Chinese reserves in July $32011 basic reverse rapid outflow momentum

The central bank announced yesterday, July Chinese foreign exchange reserves $32011, fixing socket the expected value of $32000, before the value of $32052. The central bank also announced the end of 7 Chinese gold reserves at $78 billion 890 million, $77 billion 429 million at the end of 6. Analysts believe that the data show that as of the end of July 2016, China foreign exchange reserves at the end of last year to $3 trillion and 330 billion a decrease of $130 billion, the stock is stable at around $3 trillion and 200 billion, essentially reversing the momentum of rapid capital outflows. Taking into account the RMB devaluation trend this year, obviously, it can be said China foreign exchange reserve management is successful. comprehensive shuttering magnet

The central bank statement means that short-term will not "drop"?

CNR net Beijing on August 8th news, according to voice of the economy "CNR Financial Review" reported that recently, halfen channel the market for RRR renewed calls. It seems when epidemic tight, the market hopes by the central bank "waterproof" to quench their thirst. However, from the current global market generally relaxed environment, RRR for the economic stimulus has been very limited. In the newly published "2016 second China quarter monetary policy implementation report", the central bank pointed out that the RRR caused less debt needs to be balanced by the adjustment of the asset side. If frequent RRR will put a lot of liquidity, the market interest rates down, and drop the signal significance, to strengthen the policy easing is expected to lead to the devaluation of the currency pressure increase, foreign exchange reserves decline. In the current macroeconomic environment, does not have the maneuverability to expand debt through the issuance of central bank bills, expand cash delivery etc.. From the first half of this year the central bank's operation, the central bank also reduce the use of reduction tool, more development and normalization of the use of reverse repurchase, medium-term lending facilities such as short-term monetary policy tools. This shows that, unless the money market, stock market volatility, and RRR may be as little as possible the use of central bank. The direction of monetary policy in the future, will continue to implement prudent monetary policy, keep flexible, timely fine-tuning, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness, to total demand management and supply side structural reforms to create a moderate, neutral monetary and financial environment for structural reforms. On this topic, a researcher at Tsinghua University Chinese and the world economy research center, Yuan Gangming made a comment on: Yuan Gangming: now there are requirements for interest rates drop quasi voice, is now the main downtown pressure on the economy is relatively large, but also further increase the possibility of. Therefore, monetary easing is not the solution to this kind of pressure is one of the important measures? But the central bank do not agree with this approach, that drop little space, and may cause some adverse consequences of other. For example, we are now required to drop, is not to slow the downward pressure on the domestic economy, especially private investment fell or some other problems. But the central bank believes that the bigger problem is that if the drop, will cause a decline in interest rates, while our RMB interest rate decline, it will cause the international capital for another idea China capital, there may be capital outflows and capital outflows will further cause devaluation pressures, and RMB devaluation pressures, will cause a series of chain reaction, even There's no telling reaction. In fact, over the years, especially in developed countries, in the global financial system, even if the currency of a country or an outflow of capital depreciation tends to appear, it will cause a huge impact and risk. For Chinese just ready to enter the world financial system, is not very strong case, if the pressure of the devaluation of the renminbi, or some other psychological impact or volatility, so for the central bank's policy, the impact on the domestic economy will. So the central bank worried drop caused by interest rates or the interest rate is expected to decline, may be caused by caused by capital outflows or the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate pressure impact is even greater. Because if the RMB devaluation would have forced to sell more foreign exchange reserves to intervene in the market to stabilize the exchange rate, it will consume a lot of foreign exchange in our country, there is a situation that will make domestic funds more serious. Because the outflow of foreign exchange, capital depreciation and devaluation of the case, a lot more to the outflow of capital. In this case, if the drop caused a decline in interest rates has become a trend and expectations, it will cause the domestic currency tensions. So the central bank believes that taking into account the RRR may cause the possibility of devaluation of the RMB exchange rate or danger, or should not drop as well. Of course, the central bank's position is not completely reduced, he said the RRR should not be frequently used. That is to say not just in the near absence of RRR RRR again. The statement said a variety of selectivity, that is to say if the necessary conditions for a long time, the case may also drop, because some problems Chinese also need to use monetary policy to adjust. For example, the financing of private enterprises especially nervous, or funds especially nervous, properly take some relaxed monetary means, will help alleviate the difficult situation. Therefore, this argument has a certain degree of flexibility to adjust. Another point, chose not to drop as the monetary policy of our country depends on how much space. Of course, we drop a large space, with high rate of our country's statutory reserve rate cut, but do not have the space, because we have a quarter of the year storage interest is only 1.5%, you lower again people do not want to save it, your bank funds more tense. So from the RRR may cause interest rates caused by bank reserves will reduce or weaken the case, then the RRR cuts has little room. So the central bank from this perspective, we can easily use frequent RRR tools to adjust. We do not drop into the case, it should be in accordance with the recently proposed or play by strengthening the supply side reforms to solve the problem of the pressure of the economic downturn. For example, a greater degree to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, mobilize the vitality of enterprises to play the potential for growth, so to break through the capital crunch or other stressful problems. From this point of view, monetary policy or interest rates drop quasi little space, the possibility of short-term is very small, but according to the development situation, to ensure long-term stability in the circumstances, to choose a reasonable and appropriate monetary policy. Even if you may cut interest rates drop quasi words in the future is, in a very small range, in a reasonable, can undertake, within an acceptable range. For example, the reasonable expression is moderately neutral, neutral appropriate and reasonable monetary policy, such as the level of interest rates or statutory deposit reserve rate to adjust the level of. cast in sockets

