Venture capital raid Yili Dairy Association, Dairy Association cited concerns about vocal

Beijing In September 22, cast in sockets capital predators again! This is not the object of their hunt to sell the house but Vanke, sell milk erie. In September 14th, sunshine insurance department suddenly holdings 5 million 667 thousand and 900 shares of Erie, Erie shares held to 5%. In this regard, Chinese Dairy Association said, do not want to see the dairy industry leading enterprises as a springboard for capital operation. Chinese dairy industry association also said that venture capital should not become the negative factors affecting the stability of the China dairy. In September 18th, Yili disclosure of changes in equity report shows that Sunshine Insurance Holdings through the trading system of nearly 5 million 670 thousand shares, accounting for 0.09% of the total share capital. After changes in equity, the sun and the sun life insurance total holdings of Erie shares of the total share capital of 5%, hit placards. Encounter risk capital after the placards Yili announced on September 19th, is planning major issues of emergency suspension. Then, two bursts of sunshine insurance official statement said, "do not take the initiative to seek commitment to become the Erie shares of the largest shareholder, and is no longer within the next 12 months, and holdings of Yili" called "the above commitments are not because of any relevant changes, and will not change because of the market some overinterpret". However, the official statement of sunshine insurance group is still difficult to completely dispel doubts about the outside world. Select the announcement placards Yili in the Mid Autumn Festival, still let the industry feel suddenly. Chinese Dairy Association Secretary General Gu Jicheng said in an interview with reporters, "China dairy now facing pressure is great, the industry is in the process of transformation and upgrading, facing the shift of economic growth, structural adjustment pains and early input" digestion period three overlay. Because of China's milk production cost is high, the industry chain of dairy farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises, weak anti risk ability, to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry and the industrial chain, need to have the queen of these industry leading enterprises." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards that Yili Valley, inherited the Secretary General believes that "dairy companies, is to develop better and faster with the help of social capital. If the dairy industry leading enterprises as a springboard for capital operation, it will make the interests of dairy farmers, processing enterprises affected, which will affect the healthy development of the dairy industry China. There Chinese dairy association do not want to see this situation." The Secretary China dairy industry association chairman Liu Meiju told reporters, "as Chinese dairy industry leading enterprises, Yili Group contrarian growth in recent years, in 2015 more than 60 billion of the revenue, the global dairy ranking jumped eight, a record Chinese Asia milk prices so far the highest ranking, become the leading dairy industry fully deserve China enterprise, is considered an important indicator of Chinese officially entered the global dairy powers and rewrite the global dairy pattern, and the China dairy has more fully the right of discourse in the international dairy. Yili Group these years of development, is a joint effort in the enterprise and all years is achieved." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards Erie issue, Liu Meiju believes that "in recent years, there are different capital through various channels into the dairy industry, but we don't want to see any adverse factors of industry development. On the one hand, China's dairy industry is in the throes of transition, is relatively fragile, not too much interference factors; on the other hand, the dairy industry chain length, and the distribution of industrial chain mostly for small and medium enterprises and dairy farmers, their anti risk ability is very weak, once the industry chain core leading enterprises problems. Will a great impact, is likely to bring a lot of unimaginable consequences." fixing socket

He Fan: RMB into the basket will not affect the loan interest rate of SDR

In September 22, Jingwei new client (Shi Chen) since October 1st, shuttering magnet the RMB will be formally incorporated into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) founded the SDR currency basket (SDR). RMB into the basket will have what effect? Whether SDR outward loan interest rate will change? Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance chief economist He Fan in an interview that the new client Jingwei, the yuan in the role of SDR will gradually appear, the interest rate will not be affected by the short term effect of SDR. He Fan believes that the yuan in the SDR basket, the influence of the establishment of the need for a long-term process. For example, the world bank for the first time in thirty years in China issued bonds SDR. The SDR not only has symbolic significance, is China will gradually play in the international financial market valuation tool. At present, the RMB loan interest rate is higher than the SDR loan interest rates in other countries. In this regard, He Fan believes that this situation will not affect the loan interest rate of SDR outward. Due to the RMB capital control and financial market by segmentation in foreign countries, the RMB interest rate at home and abroad, it is difficult to exactly the same. "What we see is the nominal interest rate, but the actual interest rate is not high Chinese." At the end of the new Hefan Jingwei client said. (new latitude APP) lifting clutches

