living environment for Eddie Carla biota, let them grow.  As experimental products evolution RoadOnce ruled the earth once Eddie Carla biota disappear in the face of the earth, how they perish, also became the focus of the study of paleontology, one is that in Eddie from the end, atmospheric oxygen increasing, forcing the original adaptation to hypoxia environment biological withdrew from the historical arena. The two was the sea level falling, shallow water area shrinking, food became scarce. The survival way Eddie Carla biota “pie” simple, has been unable to survive. Three because Eddie Carla biota are benthic animal, its bottom is not moving, once the other activities of biology, it is easy to become the prey of the target.It is precisely because of its way of life, let it become the experiment a failure in the evolution of life on earth “”.  Found a new species of Yichang farmers on the roof tilesThe reporter understands, this display of several pieces of the Ediacaran biota fossil, is the Nanjing paleontological experts after a few years, discovered in China Yichang Three Gorges area. “Eddie Carla fossil biota before found in Australia and other countries, are found in the sandstone geological environment, the geological conditions can only produce impression fossils, fossils of internal necklaces.” Paleontology Museum curator Feng Weimin told reporters. But our country found these Ediacaran fossils, are found in the carbonate formation, fossil preservation is three-dimensional, more complete details.”Fossils have been found in other countries, our country ancient biologists had also approached Eddie Carla biological fossils, but there has been no harvest.” Feng Weimin says, until 2002, Nanjing ancient biological expert Chen Zhe a stone in the fog of Yichang river area heap, found a piece of fossil fragments, keep the three rib branch typical Eddie Carla creature, it broke the deadlock “”. So saying, he picked up a piece of “showcase fog River tube” fossil tells a reporter, this is the expert then in 2011 the ancient creatures found in the fog on the river, where a small farm house in the. When the farmer was going to change a new tile roof, it found a pile of stone experts for down from the roof of the. Efforts were not in vain, through research, the “fog River tube” fossils were confirmed to be new species Eddie Carla biota, had never been found. It is hollow, consisting of a circular stacking. – reporter Wang Jun

“Two days ago a guy for my check the gas stove, let me spend 490 yuan to buy a new, leaving the customer service telephone is always no one answer.” Yesterday, live in cotton five residential Ms. Shen to the evening call, tells his staff to sell “Huyou” experience.Ms. Shen recalled, about a week ago, home to a casual visitor, “the young man claiming to be the new Austrian Gas Co employees, to carry out safety inspection for my gas stove.” Ms. Shen said he was alone in the house, he heard the knock on the door was wary, but listen to each other after the quote identity doubts he dropped, “is said to have regular staff door-to-door service, give me, I don’t think anymore.”Guy tried several times after told Ms. Shen gas stove, gas stove her unqualified, the existence of security risks. “Natural gas stove in my house is in the liquefied gas stove original modified, used for a long time, the fire has been very weak.” Although there have been no safety problems before, but heard that their own gas stove not qualified after Ms. Shen heart still worried.”Aunt, you don’t worry, we have a gas stove a particularly good here, only 490 yuan.” Said the boy had dialed a telephone, not and in a short while another young man sent a gas stove.”The young man gave me a receipt at the time, writing above five years warranty, and a contact phone number,” Ms. Shen tried to dial the number, but has no one to answer. Then she gave the new Austrian Gas Co call, each other and say no recent organization staff to check, also won’t give user sell products. Then she realized that he was “flicker”.Yesterday reporter consulting the new Austrian Gas Co. The other staff explained that, “every time we will give users will check, but before the first posted a notice in the area. But the official staff on-site inspection will not sell any products to users. If people encountered a similar situation, must raise vigilance, if you have any questions you can call our hotline 95158 for consultation company.Ma Yingjuan

