Tractors turning rollover no casualties 6000 pounds a melon pieces

23 days morning 7 when make, Harbin Xiangfang District haping road and Xing Yue Street near the junction, a car loaded with wax gourd farm tractor rollover occurred out of control when cornering, 6000 pounds of wax gourd scattered on the ground, but fortunately no casualties. 8 pm the same day, the reporter saw at the scene, a farm tractor parked in the lanes around central, littered with many big gourd, some melon has been broken, driving the tractor Mr. Zhou is the selection of complete melon to tractor handling.Mr. Zhou told reporters, he is Harbin suburban county Zhoujia town farmers, morning loading 6000 Jin of wax gourd into town to sell, did not expect the tractor overturned, by a few kind people help to rollover tractor up, damaged melon at about 2000 pounds or so, this is the lost.Reporter Ding Yi perturbation

23 at 4 pm,prop nut the traffic accident happen daowaiou exploits Chengde bridge, a Mercedes Benz SUV crashed through the guardrail post upside down on the road, no casualties in the accident. According to witnesses, at that time the Mercedes Jingyang street to the direction of travel by the factory, I do not know how through the middle of the road guardrail rushed to the lane, hit the bridge guardrail post upside down on the road, the driver was not hurt, then left the scene. 5 pm, the traffic police will be dealt with the accident, the scene of a traffic resumed. The cause of the accident is under further investigation. Newspaper reporter Lu MingLife daily newspaper platform to providePhoto by members of the public to provide

In new networkHarbin 24 October report (reporter Ni Zijian) 24 day officially issued the Harbin Taiping International Airport,fixing socket the airport on the same day at nine thirty of anti violent Terrorists Hijack comprehensive drill. Heilongjiang province is the most Chinese Bei Yu, is an important gateway to the Far East Chinese mainland, the Pacific, the drill includes for anti violent terrorists hijacking to Pacific Rim countries and regions to exit a content.A total of 33 domestic and foreign airlines into operation in Harbin Taiping International Airport, opened, a total of 116 domestic and international routes, the annual passenger throughput of over 1 million, of which the Russian route 8, is an important gateway to the Far East, the Pacific China.The reporter learned from Harbin Taiping International Airport to the simulation, the background is a group of violent terrorists using Harbin airport is located in the north of Xinjiang China geographical location, broke into the flight control zone, tried to hijack a civil aircraft, crew and passengers in hostage, asking for the plane to fly to Pacific Rim countries and regions outside of A.Soon the exercise began, 4 “terrorists” hijacked the tarmac the completion of the registration of civil aircraft for takeoff. Then site counter-terrorism command to deploy police blockade “hijacked” aircraft, occupy the attack position, and sent negotiators deal with terrorists. “Gangster” for the government to provide $10000000, and allowed the aircraft to fly to the Pacific Ring of a country area. Eventually police makeup become the bank teller, the use of handover ransom time killed “criminals”, successfully rescued the hostages.Deputy director of the Harbin International Airport Public Security Bureau Xu Qingguo acceptIn new networkReporter the interview said: “this time anti hijacking exercise aimed at Heilongjiang’s geographical environment and the entry and exit conditions, the purpose is to test and improve the emergency state airport in each unit including public security, armed police, fire, medical quick response ability, coordination ability, anti-terrorism anti hijacking disposal capacity and fire rescue ability.”"Heilongjiang special geographical position, to the outside of the traffic mode choice and diversity, Harbin International Airport is an important hub in Northeast China (Chinese) to USA station, lawbreakers illegally exit channels, control pressure is relatively large. This time the anti hijacking exercise good in view of this situation, to guard against a similar incident, put an end to public safety risks more active role.” Xu Qingguo said. (end)

In October 17th,formwork clamp the Xingsha times / Xingsha news network reported loose Gallery project construction to occupy the sidewalk and non motorized road a thing, then the project party promises to make rectification. Yesterday,ferrule insert the reporters came to the construction site is located in Changsha County and the intersection of te Li Lu Dong Yi Lu again, see the door posted to guide the public to go on the street sidewalk publicity, and to the public made Zhandao interpretation.”Reported the same day we contacted to reflect the situation of the public, and to apologize.” The project party responsible person told the reporter, because of ill considered no scruples pedestrians feel, leading citizens have security concerns, then the project direction citizens explain Zhandao intention, and get the public understood.In addition, in order to avoid traffic accidents, prominently posted on the site during the construction of pedestrians have to avoid notice. “Until the building wall construction completed, we will be on the sidewalk and green belt back.” The project responsible person told the reporter, is expected to take as long as half a year. (the Xingsha Times reporter Zhang Xingsha)