China City firm deposits 6 high risk regulators to strengthen risk disposal mechanism

China News Service September 23 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese CBRC vice chairman Cao Yu said at the 2016 annual meeting of 23 city commercial banks, city commercial banks currently have a total of 6 high risk institutions, both historical form, there is also a new risk. City commercial banks should strengthen the work of high risk disposal mechanism. "And in 2011 of 27 compared to the number of high-risk institutions significantly reduced. At present, 6 high risk asset risk, capital strength, corporate governance and internal management is not standardized, coordinated government, shareholders and other parties, a policy line, targeted to take measures to promote the settlement of." Cao Yu said. Cao Yu introduced the "prescription" includes three aspects: one is "Paul", protect the interests of depositors. To increase the liquidity risk monitoring high risk mechanism, actively use the deposit insurance system, adherence to risk the bottom line, to maintain social stability. The two is to "increase", to increase their investment. The key to the coordination of local government and major shareholders, solve the problem of capital, enhance their ability to resist risks. The three is the "push", promote the restructuring of the disposal. At present, from the policy level, city commercial banks are still not allowed to cross regional development, but except for high risk institutions involved to resolve. "The rest of the Banking Bureau to use existing policies, to promote local government to emancipate the mind, to increase their investment and the introduction of new strategic investors, through equity cooperation, reduce the financial risks. At the same time, to explore the suitable way of restructuring the local, not for all, but the implementation of local finance, long period of stability." Cao Yu said. The city is an important part of the banking system China. In the past five years, the city firm has maintained a momentum of rapid development. From the official data show that as of 6 at the end of 2016, the country's 133 city commercial banks assets amounted to 25 trillion and 200 billion yuan, compared with five years ago, an increase of nearly 1.9 times the average annual growth rate of nearly 40%; the total assets in commercial banks accounted for 15.4%, compared with five years ago, an increase of 4.6 percentage points, the average annual growth rate of nearly 8.5%. In addition to the high risk of city commercial banks, for most city firms, Cao Yu pointed out that the credit risk is the main risk. From the book data, non-performing loan ratio is not high, but from the dynamic trend of decline in asset quality pressure is quite large. In view of the current credit risk, Cao Yu believes that the measures should be taken from two aspects. One is to support a variety of ways to resolve the bad. Through the transfer of credit assets, non-performing assets transferred, verification, market debt, debt restructuring and other measures taken to digest the stock, loan restructuring, sign a contract, then recover the loan and other ways to reduce the incremental credit assets transfer platform for bulk transfer of non-performing loans, the use of market means to dispose of bad assets. Two is the support to accelerate capital. As of 2016 6 at the end of the month, the city firm average capital adequacy ratio was 12.29%, lower than the average level of commercial banks by 0.85 percentage points. Cao Yu pointed out that the capital supply is an important means to enhance the ability to resist risks, to replenish capital through multiple channels, can enhance the city commercial development potential, boost market confidence. To support the introduction of the city firm shareholders to increase their investment, support for issuing new capital instruments and tier two capital instruments, support qualified banks listed financing at home and abroad. (end) shuttering magnet

