The Agricultural Bank to carry out flood disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction work continues

Beijing Since July 25, formwork clamp the flood season this year, wavy tail anchor China's many provinces suffered flood disaster, the Agricultural Bank branches and some customers also damaged tolls. For Party Committee attaches great importance to the flood control and flood prevention work, party leaders repeatedly do the whole line of flood control and flood disaster areas, financial services and post disaster reconstruction work instructions instructions. The face of disaster, the head office of the relevant departments to study the introduction of a number of branches to support disaster relief, post disaster reconstruction policies and measures related to the affected line to carry out flood relief, carefully disaster stricken areas of financial services, and actively support the post disaster reconstruction. To strengthen the leadership of the organization, to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief. The Agricultural Bank quickly launched the emergency plan, set up the flood control and flood prevention work leading group, and sent three working groups to Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, Chongqing and other branches to participate in disaster relief work, to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief, timely organization of personnel, property and file transfer. Under the premise of ensuring safety, and actively create conditions to support the disaster business outlets timely resume business, to maintain business continuity. Timely make emergency recovery business, financial services. Various agricultural bank linked up and down, to dredging, repair of equipment, maintenance of the line as soon as possible, restore the affected branches. According to the disaster situation, the implementation of free financial service fee policy, open up relief funds designated to pay "Easy Access", to ensure fast and smooth payment, through on-site service, reservation service and other means, to meet customer demand for financial services. The formulation of financial service scheme of post disaster reconstruction, the establishment of the post disaster reconstruction of financial service team, timely carry out reconstruction work. Participate in social relief, good customer risk mitigation work. Positive response to local government requirements, the organization of manpower and resources involved in flood relief. The disaster relief as the practice of "two a", the organization of Party members in flood relief teams of young employees, flood relief commandos, fighting in the flood relief line. Strengthen the research on the estimation of the affected customers, good customer loss, and actively take measures to resolve customer risk, loan loss. The Agricultural Bank in flood control and flood prevention work at the same time, to do a good job in the life of the masses to restore financial services, continue to do reconstruction work. In severely affected areas, eight continue to waive our offsite transfer fees and other financial services. Against the flood relief work in areas of need for emergency rescue, medical assistance, health and epidemic prevention and relief materials production and transportation enterprises emergency lending fund demand, giving priority to the size of credit and credit funds, accelerate loan approval, improve the efficiency of the loan, and give preferential interest rates. The tolls can not repay the loan principal customers are not collections, no penalty, not as bad credit record. In addition, continue to support the reconstruction of credit, focusing on support in the recovery and reconstruction planning of national and provincial post disaster construction projects, infrastructure reconstruction projects of water and electricity, gas, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, schools, and has a strong leading and supporting role, has good social and economic benefits of the project the sustainable development of economic and social disaster. ringlock scaffolding

The risk of bank credit institutions or deposit worry are differences

Recently, some overseas institutions to reduce banking stocks once again caused the market to follow the trend of attention. Brokerage analysts pointed out that the fundamental business performance of Chinese listed banks is far better than the average level of the banking industry has not changed, formwork accessories the important factors influencing the fate of the financial institutions or the listed bank credit risk concerns. For a long time, as a blue chip banks occupy the major institutions to invest a large part in the basket. ". The situation is changing, some foreign investors are brewing to reduce dependence on banks "". Singapore's sovereign wealth fund (SWF) announced Danmaxikonggu days before, at the end of March 2016, net portfolio is 9% less than 1 years ago, after a lapse of 7 years year-on-year negative growth. In the China economic slowdown and lower oil prices in the background, investment companies share price fell. Temasek has attached great importance to China bank shares, but in the future will accelerate the expansion of American businesses and consumer related enterprises China new investment object. Interestingly, shortly before the Hong Kong stocks through usher in a strong net buying of H shares in the bank's buying is particularly significant. Gao Hua Securities analysts believe that this is mainly to promote the recent strong banking stocks factors. But, unlike the April 2015 short momentum is, the longer duration (two quarter 2016 net purchase of HK $70 billion). The main driving factors may lie in the mainland institutional investors in the interest rate downward occasion for a strong desire to return overseas asset allocation needs as well as the devaluation of the RMB capital controls and tightening conditions on QDII quota allocation adjustment potential. Venture capital has been the largest Chinese banks "fans" one, analysts believe that the market downside risk-free rate of return case, bank stocks with high dividend rate, to meet the insurance funds rate of return on investment demand to a certain extent. Moreover, bank shares good liquidity, venture capital as a substitute for cash. Brokerage analysts pointed out that in the above situation, the main reason lies in the institutional funds for long-term quality assets of Chinese listed banks to determine the different. In fact, non-performing rate double up has been the biggest factor restricting Chinese bank stocks. According to the CBRC preliminary statistics, as of 6 at the end of this year, commercial banks non-performing loan ratio of 1.81%; the banking financial institutions loan loss reserves 3 trillion and 470 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1%, provision coverage ratio remained at a relatively high level of 161.3%; the main commercial bank capital adequacy ratio of 13.2%, core capital adequacy ratio of 10.7%, an increase of 0.4 percentage points. Capital and provision still is enough. Nevertheless, most market participants believe that China's banking non-performing loan ratio in the short term can hardly be peaked. In other words, the future for a long period of time, the quality of banks' assets will continue downward, and continue to restrict the growth performance of listed banks, the valuation of bank shares can hardly be improved. Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of communications is expected this year, the risk characteristics of banking credit risk will continue to rise, yet the rate of change of non-performing assets, the future also attaches great importance to the control of the market and liquidity risk. However, the current banking industry overall risk control, poor rate this year will remain at around 2%. cuplock scaffolding

