In January, China’s foreign exchange reserves 3 trillion and 230 billion $$99 billion 400 million

The central bank released the latest data show that in January the official foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 230 billion 893 million, is expected to be $32100, ringlock scaffolding compared with December last year to reduce the $99 billion 469 million $3 trillion and 330 billion 362 million. In December last year, China’s foreign exchange reserves fell by $107 billion 900 million, for the biggest monthly decline in history. The central bank in 2015 fourth quarter monetary policy report, from the balance sheet “double balance” results, to reserve tool as an example, if reduce the statutory deposit reserve ratio, reserve liabilities in other depository corporations in the corresponding deposit into excess reserves, so as to increase the liquidity of the banking system, the promotion of market interest rates down, plus the drop signal meaning strong, may strengthen the policy easing is expected, these in certain circumstances may lead to devaluation pressures, increased capital outflows, foreign exchange reserves down. The central bank pointed out that in the open economy situation, monetary policy should pay attention to the international perspective, these are likely to affect the final performance in cross-border capital flows. Monetary policy should remain neutral and moderate, both to prevent the total demand structure adjustment in the process of decline inertia, and excessive water, can not effectively hinder market clearing. lifting clutches

Analysts said the central bank will not have to replace the RRR for short-term instruments

Analysts said the RRR cuts point may choose a quarter, the two quarter of the time – reporter Yan Liliang “Quite a long time in the process of economic transition Chinese ‘three superimposed” will continue, swift lift anchors therefore not always use tools to replace short-term and long-term instruments, the central bank’s monetary policy independence is necessary to strengthen.” Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities chief economist Zhang Jun told the “Securities Daily” said. Since last December, the market for the central bank to cut interest rates drop quasi expected will gradually rise, but the market has not yet wait until the policy landing. It is from mid January this year, the central bank increased the open market operations and started innovative monetary policy tools. The reverse repurchase operation to cover the period of 7 days, 14 days and 28 days, and from January 29th onwards, the central bank in the open market operation will enter the day reverse repurchase mode. Standing loan facilities (SLF), middle (MLF), to facilitate lending mortgage Supplemental Loan (PSL) has become a major tool for the central bank to inject long-term liquidity, short-term liquidity adjustment tool (SLO) and supporting government bonds and commercial bank bonds in the open market operations and SLO the scope of collateral is well compensated the lack of short-term liquidity. The short and medium term liquidity tools can replace long-term tool is RRR cuts? The feedback from all walks of life is the same, that is not. CRE Securities believes that when the Spring Festival disappears, there will be at least 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan yuan SLF 10 million plus reverse repurchase expires, if the central bank is not a sequel, so funds may not appear obvious loose. Therefore, the central bank liquidity management operations will now give liquidity after the Spring Festival bring great disturbance, the festival funds face to face greater uncertainty. Zhang Jun believes that the central bank can not cut down, instead of the use of open market operations and innovative monetary policy tools to provide liquidity to the market. Although the effect is no difference to a great extent, but reflects the central bank’s rate cut RRR release worry loose signal will result in greater pressure on the exchange rate. But the central bank cannot always use tools to replace short-term and long-term instruments, the central bank’s monetary policy independence is necessary to strengthen. At present, various market institutions have period of time the central bank will cut interest rates drop quasi time until the first quarter of this year, the turn of the two quarter. swift lift anchors

