Electronic greeting cards, a variety of Micro message for warm red, unique creative video pay New Year’s call…… The Spring Festival, many people’s fingers are in the mobile phone screen busy.

A small mobile phone has become the main position of the younger generation pay New Year’s call send blessing, this convenient, economical and low carbon have the Spring Festival has become a popular new year “”.

“A busy night, had dozens of ‘Red’”, Jilin province Changchun people Sun Da told reporters, although each “red envelopes” in only a few dollars, but still let him feel very excited.

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Sun Da said, is not the true sense of the red, but in the application of the plug-in Micro message platform of communication, the user only needs to touch screen mobile phone, can “grab” friend issued “red packets”, which contains the amount but the issuer accounts of the “gold and silver”.

Not only Micro message envelope is very unpopular, some popular social software in mobile phone on the electronic card is also very popular. Many people in the Spring Festival period to a friend sent contains electronic greeting cards, gold ingots, God of wealth “, firecrackers and other auspicious patterns. “This is more fun than the boring, looked very fashionable.” Changchun people Wang Liang said.

With the development of China network technology, mobile phone Internet rate significantly, mobile video pay New Year’s call is also becoming more popular. That work in Beijing, Changchun girl Meng Meng, this year because of work reasons not to go back to the Northeast home have the Spring Festival, but by Micro message, FaceTime and other network instant messaging remote pay New Year’s call, with family and friends immediately narrowed the distance.

“Before the popular SMS, phone, now become a new trend in pay New Year’s call letter, to voice, text can be, also can make video calls, very convenient.” Meng Meng said.

Changchun City history this year have the Spring Festival Ji did not give a friend send SMS text messages, but with a video to friends pay New Year’s call. In Micro message, as the software, users can shoot a video to send to a friend, this intuitive way of blessing for many young people feel very fresh and interesting.

However, there are people on the mobile phone pay New Year’s call New Year customs expressed concern, think this lack of taste, make people feel a sense of distance.

Changchun 70 year old Liu Xiangqin said: “in recent years the home party, grandchildren’s mobile phone didn’t put down, they may also in the network chat fervently, but with face to face was rusty.”

Jilin folklore association chairman Shi Lixue said, the New Year customs represents young people to have the Spring Festival blessing of understanding, this way should be encouraged, but also should be moderate, can’t let this time have the Spring Festival are busy in the mobile phone screen.

“After 90″ girl Wang Qingqing also said, don’t forget the old customs have New Year customs, appropriate use of new game over, or to accompany the family, friends, this is the eternal have the Spring Festival way. (reporter Liu Shuo Zhao Mengzhuo)

“The fifth lunar January as early as eight points, from the ice downstream reservoir on foot to Changxin Township, about four hours, the wind cold take registration……” This is the Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, a “tour pal” QQ group issued activities call up. Now, because of its connotation outdoor walking health fashion, is gradually replacing the previous card table, become a new choice for the Spring Festival holiday part of the public.C Channel

“Before the Spring Festival, the game, they can connect bunchy, holiday in playing mahjong, drinking, playing mahjong cycle in the past, not health.” Guo Haichuan is a Qitaihe “tour pal” group group, since two years ago established outdoor group, travel and tourism has become the main pastime in his spare time. “Human health, good mood,” Guo Haichuan is the biggest harvest.

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Guo Haichuan said, tour pal group was founded more than two years organized many activities, the number of participants from dozens to hundreds of unequal, popular. “Tour pal together, ask each other’s name, work units and family situation, only the net call each other, activity funds all AA, no interest, is simple to play, enjoy the beauty of nature.”

“The Spring Festival holiday every year I was fat five or six jins, attended the outdoor walk this year, weight not only did not rise, but drop several kilograms, also does not have the stomach does not digest the old problems.” Netizen “the tiger” is the most direct beneficiaries of the outdoor walking motion. In his view, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the concept of life healthy and positive is formed. “Once upon a time the feast at the table poultry meat into today’s vegetables and tofu, people began to make friends with congenial persons out of the house, and enjoy the happy atmosphere together outdoors.” (reporter Pan Qi)

  China News AgencyLanzhou 5 February, the title: “fingertips” of the Spring Festival: dependence and rejection of parallel

  China News AgencyReporter Yan Yaqi

Adapter LAAnnual leave in half, “after 80″ young Hu Kezhi “rob” through a mobile phone to a round-trip special fares. “The Spring Festival, the mobile phone is hitherto unknown dependence.” Hu Kezhi said, their basic necessities of life all cannot do without “fingertips” choice.

