The international market Henan Wanbang fire burned a lot of fruit goods

On August 30th at five fifty in the morning, the fire is located in Wan Hong Lu Zhengzhou Zhongmu County Henan Wanbang market, billowing smoke. Understand according to the reporter, the ignition point is located in the market B8 District, the scene was a fruit store goods many vendors, and some never trucks in the fire burned. After the fire more than 20 fire engines rushed to the scene to put out the fire, after nearly an hour rescue, stop this morning at seven thirty, the fire was extinguished. In addition to the burned area B8 outside, and merchants to hoard goods trucks, and some grapes, pomegranate, pear, grapes and other fruits, a more serious loss.Reporter was informed through various interviews, Zhongmu county is located in the territory of Henan Wanbang international agricultural products logistics Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as Henan Wanbang market) early in April this year by the Zhongmu county government supervise the handling of major fire potential unit. The main fire hidden danger place up to around 1, automatic alarm system paralysis, fire control cabinet; 2, automatic sprinkler system fault, wet alarm valve test, three hydraulic alarm does not ring, pressure switch does not act; 3, mechanical smoke exhaust system fault, manual alarm button is not cold fire alarm (underground), distance can’t fan start the exhaust fan, exhaust fan, the smoke fire damper without wiring; 4, fruit, dried fruit area there is a large area of accommodation, business in one, with high risk of fire disaster. Rectification period to the year of June 30th, however, the surprise is just reform over the past two months time, the market has undergone a fire. (the Central Plains Network reporter Li Mingde)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules steel chamfer

The Shaanxi Province Meteorological Observatory today (August 30th) ten fifteen release rainstorm blue early-warning signal: the local areas of Southern Shaanxi 12 hour rainfall exceeds 50 mm, is expected in the next 12 hours, rainfall duration, the south, Guanzhong Shannan part of local precipitation will reach more than 50 mm.At the same time, Xi’an City Meteorological Station in August 30th 11 when release rainstorm blue early-warning signal is expected within the next 12 hours: Zhou Zhi, Huxian, Changan, Lantian part of the local rainfall will reach more than 50 mm, contact the relevant department to prepare. (reporter Lei Kai)Sponsor Link:precast accessories water stopper halfen frimeda

Last night 9 when, recently questioned the Beijing angel mother Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “angel mother”) held a press conference, said the public name wrong cause confusion, there will be another charity organization problem buckle in “angel mother” head.Recently, the network bid Zhou Xiaoyun to civil affairs departments report says, “angel mother” by offering long-term nominal individual accounts received large donations, is not into the public accounts receivables, long, allegedly pocketed donations from the public. In addition, the actor Yuan Li recently in micro-blog question “angel mother”, said not to see any progress information and help the children, led the two sides in the online debate.Last night 9 when, “angel mother” was held in Beijing will meet the media. Founder Qiu Lili said at the meeting, “the 4 founders of the angel Mom” is the 2010 in the beginning of the young children’s charity rescue fund will be below established “angel mother fund”, including the “angel of the house” and “poor children relief” two project “, we assume is mainly a project”.But at the end of 2013, “the team isolated out poor children relief” project, and obtain the fund registration certificate, set up now “Beijing angel mother foundation”.Qiu Lili said, almost since 2010 all put on “angel mother” question, but most of them are “angels” problem. “But before we and the ‘Angel’ with ‘angel mother’ brand, we do not distinguish between the two teams, and finally put the blame on us all.”Qiu Lili said, the public about the personal account funds, funds accounts of acceptance is unclear, not coherent with “angel mother”. “Only Yuan Li that thing, is related to us. She raised doubts we did answer.”After the show, Qiu Lili two third party companies for “angel mother” assessment report to reporters, as well as a “place of angels” responsible person Qiu Zhixin signed the document be confirmed. (reporter Zhu Tianlong)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches prop sleeve shuttering magnet

