Beijing 24 October,lifting anchor according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Fengxian branch official micro-blog news, recently, a “escaped” Shanghai Fengxian boy was kidnapped news in the circle of friends is widely spread, police said, the matter bear children fabricated rumors.According to the police, the incident is a boy who was the teacher misunderstanding copy homework, the mood is depressed, after school, wandering alone when he fell wounded, for fear of parents scolded, invented was kidnapped himself escaped injury lies, his father for gospel truth and alarm, and will be sent to the Fengxian District Center hospital treatment. After a good person continuously re processing, and finally formed network editions, and began to spread.

Liaocheng Qingping township health center of Gaotang CountyQilu networkOctober 24th – Gaotang(reporter with Qian) 24 days afternoon 3 when the left and right sides,cast in sockets Gaotang is pinning needle baby aunt swallow at home pesticide,precast concrete accessories was the family discovered immediately sent to Gaotang County Qing Ping Center Health Hospital for emergency treatment. After transferred to Gaotang County People’s hospital to continue treatment, 4 died.According to the vice president, Qingping township hospital attending doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Zhou Zhongli introduced, respiratory failure and Liu Hongyun was sent, “heart no problem too big. The rescue process about 20 minutes, the doctor for her gastric lavage, to confirm her drink is organic phosphate toxic pesticides, have life risk”. Later, Liu Hongyun was sent to the county hospital rescue invalid death, 4.This morning, reporters have seen Liu Hongyun Qilu network in an interview, more than 20 years of age, have a 9 months daughter, than the boy Xuan small two months. When the reporter is interviewed, she sat in the sofa and coaxed the daughter, said her husband working outside year round.Qilu network reporter will further tracking reports.

In new networkBeijing 24 October report (reporter Ma Haiyan) Chinese women’s development fund will today receive 10000000 yuan,lifting insert the next 3 years to support the mother for entrepreneurial cycle commonweal project.The money provided by WAL-MART Chinese, will be used in agriculture and related industries support funding, technology for women in poor areas to help achieve Chinese, poor women’s entrepreneurship, promote local agricultural industrialization and sustainable development.The fund China Women Development Association vice chairman and Secretary General Qin Guoying said, mother of entrepreneurial cycle rolling project has a total investment of nearly 200000000 yuan, in the country more than 20 provinces (area, city) of nearly 200 counties, to help poor women more than 30 implementation of entrepreneurship and employment, radiation driven nearly 3000000 people out of poverty, the repayment rate more than 98%. The implementation of the project not only solves the recipient female startup capital shortage, but also through the supporting skills training, effectively improved the recipient female technical shortage problem, help women into the economic field, self-improvement, self-reliance for women to provide financial assistance and intellectual support.The poverty alleviation project will change the past, “one for one into people’s homes” single mode of poverty alleviation, and gradually turned to the support to women as the main agricultural association, to lead the implementation of the region to establish agricultural industrialization base in the project, and then through the base of the standardization of production, training, management, marketing, further drives them shaking off poverty and income. From 2014 to 2015, the project will focus on training and supporting the outstanding potential in the area of agriculture benefit women leaders; from 2015 to 2016, through the exemplary role of women leaders and gradually form a female dominated agricultural cooperatives or base, enhance profitability through scale advantages; finally in the end of 2016, through the linkage of various cooperatives and base, sustainable development to promote the project to benefit the local agricultural industrialization development and women.The continued to donate mother entrepreneurial cycle activities also welcome the public attention and participation, called netizens love donation, netizen each donation of $1, by the relevant enterprises with donated 99 yuan. (end)

Qilu networkOctober 24th -(Zhang Yawei Zaozhuang Taiwan District of Zaozhuang city Liu Fucheng Wu Liang correspondent Wang Xue Yeager) recently, Zaozhuang city central one Internet bar is stolen,cast in ferrules surveillance video playback of a sudden horror scene, a long hair is crawling on the floor,scaffolding parts let the Internet bar boss thought “Zhen son” appeared, the police track down sb. by following clues, ultimately the burglary the criminal suspect in custody.The reporter understands, a few days ago, the city of central North Jiefang Road police station received a call, an Internet cafe is located in transit to walk in the street was stolen, the police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene investigation and evidence collection, video footage from inside the Internet bar really let the police and the Internet bar boss jumped.Through the video to understand, at three or four a.m., I saw a hand suddenly appears in the lower right