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“Today in luck.”Xiaomou said to sister excitedly. At this moment, xiaomou and electricity to a big fish, but the fish did not be corona, continue struggling in the water.At this moment, xiaomou and electricity to a big fish, but the fish did not be corona, continue struggling in the water. Xiaomou afraid of fish to escape, he put out his hand to catch.But the hand just into the water, he was “Oh” sound of a fall in the stream. Behind the Wang see brother-in-law pour in the water, quickly come forward to help, the results were also got an electric shock. Wang scared to be at a loss what to do, so he called aloud for help.At this point, there are just two villagers after, they came to xiaomou carried ashore, and dial the alarm telephone. Dongyang City Public Security Bureau police station south city quickly out of the police, 120 emergency doctors at the scene and assist in rescue work, but still can’t save back focus.The police reminds, some villagers like fish fish, homemade battery or not only illegal, but also there are serious security hidden danger, do not let the tragedy. (Xu Yingqiao intern correspondent Cai Weihua Zhu Lizhen)[Edit]: Liu Yan Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors anchor nut lifting insert

“I had from this a few days ago, this is not ah!”On the afternoon of the same day, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang nets reporters rushed to the ground, Chevrolet driver Mr. ho issued this feeling. Mr. Hou said, this place is just a few days before the construction, the road has been very smooth after backfilling. Mr. Hou said, this place is just a few days before the construction, the road has been very smooth after backfilling. Probably the backfilling effect is not good, because of the rain, the settlement, revealing a pit, the pit filled with rainwater, watery. “I thought it was flat, open the past is planted.” Mr. Hou said. The reporter saw, the pit as Chevrolet car size, the depth of about 1 meters, which has exposed sandy soil. The front bumper is seriously damaged. Until 17 pm the same day, the Chevrolet was towed away. Mr. Hou called on relevant departments as soon as possible to fill the gap. (Shenyang evening news, Shenyang net reporter Wen Da photo reporter Sun Hai)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches BFD coupler cast in sockets

“I hope you in how to promote the project floor area set up a special leading group for customized, personalized service to every enterprise, a project team, the project to start construction.” Yesterday, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Yuan Baocheng came to the town, the town of field research all aspects of economic and social construction work.Yuan Baocheng also hoped the town by the “three old”, promote the transformation of the good investment projects as soon as possible landing, to promote better and faster development of the town.Yesterday morning, Yuan Baocheng a line in Qingxi Town Committee Secretary Huang Yufu, mayor Liang Shaoguang, accompanied by, went to Dongguan – Tao electronics, OMRON precision electronics companies to research.Yuan Baocheng in the inspection said, as the town of traditional industry in Dongguan city and promote the bridgehead deep Dongguan Hui Cheonggye integration, economic growth slowed this year, but the good momentum of investment, domestic project quality significantly improved, economic development has great potential. He wanted the town to some difficulties and problems carefully identify and analysis of economic operation, identify the weak links in development, have a look what space, which can promote, in-depth analysis of the reasons, accurately grasp the development trend.In the second half of this year the town work, Yuan Baocheng asked the town to continue to increase investment in key projects, the city, in accordance with the provisions of the schedule to promote; second, to grasp the project landing. “Qing introduced project foreground is very good, but the project will fall to the ground, to enhance the development of confidence, hope to promote projects has set up a special leading group for customized, personalized service to every enterprise, a project team, the project to start construction.”In the area of investment, Yuan Baocheng asked the town to concentrate on key projects, increase the pertinence, feasibility and effectiveness of the investment. He said, a good historical basis of Qingxi “three old” transformation, can consider to be the “three old” transformation combined with investment, through part of the reconstruction, interior decoration style in place upgrade, do a good job investment by using the “three old” transformation. (reporter Dong Zhe correspondent to come, He Xiurong)Sponsor Link:fixing socket formwork clamp wavy tail anchor

