Mirror: how to embody the flexibility of foreign civil service wage system

Editor’s note:The salaries of civil servants, has always been a hot topic of public opinion. At present, there are about about 7000000 civil servants in our country. The establishment of a scientific and rational salary system, the influence of apparently not only civil servants individual well-being, more related to the control system and the effects of the country. The present public servants salary system implemented in 2006, defect is becoming increasingly prominent, reform the broken bureau. On one side is the grass-roots civil servants for the low income to the media big beefing, one side is the “public welfare of civil servants tank”, what factors impeding the civil service wage reform? A new round of reform and how to reform the civil service wage? In the global income distribution reform should be in what position? In this regard, people.com.cn in particular the introduction of a series of reports on “reform” ten questions, to explore together with friends.In 2013 July, the Greek to cope financially be in straitened circumstances, passed a bill, let thousands of civil servants has lost his job, also stopped 25000 other civil service salaries, they resign or prescribed in the measures before the suspension of all get their wages. Affected by civil servants, including teachers municipal police and school guard. According to the bill proposed timetable, will have a total of 15000 civil servants were dismissed by the end of 2014.The two Greek unions jointly launched a nationwide strike, which is a special civil service unions on behalf of the Adedy. According to foreign media reports, the strike led to close multiple including tax office, government agencies, large public transport stop suspended in the day, the momentum is vast, but they did not succeed in stopping the bill through.But for Greece, these two things is not fresh in these two years. In 2010, the Greek government had substantially lower salaries and benefits, also froze their pensions. In 2012, Greece dropped 5000 the salaries of civil servants, a long line of people waving banners protesting at the parliament building and other public institutions before the door, including judges, prosecutors, police and firefighters.However, for several consecutive years the unemployment rate more than 20%, need to unite in a concerted effort to overcome the difficulties the country civil servants this, like other workers to be unable to leave, in front of national disaster for security and peace.Out of Greece, to America. In 2013 December, the motor city Detroit into the formal bankruptcy process, a local judge announced a express volumes court ruling: Civil Service pensions are not subject to federal bankruptcy code Chapter ninth protection. In other words, in some cases, the local civil servants may not get full compensation.This has shaken the people widespread belief that legal security pension inviolate, many local municipal employees to the media said, “his battered”. In view of the special status in the local case American in law, a Detroit government spokesman said through the media to call a spade a spade, the ruling by the protection of all parts of the country’s pension benefits will be “a dangerous omen”.But at the same time, USA civil servants are not the first time encounter this kind of occupation risk. In 2010, President Obama had announced USA freeze about 3000 members of the government spending, saving $4000000, to “more responsibly govern tax revenue”. Is mainly affected by senior officials in the White House and other federal agencies.Although the conclusion is not tight, but the day across the not easy, seems to have become a trend of European civil servants in recent years sharing. For example, the same encounter the euro debt crisis in Spain, two this years thousands of civil servants will be driven into the ranks of the unemployed go forward with great strength and vigour, neighbouring Portugal followed. The body outside the euro area, had always been more affluent British civil servant, since the government announced the extension of the civil service retirement age, improve the pension payment of the amount, in 2011 launched the strike of the largest scale for decades.Of course, will look into the view of the world, the civil service encounter is not all bad news. One of the largest public pension fund — PAL Japan, last year began to look to emerging markets, plans to increase its revenue by more diversified portfolio; America government is found, the economic downturn has raised public servants job attractiveness in the talent market, the majority of the past few years resume the talent level is beyond the job requires of them.But one thing is certain: between is not always thriving economic situation and always aggravate the burden on public finance, governments have struggled to find solutions. In this