Investment of 11000000000 yuan Shanxi Ke Lin Expressway just opened to traffic,scaffolding clamps is to cut corners, many now “bean curd residue”. According to the insider bid, filling the crevice is not mortar, stone powder instead of stone processing plant waste, even with Chinese ink painting “the natural beauty” stones “, from a distance, the project done very beautiful, in fact, is the Mongolian people”. A section of the responsible person’s skeleton in the closet: qualification is borrowed, not cutting corners to earn money. (in October 29th the “rule of law over the weekend”)Lin and 2 days to traffic, but is still under tension pavement repair, so that the bean curd residue flavor of expressway, only minor repairs could not solve the fundamental problem. But, probably like to as tonic a congenital serious body virtual patients, with tonic solution after a crisis, but because the virtual free fill conditions, leading to the outbreak of die. So for now, the local authorities concerned should take the advantage of a high speed hasn’t formally incorporated into the network, as soon as possible to thoroughly investigate the project each link, severely punish offenders, systematic investigation and rework on the highway, some strength back.However, to overcome the ills still need to find the crux of the problem. From in recent years around the exposure of “tofu” engineering point of view, mostly involved in construction contracts and illegal subcontracting. Some engineering construction enterprise bidding by deep pocketed, after these enterprises are transferred to the subcontractor, and collect a certain amount of the borrowing costs “”. In order to complete the profit, subcontractor will continue to cost pressures will be passed on to the next level. Seen from the reports, Ke Lin expressway construction subcontractors of Joe Fucai, 3% of the total cost of the subject “protection money” borrowed from the Anhui construction qualification, and will be 290 yuan per cubic metre bid retaining wall then subcontracted to the team, offer 270 yuan per cubic meter. Such a low price is difficult to guarantee the engineering quality, it is no wonder that the saying “if really work solid material will lose money” malicious words.In this environment, layers of subcontracting as repeated in the same piece of paper printing, multiple layers, writing together, and who also not recognize this account. In other words, in this perplexing power rent-seeking chain, intermediate one or two node problem difficult to troubleshoot. And when all the people including supervisors and regulators are involved, the formation of relatively closed community of interests, the offenders are more likely to rush into danger, engineering, this fat segmentation.Therefore, to break the chain of interests, in addition to functional departments should strengthen supervision and supervision, for the construction of the project in the balance of payments structure, may also wish to open to the public, can even invite people came to the site to participate directly in the engineering quality supervision. I remember when I was young, I home near the road always attracted a lot of folks onlookers, highway as the public, the public is not the lack of attention to enthusiasm. But within the engineering in the public eye, it is bound to increase the exposure risk, illegal at that time, to see who will say “if I work in a flagrant way real material will lose money” slang? Tuo Xingang

In new networkLishui 30 October report (reporter Hu Fengsheng) 30 days morning 8 when make,ringlock scaffolding Zhejiang province Jinyun County town pot a mold company workshop explosion accident occurred, killing 3 people were killed, 5 injured. One of the wounded after the hospital rescue invalid death, 1 of them seriously, the remaining 3 were in stable condition, to leave courtyard observation.The explosion of the mould is a company specializing in the production of special steel, tool and die materials, cutting tools business, the company has about 600 employees. The explosion was a gas furnace (the company workshop to convert coal to gas production equipment), the explosion killed 3 workers died on the spot, 5 employees were injured.It is reported, after the accident, the local government has launched an emergency plan, organize fire, health, safety supervision and other departments rushed to the scene to rescue, and in the county to carry out safety inspections, great safety hidden danger investigation work, to prevent such incidents from happening again.Current, accident reason is in further investigation. (end)

Recently, a 27 year old patient came to the Department of Dermatology of No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University treatment. With just days before it was business as usual,cast in sockets didn’t expect overnight change shape, body, face a long a large area of white scales. The doctor through the inquiry medical history that patients with a recent period of time because of cold cause pharyngeal inflammation, acute guttate psoriasis caused by streptococci, types of psoriasis pathogenesis is in the most urgent, patients are currently receiving standard treatment in hospital.29, is the world’s Ninth World psoriasis, at present our country has more than 6000000 of patients with psoriasis, and the number of patients showing a rising trend. Department of Dermatology No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University director Professor Li Yuzhen said, nearly one hundred patients every day in the Department of dermatology clinic, 20% in patients with psoriasis. Professor Li Yuzhen reminded members of the public, because the climate is cold and dry winter, autumn is the peak season of psoriasis, whether suffering from psoriasis, should pay attention to adjust life work and rest, to ensure the healthy diet, maintain a good happy mood, enhance the immunity. Sun Yumiao reporter Feng Zilu