The 4 reporters to visit Hu Kezhi day, morning she used mobile phone make a day trip, then take the “Tao” to present to pay New Year’s call. At noon, Hu Kezhi group purchase a lunch with old friends. Back in the afternoon followed by mobile phone software to do “taste” filial piety. Dinner, use the mobile phone to shoot precious family photos, posted online “bask in” happiness.

“Every day, holding a mobile phone, leave it like what all can’t do.” Hu Kezhi said, when at home, she often holding a mobile phone to read novels, play games, came to depend on.

According to the latest national MII data, in 2013, China mobile phone users reached 500000000 people. Consumer behavior Chinese digital analysis system data shows, music, video, social networking, gaming, shopping areas such as mobile Internet users become key, use scale rapid growth in the.

During the Spring Festival, all also emerged a number of “take” rejection “fingertips” life of young people, their site by Douban, Renren, young people gathered together, called “mobile phone down, with your family”.

Strut Ferrule InsertLi Yang is a member of the “opposition”, he said, mobile phone occupy too much time of life. On the road, the bus, the office everywhere hold the mobile phone “focus” of young people, the word is popular: “the furthest distance in the world is I in your side, and you’re playing mobile phone”.

A western restaurant in Yinchuan City, launched the “stackers sent preferential activities”, the restaurant manager told reporters, do not use mobile phone during the dinner, customers will receive 20 percent off discount. A Lanzhou Coffee hall door hung a sign: “we have no WiFi, and the people around you and talk!”

On the eve of the Spring Festival, is involved in a media website launched civilization questionnaire “the most popular way to spend” attracted hundreds of thousands of users, including 37.16% of the user selection from the mobile phone in the Spring Festival “, accompany the family”, the options at the top of the list.

Gansu Academy of Social Sciences, “Gansu social science” editor Yang Wende said, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of the life of a young person, convenience, diversified its fill many gaps. However, the Spring Festival is a special period, in the elderly with eager to exchange more long not home children, electronic products enhance the two generation distance.

Yang Wende suggested, young people can “back to reality”, to accompany their parents to find joy in life; can also take advantage of the Spring Festival at home, the new function of the church parents use mobile phone, let children parents can enjoy more convenient modern life out. (end)

Another spring festival holiday is past. In this year the Spring Festival, go home immediately, immediately have the Spring Festival, immediately pay New Year’s call and have a style of one’s own tenderness blessing, make “immediately” all star. The Spring Festival is over, the horse should be a blessing, “immediately do”.

This year, some places had referred to as “right away” immediately do office, some places like a raging fire to carry out “right away, do well the effectiveness of action”. Praise Ye Hao, dispute or, although Public opinions are divergent., who can deny that, “right away” is a standard of judging the style of the party and government organs, public torsion partial cadre lazy loose soft anxiously look forward to.

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A friend told a be a wild legend Fable: the arrow in one arm, the surgeon rescue saws shaft, leaving behind a “arrow in vivo, find Department of internal medicine”, regardless of the pain reduction, unilaterally claimed that they were responsible. This fable did not water, hard for those Kowloon flood a trifle to kick a ball “saw the arrow” cadres of the great irony? For those “the door into the hard, ugly face, the thing is impracticable”, like “belated effort” units, “right away” is the direction of them at top speed, improve the style of work target.

A year of in the past, all localities to focus four wind, form style. A gust of wind, many party and government organs work efficiency is improved greatly, the examination and approval links significantly reduced. The new year, party and government organs should further make still further progress, continue to know change, vertical Chali changed, leading cadres should take the lead, make oneself an example above the present, often go grassroots listen to people’s livelihood. A little glass door, door, revolving door, more Easy Access, civil hotline, “right away” became to the masses most beautiful horse blessing.

Qin Chun Zao people. After the Spring Festival holiday, we will usher in a busy season, the second batch of the mass line of the party education practice activities will also be developing rapidly all over. Improving the work style is endless, only truly “right away” and persevere “do things well”, “right away” to become a commitment from the blessing, the commitment into the image, to become the public praise. (reporter Zhang Qin)

“This year on New Year’s Eve until the day of the seventh lunar month, whether it is morning or in the middle of the night, the sound of firecrackers As one falls even as a sound sleep, sleep is difficult. This year all of a sudden stop much, whether it is zero cannon on New Year’s Eve, or the fifth lunar January ‘collapsing poor gun’, are less than in previous years.” About retention project “every year Spring Festival essential shooting”, live in Hebei Shijiazhuang city after 80 Li Mingming has deep feeling.