P2P net loan platform can constantly alert monkey of Nirvana rebirth

CNR net Beijing on February 7th news (reporter Chai Hua) according to the Chinese voice of “news” reported that over the years, lifting anchor P2P finance, also is what we commonly known as the P2P network credit, micro lending transactions between the individual and the individual such as rapid growth last year, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, platform 1140, the national P2P net loan turnover is a breakthrough trillion yuan. However, when it comes to the year of the sheep P2P, but many people frown, marvel. The glow of youth, blossom everywhere because of the Internet and emerging financial industry in the past year suffered growing pains. Shortly before the E and several other major outbreaks of rent treasure let P2P and “run away tide” frequently involved. Especially at the end of the year to every family money on the P2P platform, business and run away cash difficulties and other issues is particularly prominent, but also more noticeable. Many still put the money on the P2P platform, investors can not help but make up whisper: how about this industry? My money is safe? Why would P2P frequent run road tide? The industry in the end what is the situation? In a nearly 400 of the net loan investors QQ group, the recent hot topic is: my money is not to come back? The group manager Wu rough statistics, this group have at least 20 million dollars a boondoggle, it is called a “vegetable Ze venture P2P platform. Two months on the line, made more than 120 million yuan financing subject, mainly to the 1 and 3 months of financing subject, and the gains of up to 24% more P2P platform finally let the group of friends to Xiao Wu’s tears: Wu Yue, two days ago to run away, he again take a large pen, a pen finally swept away, there have been 35% targets. Not only do they no doubt are flocking to about about 10000000 nearly 20 million of the standard, the last two days he was swept away so much. Similarly, the old week Nianyuhuajia cannot be happy together. Let him think impassability, a real estate mortgage business tax business license registration, the subject list is complete, and he signed electronic contracts, and shouted P2P platform fake actually run away, he took a lifetime to accumulate $about 1000000 endowment money: Thinking annualized interest rate over stock, permitted by the state the other, by the mortgage, that is what I think he should have no doubt, but after repeated examination. But in the end we found him are empty. One of the two is not the thing, three five can not panic, the net loan market over the past year, far more than the number of growing pains. According to the net loan home to the latest statistics, in January this year, the national net loan platform for 88, which accounted for more than 6 of the number of platforms run away, about 54. And throughout 2015, China’s net loan platform of more than 896, 3.26 times in 2014, mainly in Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing provinces and the five. The melting point of the network CEO Guo Yuhang said that some of the platform in the name of P2P actually engage in a fund-raising fraud, fictitious borrowers, in the business of P2P as a gimmick to carry out a large number of non-standard loans, financing business, are finally deceive the people’s money, such as operation mode, staff salaries and operating costs, given the exhibition industry. The Internet may have special to find some experience too many old people. Even to see some very clear indications, such as the borrower, then some. Some just repeatedly changed the registered capital, from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of registered capital changes, and are not subscribed, the actual place of the borrower, to put up the platform standard. The economic downturn, rising non-performing rate of loans, the macro environment that large financial institutions have to face the network lending platform of course not spared. Plus loan products are more concentrated expire at the end of the year, once the platform suspected capital pool or from financial services, the end customer focus withdrawals is the probability of the event, the word “runs on the P2P platform is not” what if “, capital chain risk has become a realistic problem. Net loan house founder Zhu Mingchun said, because the platform take the advance mode, so let this big hole in many platforms. Then there will be a lot of this industry platform is then closed because of poor management situation. For the P2P industry, through the bamboo shoots after a spring rain “stage, when the blazing hot waves struck, always make a lot of shaky platform wither. Of course, there is another side of the coin. At the end of last year, pleasant loans listed on the NYSE public offering of 7 million 500 thousand shares of American depositary shares, becoming the first company listed on the P2P platform. In addition, Lu Jin revealed the fastest in the second half of this year to start listing in Hongkong. P2P net loan industry chaos, growing pains of flash. Although the market listing of the new issue, but China P2P industry barbaric growth 3 years has reached the specification and differentiation of the crossroads. The station is destined to usher in the rebirth in the year of the monkey opportunities in the P2P industry at the crossroads. Not long ago, the CBRC study in conjunction with the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the state Internet information office and other departments of the drafting of the “Interim Measures for the business activity management network credit information agency (Draft)”, open to the public for comments. In the future, from the local diagnostic P2P, commercial banks to close the P2P interface, the P2P industry will be introduced to the specification of the road? The monkey will give us the answer. Network lending refers to the individual and between individuals through the Internet platform to achieve direct lending, P2P net loan is known to the public, which belongs to the category of private lending. The “measures” the definition of the connotation of net loans, clear the scope of application and basic principles of net loan activities, reaffirmed the legal status of institutions as information intermediary. From this point of view, P2P industry three years of brutal growth finally have their own basic law. Renmin University of China law school professor Yang Dong pointed out, first in the fight against the pseudo P2P, pseudo Internet financial platform a major positive, because it is defined as a financial information intermediary, is a network of private lending, attacking those pseudo pseudo P2P, raise public finance. Public comment “measures” to determine the net loan industry regulation: the general principle of market discipline based, supplemented by administrative supervision. To conduct supervision, supervision by. So, without prior approval, the filing system, nor what the threshold limit. Professor Peng Bing of Peking University law school believes that the regulatory framework and design reasonable and encourage innovation, it is used in a so-called “filing system”, in other words it does not set up barriers to entry, and there is no record of the conditions, relatively speaking in front of the threshold is relatively low, the future regulatory requirements may by industry standards, or filing classification to reflect the purpose of regulation, but at least now see a light regulation. Because P2P two or three years of development, has reached such a scale of two thousand to three thousand, so the existing institutions, such light regulation would be a happy thing, relatively encouraging innovation. More importantly, the “measures” the implementation of negative list management, the net lending institutions can not engage in twelve prohibitions behavior, including not to absorb public deposits, not to set up the pool of funds, shall not provide guarantees or promises guaranteed security interest. For now, the gray business, dragons and fishes jumbled together non-performing rate data opaque P2P industry, such as Hong Xiantai important. Home of the founder of net loan Zhu Mingchun believes that regulatory rules landing on the development of the industry is a major positive, pre-approval of the industry now have been removed, is an encouraging attitude. Employees, because of regulatory rules, the industry also know where the boundaries, in addition to the no legal prohibition is feasible, this is a very good thing. This time, the supervision of the industry to adjust their business platform to match the implementation details, its cost is not very high, so this is a good thing. Comments synchronized with the “measures”, the CBRC said the net lending institutions registration, assessment classification and formulate detailed rules for implementation. But due to the local finance office in custody, around the “basic measures” of the draft, also continued introduction of some relevant policies. Chongqing, Beijing and other places have suspended the Internet financial enterprise business registration, in order to control the overall size of the industry, diagnostic investigation industry risk. On the other hand, according to media reports, prior to January 22nd, the bank has been strictly regulate their own P2P payment interface, to pay part of the channel is closed. Followed by China Merchants Bank also announced earlier this month, will limit the P2P interface message. In a statement, “to avoid unnecessary reputational risk” has become the main reason, and behind it, waiting for regulatory rules landing is also considering the reality. The new loan CEO publicity that the specification is certainly the first one. Now we have no policy for the future, rules out what will happen? Other banks are concerned, we have been in contact in a statement in this aspect is not a definite such behavior. Has been released to solicit the views of the “measures” requirements of net loan platform for customers to fund the implementation of the third party depository, implement account management of client funds and net loan institutions own funds provided by the banking financial institutions to implement the third party custody of customer funds. Also provides specific net loan amount should be mainly small, require the same borrower in net lending institutions on single loan limit and loan balance limit should be net loan risk management mechanism and the ability to adapt. These Regulations are put up the basic firewall security funds for ordinary investors. This also means that the regulation becomes clearer, the commercial banks will inevitably become the future P2P capital chain is an important part of the. As everyone knows the e rent treasure event there is no final conclusion at the end of the year, the number of risk events, the previously mentioned all the new regulations and rules will be forthcoming in the year of the monkey started to fall. A good loan founder and CEO Li Mingshun said, execution is the key, some time not to say that the law is not comprehensive enough, but in fact in most cases when law enforcement is not in place, is the “bad money drives out good money”. So after the regulatory rules, that is to focus on execution, rather than how hard some law. The introduction of the law execution and I think both will be better to make this market. lifting insert

