Shanghai half students use credit consumption of about tens of thousands of people overdue

Oriental Network reporter Jiang Ze May 28th reports: Recently, the Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences and research of Shanghai city credit association jointly issued "the results of the survey of college students in Shanghai city credit consumption index. Survey shows that half of Shanghai's college students used include credit card, formwork accessories consumer credit, 95% college students can repay on time, but the absolute number of overdue will be more than ten thousand people. Project leader Hong Mei introduced, the survey selected 19 universities in Shanghai, including 5 general colleges, 3 polytechnic colleges, 4 colleges of Finance and economics, 2 normal universities and colleges, 2 colleges, 1 languages and 2 other colleges. By means of questionnaire survey, case interview and collecting network and other means of investigation, a total of 2301 questionnaires were recovered, the recovery rate reached more than 98%. <strong> Half of Shanghai college students use credit consumption is slightly lower than the national level</strong> Survey shows that Shanghai college students often use credit consumption accounted for 19.23%; use of credit consumption accounted for 30.56%; heard, but did not use accounted for 35.6%; not for 9.82%; cannot accept and resolutely resist 4.78%. Overall, about half of college students in Shanghai used credit consumption, slightly lower than the national level of 60%. In another survey results, Shanghai students use credit consumption, consumption is stable, not much impact on life accounted for 52.97%; consumption increased, living conditions have improved accounted for 25.61%; two and reached 78.58%. Hong Mei believes that this shows that the current Shanghai college credit consumption is generally good, credit consumption is stable, not much impact on life, living conditions improved slightly. <strong> Credit consumption ratio: finance and economics university topped the girls higher than boys</strong> If the Shanghai college students in different categories, you can also see some interesting phenomenon. For example, the use of consumer credit and more girls than boys, the difference of 13.48 percentage points. If from the grade division, a large proportion of 24.15%; two 16.16%; three 36.48%; four 12.84%; master accounted for 8.25% accounted for 2.13%; dr.. Junior, is the proportion of credit consumption. From the classification point of view, the top three are in finance and Economics (47.47%), Science (29.57%), general (13.22%). <strong> 7 consumer credit repayment mainly depends on the cost of living for life</strong> The survey on College Students' credit consumption were analyzed. The data show that more than half of college students credit consumption is mainly to solve the problem of shortage of funds, there are a lot of college students is to realize the desire for consumption in advance, the two do not conflict. From the perspective of purpose, more than 70% of the consumer credit funds for life, learning accounted for less than half, tourism and entertainment accounted for 1/3, and a number of funds used in the business. Survey data show that college students are the source of repayment of living expenses, and extra money part-time to earn money to their parents and other income (such as scholarships, prize money, etc.) to borrow money from friends and for other small loan repayment ratio. <strong> More than 95% can be timely repayment of overdue broken million people fear</strong> Investigation shows, Shanghai university students early repayment of credit consumption accounted for 28.34%; repayment schedule 67.61%; deferred repayment, late fees accounted for 2.43%; overdue repayment cannot be accounted for 1.62%. It is worth noting that, for the student loan repayment problems, 76.87% of the students that after graduation should be unconditional repay, 10.9% of the students said, did not find a job without pay, and 1.34% of the students said after leaving school will not be repaid, the remaining nearly one percent of the students said "not clear". Hong Mei pointed out that although not overdue repayment ratio is less than 2%, but considering the total, absolute number is more than million people. There are data show that college students for the overdue consequences there is no clear understanding, nearly half of the students think that do not have debts for the future work and life are not severely affected or do not understand. Hong Mei said that more than 95% of the Shanghai students are able to repay on time, to illustrate the current situation of college students credit consumer use of funds and repayment is good in Shanghai. But Shanghai College of consumer credit overdue subjective understanding enough phenomenon should arouse the attention of the relevant departments, and guidance and education. fixing socket

RMB bonds in London debut touted British media: strengthening the Sino British financial relations

