In April the new platform 75 special P2P net loan regulators

Recently, wavy tail anchor the net loan House released the "P2P net loan industry in 2016 4 monthly report" shows that as of the end of 2016 4, BFD coupler the number of net loan industry platform for the normal operation of 2431, compared to 3 at the end of the month fell 30. Since many areas related to the word "financial" Internet companies to suspend registration, the number of new on-line platform for 45, while over the same period in 2015 the number of new on-line platform to reach 162, down 72%. In addition, the April new business platform and problem 75, compared with 98 in March fell back home. The first network president Zhou Jian said that although the number of April and closed platform decreased, but problems are important cases, the platform often experienced more than a year of operation, the scale of billions are even higher, and gradually upgrade means. In addition, in the context of rectification of illegal fund-raising, illegal due to higher operating costs, some small business platform initiative and shut down companies has become a unique phenomenon of Internet banking in April. The monthly report, the type from the perspective of platform, business platform type accounted for 41.33%, which to some extent that many small and medium-sized platform in policy pressures background, select active liquidation business. Zhou Jian told reporters, under the policy guidance, non compliant business platform has realized the necessity of legal compliance, the development trend of the industry has changed the future of dragons and fishes jumbled together, the net loan industry will gradually develop to a good development trend. In April, the country conducted a series of rectification for P2P net loan led by Internet banking, including the down payment loans, illegal fund-raising, financial advertising etc.. In mid April began a nationwide P2P network lending risk special rectification action kicked off. The love of money into CEO Yang Fan that campaigns did not really enter the core of liquidation period, regulators have released the most stringent regulatory signals, but also the regulation effect gradually, the shuffle rhythm is reasonable and healthy. ferrule insert

The middle of 3, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price appreciation of 24 points to 6.4565

Beijing In May 3, lifting insert according to the latest data China foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of May 3rd the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.4565, compared with April 29th median price appreciation of 24 points to 6.4589. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of China, May 3, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.4565 yuan, 1 euro for 7.4476 yuan, 100 yen for 6.0789 yuan, HK $1 for 0.83210 yuan, 1 pound of 9.4791 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 4.9564 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.5480 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.8238 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.7692 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1574 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.60192 ringgit, 1 yuan for 10.0142 Russian ruble. lifting clutches

"Five one" holiday cup card to exit foreign sales grew 12%

China News Service May 3 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) China UnionPay released 3 "five one" holiday trading data show that UnionPay network total transaction amount reached 370 billion 600 million yuan, the total number of transactions 270 million pen, steel chamfer growth of 40.6% and 18.4% respectively than last year "five one" holiday; UnionPay cards overseas transaction amount increased by 12%. Data show that the "five one" holiday for three days, aviation, highway and railway ticket transaction amount increase led the industry for the first time, the highway passenger passenger rail and the largest increase, respectively 137% and 56%; "five one" during the holidays, driving the national gas transaction amount increased by 63% year-on-year, in Zhejiang, Hainan Hebei area and the largest increase, more than 150%; daily consumption rose by more than 41%, daily necessities, supermarkets, large household appliances and jewelry industry consumption are higher than usual surge. China UnionPay analysts said, with the "wave of new payment on demand" is becoming more and more popular, UnionPay cloud flash pay transaction growth is very obvious. "Five one" holiday three days, UnionPay cloud flash pay transaction amount than normal growth of three, including food and beverage consumption growth of 35%, higher than usual supermarket consumption than normal growth of 60%, significantly higher than the industry average, financial IC card transaction financial grew nearly doubled. Statistics show that the "five one" UnionPay card released overseas trading characteristics and Chinese National Tourism Administration of domestic tourists "five one" holiday tourism consistent. In addition to Hong Kong and Macao regions in Japan and South Korea two overseas, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian popular tourist destination, as well as Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and other countries along the The Belt and Road "also ushered in more UnionPay cardholders UnionPay overseas; convenience stores, amusement park, restaurants and other places of special card consumption continued to increase the proportion of non with; contact Hong Kong Taiwan and South Korea, Australia and other market environment continues to improve," as the representative of cloud flash pay "innovative products to fit the needs of consumers, outside the" play "and" essential "UnionPay card mobile payment card transaction number is several times of the scale of growth. (end) lifting insert