Born in 1997, he has been the hearts of parents child, learning achievement is good, in the recently admitted to the best of the local high school. But after high school, he hooked on mobile phone online games.In the broken mobile phone and parents refuse to buy a new mobile phone, left the game he hundred claw scratch heart, coincides with the netizen sees Xiao Ling drying out in the online his mobile phone, he became “evil”. In order to occupy the mobile phone, he came up with a “well” method. He first apply for a QQ number, as is the small Ling in real life friend Xiao fang.He first apply for a QQ number, as is the small Ling in real life friend Xiao fang. He used her identity and Xiao Ling in online chat, meet the second day go. He made careful preparations, first from home and took a fruit knife, then bought four bottles of brandy.In order to hide the identity of our boys, in QQ know Xiao Ling, her cousin will come to meet her. Small Ling arrived, he pretends to be her cousin will Xiao Ling to the nearby residential areas, randomly into a building. When two people came to the five floor and the six floor, he used a fruit knife to Xiao Ling neck, forcing the small Ling will hand over the mobile phone.Subsequently, he threatened to Xiao Ling will brandy wine. He thought Xiao Ling after drinking would like the drama as “fragment”, forget the robbery. Xiao Ling is forced to drink a bottle of wine to pretend drunk, and took the opportunity to escape. Xiaoling report, that night the police contacted my mother, and then, he in the company of her mother to the police station to surrender.The court trial think, Xiao Wei’s behavior has constituted the crime of robbery.Kam Yu Xiaowei crime minor, and surrender behavior, and school and the victim’s forgiveness, so the mitigated punishment according to law. Finally, the court to robbery sentenced Xiaowei in prison one year and three months, suspended for one year and six months, fined 1000 yuan. (reporter Lin Xiahong correspondent Chen Liang, Xu Yan) [Edit]: Liu Yan.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories scaffolding clamps wavy tail anchor

“When the white clothes, contaminated with blood, you ignorant savage, in exchange for a watch, pierce through the chest, once give you hope, so shattered ideal……”Recently, the first against medical violence song “Stop hurting”, the fire in the medical circle. Author to the Vatican, real name Jiang Enrong, is a doctor in a hospital of Jinhua.At present, the song soon to enter the recording stage, Jiang Enrong said, he want this invited a dozen patients and doctors, sing this song, common calls for a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients.  The birth of his daughter  Arouse his music creation impulseJiang Enrong this year 40 years old, Fujian Yongan people, came to Jinhua in 2005, has been a doctor for 19 years.He was fond of music, on secondary school, he spent several months living expenses with savings, bought his first guitar.In 1999, he and four friends formed a band, singing in pubs, in small local celebrity.Two years later, the home of a turn of events that come unexpectedly, his music dream cease abruptly.Until 2005 the daughter was born, one day, he coax her daughter to sleep, not consciously to sing a lullaby “shake shake, shake the bridge to grandmother”, inadvertently opened the door of his original song.2012 Spring Festival evening in the hospital, he and his daughter sang together his first original song “care”, colleagues stunned, ferial so within him, was so talented.Later, Jiang Enrong’s creation enthusiasm, he bought us guitar, microphone, speakers, effects, a layout of a small music room at home.Two years has created “flowers”, “like flowers in full bloom” more than 10 songs, some in the Baidu, small shrimp and other music library.  