China News AgencyDandong on 24 October, (Zhu Mingyu) by North Korea against Ebola virus banned foreign tourists influence,lifting clutches more than 500 in North Pyongyang and Sinuiju Chinese tourists travel 24 days can’t exit,ferrule insert stranded in North Korea is Liaoning province and Dandong city.According to the general manager of Dandong China International Travel Agency Quan Shunji introduced,lifting insert she in the evening of 23, received a notice, from 24 onwards, North Korea against foreign tourists. At this time, her own travel agency has more than 200 tourists arrived in Dandong.Quan Shunji therefore need explaining to visitors, tourists travel arrangements to do. Solution mainly including free full refund and change the itinerary.”These tourists is 4 day tour in Pyongyang and Sinuiju one day tour, travel costs were 2700 yuan and 700 yuan, of which the day trippers more.” Quan Shunji said, because can cause certain economic loss, she has been to Dandong, government departments and North Korea put forward the related request.Transit Ji said, including Dandong CITS, local 4 big travel agency contract went to Korea tourism business, affected by the tourists stranded in Dandong city is estimated at more than 500 people.Dandong City, the tourism sector of North Korea against foreign tourists to be confirmed, and also just received the notice said, the DPRK tour opening date is temporarily unable to determine. (end)

The day before yesterday, in the Department of Neurosurgery Ward in Changsha City Central Hospital, 50 year old Xiangtan man Zhao Zhongwei has been staring at the ceiling: more than 1 months because he admitted for acute cerebral hemorrhage,cuplock scaffolding can let the medical staff is difficult, has not contact his immediate family. When the nurse asked if he wants to see his daughter and brother, he nodded excitedly.Zhao Zhongwei home in Xiangtan City, a security guard at present, changsha. The afternoon of September 19th, he suddenly fainted, was sent to the emergency department colleagues found that Changsha City Center hospital. “The inspection found to have left basal ganglia hemorrhage broken into ventricles of brain and other severe, critical condition.” Doctors in the hospital emergency department is introduced, the hospital in time to carry out drainage of cerebral ventricle. After the operation, Zhao Zhongwei was transferred to emergency intensive care unit after acute treatment, in stable condition, transferred to the hospital for the treatment of neurological monitoring.”The patients lived in the hospital for more than 1 months, at present the brain blood clot has been absorbed, the condition is also increasingly stable, although people in a trance, but conscious, can do the handshake, leading a simple action.” According to Zhang Shuai introduced Changsha Central Hospital Department of Neurosurgery attending doctor, at present although patients from neural ICU into the Department of Neurosurgery Ward, but due to the left brain haemorrhage is serious, at present the existence part of right limbs hemiplegia, activities are relatively poor, later still need to do some functional rehabilitation exercise.”In the beginning was the colleagues give patients admitted, they help advance 2000 yuan, then patients in Changsha’s cousin to help him for the admission procedures, and in operation agreement signed.” Zhao Zhongwei was in the hospital for 1 months since the hospital department of Neurosurgery, medical staff initiative to serve as Zhao Zhongwei’s “temporary families”, help him dress, wash, feed meal, for his massage and psychological nursing.”We know from the patient’s cousin in the mouth, in patients with early already divorced, have a daughter, but has been unable to contact. He has a brother, but the other has not come to the hospital.” Department of Neurosurgery nurse Changsha Central Hospital of long Guo Ling said, at present the patient is out of danger, the disease is increasingly rehabilitation, may be due to immediate family members not in the side, a lot of examination and treatment and follow-up rehabilitation lack their signatures, so that can not be carried out smoothly. For patients with this stroke, encourage and accompany family, is the key to their late stage of rehabilitation, hope that the family can appear to help his recovery time. (reporter Kuang Chunlin correspondent Tang Xue Wen Fang Intern)

