Zhou Xiaochuan: the younger generation of exchange rate fluctuations and lack of preparation

The newspaper news (reporter Cheng Jie Zhou Xiaochuan) in June 24th, the central bank and the International Monetary Fund President Lagarde in Washington on the main problems of G20 international financial architecture issues in-depth exchange of views. President Zhou Xiaochuan also invited President Lagarde to participate in the discussion of central bank policy held by the fund, "better grasp the goal of monetary policy: the transformation of the economy from the perspective of China" andthelikemadeakeynotespeech, and carried out the policy dialogue with President Lagarde. On the renminbi exchange rate, Zhou Xiaochuan said that since 2003, after ten years of relatively stable exchange rate, and a one-way appreciation. Therefore, the younger generation may have had only one change in the exchange rate, exchange rate fluctuations may be insufficient for. But the international situation is changing, there will be many new situations, "as we saw yesterday (British referendum.). Therefore, people can better understand the exchange rate fluctuations. From the 80's and 90's human experience, it is not very difficult." Zhou Xiaochuan said that the RMB exchange rate system the next step should be more in line with the market economy, the exchange rate more flexible, the current account and capital account capital flow more freely, the foreign exchange more convenient, and can provide risk management tools for domestic and foreign investors. This is consistent with the China between the economy and the global economy more closely. When it comes to the shadow banking problem, Zhou Xiaochuan said: "the Internet Co continue to penetrate in the field of payment and service and the banking industry to raise, and create new financial instruments. We are from the emotional support of high-tech development, people do not want these Internet Co by too many restrictions, but these companies are engaged in some shadow banking activities." Then, she said: "the question whether you want to strengthen the supervision of the Alibaba?" To answer this question, Zhou Xiaochuan said, the Alibaba's situation has changed. The authorities issued a licence to the bank. The people's Bank also issued its payment license. However, according to the definition of the Financial Stability Board of shadow banking, the shadow banking activities exist for the conversion, high degree of leverage, capital requirements are also different from the traditional bank. China will study these problems, and create a fair competitive environment. "We encourage the development of Internet Co, but when they carry out financial operations, in the current circumstances, they need to comply with the existing rules." Zhou Xiaochuan said.lifting anchor