Alipay WeChat money to do in death? People from all walks of life have moves

"My Alipay more than 70 thousand, cast in sockets WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, the money will be how to deal with (my family does not know the money)?" Recently, such a look a bit "alarmist", attracted a large number of onlookers. A few people called "xinyouqiqi Yan," said sympathetically. Now young people are basically Alipay, the balance of treasure, WeChat change, like TenPay account, through their wealth warehouse. However, this form of money is likely due to the master's accident and be forgotten forever. The Yangtze <strong> A brain hole wide open problems:</strong> "If I didn't," family have to know how the money? "I have the Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, my family does not know the money, the money will be how to deal with? The final destination is?" Recently, netizens have thrown such a doubt, immediately attracted a large number of thread. "Most people don't live to tell the family, because they do not believe that they will encounter an accident." Netizen "night". "Do you think you into your bank account, you will inform you of the accidental death of their family have the money? Too naive!" Netizen "fish and bear's paw". Now Alipay, WeChat wallet, the balance of treasure and other new deposits appear constantly. Reporters learned that some young people are lying on the network in the nature of wealth, and quite a part of a "case-dough", not known. "If people really did not, the money is certainly not." Almost all people think that the home will suffer losses. <strong> Financial planner suggested:</strong> In fact, financial planner also encourages investment in financial management, do not put the egg in one basket, but to a reasonable configuration, such as the regular current collocation, buy funds, stocks, insurance etc.. Now Alipay, WeChat wallet, the balance of treasure and other new deposits appear constantly. It seems that asset disposal encounter accident after, really is not a trivial problem. <strong> An often ignored protocol:</strong> <strong> Not used for a long time, Alipay will be canceled, WeChat will recover</strong> Netizens also cited such as Alipay, QQ registration protocol. Reporter found, according to these we usually did not read the agreement, encountered "unexpected" users want to get back online family heritage, but also more difficult. "Alipay service agreement" fourth part third fifth provisions: Login the other way for 12 months without the use of Alipay or Alipay approved the login membership number or account, Alipay will be on the cancellation of membership number or account, the user will not be able to through the Alipay login login this website or use membership number or account. If there is a correlation of the membership number or account financial products, pending transactions or balance, Alipay will help users deal with. Thus, with Alipay and the sudden death of the user, in accordance with the agreement, the money inside will always passively frozen in the user account, waiting for him (her) relatives to claim, and in theory, Alipay "will help you deal with". But in real life, Alipay how to help you, how living relatives know this money account is still unknown. There are similar to WeChat, QQ and other accounts, such as "Tencent WeChat software license and services agreement" in the seventh paragraph second and five provisions: WeChat account ownership of the Tencent Inc, for users to complete the registration formalities, only the right to use the WeChat account, and the right to use only part of the initial application for registration. At the same time, the initial registration shall not grant, borrow, rent, transfer or sale of WeChat account or otherwise permit non initial application for registration of persons with a WeChat account. An initial application for registration of persons shall not use WeChat account through the recipient, inheritance, lease or assignment or by any other means. User registration WeChat account if the account login is not long, the Tencent has the right to take back the account, any losses are borne by the user. As WeChat, QQ, WeChat, and other tools of the "initial public registration", if after the death, according to the agreement, the ownership of all Tencent, and "no gift, borrow, rent, transfer or sale", this number will eventually be the corresponding recovery of Tencent, WeChat wallet will face what kind of fate? It is also unknown. <strong> Bankers suggested:</strong> In the bank, there are some dormant account every year, there are more or less money, generally speaking, some accounts have second contacts, can contact the bank, or the owner's family and friends will be holding a bank card query, a better solution. For the network platform in wealth, in accordance with the extraction of bank funds, provide the death certificate, account of this, the notarial certificate or court verdict to extract. Proposed legislation to rise to the legal level, the account has been canceled in a certain time limit, which exceeds a certain amount, the platform providers should take the initiative to contact the parties, or published on a regular basis. <strong> View</strong> Notarial office´╝Ü To improve the management of Internet Co Nanjing notary office believes that this problem has two kinds of situations: Is a Alipay or WeChat account holder died suddenly, aware of the family capital account, how to do? The other is the account holder sudden death, family members do not know that there are a lot of money in the account, how to do this? The first case of a country for "virtual property" has no clear judicial interpretation, the legal profession is not conclusive. The mainstream view is in accordance with the "law of succession", with the personal nature of the network heritage can not be inherited, such as personal chat tool QQ, ID network. Without the personal nature of network heritage can be inherited, such as online shops, copyright and game currency etc.. To solve this problem is not too difficult. If there are second kinds of situations requires Internet Co and constantly improve their own management and self-discipline. There are three ways: one is the Internet Co in this situation, the establishment of a special account storage, and actively looking for account holders or family members, but there are drawbacks, the premise is not mixed with the company's own account, to prevent the emergence of new problems, such as a Internet Co bankruptcy, asset mix resulted in the death of user accounts of capital loss; two is the initiative to contact the Internet Co with the people's Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission or the third party network financial management department; the three is to deal with the notarization business at the notary office, and actively seek the holder or heir. <strong> The lawyer:</strong> Use the diary form Write down the wealth account Jin Yong lawyers believe that the account holder can write to the form of a diary, write down their wealth accounts, passwords do not have to write, at least let relatives see, think of the money in the account information can be admitted to where; their loved ones, which relates to the part of the amount of money; not taboo, direct legislation what will indicate where there is; in addition, in the accident, the lawful heir can also prove relevant materials to common network service providers such as Alipay, WeChat and other request account enquiries. bfd coupler

The three anniversary of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone theme of subway train in Shanghai to start

