Come onFrequent night night, during the day to work on time, baby can only give the old man or baby sitter…… This is the situation facing the most career women postpartum. Beijing City People’s Congress Wang Youjun suggested that women maternity leave is extended to 3 years, the social security to provide 3 years of birth allowance or by fiscal investment security.(in August 11th, “the Beijing morning paper”)It should be said that in the pace of work increased, the survival pressure continue to rise at present, to improve women and children’s legal rights through the extension of maternity leave and issuing birth allowance, this advice is not too much. Because it not only guarantee the normal child lactation requirements, but also to some extent improved women’s social status.However, three years after all only Wang Youjun personal advice maternity leave. When the fullness of the ideal encounter harsh realities, we will find that this proposal is just an illusion. An unavoidable reality is that local governments have the ability to pay for that birth allowance of three years? One does not say whether the three year time, only some parts of the medical insurance, endowment insurance is still in arrears situation, but also to pay three years of birth allowance for postpartum women, the local finance is undoubtedly worse.In fact, the developed countries of the maternity leave of time, basically all over China’s maternity leave time. For example, Sweden for zero or one months a year, Finland for ten months. This also brings the enlightenment to us: we’re talking about a public policy, it is necessary to combine the current reality, but also the implementation of conditions to consider, when necessary, also can be reference to foreign practices; and not only personal imagination, tell them at the same time to failure, this is only a dream. And the reality is there can be no intersection. As Wang Youjun suggests, that in addition to its novelty to win, to promote the solution of the problem, and how many? □ Zhang Jian (University Teachers)Sponsor Link:halfen channel adjustable base jack anchor socket

Comics / Wang HuaishenCollaborative development started in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei, this reporter recently to Qu Jia Mo Cun and Zheng Jia Mo Cun as samples, opened the two villages for various gap is located in different administrative boundaries caused by. Hebei province Laishui County Qu Jia Mo Cun, across the road, Beijing. The road east of Fangshan District Zheng Jia Mo Cun, is the envy of the villagers. “Side by side of drinking water wells, water to households; side forest subsidy per 300 yuan, over 3500 yuan; this monthly pension 55 yuan, over 350 yuan……” Across the way, as two of the world. (in August 11th, the “Beijing Youth Daily”)Under these circumstances, so that I could not help but think of a story, that is, field of Lady Wang to settle in Beijing and the mental patient Zhang married. Xiao Zhang’s guardian found out about the prosecution to the court, the court pronounced invalid marriage. Wang “mingxiuzhandao, sneak”, and the mental patient married taking Beijing accounts, the results fall between two stools, lets the human sigh. Two adjacent are called “grinding” village, the same customs, cultural customs, Beijing Fangshan Zheng Jia Mo Cun pension is almost 7 times of Hebei Laishui Qu Jia Mo Cun. Beijing Hukou gold content is so high, Wang Mou risks and mental patients to get married, the motive is not difficult to understand.In fact, the welfare difference of different regional people far more than tap water, forest protection and subsidies, pension these items. For example, although the country have introduced housing security policies, but many migrant workers are excluded from the housing security policy. Such mega cities in Beijing, whether to enjoy security room treatment, its economic value differences of hundreds of millions of yuan, is almost a lifetime income. Also, different urban household education value difference is also very different.British jurist Maine said: “all the progress of social movement is a movement from status to contract.” In the “social contract”, it is highly competitive, not identity, everyone is equal, the free contracting to set their own rights and obligations, for their own development, own destiny and future. The household registration system reform process of China, is a kind of social transition from identity to contract.Not long ago, the State Council promulgated the “on the further reform of the household registration system of opinions”, called for the establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system, the abolition of agricultural accounts distinction and non-agricultural accounts nature. However, this is only the elimination of the urban and rural household register difference in the same region, different regional account value still differences. Therefore, the key to the household registration reform is to additional benefits stripped household, giving different household nature, different regions to equal rights, not only to give account of the changing color, eliminate the household registration differences in small range.In short, a unified registration of residence is not difficult, difficult is the welfare changes of household registration, to different people equal weighting. Only if every citizen rights guarantee vision into a unified, realize the equalization of public service, the gap region difference can be made up largely, economic integration will be accelerated, good welfare Qu Jia Mo Cun village would not be so Xian Muzheng mill village. Ye Zhuyi.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor scaffolding accessories steel chamfer

