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In the middle of the night by the barking of the dogs woke, go out will accidentally stepped on shit, dog sometimes strangers still running…… Long term since, a Haikou City Haidian Island City Garden Wanheng District Mr. Wang on the living area in the existence of these problems is very headache, hoping that someone on areas within the dog problem of a pipe. (“Southern Metropolis Daily” October 15th)One aspect is the reasonable demands of dog owners in the emotional support and other aspects, one aspect is the neighbors in interference free on safety guarantee. In the rule of law under the constraint, two are entitled to certain rights boundary. But in real life, because some dog owners not to clarify their rights and obligations, not complying with the provisions to strengthen care so as to affect the normal life of others, for example, go not to give the dog dog chain beam, after go out to have no capacity for civil conduct children lead, not in accordance with the provisions of the timely removal of dog feces and so on, are suffering from public criticism. Many lover of dogs, dog owners also to this kind of behavior is quite despise.People’s daily launched an investigation in July of this year, pay attention to “uncivilized behavior” side, focus on the “pet dog”, please readers combine personal experience and the what one sees and hears, about the daily life of pet dog “flood” for the residential environment, the impact of social order, and how to regulate the behavior Each airs his own views. dog.Readers in the dog pass human nature, make people who love to be sure, at the same time, the “campus dog”, “park has become a dog park” and “dog mess improper reaction, cause infinite harm to peole” quite numerous, believed that the “dog no matter, principal of the” lack of sense of responsibility, dogs will trouble. Indeed, although say a dog is man’s friend, can help people to effectively relieve the pressure of work and life, but when these rights, jump out of the circle of legal constraints, will inevitably “make threatening gestures” scared even hurt others; inevitably threaten public order, move to other people’s complaints, and let the lovely the dog suffer for the faults of another.The dog must love dogs, also must in accordance with regulations. “Happy dog” is not difficult to become the norm. To already issued “city kennel management regulations” of Haikou city as an example, if the dog people earnestly study and abide by the corresponding provisions, the relevant institutions are more active to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities, the city built up area “household limited support 1″, “no dogs take the bus” etc. and regulations are implemented, one dog phase Huan, neighborhood harmony scene will become the norm. – Le Nan

The newspaper news the morning of October 1st, the new town Tunchang County the sixth grade students only 12 year old character Tao and his classmates from play from Tunchang come by bus in Sanya,lifting loop after two people in Sanya lost,lifting clutches the ice in the relief stations staff assistance, by parents in the home. National day after the end of the holiday, symbolic way not returning to class, still lost contact with family. At present, symbolic way family have been reported to Sanya police, the police have been involved in the investigation.  Together with the students to tour Sanya, home pennilessAccording to the character of the Tao brother Fu Shichun introduced, symbolic channel height is about 130cm, the stature is thin and small, skin is black, is a new town primary school students of the sixth grade of Yun Ao, ferial more naughty. “In October 1st, he and classmate small ice travel to Sanya to play, when he left home, he broke the ice on the body, with the money, but it is not clear how many.” Fu Shichun said, to Sanya a few days, two people will spend all the money, then climb to the Sanya Bay roadside coconut tree coconut to fill the stomach.”The night of two people who sleep in the side of the road, they also know a Ledong child, after 3 people together, the morning of October 4th, ice and symbolic way and Ledong children separated, then hide alone in the side of a public toilet in Sanya Bay Road, until the sanitation workers found.”Fu Shichun said, the sanitation workers discovered wheatgrass, timely report to the police, the police station will be sent to the aid station, fortunately ice remember your phone number, the assistance station on the same day contact ice parents. On the afternoon of the same day, ice parents hurried from Tunchang came home in the ice.  The lost days is still no clues, the police have been involved in the investigationIn October 5th, symbolic way his father to see the children didn’t return, then to his eldest son, Fu Shichun dozen telephone, character Shichun hurried from Guangdong back to Hainan. “In October 6th, I asked the relevant circumstances brother to ice, hastily rushed to Sanya by bus, and posted a large number of posters in the Gulf of Sanya road.” However, as time passed, the Fu Shichun family has not yet received the relevant clues. Fu Shichun said, due to busy farm work, family and have little time or energy to tube character, so he was quite naughty, usually at home rarely communicate with your family. “I very early leave, perennial work in Guangdong, weekdays are sister to take care of him more.”"Brother school teacher, but also our friends and relatives in the past few days looking for him, hope to have a clue who contact us in time.” Fu Shichun said, in October 13th, he reported to the Sanya police, the police have been involved in investigating the matter. If you have relevant information symbol type road please promptly dial telephone 18889287127 or 15109898516 contact Mr. fu. Reporter Xu Yifan