Xiangtan bonded commodities center to create never-ending "exhibition of imported goods"

Beijing August 8 Xiangtan Xinhua (reporter Liu Shuangshuang) 8, the lively practice of Xiangtan comprehensive free trade zone copy Shanghai FTA Innovation — Xiangtan bonded commodities center started investment and brand customers signing ceremony held. The center will be formed through the whole channel marketing model, lifting socket so that the bonded goods consumption gradually become mass consumer. Xiangtan bonded goods center is located in Hunan Xiangtan (China) economic and Technological Development Zone, is a set of imported goods exhibition and trade, cultural exchanges, on-site experience in one of the world's style shopping center. The center started construction in August 10, 2015, the end of July this year to complete the final acceptance, will be officially opened in October 1st. The reporter learned that Xiangtan bonded commodities center with a total of four layers, an area of 32 thousand square meters. Among them, a layer of fine living area, two for the family living area, living area, the three layer is the four layer for the fashion leisure and entertainment district. Underground intelligent parking garage. Project supporting warehouse building four, a total area of 85 thousand and 500 square meters, equipped with ordinary warehouse, constant temperature warehouse, frozen warehouse. As of now, the European Museum, Korea Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, Pavilion of Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand Museum Museum Museum, Museum of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao merchants brand merchants settled. It is worth mentioning that Xiangtan bonded commodities center relies on online mall, membership system, card (card) system, warehouse management system, cross-border electronic business platform, origin authentication system and the line of bonded goods exhibition and trade center and bonded goods community experience center to form a full channel marketing model to create effective, guide member registration and the consumer front, site procurement, remote ordering and community experience of trading and other service system, the establishment of a new model of Hunan bonded goods trade show, the bonded goods in all directions, zero distance close to the consumer. At the same time, the sale of goods is to ensure that the 100% authentic overseas, no intermediate links, to enjoy the bonded area of the dividend policy, the average price will be lower than the market nearly two to 30%. It is not only the bonded goods store, will also open up cross-border experience area, allowing consumers to try the line of goods, online ordering. "The whole world diversified products through the carrier of Xiangtan bonded commodities center into the country, the modernization of Xiangtan commercial development momentum will be more strong, the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure upgrading of the pace of internationalization of the city will be more sonorous, the development process will be more quickly." Xiangtan municipal Party committee secretary Cao Jiongfang said, the municipal government will create a more open system environment, establish a standardized, stable, transparent and predictable business environment, realize the good situation of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, to jointly build Hunan's export-oriented economic development a new growth pole. It is reported that Xiangtan bonded commodities center will be in the planning and construction of more than 1000 retail shops. Operation will use the six unified management, unified format layout, unified online and offline platform management, unified collection, unified trading center and the community experience of image and the retail price settlement unified promotion. (end) pfeifer vs box