“The sound of firecrackers bid farewell to the old year”. The firecracker is China best-known customs, entrusted with the good wishes of people new year, blessing the evil spirits. “No firecrackers, couldn’t find the new year feeling, the firecracker is part of the annual taste essential.” Li Mingming said, when in the countryside, have the Spring Festival will buy a few firecrackers, the children are reluctant to suddenly put out, then down into a display, became winter vacation a fountainhead of happiness.

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However, in recent years, shooting some people, into a “small Dou Fu” project, and for some people, it seems to have become a kind of disturbance and burden. Reporter discovery, these years, “erti Jiao” firecracker head and getting more powerful, setting up “shaking heaven and earth”. A new year’s Eve, lunar January, the whole city explosion in one piece, flashing; firecrackers also becomes longer, from the original sound has been increased to hundreds of thousands of sound, lighting up continued for a few minutes, smoky, leaving a red firecracker paper. In some city, the sanitation workers during the Spring Festival to clean hundreds of tons of even hundreds of tons of firecrackers skin. Firecrackers eyes, fires, exacerbate air pollution and other news, every year also often appear in newspapers.

The Spring Festival this year, often shrouded in heavy fog and haze of China many city, are introduced to restrict or prohibit the discharge of fireworks “ban”. The reporter understands, the air pollution in Beijing, Taiyuan, Hengshui, Langfang, Wuhan, Hebei, Shijiazhuang City, Baoding city and other heavier, restricted fireworks display time and region. Some city also asked, if encountered heavy pollution weather warning, warning area comprehensively banned fireworks.

“You can’t have it both ways, now the fog made people can no longer breathe freely, I support the restricted fireworks.” Li Mingming said, when the traditional festive encounter “ten surface haze V”, reduce the discharge of fireworks is the inevitable choice, is to return to rational way of shooting customs. An interview with reporters, before the Spring Festival this year Shijiazhuang city street, temporary stalls selling guns gone, fireworks sales in common cold, light weight also decreased. Some of the residents within the District, not even a set off firecrackers, a piece of pure.

Some members of the public and the folk custom expert expresses, agree with fireworks and firecrackers government restriction measures. Completely “ban”, seems to contradict China traditional customs, but also less prosperous year of flavour. But the haze is unlikely to eliminate, limit the discharge time, place and firecrackers species, reducing discharge amount, it is very necessary to. At the same time, to promote the development of “electronic gun” and other environmentally friendly products, environmentally friendly and can hear the sound, it is a way to satisfy both sides of keeping pace with the times. (reporter Qi Leijie)

I this year 25 years old, from Russia vladivostok. In 2012 she married husband Liu Xixi, started in the Harbin settled life. Last year the couple in Russia through this husband, special zone of Oriya back home Hailar Guo Danian, but in the China have the Spring Festival taste but let Oria pain and happiness.

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I: “I was Chinese daughter-in-law”

Years ago, I confidently for herself and her husband’s New Year holiday plan, hope to take the opportunity to relax, cultivation of body and mind, “Chinese working pace much faster than Russia, the end of the year, I want to have a good rest”, which knew the husband home, Oria until it is a ratio work more and more busy life.

“New Year’s thirty sons, one family got up very early, began to prepare a variety of Food, sometimes a dish or even several points.” It was a new experience for Oriya speaking, she quickly followed busy, occasionally a hand. New year’s Eve night, difficult to refuse such kindness of Oriya inevitably eat much. The next few days, with the husband go to relatives friend’s house door of I know, new year’s Eve Food experience is just the beginning. “People kept food to me, kept saying, this delicious, try this.” Oria says helplessly: “I can only hold the stomach can’t stop eating.”

Mentioned have the Spring Festival relatives, I also say: “can’t stop to go from the first day, sometimes by train, more tired than work.” Oria says the new year in Russia, one family in one day reunion specified, all the relatives will be there, the rest of the time people will go out to travel or stay at home.

Although very tired, but I still think that this China over very happy. “People are very good to me, very sincere.” Oria says, since when the China daughter-in-law, is to adapt and accept the traditional culture and customs of the China. (reporter Wang Chenyu)

During the Spring Festival, relatives, is Chinese Zuzu inherited custom. This is contact feelings between relatives, a family to communicate their. However, in recent years, there are more and more young people have a “fear” of this traditional festival, “relatives” is becoming a field contaminated “gunpowder” “big Zhi Yong guan”. To this, the expert points out, “China type relatives” need to understand each other, to “push” to really care. At the same time, also need the social environment change, guide, let folk in the communication between affection and respect the privacy of the individual to find the meeting point, to more vitality.