Yesterday afternoon, the water of the urban workers to work overtime to clean up a lot of water hyacinth floating Chen Zhonggui missing waters for search and rescue, Chen Zhonggui wrecker.Yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of Chen Zhonggui rescue missing waters barges, Tong master about at the time and Chen Zhonggui together into the water to save after. The son of Chen Zhonggui took photos of the father stood by said, he hope the 3 young people to be saved can stand up, as demonstrated for the father do boldly what is righteous.In order to rescue the drowning 3 young men in distress, 64 year old winter swimming team Chen Zhonggui and his companions jump into the Yangtze River, and ignore them in the rescued one person, once again into the water to save. Finally, 3 young men were rescued, but Chen Zhonggui was tired after the return, was unfortunately vortex roll water bottom after missing.Engaged in the hair after yesterday, everyone has been looking for the whereabouts of Chen Zhonggui in the area, but as of press time last night, Chen Zhonggui still One’s whereabouts is a mystery.  Hearing the cry for help quickly save waterYesterday morning, the reporters came to the ferry terminal of Wang Jia Xiang River, there has been full of Chen Zhonggui’s relatives and friends. In a simple duty booth Park, also with left by Chen Zhonggui electric, water before take off clothes and mobile phone etc..The waters of the shore water surface is covered with water hyacinth, several winter swimming team is with long poles and nets, looking for the whereabouts of Chen Zhonggui in river water. Although after repeated search, all very tired, but only to rest on the shore a little, everyone was rushing to jump into the water. “Now the old Chen One’s whereabouts is a mystery., we just want a little of his own duty, otherwise how can feel at ease?”Chen Zhonggui’s winter swimming team captain Cai Congqing told reporters, they are the sunshine of life public rescue center volunteers, in Wang Jia Xiang ferry terminal is provided with a duty Gang, every day there are volunteers in this duty, to help rescue swimming distress of the public. The day before yesterday evening about eight ten, Cai Congqing, Chen Zhonggui and several other winter swimming team on duty in the pavilion, suddenly heard the cry for help came to the riverside. You just take the life buoy, bamboo and other items to the riverside.Came to the shore, the team members to see, 3 young people are struggling to shore 60 meters water, began to sink into the water. In case of emergency, Chen Zhonggui and another player Tong Shuhua together, took off his underwear, jumped into the water to 3 people in distress, to close, Captain Cai Congqing and the other players will get away on the shore of the barge.  Returned to the river rescued one personSwim to the water side, Chen Zhonggui and Tong Shuhua will soon one of them push or pull on barges. Cai Congqing said, at that time the river flow faster, swirling clouds, water and a lot of water hyacinth, travel is difficult. In the rescued one person, Chen Zhonggui physical consumption has been great. Because of the fear of danger, Cai Congqing asked him to return to the boat to rest, to change by themselves into the water to rescue.When the team is rescued two other swimmers, Cai Congqing found that, when Chen Zhonggui did not know what came swimming. In everybody make concerted efforts, the remaining 2 people also fitted the life buoy. But as they prepare to return to the barge, Chen Zhonggui but because Tilibuzhi gradually fall behind.Chen Zhonggui found after the distress, the remaining several players quickly rescue. But because the distance is far, plus Chen Zhonggui already be dead beat, unable to grasp the players pass the long pole. Cai Congqing said sadly, when he watched Chen Zhonggui was a large floating duckweed trapped, how can get rid of. Only a few seconds later, Chen Zhonggui was a vortex underwater, the instant disappeared Not the least trace was found.After the incident, Cai Congqing and others immediately to the police, the Chen Zhonggui family and notify. Subsequently, the police and the players and search and rescue at the scene. But because it was already dark, line of sight range, people struggling to search, but have not been able to find the whereabouts of Chen Zhonggui, but gave up until 3 a.m.. Yesterday morning, we came to the river again, continue to search for the figure of Chen Zhonggui.  