Baby bear false pull the safety pin of smoke in the tunnel bus stopped

The 131 bus in Montreal dustYesterday afternoon 4 when Xu, Fuzhou bus 131, a car loaded with pupils,cuplock scaffolding driving in Gushan tunnel. Suddenly “bang” sound, the car suddenly filled with smoke, the bus driver and passenger think the car to explode, the driver only to vehicles parked on the roadside emergency aside, the evacuation of passengers in the car.Annoying, drivers smoke dissipates enter view, just know is the students play will fire extinguisher safety pin, causing fire extinguisher spray fog.  Baby bear pull the safety pin the whole car smokeYesterday about four thirty in the afternoon, Ms. Hu bus after Gushan tunnel, see a license plate number for the AY7573 min 131 bus with double flash, stopped at the roadside, the tunnel on the steps and stood many students, do not know what happens.Yesterday afternoon at five thirty PM, the reporter arrived at the scene 131 road buses have been evacuated. Subsequently, the reporter contacted min AY7573 driver king master. Mr. Wang said, the bus and no fault, “at that time the bus in Gushan tunnel, running down the school direction, suddenly heard a loud ‘Bang’, inside white smoke emerge, only to hear someone shouting exploded.” White smoke from the compartment behind the cab direction to Yong, Wang also thought what thing is about to explode, had to park the car off the road, open the door evacuation. Mr. Wang said, when the car was packed with students, adults only five or six, if it is explosive, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.After the withdrawal of the bus passengers, and no explosion, the car smoke began to dissipate. Later, king master car inspection found, is a safety pin fire extinguishers on the central compartment was pulled out, the car is full of dust. Mr. Wang asked the students learned, students playing in the car, the safety pin pulled out, which leads to the car filled with smoke.  The driver found the headmaster hopes to have the teacher with the carCannot watch the students. Master Wang said, after he call Ma Jiang primary school principal phone, hope the students on the bus, there can be a teacher in the car, is responsible for the safety of the students.Wang told reporters, Monday to Friday afternoon at about 4, there are a lot of Ma Jiang primary school students take the bus, the car almost all students, they often fight in the car, because he was going to drive,Zhang Ma Jiang primary school headmaster told reporters, every day they have the education of students take the bus to Caution!, not playing in the car, but because the bus is not a school bus, cannot arrange the teacher look after in the bus students. (the Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Guo Lijuan text / chart)

In new networkChongqing on 19 September, (Liu Xianglin) reporter 19 from the office of Chongqing city flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed,lifting socket by the continuous large scale strong rainfall influence,swift lift anchors the Yangtze River flood to peak will today by Chongqing section, part of the city will super guaranteed water level of flood, the local 12 counties affected.From the beginning of the 17 day night, Chongqing more than 20 counties appear rainstorm weather process. The local meteorological department has issued yellow rainstorm warning and rainstorm orange signal warning, flood control department also started rainstorm flood IV response, until the morning of 19, Chongqing local rainfall gradually stop.According to the prediction of the local hydrological departments, by the large range of rainfall influence, Jiangjin section of the Yangtze River will be 19 days 22 when highest water level 191.25 meters, the main city of Chongqing Caiyuanba Yangtze River Station will be 23 occurs when the flood peak water level 184.6 meters, is 18 days 20 when to rise 6.18 meters, the warning level 2.6 meters, Cuntan station of the Yangtze River will be 23 peak water level 182.86 meters, the warning level 2.36 meters, the Jialing River Ciqikou station will be 19 to 17 occurs when the flood peak water level 185 meters, the warning level 2.36 meters. In view of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River storm, Cuntan station will occur over warning flood, the Yangtze River Office timely start flood control level III response.To ensure that the flood peak transit smoothly, Chongqing city refers to contact with the Yangtze River flood, the coordination of the Three Gorges Reservoir at 18 noon from basic discharge of 35000m3/s added to the 40000m3/s, 2 am today, gradually increase the discharge to 45000m3/s, alleviate the impact of upstream of Caiyuanba, Ciqikou areas, further reduce the possibility of exceeding standard flood the emergence of city along the Yangtze River, Fuling, Wanzhou longevity. According to statistics, the integrated scheduling of all kinds of small and medium-sized water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering of flood over 1000000000 cubic meters.In order to cope with the adverse effects of peak to shipping, Chongqing maritime department starts the water traffic safety yellow warning, the scope for the circle of Shi Pan (the upper reaches of the Yangtze River 824.7 km) to Fengdu a Buddism godness Guanyin Beach (the upper reaches of the Yangtze River 488 km) between the waters, and the implementation of temporary traffic control on line banking disc to longevity yellow waters.Office of the Chongqing municipal flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters director Lu Feng told reporters, the local has good emergency rescue all the preparatory work, armed police, fire, reservists and other components of the emergency teams at all levels flood relief is be prepared to meet the challenge, do well the rescue teams and supplies ready.