Stage music open platform officially launched system will introduce more genuine suppliers

Beijing In May 3, water stopper recently, the country's leading Internet consumer financial services provider announced open platform on-line music staging system, to provide quality goods welcome all businessmen stationed, to share the stage consumption pattern to bring traffic bonus. This means that the stage music officially open to partner business core ability. October 2013, stage music store officially launched, the first small Micro Internet consumer finance model, with Jingdong, genuine speed experience, youth fashion, safe and reliable advantages, quickly covering 31 provinces and cities nationwide. 2015, stage music annual sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, the monthly sales exceeded 2 billion. From inception to the annual sales break billion, stage music in just two years time. "As long as you have young people love the goods, if the goods are genuine, can come to the stage opened the official store, the user directly to the sales stage of music." Staging of Le coo Le Luping recently announced that "stage music has accurate flow and high conversion rate, all settled platform businesses will get full support and guide the flow of music stage." In fact, in recent years, due to the scale of the chase, the vertical platforms have to integrated platform extension, and the leading business platform through the open flow way, realize the role transformation and extension of commercial value. Generally speaking, from the self to build an open platform can expand the ecological consumption, diversification of profit model, change from the traditional into the sales price for platform access fee settled, store sales, pumping into the site placement advertising revenue, keyword bidding income. More importantly, through this open strategy, to better meet the user's demand. Stage music now covers 31 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 8 million registered users, to July this year, of which about 500 thousand will be white-collar city. Therefore, staging music recently announced to the white-collar crowd opening consumer installment service. "Our user level is constantly enriched, we should also consider providing more choice of goods and services for them. Of course, hope that users are not only directed at stage here, but can really go up." Le Luping said, "we must be open to go further." Le Luping also stressed that the stage music in the choice of partners settled still may insist on genuine security and reliability strictly, "we are small and Micro Internet consumer finance mode creator, we hope that both users and partners to feel comfortable and safe on our platform to swim, enjoy shopping. These are our selection of the most important points." According to reports, the first stage music from the stage to buy mobile phone into the market, then expand to the entire 3C digital, outdoor sports, beauty care, education and training and other categories of music, staging credit wallet also hungry, You Bao butt, and dozens of meters high house application scene partner, the highest daily orders up to 300 thousand pen. The music has been staging the world's top venture capital support. August 2013, stage music won the Xianfeng Huaxing Angel round of financing; in March 2014, won the Chinese Jingwei cast led tens of millions of dollars A round of financing; in December 2014, obtained by DST (Digital Sky Technologies) lead investor, Bertelsmann with the cast of $100 million B round of financing; in March 2015, by Jingdong mall strategic investment. cuplock scaffolding

Shanghai encourages financial innovation at the same time P2P of illegal financial activities zero tolerance

Shanghai Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Tu Guangshao recently came to the Shanghai people's Broadcasting Station "citizen and society – mayor hotline" program. He said in the interview, lifting anchor P2P to encourage financial innovation, but also to strengthen supervision. Tu before the "Shanghai acquisition finance gathering area elements docking will promote" that can play their own advantages in Shanghai institutional innovation and production elements of effective supply etc.. In view of financial innovation and risk prevention, he stressed that the "hands", should firmly encourage financial innovation of legal compliance, but also to the illegal financial activities of zero tolerance. Have put forward the audience in the interview, P2P was originally defined as a financing platform, but now P2P company into investment company, may lead to too much emphasis on return on investment, ignoring the risk. In this regard, Mr. Tu said, P2P of the matter in the post regulation, involving the transformation of government functions and administrative examination and approval system reform is the core. To the market decentralization, including P2P and other Internet banking, more to encourage enterprises to innovate, not a put. Put the tube combination of P2P strengthen supervision, these two aspects are interdependent. To encourage innovation, to strengthen supervision, because financial services related to the safety of investors, but also involves the whole industry to develop, but not afraid of chaos will not put, so that financial innovation can not develop. In view of financial innovation and illegal financial activities, Tu emphasized, can not unworthy, but also do not exercise, "hands", must take the financial innovation of legal compliance and the name of innovation under the banner of illegal financial activities apart, the former should firmly support and tolerate failure, for the latter to mercilessly hit, zero tolerance. "The more financial innovation to encourage legal compliance, no more illegal financial activities space. The suppression, combat, clean up illegal financial activities, is the maximum of legal compliance with the support of financial innovation. In order to make innovation to optimize the environment, forming a virtuous circle." Tu Guangshao said. Reporter Yang Lianmin Li Gang cast in ferrules

