The police with accent network search, to find the family  The lost 10 years mentally handicapped man finally home.  Core tipsRecently, appeared a moving scene in Nanning City Public Security Bureau of Yongning Public Security Bureau police station: neutralization and rural living in the Yongning of Mr. Huang excitedly hugged brother Huang, tears of joy. Originally, mentally unsound disease, has lost 10 years of Huang, was Shangsi and Nanning two police to find!  Came the good news  Lost loved one clue.In August 14th, for Mr. Huang one family, is not a normal day. On the same day, a come unexpectedly phone, ending their 10 year long suffering, Mr. Huang has lost 10 years younger brother finally had a clue.What the hell is going on? Originally, the morning of August 14th, Shangsi County Public Security Bureau police station received said Hualan, found a middle-aged man, on the side of the road be shabby in dress, occasionally walk around, automatic speaking, still holding a knife. The police rushed to the scene, found the man slurred speech, don’t look so normal, then its back to the police station to ask.At the police station, police prepared hot meals and tea for him, but asked the family, he has been to oneself, can’t communicate. The police let committed. Finally, combined with the man’s accent, Shangsi police speculated that the man from Yongning. The police was the use of technical means, in the online search. After some attempts, finally found 10 years ago in Yongning Public Security Bureau police station report a case to the security authorities together and lost, lost persons with physical characteristics of Huang!  Cannot bear to think of the past  10 years of hard search path”Huang may be found!” Recall 10 years tracing Road, Mr. Huang cannot bear to think of the past. 10 years ago, the 30 year old Huang and his family to neutralize the township market on the street with his family, he lost. The family found that Huang had disappeared, worried, immediately launched the friends around looking for, and put up posters. The Huang was mentally unsound disease, did not know the way home, could not ask anyone for help and communicate with people. Have no fruit, Mr. Huang had to neutralize the local police station reported.As time passed, but no news huang. Don’t take care of their own Huang is all right? The hungry, what to eat? With the weather gradually cold, Huang thin clothes, will not be cold? Mr. Huang said, family worry day and night Huang accident, these 10 years, from the loss to the disappointment, and even despair.  Be sob  Accent do not change hair changeIn August 15th, when Mr. Huang with renewed hope came in and the police station, recognize the lost 10 years younger brother, excited. But see that the young brother has become a vicissitudes of the middle-aged man, this let Mr. Huang regrets unceasingly. See the lost brother safe and sound, Mr. Huang excitedly holding the hand of police said: “thank you very much indeed, if not for your help, this life I am afraid it is difficult to see my brother.”This 10 years, Huang go where? He also said that was not clear, no one knows. In August 26th, in an interview with reporters learned that, according to police speculated that, over the past 10 years, Huang is wandering around Nanning, Shangsi, Fangchenggang and other places, often eat a meal hungry meal, but not what the accident. (modern life daily)Sponsor Link:precast accessories formwork accessories erection anchor

“Thank you to report such as Dai Dai Grandpa, grandpa are worthy of our study!” In August 27th, this newspaper reported Chengmai Hongguang farm year old retired worker Dai e your three launching rescued 3 children stories, the story caused strong repercussions in Chengmai county. Today (day 27) afternoon, villagers beam elder sister called to tell reporter, Dai e your and his wife He Xiujiao in the local is a good man, the couple have the duty to take care of the village an old man of 13 years, until the old man died.This afternoon, reporters came to the red farm visit Dai e your peace corps. Before entering Dai e your house, he saw his family’s small courtyard surrounded by a crowd of villagers, everybody in the heated discussion Dai grandpa deeds to save. “They both the husband and wife is a good man, usually and hard-working will not say, they also have the duty to take care of the house next door granny Liu in 13 years!”Jin Jiang Chang FA Po Primary School Teachers Liao Zhigao told reporters, from 1989 to 2002, due to the work he and his father were alone at home, grandma Liu Yufeng, had been a couple of meticulous care of Dai Egui. The old man died, still think constantly of two people.This afternoon, Chengmai county Party Secretary Yang Sitao on behalf of the county, the county government to Dai e your home to see life-saving heroes, and called on the people to learn the spirit of Dai e you find in helping others. Chengmai county government to Dai e you sent a condolatory gold 10000 yuan, and awarded the title of county of the moral model. (reporter Sun Hui correspondent Song Xiangda Wu Ni)Sponsor Link:halfen channel BFD coupler ferrule insert