YouBiKa electronic disk hidden scam survey of 40 investors lost 7 million

To remind the industry, cast in ferrules to be alert to the dealer and agent of listed listed varieties of promised benefits, then set man fooled membership as for map / visual Chinese YouBiKa electronic disk in a time of rapid development, the problem is gradually revealed. This week, a provincial YouBiKa trading center of alleged violations, 1 yuan face value of stamps fired thousands of dollars. Insiders said that this year electronic disk in a flagrant way scam are rare, more hidden, investors need to be wary of the Maoni, fried Youbi two aspects need to pay attention to, the relevant departments should introduce measures to regulate the Youbi market. 40 investors a loss of 7 million yuan This week, a provincial YouBiKa trading center of alleged violations, 1 yuan face value of stamps fired thousands of yuan, more than 40 investors lost about 7000000 yuan. It is understood that most of these investors have the same investment experience. According to a retail introduction, since the beginning of November 2015, a stranger asked for added WeChat friends. Through this stranger, the retail know YouBiKa Trading Center under a brokerage member salesman Tianmou Tianmou, at the instigation of, she entered the Hebei YouBiKa trading center trading account. After the account, Tianmou said they have a special team of analysts, which makes money. The retail investor said, like her, a lot of people are listening to the broadcast platform through the QQ group or some so-called "teacher teaching", the "teacher" to explain and analyze the stock market, and told them to like speculation speculation YouBiKa can only earn not to compensate. The beginning of the "teacher" fooled everyone to keep buying his designated stamp, that will certainly rise, the results are indeed as he expected a series of trading, but the retail disk will appear after hours limit, "teacher" has disappeared Not the least trace was found. The two part – retail A Taoxing senior game player told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, electronic disk is the biggest risk control may run away. According to him, since this year, a nationwide electronic disk may be more and more, not less than 100, a considerable number of private trading platforms are set up, had to do a lot of commodities to do YouBiKa electronic disk. Youbi Kagan electronic disk, and the dividend change because trading system has also been greatly diluted. For YouBiKa electronic disk problems, BYD insiders told reporters, since this year the electronic disk in a flagrant way scam are rare, more hidden, investors need to be wary of the maoni. The most important is whether the formal exchange, trading varieties is simply YouBiKa or mixed together with other goods. Fried Youbi two aspects need to pay attention to. First of all, the price is far away from the market reasonable price range. General exchange issue price is the market price of 5 to 30 percent off, to participate in the new play people make money, sign the people generally have 5 to 20 times the profit. In the issue stage in the collection of the next few decades may be added an overdraft, no original chips investors can easily become a disk access man, don't say the investment, even speculation no chance. This issue price, directly fell to 90%, there are profit makers shipped, retail miserably. Secondly, there are separate listing of split mail stamps. In the stamp market, no one will collect a set of stamps of one of them, the reason and purpose of the split listing is very simple, in order to conceal the ridiculously high price, a set of stamps is split into a single, not only increase the listed species, and hide the inflated market value. Alert commitment revenue tricks Professionals to remind the majority of individual investors, to any exchange to see whether it is formal, do not believe the so-called local government documents. Secondly, all the process of exchange must be in strict accordance with the "quality identification of custody, and then apply for inventory storage and listing" this set of procedures to handle, if there is no compliance program which is in the new issue of air, money. Third, treat the announcement information to have a certain ability to distinguish similar, "just do not fall up" extreme policies and specify the target price, is to allow investors to bear responsibility does not belong to you. Fourth, learn to analyze the internal and external news on the exchange, each information will need to contrast each other. Fifth, success is like winning the lottery, the probability of very little, if one day everyone in winning, then only two, one is you don't wake up in a dream, there is a small act of two. Sixth, finally, to be alert to the dealer and agent of listed listed varieties of promised benefits, to when the disk access man fooled membership, they are easily shipped to profit. Text / reporter Liu Shenliang bfd coupler

The world's top science and Technology Park on behalf of Chengdu to talk about cooperation and development together

Roundtable site. Photo by Liu Zhongjun    Beijing June 25 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 25, aop formwork the theme of "focus on Global Innovation Park cooperation Roundtable will be held in Chengdu, France, the United States, from Britain, Israel, South Korea, Russia and other countries and regions Chinese science and technology park innovation mechanism, incubator, focus on institutional innovation, technological innovation cooperation and innovation of entrepreneurial experience to share each one airs his own views. It is understood that the Chengdu high tech Zone as a national independent innovation demonstration zone and China "create a world-class high-tech park pilot park, has all kinds of enterprises 6, which were more than 7500 in science and technology enterprises, the world's top 500 and more than 150 international well-known enterprises, built the 8 National incubator as the backbone, the total area of 2 million 70 thousand square meters of business incubator group. "Come to Chengdu is to further explore innovative cooperation between each other." France Sophia Science Park CEO Philip Mariani said, France Sophia Technology Park will sign agreement with the sister Park of Chengdu high tech Zone, including Chengdu high tech Zone will be set up in Sophia office, China and France to build mentoring program, Sophia held a contest of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, organized by the Sino French matchmaking and innovation projects and related activities. To promote the Sophia science and Technology Park and Chengdu hi tech Zone exchanges and cooperation in technology innovation, trade, investment and other areas. "13th Five-Year" period, Chengdu high tech Zone will focus on the establishment of 3 5 billion yuan of special funds, innovation, enterprise innovation and talent innovation and entrepreneurship collaborative support colleges to cultivate leading enterprises, science and technology, transformation of cultivating a number of international leading enterprise to promote economic development, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, efforts to grasp the new opportunities China the innovation of comprehensive reform pilot area, the national innovation demonstration zone and the National Airport Economic Demonstration Zone construction, the establishment of new world software manufacturing center, global biopharmaceutical innovation center, to create new advantages in system, technology and personnel, in order to promote the construction of world-class science and technology park to achieve new development. The European Commission independent consultant Patrice Loew said in Chengdu, let him feel the deepest is innovation, he recommended the establishment of a regional focus in Chengdu, providing one-stop services for European companies, including customs declaration, tax, registration, intellectual property rights etc.. During the Moscow city innovation mechanism is also a memorandum of understanding with Chengdu hi tech Zone Innovation Center signed, the two sides will establish international cooperation in science, technology and innovation activities, and to build Sino Russian innovation incubator etc.. (end) fixing socket