A blind in Yingshan area is located in Haikou City, the park a car.Zhen Xing Lu, Qiongshan District of Haikou City,swivel coupler to run a restaurant in front of. Reporter Hong Baoguang perturbationAttentionInternational Day of the blindAs the visually impaired people “compass”, blind construction and use scale measure of city civilization. Today is the thirty-first “international day of the blind”, the reporter experienced some roads in Haikou city the blind use, found that many blind often stalls, vehicle or various facilities occupy, quite a “song of the month was sing out of tune” the flavor.  But many obstacles: no barrier channelAs the name suggests is a blind road for the blind to walk the road of. Laying in the path of the blind, the strip is walking brick, dot is stay brick, visually impaired people according to the shape of judgment is go stop.Recently a reporter for the Haikou City Qiongshan District Zhenxing Road, Wen Zhuang Lu, Lantian Road, two Yingshan Road West Section of that visit, many sections of the existence of more or less “special blind trap” — for visually impaired people and set of every hue, was to occupy “said into”, or temporary park vehicles, articles, or fixed obstacles “cross everything”, visually impaired people is not easy to come through.The revitalization of the road in Tainan, some businessmen set up a stall directly in the blind, normal people can not pass much less blind.Visit, the reporter learned that, in the face of the blind road was diverted, blind friends can only pass, there are very few to the relevant government departments or reflect. Runs a shop in the city Blind Massage Wen Zhuang Lu blind friend Cai Guoqun told reporters, although the government is to facilitate the construction of blind blind travel, but the actual effect is not ideal, most blind are diverted, the blind road impassable.  Awkward: citizens not blindThis morning 10 when, Haikou Lantian Road, island No. 8 restaurant before the park with 3 cars, the blind road has been blocked. A man in one car phone, the reporter asked whether or not the man that his vehicle Zhandao, he looked at the road express to indissoluble, reporters pointed to the blind, he realized the blind Road Park is on, then take the car.But before long, the reporter found that another car park in situ.In the vicinity of the revitalization of the road of Hainan cigarette factory dormitory, have a breakfast shop business occupies the blind, the reporter is to take photographs, the boss immediately asked reporters, journalists clearly explained to him, the shop owner to see light suddenly: “this is the original for the blind to walk ah, I thought this red road is to make floor tile color matching is more good-looking!”During the interview, the reporter understands, most of the people do not know the blind, that is to beautify the road while laying. Individual Zhandao business self-employed knowingly occupy blind not to Lanke, often occupy the blind.  Disadvantages: pay attention to the blind group is not enough”The blind road construction is not enough.” Today, Hainan province disabled person’s Federation vice chairman Lin world news said. In his eyes, Haikou blind road there are three problems: one is the part of the construction design of blind road is not standard; two is the blind by repeated two times failure, often pull wire poles in the blind, placing the manhole cover; three is the occupation of more serious phenomena such as blind operation.Lin Shiwen told reporters, in the face of these problems, provincial and County FIMITIC many times to reflect the relevant departments, but to little effect, occupy or damage the blind phenomenon occur frequently.Our province have 68000 blind, although from 2011 to 2013, our province a total investment of 1940000 yuan, to strengthen the skills training, training Blind Massage 966 passengers, 600 blind people obtain employment. However, Lin Shiwen think the society from all walks of life to the blind group attention degree is not enough, in addition to improve the blind construction, he also suggested that should increase the blind propaganda, make the public aware of the blind; second is to strengthen the blind road management, protection from encroachment, blind road damage. – reporter Hong Baoguang Zhou Honglin correspondent

Xu was poured in after the special patrol group at the door, the police on my knees to support him. Reporter Hu Xingchen perturbationOn the afternoon of 15, to Ann street a arms bloody man went to the special patrol group SOS said, he was “stabbed”, on the spot to lay on the ground, kneeling down to prop up the injured police. Originally, the wounded and the suspect is only for 70 yuan had a quarrel.15 days afternoon 16 when make, special patrol group ran a left arm is full of the blood of the migrant workers like man. “He shouted for help, we immediately went downstairs to look at what circumstances. A man clutching his left arm fell in the brigade door.” Police said Zhang Chao, the blood soaked the man’s clothes, so I do not know is the chest injury or arm injuries, police on one knee support a man’s body.After the man identified, special patrol group door another man was stabbed his people. Police see as man to run, its uniform approached, and in his jacket pocket pulls out a fruit knife.The original, was stabbed the man surnamed Xu, Xu suspect Qimou noon to show off their own earned 70 yuan today, Qi a feel bad. “He was scolded me, I scolded him. I saw him on the phone, thought he was called, I went to the next to the store to buy a fruit knife.” Qi said.”I said to him, today earned 70 dollars can invite him to dinner, he said I installed. We called up. I don’t know he’s been with me after that, with the three eight road and street intersection, he stabbed me in the back.” Qi said.It is understood, two people do not know, is flexible in the talent market of migrant workers. At present, Qi has been a city special patrol group captured, the case for further proceedings in. (reporter Du Caixia Hu Xingchen correspondent)