In October 24th, a reporter from the Xiaogan Fire detachment was informed that, with the Xiaogan City Hall about “plan” action of public fire infrastructure in Xiaogan city in three years of introduction,erection anchor public fire infrastructure construction of Xiaogan city into a new fast track development.In recent years, with the city of Xiaogan to speed up the construction of Wuhan city circle city deputy center, to create “in-depth implementation of the Hubei of Suzhou” and the construction of “charming Xiaogan” strategy, the city is in third time starts an undertaking the development of the “golden period” and the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of the “transition period”, the rapid development of social economy, city changes a process to accelerate. But because of too many historical debts, fire protection foundation is weak, the fire station construction, fire fighting equipment, fire water, fire police and other serious lag, fire protection level is not up to the requirements of the development of the city.To this end, Xiaogan City Fire detachment established a work program, running, extensive investigation in Hubei Province, “the work of the fire” Twelfth Five Year “development planning” and other documents as the basis, in accordance with the complete, step-by-step implementation, three years old in advance, appropriate principles, in the May draft and submitted “on speeding up the city public fire prevention infrastructure efforts to enhance the overall capacity of our city to resist fire report”, caused Teng Gang mayor, deputy mayor, Chen Yiguo Zheng Xiangyuan deputy mayor and other leaders attention. Finally, which lasted 5 months, the 5 revision, “the public fire infrastructure in Xiaogan city in three year action plan” issued.”Action plan” the public fire infrastructure in Xiaogan city from 2014 to 2015 three years clearly, the fire station layout, complete the overall planning and design of demonstration, introduced the “Xiaogan city fire work” 1035 “development planning”, and incorporated into the overall plan for city construction synchronous implementation; and Rapid City Fire Station construction. According to each fire station protection radius of 4-7 square kilometers requirements, accelerate the construction of city fire station, difficult construction must advance reservation fire station construction land. From 2014 to 2017, the city’s new 6 fire station, the transformation of 4 fire stations, the relocation of 2 fire stations; accelerate the construction of fire vehicle equipment. From 2014 to 2016, Xiaogan city is equipped with 15 fire engines; the city updates extended active duty fire car 9; equipment fire squadron “four in one” (i.e., 1 car city pumpers, 1 cars (heavy) type foam fire truck, 1 cars with rescue function for high class of fire trucks and 1 A multifunctional rescue fire fighting vehicle) fire rescue basic combat unit, wherein the aerial platform fire truck working height should be 32 meters; supplementary fire fighting equipment 7925 pieces (sets), of which, 2325 pieces (sets) squadron of city, county (city) squadron 5600 pieces (sets); speed up the construction of fire water. The fire hydrant construction as an important content of city public basic fire protection facilities synchronous construction approval, upgrading of fire water pipe network system, three years to build municipal fire hydrants with 2113 (467 out of 1646 urban areas, counties with), repair of municipal fire hydrant 485 (163 out of 322 City, county, city with); speed up the fire police addendum and various form the fire troop construction. In accordance with the “Xiaogan City, various forms of the fire team construction management approach” (Xiaogan government regulation No. [2013]4) requirements, will the government full-time fire brigade fire funding into the budget of district government. In three years, the city’s new 18 government full-time team, 5 full-time team; recruitment contract firefighters 185; accelerating the construction of social emergency rescue system. Within three years, established city, county two level emergency rescue joint conference system, improve the government under the leadership of each supporting emergency power in consultation with the coordination linkage mechanism. The construction of emergency rescue materials storage, built the city’s “emergency rescue database” and the emergency rescue system.The “plan” the introduction, to promote the development of the cause of the fire has milepost significance of Xiaogan city. Indicates that the Xiaogan public fire infrastructure will usher in a new round of great opportunity of development. After three years of unremitting efforts, the initial formation of the city’s layout is reasonable, the function is perfect, facilities of the city public fire prevention based security system and fire emergency rescue system, comprehensively enhance the overall urban and rural fire fighting capabilities, to maximize the prevention and containment of serious malignant fire accident. (reporter Lei Shan correspondent Zhang Lixuan, Wang Shijie)