corner of the video, followed by the appearance of the other hand on the ground, and then a long hair suddenly appeared in the video of the edge, then, is the Internet bar boss frightened. In the video, you can see, the implementation of the crime is wearing a purple shirt woman, is slowly climbed into the Internet bar. At that time, because the light problem inside the Internet bar, looking at an unkempt “ghost” climb to the cashier direction.”At that time is the middle of the night, our network playing beside her, put a cash drawer no lock, and then I saw the video and network time, not scared us.” Internet bar boss recalled, “recall now some have a lingering fear.”Subsequently, the police according to the physical characteristics of criminal suspects in the video, and online registration ID card information, visited the investigation, police found, the suspect is the home of Yicheng Gu Shao Zhen dong. Subsequently, the police came to find Dongmou home, Dongmou fathered a child, the child after the full moon, Dong then left home to his family, also know nothing at all, for the child Dongmou has never ask.”As the mother of the child, not their children to take care of, but also out of theft, is really chilling ah.” The handling a case police said.After a police investigation, finally put the Dongmou arrested. After the arrest, the police in handling cases of Dongmou for trial and to understand, Dongmou since August, successively in the central city of Jiefang Road Peace Hotel, Zhongtian pedestrian street “time Internet cafes”, Jiefang Road Park Hostel 3 committing the crime of theft, theft of more than 3400 yuan in cash, are to choose the second half night while most sleepy for larceny.”Sensor Internet bar doorway, I am afraid of sensors make sounds when I came in, we choose the crawl in, see till put money and don’t take it all, just take a small part, I am afraid to take more will go to prison, take the money, he put the money in his mouth, and then crawl out.” Dong told reporters.At present, the suspect Dongmou has been under criminal detention.

In new networkYichang 24 October,lifting anchor according to the Hubei province Zigui county official website news, October 24th, about nineteen twenty, 334 provincial highway in Zigui County, Liang He Kou Zhen Tu Zhu Miao village four groups of sections, a tanker rollover, resulting in leakage of diesel and combustion. The site initially identified, the accident already caused 1 people death, 1 people One’s whereabouts is a mystery., 5 injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment.After the accident, Zigui county Party committee, county government promptly launched the emergency plan. The county Party Secretary Liu Xiaohua, deputy governor of Yang Jinfeng, Yu Zhixun quickly led the public security, fire, safety, health plan Bureau County related departments responsible person to the scene, command and emergency work.The cause of the accident is under further investigation. (end)

China News AgencyGuangzhou on 24 October, (Xu Qingqing) Chinese and foreign famous standard dance, Latin dance will once again gather in Guangzhou to Nansha, the evening of 24, the second session of the WDC Standard Dance Latin dance world open in the opening of the Guangzhou Nansha stadium, from more than 20 countries and regions players competed.It is reported, this competition in Britain, Italy, Russia, American, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, nearly 2000 athletes and Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Taiwan and more than 20 countries and regions for the entries.Open set up a total of occupation groups, amateur group, teachers group, youth group, middle-aged group, professional colleges group, adolescent amateur group more than 120 groups. 670 people near the super luxury jury from the world’s top competition — senior review British Blackpool Dance Festival review, countries all over the world very authoritative and well-known international jury composed of Chinese.The open by WDC world dance, Guangdong Province Federation of literary and art circles, Guangzhou City Federation of literary and art circles sponsored. Game time will continue to 25. (end)

In new networkFuzhou on 24 October, (Huang Lvrong Chen Bin) 24 days 11 when make,adjustable base jack 316 State Road, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, the monkey Hill junction in a road accident, a car and a motorcycle collided, motorcycle a male riders and the back seat of a woman was press wheel, killing one and injuring.After the incident, the surrounding people immediately report to the police, 110 police and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to rescue. Minqing County Fire Brigade quickly dispatched 1 emergency rescue vehicles, 7 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of the accident for disposal.At the scene of the accident, two people were pressed on the part of the car right front, left on the road with a nearly 10 meter long blood belt. Due to the accident site vehicles, in order to prevent the occurrence of the two accident, fire rescue personnel immediately together with the police on the road to implement alert. Another group of rescue workers and medical personnel to view two is pressed the injuries.”For too long, the wheel is directly pressed on the male rider’s head, were deformed, female right thigh muscle was pressed bloom, really can not bear to see.” One witness said, the medical staff to diagnose, the man had no signs of life, while sitting in the back seat of a motorcycle woman lying on the road, part of the car right front wheel just pressure on the right thigh skin, burst in huge pressure roller,, injury is very serious, fortunately the woman still has some consciousness.Then, fire rescue personnel go to bricks, underlay the muck car wheels, prevent the occurrence of sliding, then part of the car slowly from the top front using the jack. 10 minutes later, rescue workers successfully will be pressure to transfer out, and immediately rushed to hospital for treatment.At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. (end)

