Review: the wage rise too fast, hurt the economy now

“Wages rising too fast will hurt the economy”,ledger blade this is the latest statement Cai Fang vice president of Chinese Academy of social sciences. He pointed out that,scaffolding parts wage inflation is a good thing, but it also means that there are too many companies will be difficult. A part can not afford the high cost of the enterprises have collapsed, it hurt the economy. Therefore, we do not need to pay rise without limit.Wage inflation is the human cost of the rise of the enterprises. The human costs and profits are inversely related to the theory, the human cost, lower corporate profits higher. Wearing a hat China world factory long-term since, to the low labor cost to attract foreign investment. At the same time, many domestic enterprises is also taking the low cost, low value-added, labour intensive road, some enterprises poor profit, some increases in labor costs or some changes in interest rates is likely to be swallowed clean profits. But the demographic dividend is gradually disappear, the workforce is becoming more expensive, this change will inevitably lead to some enterprises out of the market competition. For those unable to follow the trend of enterprises is indeed a kind of injury. But Is it right? A harm to the economy as a whole, resulting in the extent of the damage, but it is questionable.From the economic development trend, extensive economy built on cheap labor on the basis of basic has come to an end, need to build a more competitive and more efficient new economic model, some enterprises need to new industrial upgrading and transformation, because of rising wages can’t live enterprises, survival ability and competitiveness of the weak today, being human cost increases down, will withdraw from the market because of a variety of shock stage tomorrow, stay is really strong. Truly great businesses worry about not the wages of the employees is too high, but a high salary but not hire the right people. If some low-end industries, lack of competitiveness of enterprises eliminated by rising wages, may not be a bad thing, can promote the resources on the higher quality market main body. On the other hand, from a macro point of view, to participate in the economic activities are not only producers — enterprise, employees also consumers. No money to buy products consumers, market exchange can not be completed, production value can not be reflected. Investment, consumption and export has been pulling the economic development of our country’s three carriages, if the wages of the workers can not be mentioned, consumption demand and consumption capacity of downturn, economic development is not a good thing.The salary is not rise without limit, slightly compare to know, wages did not rise too fast. Some people say, “GDP up with the beard as fast, wages rose with the eyebrows as slow.” 30 years of reform and opening up, our annual economic growth rate of nearly 10%, urban residents’ disposable income and net income of rural residents in growth, but in 7% the left and right sides. In the distribution of income growth rate of workers, is clearly behind GDP. More miserable is, the hands of the wage income did not outperform GDP, also did not outperform CPI. Facing the rapid rise in prices, the few wages still how many are left?Wages rose too fast will hurt the economy, this is a pseudo proposition. Now to do, just not on wages rise hair groundless worry, but to let wages rise to keep up with the speed of economic development and the pace of rising prices, which not only related to the well-being of individuals, more related to social justice.

After 3.5 hours of intense relief, halfway up the mountain man was saved for the map of fireOn October 20th morning 10 points,anchor socket a mountain in Liyang City, a twenty year old boy climbing in Yanshan Park, unfortunately caught halfway up the hill. Rescuers surprise, trapped within an hour, guy not anxious, but want the rescuers to his pictures. After a tense rescue rescuers after 3.5 hour, and ultimately successful will save him.According to the Liyang fire squadron rescue personnel introduces, 11 at noon that day, they received the alarm call, a boy trapped in the mountains. Fire officers immediately arrived at the scene, found the boy trapped in the mountain more than 40 meters.This mountain is about 80 meters high total, guy go, refuse to come down, without any safety equipment, the situation is very dangerous. Firefighters remind him must seize the side branches and other fixtures firm, Caution!, who knows he is very calm, even hope that firefighters to photograph him “pictures at the bottom of the hill”. Firefighters immediately take the safety rope, safety belt and other mountain rescue equipment to the top of the mountain rescue.Nearby onlookers citizens told firefighters, when they passed a hand saw the boy holding the branches, one hand holding the camera in self play, also loudly remind him don’t shoot, Caution. But boy does not seem to be as one thing, let everyone look worried. The park management department chief manager Wu rushed to the scene, ask small alarm not, results that he didn’t alarm, then hurriedly call 119.Manager Wu told reporters, guy trapped position is almost 90 degrees, once lost, life would be in jeopardy.Fire fighters down to the edge of the trapped man, the safety belt tied on him, using ropes hung him up slowly. To 2 pm, small to a safe landing.According to the boy said, he is a fan of mountain climbing, but did not participate in rock climbing and other activities. Day morning, he felt boring, plans to climb the mountain, to the park after the feeling of climbing steps to reach the top of the mountain was too tired, so I decided to free climb. At the beginning, the slope is gentle, climb up also not laborious, who know more climb steep, was almost completely vertical, climb, and at the same time, also dare not according to the original road down, only to “hang” in the mountainside.When the firemen asked him how he was also thought to play when the self timer, guy even said, is to commemorate, or in Micro message sent on a. Later, see the onlookers more and more, the guy had left the scene. Modern Express reporter Ge Xiaolin correspondent Xiaoxuan