(photo: the British "Financial Times" website) <strong> Reference News Network reported on May 28th</strong> British media said that China has just started 26 days in London for the first time on the issue of offshore renminbi market in government bonds, shuttering magnet attracted a lot of demand through this transaction has borrowed 3 billion yuan. According to the British "Financial Times" website reported on May 26th, scaffolding accessories according to the employed in arranging the sale of the Bank of HSBC said that the Chinese treasury bonds purchase reached 8 billion 500 million yuan, nearly half of investors from Asia, the other half from Europe, Africa and the middle east. Reported that, in China domestic government bonds in London, the first show is seen as following the August devaluation this year and the stock market crash of January last year, a way of measuring the Chinese asset demand for overseas investors. In a series of state-owned enterprise debt default rising bond yields, even after nearly two years of rising Chinese domestic bond market has become the object of concern. Reported that, in the London issued bonds will expire on 2019, release rate is 3.28%, than the existing 2019 due to Chinese offshore bond yields about 5 basis points, which means that investors buy the new debt does not require very high premium. According to an investor in a fund company, the largest in Europe said, this issue size means that the mainstream of international bond holders of the bond interest co.. Chinese offshore bond market emerged in 2010, when Beijing to encourage the expansion of RMB internationalization in the world's financial center use. Reported that Chinese has been hoping to attract international investors, which leads to increased between London, Frankfurt, Paris and Luxemburg to become the Western offshore RMB trading center competition. The 26 day in London's bond sale marks China in Hongkong for the first time outside of the offshore renminbi market sovereign bond issue. British finance minister George Osborne said, Chinese chose London as in overseas for the first time to issue Renminbi sovereign bonds to "strengthen between Britain and Chinese strong economic and financial relations". Last year, the central bank has Chinese in London on the market for the first time issued one-year bills, attracted 30 billion yuan subscription funds. Standard Life Investments in emerging market fixed income business leader Richard House said: "the emerging market countries to issue overseas domestic currency denominated bonds increased day by day. You can take part China action as this trend." Reported that, with China focus on a much larger scale opening of the onshore bond market, the future development of offshore renminbi bonds remain in doubt. lifting insert

To prevent fraud pseudo base bank to remind the "three"

Yangzi Evening News (reporter Li Chong) "pseudo base station" fraud rampant, criminals posing as bank customer service phone fraud, make people difficult to distinguish between true and false. According to many police, recently in Chongqing, China Merchants Bank Wuhan, Nanjing and other places, helping to solve a number of pseudo base fraud cases. Relevant bank staff to remind customers, do not easily believe that the integral exchange of information, protection of personal bank card information, not in any way to any person said verification code. China Merchants Bank staff, criminals use bank customer service phone text messages sent by mobile phone bank failure "and" upgrade "or" redeem "as an excuse for fraud, immediately login messages with a site to re verify the use of the upgrade, overdue will freeze the funds on the card etc.. The customer clicks on the link text messages, login screen, enter the relevant information after the money stolen brush. Nanjing branch of China Merchants Bank recently teamed up with the Shenzhen branch, rigorous surveillance, assist the Nanjing police in Shenzhen will be the two suspects fraud pseudo base control, for the customer to restore the economic losses more than 8 yuan. To prevent the pseudo base fraud, bank insiders said, to do the following three points: first, do not easily believe that the exchange points of false news, should promptly call the official customer service phone confirmation; two is not easily click on the link to the official website of the query is the same; three is never revealed to receive SMS verification code. To set up a small amount of bank card fast payment limit. cast in sockets