China News AgencySichuan Ganzi 30 August, Title: Communication: Tibetans ride the horse to find “the light”HNA “bright line” — ten years to start  China News AgencyReporter Wang Xinli”See, I want to have a look the scenery around!” The 74 year old wife Tibetan beads old said with a smile. 4 days before her nephew Gurney riding with her 3 day tramp over mountains and through ravines from Sichuan Ganzi county tea Zha Xiang came to the county hospital, please Beijing doctors do cataract operation.And the bead along with fellow 30 people. Led to the tea bar township cadres Weng heap said, the village 130 kilometers from the county seat, traffic inconvenience, they can only ride to spend the night, the herdsman home, “but that doctors in Beijing free operation we feel very happy”.In 2003, the National Steering Group launched the blindness prevention action. In 2004 July, HNA Group and the National Steering Group, Beijing Tongren Hospital, in banma County Qinghai province started “HNA — 10 years bright line of the Qinghai Tibet plateau”. In ten years, successively fuming treatment for poor cataract patients in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hubei etc.. After ten years, Hai Hang “bright line” again in Qinghai, Sichuan Ganzi Baima and N 700 cataract patients. The reporter followed from Baima to Ganzi.The morning of August 30th, the reporter saw at the Ganzi county hospital, screening room before the lines of people waiting to diagnosis, operation room door filled with people waiting for the operation. Among them nine patients were tibetans.The national director, Han Demin Chinese Academy of engineering is the originator and participant China “bright line” project. He said, the Qinghai Tibet plateau area due to high UV radiation caused by cataract incidence, and economic conditions and the medical level, patients difficult to obtain good treatment.”Ka Zhuo, Ka zhuo! Thank. Thank. )”. The Tibetan translation heard the doctor said to do the operation for her two eyes, old Kaj kept repeating. Two years ago she for cataract blindness, and patients with severe arthritis can not walk, and only in the temple when the nun’s daughter. The 30 day she sits the wheelchair to the hospital. After the sight she most want to have a look. “”.Medical workers the HNA “bright line” is composed of Fourth People’s Hospital of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Lanzhou military area command of Chinese PLA General Hospital, Xi’an city.In banma, doctors screening more than 400 eye patients, nearly 200 people are fuming with cataract operation. The living Buddha Shiren Dorje 10 years ago left doing cataract operation, this also made the right eye operation, “very good, can see the Scriptures”.Since the Fourth People’s Hospital of Xi’an cataract department director Ma Bo in 2006 for the first time to participate in the “bright line” activities, 4 times in a row to participate in public welfare activities such. He is still clearly remember the first time in Nangqian clinic: 100 sets of artificial crystal with, patients has more than 400 people. Many people are blind, shoulder, arm, was carried by the. Ma Bo was bursting at the seams with around in the hospital, “I cried”. Since then, as long as there is a chance he is eager to participate in activities.Beijing Tongren Hospital has sent 15 medical team. The hospital cataract center director Zhu Siquan in banma for more than 30 Difficult miscellaneous diseases with eye diseases.Qinghai Province, deputy director of committee of medical health meter ha Liu Jianhua said, through a few years ago the government led, community wide participation in the “bright line” activities, Qinghai cataract patient stock basic finish. But the province each year 2000 to 3000 cases of patients with cataract, cataract is one of the main diseases of the eye region of Qinghai Tibet plateau. He said, the future government will be through training, increase training county hospital, let people get timely medical treatment.A 20 year old from Tibet, Ninitsni spring 8 day trip to Ganzi, hope to cure suffering from 3 years of eye diseases. On the same day, that he is not the cataract, but because of the long-term infection caused by eye discomfort, she took the Beijing doctor’s an adequate amount of topical and oral administration of the drug, safely return path. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules anchor nut lifting insert