He painted the windThese days,ferrule insert the West Shaomen Kotewall King garden area residents some Hung Up, because after several days of evening, they heard a low areas in the “Ao” sounds. Residents say, this kind of sound and the cry of the wolf are almost the same, so they suspect someone keeping wolves in the area inside.Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the garden residential district Kotewall king, speaking after several days of night strange noises. Residents of the old Han said, a night 4 days ago, the rain stopped, the whole area was particularly quiet, he had gone to bed, suddenly a muffled “ow” sound, wake him, “the voice sounds long, how do I look like a wolf in the name.” The old Han said, he followed the sound to the balcony and looking, but what I didn’t see. The second day early in the morning, he went out for a walk, that many residents have heard the same voice, and everybody guess is the cry of the wolf. The next few days, every night, residents can hear the muffled “ow” sound.Residents said Mr. Li, every night he heard the “Ao” cry out of the window, with the TV on the wolf as like as two peas. Especially after midnight, ‘Wolf’ sound clearer, listening to all people with one’s hair standing on end. “Don’t be a child, even I was a little afraid!” Mr. Li said, a lot of small people are like pets, someone might be prompted by a sudden impulse to raise a wolf.The strange sound exactly Is it right? Wolf sent? Reporters came to the community property office, staff Mr. Wang explained, from residents reflect, property send staff to view, “this is not the wolf in the call, but the dog’s voice, Hasch.” Mr. Wang said, the property has been contacted and households, because the residents go out, will the dog be alone at home, so cause a dog barking at midnight, the property has informed the tenants come back as soon as possible.The Siberian Husky is why a similar wolves? A staff of forest of pet hospital says, this kind of dog and wolf husky looks like, but also really like the wolf cry. If long time stay at home unattended, howl alone will produce emotional, barking and Howling Wolf is very similar, in order to summon companion, night cry more. Reporter Zhang Lei

The morning of September 18th, Miss Cheung Traffic Street Yuzhong District No. 10 prepared in the kitchen making breakfast, I suddenly saw the kitchen windows has a yellow snakes,anchor socket frightened her. Ms. Zhang hurriedly ran to find a neighbor to neighbor for help, come home, the snake has climbed up the window roof, we immediately call 119 alarm.Eight thirty-two, Yuzhong Daping squadron fire Jiejing, immediately rushed to the scene disposal. The people under the leadership of alarm, firefighters to the snake coming out of the kitchen, can not see snakes. When the alarm introduces, the snake is yellow, the larger, the snakes hiding in a corner of the window above the ceiling.The firemen investigation found the snake is about 2 meters long, like a python, the photo to snake expert, finally determined to gold python, non-toxic, no attack.A few minutes later, a good protective measures of firefighters slowly near the gold python, grabbed the tail is toward the bedroom lira, due to larger gold python, firefighters forced several times also can not pull the gold python. After a while, the gold Python the body relax, ready to flee, firefighters with umbrella hooks the snake, will pull it to the indoor capture.Then, a 11 floor of the householder came to the scene, said the snake is used to engage in business performance. According to her introduction, the snake has raised nearly three years, has now reached 45 kilograms of weight, the police station after the confirmation, the snake returned to its owner. (Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Zihan reports)