Hope to patients and sing the song together  Common calls for a harmonious doctor-patient relationshipThe song “Stop hurting”, he is in mid June the latest songs. Say it, Jiang Enrong is particularly good.That afternoon, he was listening to the song “You raise me up English song”, heard the middle section, Jiang Enrong followed the accompaniment of singing, then, took 1 hours, he finished the lyrics.”I wanted to write a song reflecting the doctor-patient relationship,” he said, “hear the song English song, I think music is particularly suitable for this subject, inspiration came.”After several changes, “Stop hurting” officially released. In June 19th, the lyrics in “medical journal” the official Micro message is issued, two hours of reading rate, there are many doctors message said “tell the doctor”.At present, he is preparing for “Stop hurting” recording, he hopes to make a similar “tomorrow will be better” as the commonweal song, 10 doctors and patients with the chorus, deserve to go up again to make some photos, video, and real people singing in the studio, a MV.So he built a name of “medicine” the sound of QQ group (Group No.: 90590974), welcomed the intention to join a friend in group discussions.  Doctors and patients with the enemy  Should be the diseaseIn fact, Jiang Enrong also had a medical dispute, unforgettable. In 2007, he gave the patients had a bone cementoplasty. After surgery, the patient symptoms.After two rounds, he was unprepared, family members of patients block in the ward. They pushed him against the wall, pointing to his nose abuse, ripped off his chest card.”They can be resolved through formal channels,” recalled the scene, Jiang Enrong is still said, “we have a variety of channels, can do the medical accident identification.”The hospital was later from patient twenty thousand yuan for medical expenses, the dispute to an end.Jiang Enrong was hurt deeply, was terrified, and even want to quit.Jiang Enrong said, doctors and patients the enemy should be disease, the relationship between doctors and patients should be fish and water, not water and fire.”I hope this song called on everyone to stop the violence, I hope you will be able to understand the causes of deeper reason, tense doctor-patient relationship harmonious relationship between doctor and patient, need the joint efforts of the whole society.”"Stop hurting” lyrics:When the sun was brightWalking on the roadYou anxious faceHave eager eyesLight up your heart that the candle of hopeOnce the initial beliefWhen the white dressContaminated with bloodYour ignorance.In exchange for a watchPierce’s chest once give you hopeSo shattered idealIndifferent eyes on the wet blood.White belief become shady front wallWho can tell me the truth behind the scenes.I shoutBut can not find the answerStop hurtingDon’t send your anger an dignoranceIf the cloud is not how can see the sun.Stop hurtingGather the power of loveThe black fog disperse to find the initial belief (reporter Huang Chan interns Ma Dianyang correspondent Hou Mingming)Sponsor Link:precast accessories cuplock scaffolding ferrule insert

The young worker Feng a suspected of dormitory mosquitoes, and then sleep on site clearing, but by the middle of the night to sand transport trucks rolling died. The reporter learned from Shijingshan Procuratorate, the truck driver because Liu Mou is suspected of the crime of negligence causing death, recently been Shijingshan Procuratorate approved the arrest.In April this year, just over 20 years old Feng to Shijingshan District high Jing River site work. One night, just to go to work less than a week of Feng a, because disrelish dormitory heat, but more people mosquito is much, he and several workers together, on the site to find a piece of open space to enjoy the cool. Feng Mou site Weidang used iron and lower berth on the ground, the quilt shop is on the plate, lit a coil of mosquito repellent incense on the feet, then enter the dreamland.4 a.m., the truck driver Liu as usual, carrying a load of sand for construction site. See a quilt shop on the ground when he, is thought to have been discarded, not observe directly rolled past. Dream of the Feng Mou is rolling and died on the spot.Prosecutors think, because the truck driver Liu when driving the motor vehicle carelessness will Feng a rolling lethal, accord with the character of death caused by negligence, according to the “criminal law” provisions, Liu may be sentenced to three years in prison. At present, Liu has been Shijingshan Procuratorate approved the arrest. (reporter Yang Fenglin)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches scaffolding accessories anchor socket