If your home for the elderly with dementia, and love to go out alone, preferably with positioning function as he prepared to “family contact card” and the mobile phone. Recently, the provincial capital 78 year old Zhao home alone after the loss of information, but the family prepared, and met the man, Mr Zhao is good to the lost after 8 hours.”My dad don’t love to talk, and have mild dementia, the old man went out alone is dangerous.” Zhao said, if a citizen has the old man, the best to the elderly to prepare and carry on “family contact card” and has the positioning function of mobile phone.Uncle Zhao this year 78 years old, suffering from dementia, living with his wife. “Father used to play games, but now also does not play, only love is their own shopping every day by bus.” Zhao said, in order to prevent unexpected family father out, specifically for Mr Zhao wrote a name and contact telephone number “family contact card”, at the beginning of this year also for the elderly is equipped with a mobile phone with positioning function. In this way, where go to Uncle Zhao, family can through the network at any time, in order to find.However, to fully prepared will also appear accident. August 24th afternoon, uncle Zhao alone out the door. Family through the network location, has been paying attention to the position of the elderly. To 16 pm the same day, somehow, the positioning signal man disappeared. The old man finally appear located near Luquan wing wall. This is a old man had never passed the line, family account may be the mobile phone has no electricity, the elderly may soon go home by bus, so don’t worry too much. The 7 point night, the old man was not home, a talent began to worry, family groups for Shangjie, has more than 11 p.m. but could not find the old man.The old man lost more than 8 hours later, Ms. Zhao are all crazy. “Better during the day, my dad after dark will not know the way, it must be lost.” Zhao said, until the 25 day morning, call a strange telephone, said the other side of the elderly can not find a home.Heard from my father, the whole family excited. Because do not familiar with local conditions, the other said it would send the old man home. The wee hours of the morning, uncle Zhao down from the man’s car, see the immediate family, one family hold together to form a clique, and the kind of people to leave quietly.Yesterday, said a few days ago father lost a thing, Zhao still have a lingering fear. “The day our family is urgent bad, thanks to the good wife, had they not battle righteousness help, father can’t say what will happen.” Zhao said, see father too excited, began to speak to the people some money, others do not, finally even the family name is what also forgot to ask, hope that through the evening to thank them.Yesterday, reporters found a kind person send zhao. Pick up the phone and send him home, Ms. Leung is husband and wife. “My family opened a small hotel in the vicinity of Luquan Si Jia Zhuang, 24 night, I found a old man always around him. The night does not go home, he always says what.” Ms. Du said, she felt wrong, asked the old man, and did not know her. Ms. Du is knowing what to do when, suddenly noticed the old man a card in hand, take a look, is a “family contact card”, there are names have telephone, then with the elderly family made contact, after Ms. husband he drove the old man home.Now, Mr Zhao still every day out shopping, Ms Zhao still everyday will contact the card is placed on the old man, and every day to the mobile phone is fully charged. Sometimes go out late, the family will be together with the. Taking into account the father may be too lonely, these days, Ms. Zhao is considering a move in with my parents, I hope more can reduce the father accompany symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. “Hope that through my Dad things to other people a heads up, if you have a similar situation of the elderly, be sure to give him more attention. The lost events, contact cards, mobile phone positioning and good people not one less, otherwise the result really don’t know how to.” Zhao said. (reporter Nan Kaiyu)Sponsor Link:lifting socket aop formwork lifting insert

