The first batch of 600 merchant in Dahongmen Hebei Province

This morning, opened Dahongmen Baigou International Garment City, the first batch of 600 shops in Dahongmen officially moved to Beijing Baigou, Dahongmen and upgrading is also has the latest progress: 4 companies have filed,cast in ferrules which Beijing Wen clothing market and Fang Shi international textile city is expected to upgrade the substantive in next year.At 10 am, Dahongmen Baigou International Garment City just open the door, you have many “Changxian” of the people, as the first station to undertake the Dahongmen area merchants, Baigou Dahongmen international garment city is located in Baigou bustling commercial center, a total construction area of 300000 square meters, the first batch of Dahongmen merchants settled in 600 households, positioning mass fashion. In addition, 1000000 square meters of Dahongmen international clothing city two “Baigou Dahongmen International Garment Exhibition Center” also in today start. Up to now has more than 15000 group Dahongmen area market and merchants to Baigou investigation, 4 home market and Baigou reach cooperative intent, the more than 1500 businesses to reach a settled intention.Organization for promoting the Dahongmen area function, Fengtai District was established in August Dahongmen area function dispersal command, at present Dahongmen area there is an active market 43, there have been 4 market put forward the upgrade report, including the Beijing warm clothing market and Fang Shi international textile city. “A two market we will choose the choice of them, the completion of the pilot reform scheme and the procedures of this year, a substantial transformation of the middle of next year, before the end of next year to see the transformation effect.” Dahongmen area function dispersal headquarters and the relevant person in charge said.”The area of Dahongmen is not in conformity with the development planning is the main spot now stand, stall wholesale trade, upgrading goals, one is to display, store brand display, fashion design, T stage show based clothing market, another kind is the steering for comprehensive trade market.” The responsible person also said, Fengtai is also stepping up research directory to guide the development of garment industry in Dahongmen area, the main links of refinement treated apparel industry chain. (reporter Sun Ying)

27 days 15 when make, from Weihai passenger small Liu Tufa epilepsy train home,lifting anchor fortunately,precast concrete accessories conductor and the guard timely rescue, Xiao Liu managed to escape.September 27th 15 am, from Weihai to Hankou train K1066 from JiaoZhou Railway Station opened soon, in carriage number 12, a small group of trembling, foaming at the mouth, curled into a ball, twitching, passengers are not dare to rescue.Rushed to the train length immediately let passengers to vacate a long seat, the small flat on the chair, hand pull out the man in the dirt, pinch hard man in. At the same time, police organization passenger window ventilation. After 10 minutes of emergency rescue, guy stopped twitching and slowly regained consciousness.  Small Liu, 28 years old, working in Rongcheng, has a history of epilepsy, but for many years has not committed. Time of the incident he felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, fainted. (reporter Wang Zhen Wang Mingjun correspondent)

Water transfer, water transfer, water adjustable?These days, suspended in a stone of Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee reservoir dispatch personnel heart finally landing. The water level of Danjiangkou reservoir exceeded 150 meters water transfer dead water level, this means, can ensure the water north to send this year as scheduled. Dead water level is in normal use conditions, the minimum water level to allow the reservoir drawdown.Changjiang Water Resources Commission deputy chief engineer Jin Xingping said, since last year, the Danjiangkou reservoir water level continued low, has caused people to this year whether there is water adjustable concerns.Heightening the Danjiangkou dam impoundment after beginning in September last year, but because of “autumn” suck, water more years an average of less than 50%, reservoir serious “drink not satisfied”, did not achieve the expected goal 157 meters above the water test. Until August of this year before, are still hovering around 141 meters of water level. Planned in the early 6′s the Middle Route Project of South to North Water Diversion Project water filled test because the water level is too low, forced to the Yellow River for the sector, divided into North and south two section.In the face of unfavorable situation of Yangtze River flood water, actively coordinate the downstream water of Danjiangkou reservoir water for power generation and the Hanjiang river.On one side is the middle and lower reaches of Hanjiang River people want to use water, one side is the water cooling time is approaching, the Changjiang Water Resources Commission relevant person in charge said that “pressure of big mountain”.In 2014, is