Capital chain bearing Boland department or holdings of Vanke

The newspaper news (reporter Sun Jie) in January more than a stalemate “Bao Wan dispute, or attack can reduce the turning of noble. Vanke A recently released to continue the suspension announcement, said the company restructuring related work to promote. Vanke said that the company currently has a potential counterparty signed a non binding letter of intent to cooperate, at the same time, in addition to continuing negotiations with the potential counterparties, negotiations and consultations with other potential rivals still. At the same time, the continued downturn in the stock market fell, also can let the treasure Department of capital chain pressure, may be forced to continue to spread the news Holdings vanke. Since December 18th last year, Vanke A emergency suspension eighth times so far, Vanke has issued suspension or to continue the suspension notice. Resumption time from the initial estimate of January 18, 2016, postponed to March 18th, or even June 18th. Vanke management by means of suspension against Boland, formed no small pressure on the latter. Some analysts said the treasure can the tens of billions of funds can only be fast, can not fight a protracted war, without other tricks, just can make the long-term suspension can outlast the treasure. There are reports that the treasure to the actual control of the Department of Yao Zhenhua has decided to reduce part of Vanke, China Vanke agreed to give up the position of major shareholders, as a financial investor. According to the analysis, the treasure can move behind reason is the capital chain tight. In January 18th this year, CCTV reported the treasure Department of capital chain tight, the Bank of the treasure to further tighten lending, bancassurance is also shrinking, it can lead to treasure Department funds more serious. Vanke in the high price of the suspension reorganization plan, but the A shares have slumped recently. After the resumption, the treasure Department of Vanke stock holdings as a blessing or a curse, concern. In some industry insiders, now treasure in a very awkward position, also may face greater losses; and the potential disk access, will also face the risk of price fluctuations and reputation risk. As of December 18, 2015, Vanke in the total share capital, treasure can hold 24.26%, Huarun group holds 15.29%, Ampang insurance holding 6.18%, the representative of China Vanke partner Jinpeng information management plans to hold 4.14%, Germany won the No. 1 information management plans to hold 2.06%.lifting anchor