Fruit wholesale boss Ms. Xie for shippers to remittance, individually controlled call records, to find the owner had contacted her horse,anchor nut don’t want to make mistakes but busy, claim to be the owner is the “Ma” high a cheat to the purchase price of 120000 yuan. Yesterday, the Chancheng police confirmed, on October 10th in Guangzhou Baiyun District, a Hotel West hew road will be a high crime suspects arrested. The case is still under investigation.MS Xie fruit wholesale business in Fu Xi wholesale market, from a previous owner bought a total of 120000 yuan of persimmon. The morning of September 11th, Ms Xie received the shipper Ma Dunning telephone, took the other bank account information. On the same day, Ms. Xie hurried to the bank transfer, but the staff was told each other to provide the address is unknown, so we cannot transfer money to each other, Ms Xie found that mobile phone and no stock, the main telephone number.Then, Ms. Xie one by one dial call records in contacts, to confirm what is Dunning owners, but did not think of to have exposed themselves to purpose of remittance. Call a contact record in the received MS Xie to electricity, acknowledge that he is “the owner Ma”, Ms Xie took 120000 yuan money to account of the other side. Later, someone claiming to be the owner of Ma Moulai dunning. MS Xie found that some people pretend to be the owner cheated payment, then dial the telephone fraud molecules, has been shutdown state, had to alarm.Since then, assist the temple police station in the City Public Security Bureau of the relevant departments, locked the suspect a foothold, in October 10th in a Hotel West hew road Guangzhou Baiyun District will catch. At present, the suspect has been Xingju high a. (reporter Yang Bo Guo Junxuan correspondent)

Yesterday night, by a weak cold air, in the capital of entangled three days of haze finally left beijing. However,formwork accessories due to the cold air forces the rescue capital is not strong,scaffolding accessories and no new cold air come Thursday supplement, haze weather, or will be in Beijing reunion.Special meteorological observatory senior engineer Quan Hongyue introduction, Beijing yesterday morning fog and haze shrouded the phenomenon is more serious than the day before, at 9 in the morning, the city’s most regions of the visibility of 1 km around. Due to low visibility, Beijing, Beijing opened, Kazakhstan, Beijing high-speed road close to equality of diversion measures.Although yesterday afternoon in Beijing visibility improved, but the cold air is still no trace prediction. Five forty-one in the afternoon, “Beijing weather” again said the latest news release cold air, cold air at this time has reached the mountains of northern Beijing, in Badaling, the top area of the buddha. But because of the cold air forces is weak, in over the Yanshan mountains, slow speed, is expected in late 8 when before, most of the area will dissipate the fog and haze.As at 8 o’clock last night, PM2.5 concentration in Beijing 35 environmental monitoring point value still stay at the 200 mg / cubic meters, five degree pollution. Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center said, night, suffer weak cold air, Beijing diffusion conditions will improve during the day today, the capital of the air quality will return to level two good. But the 22 day, 23 day, diffusion conditions more favorable to by more adverse, air quality will gradually slip.  >专家释疑”>> > expert  The wind does not come, the cold air took the flooding haze gunThe cold air strikes did not bring the strong wind. Under such circumstances, how to drive the haze? The Beijing Meteorological Bureau Chief Engineer Sun Jisong explained to reporters, haze spread in two ways, one way is horizontal diffusion, another way is the vertical diffusion. Formed a relatively long time of fog or haze situation, is often hampered by the presence of the inversion layer of vertical diffusion of atmospheric. When the cold air to the upper layer of the atmosphere, cooling, resulting in the inversion layer is damaged, the vertical diffusion will turn for the better, the haze will gradually dissipate. However, when the cold air gales debut, horizontal diffusion and vertical diffusion are very strong, the diffusion speed of haze will be faster.Sun Jisong went on to explain that, when the cold air activity, are generally not easy to form smog. In the intermittent period of cold air, there is no cold air supplement, the upper atmosphere will pick up, it is easy to form inversion layer of haze, hinder the diffusion. In general, the strong cold air will transit three days, if no haze residues within three days, air quality should be good; if three days later still no cold air to complement, air quality may be slowly variation.  >链接”>> > link  Straw burning aggravate hazeAccording to Xinhua news agency, in addition to weather, the total discharge of pollutants big is the primary cause of haze weather. Beijing city environmental protection monitoring center director Zhang Dawei said, the burning of straw, the autumn harvest of winter heating coal burning, under adverse meteorological conditions, increased emissions of pollutants.At present, all have been entering the autumn straw burning peak. The Ministry of environmental protection issued on October 6th to 12 straw burning fire point of satellite remote sensing to monitor the situation, a total of 18 provinces to monitor suspected straw burning fire point 517. Compared with the previous week, straw burning fire points increased by 443.Understand according to the reporter, the steering group 3 Environmental Protection Department of Hebei Province, Provincial Department of agriculture and industry, province agriculture hall consists of teams to Hebei province has 11 municipalities on the straw Jinshao and comprehensive utilization of supervision and inspection, the inspection will continue until the end of the year. (reporter Wang Shuo Qian Weihua)