Along the road drove into Changli County, on both sides of the road green belt, building orderly distribution. Build around the center of Qinhuangdao City, Changli County construction solid progress.In Funing, across the street with the county government office, is a mountain park, people walk on the hillside Green Road, mountain climbing and look, bridges, Yamahana little. Nanshan ecological tourism park in Qinglong built along the river, along the winding and the stone road, can arrive at the Qinglong National Museum, here, you can appreciate the “eight Shan Tian water a” Xiang traditional farming culture. In Lulong, provides new facilities complete other modern gym for the residents fitness, is the construction of the Central County Cultural Arts, function libraries, cultural centers, theaters and other facilities.Based on the starting from the people most concerned about health care, school conditions to improve and optimize the living environment, 4 counties under the jurisdiction of Qinhuangdao county seat capacity upgrade.High station planning. Changli County, Beijing Municipal Engineering Design General Institute and other institutions, established a long-term strategic planning, science. Funing around the “city city” development strategy, speeding up the development and construction of county southeast area, improve the function of the county, and strive to build the Qinhuangdao satellite city. Qinglong break through conventional thinking, based on making the new medium city between Chengde and Qinhuangdao, boosting the county into the Qin Cheng 1 hour economic circle, around the 3 hour life circle. Lulong County in accordance with the overall planning of urban and rural, sort out a “give priority to the development of the center city, preferential development focus of the town, to support the integration of town, rural residential” urbanization development.To improve the livelihood of the people as the focal point, promote the overall development of the county capacity expansion to quality engineering. In order to improve the living conditions of the county people as the starting point, Lulong county this year, 4 new construction of affordable housing construction projects, a total of 560 sets, the public rental housing project 2, 280 sets, shanty towns transformation project 2, 280 sets of. Changli county last year completed construction of 432 units of public rental, shanty towns transformation completed 765 households. Funing vigorously implement the transformation of squatter settlements, the current phase of the shanty towns main project Li County in Washington and the purple incense yuan has been completed, the two phase of the shanty towns of Zijin Xiangyuan construction is currently tense.High standards and promote water circuit dispatch, the county infrastructure level. In the county construction, sewage treatment, central heating, the bus access utilities supporting projects, and to meet the multi function of urban commercial facilities people culture and entertainment consumption demand of construction, all in accordance with the planning of synchronous matching. In the case of Changli, the county reconstruction project to promote the original circuit aging water everywhere, hearing and other infrastructure reconstruction.Attaches great importance to ecological improvement. In the implementation of green dragon, green engineering focus on building the Poyang River on both sides of the city leisure landscape belt, the county green corridor green line reached 5.4 kilometers, construction of urban green space rate reached 43%, per capita park green area reached 22.6 square meters; comprehensive treatment are Yang River, the Lamar River, River, and gradually build landscape dependencies, Watertown blending with the landscape promenade. Funing invested 74740000 yuan to implement the the Yanghe River landscape construction projects, and strive to riparian ecological park of the Yanghe River coastal construction into a set of ecological, cultural, sports and other functions in one.The infrastructure level enhancement, the improvement of the ecological environment, the county significantly enhance the bearing capacity, the effect of magnetic field gathered industry development is increasingly obvious.In the county building, emerging industry cluster district 4 county actively to create for the green environmental protection high-end industry, industry chain and orderly convergence. Introduction of the Changli park development company leading domestic Chinese happiness foundation, has completed an investment of 500000000 yuan, to develop operating Industrial Park as a leader, construction of industrial agglomeration and eco residential community of both the “Development Zone city”. Qinglong Economic Development Zone in the metro construction industry, synchronized planning construction includes residential area, the kindergarten, School of modern urban community, the new industrial park built at the same time opened the new city county development framework.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor anchor socket