Internet financial investment and financing amount of single rose obviously

In the background of gradually clear regulatory direction, Internet banking is experiencing winter capital. But many industry insiders said that cold capital will accelerate the whole industry mergers and integration, formwork accessories the survival of the fittest. It is worth noting that the good quality of mutual gold institutions will be more favored by capital. Relevant data show that the first half of the financing case number representing a decrease of 16.35%, but the single financing amount increased significantly. Single financing amount rise Shanghai Jiao Tong University Internet Financial Research Institute, Beijing North Investment and IT jointly issued the "2016 orange after the first half of the financing analysis report" shows that the investment and financial China Internet, the first half of Chinese Internet financial investment and financing market financing of total 174 cases, to obtain financing for the 168 enterprises (including 6 won two rounds financing), the amount of financing of about 61 billion yuan. The data show that Internet banking has passed the initial barbaric growth. From the financing point of view, more than half of enterprises financing scale investment to obtain the level of ten million yuan, billion yuan and above investment cases accounted for 16.67% of the number of giant financing case, early pattern. August 8th, silver group announced the completion of the C round of 300 million yuan financing. This round of financing led Party voted for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed companies holding wandering. And in August 3rd, wandering holdings announced that the subscription silver group issued a 5 year period of convertible bonds, the scale of 300 million yuan, accounting for about 15.01% shares of silver group. Silver group president Lin Enmin to China Securities newspaper reporter said that this year has been in the past nearly 2/3, but the entire financial industry this year to obtain financing times equivalent to only 38.8% last year, far less than half. Now is the winter capital, risk investment institutions will be more rational, not like the layout of the rise of the Internet financial industry track, but the choice of quality racer. The entire financial industry in this year to get financing, single pen more than 300 million yuan only 19, accounted for only 9% of the proportion of the 211 financing. The amount of financing, equity financing will be diluted heavier; the amount of small company equity dilution less, leaving space for the follow-up financing and listing. For the Internet financial investment and financing trends in the second half of the investment, people say the second half is likely to give birth to new unicorn. At the same time, with the progress of science and technology, innovation model, innovative formats continue to produce, and the transformation of the trend of cross-border integration, the Internet insurance, consumer finance and other segments to show the new opportunity. All the chips, payment, credit and other segments of continued attention, block chain technology as a new hot topic, frequently referred to the Internet in the financial sector, many capital positive wait-and-see attitude to it. The integration of the industry will not stop It is worth noting that the various regulatory measures in accelerating. China Internet Finance Association recently organized the "Internet financial information disclosure standard P2P net loan" and "Chinese Internet Finance Association of Internet financial information disclosure self-discipline management standard" began to seek the views of member units. This is known for work in "the most strict" letter Phi norms, insiders said, the association requires disclosure of the content and the scale is reasonable and feasible to make the Internet financial institutions take self-discipline, compliance and development "first step", the follow-up will promote the merger integration industry. Traffic bank chief economist Lian Ping believes that Internet banking to prudential regulation, rather than moderate supervision. In recent years the development of the situation, the more serious moral hazard. This indicates that prudential supervision must be in the field. "This year at all levels of industry associations and the introduction of relevant industry self-regulation standards, capital market and pursued mutual funds of enterprises to reduce the heat, illegal fund-raising and fund investors after the thunder gradually gathered to large power net loan platform, the unicorn company grew out of date, these factors have an important influence on the development of the industry." The purple horse Caihang CEO Tang Xueqing said yes. Net loan house co-founder Zhu Mingchun expected, with in-depth supervision, speed up restructuring of the industry, is expected this year will be "special rectification out of more than 1 thousand platform. The industry can keep more than 1 thousand steady investment platform is normal." Net loan home surplus can joint advisory released "P2P net loan industry in 2016 7 monthly report" shows that the end of July 2016 the number of P2P net loan industry platform for the normal operation of a further decline, to 2281 decline, compared to at the end of June fell 68, nearly a year low in normal operating platform. Reporter Chen Yingying lifting socket

