The second half of the year the strongest cold air coming!In the miserable conditions of this weekend, no one will be better than her bitter mood.20 years old,swift lift anchors such as age, just from his home to Hangzhou, working in the Mixc, looks new life has a very warm start — can be a deadly turn on the young girl, but let the girl’s fate turn the world upside down: she may never lost his left leg.30 noon, the second hospital of Zhejiang recovery room lying in bed Sasa (sound) is very weak, pale, the doctor just gave her a painkilling injection. To young aunt burst into tears: “she just twenty odd, to Hangzhou for half a month, how could this be? How she do?”Young aunt didn’t have the heart to tell Sasa, her left leg immediately amputation.All this stems from yesterday morning in Hangzhou Qianjiang road Xinye Road intersection occurred along the bus and electric vehicle crash, accident Sasa left ankle was rolling, comminuted fracture.  The bus turn right  And riding a electric car she crashed30 days morning nine ten minutes, bus 106 road vehicles traveling east along Chandra Jean Lluis. At Xinye road to vehicle according to the road to the south, turn right. At this time, the bus driver feel suddenly “bang” a loud bang. Intuition told the driver, had an accident. The bus freewheeling a short, stopped.And bus collision is an electric car. Riding a bike is a little girl, lying on the ground, expression is very painful. Can be judged from the point of impact, when the little girl is probably from west to east along Qianjiang road riding, are going to cross the Xinye road.Qianjiang Evening News reporters rushed to the scene, the accident vehicle has been removed, the injured girl was taken to the second hospital of Zhejiang medical treatment.Signal intersection accidents, is a round cake lamp, that is to say, in the premise of Caution! Under the bus, in the red state, can be right.The bus company stakeholders described the accident bus driver, turn right at the site before, just in a group of guests. When turning right, signal lamp just from the green light into red light. At the time of the accident, the bus had already done right, in Xinye road position. Then, the electric car bumped up.As for the Is it right? So, said the Hangzhou police department, but also further verified and investigated.  Work in the the Mixc girl  To hang only half a monthElectric car girl is Sasa.Sasa was riding is going to work in the Mixc.In the second hospital of Zhejiang in the recovery room, Qianjiang Evening News reporter found the injured Sasa.Sasa handsome. Because of too much pain, she closed her eyes, pale face, pain.The nurse said, already gave her pain needle, may be a little sleep. But the injury too heavy, estimated to be amputated, so even if asleep, or will be very painful.A little while later, Sasa woke up.I came up to her and ask: does it hurt? She nodded. Because of too weak, even the back are very difficult.Words of comfort to the mouth, but how also say not to export, only quietly told her: don’t be afraid, everything will be ok.Ward outside is very cold.Department of orthopedics room, the doctor forward Sasa’s aunt and uncle introduces illness: “crushed parts in his left ankle, completely crushed, not as soon as possible amputation would cause other parts of bacterial infection.”Sasa is half a month ago to follow the young aunt came to work in Hangzhou, parents in his hometown of Jiangsu.Cut or not cut, aunt also uncertain. Telephone that the parents of Sasa mood is very excited, resolute don’t agree with amputation. But the aunt said to them the doctor’s advice, parents also can agree.Put down the phone, Sasa’s father went to Hangzhou to catch up.Family number of tears:She was the twenty head, how to do laterEmergency department of orthopedics room, in addition to the doctor, Sasa J, aunt, and the bus company to staff. Treatment the doctor said Sasa, they all hunched listened carefully, afraid to miss any details.No left leg, to any person, is a very cruel thing.Out of the Department of orthopedics room, already swollen with weeping eyes aunt again tears, and Sasa’s uncle also red eyes.”She doesn’t know that his injury, only 20 years old, what to do in the future?” Young aunt wiped the tears and said, “I really don’t know how to open to say to her, afraid she can not accept this reality.”The bus company staff said, we will be the first to bear the cost, postoperative will please the special nurse care. Families with tears, nodded.4 on the afternoon of 30, Sasa began the amputation operation……On the way back to the unit’s interview, rain continues –Heavy traffic on the road, do not know what will happen to know the truth Sasa, only hope that all the people on the road of peace.Lu Yuanyuan intern reporter Xu Jianguo / text / graphics Liang Jinming