His first reaction, should be the house fell down. Hurried back to the house for a flashlight, a light, sure enough, the next door neighbor Gong Meisong’s two layers of brick wood structure houses, almost the whole collapsed down, live in ruins. Neighbor Gong Meisong 80 years old this year, is a lonely old man, usually live alone.”Bad, this point, Gong Meisong must have been sleeping, pinned, have to save!” Mr. Xing immediately called the villagers to the scene of rescue, and for the first time to report to the police. Mr. Xing immediately called the villagers to the scene of rescue, and for the first time to report to the police.The scene a mess, the villagers have no experience, I do not know where to start, for fear of accidentally, causing damage to the trapped man.At this time, under the ruins came the old man shouting “help” voice. No rescue tools, villagers can only anxious and comfort the elderly, while waiting for the arrival of fire.At three five in the morning, Yiwu town full-time fire brigade rushed to the scene of the accident. After the examination, the old man trapped in collapsed houses on the right side of the bedroom. “The old man was pinned under the collapse of bricks and wood, kept calling for help.”The scene of rescue workers said. Fire rescue workers use fire shovel and other tools, mining bricks, wood near the old man.A few minutes later, fire rescue workers found trapped the old man in the old bed a wooden carved, fortunately, because this Muchuang several mosquito net support is strong, after the collapse of wood, the beam can not stand down, in the ruins of the formation of a small space, this let the old man escaped rob. According to the scene, firefighters put down their tools, with the hand a little clearing out the old man at the top of the brick and wood, the ultimate success of the elderly will be rescued. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter understands, the old man except the head several knock against injury, no big deal.The cause of the accident, the relevant departments are further investigation.(reporter Liu Leibiao Hu Mushui)[Edit]: Liu Yan Participating in interactive ( 0Sponsor water stopper anchor socket

Aiming at the open-air barbecue, Municipal Urban Management Bureau will be adopted in the Sanhuan 135 high point installed monitoring probe, found problems in a timely manner.Aiming at the open-air barbecue, Municipal Urban Management Bureau will be adopted in the Sanhuan 135 high point installed monitoring probe, found problems in a timely manner.Currently installed high point barbecue in a total of 111 monitoring probe. The supervision and inspection of the rectification still prominent ineffective, the Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau will be implemented accountability interviews, and inform the area county Party committee and government. (reporter Yuan Guoli) [Edit]: Wu Tao Participating in interactive (Sponsor prop sleeve lifting insert

Reporter Fu Meibin18, fifteen thirty, super typhoon “Wimason” landing in Hainan Wenchang City Weng Tian Zhen, a dangerous situation, pull up the real tree.At that time, reporter in the strong typhoon drove struggling to Weng Tian Zhen on the road, on both sides of the road fallen trees blocked impassable, had to turn around in the rain.19 morning, reporters once again drove to the road, has been the local government organization personnel cleared a way.Along the road, on both sides of the trees snap, near Weng Tian Zhen, trees or patches on the ground, or be shaved head, bare branches to tell people “Wimason” power.Weng Tian Zhen Street, street cars were overturned, wire rod slant, a tin shed Hotel collapsed.”Movies are not at the scene of the shooting.” “Movies are not at the scene of the shooting.”Weng Tian Zhen seaside aquaculture Gentiana fish Wang Yan couple be still suffering from the shock, his wife Fu Qingmiao said, when the couple push against the door, the roof was typhoon blew 1 meters high and fall back, like a spring like bouncing. “We saw the roof unreliable, ran to the bathroom to shelter from the wind, has been hiding for more than five hours, see the wind, came to a cottage, to keep a life.”Wang Yan sat in a daze in the pond side, several workers will dead fish to shore up, “19 ponds, moment is not worth millions of yuan, the fish all died.”The reporter saw, big Gentiana fish weighs twenty or thirty kilograms, the smallest has more than ten kilograms of fish ponds, row by typhoon open a hole, fish pond spread all across in confusion lying in the sand. Weng Tian Zhen Da Fu Cun Wei Hui Shui Ma village near the sea, many villagers for aquaculture industry, the villagers Su Wenjin is the youngest of three brothers, “we three brothers are engaged in farming, this time everyone has wuliushimo yuan loss.” “We have fish, shrimp, and in two or three days will be sold.”Brother Su Wenjin is helpless.The villagers Su Qingcun