Recently,scaffolding clamps many readers reflect contact express company mail beasts refused, but can be received in vivo PET sent express. According to the relevant regulations, in vivo animal courier contraband, but reporter survey found, many shop selling living animal, and through a number of express company to send. Express industry insiders said, as long as the courier private consultations good, is not difficult to send living creatures.  Present situation of multi – courier company can send a living animalRecently, Mr. Meng readers reflect their online shopping, 2 hamsters, intended to give the one sent to parents, but contact number of courier companies were told in accordance with the regulations can not send a living animal.Reporter in the online search “Taobao live pet”, found that these businesses have hundreds of, mainly engaged in fish, turtles, frogs and other pet hamster, types, businessmen allege by Shentong express company delivery, in etc.Reporter randomly selects two shop, bought 3 pet fish. The businessman says, because express not to carry any living animal, so buyers have any questions, be sure to sign for delivery. Businesses also said, because he is the senior customer, so transport beasts channels.A few days later, the reporter received the pass, Yuantong, Shentong three express courier company. After unpacking the visible, pet fish were placed in plastic bags in aerated water, and with the white foam box packaging intact.  - behind the scenes to add money to private courier mailThe personage inside course of study Ms. Bian says, all express companies are aware of in vivo animal belongs to contraband. So, if a customer call customer service phone or online contact customer service requirements of transport in vivo animal must be rejected. But if directly by courier, and privately negotiated, the transport of live animal is not difficult, “nothing more than to express a little money”.If it is a short distance transport, some courier can not even reported to the company have such express, directly linked to private destination courier, can express to, “courier fees will also enter the courier private pockets”.Ms. Bian said, express company should have been checked before accepting the goods. But if some trafficking in vivo PET businesses and courier reached a tacit understanding, the courier can skip this step while receiving orders. So, even if is found, the courier can also check on the grounds of negligence reduce company internal punishment.”Business requirements of customers not refuse to sign, but also because the express refusal is required to send back. And send back to the express company before, need to check out of the box, this is sent businesses can’t control”. Once the living animal is checked out, in accordance with the law, the sender will also need to be punished.  - response  Found living creature sent the company internal punishmentAccording to the “rules” provisions of the implementation of the postal law of the people’s Republic of China, “a variety of live animal” in the prohibited mailing list. According to “postal law” stipulates: postal enterprises, express delivery companies do not establish or not to execute a collection as the inspection system, on the prohibition of delivery or delivery of goods regulations or restrictions in violation of laws, administrative regulations and the State Council and the relevant departments of the State Council received mail, express, the express enterprise, postal management departments can be ordered to suspend business for rectification until revoked the express business license.Through the company’s website or customer service telephone, Shentong, Yuantong, pass three courier companies are told reporters clear, in vivo animal belongs to contraband.Yesterday, reporters for the received one live pet fish express, receiving Fangzhongtong Express North Chaoyang Branch Customer Service Manager Ms Chan said, this living thing should be sent a courier company in the process of collection of not in accordance with the provisions of the unpacking inspection result, can apply for the company to send the company responsibility.Mr. Chen sent Fangzhongtong express Shanghai Min Kaidong part company manager said, every express will through security, but can only detect whether there are express goods, such as explosive tool risk of taboo items. Contraband has no risk of a living animal, plant, if found, the company will be in accordance with the provisions of punishment for internal staff, “if these contraband problems in the transport process, the liability of compensation will not bear the courier company”. Reporter Han Linjun