30, a few years ago to tuberculosis, listen to friends for drug can cure lies began taking drugs. Unexpectedly, disease did not cure, but drug addiction.In August 10th, Xinjiang Korla City Public Security Bureau police station in Wu Cun just Firebag trail Bagh Xiang ha a tunnel patrol, accidentally from a rented house opened the window and looked in, found a man with a needle in his arm injection liquid. Years of experience in handling cases to the police realized that this man was a drug addict, he rushed into the room in the control, and then put him back to the police station. After interrogation that man named a certain, diagnosed with tuberculosis was a few years ago, he was told the drug can cure the disease, he believed, and began taking drugs.At first, a just smoking marijuana, with the increasing of drug addiction, he began to inject heroin. In the past six months, he has not remember how many times the drug injection. At present, a certain has been compulsory detoxification. The police suggested that the disease to the formal medical institutions treatment, do not believe that the drugs can cure this lie, so as not to miss the best treatment period. (reporter Zhao Huan Ma Ling correspondent reports)Sponsor anchor socket

In new networkZhangjiakou 12 August Xinhua (reporter Chen Guolin Cui Tao)In new networkRecently has a “hostess resign do trading in readme housekeeping” love and pain “,” Hebei Community Endowment: can look at home in front of “placed” old age “as the topic, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, reported 好月嫂 homemaking company manager Fan Weihua, and she founded Hebei’s first community nursing home” sunshine home”. After the article was published, the central mainstream media websites and portals to be reproduced, users have to domestic industry such a team feel happy, also the netizen raised questions on issues of concern.12, Fan Weihua in a telephone interview with reporters said: I have been in their dreams, and life is one of the examination room. In order to Happy China travel, my greatest happiness is to hand over a no regrets answer. At present, she registered the “Zhang Yuan sister-in-law” brand, is the full integration of their enterprises, target is the Beijing Tianjin Hebei “home Whampoa ”.The reporter met Fan Weihua in Hebei Province, “the Chinese dream, apply for” the people in the story. In this field for more than 6 months, the province’s nearly 200000 people participate in the speech activities, she is the only domestic industry representatives participating, and eventually became one of the 11 TV finals winners.Fan Weihua was born in 1965, 11 years as a presenter, reporter in the Zhangjiakou radio “color sunlight” column. In 2003, she knew the word “gold” in Beijing, then this career into the mountain city and the city established the first domestic company. In order to laid-off sisters and into the city workers training excellent domestic staff, she set up vocational training schools. See the empty nest elderly and lonely and helpless, established in the community elderly and disabled persons home care services “sunshine home”.According to incomplete statistics, Fan Weihua and her team has free training of various kinds of domestic staff every year tens of thousands of people, delivered more than 8000 housekeeping personnel to Beijing Tianjin Hebei, also faces the society free opening period “mother and father”, “quasi grandma, grandma” training class. Sunshine home run 3 years, already accumulative total care for community elderly and disabled staff more than 3 people. She was awarded the national family services business integrity advanced worker “,” Hebei Province ten female entrepreneurship “and other honors, the company has also been named” national top 100 thousand families in service enterprise “,” national home service integrity management advanced unit “,” Hebei Province ten homemaking company “, by the relevant sector as” Hebei province homemaking service engineering training base “,” Hebei home service training large export base “and” Hebei Province female college students’ employment demonstration base”.This is a continuous learning “charging” woman, 10 years ago, went to Shanghai to observe the 400 yuan a day early lesson, now she is a national child care teacher training division, national domestic training division, national psychologist and the National Children’s health management division. This is a strong woman, one hand holding the two vulnerable groups, is the side of laid-off workers, migrant workers into the city, one side is the old people who live alone, empty nest elderly and disabled elderly and takes care of the children, not only to resist all kinds of negative emotions, but also the cultivation of sunlight in every heart.For his career, Fan Weihua joked that “from a layman, two laid-off workers, to a gang (group enterprise training as a leader, with many companies and branch)”. At present, the enterprise has more than 300 employees, including 200 registered Yuesao, and in the government sector in the implementation of the staff, Yuesao monthly wages not only, also pay all sorts of insurance.”Her these years a multitude of things, are in fact prove one thing, that is domestic small – big love, domestic career instead of humble and noble