“You are my small small apple……” Yesterday morning, “the home” in Xinmi for the 4 day two and a half years old boy Wu Si Li suddenly “home”,shuttering magnet his grandmother excited sang this song Wu Si Li Shilian before day humming “little apple”,swivel coupler grandma sing sing out of the tune, then some conscious children saying “hum” smile to see grandmother one eye, Wu Sili’s mother Ms. Li see son smiled and made him: “baby, you give me a smile?”Strong sensible Wu Si Li squeezed out a smile to her mother, but then he complained “Mom, I really uncomfortable”.Asked his mother to bring him to play “Qiao Danqiu”, also asked his mother to buy a lot of children’s drinks “taste of power”.Lost 4 days, see the mother the love Lee, temporarily forget the pain and a couple of days to experience, enjoy and mother plays the woman. However, he was too weak, too quickly into a coma.What how the child is lost, this several days, what happened? Only when the child awake again.  The Ministry of public security crackdown office director send micro-blog report good news: a child foundAt eleven twenty-eight yesterday morning, continued attention to the Ministry of public security crackdown office director Chen Shiqu in that Wu Sili found, the first time published messages in their micro-blog on September 14th: “missing Henan Xinmi City Ji Zhen Wang Tang Cun lost two and a half years old boy Wu Sili has found. This morning 6 when make, a boy called ‘Grandpa’ people send their children to the king hall near the community of farmland, and later was the village patrol found. The children safe and sound, the work of investigation in the case.”Chen Shiqu is allotted a turn from “baby home” Wu Si Li photos.Many netizens see this micro-blog, expressed “relieved”, have net friend say “too good, want to cry”.  Children are immersed in water marks, and the branches cut scratchYesterday afternoon, Xinmi City Public Security Bureau xuanchuanke section chief Wei Wei introduces to the reporter process full of Li was found.Wei Wei said, 6 morning, Li is full of local villagers to leave when the current scene (full of local Li was lost) there are several hundred meters of the vegetable field next to, the villagers will call to the ad hoc group. The special case team immediately rushed to the scene, and a 120 call, “the children were sober, below did not wear the dress, there are traces of water immersion, who have branches cut scratch, children were immediately rushed to hospital, give the child the transport of nutrient solution.”Wei said, see love Lee home, they were very happy, but full of Li is how to go? The children go these days. What happened? “The incident is still under investigation.”According to insiders, yesterday about six forty in the morning to Ji Zhen Wang Tang Cun Xu, a villager surnamed Wang to their own vegetable pick vegetables, vegetable nearby is a toy factory, the distance of the children lost near the site. At this moment, is the abuse of Mr. Wang heard children faint cry, Xunsheng found a little boy, the weather is very cold at the time, the children wore lost when the jacket, trousers in the garden, also didn’t wear shoes and socks, feet soaked in cold water, shivering with cold, cry faint. Mr. Wang immediately pick up the child, take off clothes to the children of heating, then contact the police.  Better children, but some high feverMore than 10 points last night, this reporter went to Zhengzhou city children’s Hospital again. Xiao Si Li’s mother Li Yaqiong said, 9 night, the doctor told them, the child’s vital signs are stable, the situation improved, but still some fever. Reporter Lu Yan Intern Gu Xiang Li Zhongming

