The social security "first decreased and then increased 102 shares of new energy, won the favor of the reform of state-owned enterprises Beijing on 10 May, prop sleeve (Zhang Feiran) with the listing Corporation quarterly disclosure gradually, the exposure is known as the "national team" in the name of the social security fund holdings at the end of the season. People finance according to wind statistics, as of May 3rd, social security 729 stocks appeared in the list of top ten shareholders, the total number of shares held by 21 billion 319 million shares, the market value of 206 billion 629 million yuan. Among them, a quarter of new stocks 182, 232 overweight. Data show that the social security fund of 182 new stocks, 19 shareholding ratio over 3%. This 19 stocks on the real economy and the consumption concept, including the former Shandong Weida, Ya Technology, snowman shares, Lucky Film, IDC, Cangzhou pearl, the latter Anne shares, Kouzijiao and Yingjia etc.. It is worth noting that, in the first quarter of the stock fund recently, the three consumer shares holding proportion high, respectively 7.5%, 4.95 and 4.82%, ranked first, third and fourth. (source: Wind) <strong> "The first decrease and then increase stocks and more involved in new energy, the reform of state-owned enterprises</strong> Apart from the flurry of new stocks, only 102 financial people found that the fourth quarter of last year is the reduction of the stock fund again favored a quarter was overweight. The number of holdings, the social security fund holdings in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of the top 15 holdings of the biggest stocks include: OCT A, River Steel shares, new energy, Shougang shares, the torch high, Yangquan coal, *ST, science and technology, Shenhuo Xinxing Ductile iron pipes, Gehua, prosper optoelectronics, Sunner development Nuo Puxin, Oriental Yuhong and nari. Many stocks involved in new energy, the concept of clean energy, including treasure Xinyuan, Shougang shares, Yangquan coal and NARI etc.. A related concept of SOE reform also accounted for 4, including overseas Chinese town A, the torch high, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes and nari. Specifically, the social security fund since the fourth quarter of last year, the reduction of A OCT 45 million 840 thousand, in the first quarter of this year has added 114 million 530 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 5.93%. A quarter "by the reduction of capitalization" after the shareholding ratio of large technology, Shougang shares, St. agricultural development were respectively 4.39%, 3.46% and 3.22%. (source: Wind) According to industry analysis, from the disclosure of the data, do not rule out the social security fund in the fourth quarter of last year, the "reduction rallies Fuying" pocket for security, the first quarter of this year and the bargain holdings. Because of the long-term funds, the fund has always been regarded as the A stock market value investors. According to the National Social Security Fund Council disclosed that in 2015 the national social security fund investment income rate of 15.14%. ferrule insert

The first bank Chinese industry dispute mediation center was established in Shanghai

China News Service May 10 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yu) Chinese banking industry's first private non enterprise units (legal person) the nature of the "Shanghai banking dispute mediation center" 10 days in the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau held a ceremony. In order to further strengthen the work of protecting the interests of consumers of financial, accelerate to establish a diversified dispute settlement mechanism, in support of the CBRC, Shanghai Banking Bureau to guide Shanghai City Banking Association initiated the establishment of the mediation center. On the same day, the Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary general Yu Beihua China and deputy director of the CBRC regulations of the Ministry of Zhang Jingsong together for the center of the opening. Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Association Bureau Ceng Yonghe to Shanghai city banking association, President of Shanghai branch of Construction Bank Chinese for super long Liang awarded the Shanghai banking dispute mediation center "registration certificate. Shanghai banking dispute mediation center director, ICBC Shanghai branch president Gu Guoming at the inaugural ceremony, the Shanghai banking dispute mediation center in the second half of 2015 to begin preparations. In the preparatory work carried out at the same time, the preparatory group by Shanghai Banking Association set up the "Shanghai banking people's mediation committee to actively carry out the mediation work, as of now, mediation has accepted 47 cases, the implementation of resolution 29, the success of 24, the success rate of more than 80%, the type of mediation cases covering personal credit card dispute and loan disputes, insurance agency, fund business disputes. According to Gu Guoming introduction, in order to further enhance the effectiveness of mediation law, mediation center will establish litigation and mediation mechanism of banking disputes with the Supreme People's Court of Shanghai. At the same time, to explore the mediation center and the Shanghai Financial Arbitration Court "secondary mechanism has made a substantive breakthrough, and the successful mediation of the customer and the company's first institution in 2016 disputes, contract disputes 290 million yuan, the amount of 5 million 810 thousand yuan. Shanghai office director Liao Min said that the mediation center is under the new situation of the financial consumer dispute resolution mechanism to actively explore the non litigation mediation center set up, hope in the future work to improve the self regulatory mechanism, enhance service awareness, improve service functions, and strive to enhance the authority, independence and efficiency, contribute to create "people trusted, respected the banking industry in Shanghai. (end)lifting anchor