hiding under the bed to escape, he gets home kitchen by the typhoon, turned into a pile of rubble.The moon Wei Hui pine village more than 60 households, is lifted the roof were all different degree.Nearly 60 year old Lin Shixing this year, standing in the collapse of the wall, eyes red, “the wind is more and more big, I retreated to a toilet, watched the house wall, tiles were blown exist everywhere.” A reporter walked into the forest to my home, full of water, bed, cabinet, the ground was broken tiles.19 morning, the wind stopped, Lin, Zheng Lianshu, Lin Keming, poetic villagers with machetes, outside the village on the road is cleaned by the typhoon hit the trees.”I hope someone to help us.” Zheng Lianshu said, the villagers houses were destroyed, and now the biggest problem is no place to live, have no food to eat.Dozens of chicken house, by the strong wind did not affect no trace.Wenchang border detachment officers and soldiers are being cleared to Da Fu Cun road, in front of a shovel to clear the way.”We’re from 18 pm on the evening of 21 starting from Wenchang, has been cleared roadblocks along.” Manager Chen Canmou face full of weariness, he said: “until 6 this morning, the soldiers just as the rest, and now started to seize every minute and second cleanup.” The reporter saw, a relief road is extended forward.(end) Participating in interactive ( 0) To micro-blog Sina shareSponsor Link:lifting anchor ledger blade wavy tail anchor

Seven thirty last night, the ultra strong typhoon “Wimason” two landing Tang Zhen Guangdong Xuwen county dragon, today (19 days) at seven ten in the morning “Wimason” again landing in the light Po Zhen Guangxi Fangchenggang City, the largest wind when landing near the center of a level 15.”Ramasun” landing in the light Po Zhen Guangxi Fangchenggang this morning.The positive impact of the attack, Guangxi coast from last night a dangerous situation, the urban areas and the county township of large area without water power, some sections of trees were uprooted, the branches were broken. According to the meteorological department said, “Wimason” was 1973 since the strongest typhoon landing coastal Southern China in recent 40 years, but also directly from the strongest typhoon to hit the front of Guangxi Beibu gulf.Eight forty in the morning, the Guangxi meteorological station issued a typhoon red warning. Although before the typhoon comes, traffic, water, fire and other departments in Guangxi have made preparations, but the typhoon “Wimason” full like a naughty boy, to the Guangxi coastal cities to a strong “by”.At nine thirty in the morning, the forefront of typhoon landing in Guangxi, Fangchenggang City, It’s raining and blowing hard., in Fangchenggang cross sea bridge, two heavy cargo ship stuck in the bottom of the bridge.Fangchenggang city fire brigade members had spring: the bridge on the wind is very big, the basic stand here could not stand, so that rescue is also encountered some difficulties, we are now through the handheld microphone, loudspeaker, sure someone, we intend to use rope to staff up.Firefighters rescue for nearly an hour, the two heavy cargo basic relief, no casualties.Firefighters rescue for nearly an hour, the two heavy cargo basic relief, no casualties.Pay attention to the situation in Fangchenggang, we take a look at Beihai.Guangxi Beihai border police Zhang Leikun: at present, the typhoon “Wimason” has been away from Beihai City, but its influence still exists, Beihai city is still in the state of Beihai water and electricity, though no rain, but on the road we can still feel there is a big wind, the sky is dark, feel ready to be a storm possible. The Beihai urban traffic trunk road traffic in addition to recovery, the other sections have different degrees of water, because the tree is affected by water and lying on the roadside, traffic order affected relatively large. And because the power outage, traffic lights, traffic was paralyzed, by the typhoon hit the tree across the road traffic order, basically depend on staff. In addition, the signal network and communication is not very stable, signal and part of a lot of, very not clear.From the typhoon “Wimason” comes up to now, Beihai frontier officers and men are always ready, set up 24 hours to be on duty system. From today to reflect the situation, there is one in the morning around 3 a.m. on July 19th, typhoon, an estimated 10 level and above, in a real estate project in Yunnan road Guangxi Beihai city Haicheng District, establish field tower crane suddenly collapsed, will be crushed in