"Five one" bank financial market freeze holiday exclusive financial miss"

CNR net Beijing on May 3rd news, according to voice of the economy "CNR Financial Review" reported that this year, the bank financial products revenue decline, the high yield of the product is very rare. "Five one" holiday just passed, but investors have been accustomed to the festival exclusive financial but miss ". In the past, most of the commercial bank's financial "every day will meet near the holidays will be related to offering exclusive financial products, and this year's" five one "bank financial market" is a bit cold". A 4.6% annualized rate of return of the "high yield" products have become a hot star". State owned bank, ICBC, Bank of China, construction bank and bank are not "five one" holiday tailored financial products, while the majority of small and medium-sized banks have launched such products. At present, small and medium-sized banks to issue financial products yields compared to the state-owned big firms have a higher rate of return, remain at more than 4%, while the majority of financial products revenue five line release rate between 3%-4%. Last year, the number of banks launched a high-yield "five one exclusive financial products, some products expected annual yield even higher than usual 1 percentage points, the expected annual yield is generally 5% – 6%. Every section will be near the bank financial market, this year "five one" why "is a bit cold? Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun made a comment on. Voice of the economy: most of the commercial bank's financial "every day will meet near the holidays will be related to offering exclusive financial products, and this year's" five one "bank financial market" is a bit cold". This is why? Zhao Xijun: there are a variety of reasons. From a macro perspective, under the overall economic slowdown environment, investment demand will be relatively weak, so the demand for capital will tend to be relatively stable, so the market supply and demand of funds above will not be so tight, so the rate of return financial products is not so high as before. From a policy perspective, since last year, our monetary policy is still the sound of the tone, but its flexibility is increasing, that is to say the supply of money, credit, and increase the overall liquidity adequacy, are moving in the direction of the development of the relatively loose. As a result, the overall funding becomes more and more abundant, the price of capital to bring a certain impact. From the market perspective, especially the recent line of financial problems have been exposed, investors are relatively cautious, especially in the relevant departments to continue to combat illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, driving up the price of money makes the convergence behavior. Voice of the economy: some people say that "financial products yields fell is a big trend, whether you agree with this judgment? Zhao Xijun: from the trend of the future in terms of the rate of return on financial products in the real economic slowdown, monetary policy tends to globally relaxed situation, may be a downward trend. We can see the world, many countries have entered a stage of negative interest rates. In this case, it is difficult to say your funds will have a relatively high price. Our country after so many rounds of increase policy flexibility, the tension between supply and demand of funds has slowed down, the cost has gradually declined, so the rate of return financial products in the environment may be a downward trend. Voice of the economy: consumers buy financial products should be how to treat the rate of return? Zhao Xijun: in the past, rigid payment and risk exposure in the case of not enough, consumers put more focus on the rate of return above, that the higher rate of return financial products better, less attention to the risks of the products. But we can see some risk events in the past, with many high returns, high rate of return under the banner of the products there is a big risk, so from the point of view of investors, we should not only focus on the rate of return, we are more concerned about the risk of the situation, especially in the rate of return gradually downward the risk should pay close attention to. lifting clutches