The central bank to relax the inter-bank bond market investors access

The central bank recently issued the people's Bank of Chinese bulletin 2016 No. eighth, to further standardize the qualified institutional investors to enter the inter-bank bond market. According to the announcement, scaffolding parts qualified institutional investors to enter the inter-bank bond market should be required by electronic means to the people's Bank of Chinese headquarters in Shanghai for the opening of the record, and in the on-line procedures approved by the people's Bank of Chinese hosting registration and settlement institution and trading platform. Qualified institutional investors to complete the record, opening, networking formalities, which become the inter-bank bond market participants. The central bank said, "No. 8" qualified institutional investors that comply with the notice requirements of the domestic law of human qualified institutional investors and illegal human qualified institutional investors. The law of human qualified institutional investors refers to financial institutions in line with the legal requirements of this announcement, including but not limited to commercial banks, trust companies, finance companies, securities companies, fund management companies, Futures Company, insurance companies and other financial institutions licensed by the financial regulatory authorities. Illegal human qualified institutional investors refers to the financial institutions such as asset management, under the premise of law compliance, to accept the customer's entrustment or authorization, to carry out all types of investment products set up asset management or investment business in accordance with the agreed with the customer and investment plans, including but not limited to securities investment funds, bank financing products and trust plans. Insurance products, the fund industry association filing of private investment funds, housing provident fund, social security fund, enterprise annuity, pension funds, charitable funds, illegal human reference to qualified institutional investors management. Before the "No. 8", the central bank has repeatedly issued a different file on the inter-bank bond market access provisions. Minsheng securities fixed income research team reported that, in 2013, Part B households and class C households suspended account, and from the 2014 year to date, the central bank has allowed 16 listed banks, rural financial institutions, trust, securities, funds and insurance subsidiaries, product information management plan, private equity funds to enter the inter-bank market. This "8 article" to standardize all kinds of account opening qualification, to further clarify the qualifications of the inter-bank bond market access, and expand the scope of investors. In particular, it is worth noting that, in January 2014, the central bank issued the "notice" on commercial bank financial products to enter the inter-bank bond market related issues, let go of the 16 listed bank account in the bank, and the provisions of the strict access process. However, in addition to the 16 listed banks in the bank financial products, other small and medium-sized bank financing has been unable to open an account in the inter-bank bond market, only through the channel of the way to enter the inter-bank bond market investment. "No. 8" means the release of financial products into the full liberalization of the inter-bank bond market account, the bank financial products to further channel. Minsheng Securities report said that the inter-bank bond market open to foreign investors, domestic bond investors to make the central bank after the integration of a number of policies and regulations clearly stipulates that will encourage more investors to participate in and share trading and return the interbank market, interbank debt, improve activity, improve the multi-level bond market system. The future of the inter-bank bond market will play an increasingly important role in reducing the cost of financing, promote the development of direct financing. Reporter Zhang Molifting anchor

Foreign exchange reserves rebounded for two consecutive months continue to ease the pressure on capital outflows

