In new networkBeihai 28 July Xinhua (Chen Yan Liang Shuwen) a car and an electric bike collided in Guangxi Beihai city iron grade highway Baisha Water Village section of the morning of 28, leading to a pregnant woman and injured 4 year old daughter died not over abortion and electric vehicle.According to the traffic police to disclose, in the morning at nine fifty PM, nearly 5 months pregnant Ou Mou driving an electric bicycle with his under 4 years old daughter trip. After the North iron grade highway Sha Shui Cun road, be a car from west to East and driving fast cars hit, a European spot is bumped to fly lying on the ground move and abortion, to a daughter of his wounds after the hospital rescue invalid death.Police said the accident occurred, at a fork in the road from Beihai to the district level highways, the lot, many villages along the fork in the road, the vehicle speed past relatively quickly, in recent years there have been many traffic accidents.Traffic police said, the scene of the accident is very fierce, the car has two more than 10 meters long skid marks, electric bicycle parts scattered on the ground, before the engine car cover and a significant dent, the window is split into a spider’s web.After the accident, the injured woman was rushed to hospital. At present, the pregnant women in Europe a lumbar spine were seriously injured, is still not out of danger. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting anchor ledger blade lifting insert

In reporters after female prison, each prison room door has a nameplate, Lu Ming director and assistant police name and detainees list.Each prison room average in 5-7 personal, interior is clean. The prison area there were similar to prevent the “accidental” settings, such as stairs patio with iron railed against detainees, climbing stairs or Dutch act.Inspect all multichannel AB door, this is a two door is provided: side have not closed the door on the other side of the door cannot be opened. As the Beijing city recently modified equipment advanced detention center, each monitoring room door here and there are electronic touch screen. The police told reporters demonstrated by using the method of touch screen: the screen can see detainees basic information can be retrieved, historical records, there are emergency “a key to open the door” function; the inner is composed of detainees to operate their own, can make an appointment to buy all kinds of daily necessities, small food, can make an appointment with doctor and prosecutors, balance can check your account.Monitoring the walls schedule and weekly menu. From the timetable, all full of detainees daily schedule: listen to broadcast propaganda within the stipulated time, learning and rest in a specified period of time, within a prescribed time outdoor activities.According to the briefing, they also have a certain degree of entertainment, such as night can watch TV, read books in the detention house. “Although the condition is good, this is still a restriction of personal freedom.”A police officer told reporters, “you into the door, feel the atmosphere with the outside is not the same? I work every day for a walk out the door, will feel much easier.” Tongzhou District detention center not to the criminal suspect, defendant arrange work task.The Ministry of public security prison administration bureau director Zhao Chunguang told reporters, China has only one part of the detention center also retains the labor projects, but there are aspects of requirements: such as the working day shall not exceed 3 hours, shall not exceed 15 hours per week, pending the detainees shall not force any labor. “We did not put their compulsory labour as a right, but their.” “We did not put their compulsory labour as a right, but their.”He said. Tongzhou in detention, detainees can enjoy treatment also includes a remote video conferencing is ill, two-way video and special circumstances and the family meeting, but these methods are only necessary health service station and the families of one-way video techniques complement. From the hardware point of view, Tongzhou is indeed impressive. But the most impressive facilities or psychological consultation room: the house is putting sand table, and filled with similar toys villain of the show cabinet, police said, this is the instrument with which a photograph from the international “sandplay therapy”.Hao Tong tells a reporter, the detention of 10 full-time police discipline, joint training and the national examination has half through and Beijing Normal University, made a formal state counselor qualifications. “Such as detainees which day feeling very depressed, or what you want, you can through the competent police requested to psychological counseling, here can meet.”  但最令人瞩目的设施还是心理咨询室:屋内摆放着沙盘,和摆满类似玩具小人的展示柜,干警介绍说,这是一种引自国际上“箱庭疗法”所用的器具。 