Deputy director of the Guangzhou Financial Bureau: Inclusive Financial golden age is coming

Beijing June 25 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Tang Guijiang) deputy director of the Guangzhou Financial Bureau Pan Weizhi said in Guangzhou on 25, scaffolding accessories 2016, cast in sockets the State Council issued "to promote the development of inclusive financial planning (2016-2020)", the establishment of the first implementation of the strategy of Inclusive Finance from the national level, inclusive financial golden age is coming. "2016 Chinese (Guangzhou) inclusive financial forum held in Guangzhou on the 25 day of the event by the Guangdong provincial finance office, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of financial work guidance, China (Guangzhou) international financial transactions – Expo Organizing Committee Office, Guangzhou, hexun.com Cci Capital Ltd jointly hosted the golden rendezvous. Pan Weizhi at the forum said that in 2015, Guangzhou's financial industry has achieved gratifying results. In 2015 the added value reached 162 billion 943 million yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 14.2%, the proportion of GDP reached 9%, boosting GDP growth of 1.1%. Pan Weizhi said, Guangzhou has always attached great importance to the development of inclusive finance. After nearly 3 years of development, the characteristics of Guangzhou inclusive financial model has become a national demonstration. Guangzhou community and rural as the main battlefield of the development of Inclusive Finance, one hand grasping community finance, rural finance, initially formed with Guangzhou characteristics of inclusive financial model. At present, Guangzhou has built community financial service stations 510, covering the city's 34% community; rural financial service station built in 83; the city's agricultural loans banking institutions of nearly 160 billion yuan, the establishment of corporate 7 village banks, mutual fund cooperatives 2, the city's small loan company in 2015 issued the "three rural" loans 1 billion 600 million yuan for the province and the country; made a useful exploration and demonstration. The same day at the forum attracted many domestic experts, Liu Shaobo Dean of Jinan University School of economics, Renmin University of China academic rural economic and Financial Research Institute deputy director Ma Jiujie and other industry insiders, and from the business community in the post consumer finance deputy general manager Li Nai Qin, general manager of Guangzhou vip.com microfinance Ltd. Ni Huiping, respectively expressed their inclusive finance point of view. The experts on how the internal contradictions of inclusive financial technology digestion, how to promote the development of Inclusive Finance, inclusive finance to implement the poverty alleviation work, and how to "inclusive financial Internet plus" with the help of "three agriculture" development topics, in-depth discussion. (end) swift lift anchors

Zhou Mubing, chairman of the Agricultural Bank of China (Figure / CV)