To speed up the layout of Comprehensive Financial Brokerage three modes and

With the wave of mobile Internet to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the securities brokerage, especially small and medium-sized firms in continuous adjustment to build a new Internet business model, the industry believes that the current has been divided into three kinds of Internet mainstream form. In this process, the "financial technology" (Fintech) model is becoming a lot of platform business process optimization and integrated platform to build a leading force in the improvement of direct financing channels and accelerate the construction of multi-level capital market at the same time, the risk of technology evolution in the process of control also began to get more and more attention. Three kinds of modes and Insiders, from the current point of view, the brokerage Internet path can be classified into three forms: one is the self brokerage sector, the layout of the mobile terminal, the main drainage accounts and financial business platform, the direction of social performance, is the supermarket; two cross-border cooperation with Internet Co, leveraging the drainage construction online integrated financial services platform is built; three the subsidiary company, with science and technology driven Internet integrated service platform. Among them, the mobile terminal in the first self built Internet brokerage process. In order to provide more efficient and convenient, high quality financial services, self mobile application platform has become the broker to the mobile Internet era into force, and no longer meet the basic market, trading, information, accounts, financial product sales and other functions, part of the mobile terminal application can also provide services for business innovation. Covers securities, funds, bonds, trusts and other full trading varieties and the corresponding full account assets financing, summary of the "comprehensive account system more comprehensive financial services. With the wave of mobile Internet and promote the transformation of the brokerage, securities companies and Internet Co cooperation has become an important way to expand business. With Haitong Securities, for example, the company has 91 shares of financial, then convenient platform for the customers with import services. "In addition to diversion effect, and also has the brokerage platform for deeper information management business cooperation, such as cooperation, information management plan joint sales, earn channel cost." Said the 91 financial co-founder, Software College of Beihang University visiting professor Wu Wenxiong accept the Securities Daily reporters Chinese. The construction of science and technology driven Internet integrated platform, is the industry that is the advanced form of Internet brokerage "". In the case of Soochow Soochow securities, the company's online platform, by Soochow securities, win win and Austrian flying three listing Corporation jointly launched the entertainment, using a large data block chain of Internet information technology, the overall layout of financial technology, to provide comprehensive financial services for alloy intelligent individuals and institutions. "The Internet is the broker needs to adapt to market changes and their development strategy. Now there are 55 brokerages get internet securities business pilot qualifications, many brokers especially in small firms are building new Internet departments and business mode, constantly adjust the front office, to deal with the channel business profitability decline and being weakened the financial intermediary function." Soochow Soochow online online CEO Li Jian said to do, is a comprehensive financial ecological system by constructing a technology driven around the securities business innovation platform + product + service ", the early stages of high-end financial assets can be transferred to the general populace, to the huge user base, revitalize the financial activity. "Financial technology tide Experts China Inclusive Finance Research Institute introduced the concept in the United States do not have Internet banking, only Fintech (Financial Technology) ", mainly refers to the Internet Co or the use of cloud computing to carry out high-tech companies and big data, mobile Internet and other emerging technologies to lower the threshold of financial services. "The current traditional financial institutions including Goldman, would have been positioning itself as a technology company, and technical personnel in institutions such as Schwab has exceeded the financial professionals, financial impact of technology on the traditional financial industry or bigger than expected." The ant gold service group chief strategy officer Chen Long pointed out that the financing, Small and micro businesses credit system is not perfect is the