The people's Bank of Chinese 7, the latest official reserve assets data show that as of the end of 4, water stopper China foreign exchange reserves for 3 trillion and 219 billion 668 million dollars, before the value of 3 trillion and 212 billion 579 million dollars, an increase of $7 billion 89 million. SDR foreign exchange reserves denominated foreign exchange reserves at the end of 4, Chinese for 2 trillion and 271 billion 643 million SDR, compared with 3 at the end of the reduction 8 billion 691 million SDR, for the three consecutive month of decline. The agency believes that China's foreign exchange reserves continued to rise due to the Fed rate hike is expected to weaken, the dollar continues to weaken, the RMB is expected to stabilize, valuation effects and other factors, the RMB exchange rate expectations in the short term will be slightly two-way fluctuations. The weakening of capital outflow pressure Guotai Junan Securities analyst Ren Zeping said that at the end of 4 foreign exchange reserves above $32040 billion market expectations, for the two consecutive month rise, rose less than March 10 billion 258 million dollars, the market is expected in April for a decline of $8 billion 600 million. The weakness of the US dollar and the RMB is expected to stabilize, is conducive to capital outflow pressure weakening. In addition, due to the April devaluation of the dollar against major currencies, the dollar asset valuations of non foreign reserves, which estimates bring about $16 billion to enhance storage. The State Administration of foreign exchange bureau spokesman Wang Chunying said, the future trend of China's cross-border capital flows will remain stable. With the development of China's economy and the adjustment of economic structure, within the body will rise at the same time in the international and domestic two market allocation of resources demand, two-way cross-border capital flow will be more active. According to the scale of capital outflows continued to narrow, China Merchants Securities, investment flows to Asian emerging market index has been rising for 4 consecutive months, April reached into the highest level since 2014. The domestic economic recovery, corporate external debt rhythm slowed significantly, the economic subject to the RMB exchange rate is expected to significantly improve, into the benign stage of two-way fluctuations. Hold the bottom line risk For the future trend of the RMB exchange rate and foreign exchange reserves, institutions who maintain a relatively high degree of concern. Ren Zeping believes that the short-term U.S. economic recovery is weak, has become an important reason for the delay and the weak dollar interest rate. But the Fed is still the second half of may raise interest rates, expected annual interest rate once, wary of the Fed interest rate is expected to change. In view of the influence of the future, the Fed rate hike on cross-border capital flows in China Wang Chunying said that sound macroeconomic fundamentals is the fundamental guarantee to withstand external shocks. From the actual situation of the current round of the Fed's first rate hike since, in the short term impact on China's cross-border capital flows, but did not change the long-term stable pattern. Complete current economic and financial policy can gradually adapt to the Fed's monetary policy normalization, foreign exchange management will continue to deal with facilitation and anti risk balance. In the current situation, the foreign exchange management will continue to adhere to the general principles in the reform and opening up the risk to hold the bottom line. The central bank in monetary policy China released the latest performance report stressed, will pay close attention to the impact of changes in the international situation of capital flows, improve macro Prudential Management of cross-border capital flows. The central bank said, will further improve the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, intensify market determined exchange rate, and enhance two-way floating RMB exchange rate flexibility, and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level. Accelerating the development of foreign exchange market, adhere to the principle of financial services in the real economy, as to the principle of import and export enterprises based on the exchange rate risk management services. Support the use of RMB in cross-border trade and investment, steadily widened the RMB outflow and return channels. Promote direct trading of RMB against other currencies market development, better use of services for cross-border rmb. Reporter Liu Guofeng lifting socket

The Olympic Games emblem and mascot gold (silver) in the first chapter Chinese

Beijing In May 9, ringlock scaffolding the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, and this year, the modern Olympic Games also ushered in the 120 anniversary of the commemoration of great moment. The International Olympic Committee authorized, Chinese IOC entry, in the area of the Olympic Games Chinese Olympic Committee issued 120 anniversary merchandise — "the summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter" May 7th launching ceremony held at the Beijing National Convention Center, this series of products in the Construction Bank China national network to meet with consumers. The same day, the Olympic Charter Chinese market development department deputy director of the Department of Ms. Lu Xiaomei, Mr. Cao Wei's personal savings and investment, deputy general manager of the Ministry of Construction Bank China, the Great Wall Chancellor Precious Metals Limited Zhongchao Chairman Mr. Ji Shaoyu, President of China collectors association Luo Bojian, Samaranch Memorial representatives and other guests attended the event and delivered a speech. In addition, members of the former International Olympic Committee Movement Committee of world champion, four Olympic gold medal winner, new China 60 years the most influential sports – Ms. Deng Ya Ping will come to a climax, the conference. In the event, "with the previous summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter" the official debut, the atmosphere reached a climax: by the Construction Bank Chinese deputy general manager of personal savings and investment department Mr. Cao Wei offered to member and former world champion Deng Ya Ping of the International Olympic Committee Sports Committee; at the same time, "the Summer Olympics emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter" will also be the Samaranch museum official collection. As the world's highest degree of concern of the sports event, since 1896 the first session of the Athens Olympic Games, the modern Olympic movement experienced 120 years of ups and downs. 120 years, from the previous Olympic Games, has become a global collection highlighting one of the sports culture of theme. Heritage brand merchandise is the International Olympic Committee launched in 2014 three global franchise one of a series of design elements of the series of products from the previous Olympic Games represents the essence of art, carrying the inheritance and innovation of the Olympic history and culture, the 120 year history of the Olympic Games as the eternal moment. The International Olympic Committee authorized access permission issued, China IOC Olympic merchandise – "120 anniversary of the summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter", is the International Olympic Committee launched the first bearing the history of the Olympic intellectual property rights collection of memorabilia. "The summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter" shows the main essence of art from 1896 to 2016 all the summer olympics. After the Olympic Games official poster in 1896 reflects that era art, political and social characteristics. The emblem of the Olympic Games for the first time in 1924, after the emblem became the core of every Olympic Games logo. This series shows third important elements of the Olympic Games is the Olympic Games mascot. The modern Olympic Games across three centuries, each Olympic Games have left us a precious wealth. The soul of the symbol of the Olympic Games emblem and mascot posters, as each of the Olympic Games, not only embodies the Olympic spirit, also witnessed the Olympics of mankind in the history of the development of every exciting moment, is undoubtedly worthy of the Olympic Olympic collection lovers collection. "The previous summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) chapter" the issue, so that consumers realize the previous summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot of a collect desire is to create a miniature of the "Olympic Art Museum" for collectors, is a valuable collection of Olympic culture. It is reported that "all previous summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver)" Chapter 9 this month officially listed in the Construction Bank of Chinese, the world's limited edition version of the 310 thousand sets of Silver Gold Edition 31 thousand set, you can go to the bank outlets collectors consultation order. shuttering magnet