Professional: special detention facilities and services in the function Tongzhou District detention center at present actual detained hundreds of people.In accordance with the administrative jurisdiction, held here are in the Tongzhou District case involved, the administrative detention is similar.Beijing City second detention center, referred to as the “two see”, is actually the management of hospital.Interior design and general guards which vary considerably, is a high standard of grade three hospitals. But there are also some details, to newcomers suggest it and general hospital difference: the registration office next to the waiting room with iron bar seal, each ward between bright warning signs, and wearing a white coat doctor pass dressed in police uniforms, the guards.”Two see” director told reporters, other jail detainees after in physician or remote expert consultation, determine the required hospitalization, will be transferred to the “two see”. The detention center hospital in addition to the general surgery ward, Department of internal medicine, Department of ENT, also set up specialized infectious area, is currently treated about 30 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, there are several AIDS carriers. Chinese Red Cross 999 emergency center also established 999 priority ward specialized, dozens of staff resident during, can make emergency consultation for critically ill patients, if the disease is severe, they have the right to transfer patients to the treatment.”Two see” next to “see”, is held for the entire city of Beijing prisoners, some foreign people and religious believers, the alert compared Tongzhou District detention center were significantly more guarded.”There is a dedicated Muslim foci at the” canteen, inlaid with carved above Arabic nameplate, container containing ingredients are marked with Arabic identification; the door close to a recipe of the week, Chinese nationals and foreign personnel recipes were singled out. 中国红十字会999急救中心在此也设立了专门的999特诊病区,几十名医护人员常驻其间,可以对危重病人进行紧急会诊,如果病情特重,他们有权将病人转送本部进行医治。Over the 09 years since the big change: “” A detention officers told reporters, according to their around the exchange of experience and daily understanding, hardware equipment and management level of Beijing detention center, in the country as the first echelon, but is not the strongest, “may be the first five bar”, others such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, the Pearl of the three corners area the management level are quite advanced.”In my impression, hardware and information level monitoring of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area more than we developed, and Guangdong area is mainly the social level, opening degree do better.”The manager says, “all Each one has his good points., Beijing advantage is relatively balanced, not what is especially good, but no special weakness.”Zhao Chunguang expresses to the reporter, the national prison system supported by the national development and Reform Commission System in recent years, in 2010 2500000000 earmarks, “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period further intensify efforts to transform the old house of detention, transformation of the national public security prison system hardware facilities has played a crucial role, embodies the national attention to the rule of law civilization and the detainee’s rights protection.”Can not say that the developed coastal areas of detention must be than the Midwest the building better. Such as Sichuan, in recent years for appropriation for capital construction smoothly, reform is also very big, this year the province’s 70% guards are the transformation completed, I went to see it, their condition has very big change.”Zhao Chunguang said.Prior to this, all the most is in use for many years the old facilities, Zhao Chunguang described as “old buildings, more than 10 individuals a prison room, chase shop”. In 2011 the national development and Reform Commission to Xinjiang Construction Corps Agricultural Division eight the investigation, see they use 10 years of prison building “wall deformation, moldy, ventilation window can not switch, when it rains, indoor outdoor under heavy rain, drizzle; whenever the wind weather, the roof plate is often the wind blows, only with a brick wall fixed, no warm facilities, prison perennial cold in winter and hot in summer”. Most of the national guard is no longer like this, but Zhao Chunguang also acknowledged that, due to renovation project to guard a parts of the declaration did not reach the national development and Reform Commission standards, may not be adequate rehabilitation funds.But he stressed that, in the thousands of detention, in 2013 the whole system guard informed only 5. “Backward is one of the very few.But behind the prison, we not only will notify the local public security organs to strengthen leadership overhaul, and will notify the local Party committee and government condition, arouse them to protect important law enforcement rectification work on the construction of the rule of law and human rights relating to national attention, the formation of supervision power is very powerful.” He said. Liu Rong. [Edit]: Yan Lei Participating in interactive ( 0Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules ringlock scaffolding steel chamfer

