Anhui 90 returnees force “green dream”

China News AgencyHefei 16 August, Title: Anhui 90 returnees force “green dream”Author Ni Xinran Mao Zhenjie16 days afternoon, Anhui province is the city of Hefei Huaihe road pedestrian street of Ms. Zhao, told reporters she just two bottles of mineral water for a basin of cactus. “Did not think of shopping around to a pot, it was learned the knowledge of environmental protection, but also benefit.” Zhao took her three year old daughter, fiddling with his pot.Ms. Zhao pot was held in Huaihe Lu Ming Temple at the entrance of the “plant war discarded items” activities. “Plant war discarded items” the activity is initiated by a group of Anhui province after the 90 “returnees”, the site of the public through registration, scan two-dimensional code, the delivery of two abandoned mineral water bottles, and can choose one you like the potted green plants in the field.”Environmental protection, our strength is limited, but we must take this part of the people, to influence more people, let everyone to do environmental protection, this is my green dream”. “Green China” sponsors, after 90 “returnees” Tang Shu and the on-site command at the scene, while accepting a reporter to interview, busy.Is for “Green China” environmental protection commonweal organization by the Anhui returnee entrepreneurs as the main body, to make everyone become environmental advocates, raise public awareness of environmental protection, improve China’s environmental problems.For six years in the United States of Tang Shu, the entrepreneur is committed to public welfare undertakings of the spirit, a great influence on the. “I always wanted to have the opportunity to do something for the Hefei home.”Speaking of why launched to do environmental protection, which originates from the held in July this year a Hefei overseas Association, “back to find the child often see the blue sky was replaced by a haze, which made me feel lost.” Tang Shu said, “so I put forward to do the public environmental protection idea, didn’t expect everyone’s support.”Publicity director Yang Jie introduces to the reporter, at present in many returnees, for more than 90. “I’m going home for several years, Hefei in the past few years the environment is not good. But we can take action, we can do much better than abroad.” Speaking of which, her confident smile.The responsible person Yuan Zhen told reporters that today there are more than 200 volunteers in the field service, perform their respective duties. But there are many entrepreneurs and environmentalists, and many versatile performer and performance on the spot. “We have prepared more than 1000 potted plants, species diversity. As long as you have the environmental protection consciousness, will make its contribution to environmental protection in Hefei, you can be like a pot.” Although after 15 pedestrian street is cool, but the responsible person or sweating.American girl Xu Jingjie summer home on leave also joined this activity. The easy-going girl full of new idea, although only a short time in the summer, but she still tried his best to do something for the environmental protection in Hefei. “I just want to see again a blue sky, can catch crayfish ponds and no haze weather.” (end)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors scaffolding clamps pfeifer VS box

August 16th morning, the staff in Jinshui golden bridge guardrail installation. To meet the 65 anniversary of the founding of new China, the Tiananmen Area Administrative Committee from August 15th to September 25th, organizing the implementation of the Tiananmen gate, the reviewing stand, something red, outer wall plastering engineering and the monument to the people’s Heroes cleaning engineering. At the same time, demolition of Tiananmen before the 7 Jinshui bridge on the original white fence, and replaced with a fence style, Tiananmen area consistent tone golden railing. The golden fence adopts special stainless steel high strength and a built-in hinge can be influenced by external shocks that fence “bend but not scattered, greatly improving the protection performance. At present, the golden fence has been applied to the Tiananmen square, tower, Jinshui bridge, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the people, Zhongnanhai and Chang’an Avenue important place entrance line etc..The Beijing News reporter Xue Jun Rao Pei PhotojournalismSponsor Link:cast in ferrules cuplock scaffolding lifting loop