October 19th around seven ten at night, Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway toll station to the direction of Ningbo airport export deceleration lane near,anchor socket a red heavy semi trailer hit a car license plate Jinhua red BYD cars in third lanes, car out of control after the fourth lane again rubbed another van.BYD car vehicle head scratching, left the rear of the car is smashed, and red heavy semi-trailer rear end more than 200 bag (30 kg per bag) rice because of impact and fall to the highway, 6000 Jin of rice in an instant spilled out, covered with the whole road, 300 meters of the road into a “m sea”, after the rescue researchers spent nearly 2 hours before the road is clean.  The truck drivers:  The car suddenly changed road stopped, want to hide too lateHangzhou high-speed traffic police detachment of the two battalion of the police on duty police officers rushed to the scene of the accident when Gu, the car had been towed away from the site, only the driver of big truck Dong master and rescue personnel together to clean up the scattered rice.The driver of big truck but a face of love, “this batch of rice from Jiangsu Yixing to Shengzhou, the car layers piled up more than 200 bags, each bag of 30 pounds.”Time of the incident, the Dong Master said, “my normal driving, the car did not turn on the lights change to come. This falls, after which know it suddenly stopped. I quickly made a way to try to avoid, but it was too late, because the distance is too near, watched the car hit up. If you don’t call this direction words, I is estimated to run over.”Car driver: to open overslept, quickly have a look line road parkingAlthough BYD car was badly damaged, but fortunately the driver because fastened safety belt, so don’t get hurt.The reporter interviewed second days to come to Hangzhou high-speed traffic police detachment of the two battalion of dealing with accidents owner Mr. Wang, according to him, the night of the incident in his drive to Xiaoshan airport, “when you see the ‘airport direction’ signs, I was in the first lane, seeing the quick opening head, I hurriedly changed road, when the car into the third lane, in order to confirm the route I parked the car”.”At that time, afraid to open the head, a little confused, I also know that high speed can not be free parking, but when a hot head, didn’t think suddenly hit the direction toward the inside lane turn, fortunately all right.” Mr. Wang said regretfully.Finally, Mr. Wang for violation of the provisions of motor vehicle “influence the normal running of the second” Regulations “forty-fourth change lanes when the cause of the accident” the implementation of the road traffic law, bear full responsibility for the accident.  Traffic police reminded: high speed drove past it, rather than the next exitHigh speed traffic police detachment command center building of Hangzhou police officer told reporters, because of the line who are not familiar with the driver in high-speed export illegal lane change, reversing the situation has occurred, the frequency of occurrence of the general and the export of high-speed flow is proportional to the.Like the Hangyong ruby, Peng Bu, Xiaoshan airport, Hangjinqu export, Xiao Shandong, Red Ken hub, Linpu exit, hang a new high-speed Fuyang, Chang Kou and Yuan Fu exchange and other high-speed traffic export large, often encounter the car head and the occurrence of illegal lane change or high speed reverse.Hangzhou high-speed traffic police remind the driver friends, high-speed illegal lane change harm set, please don’t diagram convenience bikers temporarily, and the life safety is at stake, on the wrong road of life can choose again, but did not return. Recommended if once missed the export of high-speed, continue moving forward after a period of time, choose the nearest export under the high-speed or turn around and re on the high-speed drive back some distance under the high-speed. – correspondent Yu Jun Yin Shanshan reporter Lu Haifeng