shortcomings of Chinese financial reform, whether or not the Internet technology, the short board filled will occur, it is necessary to adjust the economic structure transformation China. However, the relevant technology in promoting this process obviously in play an increasingly important role. At present, mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing has become the three fulcrum of new financial technology. "Science and technology has become the financial innovation productivity. The brokerage, first of all to fill in as soon as possible. And the original technology infrastructure strengthened; secondly to talk about innovation, enhance the level of intelligence, "Li Jian said, brokers need to build the Internet thinking ability and operation strategy, in the transformation process, and the ability to adapt to the trend of and demand for the product and service capacity. Specification and prudent business operation process. "Taking into account the convenience and low marginal cost, a new idea of financial technology will represent comprehensive wealth management, integrated financial services platform to build the system, need to optimize and improve the overall business process." From the larger format of the Internet banking financial point of view, the role of science and technology has also been paid more and more attention. The new financial columnist Zhao Yao believes that the development of the Internet cross-border financial is a financial technology (Fintech), and non financial. "From the United States and other developed countries experience, many entrepreneurial Internet Co uses advanced algorithms, big data, mobile communications and other new technology transformation of payment of financial products and services in all aspects of the transfer, microfinance, consumer credit, cluster to enhance the safety, quality and efficiency of financial products and services. The relevant regulatory authorities should encourage Internet financial institutions in transition to Fintech direction." The technical risk of concern "From a higher level of sense, the construction and improvement of the multi-level capital market is the important direction of the 13th Five-Year" financial reform, but also to promote the necessary way of indirect financing to direct financing development. It is not a mature Internet banking is expected with the board, small board, the gem, the new board, the local equity trading center in the capital market has become an important part of a multi-level capital market Chinese." Li Jian believes. But most industry insiders believe that, compared with the mature market, the current domestic Internet brokerage innovation is still in the primary stage. Such as the United States, Charles Schwab brokerage, 90 years in the last century to realize the Internet, launched in March last year, a year investment consulting service robot, the size of assets under management reached $5 billion 300 million. Li Jian said, through large data block, chain and other information technology, providing intelligent services will be the trend of investment, hoping to turn overtaking as exogenous innovation brokerage demonstration platform. In addition, the financial technology industry participants, think it is more important to find the appropriate entry point. Chen Long believed that the financial technology (Fintech) is the 1 version of the financial life (Finlife) will be the ultimate upgrade. At present, high-tech investment and finance has become one of the fastest growing industries. But the financial science and Technology (Fintech) technology that can finance Fu is just beginning, technology make better financial services and promote business and life is the real direction of development, the benefits of financial innovation to activate the real economy and improve people's livelihood, financial life (Finlife) is the real vitality of the future." It is for this purpose, in the process of development and evolution of financial technology, some risk of derivative technological progress has been the industry's attention. The people's Bank of Chinese vice president, director of the State Administration of foreign exchange Pan Gongsheng pointed out that in the technology to enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost and risk level at the same time, may also amplify certain risks. Such as the development of digital technology has accelerated the spread of information, the market volatility will easily lead to delayed effect, so the stability of the market will have a greater impact; while the high-frequency electronic trading system once the error occurs, will also have a greater impact on the market; it may also make some weak special group of access to financial services, increase the difficulty of these risks are worthy of vigilance in advance. Reporter Wang Xiaowei bfd coupler

