Who knows, that behind the car sat in the Wuchang station plainclothes police, while the front car drivers and car owners are worried that their children safe passers-by. This is a beautiful misunderstanding on Hangzhou street. 不一会,又一辆黑色轿车从对向车道拐了过来,车上下来了3名男子,以上5人简单交谈后,孩子被抱上了后面这辆车驶离现场……2 years old children in the middle of the road a More than 2 points on July 17th afternoon, Yuhang higher education on the road, a 2 year old girl barefoot from north to south in the middle of the road. A passing man found after feeling wrong, immediately opened two hop light, slow speed with the girl behind the “escort”. Come to a junction, the girl suddenly turn, to cross the road.At this moment, a man riding a electric car has already far Staring at the child’s behavior.When he saw that the child is on the verge of traffic, get off immediately ran to embrace the child back.At this time, business outside Yuhang Wuchang plainclothes police station Wei Yuanfa, Yao Weifang three people just open a civilian car through, saw the black car driver and car drivers are surrounded by their children, let them feel the child intuition is not their. Then, the police off bright Ming identity, ask why.Then, the police off bright Ming identity, ask why. With the girl behind the car driver named Xing Haoliang, from Zhuji, opened a home appliance company in Yuhang wuchang. At that time, he is from the way the old Yuhang done back to the company found the little girl.”I think the girl is so small, also didn’t wear shoes, walking in the middle of the road. It’s too dangerous, I called the police, then drove slowly behind her.She is afraid of being hit by a car.” “To the road, I found her to cross the road. I was really worried. Stop toward the front ride battery car master shouted, let him to hold her.” Xing Haoliang still have a lingering fear.In that case, Yao Weifang thanked the two enthusiastic passers-by, then the baby on the car, went to her family. 我真的急死了。 That is human traffickers, he turned to chase The child crying was carried on with scene happens to be pass by Xiao Liu saw.No.The child is not their!”At that time, Xiao Liu in reverse lane, he hurried out of telephone alarm, drive to the front end turn up.As the road more vehicles, Liu can not catch up, he tried to read the license plate car, and then call 110 to tell the police. At a red light, he finally left. With the mood, he had to play 110 informed of this situation, and then rushed to the unit.Liu called Liu Yuguang, was at work near the city of Taobao.Because of this, be late for the meeting. Colleagues asked him why, he said after, everyone laughed at his detective potential, it was “worth!” 怀着忐忑的心情,他不得不再打110告知了这一情况,然后赶往单位。The little bird was lost, the mother was so worried He struggles to attend the meeting at Liu Yuguang. Yao Weifang police they drove around looking for the families of the children of some residential areas.The little girl was about 2 years old, not sure what is the name of the home, where.Such a small child, don’t wear shoes, if not abandoned, the family should be around here.Sure enough, less than half an hour, Yao Weifang them in a village near the road found a woman was pushing a stroller anxiously asked as we walked. They also didn’t stop the car, the little girl was shot the woman rushed forward shouting mommy. The woman excitedly cried!The stroller’s brother don’t know what happened, sleep soundly.Mother and daughter reunion, Yao Weifang they hurried to the destination mission to. But this time, Liu Yuguang received in the Yuhang public security command center 110 alarm call, hanging heart finally put down. Unfortunately, the critical point is not in the zebra line, the child back from traffic battery car owners to leave any information. (reporter Yu Wenqi Zhou Defeng correspondent)[Edit]: Wang Haocheng Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules adjustable base jack steel chamfer