Chinese National Bureau of statistics 21 released data,cast in sockets the three quarter of Chinese economy grew 7.3%, the first three quarters of 7.4% parties — as expected, fresh out of the oven China third quarter of this year and the first three quarter GDP data is not optimistic. But as the official and expert analysis, in the “new normal” running under China economy remains stable overall, stability.Before the three quarter economic data just released, real economy against the background of Chinese “new normal” face. Under the present background, as the basic cell of economic enterprises will encounter what opportunities and challenges? Entrepreneurs is how to treat the economic new normal?With these questions, the reporter involved in the state Internet information office organization from “enterprise confidence” economic situation theme interview activity. In the interview, we learned that, many provinces and cities, industry representatives of companies said, they are actively adapt to the new economic normality, strengthen independent innovation, to develop the international market, expand the industrial chain is becoming the new power of enterprise development.Extend the industrial chain to build a diversified industrial patternFacing the new international and domestic economic situation, the traditional manufacturing industry is seeking to related industries, the upstream and downstream industry chain to seek development.In the petrochemical equipment industry as an example, since 2013, oil and chemical industry investment growth fell significantly impact, chemical industry equipment demand reduction, facing reshuffle, to accelerate the expansion of industrial chain, build a diversified industrial pattern into a large-scale enterprise choice.Lanzhou Lanshi group is the cradle of Sinopec equipment industry, 60 years, the blue stone to fill the new China petrochemical equipment industry hundreds of domestic blank, created a hundred “Chinese first” and “the China”. The blue stone group limited company chairman Yang Jianzhong said in an interview with reporters, the impact of the international, the domestic economic situation and the petrochemical equipment reduced demand, Lanshi group started the transition from traditional energy equipment manufacturing enterprises to comprehensive energy and new energy equipment, general machinery, modern agricultural machinery and other high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the development of industry chain and the construction of multi pattern of industry stride new step.Guangzhou Pearl River Piano group Limited by Share Ltd and has nearly 60 years of history, under the flag of “Pearl River Piano” product sales have radiation in more than 180 countries and regions around the world, each of the four steel balls have a is Pearl River Piano, production and sales ranked first in the world. Vice chairman, general manager Li Jianning expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, in the traditional piano stable business growth in the background, Pearl River Piano future will focus on the extension of industry chain, is committed to digital piano, piano education popularization mode of business.Reportedly, the company first half digital piano sales 8800, grow 47.03% compared to the same period. At the same time, the company will continue to promote and cross-border cooperation between domestic enterprises of science and technology, and constantly improve the has the functions of video teaching intelligent digital piano series of products, actively seek and promote and master the core technology of domestic and foreign counterparts share acquisition, cooperation, rapid bigger and stronger digital industry.Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group is a large state-owned enterprises to the engine, engineering machinery to operate the main marketing, in 2013 exceeded 40000000000, business extends to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania. In the background of economy the new normal, Yuchai group after a long, tight deliberation, argumentation, in the end of year 4 issued a formal “Yuchai group does poineering work the two times and 2014-2018 strategic planning outline”, the two venture business “”.According to this strategy plan, 2014-2018 years, Yuchai will speed up the construction of metro industry, expand the domestic, international joint venture and cooperation, the introduction of high technology, application, key development “engine” and “petrochemical” two industrial chain, to build a “financial” and “flow” two service platforms, integration of resources, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, realize the sustainable operation and healthy development.”The first three quarters of this year, Yuchai group aggregate sales income of nearly 30000000000 yuan, engine sales year-on-year positive