From Guangzhou city to service administration spike and the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Guangzhou City integral household management implementation details” pointed out that, without the housing applicants can not only according to the traditional employment in a household, but also in the residence of a household, select integral system going into the households of the applicants in the address can be settled in 3 an order options. The “dividend” is that, through the jifenzhi entrance personnel spouse, minor children, grant also moved to Guangzhou residents account, time this will greatly shorten their spouse and children’s home. The rules of the integral door process is optimized, the system integration of households will be implemented online registration, and the district integration system into the admissibility of the window to submit paper materials.The rules of the integral door process is optimized, the system integration of households will be implemented online registration, and the district integration system into the admissibility of the window to submit paper materials. The rules are pointed out, to spike personnel should first have the real property or immediate family members and for the housing, the legitimate lease has a certain period of housing management sector housing (including affordable housing provided by the government or government) or the employer has the property right arrangement for the city of the living house address registered; if none of the above provisions granting residence, in the work unit or the actual place of residence, work of collective households where the street (town) public collective households registered; these are not settled in, and the actual place of residence, to work in the area of relatives and friends by households.In addition to the ear is in five social insurance and the cumulative contribution was 4 years, the integral over 60 consists of two rigid index, to move into account the application of Guangzhou city personnel shall also comply with the family planning policy.The Bureau said, 5 indexes total score up to 60 for entrance qualifications, from “according to ranking” to pay a total of social medical insurance time sorting, skip the applicants for the time and energy to score.According to the working arrangement, Guangzhou in September 14 days after accepting the application, qualification examination and review of the rankings, published in late November, and completed in late December home card.(reporter Tan Di Xuan, Ma Xiaocheng)[Edit]: Zhu Feng Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:fixing socket ringlock scaffolding halfen frimeda

China News AgencyTangshan 28 July, theme: 38 anniversary of Tangshan earthquake offerings: sleepless grief唐山7月28日电 题:唐山大地震38周年祭:哀思不眠夜China News AgencyReporter Chen Lin Bai YunshuiThe hottest “ambush” is coming, and not dilute their thoughts on the passing of a loved one.Tangshan Earthquake Monument 28 on the evening before, once again filled with grief flowers. Tangshan Earthquake Monument 28 on the evening before, once again filled with grief flowers.38 years ago today, an important industrial city in Hebei Tangshan Chinese, tragic moment occurred in the twentieth Century earthquake in the history of the world. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has killed 242000 people, injured 164000 people. This was the birth of the first Chinese, mechanized coal mine, the first standard gauge railway Chinese modern industrial cradle city is in ruins.”Tangshan has strong!” Tangshan a state-owned enterprises from the retirement of Mr. Huang looked at the deep night sky, more than once repeated. From the establishment of the monument, he 66 years old this year, day and his wife to here, see.”My wife and I were ‘unearthed cultural relics’, climbed out of the ruins.” For 38 years ago that he “never forget” day, Mr. Huang did not want to talk about, though his immediate relatives did not leave because of the earthquake, “but never to see many of my friends and relatives”.Unwilling to disclose the name of Mr. Huang said, this is not a family, what a disaster, but a city disaster, as citizens, people he has “obligation” to hold a memorial ceremony for a year away, “do not know is not important.”Side wife read a memorial inscription, he says to the reporter, “each time