  ”Luoyang friends such as phase asked” stumped hero Han

Fixing Socket WEAfter the Lunar New Year’s day, according to the traditional custom, is the time for relatives. However, for many after 80, 90 young people, this has also become the “bad” time once a year. The netizen says, “Luoyang friends such as phase asked”, destined to make people.

From Beijing came back to have the Spring Festival Xi’an Mr. Zhang, because the Spring Festival and the relatives of the “encounter” and particularly headache. A few years of marriage, Mr. Zhang did not have children going to, he was enjoying the two people in the world. However, his feelings with relatives but doesn’t make sense, “why not ask children” can be heard without end.

“This is my private affairs, there is no need to explain to others.” Mr. Zhang says bitterly.

Similarly, in Xi’an work Miss Cheng also on the “relatives” have a sincere sense of fear. “Every year I have the Spring Festival are relatives asked, why not get married? In fact, I was 23 years old, in the big city is not to the age of marriage, but in the village, smaller than I early have married, I got to like ’3S lady’.” Ms. Cheng said.

Ms. Cheng said, relatives terrible lies in, turns into battle, a Changba a debut. “Although I am indifferent, but JiaBuZhu parents face can’t stand. Over and over again, to be burned, the old people sick, my heart is not to go, is a nightmare.”

At the same time, along with the “child” policy, the Spring Festival is “laws” pressed “when two children health” has become the new troubles many young couple. And this has become a Horse Festival “pressed” list a “new topic”.

  ”Chinese type” relatives “is fiercer than tigers”

Originally should be full of deep feeling “relatives”, why in many people’s eyes but “fiercer than tigers”?

In this regard, Beijing some media editor Yan Ting said, this actually originated from now the young generation growing independence, the family concept fades. “This is a modern sense of the individual, independent of the phenomenon, and the values and traditions have access, collision.” Yan Ting said: “young people think that marriage, all children is their affair, but older relatives may think that this is related to the family the whole thing, this is the conflict.”

Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Yan pointed out, now the social pressure to increase the survival, many young people in life have a unpleasant, not to mention. They are not aware of, but for various reasons unable to solve. The relatives and friends asked and there can be no help for them to solve practical problems, can only aggravate their psychological pressure.Thread Lifting System

Experts also pointed out that, from a deeper level, it is also China greater social mobility reflect diaphragm. “In the past, people live in a village or the surrounding place not far from each other, living conditions very well, very well. Now many young people in a second tier city, work, life, their ideas have been updated, but their parents, relatives and many in the three or four line of the city, the life of each other intersection reduction, mutual understanding is decreased, and the lack of smooth communication channels, which makes the problems more abrupt.”

  Restore the family need more awesome

At present, many young people to “relatives” with “encirclement and suppression” with “the smell of gunpowder” words to describe, even on the Internet is popular the relatives “big Zhi Yong Guan” “move”. To this, the expert points out, relatives is an ancient custom China emotional exchanges during the Spring Festival people. A decrease in people living in scattered, the opportunity to meet the background, should be even more rare opportunity. Therefore, need each other mutual understanding, let people feel warm, but not before.

“As the young generation, we can tell what is good care, what is the malicious competition. Care needs to pay attention to the way, comparison, unbearable.” Yan Ting said: “I think have the Spring Festival relatives should cherish the opportunity to meet, with more passion, give each other add principle, empathy, understanding.”

Zhang Yan points out, employment, housing, marriage is a lot of young people “Yingshang”, the pursuit of these questions, it will make people overwhelmed. Many elders as living environment, experience different it is difficult to realize this point. In this regard, suggests a few communities, rural education, publicity, promotion of new folk, advocated a loose festive atmosphere, leaving more room for the young man in the outside world, so as to gain more warm family. Reporter Jiang Chenrong

Shaanxi heavy snow highways closed

  In new networkXi’an on 5 February, (reporter lie Wei) 5 reporters from the Shaanxi traffic department, under the influence of the Shaanxi wide range of snow cool weather process, the province highways closed. Because it is the transport during the Spring Festival travel peak period, people travel seriously hindered.Ledger End

It is understood, from 4 onwards, Yulin, Yanan, Tongchuan, Yangling, ushered in the first snowfall in the year of the horse. Among them, Yanan due to snowfall is larger, 4, the city’s 100 passenger lines all the outages.