Four the restructuring fund is cast to waste "flash" to ask

Four the restructuring fund is cast to waste "flash" to ask – trainee newspaper reporter Hou Xiaoxi Qunxing toys August 7th evening announcement, the company in August 5th held the second session of the thirty-eighth meeting of the board of directors approved "on the termination of a major asset reorganization of the motion". According to the relevant provisions of the company in August 9th will be held investor briefings, swivel coupler and disclosure of the meeting held after the resumption of trading in accordance with the provisions of. According to statistics, since July, has more than 50 listed companies to terminate a major reorganization, which involved more than 40 fund awkwardness. Recently, regulators significantly increased the supervision to the restructuring and listing. Many are the implementation of asset restructuring of listed companies that changed the market for securities transactions, the parties decided to terminate a major asset restructuring. "Securities Daily" the reporter found that the fund of the Department of statistics, part of the reorganization strategy fund is affected, the recent performance just passable. While fund companies in the survey, but also pay more attention to matters related to the reorganization of listed companies. According to flush data show that since July, a total of 4 stocks released terminate the restructuring related announcement, and fund research, namely jinglihua electricity, intelligent pilot, Xinhai and magicstor. Magicstor restructuring termination The 28 fund companies concerned These 4 companies, Magicstor most fund companies, fund companies since July received a total of 4 research, a total of 23 fund companies Magicstor research. While jinglihua electricity, leading intelligence, Xinhai research fund companies were 3, 2 and 9. Since July the end of last week, a total of 23 fund companies to conduct research on Magicstor, research time distribution between July 7, 2016 and July 15, 2016, to participate in the fund companies: Nord fund, China Merchants Fund, CCB fund, Chinese fund etc.. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and easy interactive data, in July 7 a total of 12 fund companies involved in research on Magicstor, asked about the restructuring progress? Magicstor responded: "to Cai Zhiqi, the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy items which holds the remaining stake in Walton era, is currently promoting, to obtain the right of approval after the authorities held a shareholders' meeting. Changzhou Kangnaite environmental Polytron Technologies Inc to buy equity matters issued shares, due diligence, audit, evaluation work has been completed, the two sides are currently trading on the core terms of consultations." It is worth noting that Magicstor was in response to a fund company on the company's future how to become bigger and stronger "," in addition to the endogenous development, the main is to rely on external acquisitions to do bigger and stronger." The evening of July 10th Magicstor announcement, the company decided to terminate the planning to issue shares to buy Chang Kang environmental shares and raise matching funds matters. The company's shares will resume trading on the 12 day. According to the announcement, Magicstor had intended to issue shares to the Changzhou Kangnaite environmental Polytron Technologies Inc 5 natural person shareholders, to purchase its holdings of shares of Chang Kang environmental protection, obtains control, and the issue of shares to raise matching funds, relying on the composite reverse osmosis business to a subsidiary of Guiyang science and technology Co., Ltd. Walton era, the film water processing industry has become a pillar industry leading magicstor. The July 15th Harvest Fund, Huatai Securities conducted a survey of Magicstor, asked whether the company is planning a major reorganization of assets within the next six months?" Magicstor responded: "the company commitment since July 12th in planning a major reorganization of assets within the next 6 months, the commitment has a significant impact on the company's future strategy will not matter investment of major asset restructuring of the commitment to limit, the company still has certain investment strategy of the gradual implementation of space propulsion. At the same time in the commitment period, the company will actively carry out relevant research and market project, for the future extension type development strategy make full accumulation." Jinglihua Electricity Restructuring termination The day before the month home asked Philip fund Yesterday evening, Jinlihua electric announced the termination of a major asset reorganization, 8 resumption. Previously, in July since the end of last weekend, a number of fund companies, including Celestica fund, several research jinglihua electricity. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and easy interactive data show that this year, a total of 7 research institutions jinglihua electricity. Among them, July 6th Celestica fund, bank funds and other research institutions, ask the company restructuring. Since May the research institutions, participate in research institutions also repeatedly asked "Why buy Lixin media? With the related business? The process of restructuring?" Etc.. Research July 6th Celestica fund in the agency asked the company in addition to the development of the industry is also considered to develop other industries?" "After the resumption, what time can do the audit and evaluation?" The company responded: "media company recently made in the acquisition of letter, advertising company is the national support for the industry, better prospects"; "the reorganization of the company project audit and evaluation is still in progress." Jinglihua electricity August 7th evening announcement: the company in August 5th held the third session of the eighteenth meeting of the board of directors approved the "termination planning a non-public offering of shares to buy assets and the termination of a major asset restructuring bill", the board of directors of the company decided to terminate the planning of non-public offering of shares to buy assets and the termination of a major asset reorganization, the termination of the acquisition of Hangzhou Lixin Media Advertising Co., Ltd. 100% stake. Part of the Restructuring Strategy Fund The year just passable performance "Securities Daily" the reporter found that the fund of the Department of statistics, at present the event driven funds generally include restructuring strategy. Event driven funds generally focus on enterprise, including enterprise spin off enterprise acquisition, merger, bankruptcy reorganization, financial restructuring, asset restructuring and stock repurchase. Such as harvest event driven fund manager Zhang Zili said in an interview earlier, event driven in the "important events" including the reform of state-owned enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, private placement, equity incentive, executives holdings, performance than expected. The fund in two quarterly reports, but also can see the investment strategy mainly invested in the uncertainty of results, earnings continue to exceed market expectations, and ESOP, mergers and acquisitions and other capital holdings of executives catalytic events subject. And this year, part of the event driven fund performance is just passable. The reporter statistics found that the current name contains event driven fund a total of 5, namely harvest event driven and event driven, Qianhai Jiu Tairui rich open source event driven A, Cathay event driven and event driven sgam. Among them, this year, only the rich, Qianhai Jiutai sharp event driven open source event driven A these 2 funds achieved positive returns, yields were 1.60% and 6.59%, while the decline of the deepest SGAM event driven fund has fallen 22.24% this year. Securities Daily scaffolding parts