process, the past for the civil service establishment stable treatment — unemployment probability and standard fixed retirement age, salary, smaller pensions — are beginning to become less stable. Although with turmoil, a lot of violence during the protests and occasionally, the wheel of history still billowing.The system flexibility is not a whim, have one’s words at hand. National School of Administration research department researcher Hu Xianzhi pointed out, many countries have formulated a complete set of the civil service wage adjustment mechanism, the basic goal is to embody the basic level market wage. Therefore, Japan, Singapore and other countries are identified by the folk salary standard (i.e. average wage level in the country), through the statistical investigation system timing folk salary standard, to ensure that the average wage of civil servants wages and social basic level.Because the mechanism itself is allowed wages to rise, also allows lower wages, so the economy to good although can all the way singing, similar to Greek, Spanish general crisis when, also can share sb.’s joys and sorrows. Needless to say, this is not an easy thing.But experts say, foreign and a big difference, is a kind of civil servants as ordinary workers cognition and psychology, it allows the government regulation in the system have great flexibility. Research Center of Beijing Normal University and poor income distribution director Li Shi said, is essential to locate the civil servants. “In America first-class talent, why not civil servants and go to Wall Street or the university? Because of the occupation of civil servants do not require innovation, he is a maintenance staff, technical staff of the whole country in the machine, service is in accordance with the law, the upload.” Li Shi said, “civil servants all have their own independent words, countries have fucked up. The team itself should be in the social talent is belongs to the medium level, give them a matched compensation, must be the corresponding level.”  From the editor:Will look from abroad back to China, the civil service wage reform direction in where? How to narrow the gap between the income of civil servants in the area? How to break the “a ladder, treatment pot of rice” promotion? Such as the implementation of the civil service wage dynamic adjustment? How to play the incentive salary? Please pay attention to the next report.Liu Rong.

Come onAbandoned nearly 20 years of Beijing “Youth Lake Park” has finally been further news. A Shenzhen Real Estate Company purchased the development rights — this nearly a thousand years of Imperial Palace site will be “unfinished building” once again transforms into “club type high-end business district”. (in September 16th the “Beijing morning news”)”Youth Lake Park” is the 861 years before Jin Dynasty Palace site in Beijing City, lifting insert as the earliest “mark one of life”, scaffolding accessories “Youth Lake Park” has great significance to Beijing, here, and even can be said to be the soul of Beijing city. But is such a municipal heritage conservation units, why waste for nearly 20 years, the real estate development projects become again now? The reason is very complex, including both ownership disputes, and the shortage of funds and so on, let the security unit changed hands several times.Speaking as the management department of the government of Xicheng District also have difficulties, the government of Xicheng District had wanted to cost price repurchase “Youth Lake Park”, but was refused by the developers. However, as the Beijing municipal cultural relics protection units now reduced to businessmen to make money tool, is a sad thing. Can imagine, this real estate project is completed, will become a few rich people tall on the “territory”, and people may not enter. This that is to say, helplessly all shared resources, become private property, as it is the common property of the public against.If it is said that in the palace by the “unfinished building” to the club in the process, the local government sector showed some sadness and helpless, is “half”. Leave some place in the destruction of old ancestral heritage, “the construction of a modern metropolis” in the process, it is spare no effort, pawn as developers, not hesitate to compete with the people, and the ancients for profit.Whether active or half, cop, and help developers to follow around, still by GDP thought influence, while ignoring the protection of cultural relics. The protection of Beijing’s earliest “mark of life”, how can’t come up with the greatest courage and efforts to act, to protect? Why let this one thousand year gradually occupied the palace? The old ancestral heritage was sold, not without a responsible person, also can’t like wasted 20 years as “Youth Lake Park”, become “unfinished project”, need someone in charge of local government should be the first to bear the brunt. Dai Xianren.