More surprise is, network that “he” is actually “she”, and his ex wife the disguise. Yesterday, the Ningbo Yinzhou court this fraud. The winter of 2011, after 80 girl Xiao Ling and netizen “blue sky” add to QQ friends.The other claim to sun Hai, 28 years old, engaged in sales work, is currently single. The two quickly established a relationship. The two quickly established a relationship. In 2012 February a day, Sun Hai sent a message on QQ that there was no oil in the engine, want to borrow 300 yuan of money. Xiaoling quickly according to the other side to account remit money to the past.Later, Sun Hai repeatedly to the lack of living expenses, medical grounds to find Xiao Ling to borrow money. Because every time the small amount, immersed in the happiness of the Xiao Ling to her boyfriend agrees.In September last year, Xiao Ling is the first to call Sun Hai, but the phone is a girl. Someone claiming to be Sun Hai’s sister Xiao Lan, and said the sun Hai hospitalized medical fees. Xiao Ling and remit to 3000 yuan. Later, Xiao Lan often to buy clothes, cosmetics for borrowing money, Xiao Ling not a denial. Xiaoling repeatedly put forward and Sun Hai meet, each other are busy business, business and other reasons euphemism refused. At the beginning of this year, have love two years of Xiao Ling on friends and family reminder, realized the sun sea may have problems, then to the police. A month later, “Sun Hai” is captured by the police.The small Ling unexpectedly, it two years “boyfriend” is actually a 80 girl, real name Wang Jing, and Xiao Lan is she plays. More startling is, Wang Jing unexpectedly is Xiaoling ex boyfriend’s wife. Originally, Wang Jing inadvertently see husband called each other in QQ and former girlfriend Xiao Ling chat to husband wife, cuyi great, in order to let the small Ling completely out of her husband, she turned into a sunny boy, and Xiaoling love.From 2012 to the former, Xiao Ling to Wang Jing money to more than 400 times, the amount of 20 yuan.After the trial, Wang Jing’s behavior constituted fraud, was sentenced to four years and six months, fined forty thousand yuan, shall be ordered to make restitution of the victim’s economic loss.Sponsor Link:precast accessories adjustable base jack halfen frimeda

The “notice”, in fact not only respect the traditions and customs, and to “as part of” money on-line to make the restrictions, and other restrictions to match, can effectively prevent some cadres by the host weddings from it. However, pragmatic rules look very meaningful, if the lack of specific operational, especially the lack of effective supervision, such provisions are only ornamental effect, pattern rules become the Bo people eyeball.First, who will supervise, for officials to use for weddings and the PRD behavior Festival, people almost can not supervise and substantial, as “with the member’s money” is the 10% of the wage income, the more can make nothing of it. The second is how to carry out the specific operation and supervision.The cadres and ordinary masses, cannot put yourself outside of society, who will encounter weddings and funerals, need to comply with the village folk reciprocity, whether there is the opportunity to make money, almost no clear boundaries, accepting gifts much red is the “feelings”, how many can be identified as the “money” and can not measure.So, I think, any policy, regulations, the premise must have maneuverability, can effective supervision to realize hundred-percent implementation, otherwise, more like packaging performance “huaquanxiutui”. Zhu Yonghua.[Edit]: Liu Yan. Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:precast accessories formwork accessories wavy tail anchor

To sum up, Chunan in the first half of this year is slightly higher temperature, precipitation and slightly more sunshine, normal year.At the beginning of this year (mid January to early February), my county appeared more than 20 consecutive days of fine weather, the continued high forest fire danger rating, up to the highest level of 5 days of 16 days, many forest fires occur in the county, township due to continuous dry weather has also led to the drinking water problem.Under the influence of severe convective weather in spring, my county rainfall 4-5 month, 4 months late rainy and cold weather to reach 9 days, May 14th and 17, appeared in the two strong precipitation weather, daily rainfall was 49.3 mm and 53.3 mm, the two precipitation makes part of the farmland water, landslides and other disasters, parts of houses collapsed, the adverse effect of agriculture.Under the influence of severe convective weather in spring, my county rainfall 4-5 month, 4 months late rainy and cold weather to reach 9 days, May 14th and 17, appeared in the two strong precipitation weather, daily rainfall was 49.3 mm and 53.3 mm, the two precipitation makes part of the farmland water, landslides and other disasters, parts of houses collapsed, the adverse effect of agriculture. This year I County in June 17th July 7 sunrise Mei, mod, mod time than perennial is later, out time is normal, Meiyu period 20 days near the normal; the county average Meiyu precipitation 406.1 mm, 5 stations rainfall exceeding 500 mm, single station Shang Xiang Yan Wo Cun, the maximum is 627.1 mm, 427.3 mm of precipitation in Qiandao Lake Town than all the year round, (349.1 mm) is 22.4%, which belongs to the more precipitation years.This year the Meiyu period temperature was low, the average temperature of 21.6 ℃, 22.1 ℃ lower than normal at 0.5 ℃.According to County Flood Control Office statistics, this year’s rainy season 19 county towns have suffered different degrees of damage, a direct economic loss of 4078000 yuan, the affected population of 159500 people, 56 houses collapsed.The crops disaster area of 12556 mu, animal husbandry and fishery direct loss of 4900000 yuan, 1710000 yuan in direct economic losses of water conservancy facilities. 