Shenzhen Tong countdown Shanghai shares through the reconstruction funds hunters last week

The industry believes that the current Shenzhen Tong start has entered the "everything is ready, lifting loop just waiting for the approval of the time window – trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng Since August, A stock market downturn has not been significantly changed. Although the lapse of one month after the re emergence of "Three Yang" trend, but on the A stock market Friday good times don't last long, once again fell slightly. At the close, the stock index closed at 2976.70 points, down 0.19%. Analysts at brokerage strategy of anonymity told the "Securities Daily" reporter, from August's market performance, although the stock index once again out of the "Three Yang" trend, but the three day of the rally were not significant, showed that the field is still relatively fragile confidence. In addition, from the recent floor plate wheel dynamic situation, moving the wheel plate change speed is larger, it also shows that the less attractive to investors in the sector valuation to a certain extent. Although the recent British central bank announced that it would cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, but the market is expected to boost the duration is not too long. It is worth noting that, despite the recent few days Shanghai refers to the performance of the more hesitant, but Shanghai shares known as "first capital" of the capital market is through the reproduction of hunters phenomenon. Look back over the past two weeks, the data can be found, although the stock index fell 1.91% in July 27th, but the Shanghai shares through the capital has achieved a net inflow of funds 1 billion 75 million yuan; although the first trading day of August stock index edged down 0.87%, lose the first battle, but the Shanghai shares through the capital to achieve the same net inflow of 1 billion 415 million yuan of funds. In addition, although the August 4th Shanghai shares through a capital net outflow of 133 million yuan, but last week, the Shanghai shares through the capital still achieve a net inflow of 2 billion 223 million yuan. Because many foreign accurate hunters A shares, the investment trend is also considered to continue to be optimistic about the A-share market A. Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund chief economist Yang Delong told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, in August the market is not expected at the end of 7, the same as stumble endlessly, will continue to maintain the shock rebound. At the same time, the second half is expected to usher in including Shenzhen Tong opened a good policy, in order to promote the A stock market rebound further. Yang Delong think, from this point of view, factors affecting the trend of A shares is very much, the economy is only one factor affecting. In his view, there are two reasons for the impact of the stock market, one is the capital adequacy, investor confidence is two. A shares are never lack of funds, mainly is the lack of confidence. As long as investors have confidence, funds will flow to the stock market Everfount. For the second half of the Shenzhen Yang Delong mentioned through the opening event, by combing found that this year the mainland and Hongkong officials have expressed on the Shenzhen tong. Chinese Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang said in June 12th the timely start to Shenzhen Tong, perfect the Shanghai and Hong kong". Said it would strive to complete this year opened Shenzhen Hong Kong through the target Hongkong's chief executive Liang Zhenying in June 28th to participate in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reception. In July 29th, the Hongkong securities industry association chairman Bartholomew Yingyuan expected, announced in August the Shenzhen Hong Kong through a greater chance, the time required for taking into account the preparatory work is expected to officially open in October. In fact, there are a number of institutions is expected to launch in August the probability of large. The China securities Li Lifeng believes that the current Shenzhen Tong has started into "everything, just waiting for the approval of the time window, it has also become one of the most determined theme for the second half. Securities Daily lifting clutches