To yesterday, has for 5 consecutive days average temperature lower than 22 DEG C, but experts said, the final autumn time, water stopper need to look at the subsequent temperature will rebound, is still not sure. Whenever the coolness of autumn, is a day more strong. Today, the highest temperature of 24 degrees, a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between day and night, wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold. This morning the plain area has light fog, visibility, pay attention to traffic safety. (the Beijing News reporter Deng Qi)

Yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou City Bureau of Education issued an emergency notice on the strict precautions against No. fifteenth typhoon. According to introduction, because the relevant emergency measures just implemented soon, formwork accessories so the area of Guangzhou closed notice will do double track system, one is the parents of their own to see the warning signal is decided, two Department of education through various channels to inform. (in September 16th, “Guangzhou daily”)Indeed, in the emergency mechanism is still in the propaganda popularization case, closed notice “double track system” may be necessary. But the need to prevent the emergence of the two side effects, a seemingly “double insurance”, but in the actual execution but appear — meteorological signal display can school case instruction to fight, but the school informed the holiday things previously also often occurs; the two is the parents to the school to inform the “track” the formation of psychological dependence, but ignored the meteorological signal which is a “rail”. “Make a phone call to confirm their school than to see the signal more reliable”, such a psychological may have universal significance. But from the point of view is executed, after all, still have to rely on the weather signals play a role, the long run school notice should gradually withdraw from, in order to avoid each department acting on its own, the liberation of staff.The design community has a “less is more” trend, in fact in the emergency system of seemingly have no relevance to the, “less is more” is also a should follow the train of thought. For example, Hongkong had by hanging the wind the ball, let the public to determine their own holiday, closed, the work work, don’t have to work can ease sleep, often the most simple, the most convenient way is the most effective. Of course, to achieve this “automatic” realm, Guangzhou still has a long way to go. Parents should trust their own judgment, the school should strictly observe the regulations not another, weather forecast, media release will also closely together, from the “semi-automatic” to “automatic” needs a running in process.In addition to leave the work to the present time, government departments should also get through the mechanism of the obstacles from “semi-automatic” to “automatic”, such as the relevant provisions for the public to pay attention to the warning signals issued, Guangzhou City Meteorological Station issued a warning signal is only applicable to Yuexiu District, Liwan District and Tianhe District. This provision apparently went to the “negative” less is more “, the parents were not necessarily possess such ability to discern, in fact there is no need partition closed also worth discussing, if those who cross school students to think, for those who live in the border region of about two families, the provisions of this kind of is also make people was in a dilemma?Typhoon days closed or not, related to this system specification is more and more perfect, after the provincial, municipal meteorological department and education department have issued a specific notice, to identify early warning signals can be regarded as a closed signal. But this is a set of “automatic” system design to achieve the “automatic” at the executive level, could not immediately reach, not only need to “double track system” of the security transition, less patience, the policy also needs to adjust when the obstacle. Zhang Zhang.

Unless a comprehensive ban on people in trouble after begging as a means of salvation, or “occupation of begging” hard to prevent. To maintain a social necessity of goodwill, erection anchor this deception begging, probably had to tolerate “error”.Gai, in Wuxia fiction, usually chivalrous incarnation. Old Mr. Jin Yong to create a “fingered godly beggar” master Hongqi, more let numerous martial arts fans do count. The begging business so sacred, had in reality many upright gentlemen don’t understand. But the reality is far better than in the novel Gai so respected, regarding the treatment of begging argument from time will come round.The Beijing News reported, a begging old man near the Beijing West Railway Station, can go home remittances million per month, the holidays can sometimes have twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Coincidentally, CCTV “news 1+1″ also revealed, Henan downtown Zhengzhou some occupation beggar, a day of “income” can have two thousand yuan.Some occupation beggar income may be higher than ordinary workers, already is not what news. A lot of people walking in the street, in the face of beggars, already did not know should lend a helping hand. CCTV reported, some netizens also proposed, these occupation beggar fabricated life of the poor, which belongs to the fraud. Some experts also suggested, should the public sector intervention. The essence of the problem, is actually the should not allow the existence of “occupation beggar”. Some people will say that they have the ability to work, but not the creation of social wealth, is immoral; but some people will say, people can choose to charity or not, but can not deprive the freedom of choice of others.”How to define the scope of occupation of begging”? Long term and beggars, whether it is true or false poor poor, take begging as a kind of occupation. It is difficult to “occupation” and not to “false beggar” distinguish out. If according to the degree of poverty to distinguish, poverty and to what extent begging is justified? Daily income exceed the number of begging is unfair? Or, age, disability to what conditions, begging can tolerate?Even if the master Hongqi reborn, held a Gai hero General Assembly, probably can’t take out a convincing plan, determine which people clean up.Visible, unless a comprehensive ban on people in trouble after begging as a means of salvation, or “occupation of begging” hard to prevent. Even if reluctantly to tube, also want to pay the high cost of management. To maintain a social necessity of goodwill, this deception begging, probably had to tolerate “error”.Also some people said that, the government provided relief stations, the poor even if not begging has nowhere to go. Don’t forget, the assistance of the government of taxpayers. If can let the social charity, people have the ability to assume more responsibility, relief, the government could save taxpayer money to do something else, and then have what not good?Of course, for the “occupation of begging” another crime, it is necessary for the management of. Earlier media reports, in Dongguan and other places have a criminal gang abduction force others to begging, and even cruel to children into disability, begging tools. This behavior has nothing to do with “occupation of begging”, but a kind of organized crime, begging is only a manifestation of the ultimate end. This kind of crime, it is the need of law enforcement departments involved and intensify the crackdown. Jing Yishan.