China Economic Net Beijing on June 24th news according to the Beijing municipal government of Haidian District's official website was informed that the afternoon of June 21st, adjustable base jack Haidian party secretary Cui Shuqiang, deputy secretary, mayor Yu Jun to the Agricultural Bank China exchange visits, the Agricultural Bank China chairman Zhou Mu Bing Agricultural Bank China senior district leaders met with enthusiasm for a. The official confirmed that in May this year, the Agricultural Bank China party secretary debut Zhou Mubing has served as chairman of the board of Agriculture Bank China post. <strong> Zhou Mubing resume</strong> Zhou Mubing, male, born in 1957 in Chongqing, graduate, doctor of economics. 1975.07–1978.03 Rongchang County of Sichuan Province, the Berlin commune educated youth 1978.03–1981.01 Jiangjin College (now Chongqing Academy of Arts and Sciences) Chinese Department of learning 1981.01–1982.02 Rongchang province Sichuan County Fourth Middle School Teachers 1982.03–1985.01 Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics (now Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) Graduate Department of finance, money and banking, received a master's degree in Economics 1985.01–1985.09 Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics (now Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) Department of Finance teachers PhD students 1985.09–1988.07 Renmin University of China of Finance Department of money and banking, received a doctorate in Economics 1988.07–1990.03 deputy director of the State Commission for economic restructuring of macro regulation and control system of our financial system Deputy director and director of the Policy Research Office of 1990.03–1992.08 ICBC General Office 1992.08–1993.05 ICBC Hainan branch assistant ICBC Yangpu branch head of the preparatory group Yangpu branch party secretary and governor 1993.05–1995.02 of ICBC Hainan branch assistant and ICBC Director of the Policy Research Department of 1995.02–1997.10 ICBC Party secretary and governor of 1997.10–2000.11 ICBC Fujian branch 2000.11–2001.02, deputy secretary of Chongqing city Yubei District vice mayor, acting mayor 2001.02–2001.12, deputy secretary of Chongqing city Yubei district mayor Chongqing city Yubei district Party committee secretary 2001.12–2002.12 2002.12–2003.02 Chongqing municipal government office director, Party Secretary 2003.02–2004.03 Chongqing municipal government secretary general, office of the director, Party Secretary 2004.03–2004.04, vice mayor of Chongqing municipal government party members, municipal government secretary general, office of the director, Party Secretary 2004.04–2010.12, vice mayor of Chongqing municipal government party members (during: 2005.09–2006.01 Central Party School thirty-eighth provincial and ministerial level cadres training class B class) Vice chairman, 2010.12–2014.08 Chinese banking supervision and Management Committee Party committee Deputy secretary, vice chairman of the 2014.08 China Banking Regulatory Commission party May 2016 will no longer serve as Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman, deputy secretary of the Party committee office, was nominated for the Agricultural Bank of Chinese Limited by Share Ltd executive director candidates. swift lift anchors

"Off the European referendum resulted in the pound suffered a" roller coaster "shock

Xinhua news agency, BFD coupler Beijing June 24th – the British "off the European referendum on 24" influence, the foreign exchange market volatility, sterling exchange rate up after a big drop, and fell to the lowest level in 30 years. According to British media reported on 24, "off the European referendum results showed that the majority of voters in favor of Britain from the European union. The news came, the foreign exchange market volatility sharply. According to the famous American financial channel CNBC website reported that the sterling exchange rate fell to the lowest point since 1985, the pound against the dollar from the high point of the year 1 to 1 than 1.5018 than 1.3324, compared with the previous trading day fell more than 10%. The report also said that the pound against the yen from 1 to 160 of the morning Asian market fell to 1 than 133.18. Analysts pointed out that in the UK and Europe "referendum on the occasion, the foreign exchange market the pound suffered" roller coaster "shocks, indicating that the market for the referendum expected extreme uncertainty, expected market volatility will continue. lifting clutches

The main credit rating downgrades of Yima coal industry

Joint credit rating Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "credit union") recently announced that the decision to Yima coal group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yima coal") main long-term credit rating changed from AA+ to AA-, the rating outlook is negative, "11 MTN1" in Yima, "Yima MTN1 12" and "13 MTN1" in Yima the credit rating from AA+ adjusted to AA-. Said the latest track rating report released in 21, the Credit Union in the tracking period, Yima coal industry to maintain its advantages in scale, resource reserves and so on; at the same time, the Credit Union also expressed concern that the coal industry boom down, corporate debt burden, the adverse effects of solvency significantly weakened, coal sales price the business continued to decline, weak profitability, continued losses and the rate increase and other factors brought about the company's credit fundamentals. The coal industry boom is still in the doldrums, little possibility in the short term to improve the profitability of the company. In addition, Juhugeng mine right flaw exists in the uncertainty of company business in Qinghai production and operation. But the cash inflow from operating activities to ensure the ability to repay the debt of the strong. Data show that in 2016 1-3 months, Yima coal industry achieved operating income of 4 billion 178 million yuan, total profit of -4.28 billion yuan. At the end of 2016 3, the company asset liability ratio, total debt capital ratio and long-term debt to capital ratio were 79.54%, 75.90% and 52.08%, the company's debt burden is heavy and the upward trend. (Wang Jiao) swift lift anchors

Thomson Reuters and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange launched RMB index series