In order to further strengthen the prevention and control system of Cangzhou City, Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau in mid August again for patrol detachment unified recruited 300 auxiliary police. At present, “recruits” are closed training, pre job performance report will be held in the near future, then put into downtown patrol and control work.”There are 200 undergraduates, 100 veterans, biggest 30 years old, the youngest 20 years old, we come together for training!” An instructor told reporters, “this approval auxiliary police quality is very high, and there are many undergraduates, and some also served in the army!” Sorching burning sun, the reporter saw at the training ground “recruits” are officers under the command of the whole heart was with training.A man named Wang Jiangfeng “recruits” from Cangzhou Botou, born in 1993, just retired from the army last year, is the youngest among the auxiliary police. Wang Tao was born in 1988, undergraduate students from Cangxian, graduated from the China Three Gorges University and the army. According to the patrol detachment many instructors speak, because of these “recruits” through the layers of screening, the overall quality of optimism, training is also very smoothly.It is understood, as the Patrol Police Detachment patrol control area expanded, the tour group inspection and control the gap increased, problems missing security blind spot etc.. In order to further improve the urban patrol inspection and control, Cangzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment recruited specifically for the new 300 auxiliary police team, added to the extension of the District, street, steal rob easy incidence area. The Zhaolu auxiliary police staff to implement the labor contract system management, auxiliary police officers not recorded alarm, not commissioned, do not have the law enforcement qualification, to assist the police in police work. (reporter fuyuko correspondent Zhang Jian)Sponsor Link:halfen channel swivel coupler shuttering magnet

Not long ago, the State Council issued the “about the cancellation and adjustment of a batch of administrative examination and approval items decision”, announced the cancellation of 11 occupation qualification license and that events (August 27th Chinese “Youth Daily”).The Standing Committee of the State Council in June 4th this year, to discuss and study the occupation qualification license and cancel cognizance, Premier LI DADA asked Zijin Mountain Department of commerce international trade negotiator and Deputy Minister: “‘international business professionals’ do what? Zijin Mountain, you have the qualification license?” Zijin Mountain shook his head, the prime minister is happy: “you but our international trade negotiator! Even you have no qualifications, the qualification licensing not be rather baffling?”Setting up access is rooted in the occupation, who has the right to set the occupation qualifications. Government departments, needless to say, some enterprises and institutions and the social organizations also into the examination and issuance of certificate to the ranks of the society, appear all sorts of strange things, all kinds of “certificate”. Such as the so-called “rag” certificate, is the China Commercial Federation, Chinese Vintage Industry Association of the two social organizations issued.Why is everyone willing to “heavy burden” to take the initiative to set occupation qualification? One, who set up the occupation qualifications, have relevant authority; two, occupation qualification a set, the following have the training, certification, the annual examination, which step do not collect the holder of money? So, set an occupation qualifications, to occupy the two dragons, and then waiting for “to buy road money”.The cancellation of 11 occupation access permission is only a beginning, all departments at all levels should be eliminated “card” also many. So, the root of the problem, need to hold hand around power, forbid them casually certification. A lot of market occupation “qualification” problem, in fact, to the laws of the market to the survival of the fittest can.Yin Guoan.Sponsor Link:halfen channel prop nut lifting loop