People’s network in Ruoqiang on 16 August, (reporter Hu Fengjun) in August 13th, the Xinjiang Ruoqiang county Party committee was informed that recently, the county issued “Ruoqiang County reported methods information Award” (hereinafter referred to as the “rules”). Now, to prevent the violent terrorism crime, relating to violence, “three not” activities, to “extreme”, criminal cases, public security case, social conditions and public opinion and other clues and play the role of the cadres and the masses to reward, up to 500000 yuan.The “measures” provisions, to the masses and by the public security organs of the violent terrorism crime clues, according to the violent terrorism crime (thing) the nature, scope, extent of harm factors such as components, and to evaluate and reward according to its function and effect. In order to prevent or detect violent terror plays a larger role leads to 30000 yuan, 500000 yuan reward; provide relates to terrorism, separatism and religious extremism, violent fear clues safety according to the value of 20000 yuan, to give 100000 yuan reward; provides the “three non -” clue according to value to give 10000 yuan, 30000 yuan reward; provides the “extreme” intelligence clues according to the value, given 8000 yuan, 20000 yuan reward; provide extreme religious thought and behavior information cues according to value grant appropriate 6000 yuan, 20000 yuan reward; provide for criminal case clues for public security organs to solve criminal cases, arrest illegal the suspect has played a direct role, according to the value, given 3000 yuan, 20000 yuan reward; provide clues to cases, according to the value to give 1000 yuan, 10000 yuan reward; provide social conditions and public opinion according to the value of clues to give 500 yuan to 5000 yuan reward.In addition, the “measures” provisions, those who provide clues to the informer, the public security organ verified in accordance with the “first reported reward, a case (a) a award, don’t repeat awards, confidentiality, false punishment” principle reward. For the false alarm, fabricating and disseminating false terrorist information, or by reporting false accusation against the others, the public security organs shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. Providing information to the people in the no leak out. Publicity and reward meritorious personnel, in addition to my consent, shall not be disclosed to provide information such as their name, unit. Provides information on retaliation, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.The county deputy secretary of the county committee, the committee secretary Deng Dongsheng said that the introduction of the “measures”, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses to participate in the work of maintaining social stability, the timely discovery, control and eliminate the influence of great hidden danger to social stability, widen the information collection channel, promote intelligence led work stability, to ensure social stability in Ruoqiang and stability.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories cuplock scaffolding lifting loop

16 reporters from the Shandong Changqing District of Ji’nan City Civilization Commission was informed that recently in Expressway accident rescue for the protection of victims and unfortunately killed in the emergency department of Changqing District People’s hospital doctor Wen Gang, was posthumously awarded “Changqing district the moral model”, the Changqing district government is actively for Comrade Wen Gang to declare the martyr.In July 29th 3, with two car accident of Beijing high-speed Wande export 1 kilometers south, killing 2 people injured. Changqing District 120 command center dispatch Zhangxia first-aid station doctors and nurses, the driver heard just rushed to the scene of the accident.4, the first time arrived at the scene of the accident just smell in the rescue of heavy semi trailer driver was injured when heavy semi-trailer another car from behind the oncoming brake in time, before the accident vehicle head on and stopped at the 120 ambulance accident in front of the car, nurses and emergency vehicle driver it was all the way, was seriously injured, but he couldn’t find Wen Gang.”Smell just where?” Then came Dong Deyin, director of the emergency department in Changqing people’s hospital rescue anxious. At that time, has more than 5, the lightening day we found that Wen gang and his rescue truck driver were crushed under the wheels, two people tightly embrace together, how to look like a man.”When the last lift accident handlebar smell just rescued when the people cried.” Dong Deyin said. Originally, the smell of rigid arms holding the big truck drivers, truck driver’s body is complete, and Wen Gang’s face, arms and body almost is harmed.Born in 1983, Wen Gang, Shandong in 2005 from Heze Medical College after graduation, has been held in the 120 first aid station. In 9 years, he has completed more than 1.5 times of emergency tasks, save countless lives of patients.”120 first aid is a very hard job, all the year round no holidays, whether in winter or summer, or late night dawn, as long as the Chujing received telephone, he is always the first one to the emergency site.” Usually in the work with the smell just contact more emergency dispatcher said Meng Qinghua.As an only child, it just has the risk of heart disease, old parents, there is a 6 year old daughter, wife also did not work. He is 31 year old young life, the interpretation of the sacred duty of medical workers a.It just in the life and death critical moment to protect the injured died in harness deeds, caused a strong reaction in the community. Farewell in the recently in the Changqing District of funeral held the remains of the ceremony, thousands of health workers and the masses spontaneously came to the most beautiful emergency doctors leaving the act “”. (reporter Wang Zhi)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches shuttering magnet