Area nearly knocked down by a car, also be the driver scolded,ringlock scaffolding a belly fire Chen since then and auto hatred. However, his revenge the way a little bit of “special”, also let many innocent vehicle lay gun.12 noon, Miss Cheung Yubei District airport Metro found himself parked in the area around the course Toyota orange car being used scratch tool, for tens of centimeters long. Asked passers-by, we all don’t know what happened. In desperation, Ms. Zhang had no choice but to call the police.Coincidentally, just before Ms. Zhang’s car was scratched a few days, a gray mass POLO also unfortunately been scratched — the left door left a nearly one meter scratches.The area where the vehicles one after another encounter a scratch, this let park owners very flustered. We all hope that the police as soon as possible to capture row car.Yubei District Public Security Bureau Shuanglong police station after receiving the alarm, immediately launched an investigation. Found that since September, the area surrounding the alarm occurs many body be drawn after carding found, is the same person as. The person is living in the area in the 66 year old chen.According to Chen confessed, mid September day, he is in the area of the dog, a car suddenly passed me, almost hit him. Haven’t waited Chen reaction to come over, the driver began to scold Chen “have no eyes”. Scold after stepping on the accelerator, the driver left the scene, the more gas to leave Chen think more, decided to revenge on all vehicles.After quarrelling day, Chen use key to scratch the first car. See the car not to sound the alarm, and no one around to perceive, Chen felt this way really straightforward revenge. Less than a month’s time, Chen has 5 times intentionally designated areas within the 10 bad car, resulting in the loss of nearly a thousand yuan.At present, Chen suspicion of the crime of intentional destruction of property, criminal detention by the guards in Yubei District, he also deeply aware of their behavior is wrong, the case is under further investigation.(the figures are a pseudonym)

Urban and rural village A Cheng of 7 groups of fieldRecently, a rare “treasure” in the 7 group of urban and rural village in A Cheng district activities, it is huge, about 1 meters in diameter, weighing 120 pounds. Place residents heard, all came to a feast for the eyes. In less than two days, the giant pumpkin became a star, also specifically to come with it for a photo. “Is the first time I saw such a big pumpkin.” Pumpkin master Li Guangxing station in this giant pumpkin is laughing to say, oneself this summer from friends hand to a couple of pumpkin seed, did not think of to grow so big, the scales of a volume, the largest for 120 pounds. So, Li Lao, what keeps the melon secret? According to him, the method of planting pumpkin is simple: after planting, apply two layer manure, pouring foot of water, at least a year doused with water four or five times, each time at least one barrel, leave a run, then wait to bear fruit. Li Guangxing said, he will continue to study, for next year to gain greater, more fruit. (reporter Liu Ying)

Oneself have no driver’s license,halfen channel has been using the twin brother of a driver’s license road slip by,wavy tail anchor unexpectedly,lifting anchor because a scar on the brother left eyebrow, which makes the take another’s place by counterfeiting things away. 12 day afternoon, Danjiangkou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade seized the driving without a license case.12 days afternoon 3 when, Danjiangkou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade four squadron instructor Chen Guangliang led the police on duty in Liu Li Ping Road, connected with the alarm: Liu Liping Sun Jia Wan Road together with small van taxi compete road caused by the slight scratch accident. After the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene investigation and handling, Chen Guangliang details about the accident and loss of both sides after the accident vehicle, the accident that a slight loss, can be applied to rapid settlement scheme, will require both sides before the accident vehicle to the side of the road, inform the respective insurance company, first to carry out consultation.But when the police carefully driving license in the examination of two people, found the van driver Liu’s passport and I have slight differences, although the passport and I like is not uncommon, but Liu’s driver’s license photo left eyebrow a scar, and the eyes of Liu was no anomaly. So the police see Liu’s ID card, ID card photo and no abnormal. The face of police questioning, originally very calm Liu suddenly look strange, loud noise, claimed to be the certificate holder, repeatedly urged the police request as soon as possible.The police see this case more feel strange, then notify colleagues check Liu information, learned that Liu has a twin brother, although two people looks very similar, but there are still slight differences, the biggest difference is the younger brother with a scar left eyebrow. Subsequently, the police repeatedly ask, Liu finally spit out the truth.Originally, 22 year old Liu Mou lives in Shiyan City, and brother working in a local company, with their brother looks exactly like, brother is a driver’s license test, Liu did not obtain a driver’s license, for convenience, Liu sometimes use the brother’s driver’s license to drive, has not been found. In the course of time, Liu has also increasingly bold up, the day of the incident, Liu thought that the traffic police is not found, then be in the right and self-confident intends to continue to use his brother driving license to solve, but met serious traffic police.Subsequently, the traffic police in accordance with the law on Liu somewhere a fine of 2000 yuan, shall be detained for 15 days. (AFP reporter Guan Qianyu Cheng Deguo correspondent)