Vanke A down rongchuang Chinese chairman Sun Hongbin to clarify the rumors

Chinese Economic Net Beijing on August 8th news today morning, Vanke A shares opened, opened after the shock turned red continuously pulled up and the impact of trading, the highest intraday rose to 22.95 yuan, but then began to fall, as of press time, Vanke A rose 6.44%. On the news, in addition to constant, recently broke the news that the financial record Chinese chairman Sun Hongbin also aggressively buying Vanke stock. The surging quoted sources said SUNAC China or chairman Sun Hongbin has spent 1 billion yuan to Vanke A, the shareholding ratio of the roughly between 0.5% and 0.6%, and Xu Jiayin earlier than before to buy Vanke A. Sun Hongbin should buy 170000 purely financial investment. But today at about 10:20, Sun Hongbin in micro-blog clarified: financial record did not buy Vanke shares, I didn't buy Vanke shares. It is my personal financial record or buy Vanke stock has neither reason nor illogical. Or affected by this, Vanke A shares down. shuttering magnet

The chain fell less than expected reserves in July $3 trillion and 200 billion

The people's Bank of China August 7th data show that in July 2016 the country's foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 201 billion 57 million, scaffolding accessories SDR is 2 trillion and 297 billion 331 million SDR. Number of agencies said of foreign exchange reserves in July fell less than the market expected, lifting clutches the expected future domestic economic fundamentals remain stable, monetary and credit policy flexible neutral, low interest rates drop quasi probability. The decline is less than the market expected China Merchants Securities macroeconomic research director Xie Yaxuan said at the end of 7, the central bank's official foreign exchange reserves amounted to $3 trillion and 200 billion, a decline of $4 billion 100 million, the July exchange rates value factors of +61 billion dollars, excluding this factor, the central bank's official foreign exchange reserves fell by $10 billion 200 million, and the decline is less than the market expected. Beginning in mid July, the RMB exchange rate from weak to strong. While the month's reserves decline did not increase, which means the central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market is limited. At the same time, the investment flows to Asian emerging markets index in July does not fall, according to external storage data drop limited, negative impact on Britain from Europe including Chinese, emerging economies international capital flow situation is not significant. In addition, the exchange rate and asset prices is still the central bank with other monetary tools, mainly concerns the time delayed drop. The exchange rate is still expected depreciation, cross-border capital outflows slowed to drop quasi urgency tool used in the fall. Said Huatai macro research reviews, compared with August 2015, January 2016, July, the RMB exchange rate to depreciate the impact on capital market is not obvious, and the trend of the RMB depreciate significantly after the callback initiative. On the one hand, not from the Chinese economic depreciation pressure expected; on the other hand, the central parity rate of exchange rate basically in accordance with the central bank communication mechanism can better understand the operation of the market. With the dollar and the RMB against the euro denominated foreign exchange reserves, SDR rise, dollar denominated reserves basically stable. The RMB exchange rate basically stable material China foreign exchange trading center announced that since August 15, 2016, the foreign financial institutions to carry out long-term customer exchange business with customers in the foreign exchange risk charge reserve, reserve ratio of 20%, reserve rate is zero, to prevent capital outflows and large cross-border arbitrage. Huatai macro research is expected to be inhibited in the offshore rate down collar shore trend will, the next stage, the RMB exchange rate will remain basically the "increase the release of pressure fluctuations," the idea, continue to show a wide range of central micro down, the RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate to maintain the annual rate of 6.5 to 6.8 invariant interval judgment. The future of the domestic economic fundamentals and the exchange rate stable, the worry, the price remained relatively stable low inflation, volatility in 2% under the range of monetary and credit policy still maintain moderate neutral, low interest rates drop quasi probability. Reporter Liu Guofeng ringlock scaffolding