Tian Guoli proposed to speed up the construction of an offshore RMB center in London

In the Sino British Financial Services Roundtable on China bank chairman Tian Guoli before the decisive British position in the international political, wavy tail anchor economic and financial field, the two investors, the British "Europe off" "crisis" and "opportunity" on, challenges and opportunities. To protect the interests of investors in the UK, continue to promote bilateral economic and trade development, to promote global financial stability, suggested both sides to jointly promote the "The Belt and Road construction, actively participate in the China supply side structural reform, strengthen financial cooperation, accelerate the construction of an offshore RMB center in london. Tian Guoli said that London is the internationalization of the source of China bank, the bank will Britain as one of the most important Chinese in local market, will further play to their own advantages, continue to build bridges and financial cooperation between China and Britain, make greater contribution to the economic and financial cooperation "the golden age". British finance minister Philip Hammond said that the Chinese bank to build a high-end dialogue and exchange platform for China UK financial elite, providing assistance to explore Britain to promote the process of free trade, the Sino British economic and trade cooperation between the financial closely. Hammond believes that the British referendum off Europe after the economic fundamentals are still good, the UK will continue to play an important role in the international arena, the UK business, financial services and investment will also be presented as in the past open and competitive situation, the British government will be more important in the field of financial services and Chinese cooperation. (Liu Guofeng) pfeifer vs box

Prudential Bank interbank deposits to complete the initial innovation of electronic transactions

Beijing In July 25, precast accessories recently, Prudential Bank interbank deposits first electronic trading successfully completed, marking the ranks of advanced into the bank in the field of information construction industry. This amount of interbank deposits transactions, the use of the people's Bank of Chinese large payment system as a platform, in accordance with the agreed framework agreement standard message format, to confirm the transaction by sending message, removed before business for the interview and paperwork to open, transfer deposit certificate and other trading links, effectively enhance the safety of the transaction. Meet regulatory compliance requirements. In the clearing, the bank head office of centralized operations, improve management efficiency, to further reduce transaction costs. Interbank deposits is one of the domestic banking financial market the most widely, the most traditional, in accordance with the traditional process, need to complete the contract signed, certificates of deposit, due to receive a number of business people need to draw out for the link in the process of operation, resulting in business always exists high transaction costs and greater operational risk issues. The financial department of Hengfeng bank said, Prudential Bank interbank deposits to achieve full electronic trading, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, management compliance, risk control four aspects of the breakthrough, and came in front of the majority of industry innovation business, highlighting the intensified competition in the market today, Hengfeng Bank Strategic Thinking on innovation and cooperation to cope with the challenges. In recent years, Prudential Bank to internationalization, informatization, refinement, technology, personnel of the "five force" strategy as a guide, continue to increase financial investment in science and technology, and actively introduce industry talents, to further promote the "double" internal reform, accelerate the strategic transformation and upgrading of comprehensive sector and focus in the financial business. In the reform and gradually explore a unique Hengfeng Road of innovation. halfen channel