SEC shares fell nearly 7% of the investigation led to Ali Ali: just routine

The local time on May 25th (Wednesday), anchor socket the Alibaba shares fell 6.82%, to close at $75.59 per share. Market analysts believe that Ali has just announced revenue and profits continue to increase in fiscal year 2016 annual report, immediately fell, and by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation. Earlier, Ali fiscal year 2016 annual report, earlier this year, SEC is launching a survey about Ali is a violation of the federal securities laws, and asked Ali to take the initiative to provide information and related information. According to reports, SEC is the focus of investigation, logistics network rookie Ali's accounting practices, and Ali in the "business data double eleven" — has been questioned Ali "double eleven" sales data, the market participants said that Ali "double eleven day revenue is larger than the American black Friday" and "cyber Monday" promotional activities of total revenue, this is incredible. In this regard, Ali said the SEC investigation is just a routine action, and Ali SEC on active disclosure of routine inquiries, is the hope that investors can more in-depth and objective understanding of ali. In fact, SEC has also issued a reminder that the routine inquiries should not be interpreted or implied as Ali has been a violation of federal law. For the SEC investigation, Ali explained that over the years the "double eleven", because of its huge trading volume and the social effect, other countries outside the China incomprehensible and incredible, is understandable to any doubt about this point, Ali also actively with various aspects of communication and disclosure and to give you a better understanding of Ali; company rookie network as an independent operation, its development is achieved through the development mode and concept is different from the competitors'. At present, Ali has been in accordance with the requirements of the relevant materials submitted to the rookie network SEC. Market analysts believe that, despite the efforts of Ali proves that there is no violation of the relevant laws and regulations, provide the opportunity but SEC survey are likely to market sellers. At present, Kynikos Associates Jim Chanos, renowned short people, hedge fund manager John Bronte Capital Hempton have been publicly that stocks in the short Ali, the two previously published for Ali business and management question. And the Ali shares fell nearly 7%, could shake the confidence of some investors, and Ali shares fell again in the near future. halfen channel

When Canada added an investment bank? Miss Trudeau said

In January 16th this year, cuplock scaffolding the Asian infrastructure investment bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Asian investment bank) opened, BFD coupler marking the first multilateral financial institutions established by the China initiative officially opened operations. According to the arrangement, the first annual meeting of the Asian investment bank after the establishment of the scheduled for late June this year, held in Beijing, then the future development of the investment bank will benefit by mutual discussion represents nearly 60 countries, brainstorming. As a member of the group of seven Canada, but no chance to participate in this lively and important meeting, the taste of some. Many Canadians asked why, Britain, Germany and France, Australia and Italy can join, we can not? The Liberal Party of Canada Prime Minister Trudeau can be said to be suffering not to say. Not added an investment bank decided a year ago by his predecessor, the conservative government of prime minister Harper made. During the ten years of conservative rule, diplomacy with the United States, although the heart and China development of economic and trade relations, but the political has always maintained a distance, so a lame state in relation to china. The establishment of Asian investment bank, American big brother decided not to join Canada, dare to stir up trouble, acting alone? Trudeau took office in November last year, China added an investment bank on attitude and interest was more positive than his predecessor. The Federal Minister of international trade Freeland recently said publicly that Canada did not become a founding member of the Asian investment bank, "is a government missed opportunity, heart complaints remarkable. In recent years, the Canadian economy showed a downward trend, as a result of energy prices fell sharply due to foreign exchange revenue, on the other hand, because of the need to increase infrastructure investment led to fiscal deficit, have big deficits, let Trudeau unbearable anxiety. Chinese is a permanent member of the world's second largest economy and the United Nations, Canada is the second largest trading partner, while the Asian economies accounted for the global economy, 1/3, has 60% of the world's population, is the world's most dynamic economy and the growth potential of the region, once the breakthrough the bottleneck of the infrastructure, more broad prospects for development. Canada to develop economy, and play a greater role in the international arena, cannot do without Asia and Chinese, Canada can be either an investment bank or "The Belt and Road", or is a bilateral free trade agreement negotiations, is shilly-shally, tuisanzusi, the wrong repeatedly lost opportunities. Canadian Finance Ministry spokesman Aubrey recently said that the Asian investment bank investment in high quality infrastructure projects, will maintain the economic growth in the region, and help to promote global economic development, the tremendous business opportunities, the Canadian government is seriously considering to join the Asian investment bank. The urgent mood already shows between the lines. According to Canadian media reports, Trudeau will use China in September this year, Hangzhou to attend the 20 summit of the group of the opportunity to discuss a range of bilateral issues and Chinese leaders, including what added an investment bank. Although we can not say "miss this village is not the store", but at least Canada this year, "join" the possibility is very small. Apply for an investment bank, need to be discussed and approved by the board of directors of the Asian investment bank, do not want to enter immediately into the. Originally, if Canada can become a founding member of the Asian Investment Bank of China, we can have a greater voice and influence in the Asian investment bank, but Canada just made a bad decision. This brings a lesson to Canada: a country's foreign policy is best to remain independent, followed in the footsteps of other allies, will sooner or later be cheated. After all, the national interest is above all. In fact, over the past ten years the conservative party, is the impact of international China growing for ten years, Canada also lost the development of relations with China and expand the market for ten years China. Canada's new government should go beyond ideology on China in the fence, develop a long-term strategic vision of the foreign policy, to strengthen political and economic and trade cooperation, and actively participate in the Asian investment bank and the "The Belt and Road" and other vital interests of Canada and Asian affairs. If the United States continues to back the breath, see the big brother the cue, eventually missed a great opportunity, gradually fall behind the development trend of the times. (Jiang Yaping) halfen channel