If the interest rate market to promote banks to become truly competitive subject word,scaffolding accessories then, the deposit insurance system is the process that may be encountered with the installation of a protective fence risk. The fence, is mainly used to protect the interests of the majority of depositors and small and medium-sized banks.In November 30th, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office website published by the people’s Bank of China drafting the “deposit insurance regulations (Draft)”, open to the community to solicit opinions. This means that after 20 years of brewing trade-off, the bank established the deposit insurance system has infinitely close.Deposit insurance system is a necessary step in the marketization of interest rates. If the interest rate market to promote banks to become truly competitive subject word, then, the deposit insurance system is the process that may be encountered with the installation of a protective fence risk. The fence, is mainly used to protect the interests of the majority of depositors and small and medium-sized banks.In the past the depositor deposit to the bank money, which belongs to the risk free asset. The state plays a role in the ultimate guarantors of recessive. Gold deposits may change because of inflation or deflation, but in the national credit guarantee will not disappear. However, to promote the commercial banks to enter the market, the state can not always act as a guarantor, risk is the minimum requirement for commercial banks, but also a clear distinction between the government and market boundary requirements. Therefore, the introduction of the insurance mechanism, market-oriented way to clear dominant guarantor is the proper meaning.The establishment of a deposit insurance system, the depositor deposit to the bank money, on is objective into risky assets. But the risk is completely controllable. On the one hand, in the current central bank as the lender of last resort, the CBRC shall be responsible for supervision under the framework of new deposit insurance system, making the past two protection bar into three. On the other hand, the draft clearly, the highest pay limitation to be 500000 yuan. All deposit, which is enough to cover 99.63% of the depositor and bank, depositors can by different dispersion deposit way, let the assets safety protection.Deposit insurance system is not only helpful to strengthen the financial security, and the rapid development of help the private bank. At present, although the private banks in the policy does not impede, but its development is still restricted by. In particular, the private banks are usually small and medium-sized banks in the credit, competitiveness, can not be compared with the traditional banks, people out of habit will not easily put money into private bank. This leads to a deposit for focusing too much on big banks, reduces the fund use efficiency. The entity economy financing, are directly related to the lag structure of bank lending. The establishment of a deposit insurance system, to set up a new credit for small and medium-sized banks, depositors in exemption concerns at the same time, but also create a fair conditions for small and medium-sized banks and large banks competition.Once the fair competition environment of banking industry is mature, then cancel the last limit of the marketization of interest rate — the ceiling on deposit interest rates will also be logical. Want to promote the marketization of interest rate, is to orderly competition by banks, bank depositors of the improvement of the service quality, also let money get more reasonable configuration. With regard to the deposit insurance system, infinite close, also means that the interest rate marketization infinitely close.Of course, the big direction establishment of bank deposit insurance system to correct, also needs to strengthen its advance details. At present, the deposit insurance premium has not developed, the effects on bank profits is not a good evaluation. Although the draft set a premium not savers to bear and paid by the financial institutions, but the bank will charge through other expenses thus making depositors pay cost, worthy of attention. In addition, how to timely payment of damaged depositors, supervision possible violations of the interests of depositors, for future competition failed banks how to dispose of, the central bank, CBRC, CIRC is also facing new problems of coordination.This also can look forward to, financial supervision and operation system further reform in the deep water area, with the establishment of a deposit insurance system and launched one after another. This is the financial reform agenda. The special commentator Xu Lifan

30 day of early morning,precast accessories in Hannan Qu Tong Jin Cun, two units installed in the roof of the solar water heater Tuzao lightning, one of the residents of the home toilet exploded in a mess,ledger blade but fortunately no casualties.Household Ms. Zhang said, 5 the morning of the 30 day, outside the thunder continued, Ms. Zhang was awaken by the thunder, and was one of the thunder is very special, the bathroom also heard a loud crash. Ms. Zhang went into the bathroom to look: solar water heater of a water supply pipe explosion, bathrooms, Yuba and ceiling were blown up on the ground, the socket of the solar water heater and a display meter are burning. Ms. Zhang is upstairs view found, outdoor heat pipe solar grounding wires were also destroyed, a piece of the walls are blackened. Ms. Zhang realized that solar water heater home was hit by lightning, but at the time of the incident in the toilet and no one.Ms. Zhang neighbor bear lady home also installed a solar water heater, the early morning bear lady home for outdoor solar water heater wire yesterday