The 3 men were rescued after the attitude of indifferenceCai Congqing told reporters, 3 young men were rescued are Hanchuan people, but more than 20 years old. May is because of the danger, 3 people just landed very panic. After police arrived on the scene, winter swimming players want 3 people to testify to the police, the other was prepared directly from. This let the players some dissatisfaction, and ultimately will be 3 people stopped.”This kind of thing is actually accidentally, we don’t want to embarrass them. But they have this attitude, we did not think.” Winter swimming team, they have been doing these many years, do not ask what return. But now Chen Zhonggui be fraught with grim possibilities, each other but even a thank you all don’t say, really make them feel disappointed.Reporters from the Yangtze River shipping Public Security Bureau of Wuhan branch that, 3 young men have been left in the simple recording the record after the. Introduce according to the police, before the 3 people in the upper waters of water, of which 1 people meet danger. 2 companions found after successive launching attempt to rescue, not only failed, but also by the river rolling to the downstream. Fortunately, rescued in time by Chen Zhonggui et al, 3 per capita no harm.The police said at the same time, they will help the family members to do search and rescue salvage work. The future if necessary, the police can also prepare relevant materials for the application of the glorious title do boldly what is righteous.  The only child “blame” father save too muchAfter the incident, the son of Chen Zhonggui Chen Siye came to the riverside. Yesterday morning, reporters saw the 29 year old Chen Sishi, his face very haggard. Chen Si is Chen Zhonggui’s only son, mother and grandmother are in the field, that matter, the mother is on the way to the wuhan.Chen Si said, father is fond of winter swimming has nearly 10 years of time, always happiness within, and therefore made a lot of friends. For the father, this hobby, he started to think that physical exercise is a good thing, occasionally know father involved in the rescue, just to remind him Caution. Because know father Su water is good, he had never thought of accident. “Not to say that should not save, but he was really big, how still so hard?” She said, CHEN Si is orbital tears.About 3 people were rescued, Chen Sicheng himself in the Public Security Bureau and they had a brief meeting. But the other is not warm, the two sides have almost no do what exchange. Chen Si said, his heart does not blame them, also does not have what good comments about their attitude. “Now, Dad One’s whereabouts is a mystery., I only hope to find him earlier now, other things simply too late to think.”Chen Zhonggui’s rescue team is a volunteer organization of folk, including Wuhan 22 winter swimming team swimmer. Although officially founded in 2013, but we spontaneously engaged in relief activities has a history of nearly 10 years. Chen Zhonggui and the other members have known each other for years, usually the hotheaded and forthright, with all the relations are very good. In the previous year, Chen Zhonggui had rescued a drowning man from the river.  Many departments force rescue Chen ZhongguiBecause of the incident water hydrologic complex, coupled with a large number of occupied surface duckweed, rescue vessels before difficulties, can only rely on the players with the long rod a little will duckweed off, then net salvage, rescue work progress is not smooth. The players are also mentioned, they have contacted several teams of professional salvage team, and promised to reward, but the other said rescue too difficult, rejected the request. The scene of rescue work once can only rely on winter swimming team spontaneous.Yesterday afternoon, the city of Wuhan City Management Bureau water management office staff to the waters, and driving the two boats on the river to clean up the duckweed. According to staff, the intersection region here is located in the Yangtze River and the Han River, a large number of upstream from drift under the duckweed because reflux accumulating in this. From the beginning of May this year, the staff has been conducting sweeping salvage work, but because there are still a lot of duckweed continuously from the upstream Chung, cleaning up a bit too.Last night, reporters from the Chen Zhonggui family to, they have been in contact with a professional salvage team yesterday afternoon, but because it was dark, promise each other will go live in today to continue the search.It is understood, yesterday afternoon, the water police recovered the body of a man was in the marshland of Hankou section of the underground tour. But according to the falling time and age preliminary judgement, the dead may not be missing Chen Zhonggui. The reporter will inform family members, family members said the matter to the police verification. (article / reporter Yang Jing gold chart / reporter Yang Tao)