Removed the holiday office, anchor socket no longer travel, halfen frimeda vacation eyebrows beard, let the attribution of responsibility is more clear, let the legislator, executor of the crawler to blame, supplemented by institutional arrangement, to avoid the irrational decision-making responsibilities of chaos, chaos of the role.In September 15th, running for 14 years in the national holiday tourism coordination meeting officially revoked, the office is the public familiar with the “national holiday”, also will be revoked. Incorporated into all of its functions to the new institutions for tourism of the State Council the inter ministerial joint conference system, by the vice premier of the State Council in charge of tourism Wang convener.”National holiday” with the public “say goodbye”, in the public opinion field sent ripples. Many netizens to ridicule: “in the future, new year’s Eve who to call to check post it”, “spell false mode Is it right? Can then go to bed”…… Although most of the components can be spit overtones, behind is also very obvious, that is: as the holiday tourism coordination mechanism and the holiday office, it is difficult to undertake public assembly on vacation on the right to appeal.Be honest, holiday office at remission, but some “big”. Before the meeting after borrowed “Noah false” scheme, the new year’s Eve is not a holiday, is not reasonable, can allow for the individual diversity of holiday demand, it cannot design, it will inevitably Tastes differ all tastes. Public criticism, is in fact more in irrigates indignation: for paid vacation is difficult to implement, the right to leave can not be guaranteed, so the current holiday arrangement of discontent, also became a “scapegoat”. So say, holiday office criticized, is essentially for duty holiday system design on the vague “bill”. Obviously, the revocation of holiday office will have to put the national holiday entitlement and the tourism industry, the functions of government departments positioning.Arguably, statutory holidays, when by the National People’s Congress legislation to fix, and by the State Council issued a notice on holidays; paid vacation, by people club department is placed in the framework of the protection of the rights and interests of workers, to promote and implement; and promote tourism, tourism and other departments when by. Only the agencies, departments clear division, each bear its responsibility, can let the vacation to vacation, tourism to tourism. But all the time since, the division of responsibility is not clear, leading to problems emerge: Holiday Office announced the holiday arrangement often “face”; while the legal holiday arrangement, also cannot jump out of “impeding the holiday economy” thinking.The “national holiday” revocation, new system of tourism work under the State Council, the inter ministerial joint meeting, obviously with the intention of clearance responsibilities. From the latter function, which mainly comprises five parts: macro guidance on national tourism; put forward to promote the reform and development of the tourism industry policy; coordinate and solve major problems in the reform and development of the tourism industry; other important research work in the reform and development of the tourism industry; to complete other matters assigned by the state council. That is to say, the scope of responsibilities are directed primarily as “tourism”, “holiday” issues, from its functions be separated.Removed the holiday office, no longer travel, vacation eyebrows beard, tourism related decision making under the specialized organization, also helps to rationalize the functions of the government. Holiday office non legislative body, its annual publication of the scheme is not holiday system, but a temporary move. To undo, next, it is to let the attribution of responsibility is more clear, let the legislator, executor of the crawler to blame, supplemented by institutional arrangement, to avoid the irrational decision-making responsibilities of chaos, chaos of the role.Also should see, no longer will be the development of holiday entitlement and tourism industry of national tied together, will contribute to the healthy development of the domestic tourism industry, and gradually get rid of the excessive dependence on the “holiday economy”.In the end, the public right to leave, should not become a vassal of proposition tourism development issues, should be more fully guarantee system. This needs to be established on the foundation of tourism, vacation ownership clear on. Cancellation of “national holiday”, was released by the positive signal, but it is only the first step: only in the division of responsibility clearly, let “joint meeting” and the relevant departments to perform their respective duties, two not mistake to let the public holiday, tourism development. Editorial.