also lightning was burned, but fortunately the two events are no casualties.The reporter understands, current market sales of solar water heaters, itself no lightning protection devices, most manufacturers paid no attention to lightning protection problems in the installation, so in the thunderstorm weather, it is easy to encounter the lightning.The lightning protection center of a staff member said, the highest point of the installation of solar water heater family basically are located on the roof, once the lightning, not only water heater outdoor will be damaged, current more will introduce indoor through pipes, wires, endanger other appliances and even use the person’s personal safety. Because the water heater itself is not the lightning arresters, manufacturers in the installation, should be the solar water heater and the roof of the lightning protection belt are connected, in order to play the effect of lightning protection; residents should also set up the mine awareness, avoid the use of solar water heater when it thunders, and unplug the power plug. (reporter Li Aihua)

Aiming at the heat outside Beijing should be the single motor vehicle limit line normalization,halfen channel executive vice mayor of Beijing Li Shixiang said yesterday,prop nut will carry out the argumentation of the single motor vehicle limit line opinion,cast in ferrules but this does not mean that Beijing will be the implementation of the single and double limit line and make normalization. He said,scaffolding clamps the government cannot respond without argument, and to seriously study, argumentation about the single and double limit line opinion, also want to listen to different voices. (in November 26th, Shixiang to the leadership of Beijing city identity to the “single and double limit line” to respond, that prudent attitude in Beijing City Hall this problem at present. So a prudent, because if the APEC during the meeting the extraordinary measures – vehicle limit line, including Sunday, Saturday into everyday normal limit line measures, will cause very big impact on the operation of the public life and city. Second, Beijing as the capital of China, has the very strong representation in the China big city and big city, Beijing if the formal implementation of the single and double limit for normalization, bring a strong demonstration effect is bound to the other big city and big city, this measure of ultimate success or failure lessons of experience, will produce radiation the great effect of these city. Beijing research, demonstration of the single and double limit for comments, involving not only the limit line of motor vehicles, but also not just in Beijing a city problem, can accidentally?The single and double limit for normalization of the views put forward the reason from the folk, a report on “whether to support the single and double limit line” questionnaire, the reason that 56.9% of surveyed Beijing people expressed their support, a main reason is, proponents, supporters say, during the APEC meeting in Beijing, in the vehicle the strict implementation of the single and double limit measures act on behalf of the various emission reduction, CO created it is rare “APEC blue”. They therefore believe that, as long as the single and double limit for normalization and strictly enforced, “APEC blue” is not only a short and beautiful, blue sky and white clouds will become a beautiful environment habit.XI DADA president at APEC, said, hope and believe that through unremitting efforts, “APEC blue” can keep it up. Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Guo Jinlong and other top officials, then also expressed “let ‘APEC blue’ determination to continue”. The position of the top, single and double limit for proponents, encouraged by their supporters, for the single and double limit for normalization in exchange for “APEC blue” resident, have more confidence. But must see, XI DADA president wants “APEC blue” keep it up, is not to say that this is a tangible goal, but that through unremitting efforts in order to achieve, but these efforts, not just the implementation of motor vehicle limit line of this one measure. As Guo Jinlong said, APEC meeting lets us harvest “APEC governance” blue “, find the greatest common divisor of urban diseases”, some strict measures were taken to guarantee the ultra conventional meeting, but increase the emission reduction efforts should be the future direction of work. From the adjustment of industrial structure, protecting the ecological environment to strengthen city management, increase the emission reduction efforts, these constitute a very complex and difficult systems engineering, far from being implemented no.01/012006 vehicle limit line of this one, can be accomplished to concentrate on the main points and soon.Pollution, vehicle emissions, construction dust, industrial special meteorological conditions (such as static stability weather), city terrain conditions unfavorable pollutant emissions comprehensive factors such as variety, is a cause of air pollution, vehicle emissions in which in the end is how much? Some people say that the motor vehicle exhaust is the biggest source of PM2.5 emissions of the city, others say that it on PM2.5′s “contribution” is greatly exaggerated. In addition, if implemented no.01/012006 vehicle limit line normalization, bus, subway system is how to deal with the sudden increase in the existing demand for travel? The single and double limit line is on the public property and overly restricted exercise, the government have the conditions and ability to make up for? Only to seek truth from facts and scientific attitude, in-depth study and Discussion on these most basic, the most important question, if implemented no.01/012006 vehicle limit line normalization, we can draw a scientific and precise, highly responsible, withstand the test of practice and history of the conclusion. (Pan Hongqi)