and sacred.” Our company is one of the earliest, the 60 year old sister Li Baocun said of Fan Weihua.Li Baocun and his wife 2004 both laid-off workers, college student daughter face can’t afford their tuition dilemma. In Fan Weihua persuasion, treasure save sister after training did Yuesao, husband to the hospital for care. After a few years, treasure save sister through hard work promoted as the “gold medal” lunar elder brother’s wife, husband and wife’s income from hundreds of yuan to live off at the beginning of the fees to thousands of dollars. In 2011, Li Baocun also became the ten Zhangjiakou City News candidate, the local evening news reported that she and 102 children, “the story in the headlines. Today, the couple in the city to buy a big house with dignity, daughter also graduated. Only when the old sister Fan Weihua meet “the most difficult work”, such as for preterm baby, baby dystocia, treasure sister just as “fire fighting team”.Fan Weihua said, for the laid-off workers, engaged in domestic industry the most difficult is to change the concept, at the same time to undergo training gives them more skills, so as to remain invincible. In 2007, the first batch of Zhangjiakou senior nursery teacher qualification examination by 36 people, came from her company, treasure sister is one of them. Fan Weihua joked that treasure save sister originally temper stubborn as a mule, once doubt whether she would look in this industry, but then she changed as a person, and evidence of the industry with the sacred.The most touching is a few things Fan Weihua treasure save sister. One night, a woman difficult defecation treasure save elder sister care, due to not buy glycerine enema, really don’t treasure save sister, unexpectedly with the mouth with a straw, bit by bit to maternal anal blowing method for making oil, maternal finally normal defecation. A year the winter heating has not come yet, unusually cold storage room, treasure sister take care of one of only 3.8 jins premature, the baby’s body wrapped in his arms for a whole month, using his own body to warm the child. After the full moon child to a hospital check-up, weight gain of 2 pounds. During the period, Po save sister brother-in-law died, she didn’t go to the funeral, because the local customs, Yuesao cannot give others bring bad luck.As the industry, Fan Weihua that “domestic industry at the same time is a lie. Most of the industry”, and her dream is no lie. She says, at present our mostly by work reward, is a kind of loose surface management, domestic enterprises took a gold member, profitable, in fact not regulated market, there is no industry standard eventually lose the domestic enterprises. “You have created a gold gold, she asked for leave to say home for the elderly, the child was sick, just want to do private work there are a lot of reasons. Our company’s 6 level, 6 level can be called ‘gold Yuesao’, but first some achieve level two or three other company is done, job hopping has become the ‘gold gold’. The customer took gold gold price, but not to the gold medal service, finally only to the domestic industry.”Another thing that Fan Weihua was touched, treasure sister company. As the earliest gold gold, call request door-to-door service many customers, but the treasure to save sister never asked for leave, never took the “private live”.Li Bao has said in an interview with reporters, Fan Weihua will her training as the gold gold from “a nothing person”, to take her as a pro sisters, she can not take the “private lives”, the person will say a principle, good faith. She thinks, no matter what the industry will be in awe and gratitude.Today, nearly 200 month sister-in-law, like Li Baocun after training, examination and obtained the relevant qualification. Fan Weihua re thinking is China’s “big domestic”. At present, China’s domestic service belongs to the circulation service industry, joint governance by the State Department of 8, its importance is evident. But the “eight dragon water” sometimes occurred regardless of situation, industry self-regulation on the agenda. “The Chinese family service industry to obtain the considerable development, it is important to shape a new image. ‘the maid’ and ‘India stewards’ is a hundred years of brand, we should also have their own brand.”Fan Weihua said, in the relevant departments concerned, she plans to integrate the existing companies and branches, launched the “Zhang Yuan sister-in-law” unified brand, to enter the domestic market of Beijing Tianjin hebei. According to the introduction, “Zhang Yuan sister-in-law” brand image is honest, trustworthy, hard-working.Hebei Province as the family service industry association is responsible for the vice chairman of the Zhangjiakou Family Service Industry Association, Fan Weihua also plans to Zhangjiakou city departments and enterprises, as soon as possible the development of industry service standards, operating procedures, examination rules and promotion index. She just came back from Wuxi inspection, found that there are special technicians work number and records, “Zhangjiakou family service industry should also carry out special work similar to identity card, the public may at any time online access to Yuesao, workers and cleaning staff service records and social evaluation, to have a poor record of people also life-long ban.”As is known to all, domestic