Late at night, Luquan City West outer ring double temple, a truck is. Suddenly on the road ahead, turn a car, in order to avoid the car, truck drivers at the wheel, the car, hide, van was hit by a roadside tree.On August 26th at twenty-three ten am, Shijiazhuang Fire detachment Luquan squadron received the alarm call, is located in Luquan City West outer ring double temple had a car accident, a truck hit a tree on the roadside, the driver trapped. The alarm, rushed to the scene of the accident.The squadron fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene of the accident, according to insider told, the truck on the road to avoid the car hit the tree, the collision is too fierce, truck windshield glass all broken, the driver trapped inside the vehicle. Through field investigation, found the car trapped personnel not life-threatening, but foot stuck.The commander ordered the immediate situation, the first group: first to on-site warning, evacuation crowd and vehicles; second group relieve trapped nerves; third team using the hydraulic shear expansion clamp on the trapped position to expand the rescue, after ten minutes of intense rescue, fire officers and soldiers will be trapped driver rescued successfully, and the up to the ambulance.Police tipEvening don’t drive so fastThe truck driver when driving at night, we must pay attention to control the speed of the vehicle, even running in no way, also do not drive too fast. Especially the load larger vehicles, due to inertia braking distance is long, more should pay attention to the speed. In particular, after crossing, complex, Village Road, must slow down, so that in case of emergency response time.At the same time, driving at night across the road and into the road, or turn before, must be far and near light transform, reduce speed, and careful observation of the main road traffic situation, do not steal, would rather stop wait, Mo and his car to the road. (reporter Dong Shijie Hao Zishuo correspondent Guo Xingyi Li Yong)Sponsor water stopper pfeifer VS box

In August 27th, Zhang Gaofeng was lying in bed infusion on the “old brother” pull the blanket.With no money, Sue concubine had off drugs.  Across the family assistanceRelying on grants and loans into the University of Henan students Zhang Gaofeng, often get help neighbor sue of honor.Zhang Gaofeng found, “old brother” had leukemia, he decided to seek help for it, don’t let the two children study.  When the news ofWith only 300 yuan, with his neighbor children to Zhengzhou for help, asked while walking, 3 days only ate 2 hot meal.Immediately start to the Project Management Institute, Hunan Institute of counselor Wang Yunfeng and English teacher Wang Dan has received a student leave message. The information is sent to the Sophomore Zhang Gaofeng, said he has urgent matter may be absent a few days.Soon, the two teachers found that leave behind is not to drop out of school, do not skip class, but a help touching story: the rely on grants and loans to countries to enter the university students, then by his neighbors seriously ill, he will proceed without hesitation to their home hope on his shoulders; he don’t want sick neighbor children drop out of school, held 300 yuan wage earning money, are looking for help……  [experience]  Relying on grants and loans into the UniversityZhang Gaofeng, 21 years old, 1.76 meters tall, Xiaotun town Henan Ruzhou City Tuen village. His father died when he was two, my mother will it up.The people in the village are not well-off, but each will help each other. He clearly remember, the pre University, home to irrigate fields like work, only to cry out: “Nine”, the neighbor Sue old nine or his lover Li Suhuan, immediately ran to help.Last year, by the Henan Provincial Federation of trade unions “student” activities funded 3000 yuan grants and loans, Zhang Gaofeng smoothly to Hunan Institute of technology. This year the school in September, he is the project management professional big two students.During the summer vacation this year, Zhang Gaofeng has been working in Hengyang. In August 20th, returned to his home to see mother, but that “old brother” leukemia.  [hope]  Love continue, let siblings smooth reading”Do not see, do not know how hard they have.” Zhang Gaofeng said, the 20 day he went to visit the old nine brother, to sue home, will see a 47 year old old brother, forehead draped towel curled up in bed, 14 year old daughter Su Keke sat in his father’s bedside care.With no money, have been off drugs, we have a fever. He can only rely on her daughter kept cool towel, wash with cold water physics. High fever, eat a few pieces of Nimesulide Dispersible Tablets fever.Looking at the Ke Ke sit while helping his father Cahan side read a book in bed, a rush to cry.”My mother and I are widows and orphans, life is not easy, do not want their sister like me, not from his father.” Zhang Gaofeng’s speech is simple, he said these two results are very good, “I am in the social support of University, got too much love, I hope that they can like me, in the community care, smooth reading.”  