China News AgencyWuhan 30 August report (reporter Cao Xufeng) quiet for more than a year of “Zhongshan ship” Wuhan Yangtze River route in August 30th formal answer boat, become the most important commemoration of Wuhan Yangtze River Tourism route.”Zhongshan ship” Yangtze River route from Hankou Yuehan terminal to Wuhan Jiangxia District Jinkou Zhongshan ship dock, via Wuchang Yellow Crane Tower, Hanyang Qingchuan Pavilion, Yangtze River bridge, Yangtze River bridge, Wuhan Baishazhou parrot Island, Yangtze River bridge Jun Shan Yangtze River bridge and other important historical and cultural attractions.Zhongshan Naval Museum is an important landmark in Wuhan during the Anti Japanese war. In 2011, Wuhan city official investment is about 7000000 yuan RMB, the construction of Zhongshan ship ferry travel terminals, and in 2012 June officially opened in Hankou to Jiangxia Jinkou “Zhongshan ship” water tourism lines. However, the route opened less than a year, due to lack of tourists and other route outage causes.Wuhan Liangjiang tour company related person in charge Liao Chengzhi said, “Zhongshan ship” is an important part in the battle of Wuhan, greatly encouraged by the Wuhan people the enthusiasm of resistance. The restart, “Zhongshan ship” the Yangtze River tourist routes in the social from all walks of life appeal, has important significance for the study of the history of the Anti Japanese War Memorial and wuhan.After the restoration of the “Zhongshan ship” water route can go far? Liao Chengzhi said, “Zhongshan ship” Yangtze River route will be integrated into the Wuhan “Jianghu day” tour of the overall integration, and the series of more historical humanistic tourist resources, so as to realize the “Zhongshan ship” Yangtze River route long opened.The reporter saw, nearly a hundred people to become “Zhongshan ship” Yangtze River Route recovery after the first batch of tourists. The 80 year old Zhang Huaijian native of Wuhan Jiangxia, that “Zhongshan ship” Yangtze River Route re opened after the first registration, regardless of the old. “Zhongshan warship is Chinese Anti Japanese warship, our generation is to listen to the Zhongshan ship raised on stories, now the opening of the Zhongshan ship route is a nostalgia for the Anti Japanese martyrs.” He said.Zhongshan ship formerly known as the Yongfeng ship, after a series of major historical events, to commemorate Sun Zhongshan was renamed as the Zhongshan ship. In June 12, 1938, Wuhan to defend the war began, Zhongshan ship in the middle and lower Yangtze guerrilla destroyed Japanese warship boat 19. In 1938 October, Zhongshan ship sunk by the Japanese in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan Jinkou waters. In 1997, Zhongshan is the whole ship salvage, repair after the completion in 2001 on display in Wuhan Zhongshan warship museum. (end)Sponsor Link:precast accessories adjustable base jack halfen frimeda

The reporter learned from relevant departments in Guangzhou, as of July 31st, Guangzhou received a total of “separate two children” re birth for 14903 cases, 14108 cases through examination and approval.The implementation of the “individual two children” policy since March 27th to July 31st, Guangzhou daily average of about 111 to one side or both sides of the household registration in Guangzhou couple application “alone two children” after approval.In recent years, Guangzhou every year the birth of newborn between about 90000 to 100000. Guangzhou “alone two children” open in Guangzhou in 2014, about twenty thousand new babies. (reporter Tian Jianchuan)Sponsor Link:lifting socket BFD coupler pfeifer VS box

The scene of the accident. Photo by Wang XiaotaoZero thirty on August 30th Xu, Harbin District of Xiangfang City, Zhujianglu Road and Hengshan Road junction, a black mass CC car Lianzhuang 3 taxi driver abandoned car escape, 2 people were injured in the accident.Reporters on the scene saw, a taxi parked sideways in the Pearl River Road, the car was badly damaged deformation, the front machine cover, front right tyre concavity, after all the broken windshield, rear bumper off. The rear of the car, two cars are slightly damaged the taxi stopped at the roadside. This two taxis to the left, a black mass CC car cross the road in Heng Mountain, the car head close to the sidewalk, the depression, the body parts scattered on the ground, car airbag pop, 4 of all tire concavity. In addition, the reporter noted that the car has no license plate.According to a “wounded” taxi driver introduced, he will go to Stuart street at that time, in Hengshan Road and the Pearl River crossing signal, he back of the car and two taxis, suddenly a black car quickly rushed out from behind, “heard the crash, he saw a taxi to fly directly in front of me a passenger on the car, with blood all over his face, and the driver was taken to hospital for treatment, my car and another taxi has been hit.”Introduction according to onlookers, “see the damage in the black car, smell the car has a great taste, the driver had disappeared.”It is understood, the accident resulted in 2 people were injured, was rushed to hospital. At present the accident further investigation in the treatment of. Wang Xiaotao.Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors adjustable base jack ferrule insert