industry knowledge and profit, Fan Weihua quit his host, a journalist, to do our leader, is asking for it, too?In the face of the net friend concern, Fan Weihua said, for 5 years, the company to make ends meet, most miserable time even can not afford to pay the rent, until the “fight in the” community begin to turn around. But she is the largest harvest identity, I remember a empty nesters, one day your identity card, residence booklet, real estate certificates, health cards, payroll cards, deposit and cash to her, still holding her hand to say: “girl, I went to the sun is the last station, I am very happy.” Fan Weihua said, in the face of singles and empty nesters, I cannot extend their length of life, but can change their life quality.In Hebei Province, “the Chinese dream, apply for” speech, Fan Weihua also told a story, it seems that her view on gains and losses. That is the end of last year, foreign man is preparing for the celebration, Qiaodong District of Zhangjiakou city government to purchase home pension service task to her, the most busy time but her foot fracture. Fan Weihua could not lie in bed, not to go out so there have been arguing with his mother. It is a 80 year old mother first scold her, she cried and told her mother: Mom, I can’t stop. I’m not myself, one hand holds the newborn baby, a hand holding old man pulling off middle sister, I can’t stop. If you pay me can let more people happy, is really lame, also is the happiest person in the world.”She just go ahead, sometimes you really need behind her.” Fan Weihua’s husband, Mr. Leung said his wife. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules prop nut halfen frimeda

In new networkNanjing on 12 August, (Yang Yanci) 12 days, Nanjing Youth Olympic village officially opens. Recently, Nanjing various construction projects have been completed and open to the public, happy, after years of urban construction will bring traffic, environmental problems, finally ushered in the harvest of concentrated green olympic.Green Olympic Center Stadium, the Olympic Village, Olympic Green, green Olympic Petronas Twin Towers pedestrian bridge…… One by one, filled with a youthful atmosphere building built in Nanjing Hexi area.The traffic construction, not only the appearance of expansion renovation, it is open and connected every joint city. T2 terminal, Nanjing Lukou Airport Nanjing South Railway Station, NanJing Railway Station North Square, small Hongshan passenger station have been put into use. Nanjing entered the “double track” era, but also to achieve a “seamless docking empty iron”.Daily travel more convenient, green Olympic Eve, Nanjing Metro Line 10, the airport line, Ning day intercity, Guo Jiang tunnel opening. West Road bridge to tunnel engineering will be blocked up, north-south traffic more smooth.In addition, trams and buses “channels”, “the slow train”, “England” taxi appearance, also adds a touch of fun for the urban traffic.At the same time, the overall landscape city a new look. 8, transfer the green Olympic torch in the walls; the 12 day, the torch in Nanjing Binjiang line. After the renovation of the Ming city wall and a new comprehensive along the Yangtze River, through the green Olympic style to display in front of the world. “A wall along the Qinhuai River scenic belt, Sun Palace, fish mouth wetland park…… Embodies the features of an ancient and modern blend.In the improvement of the environment, “big one hundred day”, illegal things, the rectification of the citizens “home” environment “”. Confucius Temple scenic area, Xinjiekou street, Hexi central business district comprehensive upgrading. The construction of green landscape belt, green city carved, decorated the streets of Nanjing, highlighting the “humanitarian green” features.In the city the United States at the same time, also more rich cultural life: 11 days, the Chinese imperial examination Museum, the museum, Tangshan Homo erectus fossil site on the same day open, Nanjing added a group of historical and cultural “new card”. Nanjing Normal University, director of the Department of Zhou Yuxing that the three major museums, the museum is a new card, the imperial Museum of history and culture of Nanjing to fill the gaps, Nanjing Education Museum and the Museum of Homo erectus is a great progress in natural science and Technology Museum of Nanjing.In engineering construction, Nanjing most of the site once let people feel the urban construction of the “great leap forward” affects normal life. The Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee has responded by saying that some of the issues of modern urban construction is only temporary “labor pains”. “The starting point of the Youth Olympic Games do events, the end result is the people’s livelihood.”With the project completed and put into use, people feel the city become more beautiful, traffic more convenient. It is understood that the Youth Olympic Games after the end of part green Olympic facilities will be used as residential and office external sale, culture, traffic construction and a series of results will be in very long period of time to the city of Nanjing and the people living in this.For the Youth Olympic Games after the construction, into that continue to complete and adjust the project had started, Nanjing should return to normal urban rhythm. “The rapid construction while promoting the urban development, risk but there are disturbing and construction quality”. The Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing will find balance in the urban development and the people’s livelihood. (end)Sponsor Link:halfen channel aop formwork cast in sockets

