In new networkNanchang 28 April report (reporter Wang Jian) the total investment reached 290000000 yuan RMB, the world’s largest mechanical clock tower from built to run has been “controversies” — “harmonious Ganzhou clock tower theme park construction project declaration”. The 28 day, the official website of Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou City Hall journal confirmed the news.Tower 113 meters high, 12.8 meters in diameter defeat the British Big Ben dial”Harmonious clock tower” is located in Jiangxi province Ganzhou city Ganzhou bridge on the east coast, according to the plan, this is a sightseeing clock tower theme park as the core, comprehensive set of city green landscape, history and culture display area, European customs Street and reception center area as a whole, set tour, the tour exhibition performances, meetings and other service functions in a body.According to the introduction, “harmonious” clock tower tower is 113 meters high, the appearance of 9 layers, built the world’s largest mechanical clock, dial 12.8 meters in diameter. The tower will be in every day the sun rises when the times a day, every half hour strikes, the whole point of time bell, bell transmission distance up to 3 km.Previously, the tallest clock tower in the world for the British Big Ben, located in the British Parliament on the eastern side of the building, 95 meters high, 7 meters in diameter clock disc. And “harmonious clock tower” dial diameter of 12.8 meters, is nearly two times the size of the Big Ben, 7.8 meters in length. The clock is accurate to within 30 seconds a month, and self correction using the global positioning system technology.The official said the theme park project investment, Ganzhou Expressway Company Limited is 290000000 yuan, all investment built throughout the Ganzhou harmonious Clock Tower Park project, the mechanical clock cost is 20000000 yuan.Controversy has open press conference “clarification”Since since the construction of “harmonious, clock tower” was questioned the government image project and controversial. In 2010 July, the Information Office of the Ganzhou City Hall once held a news conference to “clarify”.The theme park project investment, Ganzhou city expressway company spokesman said at the time, the “harmonious Ganzhou clock tower” parks and facilities with a total land area of 234 acres, the project total investment is 290000000 yuan, funded by the construction side of Ganzhou Expressway Company Limited overall, do not need fiscal expenditure City Hall, completely through the operation of the market to solve the problem of funds.The spokesman said, “clock tower will become a symbol of the future new Ganzhou city landscape, and further enhance the Ganzhou as a regional center city modern image, promote the economic development.”  In new networkThe reporter notices, project investment side had said at the press conference, “harmonious Ganzhou Clock Tower Park construction, has two times in Ganzhou City, South Gate Plaza, for all the public opinion. The construction of harmonious Clock Tower Park project has passed the strict demonstration and research, in the afternoon of April 2, 2009, the project design review meeting, from the city planning, construction, garden, museum, dozens of experts agreed that, harmony is an important part of downtown clock tower built part of planning and design of Ganzhou bridge landscape construction, Ganzhou city is to enhance the grade, the real benefit of the people of Ganzhou project, it is of great significance for building harmonious Clock Tower Park, is very necessary.”The authorities in Ganzhou: the limited financial resources on the people’s livelihood projects4 years later, in April 28th, Ganzhou City Hall website published an article in response to “the netizen recently concerns” the way that the world’s largest machinery — “harmonious clock tower” clock tower theme park construction projects!Bulletin said, “harmonious clock tower theme park project in 2009 August started construction, the project has completed and put into operation, sightseeing tour of the small staff, did not achieve the expected economic benefits and social benefits, input and output low level.”Ganzhou City Hall bulletin said, the new municipal, City Hall from Ganzhou after the development, underdeveloped market reality, in line with the principle of seek truth from facts to stop investment and construction, will conform to the expectation, the limited financial resources on the closely related to people’s livelihood projects, to maximize the effectiveness of the use of funds.Informed that, in recent years, Ganzhou city to complete the transformation of rural old Adobe houses of 406000 households, 2379000 rural population to safe drinking water problem, downtown city shanty towns transformation completed a total of 38400 households, the newly started construction of affordable housing 88400 sets, opened the “duantoulu” 24, completed 306 of streets and lanes, new (to build a small garden) 21. 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