the Han River group (Danjiangkou water conservancy administration) the most difficult business year, as boto water, group’s independent annual plan generating capacity will reduce to 2450000000 degrees, than the average for many years 3830000000 degrees down nearly 30%, deficit budget year and this is the first group to make.People work hard, more to help. In early September, look forward to the “West China autumn” has finally arrived, the Danjiangkou reservoir in Sichuan and Shaanxi area for ten days in September 16th, the emergence of strong rainfall, the water level of Danjiangkou reservoir is finally over 150 meters, rose to 150.29 meters, this is the last dam heightening project passed the acceptance after the first break the dead water level, flow is as high as 10400 cubic meters per second. A few days later, the Danjiangkou reservoir inflow of more than ten thousand cubic meters of water per second, with almost every 1 meters in the “high speed”. In September 20th, Nanyang Taocha headwork water level has reached 153 meters. Under this background, the Yellow River south to finally start filling water test.Doubts: if the water level is not up to 150 meters, is it not the anhydrous adjustable? Jin Xingping said, once this happens, the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission according to the prediction of flood control, water supply, power generation, coordination of demand, re optimization, effective protection.In addition, understand according to the reporter, the average annual water transfer 9500000000 cubic meters, does not mean that you must adjust so much water every year, but the overall consideration depending on the circumstances. Dam heightening, Danjiangkou reservoir will become the regulation reservoir, can “Liu Feng make-up dry”. Some supporting projects still under construction in South to North Water Diversion Project in Henan, Hebei, receiving area of water there is a gradual increase in the process. This year the first expected the north to send 1500000000 cubic meters, 4000000000 cubic meters of water transfer is expected next year.Standing on the dam of Danjiangkou reservoir, the layers of blue has “the graduation line 150 meters” flooded, the distant mountains in the mist of partly hidden and partly visible, the beautiful and mysterious. The 26 day, experts, reservoir water level to 156.6 meters, has stored 17100000000 cubic meters of water.With excitement, Jin Xingping told reporters, to this day, we have been looking forward to for too long. At this point, the water source area of the people can confidently said: water can be adjusted this year. Hu Qiongyao.

On October 1st,lifting loop the Ji’nan City Daming Lake scenic area, scenic spot,erection anchor Qianfo Hill zoo, botanical garden will be free and open to the public. In the face of the public and tourists may come in great numbers, at present Ji’nan city botanical garden department and each big scenic spot has issued emergency plan, real-time monitoring of the passenger flow, passenger flow reached the highest capacity Bacheng will warning.On October 1st, Daming Lake in Ji’nan City, the best in all the land of spring scenic spot, Qianfo Hill scenic area, zoo and botanical garden will be free, October 2nd to 7 days to restore the normal charge. Thanks to Oga Kariatake, people travel desire is strong, free policy is likely to lead to major scenic spots of tourists.Therefore, at present many departments of garden departments and public security, tourism, urban management has free garden various problems may lead to negotiations and drills, four scenic spots have developed contingency plans, set up headquarters. National Day on the same day, the public security department will deploy more police to the area surrounding the scenic spot and duty. Four scenic area staff full posts, security forces doubled.At the same time four free scenic area will be launched infrared passenger flow monitoring system. National Day day, each hour statistics a passenger flow, the relevant data will be aggregated to the scenic spot for temporary headquarters, command decision. When the passenger flow reached the maximum capacity of 8, the scenic area will be released early, when the number of the garden reaches saturation, the park will be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the tourism law, limiting the number of admission, avoid people flow caused by excessive trampling accidents.In addition to the scenic aspects of preparation, the garden department staff also urged to wrong, wrong peak garden. The garden department initiative, holding tickets through travel and the old card free certificates of tourists, as far as possible to visit space to tourists, local residents, students and other groups of citizens. The body relatively weak old man, the child also peak travel as far as possible.In addition, in October 1st for the lunar calendar September, folk has the Double Ninth Festival incense and praying habits, plus 2 Chung Yeung Festival day, the mountain will need to ensure that the site layout, the night of the Qianfo Hill scenic area security, 18:30 on the same day, area to restore the ticket, all kinds of documents to stop using, stop, morning and evening exercises, in time for the October 1st 18:30 to as early as October 2nd 6:30.Considering the normal operation, tourists visit quality and park area 2 days later on October 1st, four big scenic park free of charge time were identified as the best in all the land: Daming Lake Spring Scenic Spot, Qianfo Hill scenic area 6:30-18:30; zoo, botanical garden 8:00-17:00. (reporter Wan Bing Xue Zaiyin correspondent)