China will reform the QDII and QFII system this year

Xinhua Beijing February 7th news (reporter Jiang Lin) the Secretary for administration of foreign exchange capital project management director Guo Song recently said that in 2016, the foreign exchange bureau will coordinate and promote the reform and opening up the capital market, ringlock scaffolding qualified domestic and foreign institutional investors (QDII and QFII) system. “In the opening of the capital projects, related work in 2016 will further carry out research on the FTA within the limits of the convertibility of the pilot reform.” Guo Song said, the foreign exchange bureau will continue to deepen the foreign debt macro Prudential management pilot, choose to carry out full bore foreign debt macro Prudential Management Reform; policy research to promote the unified management of cross-border security of the foreign currency, moderate liberalization of domestic institutional transfer of foreign debt financial assets reform policy; a non bank financial institution management norms. According to Guo Song introduction, the latest assessment shows that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 40 sub project of capital and financial control in China has 37 sub items reached partial convertibility and above level, ratio of 92.5%, compared with the beginning of 2015 increased by 5 percentage points. The remaining 3 non convertible sub projects, mainly concentrated in the domestic capital market to issue a transaction procedures, such as non residents to issue stocks, money market instruments and derivatives business. Guo Song said, to further improve cross-border capital flow monitoring and early warning system, to prevent the risk of cross-border capital flows is one of the key management of foreign exchange capital projects in 2016. lifting clutches

58%P2P net loan platform was a risk warning in investor sentiment continues to decline

In January this year, formwork accessories P2P net loan early warning platform 2967, prop nut the platform 1672 problems – reporter Yu Deliang Pessimism about the net loan industry began to appear in January this year. Recently, the first net loan (Shenzhen Qiancheng) released the “2016 January national P2P net loan industry bulletin”, data show that 1 at the end of Chinese P2P net loan risk early warning system of the risk pool early warning platform 2967, accounting for P2P net loan platform 5100 58.18%; the problem of platform 1672, accounting for a total platform the number of 32.78%. At the same time, P2P net lending in the daily number of 299 thousand and 400, a decline of 2.60%. Data show that in January this year, the occurrence of new net loan risk early warning platform for 201, a total of 2967, accounting for the total number of home net loan platform 58.18%. The new stop operation, cash difficulties, lost to run away etc. issues platform (special warning platform) 154, a total of 1672, accounting for 32.78% of the total number of. Although the problem of small platform platform is mostly short-lived, but still caused some losses to investors. At the same time, the national net loan platform to reach 5100, a record number of. In January, P2P net loan platform China P2P net loan index statistics for the 3761, the platform basically reflects the current national P2P net loan picture; not included in the index, while the P2P net loan platform as the observation statistics for the 498; in addition, observe the rest of the 841 P2P net loan platform. Three of 5100 total net loan platform, a record high. In January, the national net loan turnover fell to 142 billion 433 million yuan (compared with 2015 December, a 147 billion 594 million yuan) decreased 3.50% year-on-year (compared to 2014 growth of 154.45% yuan in January 55 billion 977 million). Net loan turnover in the last month of negative growth, continue to expand the range of negative growth. However, the net loan industry rapid development remains to be seen whether this is the end. The concern is that the platform turnover severely. 20.46% platform turnover in less than 1 million yuan; 42.54% platform turnover in 1 million yuan to 10 million yuan; 9.22% platform turnover of more than 100 million yuan. (Yu Deliang)lifting anchor