In new networkLiuzhou 12 August Xinhua (Zhou Xiaonan Wei Linshan) Guangxi Liuzhou District People’s court sentenced 12 days, the original Guangxi the Liujiang River County resettlement office director Qin 浪山 committed the crime of neglect of duty, resulting in the loss of about 38000000 yuan, sentenced to five years in prison.The court, in the case of Xiang GUI railway capacity expansion revamping of the Liujiang River land acquisition of series of corruption case one case, a total of 16 national staff involved in the case, resulting in the loss of more than 3800 yuan.The prosecution alleged that the 39 year old Qin 浪山, the former director of the Liujiang River County, Liuzhou City, land acquisition demolition office, he served as deputy director of the Liujiang River County Xiang GUI railway land acquisition demolition work leading group office.Qin 浪山 in charge of the Liujiang River County second, three industrial park land acquisition demolition work, land acquisition relocation compensation material audit process is the enterprise Liuzhou huilifeng silk limited liability company, do not conscientiously perform their duties, in the nature of land the company there was significant doubt case is still in the land requisition compensation to the company’s approved list. Signed by the review, the company of more than 2 square meters of industrial land to residential land compensation standards of expropriation and demolition compensation, the state compensation to the company land compensation totaling RMB 3886.5 yuan rmb.In March 20th this year, Liuzhou District People’s court hearing the case. On the day of trial, Qin 浪山 charged in the indictment facts without objection, but argues that its job is to do the relocation work coordination, not the specific audit staff, the compensation approved list when signing is mainly review the previous staff signature, if there is a leakage signature links.Qin 浪山 defenders think Qin 浪山 have fulfilled the duties, no serious dereliction of duty on the part of facts, consequences and Qin 浪山 and cause the national loss of work no legal relationship.Liubei court think, the defendant Qin Lang mountain in the state organs entrusted to engage in public service on behalf of the state organs exercise their functions and powers of the people in the organization, to be taken in the relocation of enterprises expropriation compensation audit work seriously irresponsible, not conscientiously perform their duties of performance, thus causing losses to state property, amounting to more than 3800 RMB million, which constitutes the crime of neglect of duty, and if the circumstances are especially serious. It was arrested after a confession of his crime, he may be given a lighter punishment according to law. Defense counsel argue and the Qin 浪山 could not be established, the court shall not be accepted.Liubei court considering the defendant Qin 浪山 criminal facts and circumstances, ruling the defendant Qin 浪山 guilty of criminal negligence and sentenced to five years in prison. Back to 15000000 people returned to the Liujiang River County Office of the insufficient part Xianggui railway land requisition, continue to pursue.Sponsor Link:precast accessories cuplock scaffolding pfeifer VS box

In new networkZhengzhou 12 August report (reporter Yang Dayong) the Zhengzhou ushered in the coolness, to the drought of Zhengzhou added many cool. However, members of the public in the rain happy at the same time, did not think of haze and creeps. In recent days, overcast sky over Zhengzhou, respiratory illness patients began to appear not adapt to. 12, Zhengzhou city environmental protection monitoring center explained that this is because the cool rain, overcast or cloudy weather leads to diffusion condition, pollutants are accumulated in the clouds, and daytime temperatures, resulting in near surface evaporation, and the accumulation of pollutants and fit, again by the clouds to withhold, causing pollution.Ms. Zhao Zhengzhou city suffers from asthma, because in the last few days of haze weather, began to aggravate asthma. Miss Zhao, 11, his asthma onset, shortness of breath, often cough, this is a great relationship with the haze weather.Because of the appearance of haze days in recent days, outdoor loving citizens also reduce many. Zhengzhou citizens Mr. Wang said that now is not the fog season, he almost every day to outdoor exercise, running, playing table tennis, but from yesterday, Zhengzhou haze, he and often exercise together friends stopped outdoor sports.The 12 day, overcast sky shrouded in the sky of Zhengzhou, the distant buildings nestled in a mist. In Zhengzhou, by the Zhengzhou people called “logo corncob” of tall buildings, 200 meters from the outside to watch, hazy in a haze. On the same day at 12 am, is the strong sunshine hours, but in the sun, the iconic building in the haze shrouded under, but can not clearly show the tall figure style “”.Zhengzhou some people doubt, now is not the peak coal, nor the fog season, Zhengzhou why night haze pressure city?Zhengzhou city environmental protection monitoring center’s official news release, 