International Association of financial warning global corporate debt has reached extreme levels

A report by Xinhua news agency, Washington in May 8, the International Finance Association released recently pointed out that global corporate debt has reached extreme levels, from some measures, has far exceeded the collapse of Lehman Brothers before the financial bubble level. The report said that over the years the amount of corporate bonds record with the credit cycle forward, the statement of assets and liabilities caused more and more concerns. The report warned the two major risks: over the past ten years, emerging economies of scale corporate debt has increased 5 times, reaching $25 trillion in junk bonds; innovation at the same time the United States and Europe and other developed economies issued high. The report said, the overall profitability of the enterprises began to decline since 2014, but still in the crazy debt, net debt and earnings ratio of 1 to 1.4, and in 2007 the subprime bubble period than doubled. But these bonds raised by most of the funds were used to pay dividends, stock repurchase and support mergers and acquisitions, rather than for corporate capital investment. In fact, corporate capital spending has been in decline since 2012. International Finance Association also pointed out that the complexity of the corporate bonds is also reflected in: on the one hand, many large enterprises have a lot of cash, for example in the United States, Europe and Japan, large enterprise cash holdings reached $1 trillion and 600 billion, 2 trillion and 200 billion and $2 trillion; on the other hand, many small enterprises have accumulated huge debts. The Institute of international finance has nearly 500 members of large financial institutions in the world, headquartered in washington. shuttering magnet

Comment: the RMB exchange rate is not to free floating

RMB exchange rate mechanism in China is gradually forming. In the just released "2016 China first quarter monetary policy implementation report", the people's Bank opened a column devoted to explain the formation mechanism of RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar. According to this mechanism, the daily median price setting can refer to the previous day's closing price, will also consider the RMB against a basket of currencies exchange rate changes. Compared to last year's "811" reform after the middle price track day's closing price of the way, the new mechanism to enhance the people's Bank of influence on the exchange rate, exchange rate volatility is conducive to filter the noise and maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate. Compared to before, the median price of a new mechanism seems to be in a free floating exchange rate direction took a step back. But it is more practical, more conducive to maintaining economic stability of the way. Because whether it is from the reason analysis, or from the practice of "811" after the last year, the RMB exchange rate to float now no time. There are many people believe that the price signal changes will lead to free resources to do the optimal configuration, so that the exchange rate should be free floating. But they didn't notice that, sometimes the allocation of resources to price changes is not very sensitive, and sometimes the price itself will be excessive volatility. In this case, the price change is not a good idea let freedom. The price is a good example. The vast majority of people are in favor of the government price regulation. This is because in the current land system, is not sensitive to changes of real estate supply on prices, not because of the rising prices caused the rapid expansion of housing supply. Therefore, to stabilize prices by increasing the supply of market power is not strong. On the other hand, prices change easily lead to the demand for the purchase of chase sell, thus forming a positive feedback mechanism to enlarge the fluctuation of housing price. Therefore, prices should not be the pursuit of free floating, the government need to control it is the consensus of all parties. The exchange rate is in fact and the prices of the same. Should not overestimate the impact of RMB exchange rate on domestic economic structure. Once there is a popular view that the undervaluation of the structural imbalance of inadequate consumption in China, so the need to balance the domestic economic structure through the appreciation of the renminbi. And after a long time of active and passive appreciation of the RMB is overvalued now signs, but the lack of consumption structure problems still exist. And there is the view that the RMB exchange rate overvalued against the China export, arch-criminal is the current domestic economic difficulties. But after the subprime crisis, worldwide there are lack of demand, not only in China, the exchange rate depreciation of the country was also faces no small economic woes. In the domestic market, the allocation of resources has not been fully elastic enough under the condition of the free floating exchange rate can bring the benefits of not much. Instead, let the exchange rate fluctuations bring harm is obviously the freedom. The academic circles on the exchange rate of the basic conclusion is that the floating exchange rate has great randomness, there is not only the equilibrium exchange rate. Between the exchange rate and exchange rate expectations are also prone to excessive fluctuation of positive feedback effects. In the "811" before the exchange rate reform, the RMB against the U.S. dollar price administrative strong color, often have obvious gap with the market exchange rate. "811" reform although enhanced market composition middle price of the decision, but also significantly weakened our government's influence on the RMB exchange rate, the exchange rate is expected to lead to instability, and currencies in once caused the abnormal fluctuation of risk. This is a wake-up call. In this lesson, the people's Bank to take a more eclectic exchange rate formation mechanism, both market forces, but also take into account the policy influence, is a more prudent approach. This is to maintain a certain elasticity, and maintain the basic stability of the exchange rate condition most conducive to China's macro economy. Realistically, now the RMB exchange rate is far from the free floating. Xu Gao fixing socket