Beijing In September 23, lifting insert Shanghai (Miu Lu) to further improve the society of Shanghai free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Free Trade Zone) awareness and perception, cuplock scaffolding in operation will be the 3 anniversary of the Shanghai free trade zone held 23 "three year FTA theme train" ceremony, the subway line No. 2 and No. 6 line as the theme of cultural train, from the free trade area, long run for about a month. The reason for choosing the Metro Line 2 and line 6, Shanghai Shen Secretary of Party Work Department of Shentong Metro Group Co. Ltd. Wu told Xinyi Beijing The reporter, the event is on line 2 and line 6 of the train, all in Pudong Metro Line 6 trains, 2 line shuttle in Shanghai Puxi and Pudong, so you can more range show FTA knowledge and achievements. Take the train on the fta, Beijing Reporters noted that the car doors and windows, handrails and many were affixed with a red font "Chinese (Shanghai) free trade zone 3 years" posters, "3 years" font is very playful, colorful, eye-catching. FTA train carriages and so many doors and windows, handrails are labeled as a red font "Chinese (Shanghai) free trade zone 3 years" posters, "3 years" font is very playful, colorful, eye-catching. Photo by Miu Lu "One of the FTA three years theme train" as Shanghai FTA theme Publicity Week activities, China (Shanghai) said the deputy director of trade test zone Cao Hongying, currently Shanghai daily subway traffic maintained at about 10 million people, has a strong flow of resources and promotional resources, with this advantage, in the Shanghai city subway. The Shanghai FTA policy innovation and Reform in 3 years to promote the publicity and promotion, to further improve the social awareness of the Shanghai free trade zone and experience. It is reported that, in addition to the theme of the subway train propaganda, during the period from September 23rd to September 29th, the big screen, the central station of public and commercial activities during the exhibition EIA screen scrolling FTA Promo in the people's Square subway; people's Square cultural corridor, will also display the FTA 3 years instead of leather innovation photography exhibition. The next step, Cao Hongying said, Shanghai FTA will further control the central requirements, the standard of international experience, the docking business needs, the construction of the highest degree of openness, the optimal facilitation of free trade zone, become the development of the concept of the five "best practices", to promote the supply side structural reform experimental field and service "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt is an important platform. (end) cuplock scaffolding