In the evening,swift lift anchors to the food stalls, lifting anchor street stalls, roasted on a few lamb kebabs, another bottle of beer, presumably in a casual way many people most like choice. However, recently, Anhui University student Xue Chun DNA detected by way of Hefei, 66 stalls, mutton string of meat composition detection results, exceeding one’s expectations, in 66 samples, lamb only accounted for about two into. The experimental data by the local media release, immediately aroused the concern of many people. Xue Chun says she is just doing a little thing to do. (in September 18th the “Anhui Commercial Daily”)Eighty percent of mutton string is false, this result makes the consumer appetite. However, found the secret, not from the merchant’s skeleton in the closet, not from the relevant departments of supervision, inspection but attributed to a college student DNA. The problem is, DNA detection technology is used to identify the authenticity of mutton string, “anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes,” I do not know is the food industry or consumers fall, sad?To eat mutton string, first measure the DNA, seems to have become an essential part of. However, DNA test was carried out on the string of mutton, students can do, because they do not lack of equipment, technology and knowledge. But for consumers, DNA detection is a fresh thing too profound to be understood, to identify the authenticity of mutton string, they only by a pair of sincere and kind eyes. Prior to this, in the eyes of consumers, they eat every string of a string of mutton, are genuine goods at a fair price of mutton, pork, chicken or not what rat meat.The exposure of the mutton string “cheat”, shoddy, in the final analysis is to seek exorbitant profits, is a kind of illegal fraud. Black heart merchants sell good faith outrageous, management is more serious irresponsibility be up his hat. How, false mutton string is popular in the market, our business, food regulatory departments are where to go? In particular, the relevant departments of the daily supervision of the food industry, market survey also as a spontaneous student, is really intolerable. In the author’s opinion, most of the accepted “DNA testing” is the local regulatory authorities, to see their body is still the social responsibility of the gene.”Hunger breeds discontentment, food safety first”. False mutton string while not on the person’s health cause too much damage, but through the credit line of food industry. 66 samples of mutton string, only less than two is true, what we eat and how much is it? In particular, from the melamine powdered milk to tainted steamed buns, from poisonous vegetables, dead pork to the false mutton string, laws, regulation failure, leading to problems emerge in an endless stream of food. How, and how much food problem, need a DNA test to find out? Wang Changlian

Nearly a month ago, the Ningbo subway No.1 line of each site entrance,lifting socket has an orange “flow commonweal umbrella” borrowed an umbrella stand point, full 48 commonweal umbrella, let a person feel very warm.Almost a month has passed, how to use these public welfare umbrella? Publicity Day approaching in the September 20th National Civil Morality, the reporter investigation.Watch: borrow umbrella not alsoSeptember 17th at noon, the reporters came to the Ningbo subway No.1 line fuming Road station entrance D, see the eye-catching “flow commonweal umbrella” borrowed some more posters, and a 48 loading of commonweal umbrella. But the umbrella frame only inserted an umbrella. The umbrella frame side, “I love you with an umbrella, with good integrity will return” two characters appear a little lonely.Reporter then visited the Cherry Park, East Gate (Tianyi Square) and other subway station, almost every “flow commonweal umbrella” borrow the umbrella point not to 1/4 of the total. Some 10 to the left, some only one or two.Every day one subway line to the bank clerk tube lady told reporters, in her impression, most of the time the umbrella frame to maintain that only a few of the situation. Last week, a borrowed little umbrella “full” then, soon empty.Relevant responsible person told the reporter commonweal umbrella project sponsors — one of the Bank of Yinzhou charity foundation, since August 21st, their combined Ningbo city civilization office, city track traffic command, in the subway every site on the first batch of 5000 civilization umbrella, free for the public to borrow. In order to guarantee the station entrance is smooth, they are not set by parachute registration form, more unattended, citizens with an umbrella to follow “is taken from” principle. Less inventory umbrella, person in charge of the site will contact fund will complement the umbrella.Survey: the return rate of 50%The Bank of Yinzhou Charity Foundation Secretary General Yan Yina told reporters: “we started from 2012 April, in the Ningbo community, the station, businesses and other public places had dropped 120000 to public flow umbrella.” According to estimates, the first year of operation down, return rate of only three.Partition block, community, the office of the high rate of return. “We here at least 70%.” Jiangdong fuming Street East Century Office a staff member said the building property. He also took out a labeled “2014 public fund flow umbrella set point through registration form” to the reporter browse folder.See the registration form has recorded 120 times borrow situation, the borrower must leave your name, contact information, return it must also be noted, and the signature of the handling person.The side of the Rose Garden Estate return rate is higher. “Should be in nine into above.” Wang material door post management staff told reporters.By contrast, issued to the bus station, bus station public umbrella basic “thinking”. Public welfare umbrella project officer Qiu Weijie told reporters: “at the beginning of the year, media reports umbrella return rate is not too ideal, return the situation has improved, comprehensive down, nearly 130000 more than two years issued by the umbrella, the return rate of nearly 50%.”His analysis, there are many reasons to cause the public welfare umbrella loss, such as the station flow is large, complex personnel, the insufficient part passenger consciousness.Before, according to a survey of the local media in Ningbo, the reasons not timely return, 75% of the net friend said is forgot, 18% of the net friend said to be reserved for memorial, 7% of netizens said that the return is not convenient.Look forward to: public common relay”We are now the city has more than 1400 through point. As long as the sweep borrowed two-dimensional code point posters or on the umbrella, can know.” Yan Yina told reporters.A small umbrella to, is the embodiment of the integrity level of a city.”In the actual operation, but mortal and people know each other, or registration have custody, return rate is high. If there is no constraint, return the situation is not too ideal.” A Ningbo property company staff Chen Guojun told reporters. In his view, if they can be in the public interest the umbrella project operation, add some supervision system as a guarantee, can make the public welfare umbrella flow rate and higher utilization rates.Some people, can be a publicity card hanging in the umbrella, remind people have also borrowed. There are proposals, can take charge a deposit form. Many people think that, at the present stage, the cultivation of civic morality, should not only rely on conscious, still need some mechanism to guarantee.But in the operation of the project view, if used to pay the deposit money, commonweal umbrella lost to the public shelter, passing the love and trust intention. They hope, the public would take the time to each public welfare umbrella borrowed point timely return umbrella, continued public relay. Hopefully, this goodwill can get more of a reaction.Reporter Lv Yue