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According to the Shaanxi provincial highway toll management staff of the center, from the beginning of the 4 day at noon, the provincial highways were closed, including high-speed packet Mao Shaanxi (Shaanxi Inner Mongolia line to the Luochuan line); Yinchuan Expressway in Shaanxi province; even the high-speed Huo (Baqiao county); Jing Kun (Yumenkou to Sun Zhen); Fu Yin highway (Qianxian County to Binxian County), Hu Shan high-speed (Shangluo Jiepai) etc..

The Shaanxi Province Meteorological Observatory said in a news release, affected by the cold air and the southwest warm wet air current, February 4th to 6, the province will have a more pronounced cooling snow weather process, 7 snow weather gradually ending. (end)

  In new networkIn February 5, Hohhot: frugal wind make the Spring Festival “the rational regression”

  In new networkReporter Li Aiping

“High-grade wine and tobacco almost No one shows any interest in, most people in the present for friends and family to give gifts to buy most of the milk, eight treasure porridge and other cheap goods……” The 40 year old Jin Jianjun recalled the last Spring Festival and the Spring Festival this year sales when compared to use four words to describe, a world of difference.

Jin Jianjun is a medium-sized supermarket in Inner Mongolia Hohhot City boss, in his words, every spring, is he a year is most likely to lead to emotional moment.

Magnetic Steel FormerLast year during the Spring Festival every day at least, sales more than 20 Chinese soft, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun these wines will also have a larger share of sales.” Jin Jianjun said, when busy come nevertheless, still need to find temporary help.

Compared with previous years, this year during the Spring Festival sales is dim. Jin Jianjun said, the Lunar New Year’s day official kaimennake, most customers buy only eight treasure porridge, milk, few people buy too much high-end liquor.

Jin Jianjun’s argument is not isolated cases. During the Spring Festival has been running night shift taxi driver Huang Xiaodong said with a sigh, thought during the Spring Festival most “brother” go out of business, dining out people will be many, and his grasp this opportunity, can have a good income.

However, he did not think of is, from the lunar January day has not too many people go out to dinners. Let him lucky maybe, after 9 day night, he can pull a few young people to sing KTV. Huang Xiaodong said, in the meantime, he didn’t pull over the age of 40 diners and to KTV who is singing.

Jin Jianjun’s “depression” and Huang Xiaodong’s “Lament” in fact reflects the horse year people in the consumption level of rational gradually. During the Spring Festival, the reporter to several business friends random to understand is the fact that this Spring Festival, they have a very solid, finally no longer send to the leadership, how to send what gift and big nerve racking.

A business who declined to be named, said the Spring Festival, pay New Year’s call makes him the most headaches, gift less wrong, much of their own and reluctant. This is good even if they want to send to the leadership, also dare not close. Truly “green spring festival.

The fact is so, think the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Damaoqi Qiwei Secretary Fu Ruifeng accept China media interview, this is the biggest change since the implementation of the central government issued eight regulations. He said, “the Spring Festival is very easy!” He said, since the eight regulations, all have gifts, I took eight provisions directly put him back.”

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University doctoral tutor Gai Zhiyi this phenomenon to comment that, subject to the provisions of eight central effects, people during the Spring Festival consumption and mindset is becoming rational is a good thing, but he hopes that “such a good thing will continue.” In Gai Zhiyi’s view, one family to share the happiness of a family union during the Spring Festival, relatives and friends to pay New Year’s call small poly, extravagance and waste are not needed in the aspect of consumption, is not necessary to keep up with the Joneses, only in this way, the Spring Festival and return to the real “rational”. (end)

  In new networkGuangzhou 5 February report (reporter Tang Guijiang) Guangdong Provincial Health and family planning commission 5 days to report, the province of Zhaoqing, Foshan, Shenzhen 3 city, 4 new cases of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza confirmed cases, including 2 in critical condition.

According to the bulletin, 1 cases of Li Mou, female, 5 years old, scattered children, now living in Huaiji County, Zhaoqing City, February 4th confirmed the diagnosis of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, the patients with stable disease, in the local admitted to hospital.

Case 2 liang Mou, male, 42 years old, workers, now living in Huaiji County, Zhaoqing City, February 4th confirmed the diagnosis of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, the patients in critical condition, in the local admitted to hospital.Straight Tail Anchor

Case 3 Yan Mou, male, 49 years old, the self-employed, now living in Foshan Gaoming district. In February 4th confirmed the diagnosis of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, the patients with stable disease, in the local admitted to hospital.

Case 4 Deng Mou, male, 56 years old, unemployed, now living in Shenzhen New District of Longhua city. In February 4th confirmed the diagnosis of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, the patients in critical condition, in the local admitted to hospital.