After production, Ma Xingxiang helped his wife,cast in ferrules side enthusiastic citizens help take care of their 3 year old daughter. Citizens Mr. ho perturbationPostpartum,anchor socket and children Wang Jinxian to rest in bed. Reporter Liu Jingling perturbationThe day before yesterday morning 7 am,precast accessories a pregnant woman in the vicinity of Zhongshan North Road number 89 suddenly in labor, delivery boy bleeding symptoms after the street. Before the ambulance personnel arrived on the scene to be strangers to each other, the passers-by to see her critical condition of spontaneous surrounded “wall”, take care of the mother and the baby turns, for they wind, thermal insulation. Finally, with the help of everyone in the street, the successful completion of the production of parturient.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the hospital, at present, the mother and child life signs smoothly, has been out of danger.  Suddenly collywobbles pregnant women Street birthWang Jinxian and Ma Xingxiang are a young couple. Early in the morning of September 26th, they brought their 3 year old daughter and the mother of Ma Xingxiang, from Hubei in a hurry arrived in Guilin. At this time, Wang Jinxian has been pregnant for 9 months.Around 7 p.m., a line of four pass by the gate of Zhongshan North Road mental health center, No. 89, Wang Jinxian suddenly felt a sharp pain in the stomach. With her hands clutching his stomach, squat body, not long, fluid flow out along her leg.”Broken amniotic fluid, children to be born.” Wang Jinxian mother-in-law said. At this time, Wang Jinxian had pain could not say words, ooze out bean big sweat on the face, sat moaning. Her husband Ma Xingxiang led his wife be at a loss what to do.Before long, Wang Jinxian the kid in the belly slide into her jeans crotch. Ma Xingxiang mother immediately son to take off the coat, good daughter-in-law and occlusion. Then, she helped her daughter-in-law take off your trousers, take out the embroidery scissors to cut the umbilical cord bag, baby.Having done all this, Ma Xingxiang’s mother discovered, they have been quietly surrounded the passers-by, nervous, frightened because of fears of maternal effects production, they are not out.  Passers by to help take turns to take care of mother and childSee the child has been born, an enthusiastic uncle to buy meat, bread and milk, and handed it to Wang Jinxian, let her to add more nutrition, another woman hurried to the supermarket, bought 3 bags of paper extraction, help the baby blood clean.Everyone was happy when the children born smoothly, Wang Jinxian’s face is more and more pale, her blood flowed from the difficult to stop, Ma Xingxiang mother’s baby did not cry out loud, purple red face very worrying.A woman rushed to go up, take out bag and a cotton yellow coat will baby wrapped, with great care to her bosom; and a member of the public called for you to stand, for maternal and infant windshield, don’t let them catch cold…… Within a few minutes, the originally dispersed the crowd was concentrated, they surrounded the maternal stand, composed of “wall” with their own bodies, and continue to encourage Wang Jinxian must adhere to live.After ten minutes, the women and children’s Hospital in the ambulance rushed to the scene. At this time, Wang Jinxian pants were stained with blood, the babies are purple lips, was rushed to hospital for treatment.  The safety of the mother and thank the good peopleYesterday morning, the reporters came to the hospital, Wang Jinxian has been out of danger. The doctor for her suture caused production of open wounds, stopped her postpartum hemorrhage symptom, and she gave birth to baby boy after a hospital for examination, also found no abnormalities. Two vital signs stable boys mother, weight 5 jins 8 two, also in the normal range.Doctor Wang Jinxian told reporters, pregnant women and midwives Street delivery with a pair of scissors, but prone to bleeding, but also easy to let the baby and pregnant women infected with tetanus. But this time the mother can smooth delivery, in addition to the maternal body quality is good, also cannot do without the enthusiastic people to take care of.In the ward, Ma Xingxiang took care of his wife and child, lying on the bed, Wang Jinxian watched the children a face of happiness.Ma Xingxiang said, they are a people of Yunnan, working in Hubei before, his wife was pregnant, was going to Guilin via Yunnan back home delivery, did not think the wife in the roadside production. “Without these kind people, how can I really do not know the wife and children of one family, we are very grateful for their help!” Ma Xingxiang said gratefully. (Guilin life Guilin evening news reporter Liu Jingling)