Optimistic about the real estate and financial overweight venture capital investment in overseas markets

Overseas investment of insurance funds in advance are frequent in recent years, part of the investment performance has also been revealed. China Securities News reporter recently learned that a number of insurance companies, water stopper including Chinese China, Ping An Life is in contact with the overseas projects, to explore the possibility to participate in the investment, investment real estate, real estate listing Corporation equity options investment cooperation is expected to become the next step, while some overseas project insurance companies have also made investment the actual effect. Analysts believe that the current thinking on the overseas investment of insurance funds, is still dominated by real estate, financial target. In the long term, the investment space is expected to continue to increase, but still cautious, the short term may not appear massive growth in the proportion of overseas investment. The future, the venture capital process on the experience from the shallower to the deeper selection of investment targets. Venture capital sea again seek incremental In the investment environment changes under the background of insurance funds are part of the effort for overseas investment. China Securities News reporter learned from the industry, many insurance companies are once again seek suitable overseas project investment layout, and part of the investment project has also made some gains. Since 2012, the support of venture capital "going out" policies continue to overweight, overseas investment of insurance funds in open space, and foreign institutions are deepening cooperation. China safe, Chinese life insurance, sunshine insurance, Ampang insurance agencies are looking for their overseas real estate subject. The source said, at present, many insurance companies including Chinese life, China peace, are in contact with overseas projects, to explore the possibility to participate in the investment, investment real estate, real estate listing Corporation equity investment cooperation is expected to become the next option. From the insurance funds in recent years moves, real estate, finance related investment opportunities has become a new profit point of all venture capital is optimistic about the sea. The overseas investment project has the Ampang insurance as an example, since 2014, the United States in addition to buy New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel, has also bought a number of overseas equity of financial institutions. Then, in this year, Ampang insurance as a member of the joint venture, and try the Marriott group bid for Starwood, but failed to acquire. From the disclosure of the data, the effect of individual investment projects has been revealed. Oriental life 2015 financial statements show that its annual sales of 46985 won (about 25 billion 900 million yuan), growth of 10.6% over the previous year. Net profit of 160 billion 500 million won (about 900 million yuan). Premium income amounted to 42302 won (about 23 billion 300 million yuan), an increase of 5.1% over last year. As of the end of 2015, the Japanese life insurance ROE reached 8.2%, the total assets amounted to 226210 billion won (about 124 billion 400 million yuan), an increase of 10.8%; the use of funds reached 191627 billion won (about 105 billion 400 million yuan), growth of 10.6%, asset management revenue rate reached 4.3%. According to Chinese Securities News reporter was informed that the first quarter of 2016, the Oriental life to achieve the goal of 130%, Ampang insurance official said, after the introduction of Ampang insurance group system, overseas assets investment opportunities will gradually increase, the Oriental life asset management will significantly improve the rate of return. Is expected by Ampang insurance internationalization advantages, expand bond and real estate investment in overseas, the investment rate of return will be achieved. Oriental life with President Han said, Ampang insurance acquired Allianz Group under the South Korea and Allianz Allianz life information management, the Oriental life will also be a good opportunity to create synergy. To be optimistic about the future market space Overseas investment of insurance funds to be optimistic about the subject, the future market space is also good. According to the global capital market research department believes that since 2012, overseas investment regulation continues to loose, to promote the domestic insurance companies in the global portal city actively seek real estate assets investment. High return of insurance funds is very optimistic about the real estate investment rate, lower risk and portfolio diversification advantages. According to data released Chinese overseas real estate investment increased significantly over the previous year, the domestic insurance companies rising investment enthusiasm has become an important driving factor. Jones Lang LaSalle, in the long term, according to the current development trend and rhythm, domestic insurance companies direct investment in overseas real estate is expected to reach $240 billion. China Insurance Information Management Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Cao Deyun said that last year, the national premium income scale basis, according to the 10%-20% annual growth rate, the premium income this year is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan, plus this year is expected to have 10%-15% asset maturity, the total will be more than 4 trillion yuan of insurance funds need to configure. In the macro environment of complex background, the investment of insurance funds face pressure this year as can be imagined, it should pay particular attention to risk management, accelerate the process of globalization of investment, promote industry innovation and development. Ernst released "outlook China overseas investment 2016" that entered in 2016, affected by the turmoil in international financial markets, emerging market growth and other factors, the international investment environment more complex. However, the first quarter of 2016 the number of China enterprises have carried out heavy overseas mergers and acquisitions. With the "13th Five-Year" planning focus on innovation driven, open development and other issues, I believe the future will be more China enterprises continue to sea, 2016 year China foreign investment scale is expected to hit a record high. Overseas investment still variable A number of insurance companies on Chinese Securities newspaper reporter said that as more and more insurance companies approved to carry out overseas investment business, more market players are expected to participate in high-quality projects acquisition activities. But in the present circumstances, overseas investment environment variables, the overall insurance funds still have a cautious attitude, especially for real estate investment projects such as participation has not yet reached the active level. An insurance information management source said, in the current thinking on the overseas investment of insurance funds, is still dominated by real estate, financial standard, in the form of investment is also no more innovation, mainly because the industry for overseas investment is still in the exploration stage. Although the investment requirements of some overseas investment projects for the insurance funds, but for the consideration of risk prevention, insurance funds are still portfolio allocation to disperse the risk ideas as the basis, the short term may not appear massive growth in the proportion of overseas investment. Analysts believe that in the long term, with the internationalization of RMB as well as the domestic and foreign market, China Unicom linkage strengthened, insurance funds to go out investment channels and space is more optimistic. But at the same time, the investment risk should be paid more attention to. In the current situation, the insurance agency for variety selection and evaluation of overseas investment cautious, for open market equity products, Foreign Company bonds, equity investment fund, part of the regional real estate attention has improved, in the future will choose investment targets changes from shallow to deep. The amount of investment is another focus of the insurance funds affects nerve. An insurance information management of China Securities newspaper reporter said that the devaluation of the renminbi is expected in May last judgment, to increase overseas investment has become one of the options to hedge, but the insurance company can add enough amount of QDII, there is still uncertainty, and this uncertainty may be a period of time in the future risk capital overseas investment variables. Reporter Li Chao halfen frimeda