Hainan second "innovation cup" contest preliminaries 320 project competition

Beijing July 24 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) the fifth session of the Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hainan Division) and the second session of Hainan province "innovation cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Haikou 24 preliminaries, adjustable base jack 320 entrepreneurial projects will form a comprehensive display through team roadshow, aop formwork compete. According to reports, Haikou, Lingshui, Chengmai, Changjiang, Danzhou and other cities and counties and the province participated in the preliminary round of the team and the project mainly came from Hainan Province, covering the Internet and mobile Internet, biomedicine, electronic information, advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection, new materials and other fields. The preliminary 5+5 (5 minutes, 5 minutes show reply) roadshow mode, enterprise group and team group, according to the technical field and the application in small groups. Among them, the enterprise group is divided into 9 groups: the Internet and mobile Internet industry is divided into 4 groups, electronic information, biological medicine, advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection, new materials and other industries in all 1 groups. The team is divided into 7 groups, the Internet and mobile Internet industry is divided into 4 groups, electronic information, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection industry in the 1 groups, biological medicine, new materials, advanced manufacturing industry three consists of 1 integrated team. With the top two + number of this group 10% (four to five homes) will qualify for the semi-finals. If the game appears in the promotion marking score the same team or enterprise, will play off. The contest invited from outside the province enterprises, entrepreneurship training, legal, financial, finance, intellectual property, investment, Internet and other experts in the field of judges, at the same time, increase the participation of media review and public review. It is understood, competition is set to 2 million 700 thousand yuan to support the enterprise group, bonuses, prize winners will receive 500 thousand yuan to support the bonus, the team won the first prize will receive 300 thousand yuan bonus support. The entries will receive a number of business counseling and training, enjoy the risk investment, capital docking, incubator settled concessions and policy support and other services. Hainan province science and Technology Department of the relevant responsible person said, "win the cup" Hainan "to promote innovation and entrepreneurship competition is an important way of public entrepreneurship, innovation", we hope that the race to strengthen awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate the vitality of social innovation and entrepreneurship. This contest is sponsored by the people's Government of Hainan Province, Hainan province science and technology department and relevant departments and bureaus jointly hosted by the Hainan University, Promotion Association, Hainan Normal University, Hainan Institute of tropical, marine high-tech zones, Haikou country Hainan Ecological Software Park, Haikou Jiangdong Industrial Park e-commerce, Internet Renaissance City Innovation Park in Hainan Province, the Internet business innovation. (end) shuttering magnet

The renminbi will not disorderly depreciation

The RMB exchange rate against the dollar has seemingly ushered in a "reverse". From the China money data show that in July 22nd the dollar reported 6.6669, for the third consecutive trading day higher, a weak continuous RMB exchange rate since May. The RMB exchange rate has again become the focus of the market, some institutions still think that this year the RMB exchange rate could fall to 6.8 or even lower level, but also the media judge said, short-term there is still a slight rebound in space. To judge the trend of the RMB exchange rate is never an easy thing, because the influence of exchange rate very much. If from the environment of the global market at present to analysis, as the dollar continued strong, the RMB is currently facing the external pressure is not small. This year, a remarkable feature of the global market is the risk event is more intensive, the British off the European referendum event triggered currencies shake just to quell the outbreak of a military coup in Turkey incident once again caused the market risk aversion. Many industry insiders believe that the international political instability will continue this year, but in this environment, the dollar will be strong support. While the dollar index rose to more than 100 is still a small probability event, but continued high is a high probability event. RMB several relatively large fluctuations in the market is observed since May can be seen, the central parity of RMB weakness are basically by the impact of a stronger dollar. The expected devaluation can hardly be completely eliminated, however, the yuan at the end of last year, at the beginning of this year, the reproduction of near panic type devaluation of the market is not easy. Since May this year, the central parity of RMB in several trading days fell by more than 200 or 300 basis points, however, because the official clear double reference middle price pricing principle of RMB "with reference to a basket of currencies" + "closing price reference", most of the time are in accordance with the principle of implementation, therefore, the middle price most of them fall within the agency estimates, it is difficult to form a natural panic. More importantly, the last few trading days of RMB reversal, also by many industry insiders as the monetary authorities are active in the regulation of the foreign exchange market. Keywords RMB exchange rate policy is a "managed float", so when necessary, the monetary authorities need to reflect this "management". The people's Bank of China survey Secretary Sheng Songcheng had previously said that since late June, the international financial market volatility, global risk aversion rose. In order to stabilize market expectations, reduce the short-term impact on the international financial market turmoil, China's foreign exchange market, the people's Bank provides a small amount of foreign exchange liquidity to the market, resulting in a corresponding reduction in the central bank foreign exchange. However, he also said, "but on the whole, is still in accordance with the RMB exchange rate based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies and orderly operation mechanism." In fact, the monetary authority does not deny the "liquidity", is released to the market stable and strong signal. Therefore, in the complex external environment and a strong dollar in the background, the RMB exchange rate will remain relatively weak this year, but the disorder, panic devaluation is difficult to appear. The people's Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan at the G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers said, "in the future, Chinese will continue to improve based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies to adjust the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, and constantly improve the policy rules and transparency, strengthen communication with the market." The bottom line regulation of monetary authorities we don't have to speculate, but transparent pricing mechanism and constant communication will minimize the possibility of disorderly depreciation. (Zhang Mo) lifting insert