Leading cadres of Party and government in Hunan to clean up social organizations part-time 4332 people,ringlock scaffolding 983 people of Shanxi Xinjiang investigation,lifting socket clean up above part-time level leading cadres 544…… In the central inspection team pointed out “part-time” cadre,cuplock scaffolding part of the local airing of “amphibious” and even “more habitat” cadre, the number is still alarming, this phenomenon is worrying.Coincidentally, the audit office prior to the release of the report, a number of industry associations and social organizations for illegal charges, unauthorized development appraisal standards, paid to provide information to be “named” some central departments, social organizations and their subordinate units based on administrative resources improper profit, the 13 departments of the 35 social organizations and 61 affiliated institutions use department effect, illegal income of nearly 3000000000 yuan.On one side is a large number of leading cadres in the social organizations in part-time, hand is the existence of a large amount of illegal income, a lot of social organizations is very obvious, many association has deviation from the desired orbit, almost “money machine”. To study industry association and other organizations enrichment technique, often the public for private use, for enterprises, “endorsement” of training and coaching awards and many other names, appraisal, directly to the enterprises, institutions or individuals for money, greatly weakened the reform dividend release.It must be pointed out that, for a long time, a lot of association, learn, study will, promotion association and other organizations, departments and responsibilities are not clear, the administration color clear, “edge ball” phenomenon appears repeatedly, is the public genius for “wear market cap, take government whip, sit for industry of the sedan chair, close the enterprise of the tickets, for official part-time seat”. This appears in the “two government” image of the organization, not only disrupted the normal market competition and economic order, to become the industry a cancer, more become a breeding ground for many corruption.In the current decentralization deepening, industry associations and other organizations play a role, is the important part of the transformation of government functions. As a civil organization Industry Association, this is not the government management mechanism between government and enterprises, should play the role of bridge and tie, but problems currently trade association arise, let many reform measures faced a “spring door” “glass door”, visible or touched, policy to really landing Huimin, reform and national request from.Association of malpractice increasingly clear, reform of the association itself more and more urgent, financial support, personnel arrangement, such as a full range of responsibilities and rights belong to “to the administrative” crucial. In 2013 introduced the “State Council institutional reform and function transformation plan” requirements of the reform of social organization management system, and speed up the formation of modern social organization system to separate the government, clear responsibilities, in accordance with the law of autonomy, gradually promote the Industry Association Chamber of Commerce and the administrative organs from. Only when the market’s return to the market, government to government, intermediaries become society of third party, can let the industry association, return to the essence, become the main body of providing services, reflecting the demands, the standard behavior, to improve the socialist market economic system in China to contribute. (Yan Xiangling)

Learned from the autonomous region development and Reform Commission: as of the end of 9, our district this year the focus of new projects to reach 51,anchor socket 3 months ahead of schedule to complete the objectives and tasks throughout the year,lifting anchor completed an investment of 228277000000 yuan,cuplock scaffolding completed a full year target of 60.9% of the task.Since the beginning of this year, according to the “on promoting the autonomous region of the key projects construction work opinions” requirements, the autonomous region development and Reform Commission earnestly urged localities and departments around the construction of the objectives and tasks of the region focus on project, make great efforts to promote the early work and construction of key projects, increase the focus of the project funds to fight and security efforts, achievements.The month of September, my area newly started 8 key projects. So far, the new project will reach 51, 3 months ahead of schedule to complete the objectives and tasks.These 8 new projects are: safe drinking water projects in Kashi City, total investment 2000000 yuan; the first phase of the project to protect the ecological environment in Ebinur Lake Basin, total investment 12000000 yuan; Xinjiang Tianchi energy in Changji thermal power plant project, total investment 750000000 yuan project Xinjiang Xinyou; Qitai thermal power plant, total investment 1260000000 yuan; Xinjiang Henglian Wucaiwan power plant project, total investment 1340000000 yuan; the letter Zhundong power plant project in Xinjiang, total investment 1060000000 yuan; Yili a Keyazi River ha Gorge Hydropower Station Garr, total investment 80000000 yuan; Huaneng toskan Amann Su hydropower station, total investment 116000000 yuan.Deployed according to the autonomous region of the arrangement, this year my area key project plan 360, of which 190 projects under construction, 50 new projects, preparation of project 120, to ensure the completion of 375000000000 yuan of investment, and strive to complete the 390000000000 yuan. (reporter Zhang Lei)