Yen more than Japanese stocks fall institutions bullish yen

In May 2nd, cuplock scaffolding the yen dollar exchange rate to refresh the 18 month high, wavy tail anchor Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 3.1% to 16147.38 points, the highest intraday fell more than 4%. Market participants said that the Bank of Japan on Thursday unexpectedly did not loose overweight, the yen soared on the share prices of the momentum of sustained. Even then a number of Japan's financial sector executives were to appease the market position, but the effect is limited. For example, Japan's finance minister Taro Aso said it will take action when necessary, but the Japanese yen still shares. Japanese stocks fell continuously 2, the Nikkei 225 index fell after opening, fell 4%, the biggest intraday decline of 2 and a half months, the yen dollar exchange rate rose all the way to 106:1, a record for a year and a half high. In April 28th, the Bank of Japan announced that maintain the monetary base 80 trillion yen annual growth target unchanged, maintaining the negative interest rate unchanged -0.1%. While most market participants expect the expansion of stock purchases did not launch ETF, surprised the market. Japanese stocks plummeted immediately open mode, the day fell 3.61%, while the yen soared 2%. In this regard, Japan's central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko in the subsequent press conference also deliberately calm markets, position if necessary to further expand the scale of easing. Analysts said the recent financial market instability and Xiongben County earthquake and other reasons, the Japanese business confidence weakened further. Because inflation fell sharply in April in Japan, Kuroda Higashihiko took the initiative to expand the possibility of easing expression. So in the new resolution before the announcement, the market generally expected the Bank of Japan to expand the loose imperative, means is through the expansion of stock to buy ETF. Finally, the central bank's decision surprised the market. After a Bloomberg survey of economists in the vast majority of people are expected, the Bank of Japan will at least take certain measures. But also some analysts said that the stock market in recent weeks calmed down, yen appreciation trend has slowed slightly, the Bank of Japan may not take any action. Institutional bullish yen At present, many institutions optimistic about the prospects of the yen. Nomura Securities in the report stressed that the yen and Japanese stocks have been showing a negative correlation effect, Japanese stocks fell the yen rose. It is particularly worth mentioning is that Japan is a rare introduction of monetary easing currency but a sharp rise in the country, generally speaking, easing will inevitably bring about the devaluation of the currency. Insiders pointed out that the reason for the yen's rise, the market is mostly explained, Japan announced that the economy of other countries more relaxed, while the yen has been a traditional safe haven currency, so it has strong thrust. Analysts also pointed out that foreign exchange market in Japan there are a lot of speculation. Perhaps therefore, Japan's finance minister Taro Aso said on Sunday that there is a single saw speculation in the yen exchange rate, and a high degree of attention, will continue to closely monitor the market trends, and intervene when necessary. However, by May 2nd, the yen soared on stocks plummeted trend continues. In this regard, the Wall Street Journal quoted market analysis pointed out that the United States has just released semi annual report of the exchange rate policy, the Japanese foreign exchange into the watch list, and that may take retaliatory action, fueled the yen long emboldened. The Japanese yen bulls do not dare to believe that under the pressure of the United States intervened heavily in currencies. Although Taro Aso had previously stated publicly, the report of American Ministry of Finance in April 29th, could not restrict Japan coping ability when necessary. Morgan Stanley said to continue to be optimistic about the rise in the yen. The agency said last week, the Bank of Japan is not as expected easing, pushing the yen soared. Especially the Japanese retail net began to buy yen appreciation potential, the material is not stagnant. Kyushu Global Securities chief economist Deng Haiqing said that the Japanese government in a dilemma, because the yen hedging properties, regardless of whether the Bank of Japan cut interest rates or interest rates, the yen appreciation could not escape the fate. Interest rates will exacerbate market panic, leading hedge funds into Japan; stop loose will result in market easing is expected to fall, the yen is still going strong. Reporter Zhang Zhenhelifting anchor