Unplug the mandibular a molar, have lead to two months after mandibular serious necrosis. Doctors in Wuhan found a rare reaction to a drug to remind colleagues and taking Fosamax treatment of osteoporosis patients attention.Yesterday, Wuhan University hospital oral maxillofacial surgeon Wan Qilong, just accepts an eight year old mother-in-law, long-term use of bisphosphonates alendronate treatment for osteoporosis, no stopping on a tooth pulled out, 2 months after the mandible as corrosion, has rotted away a chunk may not cure.According to foreign reports, from 2001 onwards were found in patients with osteonecrosis of the jaw phenomenon of bisphosphonate use after. In our country, such cases are rare, but people who take the medication tooth or dental implant caused osteonecrosis of the jaw were gradually began to appear, both doctors and patients are worth attention.  Osteonecrosis of the jaw mother-in-law after tooth extractionYesterday, a micro Bo Wuhan University hospital oral maxillofacial surgeons Wan Qilong attracted a lot of attention: “a long-term oral bisphosphonates in patients with osteonecrosis of the jaw, right in a certain hospital extraction.”Wan Qilong introduces, this Tuesday, 80 year old Li Popo to hospital for treatment, in her two months ago from his hospital extraction of a mandibular molars, but the wound healing in long time, repeatedly gall. Inspection found that Li Popo’s right mandible has serious infection and necrosis, bone like etched, a large part.After a detailed history, Wan Qilong analysis, Lee mother-in-law long term called “Fosamax” bisphosphonates osteoporosis treatment, the patients in the post extraction because of the role of drugs, easily lead to intractable osteonecrosis of the jaw.Li Popo’s condition is very difficult to handle, the old man yesterday surgery, scrape off the necrotic bone, but the doctor said that the outcome is not ideal, the elderly may wound healing, life quality.This is similar to third patients with maxillofacial surgery in this hospital in recent three years experience, are long-term taking Fosamax treatment of osteoporosis in aged women.Wan Qilong reminded the Department of Stomatology counterparts, if the patient has a bisphosphonate medication history, dental implant operation in the extraction, and preoperative must stop using this medicine, and when to be extra careful to avoid excessive wound healing after tooth extraction, still need to use antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, avoid infection.In the 启龙 microblogging comments, insiders pointed out that bisphosphonates may lead to disorder of immune system regulation ability of jaw broken and cell apoptosis of bone, then merge infection will lead to intractable osteonecrosis of the jaw. At present, there are two kinds of people are taking such drugs: one is the large number of patients with osteoporosis drug Fosamax, representative. Two is the malignant tumor breast cancer patients to prevent bone metastasis and hypercalcemia, representative drug zometa.  A lot of osteoporosis patients taking FosamaxYesterday, Wuhan universal love hospital department of Endocrinology director Lin Mei told reporters that bisphosphonate “Fosamax” is a kind of bone metabolism regulator is the preferred treatment many patients with severe osteoporosis, a lot of postmenopausal women taking the drugs treating osteoporosis medication group, fairly wide.She introduces, this medicine weekly oral one, mainly taking notes is to drink plenty of water delivery service, after taking half an hour do not lie down, do not eat to avoid irritation of gastrointestinal tract. This medicine has led to the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw, she is only seen in the literature, clinical had not seen.Wuhan Tongji Hospital pharmacy department director Du Guang said that he has not met in clinic because of taking Fosamax lead to osteonecrosis of the jaw cases. Efficacy of Fosamax treatment of osteoporosis is affirmed in the world. He believes that any drugs have side effects, bisphosphonates are relatively mild, less side effects, the osteonecrosis of the jaw of the extremely case. But it is difficult to predict, so we must give priority to prevention, it is important to remind the Department of Stomatology physicians.He reminded, more and more patients currently taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, must carefully ask the patient medication history of tooth extraction, dental implant operation, patients also had better take the initiative to tell the doctor, to avoid the tragedy.  Little information:In 2006 April, the United States “Losangeles times” has reported similar cases, said that from 2001 to 2006, the United States has more than 2400 people appear osteonecrosis of the jaw in an “Fosamax” bisphosphonate therapy; at the time, “Fu Shan beauty” of the manufacturers, the pharmaceutical giant Merck Co said. “Fosamax” after the appearance of osteonecrosis of the jaw were “very rare”.Sponsor Link:precast accessories scaffolding clamps erection anchor

In new networkHohhot 17 August report (reporter Li Aiping) 17, reporters confirmed from the Hohhot Railway Bureau, connecting the north and northwest of the trunk railway lines – Baotou Lanzhou Railway for 16 days because of the flood, two by flash floods washed away, causing 4 passenger trains are running late.Reporter from the Hohhot Railway Bureau was informed that 16 the administration Baotou Lanzhou railway line (Baotou to Lanzhou) flood occurred 2: Fourteen twenty, Ordos territory between HangJinQi Railway Station to Wuhai in Jian Gui Railway Station has a water flushing subgrade. At seventeen five, the WuHai Railway Station to Wuhai between domestic yellow mon station has a water flushing subgrade condition.It is reported that the flood occurred, the local railway bureau immediately launched the emergency plan, the blockade line emergency examination, treatment, 2 water section lines has been restored. The flood caused by K885 (Tianjin – Yinchuan), 1133 (Tianjin – Wuhai), K7901 (Baotou Wu Haixi), 6851 (Baotou East – Wu Haixi) 4 passenger trains running late. (end)Sponsor Link:halfen channel scaffolding clamps halfen frimeda