In new networkJingmen on 24 October,anchor socket (Wu Qiyong Zhang Yunfeng Hu Jinping) 21 days,aop formwork CCTV search program “studio hall waiting for me” to a pair of siblings — Wang Chieh,lifting insert Wang Wenhao, they try to find by CCTV has been away from home for 12 years of sister Wang Wenfen. The message is currently in Hubei Province, Jingmen City, continuous fermentation, many users through the network and a large number of micro-blog, Micro message forwarding, want to help their dreams, “Wang Wenfen, go home!”Wang Wenfen was born in 1985, domicile for Chai Hu Zhen Xi Gou Cun, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Jingmen. In 2002, Wang Wenfen’s father to help her find work for, find usury borrowed 2000 yuan. The results, Wang Wenfen was a relative into the MLM organizations, work didn’t find, money has been cheated of a space. To this end, Wang Wenfen and the father of contradictions. The year before and after the Qingming Festival, Wang Wenfen left a letter and then quietly left home.In the letter, she said that 4 years after come back married. However, over the past 12 years, Wang Wenfen has been at all. In the Wang Wenfen after 4 years away one day, her father also because of guilt, depart from the world for ever. These years, the family has not given up looking for Wang Wenfen, they believe that Wang Wenfen will come home!”Dear! Please put the news spread out, let us cry out: Wang Wenfen, go home!” The reporter mobile phone continuous multiple days of receipt of this Micro message.The 24 day, the reporter a line to Wang Wenfen’s home, an old house decades alone stands. In Wang Wenfen’s uncle home, the reporter found her 79 year old grandmother, because after all these years, many changes occurred in the home also, after his father died, Wang Wenfen’s mother had remarried. The old granny can only find a photo of a black and white registration of Wang Wenfen when he was young, his hands to the reporter fibrillation wei. This piece of small pictures, but the old man only thought, carrying the old granddaughter to endless yearning.At present, the local media has been opened without hotline, hope to know the whereabouts of the warm-hearted and reporter Wang Wenfen made contact, phone: 13707260315. (end)

In new networkYixing on 24 October, (reporter Hong Xiaohong Sun Quan) reporter 24 from Jiangsu Yixing at the 2014 (second) environmental protection technology and industry development China promote informed, Yixing is located in “Green Town” China Yixing environmental protection science and Technology Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the Yixing Central Branch Park) and “action”,aop formwork here the government uses the first mover advantages and technical advantages of local environmental protection industry, is to build the first domestic environmental regulation provides integrated services “in the appropriate environment for the hospital”, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of Yixing environmental protection industry.The so-called “environment of hospital,” is to enterprises and talent, technology and capital to the depth of integration, the establishment of a one-stop comprehensive service, to provide system solutions and the construction and operation of the service for the regional environmental governance, so as to achieve the solution of various “environmental Difficult miscellaneous diseases” purposes.According to the environmental protection department data show, “Twelfth Five Year” three years ago, China environmental protection investment each year to 200000000000 yuan more than the increase, the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the whole society environmental protection investment is expected to more than 5 trillion yuan, the national government investment in the governance of environmental issues is gradually increasing. However, the momentum of domestic environmental pollution is not effectively curbed, the problem of air pollution, solid waste, water is becoming more complex, environmental processing technology of pure it is difficult.In this context, the introduction of “governance mode of hospital environment” Yixing huankeyuan should be. “‘environment of hospital is to see a doctor’ environment, in the environmental protection industry, it is a kind of innovation mechanism and mode.” Zhu Xufeng, director of Yixing Central Branch Park CMC, the idea of “hospital environment”, is the analogy of each link of environmental governance into operation aspect of general hospital. Environment government and sewage enterprises is “patients”, the specific environmental problems is a “disease”, environmental protection enterprises is “doctor”, a variety of environmental protection equipment is a “drug”.Zhu Xufeng said, “at present the hospital environment” has been initially construct the diagnosis, inspection, design, technology, standard equipment, engineering, information technology, project risk management and investment nine platform. Organization frame specialist outpatient clinic is the formation of sewage treatment, water treatment, solid waste, sludge disposal, soil remediation, river ecological control, comprehensive improvement of rural environment, exhaust noise control, environmental protection and the Internet of things “13+1″.”Before the industry government are charlatans type, we hope that the healthy development of the industry, so to build ‘hospital environment’.” Zhu Xufeng said, “this should be the construction