今年梅雨期气温明显偏低,平均气温21.6℃,较常年22.1℃偏低了0.5℃。 Pay attention to the typhoon “Matmo” dynamic Although Chunan is located in mountainous areas, over the years by less typhoon influence, but the typhoon prevention work should not be overlooked.According to the meteorological data to predict, Matmo typhoon landed in Fujian province to move in a northerly direction, easy to combine with the cold air from the north, the formation of precipitation in the county, in the 23-25 days, my county has a medium to heavy rains, local heavy rain process, process rainfall 30-50 mm, 60-100 mm.After the typhoon, 26-28 days in cloudy weather, the afternoon thunderstorms.To understand the latest weather every day, can sweep away county meteorological bureau Micro message public no..Shao Cui Xiang Qiongfei. [Edit]: Liu YanParticipating in interactive ( 0Sponsor Link:www.aopprecast.com ledger blade erection anchor

At this time, the man Zhang drove pass by, saw Miss Han looks beautiful, dress in, suddenly heart played a bad read. See it with their luggage on a pair of appearance, then stopped ran over to chat, ask Miss Han will go to what place.That Miss Han is going to Nanjing City, he deliberately said the CAN bus to the city without night, many taxi drivers are not willing to go to, just their own initiative way, can be free to bring her a lift. Miss Han think Zhang is a “black car”, just hurry, agreed. After boarding, Miss Han several times asked Zhang where let her off, Zhang is a “go see” a word bluff in the past. After boarding, Miss Han several times asked Zhang where let her off, Zhang is a “go see” a word bluff in the past. This let Miss Han have a worry, she intentionally with Zhang chat, want to inquire about some of his actual situation, but Mr. Zhang is always Equivocation. In a brief exchange, Zhang kept saying Miss Han handsome, this let Miss Han more suspect Zhang is ill, has been wary of psychology.But taking into account that they have Zhang in the car, afraid to Zhang suddenly launched an attack, they picked up the mobile phone with friends chatted Micro message, put yourself in the situation with tell a friend, also from time to time about Zhang drop off point, was intended to warn and remind Zhang do not. Zhang knew Miss Han suspicious, but he would not give up the idea of crime, but accelerated the lonely road car a few people tread. The night has been deep, not the vehicles and pedestrians on the road, on both sides of the road are the construction site. To see this, Zhang of a parked car, in the car to Miss Han misconduct. The frightened Miss Han opened the door to escape, a cry for help.Zhang then has been infatuated with lust, he still did not give up, get off after Miss Han, dragged her to drag her to the curb violence. At this time, a taxi pass by here, Miss Han heard crying for help, car drivers and two male passengers get off in search of the sound to come, stop the Zhang. Zhang was driving getaway. Passengers leave to take care of the frightened Miss Han and alarm, be filled with righteous indignation taxi drivers driving after Zhang, chased us out of ten miles, but eventually it was Zhang escape. After receiving the alarm, the Jiangning police work immediately detected.According to the license plate number, driver Zhang found a major crime suspects. Recently, the police in the investigation of traffic accident is about Zhang in the county of Anhui Province, a gas station to meet, it will be captured, once asked, Zhang himself confessed the crime, the Zhang suspicion of the crime of rape has been Xingju police. Police remind: alone young female friend is best not to take the stranger’s “ride”, especially in the summer.(Yangzi Evening News reporter Jiao Zhe) [Edit]: Li Huan Participating in interactive ( 0 )Sponsor Link:lifting anchor prop nut erection anchor