Cary's money is how inexplicably stolen? The reporter asked the core technical experts

– reporter Xie Feijun Jingzhe is long past, lifting anchor but thunder rang a few times, scaffolding accessories but after an interview with expert Zhang Wei has a calm narration, the reporter heart is the first thing to do is thunder immediately, checking all his bank card, and the telephone service of all bank cards, one by one all played it again. Zhang Wei said: too many hundreds of different occasions over and over again to explain, warn, especially the older aunt who is the old man, the huge space pirates of the card team targeted, but difficult to tighten this string. However, even after the reporter a few days ago, almost fell into the pit by a travel agency for immigration documents, told if a platinum credit card copies of both sides, avoids the need to issue a proof of income, proof of service procedures. Many people will choose, because of convenience. But experts sigh shook his head: a positive and negative photograph spread out credit card means comprehensive information leaked, is likely to give the money to the card! Recently, the news one after another, more shocking, inexplicably stolen card money take wings to itself. ". The reporter found Zhang Wei, Zhang Wei calmly: "on the Internet without the" delete "," information will continue to sell, there will be a period that is generally in the 3 months to half a year later to steal credit card, this time you want to go to where you are leaked information, basic wants not to come out"…… The most common restaurant, pay credit card, password, no cover, do not even set the password directly please waiter service card to Taiwan on behalf of the brush, and then the back machine "spit" consumption single sign, the completion of the transaction. Interlocking, quick fix. But if the scene just one of those who hear the wind, then suspended. Listen to the silent thunder. Listen to the information security experts, deputy director of the Shanghai Information Security Industry Association meanders, foot step ahead of the contest sometimes like a spy drama. Listen to the wind Even according to the powerful tone "guests hear the password The restaurant bill that a set of actions, in the eyes of Zhang Wei, the potential risk is very obvious. The magnetic stripe card once left the cardholder's line of sight, just across the small, special card reader, bank card information can be a complete record of. Once the card number and password information leaked to the criminals, immediately can create a copy of a bank card, credit card cash withdrawal minutes to complete. "Do you think this is a high tech? Now even "this is a live" can not be said, with the common chemical completely." Zhang Wei said: copy bank card, the situation worse than expected. The key here is the magnetic stripe card". Reporters after opening their wallets, it is the world of magnetic card: 9 different bank cards, 8 card is a magnetic card, only 1 is the "composite card" (i.e. the card and magnetic stripe and chip). You, is also the case? Over the past thirty or forty years, because of low cost, easy to read and write, the magnetic stripe card is widely used. But now, the magnetic stripe encryption technology has been cracked. "Just a magnetic stripe card account password, it identifies the user's identity, its principle is to rely on to identify different card number." Because the magnetic stripe bank cards card card number is relatively open, easy to copy. Once the user password be accidentally leaked, criminals use the same encryption technology will burn to another card, copy card is produced. "The cardholder's money, immediately became the slaughter of the lamb." Zhang Wei said. The cashier is peeping password way, individual POS machine was also equipped with information theft device. Recently popular a small card reader, almost the size of a bank card, convenient service to carry. You know, there is a small number of health services, they are not fancy wage, but in order to have the opportunity to steal the user's user information." They took the record POS machine bank card information to the customer credit card, and then see the password in the "casual", even powerful tone according to the "guests hear the password. The reader where? Zhang Wei said, for a long time, search for "bank card" keywords on the Internet, you can find the seller. Once laboratory people pretending to buy contact the seller, the required equipment are added together, priced at 8000 yuan, including the bank card information collector, duplicator, bayonet, camera, blank cards and matching software, data line and cd". After the payment of the buyers get the goods, the seller in accordance with the installation of equipment and prompt, fraudulent bank card copy in technology is not difficult at all, it is a menu, as long as a little person can understand computer operation. Therefore, now the fraudulent bank card participants, does not need to be highly educated and skilled. "You want to find a man named A Bing, his ears are long wind, very sharp." "Some people say he is the wind long ears, as long as the wind, the least sound will wind into his ears." Mak wrote in the novel "plot". Do not need to understand the technology, a high degree of stolen card makers have to listen to the wind, do not need a high level like A Bing. Bourne The Lost Symbol: the ubiquitous password leak risk, a group of "card + password", a 100 yuan package price Now, copy the fraudulent bank card has formed a complete industry chain. But the problem occurred in the first step of the "bank card information leak, or related people use card habits. Many people have such experience, in the restaurant when the consumer credit card, it is a brush, but the waiter told you just failed to