Xu MengnaToday (29) afternoon, the legendary song brother send online help said: “cousin Xu Mengna in August 5, 2014 from Chengdu to Xi’an, they had no audio, and has been reported in Xi’an and Zigong police, but has not been placed on file, until finally the Xian Xianyang Airport police station to register, but after 20 days, have no clue, hope to through the help of friends, to find a clue.” According to his mother, 23 year old Xu Mengna, the personality is simple, easy to trust others. In August 4th Xu Mengna promised in Chengdu work before the godfather’s invitation, fly to Xi’an to start. When in August 6th the mother to call Xu Mengna when the phone, have shut down, and for the next 20 days mobile phone is still in shutdown state.  Working knowledge of the godfather to provide business opportunities for itsAccording to her cousin had said: “because I want to get married in October, so she went from her boyfriend back.” When Xu Mengna in mid May this year has been in Guangdong and male friends work together, until the middle of July, Xu Mengna learned that in cousin married to the news, on July 20th to facilitate the car back to Chengdu, and in the following month Xu Mona stayed at home do not often go out.”She said is known in Chengdu to work, because the man is old, so he let him call my daughter said she who shouted” mother Xu Mengna in the godfather, is recognized in the work of Xu Mengna a few years ago, and, usually do not often contact, only occasionally call polite mother Xu Mengna said: “she told me that one or more respect for her, she did not like to look on what inordinate ambitions” also because of her trust, the godfather so, Xu Mengna’s mother also agreed to let her alone went to look for her so-called Godfather xi’an. “My daughter said, he has a shop in Xi’an, can look at the past, and then to open his own shop” Xu Mengna’s mother explained, in work a few years Xu Mengna also look forward to their own business when the boss, who put in the invitation, in August 4th by 21 at night to fly to go to xi’an.  Call a friend cares to hear the quarrel immediately inform the family suspectedThe evening of August 4th, when Xu Mengna arrived in Xi’an, who did not like the pre agreed at the airport to meet, but sent the company of a man and a woman two employees to pick up. “Was saying, she who’s car broke down, let the staff to help to advance arranged for her to rest in the Ok Hotel.” Her mother said, until later, mother to Xu Mengna friends call said: “the evening of 4 had to call Xu Mengna, heard the car there is a dispute over the sound, felt something was wrong, let me call ask. Xu Mengna’s mother gave Xu Mengna play to telephone immediately, but the phone is in shutdown state.Second day afternoon, when mother Xu Mengna are at home, be on tenterhooks, ready to alarm. Daughter received back from Xi’an call.” She is the first one day, she want to get off, but the door won’t open, using a mobile phone and knocked the door, then the mobile phone is broken, until the second afternoon to finish it, just give me a call, let me rest assured.” A daughter safe after a phone call, Xu Mengna mother also put heart.But that, Xu Mengna’s mother did not think of is, more than 12 points that day in the evening, my daughter again hair a safe message said “he is very safe, so at home at ease, free yourself will contact and home.” Second days after wake up, see to send SMS Xu Mengna night, mother wondered for a long time. “After the call as usual, she never again this thing well, it just doesn’t feel right.” So, the mother call Xu Mengna on the phone, want to ask what a thing. But they came off the mobile phone voice, and, in the following 20 days, Xu Mengna’s mobile phone has been in a shutdown state.  Reminder: women go out alone to noteRecently, are frequently exposed, women go out alone hijacked killings. So when the female celibacy outside, in order to avoid the bad guys become object coveted, women should pay attention to what?  Oneself.Women should not travel alone, dressed himself will grow more enchanting, unless you have no light to travel. Jewelry to wear too much, will not only give others leave frivolous, rich impression, but also because of accidental damage, lost jewelry, add trouble to their own travel. Considering the physical limitations, don’t get too tight schedule, especially in the more than 10 hours of driving, should have a good rest before starting again, let the body to maintain the best condition.  Stranger.Women travelling alone, inevitably need the help of others. When a stranger offered to help you, even if the same as the female, you must not relax vigilance. From the days of Lei Feng, still have Lei Feng’s well intentioned people, but to cheat money cheating the color, and also not without. Especially the train station and local bus station to the People are hurrying to and fro., is precisely the outlaws most easily blend into one is not safe, “the lone woman” must pay attention to protect themselves and carry on items.Talking with strangers, must have the awareness to protect themselves: do not take the initiative to reveal their true bottom, and should pay attention to each other when they talk to eyes and subtext, ask you the most basic problem, that he (she) in this problem, the most attention to you.  By car:Take the bus, as far as possible to the car, the seat next to the driver is the best position. This seat is relatively large space, easy to take care of your belongings; in addition, the location and no more strangers crowded together, the lone women, more secure.For the sake of safety, the night ride the subway, should avoid to walk to the end of a carriage to take advantage of, to avoid criminals. Avoid late at night on the train, some local night train station, is often drunk linger place.Day and night to place the order may vary. During the day the public security is good place, at night may be changed, so at night must be vigilant.  Get accommodation.To find accommodation, cheap, but once found wrong, would rather sacrifice paid the deposit, look for another place to move. The best traveling together, avoid action alone, to ensure safety. (Wang Yanan Intern Wang Xin)Sponsor scaffolding clamps lifting insert