This is a misunderstanding, but some unexpected aftertaste.Liu Yuguang from Hunan to Hangzhou to work for several years, last week, his first dial 110, then it became almost an experience he lifetime –The afternoon of July 17th, in the west work of Liu Yuguang, to the Binjiang based company. He drove just out the door, turn on the Yuhang higher education road, Liu Yuguang see on the road accidentally: a 2 year old girl, alone in the middle of the road stumbled. A black limousine followed, and in front of an intersection, a man riding a electric car already waiting in the.When the girl suddenly left, Huanghuangyouyou when you cross the road, the electric bike man rushed to the girls arms. Not for a moment, and a black car from to the lane turned over, the car down 3 men. More than 5 people a simple conversation, the child was held on the back of the car go……What’s up. Will not be a street child trafficking…… Xiao Liu drive while thinking.  He suspected that someone turned the child alarm  110 back to dial the three call to ask him for more detailsNo. The child is not their!” Liu Yuguang turned his head, the two car has been draw further apart, are far away.Liu Yuguang is urgent, took out mobile phone, for the first time dialed the number three for having heard it many times: 110.The telephone, Liu said: “I suspect just saw traffickers trafficking in children……”Xiao Liu told the police while driving, he to the front. He pursued the “suspected traffickers” car, and told the 110, due to the high education way when many vehicles, he could not catch up, license plate are trying to look at the car. For a while if you see the license plate, he’ll call 110 to inform.At a red light, he left.With the mood, Liu Yuguang had to play 110 informed of this situation, and then rushed to the company to go to the meeting.Xiao Liu is not from the west to Binjiang, the road has received a 3 from Hangzhou 110 police station back –The first 110 call him is to answer the officer asked him: meet the suspected traffickers of specific locations where? From the company to open the door of higher education after approximately how many meters? The policeman told him, they are trying to determine the monitoring points, to quickly extract “video monitoring the” near the site, so that we can find the children come from, and where is the car.A little later, Xiao Liu also received 110 joint police telephone, this time to ask him: the child in the end what colors to wear clothes? Below is a skirt or pants? What color is it? The 5 way personal respectively, what appearance? Xiao Liu is very nervous, try very hard to recall that the impression at a glance, also specifically told 110, finally the child that car, a very tall man……Third telephone, Hangzhou 110 police officers is to license plate, with Liu to verify vehicle colors and models of brand.  110 fourth:  Rest assured, the child was in plain clothes20 minutes, Hangzhou 110 gave him call fourth telephone: “ha! This is a misunderstanding!”Liu Yuguang told by police: This is a beautiful mistake. The child ran away, met the men driving the Zhuji Ji Xing Haoliang; ride battery car kind man; Yuhang Wuchang plainclothes police station Wei Yuanfa and Yao Weifang three people. They are concerned about the safety of children and stopped, in plain clothes police showed identity, let plainclothes police cars to help children find mom.Liu Yuguang from the 110 police officers here heard that, and he saw the scene “with child” is really too big difference: with the girl behind the car, drove the man called Xing Haoliang, Zhuji, opened a home appliance company in Yuhang wuchang. When he finished back to the company, he is also the first discovered this alone ran out of the child!”I think the girl is so small, also didn’t wear shoes, walking in the middle of the road. It’s too dangerous, I called the police, then hit a double jump lamp, roll down the window, drive slowly behind her.” Xing Haoliang said, “to the road, I found her to cross the road, immediately stop, see a ride battery car master front, shouts at him, let him to hold her.” Xing Haoliang said what happened that day, still have a lingering fear.There is a car, it is hanging the civil license police cars! Car is Yuhang Wuchang plainclothes police station Wei Yuanfa, Yao Weifang three people. They are also driving a civilian car passed, noticed the girl, also noted that the black car driver and car drivers are surrounded by their children. The intuition and make them feel strange, they also found that children must not ride battery car or drive a car man. So, they get off bright Ming identity, ask why.Xing Haoliang and riding a battery car man saw