Thomson Reuters and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (Hongkong stock exchange) 23, scaffolding parts launched a series of RMB index, anchor socket reflecting the performance of the RMB against the mainland Chinese day the most important trade partner and related currency. RMB against a basket of major currencies to compute the index. Offshore RMB against a basket of 14 major currencies, the main performance index calculation. In the basket of currencies including the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, euro, pound, yen, Hong Kong dollar, won, Malaysia ringgit, the Russian ruble, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, US dollar. One day change let market participants according to the new index method, transparent rules based on RMB exchange rate. The weight of each currency is calculated and determined, published in the volume of trade between the mainland and China currency countries by the United Nations commodity trade statistics database and the Hongkong government statistics department. Thomson Reuters index of global business director Stefan – Flagg said that the RMB index series and the Hongkong stock exchange to launch a joint title, Thomson Reuters to further strengthen the region currencies business, to provide a more robust benchmark index. Li Xiaojia said the chief executive of the Hongkong stock exchange, Hongkong stock exchange will continue to consolidate the leading position in the launch of offshore RMB products, the development of Hongkong as a Chinese Global Asset Pricing center. (Long Er) ferrule insert

The rise of multinational digital currency to seize the commanding heights

With the rapid development of information technology and mobile Internet, digital currency bitcoin represented gradually rise, many countries expressed positive attention on the development of digital currency. The current digital currency market mainly to the center of the York currency, bitcoin, Wright currency. Data show that as of March 2016, there are 656 kinds of digital currency, their total market capitalization is about $8 billion 140 million, compared with the global broad money (M2) is very small. But compared to the same period in 2015 the total market capitalization of $6 billion 350 million, the growth rate of 28.2%. In 8 billion 140 million digital currency $58 in market capitalization of more than $1 million, 13 kinds of digital currency market value of more than $10 million, 4 kinds of digital currency market value of more than $100 million. These four are digital currency bitcoin, York currency, coins, Gerbaud Wright currency, its market value and the total market capitalization accounted for 95% of the whole digital currency. Multi active exploration The existing digital currency bitcoin, Wright currency and coins of York, they realize the basic principle is the same, digital encryption currency, can be obtained through mining, with stress. To the center of the bitcoin currency and York without any central administration, there is no legal subject. From a regulatory point of view, digital currency is also facing a long way to go. But in the continuous development of information technology under the background of digital currency potential is enormous, including many national central banks and financial institutions are certainly a digital currency may bring a series of positive effects. Wang Yongli, former vice president of Chinese bank pointed out that with the development of the Internet, the network world is a breakthrough for the national geographical boundaries, become the focus of the new competition rules and governance. The monetary system has great influence, digital currency network world application, can break through the existing monetary restraint, a unified monetary network world wide circulation. Therefore, control of the world network of digital currency, will also become the focus of national competition. According to reports, the Bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ had confirmed that is a kind of digital currency bitcoin technology based on the expansion test, but the specific time has not been determined in circulation. This digital virtual currency bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ user support from the bank now, the exchange rate of 1 virtual currency exchange 1 yen. This is similar to the virtual currency prepaid electronic money "has been widely circulated on the market in Japan Suica", but the virtual currency bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ can through the Internet to lower commission circulation. In addition, Bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ is also developing ATM, so that consumers can be virtual coin recovery to their mobile phone. This is the ATM bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ support virtual currency cash will be listed in the spring of 2018. Canada's central bank said the bank is an electronic currency based on experimental block chain technology. Combined with the existing monetary policy and the blockchain technology brings revolutionary significance together is likely. The Bank of Canada shows they are developing the electronic version of the Canadian CAD-Coin. The code named "Jasper" the innovation intention is to help the central bank issued, transfer or disposal of assets of the central bank through a distributed ledger technology. It is understood, including the Royal Bank of Canada, TD bank and CIBC and many other major Canadian banks are involved in the project. The positive attitude of the central bank At the beginning of 2016, the central bank Chinese positive attitude on the digital currency also sparked public concern. The people's Bank of Chinese said, is to consider the issue of digital currency, related research work has achieved initial results. The central bank issued a notice that, along with the development of information technology and the Internet, mobile terminal security storage, block chain technology, great changes have taken place in the global scope of payment, the development of digital currency is to bring new opportunities and challenges to the central bank's currency and monetary policy. Under the new economic normal exploration, the central bank issued a digital currency has a positive and practical significance. The issue of digital money can reduce the traditional currency issue, circulation cost, convenience and improve the transparency of economic transactions, reduce tax evasion and money laundering and other illegal and criminal behavior, enhance the control of the central bank on currency supply and currency circulation, better support for economic and social development, the full realization of inclusive financial assistance. The central bank said that the future of digital currency issuance and circulation system also helps our country to build the new financial infrastructure, to further improve China's payment system, improve payment efficiency, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades. The design of digital currency should be based on economic, convenient and safety principles, and ensure the low cost, wide coverage of digital money, seamless digital currency and other payment instruments, and enhance the vitality of the applicability of digital currency. Wang Yongli pointed out that the digital currency is the construction of the new monetary system under the currency of new Internet technology, has the extremely profound influence which is bound to the traditional currency, monetary policy, liquidation system and financial system. At the same time, a new currency system and traditional monetary system, the new financial system and the traditional financial system to a smooth transition of concern. Reporter Zhou Wenjing lifting clutches