“Up the mountain when a green desert, leave rubbish everywhere”.According to the Chinese sound “news” report, this is a visitor described the just concluded Jiangxi Pingxiang Wugong Mountain international tent stanza. In September 13th to 14, water stopper two days of tent section, there are more than 22000 people into the Wugong Mountain scenic spot, from users to provide pictures we find, experienced the carnival after the Wugong Mountain, because garbage cover has been unable to see land and grassland, in addition to the tourists litter, produce mountain merchants business activities, a large number of waste wastewater, plastic boxes and food residue also cause pollution to the environment. Some of the visitors to have a flat barracks, the direct use of hoe grass cut open. Clean up the garbage can, the restoration of vegetation is the need for a period of time.  Aspect comments:In fact, as early as in the tent Festival before the opening of the netizen to appeal to tourists love this beautiful place, don’t let “section of tent” into “ecological disaster”, however embarrassing episode happened, there is oversight management of scenic spots, tourists or quality to be improved? I’m afraid the two have both at the same time. Go back to deep thought, travel or camping or spontaneous, mainly, or good, if by the local government departments to organize, is suspected in some of the tube tube does not matter, but a short time gathered tens of thousands of people went to the mountains to pitch camp, noisy, messy scene and the essence of tourism different, is also very easy to beyond the environmental carrying capacity of scenic spots, but is a kind of destruction.

The Double Ninth Festival is approaching, Anhui province Chizhou City Office on aging to the elderly welfare in order to deploy, held “respecting and loving HelpAge” activities, who are 60 years old and above, cuplock scaffolding under the age of 90 years old can receive a coupon to purchase non domestic edible oil market. The move sparked controversy in the local, aging do is refers to the enterprise to sell oil disguised as “promotion”, “advertising”, not in conformity with the functions of government departments.Recently, there are elderly people in Guichi District of Chizhou City, reported the local neighborhood, notice with his account of the edible oil supply to receive preferential coupons, coupons to buy a certain brand of olive and peanut nutrition and sesame oil can be discounted.”When issued coupons also said that this was a good oil, others want to buy buy, don’t waste it.” But the old man said, himself in the local supermarket did not see this brand of oil, that Is it right? Preferential heart without number, and the quality of the oil is also some not trust.The reporter understands, this is Chizhou City, Fujian Province Office on aging combined with a food development limited company held “respecting and loving HelpAge” activities, 60 years old can be the preferential price to buy oil, 90 years old and some nursing homes can receive free of charge oil.Guichi District Laoling ban Bao director told reporters, aging do document the deployment of the specific activities. They are in accordance with the requirements of action, and to mobilize the neighborhood groups to convene notice in line with the conditions of the elderly.According to the Guichi District Lake community committee responsible person said, they call in line with the conditions of the old man to get ticket, do you want to buy by the old voluntary.But many people think that, this way is a disguised form of grain and oil companies and government departments to help sell products, in the free “advertising”.Reporters call this grain and oil companies to understand, the enterprises have to market in Chizhou. The company responsible for the activities of extension staff also said in an interview with the media in Chizhou, “we in other places are doing so, to achieve the effect of brand publicity participation in local public welfare activities at the same time”.Reporters saw at the home of grain and oil company website, the firm has been awarded “assured grain and oil processing demonstration enterprise” and other honorary titles, but the company on the Internet is not a “word of mouth”.”Doing before the activity, we are very cautious, review the qualification certificate of the company and the quality inspection report, the oil quality is no problem, procedures are no problem. We also contacted cooperated with the Jiangxi office on aging, the feedback information is also the activities held very good.” Packet director told reporters, some cards on the net they’ve seen, the company also do explain, what is not found problems.”The Double Ninth Festival is coming, aging do for the old man to host the event, but no funds to support. Grain and oil company advertising fee Province, do public welfare propaganda, just to the elderly, to