The morning of September 24th,steel chamfer the site staff training, all of the play.  Lu Chuan  40 employees suffered “no training”  The staff think that the company wants to not give compensation to dismiss them, the company said the move is to retain employees,ledger blade the labor department has been involved in the investigationEvery weekday morning sign, then watched 2.5 hours of video training of safety education, to receive a monthly 664 yuan post salary, you can stick to a few days? In order not to because of the “resignation” and the loss of compensation, Yulin City, a business of 40 vocational training staff in go round and begin again, 9 people still insist on training.  ”No training” training behind a comparative account penGuangxi Kaiyuan Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Kaiyuan Company) is located at the junction of Yulin city and Lu Chuan County, where, in Lu Chuan county. The company in the production of small excavators and harvester based. Because of operational difficulties, the company has 40 employees accept vocational training.According to the staff presentation, from the beginning of June 1st this year, the company had not soliciting their views, informing them of the waiting list, the salary is changed. Mr. Li is responsible for warehouse staff, working for six or seven years. He has 1900 yuan salary every month is original, waiting list after the start can only receive a monthly wage of 500 yuan, later referred to 664 yuan.Work in the company of 8 years of Mr. Yang introduction, vocational training at the beginning of the first week, the company requires them every Friday to sign in again, later changed to every working day at 8 in the morning to noon 12 attendance, lack of sign a considered absent for a day, a total of 15 times, as the automatic resignation, and don’t have a cent compensation. Laid off workers, began with three or four people, nearly 3 months, a lot of people or unable to bear or as a result of the accumulation of missing signed 15 times, some automatic leave, some were notice to handle the formalities of resignation, finally only 9 people insist on.According to introducing, Kaiyuan Company employees, mostly from Yulin City, Lu Chuan county. The waiting list when many people due to lack of attendance “absenteeism,” the waiting list some actual hand salary is four hundred or five hundred yuan. Remove to sign in money, There is not much left.Treatment of training, the staff believes that this is not to improve the business skills, the company real aim is “to drive away the rest of us, do not want compensation”. And they said, the company operating difficulties, they can understand, as the old staff, even though layoffs, should also be compensated according to law.Why Kaiyuan Company would rather issued Daigang wages, not directly to terminate the labor contract? Laid off workers are just an account: Mr. Yang has worked for 8 years as an example, he normal monthly salary is 2300 yuan, if the company terminates the labor contract in layoffs and he, you should give him the economic compensation in accordance with the “labor contract law”. According to length of service one year a monthly pay compensation calculation, he should be compensated for the amount of 18000 yuan. Such as Mr. Yang included vocational training, even if the waiting list salary plus pay social insurance costs, monthly pay only 1200 yuan. Mr. Yang to torment training for a year and a half to get the compensation amount. As for the other not to stick to “resignation” employees, will not get compensation, less the cost of the company.  Department of view enterprise practice is “unrequited love”Aiming at the problem of vocational Mr. Yang et al., Kaiyuan Company specifically promulgated the “Interim Measures for the administration of vocational personnel” (hereinafter referred to as the “management measures”). According to the definition of the measures, laid off workers refers to the company various departments “personnel the personnel allocation staff according to the production and operation targets without appointment”. Some of the provisions of the company, also lead voices of employees.Under the measures, refused to fill in the “registration form”, “Vocational workers Daigang staff management informed the book” or refuse to post waiting staff, for personal reasons not to accept the company to arrange the work, “as its own automatic requests to terminate the labor contract relationship with the company and give up the related compensation”; laid off workers during office hours to “preach with the” waiting list “to; during out of the province, the country must fulfill the formalities for examination and approval”; post waiting period, as a result of staff in violation of the “labor contract law” caused by labor disputes, the staff assumes all responsibility.For the waiting list management problem, have the labor