Beijing authorities will “focus on the blocking traffic in September, the highest level of” start Shangqin scheme, the maximum input police traffic.Beijing City Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of the person in charge said 30 days, affected by the new semester, the mid autumn national day, large activities, promotion and many other factors, September will be a month of the year in Beijing traffic pressure is the greatest, comprehensive travel road vehicle for nearly 3 years, in September five loop road motor vehicles to 2363000 vehicles daily the annual average of 4.1% higher, than.In 9 major day of September, Beijing traffic control department will launch the highest level ground plan, and on the second day the traffic operation in every evening peak after the comprehensive analysis, according to the actual road, dynamic adjustment of the police post setting, once encountered bad weather, unexpected events or on traffic has a significant impact on activities. At the highest level ground.According to the analysis of the road traffic situation and data, the traffic control department will take the loop Import & Export cross release, shunt counseling and other measures, to achieve the maximum regional road network equilibrium, the main road traffic flow equilibrium, improve the road capacity.At the same time, the traffic control department will prosecute violations occupation lane, forcible overtaking, illegal parking on road, no longer new approval in September started a new road engineering, for emergency project will strictly examine the traffic organization scheme, compression Zhandao range, control of construction, and urge the construction to accelerate progress, checking illegal construction.During the morning peak and holiday, all kinds of information through the Beijing police police helicopters from the air collecting area, road network, combined with the television monitoring system, strengthen traffic anomaly monitoring and information gathering, and timely deployment of police disposal.In addition, from the beginning of September, the Beijing traffic department will be in the loop, the main avenue and arrange facility emergency repair group, accident treatment group, contact the bus repair, emergency power front wall, the maximum shortening the incident scene cleaning time. (reporter Lu Guoqiang)Sponsor anchor nut wavy tail anchor

In August 30th, about seven twelve, Yi Wei Lu 63 km +400 meters in Yibin Gongxian Province, a van with two truck crashes. The accident resulted in the death of 6 people (of which 5 died on the spot, one in the hospital after the rescue invalid after death), 5 injured.After the accident, Gongxian County, the county government attaches great importance, Geng is launched the emergency plan, the main leadership of the county Party committee and government, immediately make arrangements for the rescue work, at the same time with the county leaders rate of the relevant functional departments and rescue forces rushed to the scene to carry out rescue and investigation work. The accident rescue and disposal of rehabilitation work is in an orderly manner, the stable condition, social stability. The specific cause of the accident is under further investigation. (reporter Zhang Yonglong)Sponsor scaffolding accessories pfeifer VS box