“If you don’t want to go to an appointment, Simatai section of the Great Wall to play have to buy gubeishui town tickets, just know to make an appointment to get us there,scaffolding clamps results in a stomach gas did not play on the back.” Yesterday, Ms. Zhang people call this newspaper, such practices have questioned scenic compulsory consumption bundle ticket sales too. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned personnel to a scenic spot, the single visit the Great Wall Simatai requires at least one day in advance booking, if no appointment is needed to buy the same day gubeishui town and the Great Wall Simatai tickets to visit, the ticket price for the weekend and statutory holidays 170 yuan, flat on 100 yuan, while the the Great Wall Simatai tickets price only 40 yuan.No advance booking can only buy tickets”Originally we often go to visit the Great Wall at Simatai, later heard that the Simatai section of the Great Wall in the repair has not go, recently heard that re opened, excitedly in the past to play, did not expect to encounter this kind of situation.” Ms. Zhang said, yourself to go to Simatai the Great Wall Tour took a day off, to avoid a weekend visit time, the scenic area at the foot of the Great Wall and the distance at a distance, was stopped at the entrance gubeishui town. “The scenic staff said that if there is no advance booking can not separate buy the Great Wall tickets, booking people they have a car to send special past.” Ms. Zhang said, I just want to climb the Great Wall, but did not know to climb the Great Wall will make an appointment, “I want to live ‘fill appointments’ can not, can only spend to buy a ticket to enter.”The scenic area called the appointment to ensure safetyBeiqingbao reporter login gubeishui town (the Great Wall Simatai) International Tourism Resort sites to see, there is a the Great Wall Simatai tour the site appointment notice. Announcement shows, to travel alone to Simatai section of the Great Wall “at least one day in advance booking an appointment”, using the real name system, can make an appointment the next day to 10 days tickets; at the same time every day only arranged into two batches of 10 points and 14 points, after stopping the change to buy tickets, have no separate into the Great Wall.The need for booking tickets, gubeishui town area said in the announcement “for the Great Wall where steep mountains, steep terrain, and from gubeishui town tour area outside the road leading to the Great Wall under construction, to ensure the safety of tourists, and minimize the environmental impact of the existing the Great Wall, since January 31, 2014, the implementation of appointment in batches to visit to separate tours the Great Wall Simatai visitors, each batch of tourists centralized leadership, walk to the foot of the Great Wall ordered by the staff, please separate tours the Great Wall Simatai tourists booking in advance.”According to the new “tourism law” from October 1, 2013 onwards the implementation of the provisions of article forty-fourth, the scenic area will be different scenic tickets or the same area within different sightseeing places tickets sold the merger, the merged price shall not be higher than the individual ticket prices and tourists, and has the right to choose to buy the single ticket. Ms. Zhang said, although can buy the Great Wall Simatai tickets alone, but need to reserve a day in advance, caused a lot of trouble to do not know the appointment of tourists, “if it is to protect the environment of the Great Wall, why buy gubeishui town tickets tourists can unrestricted access?”Buy high priced tickets without limit “”Tencent micro-blog netizen Ms. Chen also took the kids to Simatai the Great Wall tour, she told beiqingbao reporter, a the Great Wall ticket the Great Wall at Simatai entrance outside the mouth, but need to go through the whole town to get to the water. She said: “at that time we didn’t want to climb the Great Wall, just bought a water town tickets, but later also went to the Great Wall, water town to buy tickets the Great Wall tickets without any restrictions.”Beiqingbao reporter with a tourist scenic spot identity dial hotline, staff said that at present only log on the official website for booking this one way, without an appointment to buy ticket to enter the same day, the ticket price is 100 yuan on weekdays, weekends and holidays 170 yuan, if only to visit Sima the Great Wall fare is 40 yuan. For beiqingbao reporter puts forward, in the the Great Wall there is a ticket office, whether can only buy tickets to the water town, at the foot of the Great Wall and then decide not climb to climb the Great Wall, said staff can, but “water town tickets must preserve good, can buy the simatai”. (Li Tao)