Zhou Xiaochuan: continue to improve the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism

The people's Bank of Chinese news, anchor socket July 23rd to 24, in 2016 third the group of twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting held in Chengdu. The people's Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan and finance minister Lou Jiwei co chaired the meeting. Zhou Xiaochuan said that at present, the RMB exchange rate basically stable against a basket of currencies, market confidence further solid. The future, Chinese will continue to improve based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies to adjust the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, and constantly improve the policy rules and transparency, strengthen communication with the market. Chinese economic growth at a reasonable range Zhou Xiaochuan, the first half of Chinese economy is generally stable, steady progress, economic growth in a reasonable range, prices and employment situation remained stable. The British "Europe off" after the referendum, China facing economic operation more complex external environment. China government to maintain macroeconomic stability and policy continuity, and strive to promote the supply side structural reform, the only way which must be passed which is to solve the structural problems such as overcapacity. After a period of adjustment, market participants on the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism has a more in-depth understanding. Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that since the working group of the international financial architecture to restart, the work has achieved significant progress. The G20 should continue to advance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the fifteenth general review of quotas, to further improve the emerging markets and developing countries share. We should continue to promote the strengthening of sovereign bonds included in the terms of the contract, the Paris club members will welcome extended to more emerging creditors. IMF appealed to the regional financial arrangements and more cooperation, and constantly improve the IMF loan facility. At the same time, it should expand the SDR (SDR) is used, the people's Bank has issued a report as currency reserves, balance of payments and the international investment position data in SDR, is studying the possibility of issuing SDR bonds. Zhou Xiaochuan stressed that the financial sector reform has made significant progress in recent years, the global financial system to effectively enhance the robustness. The G20 should continue to focus on building a more open, strong and resilient financial system, including the continuation of the process of global financial sector reform, promote the summary and the refinement of macro Prudential framework and tools experience, and promote the strengthening of infrastructure financial market supervision. He pointed out that this year G20 has made positive progress in the development of digital and inclusive financial inclusive financial indicators and data, the next step should be to promote the development of Inclusive Finance, so that the fruits of economic growth to benefit all people. Zhou Xiaochuan said that this year G20 green finance team's work has achieved initial results and the formation of the report, the parties according to the national conditions, in-depth study of how the financial innovation, knowledge sharing and capacity building, risk analysis and international cooperation way to mobilize more resources, provide a useful reference for promoting the development of green financial world. Through structural reforms to deal with low growth Lou Jiwei pointed out that low global growth has become the new norm, and become the source of a lot of problems, will exacerbate the economic and social contradictions. It is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of G20 countries, G20 reiterated that the consensus of the Shanghai meeting, continue to adopt fiscal and monetary policies and structural reforms and all other policy tools to enhance confidence, promote growth. One is still an important demand management policy. The marginal benefit of monetary policy in the fall, to implement more growth friendly fiscal policy, the fiscal space to increase fiscal expenditure. The two is to deal with low growth through structural reforms. The developed economies continue to improve labor market flexibility, promote investment and productivity growth; emerging economies should enhance economic resilience, deregulation, promoting competition, promoting financial sector reform. The three is to continue to support the process of economic globalization, oppose all forms of protectionism and refrain from the use of restrictive trade measures. The four is the relevant countries should actively respond to the challenges, hope that Britain and the European Union, and actively build a close partnership, foreign positive signal transmission, stable market for its economic outlook. Lou Jiwei said that the world economy is still China economic "power" and "stability anchor". In 2015 China close to 30% of the contribution to world economic growth, is expected to maintain a high level this year. Reporter Liu Guofeng ringlock scaffolding