the police, very happy. And after that, Sergeant Yao Weifang immediately expressed their willingness to help, thanks two enthusiastic passers-by, baby on the car, went to her family.In this scene, just pass by Liu Yuguang see……  Lost soon, the police to help her find her mother  And the enthusiasm of male riding electric cars have not foundIn small Liu Dida at company headquarters in Binjiang, into the late hall, plainclothes police Yao Weifang they also in a village near the road that is pushing a baby car walking asked the child mother.They stopped the car, the door opened, also did not speak, the girl at the woman rushed straight shout mother. Search for the child’s mother is also excited to cry! Only the baby car little brother did not know what happened, sleep soundly.Colleagues asked Liu Yuguang how to pick 110 phone? He said after, everyone praised him as the detective’s potential, the late is “worth!”"Sounds from the phone, the police action really fast.” Yesterday, when Liu Yuguang accepted the Qianjiang Evening News reporters still surprised. The elegant young man, said, could not help but stare big eyes behind the glasses piece: “I’ve never had dealings with the police, really do not know the police is so good, or is the Hangzhou police, speak so polite, so responsible……”The police Yao Weifang heard the Qianjiang Evening News reporter to interview, again and again to say: “forget, but not much”. He said, they were going to perform a task, but one look at the little girl was about 2 years old, not sure what is the name of the home, where did not wear, shoes, if not abandoned, the family should be in the vicinity, will help find out. Fortunately, no time to perform a task, soon found a mother.Finally, we need to find! A! People!Well, the careful reader will find, in the story and a person is not identified, is hugged the girl not to let her wear the electric bike man at the intersection. After the Yuhang police for a week’s visit, but didn’t find him. The critical moment in the zebra crossing, the child back from traffic electric vehicle owners did not leave any information. Who is this guy? We want to know — he must be a member of Hangzhou which is a city of love!Send “beautiful misunderstanding” can browse videos. (reporter Chen Lei Zhou Defeng correspondent)Sponsor Link:lifting socket http://www.aopformwork.com lifting insert

Yesterday, the Nanjing Qinhuai court hearing of the case, the case did not court judgment. Home to visit relatives diagnosed with depression Zhang Wen has a Bachelor of commerce degree at a university in Australia, and has international accountant qualification, have obtained permanent residency in Australia, it should be said that the future is bright.However, everything from 2012 July has changed.In late July, this chapter from Australia back home to Zhenjiang to visit relatives. Because of the feeling of right upper quadrant abdominal pain and discomfort, the Zhenjiang some hospital diagnosis of cholecystitis, gallstones, in August received cholecystectomy operation, postoperative recovery was good. But after more than two months, this chapter still felt epigastric discomfort, accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia. But after more than two months, this chapter still felt epigastric discomfort, accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia. In October 15th, Zhang Wen to the operation of the hospital visit, did not find out what abnormality, doctors recommend rest. The 22 day morning, Zhang Wen accompanied by family, came to a Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, want to look at the body conditioning. After hanging up, because too many people to see a doctor, Zhang Wen waited more than two hours to wheel. Later, the doctor simply asked about the situation, he decided that this chapter with mild anxiety and moderate depression, to Zhang Wen opened some medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, also opened a call “” Zoloft “” anti depression medicine. After three days, all of a sudden jump off building Dutch actAfter returning home, this chapter according to the prescription taking time every day “Zoloft”, but the effect is not obvious.”Him to take the medicine after the anxiety and obvious pain, said after taking the drug, night sweating, the body of electric shock and fire the same feeling.” The family of Zhang Wen said, they don’t know what the reason is, but for the hospital trust, all think the medicine will not eat expert open problem. Unexpectedly, the 25 day morning, Zhang Wen climbed into their Loudong