of hospital environment” have confidence, because as a national domestic only environmental professional park Yixing Central Branch Park, the environmental protection industry has 40 years history of the development of local industry, scale and agglomeration effects of the one and only in the country, and through the cooperation with many domestic universities, here has gathered a large number of outstanding human resources, namely “environment of hospital doctors reserves”.In addition, the international technology and market advantage Yixing huankeyuan obviously, the park now with Germany, Denmark, Finland, Holland and other 8 countries have established the clean technology docking center, and with more than 20 countries in the field of new energy, environmental protection and clean technology to carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges and docking.It is reported, in the regional cooperation and strategic layout, “should be in hospital environment” and domestic and international regional cooperation has been started. At present, in the construction area and each branch has entered a period of negotiations, the intention of the regional coverage of all regions except the northwest outside, the initial formation of the Heilongjiang Harbin, Guangxi, Sichuan Chengdu Nanning 8 city cooperation intention, which Harbin environmental branch provides a square kilometers land for construction has been the basic implementation.At the same time, relying on the Yixing Central ASTRI powerful platform for international cooperation, combined with the local environment has been planning branch of the geographical and market advantages, “should be in hospital environment” and the SCO, non center, ASEAN Center three international platform also formed the intention of cooperation, the relevant matters in the negotiation. (end)

Before November 11, 2009,anchor socket November 11th was a perfectly ordinary days; later, it became a sought after numerous netizen Festival, has become a hot topic once a year. See the “double eleven” will come, @ news invited 258 friends in advance on the “double eleven” form a state, found that the “double eleven” there is so much we know not found.Found 1: who says women are more prodigal”Double eleven zero points, cherish now have been sleeping sister paper……” When all kinds of black women’s “double eleven” piece and ready to make trouble, Baidu index to speak out couldn’t help: 2013 “double eleven” shopping Carnival before and after, pay attention to the gender proportion is 77.58%: 22.42%. And from the Ali data also show that: in 2013 “double eleven”, men buy goods accounted for the overall turnover number 50.3%, for the first time more than women. Tmall grade T3 Zhou Hongwei just said, his last “double eleven” spent one thousand yuan of above, this year plans to make persistent efforts.However, women are still the main force can not be denied, but spend more generous. This point, also can be discerned from the questionnaire @ news, because the 258 respondents, women accounted for 191, of which 73.3% of people have had the “double eleven” shopping experience. And in the 42 year plan “double eleven” consumption of more than 1000 yuan in users, 36 are women. Higher, on the sensitivity of the price as a housekeeper, clothing consumption habits have become the main cause of different female consumption ability strong.Found 2: cheap chop hand family fatal temptationPrice has always been the “double eleven” killer mace. Sure enough, when the answer “the main reason for this year ‘double eleven’ to attract your online shopping is what”, 125 answered “by the preferential benefit activity promotion effect” cheaper “”. Even 5 people are “affected” people around, ran a cheap price to consumer groups and really need people close to the proportion of 5: 3.However, the “double eleven” really so affordable? According to independent shopping search portal to help buy 5 released “2013 Double Tenth a electric business price incomplete reports” show, in the monitoring of the quantity of the goods within the scope, Amazon price goods accounted for the total number of quantity discount goods, reached 19.59%, Tmall mall, Jingdong mall followed respectively 18.68% and 17.49%, a number of stores at least, accounting for only 6.03%. In this regard, who participated in last year “double eleven” Changsha male white-collar said, “now the prices are almost as slowly, choosing the right.”Found 3: buy big, shopping is no longer the only choiceFrom customer service, logistics, worried about the restriction of fake and shoddy products and other factors, the fast consumer goods are still clearly this year “double eleven” title. However, household appliances, electronic products have begun to quietly into a lot of people “double eleven” shopping list. In @ news sun shopping plan to link, 10 people chose to home appliances, 20 of people choose electronic products, and it is also the overstretched logistics industry has put forward higher requirements. Because the “logistics speed too slow” is one of the last impression of netizens to “double eleven” worst. Once