The dollar index fell 6.53 points on the central parity of RMB

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Dai Manman reports: the RMB against the U.S. dollar yesterday reported 6.5314, compared with the previous trading day up 105, precast accessories high of nearly a month to once again hit value. Analysts believe that the RMB against the U.S. dollar recently to slow after the callback, rose for two days, the main reason is the dollar index recently suffered a crash. On Wednesday, the dollar index in seven years the largest single day decline Yesterday, the RMB against the U.S. dollar price rose sharply to 105 basis points, offer 6.5314, while in the previous 4 days, the central parity of RMB has sharply increased by 102 basis points. The increase in median price for two days, from the market analysis, the main reason is the recent dollar index fell, especially on Wednesday once the dollar index fell more than 2%, taking all the gains since the start of 2016, and in seven years the largest single day decline. Analysts believe that the direct cause of the dollar index fell on Wednesday, due to the United States in January ISM non manufacturing index was significantly lower than market expectations, and hit a two-year low. The downturn in the data show that the growth of the service industry is slow, the U.S. economic recovery or not optimistic. Affected by the dollar index plummeted, the market risk aversion higher, gold prices have on Thursday rose $13.64, or 1.2%, up to $1155.54, the fifth consecutive trading day rebound. But as of press time yesterday, the London gold once again weakened slightly, by 0.06%. Some analysts predict in the U.S. payrolls data released before the market is expected to continue to pessimistic mood. As of press time yesterday, the dollar index price 96.6137, only slightly over the previous day rose 0.0398%. The 3 Federal Reserve officials said Dudley, the dollar would hurt the U.S. economy. The latest research report released by the China Merchants Bank macro also pointed out that a strong dollar will temporarily depress US inflation, and a permanent drag on economic growth, lower interest rate expectations. The central parity of RMB rose for two days Goldman recently published research report pointed out that the yuan could increase the appreciation in recent days. From the central bank’s initiatives, the current price has been 2 consecutive days the callback rate is more than 100 points. 2:30 yesterday afternoon, the spot exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.5538, RMB appreciation of 200 basis points, the rate reached 0.3%. However, yesterday the market traders told reporters that the current Lunar New Year soon, light trading market, before the RMB will remain to stabilize, the central parity of RMB callback is mainly due to the drastic devaluation of the dollar index recently. If in the long term, the strong dollar will still cause some pressure on the RMB devaluation. Years ago, the foreign exchange market transactions cold At the beginning of this year, many banks and foreign exchange business is hot, different compared to yesterday, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited the Tianhe District part of the current foreign exchange outlets found a significant reduction in the population. The main reason is the two points, one is the number of pre purchase demand is relatively concentrated, everyone is preparing for the winter vacation or holiday travel demand, a state-owned bank Tianhe branch customer service manager told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, another reason is that the Spring Festival approaching, the common foreign exchange reduced demand over the years is the rule. “Of course, we also received some customer telephone inquiries of the RMB against the dollar, but really want to come to purchase foreign exchange may be concentrated in the years after a period of time.” halfen frimeda

Central bank: 2015 to carry out a total of nearly $2 trillion and 200 billion interim lending facility operation

The people’s Bank of Chinese 6 released report shows that in 2015 the cumulative carry interim borrowing convenient operation (MLF) 21948 yuan, on the middle of the base currency to financial institutions, guide them to increase Small and micro businesses and “three agriculture” and other key areas and weak links in support. 2015 fourth quarter monetary policy report, each quarter of 2015 were carried out MLF operation 10145 billion yuan, 514 billion 500 million yuan, 360 billion yuan and 305 billion 800 million yuan, the final MLF amounted to 665 billion 800 million yuan. The first half of the year, the operation for a period of 3 months, the interest rate is 3.5%. The second half of the year, will be extended for 6 months, the interest rate is 3.35%, in order to guide financial institutions to reduce lending rates and the social cost of financing in November and the interest rate down to 3.25%. The report said that in 2015 the people’s Bank also use supplementary mortgage loans (PSL) and other tools, key areas and weak links to increase credit. From October 2015 onwards, to carry PSL expanded by the National Development Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank, the Export Import Bank of Chinese China, mainly used to support the shed reform loans, major water conservancy project loans, “going out” project loans, throughout the year to the three banks to provide PSL a total of 698 billion 100 million yuan, the final PSL amounted to 10812 million yuan. The report said, the next stage of the people’s Bank of China will continue to implement prudent monetary policy to maintain an appropriate degree of timely fine-tuning, make the total demand management and supply side structural reforms to adapt. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, February 6, (reporter Liu Zheng, Wang Wendi) swivel coupler

Tip: ATM UnionPay inter-bank transfer service for normal operation of the Spring Festival

Chinese UnionPay announced on 6, ATM (automatic teller machine) interbank transfer service is not affected by the Spring Festival normal operation, the central bank micro payment system and online payment interbank clearing system to suspend operation effect. According to the people’s Bank of China previously announced in 2016 the people’s bank payment and settlement arrangement maintenance system, February 6th 19 to February 9th 20, suspend the operation of micro payment system and online payment interbank clearing system. During this period, interbank remittance business bank counter, online banking, mobile phone banking, telephone banking and other channels will be real-time arrival. The reporter learned from China UnionPay payment in China, micro payment system and online interbank clearing system to suspend operation, UnionPay network inter bank trading system will be all day long 24 hours of normal operation. ATM interbank transfer service is not affected, and real-time arrival. UnionPay cardholders if emergency remittance needs, need only have a sufficient balance of UnionPay debit card, can be in any ATM, China UnionPay to the bank or other bank card transfers. If in any doubt in the process of using the card, please call 95516 for consultation. Xinhua Beijing February 6th news (reporter Liu Zheng) lifting socket

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