The strict control of the regulators "fry" shell "hood" anti cheat"

Li Ning Released two days later, erection anchor SF holdings backdoor listing price of 43 billion 300 million yuan plan in Ding Tai new material in May 25th, Shenzhen Xiang Ding Thailand issued new material restructuring letter of inquiry, mainly for SF estimated value and profit to be concerned. The author believes that regulators of the restructuring plan "to" is to prevent the market irrational speculation shell ", backdoor class mergers and acquisitions will become the focus of regulators. More than Shenzhen to focus on mergers and acquisitions backdoor class, over a period of time, a hand in mergers and acquisitions and enquiry after the annual audit letter respectively will overestimate the realization of value, high commitment and mergers and acquisitions performance commitments, as the focus of supervision, information disclosure from the listing Corporation mergers and acquisitions layer face various problems in, for a full range of scan". The main reason for regulators to strengthen supervision of the backdoor behavior, A stock market in recent years, the "shell" drama is staged continuously. "The transaction of shell resources is hot, two market related stock funds become the object of pursuit. Especially with the return of shares and set off a wave of speculation housing market. At the same time, in recent years, the securities and futures law enforcement situation shows that in cases of insider trading, insider information is still the main major asset restructuring information. This shows that the "shell" is very easy for a variety of insider trading with soil. Regulators apparently aware of the hazards of non rational stir to bring to the market. In May 6th, the Commission said that it has been nearly 3 years of the 5 listed overseas red chip enterprises to achieve delisting, through mergers and acquisitions to share A market. The market has raised some questions, think of this kind of enterprise, the return of A shares market is quite special, was spread, shell resource hype phenomenon of domestic and foreign markets should be highly concerned about. The Commission noted that the market of these reflect, in depth analysis of the effect on this kind of enterprise through IPO, mergers and acquisitions may cause the return of A shares market. The author believes that the regulation of capital market "speculation shell" bad atmosphere frequently shot, all by use the "shell" listing process of illegal behavior, do not give false restructuring, really "quanqian" backdoor name, speculation is true "an opportunity to avoid price change radically, it is an important measure to maintain market fairness and the interests of investors. In addition, the author proposes to reverse the excessive speculation of "shell" of the situation, in addition to strengthen the supervision, also to the market and the rule of law means the combination of better service for the capital market. Securities Daily halfen channel

CIRC: illegal sale of overseas insurance industry boom in Hong Kong to buy insurance or cooling