feel like crying out”.”Now life rich, more should not forget to leave people.” Only 10 minutes away from the monument of Zhu Baotian old man, almost every day from here after. He said the usual here is public fitness, leisure square, but every year “7 · 28″ will be a lot of people spontaneously in front of the monument placed flowers placed miss, “there are more people that day than go out”.The nearly seventy years old, skilled to access the network through mobile phone, told reporters today for earthquake victims our mother’s article, “people will by different ways to express the special memory on this day”.At nine thirty at night, a shopping mall security Lu Xin was completed after a day’s work, during the work can not access the Internet he hoped “later work have a look my circle of friends is how to comment”. This morning, he made the “7 · 28″ pay homage to the deceased in the Micro message and micro-blog content on today, he used a large amount of forwarding micro-blog says to the reporter, this is “in order to heavy memory, but also to the eternal spirit”.In another earthquake landmark buildings in Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park, morning local official in the name engraved 240000 victims memorial wall before memorial activities, a basket of flowers. Night there are people in the vicinity of sitting quietly, quietly and family seems to speak.Late at night, with a lanterns slowly into the Tangshan quiet night sky, Phoenix Nirvana rebirth is no sleep tonight! Continue to work after the taxi master Wu Jinhui said, “7 · 28″ is the most memorable day for every people, “we’ve all know”. (end)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors scaffolding clamps lifting loop

今年西城区的环境建设将围绕APEC和国庆65周年环境保障进行一系列“大动作”。 > > move 1 cleaning dressing more than 700 buildings It is reported, this year will be a comprehensive cleaning ring, ring, whitewash along Chang’an Avenue (“three”) and the political core area, Xidan, the bustling commercial district, Shichahai and other cultural district, Beijing, Beijing railway package first impression go to the capital region (“zone four”) built on both sides of the building (structure) Wailimian, remediation illegal advertising plaque, perfecting the public service facilities, repair damaged roads, planting green, strengthen the Great Hall of the people, Financial Street The Ritz Carlton Hotel and conference venue, hotel, tourism, bazaars, sites for religious activities, “the five peripheral” key areas of environmental problems. Among them, the cleaning up Chang’an Avenue area relates to all the buildings on both sides of the road, a total of more than 700.Currently the formalities, is expected at the end of 8 to complete the window cleaning.>>举措1清洗粉饰700余栋建筑> > 2 Shichahai of Victoria Market will move towards the cityFollowing the “action group” will adjust the city center district, Xicheng District will “adjust, transfer, promotion, shutting down” a number of non core functions and business capital, involving a total of 21 markets, including removal of market 7. The most concern is this year will be removed in the cotton alley inside the city of Victoria Market area of Shichahai, relates to more than 600 businesses will be demolished.Market withdrawal City area the biggest area.>举措2什刹海四环市场将撤市”>At present already posted notices, plans, before eleven in the future will be removed, cheap community convenience stores and vegetables car directly docking citizens.At present already posted notices, plans, before eleven in the future will be removed, cheap community convenience stores and vegetables car directly docking citizens. Xicheng District environment office said, at present has been removed through constant Wanlong flea market in 6 non – agricultural and sideline products market, as well as the Liyuan Road north of the spontaneous market. Total removal of illegally built 17117 square meters of the market withdrawal of about 1472 households, businesses, the floating population of about 3106 people. In the future, Xicheng District will take Yetai adjustment combined with traditional life service industry chain and “a minute” service for the convenience of the circle, a number of illegal vendors to absorb the service point and the normal market forces.  西城区环境办介绍,目前已撤除通恒万龙旧货市场等6个非农副产品市场,以及丽源路北侧的自发市场。 > > move 3 tram no longer throw “braid” City Tram line intensive, although the convenience of the public travel, but in many wire frame air also cause visual pollution.Xicheng District environment office said, this year will be to Xi’an Gate Street, Jingshan Hill street and beach area 1.1 kilometers overhead lines all into the earth, including a streetcar line, as these regions tram installed new batteries, when the trolley through these areas, you can switch to electric Chi Tonghang, no longer “plait”.