11 days morning, Zhengzhou city pollution broke maintain better weather for two months. Technical staff the station air measuring aspects of interpretation, this is after the rain, haze, direct viewing, with respect to the yellow sand dust haze. The haze occurs when the mist, breathing up moisture weight, peculiar smell. The reason is because the cool rain continued after Zhengzhou, overcast or cloudy weather leads to diffusion condition, pollutants are accumulated in the clouds, and daytime temperatures increased significantly, resulting in near surface evaporation, and the accumulation of pollutants and fit, again by the clouds to withhold, causing pollution. While in the sources of pollution, carbon monoxide increased significantly, recommended for the elderly, children reduce outdoor activities in this kind of weather conditions.Zhengzhou city environmental protection monitoring center said that the recent Zhengzhou City coal-fired boiler Chaigai, dust control intensify efforts to rectify, the comprehensive effects of initial success, but environmental protection is a long-term work, PM2.5 and coal, motor vehicle exhaust, dust and other three major sources of pollution have a direct relationship. After a period of time the good weather that pollution source in our efforts gradually controlled, but it will take time to completely cure haze. (end)Sponsor Link:precast accessories ferrule insert

In new networkGuiyang 12 August Xinhua (reporter correspondent Huang Siyi Zhang Wei) in August 12th, in the 13 Xinjiang Hotan County Chief Cooley Xiang Uyghur traders Guiyang business will own hard operation saved 25500 yuan in cash, donated to the Yunnan earthquake stricken areas of Ludian.In August 12th, police in Guiyang city and Guiyang City Council and the ethnic and religious work in Guiyang Xinjiang nationality people held anti-terrorism law publicity symposium. On the meeting, offered to people affected by the Yunnan Ludian express sympathy business in Guiyang Uygur compatriots from Xinjiang.Xinjiang and Guizhou close people to people contacts, the third Chinese moral character Alimjan Halik was generous in Guizhou Bijie, Guizhou people known as the “grassroots philanthropist”. At present, business in Guiyang, Xinjiang native Uighur compatriots about a hundred people, engaged in selling a kebab etc.. The 13 Uighur compatriots donated a total of 25500 yuan RMB, the donation will be made by the Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guiyang Municipal Commission of ethnic and religious affairs by the Guiyang Red Cross donated to the earthquake stricken area.Donations per capita said that Xinjiang hopes that more people see this message, to act, to lend a helping hand; at the same time to resolve the Xinjiang Uyghur people misunderstanding better, better dynamic ethnic unity zone. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules scaffolding parts lifting loop

In new networkLongyan 12 August Xinhua (Zhou Yangdong Ceng Xiaozhan) men’s night drunk, has used the body hit the elevator door, at the first impact fail, but with more continuous impact strength. Finally, the elevator door opened, the man was dead. Fortunately, the man did not fall elevator well, but his behavior leads to the elevator power, two women trapped in elevator.According to fire staff involved in the rescue of the introduction, the accident occurred in the 12 day at zero fifty-five at the Cape Diamond Hotel Longyan Liancheng County Hall on the first floor.When the firemen arrived at the scene, found in an elevator door was open, a man was reeking of booze was slumped on the floor, his right leg was the elevator door and “bite” to live, the pain made his forehead sweat. After the incident, the elevator quickly stopped electricity, car lift bridge stopped running at that time, two women were trapped in the elevator.According to the man’s friends, is stuck the legs of the man surnamed exhibition, Henan. The night of the incident, they are a few people drink alcohol in KTV, came to the first floor of the hotel, in two successive impact after the elevator door, show a leg lift door “open bite ‘.”We immediately called the hotel security to rescue, tried a lot of methods also failed to save him.” Male friend says.Through field investigation, firefighters decided to implement the rescue rescue of elevator door. Two fire fighters using hydraulic expansion was performed on a thigh stuck at the exhibition. 15 minutes later, rescue space effectively expand, firefighters help show a move leg out of the elevator, its success will be rescued. Soon, the two trapped woman in the elevator was being rescued, no big deal.According to the police, can be judged according to the monitoring video Hotel side, the man with the destruction of public property. Screen display, the night of the incident the man and two friends to drink and went to the 1 floor of the hotel, has two times his body hit the elevator, at the first impact fail (not the elevator door open), men with greater strength to the implementation of the second impact, the elevator door fell open, and at the same time in the elevator shaft with inertial man right leg. The elevator has not stopped, but the man did not fall elevator well, otherwise can cause life-threatening.At present, the follow-up work local police are further investigation processing. (end)Sponsor cast in sockets