The reporter learned from the civil affairs department to know, in October 20th, the region around the “anti lost Blue Bracelet” online application for the official start of work. Eligible residents can apply for Internet access,BFD coupler free blue bracelets, bracelets can also send you home.According to the briefing, “anti lost Blue Bracelet” is a specific act I district 12349 public service platform for the elderly. Silicone bracelet engraved inside the code, each man fixed a code corresponding to the relative information, as long as through the 12349 public hotline, can know the situation of the elderly. At the same time, people see a blue wristband man, you know they need help, reduce the occurrence of the event lost lost.The blue bracelet has been in Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin 3 trial for nearly 1 years, successfully helped hundreds of lost the old man found a home, many parts of the old person or family have claimed the “anti lost blue bracelet”. Now, who live in Guangxi, the elderly or children demand (male, female children aged 55 and over 50 years old,) can log on website: online to fill in a form to apply for, is free to apply for. (reporter Jiang Yuxin interns Huang He)

Two Hanchuan men and women friends often through QQ chat pornographic topic, after the man announced chats threat,swift lift anchors blackmail the woman has 5000 yuan. Recently, the Hanchuan police will the man arrested and detained.In February 10th this year, Hanchuan man named in the QQ with a net name is “refined” (have a) female netizen. In February 19th, Guo a pseudonym “goofy” and has a park in Hanchuan to meet, that night, two people relationship. Later, two people often talk of pornographic topic in mobile phone.In August, Guo Mou to two people chat chat record to obscene topic had a QQ friend to coerce, to have demanded 3000 yuan, have some don’t give. Guo Mou by Zengmou QQ space message board information, will have a sister and as a friend, and Guo, had two people chat records to have a sister. Once a helpless will be 3000 yuan to Guo Mou account.In October 10th, Guo Mou and in the same way again to have demanded 2000 yuan. 13, had a 2000 dollar exchange rate to Guo Mou account, took the bank transfer voucher alarm.16, Hanchuan police through the multi check, Guo Mou arrested. According to Guo Mou to explain, because once a certain age than their big 6 years old, and break up, feel at a loss, psychological imbalance and thus the revenge had a thought, then the implementation of blackmail. (AFP)

From yesterday to 31 this month,lifting insert the city’s 25 notary office will be more than 80 years of age of the elderly for probate registration, free for probate. This activity does not provide door-to-door service, handling wills notarized man must personally go to the notary agencies. At four thirty yesterday afternoon, 244 old people booking registration in the city.Because the will is the testator first lawfully punish their personal property or other affairs, and in the unilateral civil juristic act, at the time of his death legal effectiveness. Therefore, to ensure the authenticity of the contents of the will, in line with the conditions of the applicants are required to personally to the notarization institution to handle relevant issues.According to the municipal notarial association relevant person in charge of introduction, at present Beijing by accounts of individuals over the age of 80 to 500000 people in the city. Considering the notary public of the actual reception capacity, to come to the notarization of the parties to provide more quality services, the activities needed to make an appointment for.”This two weeks with an appointment, to 6 before the end of next year to complete management.” The responsible person said. It is reported, such as changing the idea of wills notarized, the testator can pass through the notarization procedure to change at any time, withdraw or re establishment of testamentary. It is understood, the notary office for a testament notarization fee of 400 yuan, the testator charges 100 yuan. The elderly enjoy free notary will save hundreds of yuan of the cost. (reporter Yan Fei)

17, two twenty, a red faced, a liquor young man came into the emergency department of Affiliated Hospital of Chuanbei Medical College, male nurse Wang Hao sitting in the “pre diagnosis table”, as the patient registration triage. Did not think of a few words, Wang Hao was a drunken men kick injury, reason is unexpectedly: “because I feel each other too slow, not timely treatment”.The school security department monitoring shows that, at the time of the incident, the man many times to point the finger at Wang Hao, his mouth constantly saying what, then kicked Wang Hao in the left chest position. In the process, Wang Hao has been sitting, no return. Then the police station north lake Nanchong Shunqing district two police rushed to the scene. Attendance police reports, “the hospital to the man drank scratched hands, he said that playing a nurse is find each other too slow, not timely treatment”. At present, the drunk people have been sentenced to 5 days detention order. (West City Reader reporter Zhang Ling)