17 reporters from the Langfang municipal government of Hebei was informed that, in the face of alien invasive species of American white moth on tree ring around Beijing and Tianjing serious threat, Langfang city forestry departments in the local on the 500000000 head of American white moth predators — Zhou Shinie wasp, the biological control in the scope of.Langfang adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, is an important ecological barrier two municipalities directly under the central government. In recent years, Langfang, Beijing and Tianjin area vigorously carry out afforestation, build around Beijing and Tianjin “green the Great Wall”, but the American white moth is a serious threat to forest.According to forestry experts, the American white moth native to North America, was introduced in 1979 in Liaoning area, and was included in the first batch of alien invasive species in China, known as the “white wizard”. The American white moth fecundity, adaptability and propagation speed is fast, the spring a female moth eggs, to the third generation can be breeding larvae million head. The larvae of a great forest damage, larva can eat the poplar leaves twenty or thirty. In addition to using all kinds of transportation, logistics, communication, adults can fly, spread rapidly. Once the outbreak of pests, fruit trees, trees and ornamental trees especially broad-leaved trees of great harm, no less than the forest fire.In recent years, Hebei forestry department actively using a “small forest guards” reputation of chouioiacunea control of American white moth. According to forestry experts, chouioiacunea high parasitic rate, fecundity, the American white moth lepidoptera pest “have a special liking”. It can be through the ovipositor will eggs into American white moth and other pests pupa, pupa within and in growth, can absorb all the nutrients are parasitized pupae of American white moth, biological control. And the pesticide effect than the release of chouioiacunea can effectively reduce the American white moth population density, good control effect, a long time, and no environmental pollution, pollution-free.According to a recent survey of American white moth, the forestry sector in Langfang Guan County, Xianghe County, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and other places have released about 500000000 head of chouioiacunea, and to take measures to ensure the survival of cocoon, to maximize the area to achieve pollution prevention and control. (reporter Qi Leijie)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories cuplock scaffolding steel chamfer

Du Jihua help Rong Bao has become of the eye. Reporter Liu Yunfei perturbationA house in the north of the village, a village south. The intersection without any two people, but because of a visit by Du Jihua, closely together. They live in the Liaocheng Dongchangfu area Dou Hu Tun Zhen Hui Zhuang cun. Rong Baocheng’s three brothers and sisters, two sisters with serious mental illness, life depended on him, he is 65 years old, no ability to work, the three old people eat is a problem. More than 10 years, Du Jihua and his wife Guo Dongju has been taking care of them.  Not with the outsiders exchanges  The old man is only the letter theyRong Baocheng’s three brothers and sisters are not married, together 30 years. They kept her parents died, and two sisters, I do not know when suffering from severe mental illness, Rong Bao has become mental state is also HERSHEY’S bad. As he grew older, three people even eating has become a problem.The village of Du Jihua to know their situation, take the initiative to help take care of three people, is a flash for 10 years. The two sister after illness, living on his old brother, and Rong Baocheng has no ability to work, family life on Du Jihua’s relief.Send rice, a vegetable, oil supply, a face, as long as Du Jihua can eat, absolutely let old people eat. The older, the medicine the doctor is constant some thing. Du Jihua no money, the old man asked, he will be.In the interview, Du Jihua said a word: “nothing, don’t bother, I often go to see them, it’s not what!” But Haruki knows, can contact Rong Bao has become the three siblings in itself is not an easy thing.The villagers knew Rong Baocheng never associate with anyone, two sister was seriously ill, one often went to walk outside, the mood is not good on the curse, you are not close to; a perennial wear no clothes to stay in the house, police station photograph are unable to.”Only Du Jihua can bring people to go to his house, the other was near, he is cursed, we dare not go, old glory will believe him. Old glory nothing for him, he promised, without him, the family had starved to death.” The villagers said.  Buy a mobile phone for the elderly  The phone callThe reporter and Du Jihua came to the Rong Bao married, Rong Baocheng is washing clothes in the yard, see Du Jihua come, old man. Du Jihua told reporters, to the old pictures, can only pretend to see a doctor, or the elderly are not strangers.Guo Dongju said, recently, Rong Bao has become the eyes of the tumor, a few hospitals husband took him to the Liaocheng have seen, hospital advised the elderly do surgery, but the old man not to do, even can’t see anything. “Brother his spirit is not very good, sometimes the words did not talk, he is willing to old du chat, listen to old Du, if they, the old Du took him to do surgery.”In order to facilitate contact with Rong Baocheng, Du Jihua bought a phone for the elderly, the elderly to call him, he call.Three siblings with only a few acres of thin, also cannot cultivate, is Du Jihua to help him, the grain harvest for the old man to. The old house is old, he want to let the old man to go home house, but the old man didn’t agree.Not long ago, Du Jihua built a happy home in the village, there are nearly ten beds. The happiness Institute completed, he plans to meet Rong Bao has become the three siblings to live here, it solves them in their old age. “The elder brother can now take care of themselves, but after all old.” Du Jihua said. (reporter Liu Yunfei interns Xiao Lanlan correspondent Liu Yujie)Sponsor Link:fixing socket cast in sockets