a simple room a row of tower crane nearby, 9 people were buried. Received after the alarm, Beihai border detachment combined fire department quickly came to the scene to carry out rescue. We use hand hydraulic shear reinforcement, with a power saw, ruin jack is fixed, and the steel wire reinforced buildings quickly clean up the ruins, after six hours of effort, we successfully rescued 7 wounded, carry out 2 victims body, currently injured have been rushed to hospital. The latest news, 7 patients did not appear life-threatening situations, it all under control.”The typhoon Ramasun” arrival also let Guangxi coastal tourism frustrated, in Guangxi Beihai city is located on the south side of 21 nautical miles from the sea, there is a Chinese youngest Volcano Island — Weizhou Island. The island’s original inhabitants around ten thousand people, this is the summer tourist season, the typhoon made this beautiful island power failure or, at nine this morning, the reporter linked to the Yi Zhi Beihai border police stationed in Weizhou Island:Yi Zhi: now blowing winds, heavy rains, there are a lot of trees are cut off, completely blocking the road, the wind is not pretty, there is no way to carry out relief and reconstruction work.In addition, affected by the typhoon “Ramasun”, Guangxi today has 13 times the EMU trains stopped running in Guangxi coastal High-speed Rail line. From eight thirty in the morning, because the railway line winds up to level 10, Nanning Railway Bureau of speed limit of 60 km / hour to Xianggui line Jiangxi village to Pingxiang between 196 km railway line.For the convenience of the passengers, Nanning Railway Bureau is devoted to change back, matters relating to the deployment, Nanning Railway Bureau staff had 令瑶:Ceng Lingyao: the 12306 customer service platform and Nanning Railway Bureau micro-blog at any time the information released, organization, Nanning, Wuzhou Liuzhou and Guangxi coastal area High-speed Rail station adding window, personnel, and to focus on the deployment of emergency station cash and change, to ensure passenger refund smoothly.This morning the Nanning Airport Flights taking off and landing all failed. At nine thirty in the morning (19), Nanning Airport, all flights are encountering canceled or delayed, about 1300 passengers stranded for the check-in procedure. Aviation department reminds passengers adjust the travel plan.According to the meteorological department is expected to, “Wimason” will continue to move northwest at a speed of 20 km per hour, the intensity gradually weakened. The “Wimason effect”, the northern Gulf waters during the day to night of heavy rain, the west of Guangxi and the coastal most of the heavy rain. The central meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Ling introduced the effects of future Rammasun will cause:Zhang Ling: 20 the southern sea wind is bigger, the northwest SCS, the Qiongzhou Strait, the northern Gulf of Hainan coastal eastern and northern Guangdong, the west coast, and the wind off the coast of Guangxi, some areas can reach 10 to 13 levels, wind force through the center can reach 14 to 17 level, wind can reach level 17 or above, also from the rainfall intensity, we expect to No. 20, is the Guangdong South, Guangxi to the South and West, Hainan, Yunnan and other places in the South will have heavy rain or rainstorm, the local process will be more than 600 mm of rainfall.The South China region has suffered 12 heavy rainfall attacks, heavy rainfall and flood in some areas is a serious, but “Wimason” is changeable, increased the difficulty of flood and typhoon prevention, 8 working group is a national headquarters pre sent to assist in the anti typhoon work of flood control. In addition, the central meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Ling said, a thousand miles, and the tenth typhoon of this year ready to.Zhang Ling: at present in the ocean east of the Philippines, there are ten typhoon formation, the distance is far from Wimason, in which the east there is a system, we can see that, thousands of kilometres of a composite belt, and a plurality of tropical system, and can achieve the number of typhoon intensity, on the eastern side of the system also not Rammasun have much impact.Here to remind the local people, the need to pay attention to reinforced or dismantled easily wind structures, when the typhoon center will be reduced when the wind or static for some time, you will be suddenly hit by strong winds, should remain sheltered in safety.Sponsor Link:lifting socket BFD coupler anchor socket