Hainan golden week rigorous congestion and prices

For the coming National Day golden week, Hainan launched a comprehensive supervision of market of travel of national day. During the national day of this year,BFD coupler Hainan will be strict traffic grooming and price control, prevent the emergence of the scenic area, traffic congestion, full of passengers stranded, competing price phenomenon.Vice governor of Hainan province He Xiqing said, every year National Day tourists flow peak, is a good test for the province’s tourism industry reception ability and level. Based on the implementation of safety management, ensure the safety of tourists, Hainan this year to strict traffic grooming, make plan ahead, take the feasible preventive measures, and strive to solve the problem from the source, for possible port tourists stranded, road congestion, scenic spots, tourists crowded full, ahead of its plans.In addition, said He Xiqing to strict price control, solve the holiday period, competing price market, self destructive self destruction image problem, tourism enterprises should conscientiously abide by the price department published guidance during the holiday hotel rooms and other prices, functional departments to strengthen price regulation, the scenic spot, hotel, tour, entertainment project to standardize the marked price.The national day and day, cities and counties of Hainan will organize public security, industry and commerce, tourism, transport, food safety, quality supervision, price and other related departments, developing the tourism market inspection, strictly crack down on illegal “day” “black black guide” and tourists shopping activities of the fake and shoddy, shoddy Qike Zaike behavior, focus on solving a hot tourist destination, scenic hotel, catering and shopping places took the opportunity to bid up prices and other issues. (reporter Vivian Chow)