149 report this week unveiled more than 1 billion 500 million large latent 7 pre hi stocks

This week is the last week of July, formwork accessories two, scaffolding parts the disclosure has the potential to accelerate the. According to the arrangement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen two exchange, this week there will be disclosure of 149 companies, the number is far higher than the two weeks before. In this regard, analysts said, with the disclosure of the report into the intensive period, the market or further increase of blue chip stocks sought after, therefore, the excellent report on the company's share price short-term results will undoubtedly form catalysis, related stocks worthy of special attention. According to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, the 149 this week, the company reported disclosure, 99 companies have been disclosed in reporting the results notice, of which there are 71 companies, medium-term performance pre Hi, accounting for 71.72%. According to the classification results notice, including 21 pre growth companies, 10 companies losses, a slight increase of 29 companies, 11 companies continued earnings. Specifically, the British Tang ites, CLP, Xinlong metal Yunhai Jiuzhitang, Wright, Ding interconnection, bridge crane, pharmaceutical, and crystal technology, Zhiguang electric, Zhongxing of industry, pilot, intelligent Tongtech performance of 13 companies are expected to double, and Lei Baike technology, Zhongfu industry, Daqing, China shares, *ST shares, Shagang Xindu, satellite petrochemical, golden road group, nine shares, Anyang iron and steel and other 10 companies are expected to achieve performance losses. Ying Tang ites in the reporting period performance is expected to outstanding performance, the company expects the first half of 2016 net profit of 100 million 100 thousand yuan -10120 million yuan (the same period last year net profit 3 million 757 thousand and 900 yuan), an increase of 2563.72%-2592.99%. The company is the domestic small household appliances leading enterprises in the field of intelligent controller, the reason for the performance is expected to increase in the period of this report, the company explained: the company's strategic adjustment stage work has been basically completed, the related benefit has been reflected; a quarter of the company's equity transfer benefits; foreign companies to increase the integration of resources, strengthen internal management. Downsizing. Non recurring impact on net profit amounted to 58 million 800 thousand yuan. The market performance last week, although the overall market is the trend of shock adjustment, but there are still some of the blue chip stock market out of the independent market. According to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, in the 71 stocks, 22 stocks to achieve the market rose last week, leading intelligence (23.62%) and micro (13.45%) shares (12.57% shares), Shagang, elite (10.50%) and other stocks during the cumulative increase of more than 10%. From the flow of funds, these stocks last week, accumulated large single net inflows over 10 million Yuan stocks have 12, LLL shares (682 million 328 thousand and 900 yuan), Sha Steel shares (491 million 112 thousand and 800 yuan), Christie Technology (176 million 692 thousand yuan) and other stocks last week, accumulated large single capital inflows exceeding 100 million yuan, eastcompeace, new in all, Metro holdings, elite stocks last week accumulated large net inflow of funds are more than 40 million yuan, the 7 stocks total net capital inflow of large single 1 billion 558 million yuan. In this regard, analysts said, the depth of the layout of the main funds is expected to catalyze the plus reporting the results of the push related stocks to achieve good market performance, it is worth close attention. Securities Daily shuttering magnet