Set out.  With 300 yuan and neighbors wife only on Zhengzhou”Mother and mother to discuss how to help the old nine, say, our condition is not good, but I can work, you can read a book to work to support themselves, or their home than better, you should help them.” Mother’s words, he silently remember in the heart.Help the old nine brother cure, do not let the sister school, this seemingly simple but not simple starting point, so that the 21 year old students held 300 yuan living expenses work to earn, with neighbor Sue mother home to help road.One is not out of Ruzhou City, Li Suhuan, a 11 year old Su Mingming, 21 year old Zhang Gaofeng knows his responsibility for how much. On the way to Zhengzhou, Zhang Gaofeng advance lists all can think of: Charity Federation, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the hospital, television, newspaper……6 August 24th morning, after a bumpy road, three people standing on the streets of Zhengzhou.  [help] ran Zhengzhou charity for 3 daysCan not wash, not enough time to have a meal, Zhang Gaofeng took Li Suhuan nianlia, walked all the way to ask.The first station is a public welfare institutions of Zhengzhou North near. Because too early and no work permit, the guard did not let him enter, advised him to go to eat breakfast, etc. to work again.The second station is Henan Province People’s Hospital. See the finished as the old nine brother cure chief physician Chen Yutao, Zhang peak anxious heart finally feel good. Because the doctor says to the Chinese bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell donor plant center application, this disease can be saved, but need operation costs 200000 yuan. Zhang Gaofeng comfort Li Suhuan, “we must think of a way to make.”The third station is a charity in East Zhengzhou, simple registration, the staff told him leukemia has been included in the scope of relief state of illness, can obtain a certain proportion of assistance.These three days, three of them live in the bank self-help service hall. A sheet of newspaper, they sleep.  [situation] opening soon, but “fail”Do not they expected so quickly, and leave the school time is near, Zhang Gaofeng had to leave the message from the instructor.Sanxiang City News reporter asked him so busy tired, he answered: “every day is a dynamic, never feel tired.” Hear this word, the reporter eyes red. Before this, Zhang Gaofeng’s classmate Jiang Youyuan told reporters, in June, Zhang Gaofeng checked varicose.Jiang Youyuan and Chen Fei are Zhang Gaofeng’s good friend. This summer, three people arranged to work in Hengyang, during which they found a peak a few times to walk is not normal, sometimes so no way movement. Back into the bedroom lying down, legs must be raised to reduce pain. Jiang Youyuan and Chen Fei with Zhang Gaofeng came to Changsha to do the inspection, was informed that the varicose.”Need to do operation, the cost is more than 1.” Jiang Youyuan and Chen Fei have a good discussion, a summer job money save, help Zhang Gaofeng get operation fee.”The school immediately, but he can’t go back in time.” Jiang Youyuan said, they had made together in September 3rd to sell the quilt, but now is not worried about the sale of the quilt, he might miss the good friend’s operation.”I cannot ignore this stall things, I went back to school is not the peace of mind.” Zhang Gaofeng did not know the reporter know his condition, the phone, he always said old brother’s illness, “he have acute monocytic leukemia, the incidence is faster, but is not the most serious leukemia, if can be suitable for matching bone marrow transplantation, still have great hope of cure……”  Interaction  Do one thing for you.As long as a good thing, no matter how small the normal, are in the dedication. If you are like Zhang Gaofeng, kind, warm-hearted, can call the hotline 96258 to tell us, we will be responsible for transfer positive energy. If you are a people who love or compassion enterprise, want to help “old brother”, also can dial 96258, we first need to help humanitarian thank for.  