the price of electronic products, household appliances, encounter lost pieces of touch on savage express, the contradiction can be predicted.It is for this reason, the express industry in preparation for the recent raise or enlarge an army. Recall last year “double eleven”, have been doing this for a year and a half express Zhang Feng calculated to calculate, at the peak of his day to the delivery of more than 200 single, is twice as much on weekdays, busy even drink slobber all while the gap recipient led express. So, although the annual express hiring treatment is not low, personnel fluidity is great. This is why the recent oil price falling, express freight has not reduced, before some enterprises still “double eleven” the advent of reasons to start brewing price plan.@ news dialogueFour conjectures about the “double eleven”This year “double eleven” Eve, @ news interviewed Hunan University associate professor of electronic commerce and logistics management Hu triploid, do a prediction as to this year “double eleven”.@ news: “double eleven” Taobao Tmall transactions could break the record?Hu Xiangyun: the amount of the transaction record is entirely possible. Because China, total retail sales of social consumer goods still have two digit growth rate, the nominal growth rate in 2013 was 13.1%, while the number of Internet users in nearly 30000000 years of growth, in 2014 June, Chinese users scale up to 632000000. The scale of Internet users grow means more consumption potential. Furthermore, “double eleven” has become a netizen carnival, various types, various reasons for shopping together, will likely make the transaction volume and then washed high.  @ news: as in previous years the turtle speed distribution will be in the “double eleven” again?Hu Xiangyun: the logistics distribution is the bottleneck problem of electric business, now all forces are looking for solutions. As for the “double eleven” will become the turtle speed distribution, I think that is not so important, because “double eleven” on Valentine’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, on the delivery timeliness requirements will not be so high, it is to strengthen management, to ensure the express service quality, don’t lose the thing, don’t wear parts.  @ news: “double eleven” early in the morning that pay jam will appear?Hu Xiangyun: pay jam is inevitable. Support online shopping core platform payment is China modern payment system of the people’s Bank of Chinese (CNAPS), many third party add connected with the payment platform, constitutes a system of modern computer technology and communication network based on the large, the system and its subsystems are local peak capacity, beyond the processing capacity of the peak demand, the system will reject service system, that is usually said the paralysis. The robustness of the processing capacity and system therefore will jam depends on the entire system.@ news: “double eleven” will always go on fire?Hu Xiangyun: “the strategy of low cost dual eleven” is the most effective strategy, because consumers like. However, businesses must obtain the cost leading strategy success, you need to have a day in and day out to the actual implementation of the strategy of skills, this is not one or several “double eleven” can be accomplished. But in front of the so-called “low”, consumers need to do is to see if really “price”. Of course, in addition to low-cost and develop mobile payment outside of the battlefield, to create the “double eleven” cultural connotation is the sustainability of breakthrough.@ archives”Math problem in double eleven”NO.1 VS a day for a yearIn 5 years, “double eleven” Taobao Tmall day sales continue to doubleHow much is 35000000000?35000000000 =2013 years the national focus on 143 department stores, shopping centers throughout the year cumulative sales of 11.5%In 2009 2000000 yuanIn 2010 1900000000 yuanIn 2011 5200000000 yuanIn 2012 19100000000 yuanIn 2013 35000000000 yuanIn 2014 is expected to more than 55000000000 yuanNO.2 mobile phone orders VS computer usersIn 2012, mobile phone Taobao turnover 960000000 yuanIn 2013, mobile phone Taobao turnover 5350000000 yuanHow much is 5350000000?5350000000 ~ 2011 “double eleven” Taobao Tmall day salesNote: as of the end of 2014 6, mobile phone users Chinese scale is 527000000, an increase of 26990000 compared to the end of 2013, mobile phone online payment users 205000000, compared with growth of 159.2% over the same period last year.NO.3 Chinese VS GlobalTime express the highest daily volume of Business Express business volumeIn 2013 65170000 and 346000000In 2014 90000000 and 500000000The sum of global average daily express quantity 40000000 > UPS, FedEx.Note: 40000000 pieces for the Nations Express Inc in November 11, 2012 the total number of which is China processing express, express industry for the first time in daily business volume ranking first in the world.NO.4 “double eleven” Taobao Tmall sales of billions of dollars to need number time?In 2011 eighth minutesIn 2012 second minutesIn 2013 fifty-fifth secondsNetwork (reporter Rao Li interns Yin Ting) observer