G20 Bulletin: action to enhance confidence and promote growth

The people's Bank of Chinese website issued 24 "G20 finance ministers and central bank governors will release". "Bulletin" pointed out that the global economy continues to recover, but still weaker than expected. Is taking action to increase confidence and promote growth. And their respective and common use of all policy tools, including monetary, fiscal and structural reform policies, in order to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced and inclusive growth target. "Bulletin" said that the global economic environment is full of challenges, downside risks continue to exist, especially in the volatility of commodity prices and low inflation in many economies. The volatility of financial market is still large, geopolitical conflicts, terrorism and refugee flows continue to make the global economic environment complex. "Bulletin" that is taking action to increase confidence and promote growth. In view of the recent changes in the situation, and will each reaffirming its commitment to the common use of all policy tools, including monetary, fiscal and structural reform policies, in order to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced and inclusive growth targets. Monetary policy will continue to support economic activity, to maintain price stability, and the role of the central bank to maintain consistent, but monetary policy alone cannot achieve balanced growth. In emphasizing the structural reforms play a key role at the same time, the need to emphasize the financial strategy for promoting the joint growth targets are equally important. Is the flexibility in the implementation of fiscal policy, and implement more growth friendly tax policies and public expenditure, including priority to support high quality investment, and enhance economic resilience and ensure that the debt to GDP ratio remained at a sustainable level. In addition, G20 will continue to study on the policy and measures can be taken when necessary for national conditions, to support growth and deal with potential risks, including vulnerability to the balance sheet. Excessive exchange rate volatility and disorderly adjustment will affect economic and financial stability. The foreign exchange market will close the discussion and communication. Reiterated the previous exchange rate commitments, including to avoid competitive devaluation and not competitive to the pegged exchange rate. To oppose all forms of protectionism. Will be carefully formulated and clear communication in the macroeconomic and structural reform policies, in order to reduce the uncertainty of the policy, to reduce the negative spillover effect, and increase transparency. (Liu Guofeng) swift lift anchors

The summer bring foreign exchange business pay attention to save money

Jinling Evening News reporter Cao Dewei. "Life in front of more than struggling, as well as poetry and distant field." Summer can not set foot on the journey time is far away from it? With the summer travel ushered in the "peak", also led to a surge in bank foreign exchange business. However, foreign currency, how to save money but also pay attention to, to remind the industry, this year, the RMB exchange rate fell, the customer may swap demand stage, such as batch purchase has a long-term purchase demand, targeted attention needed to reduce the currency exchange rate risk, the cost of foreign exchange savings. To meet peak The bank swap. China CITS (Jiangsu) outbound center official told reporters, with the end of the rainy season, the weather is gradually warming up, citizens will gradually rise, at present, the peak summer travel abroad has come, "as we travel this year, Japan and South Korea, Thailand and Australia are hot line." The responsible person told the reporter, because the appearance of swim long term need to be booked in advance, as early as a month ago, Australia related products have been sold out, at present, the travel agency is preparing for the September America line. On Friday, the reporter visited a number of banks in Nanjing City, found that foreign currency there are so many people, in a bank, the reporter tried to queued yen, waited more than an hour. Many bank staff told reporters, with the arrival of summer, the bank swap business growth. A staff member of the bank Chinese overseas financial center told reporters that the Bank of China convertible foreign currency up to 25 species, most of which can meet the demand for foreign exchange, the public which, since the summer, Japanese yen, euro, dollar, Thai baht is very tight, "some people are going abroad to play against the change; some are about to study abroad there is the summer vacation; parents with abroad to participate in summer camp, for different purposes." The exchange rate difference Swap skills to save money As everyone knows, the exchange rate of the bank will be based on international currencies volatility, updated several times a day, so the exchange rate of different banks at the same time or different, but the same bank foreign exchange rate in different time also may not be the same. How to exchange foreign currency, the most cost-effective, the loss rate is reduced to a minimum, is actually a doorway. Before the press, access to the exchange rate for each bank, for $100, the most expensive bank $661.9900/100, and the cheapest is $660.8300/100, which means that, in the purchase of foreign currency amount is small, but little difference, if the purchase amount is large, then choose the right bank can save a lot of money. The exchange rate based on the difference of the public can do first hand in understanding before choosing a foreign exchange swap, the lowest cost of bank. And if it is tourism, in exchange for a small amount of cash at the same time, can choose to use UnionPay cards in foreign exchange rate basically is two times than the one-time swap, swap, brush VISA or MAS-TERCARD is more cost-effective; and if it is to go abroad to study abroad, you can focus on the local currency exchange rate trend, at the right time with batch purchase the way to split the cost of the purchase, in order to save money. At the same time, but also concerned about the differences between different bank swap channels, such as online banking, mobile phone banking, telephone banking, banks usually self swap will be lower than the counter swap fee, to study the peak in summer every year, banks will launch efforts to swap concessions, which can save money for the family students. Have children studying abroad for a long time people, belongs to the demand of foreign exchange, the best segmented Gouhui more insurance, it can in the international exchange rate instability, by way of batch purchase, the purchase cost to reduce the total cost of purchase of foreign exchange rates. In addition, now different commercial bank exchange rate, banks are different, according to the central bank on the floating price range are different, people in the purchase of the best from several commercial banks ask, choose a minimum purchase cost of bank. lifting socket

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