dispute arbitration institute several staff representatives to Lu Chuan County Bureau of human resources and social security under the reflection. According to the court of Arbitration Institute of the Changjiang Dean is introduced, the main problem employees reflects the post waiting time, exactly how long is not clear, the issuance of the waiting list the cost of living is too low, but also a day to sign. Kaiyuan Company opinion, they also want to retain the old staff, the waiting list is to let them rest, what time to start, then let them go to work.Because the post waiting staff has not submitted the application for arbitration, the river Dean suggests that, if that employees lawful rights and interests are violated, can be our own proposed cancelling the contract, and claim for compensation, and no need to adhere to participate in training.The Kaiyuan Company management approach is legitimate, reasonable, reasonable? The river Dean think, this rule is to damage the interests of workers, should be determined by the labor inspection, the labor arbitration. Although the enterprise can establish the internal management measures, but not in violation of the law. Otherwise, to avoid their obligations, aggravating the burden of assumption of labourers, is only a kind of “unrequited love”.  The company responded to retain staff personnel stabilityThe morning of September 25th, according to the “management approach” is the right questions, Kaiyuan Company Chairman Fan Dalin said: “it is not the right place can propose amendments, the right to give full affirmation.” The company’s general manager Huang Yongqiang think is “to each according to his lights”. The management of the Ministry of the person in charge of the company Zhou Caiming that enterprises have the right to formulate the administrative measures, is not illegal.According to Zhou Caiming introduction, the laid off workers a total of 40 people. As to why want to layoffs but not direct dissolution of the labor contract, and the choice of vocational problems, said Huang Yongqiang, the company’s purpose is to make every attempt to retain employees, trying to stabilize personnel. The laid off workers amount is limited, amounting to about 10% of the number of employees. He said, should be issued to the waiting list for 40% indicators, but are not under this resolution. They had to mobilize these laid off workers to the company’s sales jobs, affiliated subsidiaries — machinery company, but staff is not willing to go.The company’s deputy general manager Ou Yuchun said, as soon as possible to their company want to walk out of predicament, treat hillock personnel vocational training period is no time limit, although not clear, but to the next spring after the production peak season, can arrange their work.The company’s good intentions, don’t get laid off workers understanding and recognition. For lack of attendance 15 times already, and be notified of handle the formalities of resignation of Chen x Xi said, such training Vocational “in person”. For mid August of this year after the resignation, he received no compensation, but was told that there will be 1900 yuan insurance costs, has yet to account.Lu Chuan county human resources and Social Security Bureau Li Xiaoming said, because the previous labor supervision department did not receive Kaiyuan Company employee complaints, was informed that this situation, will arrange the supervisory personnel to investigate. (the South China Morning Post reporter Luo Nanhua text / chart)

Appearance of the landslide, debris flow toward the direction is a row of houses. Photo by Zhou RuyuA housing residents of the two floor wall, has been knocked a big hole in the debris flow.  Pingnan  When can the hidden dangers of landslides in addition  The local government said, renovation funds need layers of approval, the slow progressIn September 26th, six residents of the town of Pingnan County Chen Mr. Gan stood in the doorway six Chen waterworks, looked across the upstart village big bang a row of houses under the ridge, very anxious to say: don’t take measures, this row house is ruined. Originally, two months ago, this row of houses close to the mountain due to rainfall weather, appeared the partial collapse, debris flow will be part of the housing out of big hole. The local government to the safety of the residents, mobilize their emergency transfer. However, two months later, no government in this geological hazards are governance, the residents worried, don’t punish, mountain again collapsed, their houses may be destroyed.Mr. Gan is Chen six residents of the town of Pingnan County, built a house in the big bang Cun Ling Xia upstart. In late August 17th, close to their house back mountain landslide appears phenomenon, the sharp decline in the debris flow will be part of the housing wall crash.Mr. Gan said, after the incident, the local government set up an emergency response team, to process the scene. Due to the point is still likely to be a landslide, the government mobilized them to relatives Home Furnishing live, until the government will