growth, continue to occupy the domestic production enterprises of multi cylinder diesel engine first.” Yuchai board chairman Yan Ping when accepting a reporter to interview says.To speed up the internationalization, improve global resource integration capabilityXI DADA general secretary in Henan investigation for the first time put forward the economic development of the “new normal”, is a major strategic judgment on the characteristics of the development of society of our country economy at the present stage. In the “new normal”, enterprises should adapt to the economic growth from high speed steering in high speed, the economic structure from the imbalance to optimize the rebalancing, regulation from quantitative easing, steering stability, extensive stimulus total pre tune fine-tuning. “The new environment a new requirement for the development of enterprises is the new normal”, also is the new power of enterprise quality and efficiency.Reporter learned from the interview, “the new normal”, many enterprises began to push forward the internationalization, improving the ability of global resource integration efforts.Jinchuan group is the largest China nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals production enterprises and third copper production enterprises. In recent years, the group adopted the trade financing, equity investment, mergers and acquisitions and other means, the operation of mineral resources projects, the establishment of domestic and foreign resource base, from the “Chinese’s nickel” become “the world of Jinchuan”. At present, Jinchuan group has 23 overseas companies, the establishment of a representative in South Africa and other countries 5.According to general manager of Jinchuan science and Technology Park Co. Ltd. Chang Quanzhong introduction, in 2013 September, Jinchuan group international resources limited company through the acquisition of Jinchuan group under the South African Mei Terry Adams company all shares, have non mineral resources of copper cobalt ore belt is located in the smooth transition for the mineral company. At present, the company’s nickel production ranks fourth in the world, CO production ranked the second in the world.As the forerunner of engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing, more than a year, the blue stone group formed a blue stone – Russian trade company, the blue stone American trading Co, efforts to expand land, sea export channels, to obtain good performance in actively participate in the construction of New Silk Road Economic belt.”After the last year exports to Turkmenistan 7 sets of oil drilling, in May this year we won the earth 8 sets of oil drilling rig additional orders, the total amount of the contract amount to RMB 5 billions, again refresh record export single orders for equipment manufacturing industry in Gansu, we have exported to the country in more than 50 countries and regions.” The blue stone group limited company chairman Yang Jianzhong told reporters.Millet Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010, is a focus on intelligent mobile Internet Co independent research and development of products, set up only four years, 2013 sales reached 30000000000. According to the millet technology limited company chairman Lei Jun to introduce, from the first half of the year sales data statistics, in 2014 the completion of 60000000 sets of millet mobile phone shipments goal should be no suspense, at the appointed time, millet sales will reach about 70000000000.The beginning of this year, millet officially entered the Singapore market, great success. After the acquisition of huge amounts of money, millet internationalized domain name “”, quietly accelerate internationalization strategy. It is understood, millet, the earliest known overseas product is MIUI, is on the mobile phone operating system software, to date there have been 26 MIUI world fan station.”We have a try in the overseas market from the beginning of last year, up to now has entered into several new markets in addition to China outside the mainland, have greater repercussions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and indonesia.” Millet technology limited company president Lin Bin told reporters.Strengthening innovation, seize the commanding heights of industryThe economic slowdown may not terrible? Manufacturing industry is facing the ceiling? Have their own views of Yuchai group board chairman Yan Ping.He said, the economic slowdown is not terrible, as the enterprise, or to strengthen the innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of efforts, not to blindly pursue sales. Therefore, Yuchai start “do poineering work the two times at the end of last year”.”Yuchai” do poineering work the two times, the core is the transformation and upgrading, upgrading the content coverage of product innovation, technology innovation, management innovation and other fields. The next two to three years, we must carry on the R & D system, reengineering of manufacturing system, a comprehensive update of existing product type spectrum, R & D, production and manufacturing to have to strengthen the competitiveness of products in Europe and America market.” Yan Ping told reporters.”For innovation, Gree air-conditioning chairman Dong Mingzhu has deep experience, she says, everyone thought that air conditioning is a traditional industry, but no matter what the industry, have the innovation place. Because there is only one enterprise innovation capacity, a breakthrough