CNR net Beijing on May 27th news (reporter Chai Hua) according to voice of China "CNR news" reported that since last year, Hongkong policy become "xiangbobo" mainland residents to Hongkong to buy insurance rising enthusiasm. However, mainland residents tend to see only the Hongkong policy claimed the "price", while ignoring the existence of many risks. In this regard, the CIRC for nearly a month since the two issued risk disclosure, and formally issued the "supervision order", strengthen the illegal sales of insurance products overseas regulatory behavior. Statistics show that the mainland insurance premium in Hongkong accounted for the proportion is more and more high. Mainland visitors to Hongkong in 2010 the total new policy fees only HK $4 billion 400 million, while in 2015 the mainland visitors in the Hong Kong dollar Hongkong insurance new office premiums totaled 31 billion 600 million, accounting for the personal business of Hongkong insurance industry total new office premiums of 24.2%, equivalent to last year, Hongkong has 1/4 new individual policy was bought by the mainland. However, experts remind, Hong Kong to buy insurance and risk precautions should be paid more attention. For example, in Hongkong to buy insurance in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars, for some decades of policy, the exchange rate risk is worth attention. Huatai Securities researcher Luo Yi also pointed out that the Hongkong insurance policy dividends did not perform limited, most of the more than 6% of the high yield rate of dividend demonstration, but this is not guaranteed income. In addition, the legal system of Hongkong and the mainland is different, if the insurance dispute does not happen, the status of the claim, the insured only in accordance with the legal system of Hongkong's request for judicial assistance. At present, some overseas insurance institutions for domestic customers, in violation of the sale of insurance products within the territory of the rise, attracted the attention of the supervision department. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission following the 4 release by the end of the Hongkong policy risk prompted, has recently issued "on the strengthening of the notice" illegal sale of overseas insurance product behavior supervision, points out the illegal sale of foreign products not only disturb the market competition order, and interference of the State Administration of foreign exchange, and even lead to illegal overseas transfer and hiding property. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that many agents and insurance Broker's Firm will be mentioned in the publicity Hongkong policy: buy foreign policy can help avoid debt avoidance. It also appeared in some of the bankrupt and the owners, the industry mortgaged to the mainland bank cash, transferred to Hongkong to buy insurance in the mainland, expected legal framework of "insurance right above the rights" to their own profit. In this regard, the CIRC not only defined the illegal sale of Hongkong policy "red line", but also the real crackdown. The industry generally believes that the consolidation of a certain extent will allow Hong Kong to buy insurance boom. swivel coupler

It tries to manipulate global important benchmark interest rate penalty $425 million

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced on 25, Citigroup has agreed to pay a fine of $425 million, scaffolding accessories to settle the bank tried to manipulate the global important benchmark interest rate charges. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission said in a statement, the agency survey found, Citigroup and its subsidiaries in 2010 had tried to manipulate yen the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and the European yen Tokyo interbank offered rate (TIBOR), served from 2007 to 2012 to try to manipulate the global benchmark interest rate swaps ($ISDAFIX), in order to profit related derivatives trading. Therefore, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission asked Citigroup to immediately stop such violations, paid a total of $425 million fines, and take special measures to strengthen internal control. At present, Citigroup is the first American banks and regulators to settle allegations of manipulating interest rates. Citigroup said in a statement, in addition to participating in the whole industry benchmark interest rate reform, invest a lot of money to the bank in the internal control system, and supervision procedures, in order to prevent inappropriate behavior. But it did not admit or deny the Commodity Futures Trading Commission charges. (Gao Pan Zheng Qihang) cast in sockets