Zhengzhou connection  Welfare assistance initiated,  Zhang Gaofeng turned to donate 20000 yuanThe 26 day, Zhang peak found Dahe newspaper. The newspaper reporters to get them to milk and bread. “Out of the three day, skipping meals, eating only two hot meal.” Have been comforted mother and son “strong, don’t cry” Zhang Gaofeng, tears on the spot.Newspaper reporter the matter back to the Sanxiang City News, Henan and Hunan to realize linkage. Ali public decided to give a peak 20000 yuan of fund support, Zhang Gaofeng put the 20000 yuan to donate old brother, Dahe Daily “river of love” fund to “old brother” 10000 yuan. Sina public offering is 100000 yuan, is looking for enterprises claim.27 days, Ruzhou Red Cross says it is willing to provide assistance at the request of the Soviet old illness.In September, Sanxiang City News, newspaper and Hunan Polytechnic Institute will jointly launched the “I help students to save villagers” public welfare donations.  Hunan action  Campus network appeals donationHunan engineering college students work study center person in charge Chen Peiling about the incident, said it would immediately to the school leaders to reflect this, and arouse the students held to raise money for the Zhang Gaofeng neighbors.Taking into account the school has not yet opened, the school leader said he would call on the campus net, to help Zhang Gaofeng neighbors at the same time, Zhang Gaofeng urged students to learn gratitude, caring, responsible, responsible spirit.  Reporter notes  ”After 90″ gratitudeGood English and Zhang Gaofeng, not only embodies the modern sense of civic responsibility, also is the true portrayal of gratitude to society — in July last year, it is with 3000 yuan of student union of Henan province “the student” activities funded gold and national loan, a rush to enter university. Facing the hard won learning opportunities, a peak not only study hard, but the effort by doing odd jobs to earn living expenses, the neighbors in a mess, a peak proceed without hesitation to their families hope on his shoulder.Zhang Gaofeng to use their own actions to show, “after 90″ world not only romantic themes, there is also the responsibility of helping. (author: Yang Yan Zhou Dan Yu Miao Li Chun)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories formwork clamp steel chamfer

Liu Quanxi donate renal save female, gave her a second life, one family life difficult, but everyone in their own efforts, let the home become better and better. As Liu Quanxi and daughter Zheng Xiuxiu. Respondents for mapThe greatest love is the love. Live in the old Liu tou Xin Cun Dongchangfu District of Liaocheng City, Liu Quanxi, at the critical moment daughter Zheng Xiuxiu suffering from uremia, help daughter find a kidney, appears in the daughter in kidney after severe rejection, she decided to donate one of his kidneys. A few years later, Zheng Xiuxiu’s body is still not fully recovered, every month to take medicine. But for this family, she had to go out to work, reduce the burden on parents to use their own efforts.  The 20 year old daughter suffering from uremia, renal atrophyLiu Quanxi this year 58 years old, his wife Zheng Xianzhi 56 years old this year, they have two daughters, was living a happy life. But in the spring of 2006, a fortune in the family. Work in the field of small daughter Zheng Xiuxiu, appeared more than the flow nosebleed. Who can think of, Zheng Xiuxiu was only 20 years old, when the mood for love, but suffering from uremia. The doctor told Liu Quanxi, Zheng Xiuxiu double kidney had shrunk, while young, the best and the only way is to transplant.Liu Quanxi and his wife have no fixed work, usually by doing odd jobs for a living, the cost of her medical treatment for the family, is undoubtedly astronomical. But one family did not flinch, successively to Liaocheng, Ji’nan to help her daughter treatment, and later transferred to a hospital of tianjin. A same ward patients’ family members to see one family difficulties, to lend a helping hand, help to contact a professional hospital. Her work unit know this, also donated 10000 yuan.Just arrived in Tianjin, Zheng Xiuxiu can only rely on maintenance hemodialysis with life, waiting for a kidney days, Liu Quanxi be torn with grief, she was in front of her to pretend to be strong, while everywhere to borrow money, ready for operation time of daughter.  