technology, the enterprise will be a competitive enterprises.The importance of innovation in manufacturing industry, Internet industry more to innovation as the lifeline of enterprise development. Tencent Jiangyang said Vice President, Tencent entire firm always be vigilant in peace time, because of the Internet industry is changing too fast, a little slack will fall behind, or even be eliminated.”At present, the Tencent Inc is the main challenge of mobile Internet development too fast, the situation vary from minute to minute, many industry borders have become blurred, if not careful, they could lose advantages, even behind. To cope with this point, must always maintain a high degree of vigilance and a sense of crisis, firmly grasp the user needs, can not have one day to relax or lazy.” Jiangyang told reporters. (Guo Liang)

By pricking needle girls were treated the baby aunt yesterday pesticides Dutch actYesterday afternoon at about 2, Shandong Gaotang is bound with 16 baby son Xuan Steel needle aunt swallow at home pesticide,aop formwork 2 hours after the rescue invalid death. According to doctors, the son Xuan aunt swallow is “3911″ pesticide, poison the reasons are not clear. Gaotang County Public Security Bureau publicity Wang chief said, the incident is still under investigation.Recently, the Shandong Liaocheng Gaotang County sub Xuan body nearly 11 months of the 16 steel needle is inserted into the news has aroused widespread concern. At present, the son Xuan still treated at the Beijing children’s hospital. Previously, the son Xuan mother said in an interview, she has a daughter from abdominal thighs and found 4 needle, third of them from the thigh root needle is a hollow medical needle, not a common home. The child was taken away by the police yesterday grandma, grandma is now home to families of.The son Xuan grandma Liu Aiying in an interview with the media, the son Xuan has a sister, 9 years old this year. The usual Zixuan by his mother to look after, when the mother go to the school to pick up son Xuan sister, she would help her mother take care of a son xuan. “Usually take care of it carefully, others will not have the opportunity by grinding”.Liaocheng City Hall information office yesterday released a message to say, fourteen fifty-eight, 29 seconds, Gaotang County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a report that someone poisoned Dutch act. Police police said poison people, Liu Mou, female, born in 1988 August, Qingping Township Liu Zhuang village, junior middle school education level, is the needle girl’s aunt, because rescue invalid death. At present, the poison, the cause is under investigation.According to relevant media reports, the son Xuan aunt swallow at home pesticide is family found to Gaotang County Qing Ping Center Health Hospital for emergency treatment, to the Gaotang County People’s hospital to continue treatment. The doctor is introduced, the swallow is “3911″ pesticide, after taking the medicine, the doctor of the gastric lavage. According to the introduction in the years of rural life Mr. Nie, 3911 children aunt drink is a kind of highly toxic pesticides, in Shandong, Henan and other places in rural areas is more common.4 pm, the son Xuan aunt after rescue invalid death. It is understood, the son Xuan aunt Liu Hongyun this year 26 years old, a September’s daughter, son Xuan small than two months. This month 22 days, Liu Ceng received inquiries after home.Yesterday afternoon, the son Xuan uncle Liu Yufei said to the reporter, on the network that the son Xuan aunt poison Dutch act a thing, for reasons not know. “Father to son Xuan son Xuan recent doctor about work, for the children did not want to tell aunt poison.”"A very small child cannot speak yet but was plunged into the needle, is very distressed”, son Xuan father Fan Guangsheng said, the day before yesterday afternoon by media reports, that the children’s grandparents away by police station to ask, because at present has been in the hospital with around a child, for home happened and ignorance.Last night, Fan Guangsheng heard aunt in children after a emotional poison, but did not believe, is the independent verification. As of late 7, the son Xuan family left the hospital to the vicinity of the hotel to rest. Gaotang County Public Security Bureau publicity Wang chief said, revealed the circumstances of the case can not, the event is under investigation. (reporter Zheng Yujia)

“>Lawyers View >Dog occupy the bus for 6 hours alerted police and fireHave people think, a German Shepherd occupy so much of public resources are wasted; lawyers said dog owners should take the bus company related lossesChongqing morning news reporter Wang Xin Chen Xiang reportedYesterday afternoon,ledger blade a height of about one meter of dogs to drivers and dispatchers bus 280 toss miserable. Not only that,anchor socket this article on the train without a ticket, sat two stations, Lai for nearly 6 hours and refused to get off the dog is “please” to the police and firefighters. However, they had no way to this dog. Finally, the driver took water or call it down.Dog channeling on the busYesterday about one fifteen in the afternoon, the 38 year old driver Su Wei drove the 280 bus traveling to the Shapingba Han Yu Road station, opened the rear door to let the passengers get on and off. Suddenly, a black dog from the back channeling on the bus. Su Wei also did not react to what is going on, the dog went to the cab, lying at the feet of Su