In new networkHuzhou 16 August Xinhua (trainee reporter Zhang Jun correspondent Yang Tao) 16 days afternoon, Zhejiang Huzhou Anji Phoenix Mountain Reservoir after a car on fire, Anji fire brigade immediately dispatched 2 car 14 people went to the rescue, arrived at the scene after ten minutes of treatment success to put out the fire, according to the Huzhou Anji fire officers and soldiers, the car the remaining real estate drawings, instructions and other documents. According to the police, the owner may ignite after the suicide car.16 day at twelve fourteen in the afternoon, Zhejiang Huzhou Anji county fire brigade received a report said the Phoenix mountain reservoir behind the car caught fire alarm immediately deployed 1 vehicles to rescue 7 people, more than ten minutes after the fire was extinguished, and no one in the car.According to the field rescue fire officers and soldiers, a burning car hanging Su E license. After the fire was extinguished, found a large number of documents residue inside the car, most of the real estate. A blue cover the instructions on the text legible, the words “Suzhou Industrial Park Huilong Ltd.”.”It probably is not only the car spontaneous combustion.” According to the police, when he saw the car after the fire, did not immediately report to the police and to shout the “swimming” owners, but owners heard the message is ignored, then think of alarm. Subsequently, but for a moment, the alarm was found on the river has not seen the owner of the shadow.This information has also been nearby fishing fishing friends confirmed that he told is rescue fire officers and soldiers, “I saw a man swimming in the river just now, the distance from shore far away, for the moment will not see the shadows.”Because the water level of the reservoir is too deep, fire officers and soldiers began on the shore fishing, professional salvage team and notify. At the same time, fire officers and soldiers found the owner of the slippers and other items on the shore.At present, the criminal investigation department has arrived at the scene, to investigate the case. Salvage work continues. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules BFD coupler wavy tail anchor

A pair of just accept the mediation couples the day before yesterday again went to the Ouhai police station, the woman to say words let the police at.The conflict between couples, the husband asked Chen, his wife called misty (a pseudonym), from Chongqing, have been married for 7 years and have two sons. Misty told police she had to make, because the number of derailed her husband more than she did, she feel unfair, also want to cheat, until the number and her husband.In order to know the reasons behind these words, also need to start from the beginning.Originally, misty married the first son, feel the husband not to care about her, was derailed, finally caught by Chen, but Chen forgive her.After the Spring Festival in 2012, misty borrowed money from friends and relatives, support Chen to venture in Inner Mongolia, she has to go out to work. But did not expect that, during this period, Chen was derailed, angry she will Chen venture capital will all come back.The couple noisy until the second son was born, the family burden is too heavy, two people to Ouhai and founded a garment processing field. Watch the day day up, be misty’s fiery temper bad accident, she once when workers face scold Chen, also stabbed him with a pair of scissors, leaving the processing and derailed. Chen also with a support him fight Fujian women have feelings, had played a life of cohabitation. Misty learned later, returned to the processing field with Chen downtown, has been referred to the Ouhai Public Security Bureau police station Wu tian.After persuading the police station, two people are still in love with each other. Misty said, will be to the processing field to help her husband in entrepreneurship, and outside the man to sever all ties. Chen said, as long as the misty control of his temper, he to the family for the son, she was willing to go on.Finally, both sides in the station to write the letter of guarantee. Guarantee that any cheating, the parties will abandon the property and support the rights of the child, get out. Which know that writing a few days, the two sides referred to the police station request mediation.At present, the police station and the couple agreed, and then hold a mediation in next week.This is the:Noisy has seven years,The couple don’t horse;If saving for a house,The absurd idea to put aside. (Wenzhou)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories ledger blade erection anchor