roof, jump down, died. In yesterday’s hearing, family members said, Zhang Wen had no history of depression, life loving, hard-working, taking “Zoloft” before thinking, emotional stability, without any thought of suicide and performance.And in this chapter died, they looked at the “Zoloft” instructions, found that this drug has increased the risk of Dutch act with the idea and implementation Dutch act behavior. Families that hospital diagnosis faultThe Zhang Wen family, hospital has three big mistakes in the process of diagnosis and treatment.First, the process of diagnosis and treatment to, ask only 5 minutes that Zhang Wen depression; second, the side effects of drugs, without any form of explanation and charged to the patients and their families; third, exceed the scope of practice. To this chapter to prescribe medicine doctor is a doctor of Chinese medicine, but to the patient out of the psychiatrists prescribe anti depression drugs, which is beyond the scope of practice. “If the doctor does not professional doctors, patients should be advised to hospital for further diagnosis and treatment, rather than just medicine. In this regard, the hospital think, the identification of Jiangsu Province Medical Association has made clear, “the pharmacological effects of Zoloft” will appear in a week or so, but this chapter only took three days of dose, no time to drug taking action.Visit, Zhang Wen performance is normal, and no obvious symptoms of depression, then he can not drug will remind trigger suicidal, otherwise it will play the role of induction in patients with Dutch act. In addition, only by the drug issue psychiatrists, countries have a detailed list. After the check, “Zoloft” is not in this list, so, the Department of traditional Chinese medicine doctor “Zoloft” does not violate the provisions of the state, for such drugs. (the parties (a pseudonym) Yangtze Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang) [Edit]: Li HuanSponsor Link:cast in ferrules formwork clamp erection anchor

Citizens Mr. Zhan couples have a set of housing registration in the small son Zhan name. Recently because of Mr. Zhan do need working capital business, to mortgage the house, need small Zhan issued by a principal mortgage notarization, agree that parents will this house do mortgage. However, Jen in America work very busy. In order to help his son to save trouble, Mr. Zhan couples to the intermediary, to find a way to “save”……7 earlier in the day, a pair of young men and women came to the Nanjing notary office for mortgage commissioned notary. The boy put the property permits, identity cards, the land certificate to the notary Notary all, have a look this guy looks in vain the net net, with ID card picture almost.According to the process, notary, let him give the identity card number, but he said, ID number is too long, he can not remember. The notary then let small report date of birth, the young man said he forgot to ask the boy, what is the sign of the zodiac, he still could not answer. This is a notary, directly to the boy and said: “you is false!” The boy heard this, ran. As he came with the young lady said he is a real estate intermediary, the notary has what problem can be solved with their. The notary told the young lady, their behavior has been suspected of fraud, now buckle under the house property card, please master to get their own property card.No two days, Jen’s parents came to the notary office notary, hope can accommodate them get real evidence. They told the notary, son in the America life for many years, in order to permit this small office, let the son back to the China trip is not possible; and the son not China embassy or consulate in USA City, to apply for a mortgage notarization to leave to other city, take thousands of dollars, time-consuming and laborious. So, the two old people listen to the intermediary Huyou, that can find someone to help, did not think of “false” son of a notary is away. The notary told the two old man, is the correct way to let his son to the Embassy in the United States Chinese do a notary back home. However, they found false son, now a notary to review Jen’s credit, let small Zhan provides not know and agree that parents mortgage documentation; if investigation that young parents and collusion, deliberately to find someone else to work permit, Jen will be registered in the Nanjing notary system blacklist, may influence the future Jen’s personal reputation. Hearing this, the two old people very sad, immediately contact with the son said, let him go through the formalities provided that. After about 10 days, young in the Embassy China in USA well housing commissioned notary, and wrote a parents’ housing mortgages, but prior to “writing false son” office card do not understand, the notary public’s understanding, returned to his real estate license to the parents. (the figures are in a pseudonym) (correspondent Wang Peng Zhang Yuan Yangzi Evening News reporter Jia Xiaoning)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches prop nut lifting insert