The kidney is a serious rejection, need to change kidneyIn 2006 August, Zheng Xiuxiu found the condition has been nearly half a year, one family to wait until finally the kidney. The hospital for operation, the operation is very successful, although the operation has let the family on one’s uppers, foreign debts, but one family or feel very worth.The late operation need to take immunosuppressive drugs much to eliminate the antibody of Zheng Xiuxiu himself, the family is not able to buy imported drugs, particularly expensive unexpectedly, Zheng Xiuxiu appeared serious adverse reactions. In 2008 October, the Zheng Xiuxiu operation for more than two years, a review to this just saw a fatal blow to the family, the transplant kidney in Zheng Xiuxiu body developed chronic rejection.In the doctor’s advice, Liu Quanxi old man with a course of ten thousand Yuan medicine, her daughter but good times don’t last long at the end of the year, Zheng Xiu Xiu further deterioration, no, one family once again back to the ward, waiting for a kidney dialysis, began the long journey.”When the girl appear serious rejection, nosebleeds more than, every weakness, as long as the body of a wound, is bleeding, looked at her so sad, my heart is dead, can’t sleep sleep, can’t eat.” Liu Quanxi said, in the process of waiting for a kidney, she gave her daughter a few small things, often look forward hopefully to the future, let the daughter’s power and hope. An accidental opportunity, Liu Quanxi old man learns from the doctor, treatment of uremia of this disease, if a family donor (Shen Yuan), can greatly reduce the renal transplant rejection risk probability.Simple discuss with family, Liu Quanxi went to the hospital for a check. Two weeks later the results came out, with success. Mother and daughter two hugs and cry, tears are more worried about the joy. Zheng Xiuxiu is worried about her mother’s body, but ultimately did not bend over mother. In 2009 April, after a few hours of operation, the mother’s kidney successfully implanted in the mother to daughter, daughter of second life.  As soon as possible to pay off the debt, the whole family, old and young are not idleA few years later, Zheng Xiuxiu body recover gradually, but each month to eat expensive drugs. Zheng Xiuxiu saw his elderly parents, every day to worry about money, in the physical conditions, she came to Tianjin work to earn money, working in an electronics factory.The reporter on the phone to her, she is at work. “I take the medicine every month to eight thousand or nine thousand dollars, more than I can earn a month, home burden is too heavy, now home there are a lot of foreign debt.”Zheng Xiuxiu said, the mother’s body has been very tough, but not kidney after hard work, her pain in the heart, but incapable of action, she can only do my best. “My mother gave me a life, in a kidney transplant, mother no time to rest, but also to take care of me. She is not willing to buy their own food, good things came to me. Mother is very strong in front of me, never complain, angry, always encouraged me, so I think everything there is hope.”Liu Quanxi said, they are especially thankful for the help of the man. The daughter boss of the Tianjin Corporation, in the daughter when sick employee contributions, the Civil Affairs Department staff after that to her to apply for the residents, the village committee arranged for her to clean up.”Children are physical recovery is very good, and normal people almost do not have what distinction, I will work hard and his wife, the external debt owed on as soon as possible.” (reporter Liu Yunfei interns Xiao Lanlan correspondent Liu Yujie)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors prop sleeve shuttering magnet

In order to reduce the outskirts of the village residential coal-burning pollution, Shijiazhuang city recently introduced “put forward in 2014 of urban and rural residents in the decentralized heating coal-fired pollution control implementation plan”, will take the way of financial subsidies, to encourage urban village and the surrounding 10 counties (city, area) of Suburb Residents replacement environment-friendly coal-fired heating furnace and the use of low sulfur clean briquette.An important cause of atmospheric pollution is our province coal consumption is too high, the Shijiazhuang coal pollution accounted for more than 53% of air pollution, especially in the winter heating season, Shijiazhuang is a typical coal-burning pollution, in addition to industrial coal-fired and central heating, suburban district number independent heating retail caused by coal-burning pollution can not be ignored.According to introduction, clean coal quality and strict standards, sulfur is below 0.6%, the supply of fuel forbidden area, clean coal emissions of sulfur content below 0.3%, volatile below 15%, water content less than 3%, the calorific value of 5300 kcal, thermal stability and waterproof performance, various auxiliary materials to non-toxic, harmless, no smell, and can not have two pollution.According to the “implementation plan”, Shijiazhuang city this year to promote the use of clean coal 380000 tons, replacement environmental coal-fired heating furnace 16000, continued to expand in 2015 to promote the use of clean coal, by 2017 the