2800 points recovered two feature indicates that A shares into the bottom stage

Analysts believe that the amount of energy in limited circumstances, BFD coupler market outlook rebound or downward adjustment of space is relatively limited, the stock index will continue to organize around 2800 points concussion Moderator: Zhang Ying – Qiao Chuanchuan Two features that rise "Securities Daily" reporter: in the last two Lianyin after Thursday, A shares staged a wonderful deep V reversal, regained 2800 points. At the close, the Shanghai index at 2822.44 points, or 0.26%, turnover of 127 billion 100 million yuan. Excuse me, the main factors affecting the market what? Huatai Securities: the market presents two major characteristics: one is the bottom prev Wednesday volume low stage again, the stock index turnover 117 billion 770 million yuan, the market downturn level dropped to the freezing point. The market record volume is mainly due to the amount of blue chip downturn, for example, this Wednesday China oil turnover of only 80 million yuan, ICBC turnover is only 105 million yuan, blue chip market seems to have been forgotten; the two is in the weak pattern, the market for the benefit of an empty message is not only very sensitive, more likely to be enlarged the good news is, and for the deaf, which fully shows the characteristics of the market bottom stage. Guangzhou Bandung: Shadie yesterday morning is strong regulatory signals affected by regulators. Following the reorganization after the merger, regulators began tightening will increase, after Shadie panic is still early, selling out, strong risk aversion. But the market has strong response to the financial supervision is relatively rational, short-term short with a similar message does not actually suppress the market, the market fell space is limited. In addition, an important financial window, such as MSCI, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through time asymptotic, hot market speculation can increase gradually, long rise will become more intense, but it is still not super good introduction, the market lacks the outbreak of the opportunity, expected short-term will continue to maintain a narrow range of shock, volume shrinking, but the wait or capable of going out. The index change disk window close "Securities Daily" reporter: yesterday, intraday stock index fell below 2781 points, but then the weight stocks will have to pick up, the two indexes are also successful bottom rebound, out of the needle bottom trend. Excuse me, from a technical perspective, the market outlook will be how to interpret? Day letter investment adviser: stock index yesterday breaking down 2800 points, to support forces in time, support the formation of a strong visible stock index 2800 points in power. In yesterday's stock index again long under the shadow of this month, with 12 and 18 of the two times under the shadow line, the current stock index has appeared 3 times with long under the shadow of the K-line combination, the so-called shibuguosan, the market is expected to change disk, the "3" has emerged, perhaps starting from today, the variable trend the official start; it is worth mentioning that the recent stock index has been running for more than 13 days between 2800 points to 2850 points, the general index platform operation is basically within 14 trading days, it also suggests that the index change near the plate. Zhongfangxin rich: the amount of energy, following the emergence of new measures after Wednesday, Thursday the amount can be enlarged, but still maintained in the vicinity of the recent volume, has not yet been effectively enlarge the amount of energy, or predict the short-term and variable window approaching. Overall, the market pressure, under the support, in the current market volume is limited, the market outlook rebound or downward adjustment of space is relatively limited, the stock index will continue or finishing around 2800 points concussion. China Merchants Securities: waiting for balance was broken after the chance. When the market entered the fast slow bear bear, the market often repeated shocks benumbing. The current dollar interest rate is expected to rise, consumption and gold plate heat temporarily subsided, stock funds quickly moved to new economy stocks; in addition, the interpretation of the L step down trend, tend to build a platform for security in the early. At present, the 2800 small platform has continued 13 trading days, the variable may occur at any time, and break down more easily than to break up. It is suggested that the short-term cautious, waiting for the balance was broken after the chance. Can choose the high quality standard from Shenzhen "Securities Daily" reporter: yesterday afternoon, rare earth permanent magnet bank sector strong, driven by the market rebound and turned red, and OLED, smart cars, quantum communication and other hot topics shares once again stood in the gainers, excuse me, in Bankuailundong fast, hot market sustainability of poor background, investors should how to invest and layout? Guangzhou Bandung: a support, uplink power big market in the stock market under the limited stock of capital flows or more small and medium-sized market stocks, especially those listed near the new shares, due to its small market capitalization and lighter lock plate, they are more likely to become the main force in favor of object, you can choose the bargain layout. In addition, Shenzhen Tong Jianxingjianjin, should be followed by the main steps, more from the Shenzhen stock selection standard, compared to now Shanghai difficult, small plates, Shenzhen GEM relatively more opportunities. Aviation Securities: yesterday xianyihouyang trend itself is not much surprise, but it is more important to some hot plate leading and the leading stock market downward force is obvious, the power balance plays a certain role; for aggressive investors, the current hot market varieties were focus on steady investors still need to gradually jiancang. Securities Daily lifting socket

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