Report of listed companies on the level of investor protection is still low

Beijing In September 23, six consecutive years of China listed companies investor protection level monitoring of Beijing Technology and Business University, this year released a report that listed companies on the level of investor protection is still low. 22, Beijing Technology and Business University released 2016 listed companies accounting index to protect investors (AIPI) said, accounting and investor protection index mean China of listed companies for the year 2016 was 54.12 points, 0.42 points lower than in 2015. Vice president of Beijing Technology and Business University, project leader Xie Zhihua said that due to the economic transformation, the supply side reform adjustment pains, the economic downturn, the financial operation quality enterprises have declined significantly. Listed companies to maintain growth, avoid losses, liuhoulu psychological quality of the accounting information of listed companies declined. At present, China city is a typical external audit of the buyer's market, the independence of CPA firms is not strong, the audited customers rely on serious situation, enhancement in the motivation of earnings management of listed companies under the environment, the quality of the external audit also fell. Overall, the year 2016, the level of protection of investors Chinese accounting of listed companies is still not high, and gradually showing greater volatility, investors of listed companies accounting protection situation is still not optimistic. The manufacturing line to investor protection level of the worst It is reported that this year the Beijing Technology and Business University to evaluate all A shares of listed companies, including the main board, SME board and GEM listed companies, a total of 2823, than the 2015 increase of 202 evaluation company. The number of Chinese listed companies accounted for 55.93% of the Shenzhen motherboard, motherboard 467, Shanghai motherboard 1076. Compared with 2015, the Shanghai stock exchange board, small board and GEM companies were increased 78, 44 and 81 (Shenzhen reduced 1). In accordance with the listed company market segment analysis, overall, the small board of listed companies with higher investor protection, investor protection of the lowest level of the Shanghai Stock Exchange board. The past two years from the top plate, the gem investor protection level has increased, Shenzhen protection levels dropped. Sub industry perspective, the level of investor protection in three industries are highest for the scientific research and technical services, leasing and business services and clothing, clothing, fur and footwear. Three industry investor protection were the worst railway and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry, ferrous metal smelting and processing industry, oil processing and coking industry, all manufacturing enterprises. In all listed companies, investor protection index top five respectively: Ireland eye, Jiangling, the Guangzhou Shenzhen railway, Yanjing Beer, Shuanghui development. Ranked three respectively: *ST, *ST, Bo Yuan Shun ship Kai Reed. Beijing Technology and Business University investor protection research center executive director Zhang Hongliang said that from this year's results, the innovation degree of protection for the characteristics of the rise of GEM investors, including private medical services and hospital due to the ability to control in the financial situation, and good governance quality, high degree of investor protection, the automotive industry due to domestic demand and promote the good the ability of independent innovation, protection degree is higher, in addition, the food industry because of its counter cyclical effect, under the overall economy, the protection ability also appeared not fall phenomenon. While the top listed companies in addition to the low quality of accounting information, is mainly caused by the impact of the economic cycle. Overall, compared with 2015, decreased significantly in 2016 China listed companies accounting and investor protection degree, the internal control index and control index score increased, while the accounting information index, external audit index and financial operation index score decreased. The private listed companies is lower than the level of protection of state-owned holding companies From the point of view of ultimate controller, investor protection level of state-owned holding companies is the highest, followed by foreign holding companies and private holding and other holding the degree of investor protection is weak, the level of investor protection under private holding company. From the overall situation in recent years, the investor protection level of private holding companies are lower than the state owned holding company. From the form of ultimate controller, private enterprises accounted for the largest, has become the main force of the listed company, accounting for 55.47%. As the country to vigorously promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation ", in recent years the number of private listed companies increased significantly, the number of private listed companies has far more than the state-owned listed companies. The state-owned enterprises the proportion has dropped to nearly 1/3, the number of foreign-funded enterprises and non control type enterprise in more than and 100, other types of enterprises (including collective holdings, group holdings, ESOP Holdings) less, only 54. From the sub index, decrease the quality of accounting information is the main reliability and relevance have declined greatly, because of the independence of the audit and audit quality decline, after 2012-2015 years of three consecutive years of growth, this year has declined, due to the decline in investment and dividend distribution quality, the 2016 financial operation quality decreased greatly. The listed company investor protection has a long way to go For six consecutive years, released the investor protection index of listed company Zhang Hongliang said, from the stock level, over the past 6 years, the investor protection index successfully predicted the purple Xin Pharmaceutical, green earth, Edmond branch, Zhendong pharmaceutical, constant state railway, Hua Changda, Dragon technology, Lubei chemical, and many other cultural landscape the information of the listed company operation, internal control, corporate governance and other illegal issues. From the industry and region, and the index is closely related to the industry trend, can accurately reflect the level of investor protection level of industry and region. In addition, the AIPI index is relatively stable to reflect the level of investor protection in the financial sector higher investor protection level and the forestry and fisheries is low, and a high level of protection in developed areas of Beijing, Zhejiang, Ningxia, Tibet and the level of protection and other underdeveloped regions is relatively low, which is basically consistent with reality. From a macro perspective, the level of AIPI and the macroeconomic trends remain the same. Zhang Hongliang said: "to the listed companies ranked 100 companies the best combination of composition of accounting and investor protection index 100, the market trend was stronger than the market (an average of 3~5 percentage points higher). Not only that, investor protection index can significantly explain the possibility of violation of the company, investor protection index is low, the higher the possibility of illegal." Xie Zhihua believes that since the financial crisis, investor protection Chinese listed companies appeared in the process of rapid decline, and then rebound. In 2013 54.06 the lowest investor protection, in 2014 and 2015 rose slowly, but overall is still not high, the adverse effects of external environment will decline, investors and supervision construction go15 protection Chinese listed companies. (end) halfen frimeda

Several problems of Alipay account cancellation and inheritance, do you understand?