>举措3有轨电车不再甩“辫子””>It is reported, in addition to Xicheng District the roads in the region, there are nearly 1 kilometers of the area overhead line will also into the ground.  城区内有轨电车线路密集,虽然方便市民出行,但架在空中的诸多电线也造成了视觉污染。 > > 4 initiatives to restore historical cultural district west It is reported, this year will be fit after the Haibei along 13 lane “axis inscription” and “the road” construction, Yi Da Li, Boxing Hutong embodies the “security zone” characteristics and front of commercial culture.In addition, the Xicheng District environment office said, there are more than 1500 small alley the small branch in Xicheng District, will the small branches on the region’s batch stage of historical recovery.>举措4西城恢复文保区历史原貌”>It is understood, this year Xicheng District rent a bike in the existing 2000 male, add 3000 cars rent bicycle, and the area of the zombie car and pile lock for cleaning.At present, has made 182 zombie car cleaning, will find a clean car. 此外,西城区环境办介绍,在西城区内有1500多条小胡同小支路,今后将分批分阶段对区域内的小支路进行历史原貌恢复。■ other highlights 目前,已经清理上账的182辆僵尸车,今后将发现一辆清理一辆。61 roads will be the implementation of major and medium repairIt is understood, in order to block traffic, city will be the implementation of the 61 road maintenance, barrier free facilities and 4 road microcirculation reconstruction of 24 Road, 10 road dredging engineering.Do the East inclined Street 83 Street alley rectification, the realization of the 15 Lane fine management.61条道路将实施大中修Build 30 boutique Street alleyThis year, Xicheng District will be built, transformation of green 20.28 hectares, 2 hectares of new green roof, vertical greening extended 3000 meters; to build green boutique Street alley 30.At the same time, Xicheng District will also prepare regional greenway planning, form a set of waterfront green road, ring ring road corridor, alley green network as one of the city green way series.JINGWAH Times reporter quiet[Edit]: Yan LeiParticipating in interactive (0Sponsor Link:precast accessories cuplock scaffolding anchor socket

近日,一场暴雨袭击了河北省涞源县,山上巨大的泥石流淹没了京原铁路王安镇全段。 Debris flow inundation tracks In July 15th, Laiyuan County, Wang town area suffered severe convective weather caused heavy rain, sleet pouring down.Because of the steep slope urgent rain, the original Railway Wang Zhen to ta Ya Yi interval suffered serious debris flows.Among them a huge debris flow directly into the river between two a and two culverts, just a few minutes to drown the rails.In the vicinity of the two river is the original railway, culvert, was the shepherd Lu Wei, trapped in the mountains be come unexpectedly heavy rain. The distance of the train a cry, let Lu Wei suddenly realized, “Oh, to be a great!” So he Lu 伟抛 their flocks, a walnut sized hail, risked mudslides swept away, down the hill and stumbled to the railway ran to.In 1996, Lu Wei worked in Beijing Railway Bureau, Beijing railway section Dahongmen teams, and laid-off home for reform. In 1996, Lu Wei worked in Beijing Railway Bureau, Beijing railway section Dahongmen teams, and laid-off home for reform. He told reporters: “I know some railway terminology, if the road in front of an emergency or accident, must hit the emergency stop sign.”  1996年,卢伟曾在北京铁路局北京工务段大红门直属队工作,因体制改革而下岗回家。 The villagers risked the train stoppedFor the rain to stop risk and difficult to stop the train, once in railway work Lu Wei heart very clear.But he did not retreat, with the fastest speed towards the railway.At the sight of the roaring train, Lu Wei jumped to the railway central, hit the emergency brake hand gestures, and continue towards the train running. Lu Wei recalls, “I greet the train when the train ran away, I also not to 200 meters. At that time, not only the falling rain, and fog everywhere, buried in mudslides sections in two culverts, train driver could not see the accident ahead.”The train driver could vaguely see the station on the railway Lu Wei, continuously to his warning whistle, but Lu Wei still insisted to run forward, in order to let the train driver to clearly see the sign language signal from him. Finally, with the “Ka squeak” sound, the wheel rubbing rails, sparking train emergency braking distance, buried in the mud flows in line in front of more than 10 meters of parking safety.Then Lu Weichang took a deep breath, fell on the railroad. So he went back to the hill, own the sheep has lost more than 20.The driver to get off after that front railway has been sediment submerged meters, if not the emergency brake, the consequence is very serious. 等他再回到山坡上时,自家的羊已丢了20多只。 