CIRC: "the quark alliance" Internet Co without insurance business qualification

Beijing In May 3, according to the CIRC website news, China Insurance Regulatory Commission relevant departments responsible for today's "quark alliance" and so on a reporter asked the assistance plan. CIRC relevant responsible person said that the Internet Co does not have the qualification of insurance business or insurance intermediary business qualifications, mutual aid plan of non insurance products. Some assistance plan under the pretext of insurance propaganda to the so-called "super low security and product innovation as marketing gimmick, compare the two not objectively and hook. CIRC relevant responsible person said that since last year, part of the Internet Co based on the network platform to launch the "quark alliance" cooperation plan, mainly in the field of cooperation and mutual accident of major diseases, and the recent so-called risk relates to vehicles. The launch of the assistance plan to take most of a small fee after the event occurred on the mutual mutual funds model, mutual aid amount uncertainty. Needs to be emphasized is that the Internet Co does not have the qualification of insurance business or insurance intermediary business qualifications, mutual aid plan of non insurance products. The related assistance plan no risk pricing and rating based on insurance actuarial science, no responsibility reserve, and there is no strict supervision of government departments, not fully guarantee the payment of compensation in financial stability and ability. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission noted that some assistance plan under the pretext of insurance propaganda to the so-called "super low security and product innovation as marketing gimmick, compare them objectively and linked; some web sites will be mutual plans and insurance product sales mix, to confuse the difference between the two, with considerable confusion and concealment, easy to make consumers mistakenly think that the assistance plan is a new type of insurance products or the so-called" Internet plus insurance ". These practices not only disrupt the normal order of the financial market, may also make serious damage to the interests of consumers. Especially alarming is that some institutions or individual pretext of "mutual aid plan" in micro-blog, WeChat and other Internet platform malicious defrauding the public money, easily causing economic loss to consumers. The responsible person said, according to the difference of risk and insurance assistance plan and possible early, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has issued a risk warning. Here, we once again remind consumers pay attention: assistance plan the main business do not have insurance business qualifications, the existence of hidden part of management as the main body of the continued viability and financial stability, consumers may face financial security is difficult to guarantee, guarantee can not be honored, the disclosure of personal privacy, difficult to solve disputes and other risks. At the same time, in accordance with the "insurance law" the relevant provisions of the people's Republic of China, any subject will be approved shall not in any way deal in the insurance business without insurance. In carrying out business activities and publicity in the process of insurance shall not use the term commitment guarantee, or compare the linked insurance products; mutual fund management plan shall be declared and regulated by the government, have the insurance business qualifications; establish a pool of funds not illegal. The responsible person said, the CIRC will further implement the State Council on the Internet to carry out financial risk rectification work of the decision to deploy, to crack down on illegal business insurance business and other illegal activities. At the same time, I will ask the insurance institutions to strengthen the investigation and rectification, the Internet Co shall not obtain insurance business qualifications to carry out business cooperation or provide credit support. cast in ferrules

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