"I have more than 70 thousand pieces of Alipay, if I accidentally died, my property to be Ali inherited?!" Recently, a netizen doubt, caused a lot of hot friends. In June 13, 2016, the ant gold clothing President Jing Xiandong said at the Lujiazui forum, the number of users over 120 million people, the balance of treasure fund size has reached 700 billion. That is to say, the average Alipay users are in the balance of treasure for 6000 yuan. Cancellation and inheritance about Alipay account, but related to the events of hundreds of millions of users. In this connection, people read the financial related information, and to the death the user identity of the heir to the Alipay customer service phone call. <strong> 12 months is not used, the account will be cancelled?</strong> Some netizens pointed out that "Alipay service agreement" as mentioned in the account for 12 months without a login, Alipay will be canceled! People read the "financial service agreement" of Alipay, in fourth Alipay membership number and account registration, cancellation and use "third" cancellation "clearly pointed out that under the fifth point: In order to prevent the resource occupation, such as your 12 consecutive months without using your Alipay login or Alipay approved the other way logged your membership number or account, Alipay will be on the cancellation of membership number or account, you will not be able to through the Alipay login login this website or use membership number or account. If there is a correlation of the membership number or account financial products, or the balance of pending transactions, Alipay will help you deal with, please operate according to Alipay that way. That is to say, without the use of 12 months Alipay account, really will be canceled. But after the cancellation, the user is still eligible to redeem the balance of financial products, the extraction in an account. <strong> After the death of the user, how to retrieve the heritage?</strong> People read on Alipay financial service hall to read related services list, Alipay admitted that the heir to the deceased account of inheritance and the right of redemption. The accounts of the money deposit funds and predict PayPal account balance for Alipay accounts. The former needs to call Alipay customer service phone 95188 redemption. While the balance of treasure funds in the account belongs to Celestica fund management, the relevant application heritage phase process is as follows: If the account opening balance of treasure and the balance of treasure funds account, the account holder for treatment related death, extraction of the balance of treasure funds requirements are as follows: The balance of treasure redemption funds inheritance, please contact the applicant Celestica fund processing (due to different situations, the Tian Hong foundation for the user requires the user to provide the documents will be different, in order to deal with and follow up, convenient user problems please contact users Celestica fund processing) customer service hot line 4007109999, Business Hours: Monday to Friday at 9 ~21 at the weekend, only online customer service. <strong> How to deal with the bank account?</strong> People read the financial China people's Bank "on the implementation of" savings management regulations "provisions" that depositors after the death of the legal heir to prove their identity and have the right to extract the deposit, the notary office should be located to the savings institutions to apply for the right of inheritance certificate, savings institutions for transfer or certificate by inheritance payment procedures. That is to say, the user has the right to inheritance in each big bank inquiry whether the bank has the deceased account. <strong> The family did not know the Alipay account how to do?</strong> People call the heir to the identity of the financial balance of treasure customer service phone 95188 through artificial voice. The personnel of the service according to the user ID number provided by the financial people can check the identity card or Alipay account. The name is Alipay account after confirmation, need to provide proof of the deceased heir data (according to the facts of the case to provide information may be different), customer service staff will assist the heirs to get balance in alipay. bfd coupler

The first batch of 5 private banks Chinese total assets exceeded 100 billion yuan mark

China News Service September 23 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese CBRC vice chairman Cao Yu 23, halfen frimeda said in Nanchang, as of 2016 6 at the end of China, the first batch of 5 private banks total assets amounted to 114 billion 900 million yuan (RMB, same below), 51 billion 200 million yuan of loans, non-performing loan rate of 0.34%, the main business indicators of rapid growth, in line with the requirements of regulatory indicators. Cao Yu was held on the same day the 2016 annual meeting of city commercial banks for expression. He said, the new private banks work is orderly, the CBRC in accordance with the "mature one, the establishment of a" principle, this year also approved to raise Chongqing Fumin bank and Sichuan bank and Hunan bank to Sanxiang 3 private banks. Since 2014 the pilot, Chinese the first batch of 5 private banks (including micro public bank Alibaba under the Zhejiang commercial bank, Tencent, etc.) a smooth start. At the beginning of the establishment of private banks, has established their own business location, such as a deposit small loans "and" specific areas "," public deposit of public credit, small deposit small loan, focusing on specific areas, to achieve complementary development, dislocation competition with the existing commercial banks. Since the pilot, the development of private banks is basically consistent with the original intention of the. Cao Yu stressed that private banks can not change position. "If the location is not clear, the private banks into a traditional single point mechanism, it is difficult to survive in the market, is of little value in the financial system. Private banks to forget the beginning of the heart, the Orient, especially to maintain concentration, innovative services, has become a feature of the bank." In the aspects of risk management, Cao Yu believes that the private banking operation time is not long, but also exposed some risks and problems, at present mainly in the following three aspects. Equity is unstable. Cao Yu pointed out that some short-term shareholder shares after selling bank shares, some shareholders to transfer the shares in the bank immediately after the grant, the change of private enterprise property, some shareholders face judicial disputes, there are risks of bank equity auction execution. To strengthen the management of shareholders, improve the stability of equity. Two is the business is not stable. Cao Yu said that some private bank balance sheet business growth, blindly carry out financial operations, sources of debt is too dependent on trade with shareholders, asset liability mismatch serious, far higher than the investment loans, credit risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and information network security risks large hidden trouble. The bank should follow the basic rules and rules, strengthen the stability of the business management, adhere to risk the bottom line, to ensure sustainable development. The three is the management of unstable. "Individual bank executives that private banks and frequent changes in corporate culture, still need to adjust. The executive team is relatively stable, in order to adhere to the strategic positioning, to a blueprint drawn in the end. Do the bank is to create "a hundred years old", to calm some maintain strategic concentration, to achieve long-term stable development." Cao Yu said. (end) fixing socket