Civilian heroic commendedBeijing Railway Bureau, Fengtai railway section Wang Zhen line workshop director Sun Bo said, “if Lu Wei did not stop the train, the train driver is very difficult to find the front danger in the rain.Once the train hit the debris flow, most likely caused by the train derailed, even over the bridge, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.”Lu Wei critical time step forward bravely, caused great concern in the network, users have praised his bold and crafty, is the real “civilian heroes”. In this regard, Lu Wei just said calmly: “I think it is every citizen should do, I also did not think of, everybody should protect state property.”Yesterday afternoon, construction of spiritual civilization in Hebei province committee, Baoding municipal Party committee City Hall, Laiyuan county government were awarded the Lu Wei “moral model” and “Baoding man” and the honorary title, he also were given a bonus of 100000 yuan, 100000 yuan, 50000 yuan. [Edit]: Yan LeiParticipating in interactive (Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories scaffolding accessories lifting loop

After the rain, the road becomes wet, to buy food man is not a good thing. Recently, who Nanjing Xi Shan Qiao Jie Dao Wu old lady because of the slippery fall in the cooked food shop…… 近日,家住南京西善桥街道的吴老太太就因为路滑摔倒在熟食店门口……The old lady fell down in front of the store no helpRainy day, Wu old lady went to the restaurant nearby to buy those, because many people had to queue.In front of a person after buying, just turn to Wu old lady, she took a step towards the sale of food window, but my foot slipped, fell to the ground. The customer called the clerk out inside help, but the clerk has stated that he was busy, let the team customer give me a hand. Think of the news reports because often helped the old man to cause trouble, the presence of people who are afraid to come forward to the old lady, just call the old lady’s family. Thus, Wu old woman lay on the ground for nearly 15 minutes, was rushed to the family to the hospital. Thus, Wu old woman lay on the ground for nearly 15 minutes, was rushed to the family to the hospital.Via checking, Wu old woman left ankle and waist sprain, but fortunately no injuries to the head. The old lady’s daughter Miss Wu to the deli behavior is very angry, the old lady fell at the deli gate, at least should put the old lady up again, the scene was not a person to fall the old lady, let the old man in a dirty wet ground lie down for 15 minutes.  Businesses without a warning sign to compensate 500 yuanThen, she found the delicatessen owner, asked Deli for the lady to the hospital’s medical bills paid, deli owner claims that the old lady is not wet floor, there is no direct relationship with the store, therefore refused to pay. Several representations fail, she could not find the Nanjing City Industrial and commercial bureau Yuhuatai branch rights.Staff to coordinate and solve problems, deli owner still believed in Wu old woman fell on this thing since do not bear any responsibility. But law enforcement officers when found, delicatessen sale window position floor tile, if a rainy day, ceramic tile ground to slip some compared with the cement ground. But according to a nearby residents recall, the store is not placed similar “Caution: Slippery Floor” warning sign it at the door to notice the customer.So, delicatessen failed to remind the duty, has an inescapable responsibility. After the staff to the shop owner repeatedly on the related laws and regulations, and reasonable in the circumstances that should not be so, the final boss Wu Deli agrees to indemnify the old lady 500 yuan of medical expenses.  The business has a responsibility to ensure the safety of consumersBusiness law enforcement officers said, according to the provisions of the new “consumer protection law”, the operator is to consumers as to the safety and security obligations, also is the operator shall on consumers, potential consumers or other entered service place person, the property safety responsibility. Where a commodity or a service may jeopardise safety of person or property of the consumer, it shall make a true statement and clear warning explaining and indicating correct methods for the use of such a commodity or receipt of such a service and preventative measures against such an occurrence. Business establishments like hotels, shopping malls, banks, etc..In this, Yuhuatai trade and industry to remind consumers, the consumer must pay attention to the personal and property safety, meet consumer disputes should learn to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests; and also to remind the majority of businesses, should pay attention to the study of relevant laws and regulations, one side is a consumer to protect the responsibility, on the other hand, to avoid unnecessary consumption disputes. □ correspondent Wang Min Feng YangJinling Evening News reporter Lin QiaofenLi Xuefen InternSponsor Link:lifting socket scaffolding clamps lifting loop