According to the media reported: Dongguan City Nancheng first international exchange nearly 100 cleaners recently very depressed, because “looks” had become one of the standard of their wages: younger age,scaffolding accessories a good image of a monthly salary of 1800 yuan; others 1650 yuan, both workload is actually about the same.A staff said,lifting loop the 9 months of this year, he saw the competent hands holding a payroll, some 1650 yuan a month, some people is 1800 yuan, the supervisor responded: “a good image of the monthly 150 yuan, which is the company’s regulations. Because the market requirements of Party A, younger age, grow a floor cleaner is responsible for building good-looking, a large flow of people is also the entrance, so the cleaner’s quality requirements higher.”In this regard, Dongguan Human Resources Bureau of Labor Inspection Detachment captain He Zhujian said that he was very surprised, said the practice first encountered so many years. “From the cleaners work, measurement of reward is more reasonable, with the appearance of hook is certainly unreasonable, more illegal”. The news has triggered a netizen hot discussion. Many netizens tears way: “no wonder they earn so little.” Some people spit tank, if every company in accordance with the beauty of the appearance of the standard of wages, I am afraid that South Korean cosmetic swim to full every day.What do you think?A mouthAppearance is parents give, by looks on heroes, I am afraid that Ma will not become a ma…… But then again, look good or not, the fact that there is a difference, do you not see you for the screen hotties seductive praise? As for the Dongguan cleaner looks set according to basic wage it, from the legal perspective, guilty of Discrimination Ordinance, it shall be changed into equal, I do not know whether this law?@ breezeOh! At first glance, I thought the move miss! What occupation the so “eat appearance meal”? Even actor, has allowed Ge You to lead a high fee ah.@ twoThe rule is the company set, if the boss is to recruit a team of beautiful cleaners, that no ground for blame naturally funny, funny, but not than the sanitation department of animal body disposal recruitment of a pile of graduate more funny?@ dowThis is in Dongguan, the aesthetic standards of the boss why so high, you’ll see.@ small blocksThere is an old saying: people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold. Especially some large enterprises, or comparison pay attention to employee image. You didn’t find white-collar workers spend a lot of money and effort in terms of arranged dress, dressed person, occupation image more prominent, naturally more opportunities.@ nonsenseIf very important image and age on the cleaning work, it should be in the recruitment of the time would make a provision, rather than come in again by this distinction.@ good friendThe company simply to a sanitation worker contest! Recruitment throughout the country good-looking to sweep the floor.Liu Quan KOMORIThis world there is fair? Ugly ugly can’t live.@ Jinzhong netizenLook at a person has no ability, can not look at the appearance! The heart is very important, if your company is looking for a group of good-looking, but the essence of capability is very poor, the heart is very fragile, Congratulations, your company slowly toward the downhill.@ Xi’an friendsThis is my reason for low wages?!@ funny than the girlCome to tube ah! This ridiculous enterprise should be punished! Sent to the bankruptcy! Sent to the company to shame! On the other, cleaning workers wages so low, whether should give better protection in other ways?@x X Small Zhai ZhaiThe company boss will grow very not confident!@ Gold Feixi than collarIf Ma Yunlai the company, should take?@ Shaanxi netizenMapping out the social value orientation of part of the problem, I can only “ha ha”.@ Guangdong netizenIt is difficult to understand the true, the sanitation workers wages not to sweep the floor do not clean for the formulation of standards? It is not the entertainment star industry.@ Guangzhou netizenThe whole society, and the world is not judge people by outward appearance? Handsome, certainly more than others a chance. I have come to experience, the past does not know how to make-up and dress, the boss attitude coldly, now since dolled herself up, the boss gave opportunities too much.@ be wild with joyAgree with ah, actually pretty mediocre person, ability, opportunity is certainly better than not pretty equally mediocre ability of many people. Ugly people to be recognized by others, must want to pay more.@ the little idiotNational idiotic, see the face era! @ because only hope that you are well