Wei.Su Wei thought is which passengers up dog, can look the whole carriage, and no passengers on the train. Because at that time the car without passengers, Su Wei drive to the terminal station.Although only two stations, the dog didn’t call, but there is only the completely strange dogs at the foot, Su Wei all the way to open the frightened. “Fortunately, the dog has been lying, is pretty good.” To the terminal station, Su Wei before and after the door is open, I hope the dogs themselves off. Su Wei did not think of is, this, is nearly six hours. The police fire can’tPerhaps is frightened, the wolf head toward the door direction curled up into a ball, in no way down to.Su Wei was a Tactic adoptive home, see the dog’s eyes, dog Su Wei a bit distressed. He went to a nearby convenience store to buy two ham sausage, and also hope to lead off the dog. Don’t know the dog is not hungry or trained, only smell sausage, and did not move the mouth.See this situation, 280 road dispatcher officer Yueqin dial the alarm telephone. The police come after, from a nearby restaurant for some lunch meat, Steamed Rice, called water. Similarly, Gou Er only had a few slobber, food a didn’t eat.The food lure the impossible, the police had to take coercive measures, found a piece of rope, with great care tied around the neck of the dog. But the rope broke, the dog also did not come down.Police also found a stick, either dogs or tap next to poke seat, dogs are unmoved. This, the police also had. Officer Yueqin and dialed 119. Fire to the post, “call the law” and “stick to catch method” are used, there is no effect.After a few minutes, the dog suddenly from the car down, stood by the roadside to look around. Su Wei rushed, rushed from the control room into the car to run. Can not place to go, the dog by the passing vehicles whistle startled, returned to the carriage tummy.Officer Yueqin had to report to the police. Two policemen came to the scene to understand the situation, tell the driver and the driver: all methods are used, only dogs themselves down. The old man proposals cited outrageNearby people who also came to the onlookers, idea. Zhang uncle home Jinsha harbour area was a white dog in her arms. It was proposed to use the dog tease under German shepherd, put the dog down. “People may not line, call it similar to sai!” A member of the public called. Uncle Zhang may be reluctant to his dog, refused and said: “if the bite to the how to do?”In the crowd, someone suggested to call the zoo, there is a proposal to give the pet doctor, who still hope that the reporter hurried to dog owners to find, from the dog’s owner put the dog away. There are also people sigh said: “for a dog, put 110 and 119 came to, really a waste of.”A car, the old man said: “people can be afraid of dogs? Direct shoot dragged down to not be over?” A remark, immediately attracted other people’s opposition, “dogs don’t bite, as for?” “This is a life, so cruel?” See stirred up a hornet’s nest, the old man did not speak again. After 6 hours to get the dog off waterSix four in the afternoon, a distance of 280 road bus class and two hours and 26 minutes. Gou Er from the car and now has spent nearly 6 hours. Su Wei thought the dog afternoon drink only a few slobber, will find an empty bottle, and ran the water, to go to Gou Erduan.”I call it down for a drink, it may really thirsty, and ran down.” Su Wei said, the dog suddenly off, let him be overjoyed. He was still a moment ago thought: if the dog has not been down, isn’t he be here all night? Subsequently, Su Wei into the car door. Dispatch room other staff take the dog to the side to catch. The dog ran to the side of the road after drinking the water, on a toilet.A dog run into the staff worried that stray dog, the heart, just want to put the dog back. But the twinkling of an eye, the dog was gone, can not find how to find. Su Wei said: “I hope it can return to my home, see their own masters, also hope to meet its people can appreciate it.” He also began to work, close the door, started, Su Wei drove away from the starting station. Overbearing dog accounted for bicycleOne fifteen in the afternoon, dog on the bus 280The driver Su Wei, ham sausage inducement method, invalidThe first wave of police, food induced, rope, stick out, invalidDogs get off break, then get on the train to continue to squatFire arrived, calling the method, stick to catch law, invalidThe second wave of the police, no way, suggestion dog yourself offThe crowd looking for advice, zoo, looking for a pet doctor, looking for the dog ownerSix four in the afternoon, the water off lead dog driver Su WeiAlthough you are very overbearing, but I hope you can find the owner, also hope to meet your people will treat you.Chongqing morning paper reporter Yuan Tieli perturbation”>Lawyers View >As a dog owner shall bear the corresponding compensation”>Lawyers View >Academy Chongqing lawyer Zhang Lian said, in this case, the dog “occupied” bus, leading to its hours not operation, if the dog is a master, then the corresponding losses shall compensate for the bus company; if the dog owner did not claim or is a stray dog should be referred to the relevant animal management department disposal.The micro interaction@ Chongqing Morning Post@YuYi-Lee: the look in the eyes! Alas, poor ~ ~@slovebom: I can take it home with you, so cute!!@ the strong will of the Xiao Mao 1997: first put people to withdraw, put food in a row on the OK, the more people, the more he fear, will not come out.