As of yesterday afternoon, Dehong Mangshi mang Hai Zhen Lu Yin Mura Hena debris flow disaster scene also has to find 3 bodies of the victims, so far, the “7 · 21″ large debris flow in the village the death toll rose to 17 people, 3 people missing. At present, the awn sea hit the disaster search and rescue work in order. Yesterday is the “7 · 21″ large debris flow occurred since, Hu Namura weather best day, the day without rain.Provides a convenient conditions for the relief of victims of the search, search, road repair, the affected people resettled and relief distribution in everything in good order and well arranged for. Evening news reporter also learned that, due to the day before the rainfall and the water level rose, awn sea location of the town government side of the Nan Bi river overflowed again, leaving the river again diverted, more close to mang Hai Zhen nine year school.Yesterday morning, the disaster relief headquarters organized public security, border and other disaster relief efforts to rescue, danger under control. The most difficult rescue work is currently the only rescue channels — road awn sea to Zhongshan, the South has Bi River floodplain, traffic interruption.The most difficult rescue work is currently the only rescue channels — road awn sea to Zhongshan, the South has Bi River floodplain, traffic interruption. On the same day, continuous construction command organization two large excavators, for as soon as possible to repair to ensure the temporary pass. As of press time last night, the road is still not pass any vehicle. Headquarters staff said, for construction can pass other vehicles in the night today. Xiang Lucai (Spring City Evening News) [Edit]: Wang YongjiParticipating in interactive (Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules aop formwork anchor socket

In 2011, in order to further beautify the environment, promote leisure landscape function, the landscape planning and design of Fuyang West Riverside Avenue, and the development of the design of the West Riverside Avenue landscape.The West Riverside Avenue landscape project took 2 years, a period of regional landscape in recently, work in the vicinity of West Riverside Avenue Soochow park.It is reported, this project as “the Sanjiang Strait” ecological landscape renovation starting point, Soochow Park, the end of Fuyang bridge, West River foreshore West Road, east to the Fuchun River, a total distance of about 950 meters, the width varies from 50 meters to 90 meters, a total area of about 86 mu.”Originally, this area is overgrown with weeds, here will become members of the public leisure places of leisure.” Urban construction group in Lushan District Construction Company Limited relevant responsible person said.According to the responsible person, as a landscape ecological engineering, flood control, to meet the conditions of release flood waters, will try to improve the diversity of the city waterfront living, the waterfront landscape and landscape com. The plant community with tall trees, lawn structure as the theme, combined with the terrain variation and spatial transformation, the cultivation of different species, can spring flowers, summer can be cool, autumn enjoy full forest deciduous in winter experience, subtle fragrance floating.According to this understanding, the regional landscape function along the West Riverside Avenue landscape a period from east to west point display area, leisure activity area and Sports Fashion District culture. Among them, sports fashion district has built the sun on the beach, woodland lawn, will provide abundant space for the public sports. The original piece of Metasequoia, preferential retention in the design, thereby water forest landscape to create natural transparent.Two regional starting point for the Fuyang bridge, terminus for the new vision pu. “Two, is expected to start next year.” According to the introduction, the West Riverside Avenue landscape project investment of about 200000000 yuan, a total length of 3.3 km. Zang Qing Lv Bin.Sponsor Link:www.aopprecast.com scaffolding clamps lifting insert