Agricultural Bank of China issued the Shanghai stock exchange market dominated the first single green asset backed securities

Beijing In August 5, in order to carry out the idea of green development, support the development of green industry, the Agricultural Bank of China in Xinjiang gold wind Polytron Technologies Inc in July 27th successfully issued the Shanghai stock exchange market first single green asset-backed securities – "agricultural surplus – Silver spike Goldwind wind power charges usufruct green asset backed securities". This project is the world's few outstanding green asset securitization products. The size of the issue of a total of 1 billion 275 million yuan, for a period of 1-5 years, the file release rate range of 3.4%-4.5%, a non financial enterprise asset backed securities issuance rate low, reflects the market for highly recognized green products. It is reported that gold wind technology is the domestic wind power industry leading enterprises, newly installed capacity in 2015 ranked first in the world, the financial situation is good, has the main credit rating AAA, is also the first successful issuance of green bonds in foreign countries Chinese enterprises, has been highly recognized by the foreign investors. As the originator, Goldwind will be under the jurisdiction of five high quality wind farm for the next five years wind power charges usufruct as the basis of asset securitization arrangements. The Agricultural Bank of Chinese as project arrangement, CAF Agricole (Shanghai) Asset Management Limited as plan management, give full play to CAF force, led the formation of the Beijing global law firms, including Ernst & Young, to assess the integrity of the Securities Company Limited, Norway Classification Society (DNV GL), the international financial company (IFC). Domestic and foreign outstanding organization team, to provide professional services for the project. As to the first single green asset-backed securities, the strict implementation of the project of green asset-backed securities to raise funds and the relevance of information disclosure requirements in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in March this year released "on the green corporate bonds pilot notice". This project is also the first single by the international well-known green certification body certification of green credit bonds, by the Norway society of green certification, at the same time by the international green financial sector leading institutions of international financial companies to provide green performance evaluation. According to the assessment, the project duration of 5 years, the total reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of about 2 million 400 thousand tons, equivalent to saving 858 thousand tons of standard coal, can produce significant environmental benefits. The offer was to support. Through the green channel of the audit, from receiving the application materials to issue a no objection letter in just 6 days, high efficiency. Like other Shanghai green products, the securities obtained by G (Green) at the beginning of the listing, to facilitate investors recognition. According to the relevant business person in charge, in May 13th this year, the Commission issued the first China asset securitization business regulatory quiz, explicit mention of a positive and encouraging green environmental protection industry projects through asset securitization financing development. This project is not only green quality financial sector participants "strong alliance", also makes the Shanghai green product series is more complete. In the future, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and other parties to promote the support of green asset-backed securities preferential landing, at the same time for the introduction of long-term investors, overseas investors and professional investors to reduce the green, green original interests of the financing cost from the source, to provide more support for green products. Since 2014, the Agricultural Bank of China actively participate in domestic enterprise asset securitization market construction, to create "Huiying" brand, continued introduction of utilities, green and other nine product line assets asset quality, the market introduction of customer resources, risk control resources, financial resources, management resources and strong ability to copy. The issue of the weighted average interest rate of only 3.98%, compared with the benchmark lending rate to fall 16.22%, but also reflects the sales promotion ability of Agricultural Bank System strong. lifting clutches

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