city’s clean coal utilization rate reached more than 90% of the total scattered heating coal. Shijiazhuang city will be between the consolidated capital two or three loop 52 villages scattered heating coal-fired pollution control basis, this year to increase environmental clean coal, coal-fired heating stove promotion efforts, 10 counties completed five districts, years of high tech Zone, definite new area, cycle of chemical industry park area residents and county, Gaocheng City, Luancheng County, Luquan Pingshan County, Jingxing City, mining area, the Promise County, Yuanshi County, Zhaoxian County, Xinle city (city, area) city and surrounding villages scattered heating coal-fired pollution control.According to the government guidance, financial subsidies, residents benefit, enterprise profit principle, Shijiazhuang this year by the city, county financial funds arrangements for urban and rural residents, the purchase of environmentally friendly coal-fired heating stove, clean coal subsidies. Among them, urban and rural residents to purchase environmentally friendly coal-fired heating stove, according to government procurement prices by 80% to give a one-time purchase subsidies, borne by the two levels of Financial City, county in accordance with the 1 ∶ 1. Shijiazhuang city this year, clean coal sales price for 880 yuan per ton, county (city, district) according to the unified guidance price, considering the regional transportation and other differences to determine the sales price. Residents purchase of clean coal subsidy 360 yuan per ton, borne by the two levels of Financial City, county in accordance with the 1 ∶ 1. The use of the administrative institutions, scattered coal-fired boilers for heating within the city social welfare institutions and all kinds of production and operation of enterprises to use clean coal, finance not subsidies. (reporter Duan Liqian)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches formwork accessories wavy tail anchor

Thank you. Thanks a million. The owner holds master Li hand repeatedly thank Liu Ke intern reporter Ma Yixuan perturbationMr. Pan off the busy answering the telephone, with 71200 yuan in cash bag fell on the car. Yesterday morning, brother Li Hongji and the owners with cash to the company, to return to the owner.At six thirty on the afternoon of August 26th, Mr. Pan in the near Beichen road and red road cross the taxi ride to the Lake Road, he got out of the car was on the phone, even a ticket are not to be, to the small elevator, found that hand is empty, “with a $71200 handbag didn’t take, on the taxi.” Mr. Pan hurried to the gate area to view the surveillance video, found that taxi myself just to ride, he immediately call 96716 queries, that the taxi he ride the Xi’an Jian Qin taxi company. At seven forty-eight in the evening, Mr. Pan to Xi’an Jian Qin taxi company phone, the staff let Mr. Pan, wait a moment, immediately contact the owner. Soon, Mr. Ban received by phone said package found.Originally, the driver master Li Hongji drove Mr. Pan to the destination, and continue to operate in Beijiao, near the well village, a woman with a child on the train, the little boy opened the right rear door found this handbag, “uncle, a bag under the seat.” “Well, I know, thank you.” Li Hongji drove two people to get off after the road, open the bag, found the bag with impact drill tools, and bag in the trunk, ready to wait until the handover to the owner, the owner sent to the company by the.Li Hongji came to Fengcheng Road near the six filling stations, is ready to give the gas in the car, the owner received a phone call from Li Jianfeng, ask him in the car has not found a bag, “a bag.” “You look, there is a lot of money.” Master Li heard the frightened jump, just probably look, hand bag inside drill, pliers and other tools, did not find the money. He quickly opened the trunk out of hand bag, it found that there is also a small bag, there are six or seven small bags of money. Then the master Li will drive to the suburbs, counted together with the owner, the inside of the bag with 71200 yuan in cash. As it was getting late, two people about good the next morning to the company.Yesterday, Li Hongji and Qin Xi’an building owners came to the taxi company, the handbag to the owner Mr. pan. Mr. Pan said, he engaged in the decoration work, the money wage 5 workers of 3 months, they lost in a big trouble. Usually in the television to see brother found the money returned to the owner of the news, did not expect it to happen to you, thank you Li Shifu. Huang Yaping.Sponsor Link:fixing socket aop formwork erection anchor