Sichuan Province vice governor Chen Wenhua to report to the conference of the “Twelfth Five Year” since the food safety work.The report points out, 2011 to 2013, Sichuan were investigated and dealt with 15988 cases of various types of food, to the public security organ for 199, the public security organ for investigation 1372 pieces.Chen Wenhua said, Sichuan Province is food production big province, is also the food consumption of a large province, in recent years, Sichuan Province has taken effective measures, efforts to strengthen the food safety work, without the occurrence of regional, industry, system of food safety accidents, food safety overall situation stability is good, the sustained and healthy development of the food industry. Chen Wenhua said, Sichuan Province is food production big province, is also the food consumption of a large province, in recent years, Sichuan Province has taken effective measures, efforts to strengthen the food safety work, without the occurrence of regional, industry, system of food safety accidents, food safety overall situation stability is good, the sustained and healthy development of the food industry. In 2013, Sichuan province implemented the reform of drug supervision system of food, the coordination functions of food safety and food production, circulation, catering and other aspects of the regulatory functions together, realizes the unification of the food safety regulatory focus.As of April this year, 21 city, Sichuan Province (state), 183 counties (city, area) were established by the food and drug administration, the establishment of 1792 villages and towns (street) or regional food and drug supervision and management.At the same time, Sichuan province attaches great importance to food safety risk monitoring. Up to now, have already set up shall be borne by the 141 health institutions, covering 21 cities in the province, 156 counties, the network of food safety risk monitoring population of 98.08%.In addition, Sichuan Province CDC at all levels is formed by 770 human epidemiological investigator team, to strengthen food safety accident investigation and disposal. The report also pointed out that, in addition to reform, achieve all-round supervision, monitoring, tracing, Sichuan Province has increased efforts to crack down on food safety crimes. Data shows, 2011 to 2013, Sichuan Province’s procuratorial organs approved the arrest of production and sales do not meet the safety standards of food crime, production and sale of poisonous and harmful food crimes 89 pieces of 228, against 87 pieces of 253; Sichuan Province at all levels of people’s court accepted food safety hazards 85 cases involving 227 people.In 2014, Sichuan Provincial Food and Drug Administration seized a use of network sales on suspicion of illegally imported infant milk powder and other food the big case, the value of about 10000000 yuan.Chen Wenhua pointed out in the report, Sichuan Province food security situation overall stability is going well, but there are still many problems can not be ignored. Future, the province will continue to increase the intensity, starting from the aspects of source, industry, regulatory mechanism, laws and regulations, publicity and education, to ensure the Sichuan Province people “on the tip of the tongue safety”.(end) Participating in interactive ( 0Sponsor Link:lifting anchor BFD coupler shuttering magnet

Comprehensive agricultural drought, drought water difficult situation and the city of drought and other factors, has moderate drought (III), according to the “Henan province drought contingency plans”, the Henan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters 28 days 17 when announce, start the drought in Henan province level III emergency response. According to the director of the office of the Henan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Yang Dayong introduction, the beginning of this year, the average rainfall in Henan province 96 mm, more years average (240 mm) less than 60%, compared with the same period last year (170.7 mm) less than 44%.Especially since June, high temperature for long time, the average rainfall of only 90.2 mm, the least since 1951 year, showing severe meteorological drought. Especially since June, high temperature for long time, the average rainfall of only 90.2 mm, the least since 1951 year, showing severe meteorological drought.Because of drought spread, a part of the town water crisis, hills District of draft difficulties, autumn drought area expanding. The current water supply situation of Henan Zhenping, Pingdingshan, Dengfeng 3 city is particularly serious. According to 27 statistics, Henan province has 245000 people, 80000 head of livestock have temporary draft difficulty; the autumn drought area has reached 23100000 mu, 6100000 mu of severe drought. The northern part of hill and hillock area, due to the lack of irrigation, heavier drought. (reporter Ma Yichong)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches prop sleeve pfeifer VS box