The fund industry association fund accounts and filing regulatory tightening

<strong> Caixin [] (reporter Zhang Yu)</strong> reporters learned exclusively, the fund industry association in June 23 to the fund company and subsidiary accounts issued a fund to strengthen the company and its subsidiaries specific client asset management plan filing notice, compared with the previous more stringent provisions on specific record time node, and the liquidation of the record, the opening of securities accounts and several other places have to modify the details. A fund risk control company deputy general told reporters that the new wealth, the notice from the whole, is at present there is no obvious tightening action, but in a few details have been strengthened and clear. On the one hand to strengthen the norms, on the other hand may also have the intention to control the size of the." For this "on the strengthening of the fund management company and the accounts of subsidiaries specific client asset management plan for the record management matters related to notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") of the specific changes, a person familiar with the fund company filing process told the new financial reporters, "notice" is to open trading accounts for securities and futures asset management plan time for a relatively large changes, asset managers must complete the Fund Industry Association for the record and made the record proved to be open. Prior to this, did not come into effect before the filing can open a securities account. In addition, the "notice" also confirm the asset management plan to expire liquidation or early termination of the record time of liquidation, at the date of completing the liquidation within 5 working days of filing. But had not been so clear and strict time limit. "In the past, the liquidation record is often greater than 5 working days," the fund company said. According to the "notice", for a specific asset management business for a single customer, asset management shall be signed in the asset management contract within 5 working days after the Fund Industry Association for the record. But the fund company said, had not been so clear this time node, a clear quantitative requirements. In addition, the past is a record in the contract, but to get the initial operation before the commencement of the record, a relatively vague, the company further discussed later. A pair of record for the multi product with the requirements, or asset management shall, within 5 working days began selling the asset management plan within the initial registration to the fund industry association, and within 10 days from receipt of the capital verification report of the day, to fund industry association for the effective preparation of the case. In addition, the "notice" is also clear of any form of asset management contract change, supplement, asset managers should be filed in the alteration or supplement the date of 5 working days to submit it to the fund industry association. Fund companies need to its subsidiary account will need to do business in isolation, not confused operation record account. The specific record materials submitted earlier, and not much change. The only significant difference is in a multi product of archival materials list, by the inspector general issued the "opinions" in the initial compliance record is required to submit, prior to this document is in effect only in late filing to be submitted. The initial filing submitted to sign the contract in the product, and the effective filing often require funds to account to submit the offspring. A fund company vice president said that although the "notice" and no significant tightening, a signal but also to strengthen the supervision of. The last mentioned in this "notice", the fund industry association to review compliance through the written examination, inquiry, interviews and other ways to record material content. For the delay case filing, filing inaccurate information, archival materials are incomplete, compliance issues, the fund industry association will give a written reminder, reminder, talk and suspend the filing deadline to correct the requirements of disciplinary action, and submitted to regulatory agencies. "Retain the possibility and feasibility of subjective tightening," said Vice President of the fund. pfeifer vs box

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