The latest college financial situation from the bottom: Internet investment 20% students

Yangzi Evening News (reporter Xu Xiaofeng) 4 students in the last 3 months the amount of consumption of 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan; students can earn money earlier than boys…… 22, lifting socket the country's first Internet financial public elective courses in Colleges and universities in Shanghai very formal lecture, scaffolding accessories and included in the college credits. College Students' financial status report released by big data synchronization, now the Internet investment out of every 5 is a student. The analysis shows that college students financial data of Alipay "campus life" based on 4 college students in the last 3 months the amount of consumption of 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, the bulk of the online shopping are the top three clothing accessories, 3C digital products, Home Furnishing. If you want to spend money to make money quickly, first of all. The money is still working part-time college students in addition to home living outside the largest source of income, while the boys and girls, who can work more, make sense? According to statistics, the proportion of men and women are 41:59, overall, female consciousness make money earlier. As the most popular student part-time jobs are what? Data show that in the last 3 months, Russia imported food tasting promotion, steam eye derivative agent, leaflets distributed, decorative painting color, cake shop became the first 5 students part-time work choices. Prior to the release of the "China youth financial knowledge and behavior survey report" shows that the current 90 students there are 4 aspects of financial characteristics: obvious misunderstanding financial concept; consumer society and consumer misplannings coexist; financial awareness and financial literacy lack of blooming; Internet Financial acceptance of high risk and low ability. The survey also found that about 70% of college students have a strong desire to improve their wealth management skills, and after 90 and 80 together has become the backbone of the Internet financial groups. Especially in the 90 users, groups of students rise rapidly, 18-22 years of high school and college students accounted for nearly 20% of the users. Each of the 5 Internet banking users have 1 students. scaffolding parts

Expert: Chinese venture investment will usher in a new round of opportunities

China News Service September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhao Jianhua) Chinese the State Council recently issued "several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). Vice president of China Investment Association Shen Zhiqun said 22 analysis Chinese venture capital industry will usher in a new round of the period of development. The same day, Beijing Technology and Business University held investor protection index Investor Protection Forum conference in Beijing. Attend the activities of Shen Zhiqun made the above remarks. He said, lifting clutches at present China venture investment scale can not meet the huge market demand. Views that cultivate multiple venture investors, venture capital funds to widen channels. In the premise of risk control, safety flow under the support of the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, insurance companies, university fund and other institutional investors in venture investment, investment companies and venture capital fund. Shen Zhiqun analysis, Chinese venture investment will further expand the scale in the future, the venture capital investment subject, will further diversify. Opinions also pointed out that the improvement of venture capital tax policy, the establishment of venture investment projects docking with the government mechanism, research policies and measures to encourage long-term investment, play the guiding role of government funds. Shen Zhiqun analysis, in the future, to guide the government in venture capital support will be further strengthened. Venture capital exit channels will further expand, venture capital will further optimize the market environment, venture capital industry will further strengthen self construction. According to the results of the Beijing Technology and Business University released the same day, accounting and investor protection index mean Chinese of listed companies for the year 2016 was 54.12 points, down in 2015. Among them, the small board status of protection of investors in listed companies with a higher degree of protection, with innovation and entrepreneurship characterized by rising gem investors. Vice president of Beijing Technology and Business University, project leader Xie Zhihua said that due to the economic transformation, such as the economic downturn, declining quality of enterprise financial operation. The growth of listed companies, to avoid losses, liuhoulu psychological, the quality of accounting information of listed companies fell. (end) cast in ferrules

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