achieve a win-win situation.” The director said the package.Anhui University sociology professor Wang Yunfei think, from the perspective of the market economy, it is the enterprises to enter the market to find opportunities “shortcut”, can reduce the operation cost of enterprises, is in a dominant position in the competition; and the government departments and cooperation, as both the referee and when athletes, so that other businesses at a disadvantage, produce unfair competition.”The behavior of the market should return to the market, follow the rules of market economy, the excessive government intervention cannot.” Wang Yunfei says, government following mobilization, invisible to the enterprise advertising, people see the government “escort”, will certainly increase the sense of trust, which in fact is the abuse of government credibility and public trust, and this cooperation is easy to breed rent-seeking.Wang Yunfei said, do not deny aging do approach has the public welfare, the funds have difficulty can also understand. However, if all this processing departments encountered financial problems, the market will be a mess. The relevant departments should continue to improve the system, actively seek financial budget support, problem solving. (trainee reporter Fan Tianjiao)

Yesterday, a reporter from the City Meteorological Bureau to know, this year’s flood season (from June 1st to September 15th, water stopper the same below), BFD coupler Beijing precipitation is less than the normal year into more than two, especially in the main flood season, precipitation compared to the same period in 1951 fourth partial juvenile. In addition, the flood season this year, local severe convective weather process, high temperature of 0.7 DEG C.According to statistics, this year’s flood season, Beijing city average rainfall of 311.7 mm, than normal (410.4 mm, an average of 1981-2010 years, the same below) less than the same period of 24%, nearly ten years (402.2 mm) less than the same period last year, 23%, (432.7 mm) less 28%.The flood season this year, the city, the average temperature of 24.6 degrees, the perennial (23.9 DEG C) is higher than 0.7 DEG C; the number of high temperature days Observatory, the daily maximum temperature reaches 35 DEG C for 10 days, than all the year round (7.7 days) partial in 2.3 days.It is reported, the observatory cumulative sultry days were 4 days, less than all the year round (5.1 days), significantly higher than the same period last year (13 days) less. (reporter Wang Shuo)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Now, all over the country’s creative zebra emerge in an endless stream. Some people think that creative zebra can beautify the city, and because appear more obvious and play a better warning effect, but also some people think that the zebra line should be the national unified label, precast accessories varies, too fancy, but easy to confuse the line of sight, bring security risks.According to media reports, following the Chengdu, recently another “love zebra crossing” appeared in Nanjing. And Xuzhou recently in the State Road 104 Hanyuan Avenue and Zijin Road intersection using color stereoscopic zebra crossings, one side in the white solid line and the top are respectively matched with a blue and orange red, two colors, so that the original plane crossing, a three-dimensional sense of. In fact, the same color stereoscopic zebra crossing is not the first case. As early as in 2009, Guangzhou Panyu also used color stereoscopic zebra, allegedly allows drivers line brake, let the safety of pedestrians crossing the street. But there are also users have said that the opposition: “stereo zebra will let the driver mistakenly think that is the stone pillars, at the wheel or slam the brakes and caused an accident?”In fact, for creative zebra crossing the long-standing debate. In 2009, the two “types of facial makeup in operas zebra” Xi’an city once because of violation of the “road traffic safety law” provisions “in the national implementation of the road traffic signal” unified and in two months after the relevant departments have been removed.In this regard, Shanghai Oriental Cambridge lawyer Xia Yong told reporters: “according to the” national standard “road traffic signs and markings, crosswalk line white parallel solid line (zebra), this standard is suitable for highway, urban road and are within the jurisdiction of the units, but allow social vehicles place, is legally the effectiveness of the mandatory standards.”And Shanghai Univer sociology professor Gu Jun think that the zebra crossing can creative should see actual effect. However, for creative zebra can this statement to beautify the city, Gu Jun said can not agree, “the crosswalk line is used to solve the traffic problems, should not assume the role of beautifying the city.” (reporter Li Xiaolu)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]