again. "This time, be alert, do not let the bank card out of their sight, is likely to be criminals want to confirm your password again." No more sound is made of ATM and. Zhang Wei cited an example, last year, Xi'an police have uncovered a fraudulent case, are criminals installed card reader, pinhole camera in the ATM number of banks, because will immediately get the card number and password, the gang in a very short period of time more than 100 fraudulent users account for a total of 7 million 400 thousand yuan the amount of. With the popularity of online payment, phishing is another channel criminals to obtain information. A Trojan horse program link, once the person with the card to enter, will be guided to the trading website. "When you enter the password on the page, the background in the record, enter a password error, enter it again, the background to confirm your password." The rapid development of the Public Security Department of phishing sites, real-time monitoring, there will be 5000 -8000 new phishing sites were monitored every day, the survival of these sites is one or two days, but the harm is very big. The above 3 are the most common way of information loss." As the key technology of magnetic card is the card number and password, the card number for firing of counterfeit cards, passwords for cash. So a group of "card + password", which is regarded as an effective information. The collection of such information, is a credit card stolen the "upstream" day of work needs to be done. Every time, they will be the information package to the next link, there is a direct to a 100 yuan package, some is divided into cash etc.. It is wonder, is after this long latent". lurk Long hidden: remote teller everywhere nets, waiting to intercept verification code For fraudulent bank cards by criminals through technical means to them, every piece of information can create a copy of Zhang Yinhang card. After copying the card support directly to check balances, withdraw cash in the bank ATM machine, and the original bank card is. Everything is ready, only the ATM link. In order to reduce the withdrawal of "dangerous", criminals often choose locations and cardholders withdrawals in different places, the most common way is adopted in the ATM machine withdrawals. In this part, there is every kind of to take money off. Take money cowboys, one operation will take 10 cards. Because the ATM machine every day can only get 20 thousand yuan, some small accounts will be a large account of extraction, will be transferred to dozens of different accounts. Many people have questions, large transfers, banks need to authenticate the cardholder's identity, will send a verification code to the cardholder's mobile phone, the criminals are how to get the verification code? This is a cooperative operation. Many people have received such a call, the phone said to you send express, but the location is not clear, you need to tell the current address. "This is another way to hijack the verification code. If you find the cardholder, in the range of 1 kilometers from the cardholder in the technical means to intercept the verification code, so that the money was transferred out at the same time, the cardholder does not perceive any difference." Of course, because of the way the price is relatively large, the more common way is through the Trojan interception. "Trojan intercept your verification code, so you can not receive information, forwarded directly to his mobile phone." Zhang Wei explained that this trojan program is usually accompanied by a formal APP download to the user's mobile phone (possibly with a website, SMS) is after a long latent, user input, Alipay online banking user name and password, there will be a temporary file cookie, this information is encrypted however, criminals will decrypt after crawling. Experts said: the elderly click on a phishing site, follow the prompts to enter a password, continuous errors and asked whether the family password has been changed, it was found to have problems. How to make the user believe and click on the website of fishing, is a technology live. The criminals will set up a pseudo base station to the mobile phone, send information within a radius of 1 kilometers, is generally 10086, 95533, 95555 fake so-called telecom operators or bank issued "redeem cash" message, and built a fake operators, bank phishing urls. For example, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China official website is ICBC, phishing sites have a letter is not the same, but not exactly the same page settings, beware of customers are not found, especially for older customers, not sensitive to English letters, more easily." Today, the stolen card chain has been very careful, customers slightly not careful, money will take wings to itself. "Some card didn't have much money, but criminals can be found in the previous list, if found will be transferred to the capital again, will keep these cards, wait for the big money coming in after pick up. Is in accordance with the amount of your deposit to your card." Also, a Shanghai Bank branch president Chen Ming (a pseudonym): in some places, the batch do card after being reclaimed, charge cards only pay 20 yuan each even lower prices. So, in the online search, "bank card business" will appear openly sell bank card sellers. "These are the true identity of villagers for bank card." What to buy someone else's bank card? It is ready for money laundering. When the copy of the bank card has large amounts of cash can not be removed in the ATM machine, you need to transfer "transportation" to a different card. At this time, the card can be used. Once, back to the sale of "the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked" their own bank card of the villagers, often difficult responsibility. "So