collapse at a thorough rectification rear can return home, “for two months, the government has not only failed to crackdown on the mountain, even not a scheme”.In September 26th, the reporter saw in the vicinity of six Chen Zhen Chen six water, many residents of the home of the debris flow is through the wall, leaving a large hole, the other wall is not a hole, but in the debris flow impact, has been to the house of bricks falling depression, may at any time.Reporter at the scene, many of the affected residents took the reporter to the mountain side, pointing to a landslide to reporter complaint. And they said, the whole mountain is full of more than 10 size cracks, the maximum crack more than 7 cm, then may happen again, once again a large area of the landslide, has damaged the house might collapse at any moment. They hope that the government will as soon as possible to the scene of the accident for the treatment.It is understood, the collapse of the mountain, the surrounding is 20 houses are subject to different degrees of damage.26 noon, six Chen town government responsible person said, because the regulation of geological hazard point spent huge funds, need layers of approval, will inevitably slow progress.The responsible person said, after the incident, the government has the first time to intervene, and the arrangement of the two makeshift shelters, solve some of the residents living problems, and in order to avoid the emergence of two accidents, they organized personnel to the scene to housing for stickers, a partial ban on residents returned housing regardless of danger.For the affected people to question the government governance disaster action slowly about, said the choice. He said, the second day, they immediately reported to higher authorities, the superior department also sent to make an assessment of the site, although they according to the evaluation conclusion is also to the higher authorities for project renovation, but because the required amount is larger, the approval process is relatively complex, affected the progress of remediation, “preliminary estimates, need to remove part of the soil around the mountain of 25000 cubic meters, invested over one million”.Finally, the responsible person said, will hit the masses, continue to reflect to the higher authorities, strive for early remediation funds allocated. (the South China Morning Post reporter Zhou Ruyu)

During the National Day this year, continue to implement the free passage of expressway. Guangzhou city expressway toll station after the cancellation by the road construction, repair effect, changes in the larger situation than in the past, the individual sections of the traffic may be more nervous. 27, Guangzhou police issued a travel guide, the owner can during the holidays to avoid possible congestion road.Construction of north central high speed, three pit viaduct, expected traffic more nervous. North central high speed highway to the east to West Cen Cun Guangqing interchange (to Foshan direction), the airport high-speed turn north central high speed implementation of full closed entrance. Three pit viaduct sections (sections of Xinguang express entrance to Yajisha bridge) construction, two-way closed the right lane, three lane down to two lane.Highway toll station after the cancellation, expects Beijing Zhuhai TaiHe Railway Station traffic is relatively stable, wide deep Fire Village interchange station, north near Yongsan station affected by the high-speed road network structure, traffic flow local congestion, Guanghui highway Luogang station main toll station of no significant impact.In September 27th, Guangle highway was opened to traffic. Guangle highway starting point is located in Huadu District of Guangzhou City, north through Qingyuan, Yingde, Shaoguan, Lechang, Hunan Province, stop at the junction of two small pond, all set interchange 27, set up a total of Huacheng, surface of the ladder, Wang Zishan, Yuan Tan, Jiangkou, Takada, Li Xi, Lianjiang port, Yingde, Ying Hong, sand mouth, Zhang Shi, Wushi, clay, Xin Jie, Yang Xi, Lechang, North West plum, Ping Shek multiple ramp toll station. Guangle highway opened to traffic, car owners can avoid the car high speed multi-channel narrow Beijing, north of Shaoguan, Hunan and other places more convenient.LinkThe highway may appear congestion RoadNorth Central High Speed: nitrogen interchange overpass to Cen Cun (westbound), Baiyun Mountain tunnel (eastbound, travel peak), Shabei interoperability to Guangqing entrance road (peak return).East Central: construction section, three jiao Hainan viaduct overload detection station road (eastbound), Xinzhou Road (including Dongpu bridge).Southern China rapid Link Road: Panyu bridge toll station, Guangyuan toll booths to Cen Cun interchange section (northbound), the spring Kong interchange to Longdong toll station, Shimen Hall Road tunnel sections (northbound, process the peak), Chaoyang road toll station.Airport high speed: sections, clam Lake outlet sections of Sanyuanli toll station.High-speed broad: Qingfeng Toll Station Road, Longshan to Shiling Road (process peak).The North Second Ring high-speed: days of Deer Park Tunnel (westbound, process the peak), hard tunnel (westbound, process the peak), dragon bridge section, Stone Lake outlet section.The Beijing Zhuhai high speed: Bei Xing Road, Wayao Gang services section.Wide deep high speed: Fire Village interchange section (northbound).Nansha port fast: Su ten tilt to drain heart sand section.Dongguan Buddha high speed: Humen bridge section (a two-way, return).Suggestions on the selection of routeWestbound: to Foshan direction, western Guangdong(a) the Guangzhou Shenzhen, Guang Hui, Guanghe high-speedGuangshengaosu overpass north near the village of fire – - west near – Foshan direction;Guanghui highway, north near – west near – Foshan direction;Guanghe high-speed – China fast three – crow Gang Da Dao – Foshan a ring Foshan direction.(two) wide deep high speed along the riverWide deep high speed along the river Weiyuan export – Dongguan Buddha high-speed – wide bead line north – South Second Ring – Foshan direction.(three) the airport expresswayMussels Lake overpass north near the West Second Ring – - – Foshan direction;Pingsha interchange – China fast three – crow Gang Da Dao – Foshan ring direction.North to Shaoguan, Hunan direction:The airport high-speed, wide high-speed, high-speed wide music to the desired direction;Beijing Zhuhai Expressway interchange to TaiHe Railway Station and North Xing wide high-speed (westbound) – Le wide high speed to the desired direction;The North Second Ring high-speed water drain outlet, Guanghua Road, State Road 107 – Shiling entrance – high-speed broad to the desired direction. (reporter Tang Heng, correspondents make declared)

Reporters yesterday from the traffic department of Guangdong Province was informed that,cast in sockets by the end of this year,adjustable base jack Guangdong will also have 7 280 km of highways built.It is reported, from 2013 to 2017,anchor nut Guangdong Expressway construction plans completed investment of 440800000000 yuan, the newly built 2616 kilometers. By the end of 2017, Guangdong Province highway mileage will reach 8140 km.In 2014, Guangdong Province, in addition to Guangle highway opened in Hunan province by the end of communication, will be built to two wide high-speed Lianzhou to Huaiji section and Mei Da two high-speed and East extension line two high-speed channel are respectively communicated with the province, Hunan and Fujian, to the end of 2015, the province completed the channel will reach 16, and the land adjacent provinces channel opened 3 and above high-speed passageway.In Guangdong Province, to the end of 2014, with the Nan’ao bridge, the two Lianzhou to Huaiji section of Guangzhou Expressway opened to traffic, Shantou Nan’ao County, Qingyuan Lianshan county will achieve the highway, the province’s 67 counties (city) will have 59 expressway, the remaining 8 counties in 2015 will also be all through high speed.In addition, Guangdong Province, in 8 the original plan in 2014 December to start the construction of 938 km of Expressways Based on science, further speed, which will be 7 projects were advanced to August to November to start the construction, wherein, flowers, Dongguan Expressway Buddha River Highway, Foshan section of Shenzhen outer ring expressway Shenzhen section in September 1 days the first actions; Qingyuan to Yunfu section of Zhanjiang Expressway Shan also advance to start in September 28th. The original plan Shan Zhan Expressway in Yunfu started in 2015 to Zhanjiang will also advance to the end of year 12 to start the construction. After the adjustment, in 2014 plans to start a new highway 9 a total of 1270 kilometers. (reporter Sun Jing, correspondents Yuejiao ensemble)

According to the Ji’nan morning and evening exercises management regulations, to ensure safety, held in the great garden activities or in special circumstances when the morning and evening exercises suspended. The night of October 1st as the lunar calendar September, folk has the Double Ninth Festival incense and praying habits,adjustable base jack plus 2 Chung Yeung Festival day, the mountain will need to ensure that the site layout, the night of the Qianfo Hill scenic area security, 18:30 on the same day, area to restore the ticket, all kinds of documents to stop using, stop time for morning and evening exercises, late on October 1st 18:30 to October 2nd as early as 6:30.It is reported, the relevant departments to consider safety, quality and visitors to the garden tour scenic parks in normal operation, 2 days later on October 1st, four big scenic park free of charge time were identified as the best in all the land: Daming Lake Spring Scenic Spot, Qianfo Hill scenic area 6:30-18:30; zoo, botanical Garden 8:00-17:00. On October 2nd to 7 will be back to normal charge garden. Free park activities does not contain the best in all the land of scenic Baotu Spring spring scenic spot, five longtan. Considering the reasonable bearing capacity of scenic spots, the internal charges four free spots in the normal fees on that day in October 1st. (reporter Zhang Shu)