Although the bath of the plaque had been removed, but there are a lot of people to take picturesToday is the last day Xinyuan bath business as usual,lifting loop old customers on time to take a bathI heard the bath to be torn down, the surrounding residents came to the last soakBath brand, teapot cup was here essential objectsBecause of rising operating costs, Xicheng District Yandaixiejie alley more than 100 years of history in Xinyuan bath will be held tomorrow officially opened, which is the city of Beijing the last country the name bath.In the future, there will be changed to the inn. Morning, some regulars specially came to bid farewell to the “old man”, and the last to enjoy it a second time in the century old tub bath chat agreeable.A farewell”Xinyuan” plaque has been offTourists to experienceYesterday afternoon, reporters came to Xicheng District is located in the Yandaixiejie No. 21 Xinyuan bath, bath door has closed down notice, called “because of water, electricity, gas and all kinds of operating costs rising, leading to the bath business go from bad to worse, we decided on September 20, 2014 comprehensive business”.Compared with other shops on Yandaixiejie lively, hiding in the corner of the alley in the Xin Park bath seems more quiet.Once hung on the wall reading “Xinyuan” two words of the plaque has been removed, leaving only a circle of yellow marks on the wall, a Zhang Fanhuang price list reads bath 15 yuan, 20 yuan and so on bathing.Come here and take a shower of almost all the residents nearby, Mr. Yang, who lives in Fengtai District, the young often come here, in here to understand after the closure, today specially came to, lest leave regret.Due to the widespread propaganda media recently, there are a lot of tourists come here especially, want a bath again prior to the suspension.Don’t give upBao old neighborhood hit the mayor’s hotlineAn old man bent slowly into the bath with crutches. The 76 year old he live in the small West, suffering from a brain haemorrhage, slow, but he insisted on coming here every month a bath.Mr. Sun told reporters, he is used here to take a shower, “are acquaintance, to have people care.” He said, this is not only a habit, is a kind of feeling.”Here after closure, I really don’t know where to go to find such a familiar and loved the place.” Residents said Mr. liu. Live in nearby residents Ms Zhu said, she had phoned to reflect to the mayor’s hotline, hope here can be preserved, but did not play a role, “cottage not to take a shower, where do I go after ah!”ConfusedHere I will completely unemployedHere comes the closing, rub Zao work Tian Master said, if this bath did not, they are likely to return to his hometown in Yangzhou. “I’m here for 6 years and zero two months, when every day up to now only 7-8 person, every day there are at least 20 people, that time can persist, now how will insist on not down?”The same here rub 6 years shower for customer master Liu also said, if there is closed, his unemployed. “100 years old, said that close, I give a lifetime of bath rubbing rubbing, not I can do?” Liu said that the master.The way outIn order to profit here to change the InnAccording to the shop staff briefing, Xinyuan bath bath in Beijing is one of the earliest, founded in the reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu years, now has more than 100 years of history. Bath first founder is Li Lianying’s adopted son of Li Fuqing of the Qing Dynasty eunuch. After Li Fuqing’s death in 1928, bath change. In 1956, bath public-private into state-owned enterprises.Now, Xinyuan bath is Beijing Hua Lijia one shop Industrial Co., Ltd., for state-owned enterprises, and next to the Xinyuan inn is in the same company.According to staff, the winter is the peak season, take a shower every day for the people of only seventy or eighty people, calculated according to a bath for 15 yuan, the profit is not much, but in the inn stay one night is 300 yuan.”The area is large, and the cost of water, of course, is not worthwhile.” The staff said, the recent water rose again, light relies on to take a shower is to earn what money, so the future here will be changed into the inn.Article / reporter Ma Xiaoqing Intern Xu Kunyao Edition / reporter Chai Cheng perturbation

In new networkXi’an 19 September report (reporter Ji Haofan) reporter 19 PM from the official Shangzhou District of Shangluo city of Shaanxi province was informed that, local Ma Chi he Zhen a quarry 19 occurred on the slide release accident, resulting in 3 deaths, the cause of the accident is under investigation.According to the Shangzhou District Propaganda Department said on 19, on the same day at 4 pm, occurred diarrhea in Ma Chi he Zhen Cha Cun, Shangzhou District nine thousand of the Huadi limited liability company quarry. Subsequently, the local emergency, civil affairs, land, environmental protection, safety, fire departments organize forces to carry out rescue and disposal of work, and a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the accident.According to investigation, the quarry diarrhea caused 2 people injured, 1 missing. Among them, 2 seriously injured people died on the way in the hospital, 1 missing bodies have been found. Rescue and related follow-up work in progress, at present the cause of the accident is under investigation.Shangluo city is located in the southeast of Shaanxi Province, and the name of the territory of the Luoshui maker. Located in the Qinling Mountains mountain, east of Henan Province, Southeast of Hubei province. Potassium feldspar reserves ranked first in the country, the world second. (end)