many times, this is not a battle the enemy." Plot The grievances of the bank? The stolen brush, advised to immediately withdraw some money or credit card deposit nearby The unexpected, as the day. Especially once the stolen brush, and banks to court, the bank should be responsible for, in the end can not win the lawsuit? This time really easy heart hate, hate "stolen molecules" cunning "". In April 2nd, he received a greeting card SMS notification, content: your tail number 5744 cards 2, 8:36 outside POS machine spending (consumption) of 1008 Hong Kong dollars. At that time, Kaga himself at home in Shanghai, the occurrence of consumer bank card in the wallet lying quietly. Therefore, she saw the first response message is card stolen brush, immediately call the bank's service hotline. But the bank staff reply, because the transaction occurred outside the bank, unable to stop the transaction, the only way to immediately help the cardholder Pin card to get a new card. He he to the location of the bank card to open the card for the police station, the police also said that not only fraudulent overseas filing, record and issue a "Public Security Bureau case (a) a report receipt" to prove the fact. A few days later, he got a new greeting card, but the staff said, the repayment date must be paid, or credit will be tainted. At this time, between the cardholder and the bank, or a mediation agreement is reached through consultation, or court. During the various evidence, claims, litigation procedures are very troublesome. He seems in he, bank card stolen brush (whether the consumer places, or remote ATM machine withdrawals) main responsibility is that the banks cannot identify counterfeit cards, so it should bear the responsibility for compensation, this is also a lot of stolen card view. But banks tend to think that the cardholder should bear the responsibility of keeping the bank card password. In May 4th, the Shanghai branch of a bank hall, more than a dozen users to take the number waiting for business. Reporters were asked about their bank card, are uniform magnetic stripe card. And this branch president Chen Ming told reporters, as early as 1 years ago, the bank shall notify the user to replace the chip card, but the option in the user. At present, the most common way to prove that the stolen card, is to counter deposit. The logic is simple: for the cardholder, if the bank card is lost leading to his money stolen, that is the responsibility; if the bank card in his body, because of fraudulent bank identification technology is not in place, the need to take responsibility. Experts suggest that the practice is a cardholder immediately to a nearby bank counter to deposit 100 yuan or 100 yuan in cash. In Chen Ming view, the brush happened in recent years after the theft, blindly let banks lose, and also is not fair, "the magnetic stripe card technology has been very popular, so a copy card is not difficult. The court from the perspective of protecting the interests of consumers, as long as the cardholder can prove that the bank card in his body can claim. But the problem is that in the social credit is not perfect, does not exclude the cardholder will copy offsite ATM bank card password leak case". The solution, the advice is to focus more on the use and promotion of a large number of chip cards. Then, the chip card can make the public no longer worry? And why it is difficult to promote? Reporters continue to ask. The wind said On the tip of the battle: don't give up easily only for security? "So far, the world has not had the chip card is copied to fraud case." Therefore, the fraudulent bank and the expert's view is: as soon as possible to replace the chip card. After all, such as the reporter that careless personality, also check that the hands have a few good sleeping card, while in fraudulent frequent news today, the Bank of Cary's money regularly inquiries, credit card payments do not carefully control the details of consumption, are likely to cause the bank card has been stolen and not even know it. After all, experts said, sometimes, the cardholder feel of a bank card will be sent to a friend on WeChat, but in the process, it may also have the criminals eyeing this card into the copy card industry chain. After all, once the bank card information leaked, is active or passive leak leak, which involves complex forensics. Moreover, pure technical terms, the chip card can replace". But the real problem is that most people think this is a "trouble" thing, not only need to go to the waiting hall, exchange card fees, will also face a lot of consumer credit card can not. Because of the chip card acceptance environment has not yet been completed, ATM, POS and other terminals not yet fully accepted the transformation, the chip card in many domestic merchants can not use. At present, the chip card business coverage, far has spread thirty or forty years wide magnetic stripe card. And because the popularity of businesses is not high so the public does not change the card, but the public with magnetic card, businesses will not have the enthusiasm of the terminal renovation. This is a circle. So the expert advice is: everyone on the card classification of their own, only one for online payment, merchants pay, or mostly replace the chip card, keep a magnetic card and the amount of don't put too much. So, can promote innovation mechanism, enhance the business power, called for a social consensus, to jointly create a more secure environment for consumers? Then, how in the country are paying more and more attention, continue to strengthen the supervision of Internet technology capacity building, continue to progress in the game, to achieve DaoGaoYiZhang? This is the end of this paper, also hope to start the public no longer so restless. bfd coupler

The strategic goal of the full realization of a new high performance China insurance

Recently, China insurance officially disclosed business performance in 2015. In the background of the insurance industry as a whole, the main market continued downward differentiation, Chinese insurance still maintained a good development trend, underwriting and investment are doing well, the premium growth rate significantly higher than the industry average. In 2015, Chinese earth insurance through promoting the business, deepen the implementation of the landing fare change, looking for control, "strategy and innovation to improve claims service, vigorously carry out the construction of professional channels, strengthening basic management and a series of initiatives to further consolidate the foundation for development, enhance the ability of development. Data show that in 2015, the insurance business achieved revenue 26 billion 685 million yuan China insurance, an increase of 18.8%, of which the original insurance premium income 26 billion 589 million yuan, an increase of 18.9%, exceeded the market average of 7.3 percentage points; the market share reached 3.16%, up 0.19 percentage points, sixth in the insurance industry. In 2015 China earth insurance benefits, the annual net profit of RMB 1 billion 352 million yuan, an increase of 54.9%, the weighted average net assets yield reached 12.82%. At the beginning of 2014, Chinese insurance new leadership took office a proposed development strategy of "two pioneering" three steps, the first step in 2015 coincided with the ending of the year, there is no doubt that the earth is Chinese insurance with beautiful performance for the two venture first step ended successfully. In the face of the complex and changeable market environment, Chinese in earth insurance to enhance the management capacity and continuous reform and innovation, to build a new business model, and actively explore the construction of a comprehensive management system. In 2015, gradually promote the construction of a new model of division, set up electronic commerce department, perfect the claims division, property insurance and health insurance quasi division construction, efforts to enhance the profitability and management level; to set up a wholly-owned large electronic Business Company, to build the company's innovation and incubation platform, full support for business development; steadily loan business the Ministry of construction, March 2015 since the establishment of a loan department after the annual new loan business 23 stores, the premium income of more than 100 million yuan; in addition, through equity investment, the layout of the industrial chain, to achieve diversification on a substantial step. At present, the industry generally believe that the macroeconomic impact of the 2016 insurance industry growth will continue to slow down, the whole industry will enter the winter period. Face the challenges of the future, Chinese insurance relevant responsible person said, "2016, 13th Five-Year" development plan at the beginning of the year, but also China insurance "two business three step strategy" the second phase of the start of the year, the company will recognize the situation, grasp the reform, is considered problems, clear objectives, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive management system, and strive to create new growth momentum. lifting clutches

Central bank: create a moderately neutral monetary and financial environment for reform

The central bank recently released 2016 first quarter monetary policy report, the people's Bank of Chinese will take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, maintain the continuity and stability of policy, continue to implement prudent monetary policy, keep flexible, timely fine-tuning, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness, good management of aggregate demand supply side structural reform the construction of neutral moderate monetary and financial environment for structural reforms, promote the development of economy and science, sustainable development. The central bank also said that we should pay more attention to the reform and innovation, combine the reform in the regulation, the tight monetary policy combined with the deepening of reform, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. For financial deepening and innovation development, further improve the regulation mode, strengthening mechanism and conduction price adjustment, channel monetary policy to the real economy, perfect the macro Prudential policy framework, efforts to solve outstanding problems in economic and financial operation, improve the operation efficiency and the ability of financial services in the real economy. Kyushu Securities chief economist Deng Haiqing released the review report said, compared with last year's fourth quarter monetary policy report, the main changes in the report is to describe the economic situation. The fourth quarter of last year, the report stressed that "a greater downward pressure on the economy", and the first quarter of this year the report only mentioned a downtown pressure on the economy, but also in the "price situation" mentioned in the "economic recovery is not stable, the downward pressure still exists in the" economic situation ";" part is not mentioned the economic downward pressure but, referred to the "economic operation showed positive changes" in the first quarter, for the first time since 2014. Deng Haiqing also said that the central bank's monetary policy stance unchanged, indicating that the central bank monetary policy will still follow the economic growth and inflation. The monetary policy report, the central bank has referred to "a quarter of the economy showed positive changes", "price rise", which means that from 2014 to 2015 the monetary easing cycle has ended. However, the paper also referred to the economic development and structural adjustment facing many challenges, the downward pressure still exists, the residents of future price expectation index fell back ", indicating that the central bank believes that the current economic situation and inflation is not clear, the possibility of short-term monetary policy tightening is not big. He pointed out that if the two quarter of March the economy continued to pick up, then the upward pressure on prices will increase, the possibility of the central bank's monetary policy tightening will greatly enhance the need to pay close attention to changes in the central bank's reverse repo rate. Reporter Zhang Mo halfen frimeda

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