The 26 day, the provincial hospital of hepatobiliary surgeon from Fuzhou a middle-aged man intra-abdominal removal of large spleen a watermelon size, weighing 5.05 kg. The man suffered a rare Gaucher disease, resulting in spleen cells to proliferate, huge splenic filled the entire abdominal and pelvic viscera, the other is squeezed seriously, but also lead to bleeding, not must not. Men also need to go to the Department of Hematology to treat Gaucher disease.  Huge splenic oppression stomach can not eatPatients with Li Jie (a pseudonym), male, 46 years old, fuzhou. He is 173 cm tall, weight 60 kg, looks a bit thin. Who also surprisingly, his stomach hidden in a huge spleen.About 2 years ago, Li Jie felt a lump in her left upper quadrant, then go to the hospital to check, the doctor told him that he is splenomegaly. Last year, after the blood, bone marrow, gene the inspection, confirmed as Ringo TSE disease. It is understood, Gaucher disease also known as Gaucher disease, because beta glucocerebrosidase reduced or absent, the glucocerebroside cannot be decomposed into galactocerebroside or glucose and N- ceramide, thus glucocerebroside deposition amount in the mononuclear macrophage system, causing tissue mass cell the proliferation of. The disease can lead to disease of the nervous system, liver and spleen enlargement, especially in the more obvious splenomegaly. But at that time the spleen not too big, Mr. Lee is also no further processing.Provincial Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery attending doctor Zhou Songqiang recalled the first accepts the case Li Jie. He said, the normal human spleen is in the upper left abdomen, not touch by palpation, but Li Jie body has been to the right side of the abdomen after partial, just touch the edge of spleen. Various inspection display, spleen almost occupies most of Li Jie peritoneal space, other internal organs have been seriously squeezed, stomach, small intestine which is compressed, making him the digestive, feeding difficulties. This is the reason why Li Jie thin.At the same time, patients are also facing the possibility of hemorrhage of rupture of spleen, any threat to life, this large lesions resection of spleen is imminent.  2 hours 5 kilograms of huge splenic resectionAs a result of Gaucher disease itself is a rare disease, cause so huge spleen in patients with no more literature. Provincial Department of hepatobiliary surgery director Wang Yaodong also said he medicine for more than thirty years, this is the first time to meet such a huge spleen. It is self-evident, it removed the difficulty is greater.On the morning of 26, provincial hospital department of hepatobiliary surgery, Wang Yaodong, Zhou Songqiang Li Jie’s successful operation, resection of huge splenic for its. Cut the tumor 33 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm, as big as a watermelon, a call, a full 5.05 kg, is 50 times as heavy as the normal spleen.Zhou Songqiang said the doctor, operation must first put the splenic artery, vein cut, then removal of the spleen. But the spleen is too big, crowded with abdominal, vascular covered, it is not easy to find vascular resection. Resection of the blood vessel, the doctor then electric knife and ultrasound knife carefully stripped away. If you are not careful hurt other tissue and blood vessels, may cause bleeding during operation, and the blood platelet is particularly low, affect blood clotting, when hemorrhagic shock trouble.After about 2 hours of tension and meticulous operation, huge spleen was finally removed.Wang Yaodong director said, must treat Ringo TSE disease, must be transferred to the Department of hematology for further treatment. If found a lump in her body, should be timely medical treatment, lest illness. Reporter Li Yiyang

“In the past, we are a family of 6 people crowded into 60 square meters of the old house,steel chamfer a rainy day is easy to Water Leakage. This year moved into the new house of 180 m2, only 1500 yuan per square meter, no pressure, live comfortable.” Recently, in the Dong Dai Zhen Chan Bu Cun village in Lianjiang County, 45 year old Yang Xiuzhen said.As the local native born farmers, due to family economic strength is limited, the Yang Xiuzhen family cannot be improved living conditions, these two years as children grow up, the housing shortage situation increasingly prominent, want to build a house, he met the building of rural policy gradually tightening.A total of 1700 households Chan Bu Cun, like Yang Xiuzhen such tight housing households accounted for 30% of the village. In the process of promoting the “two against” comprehensive improvement in Lianjiang County, with the mass line education practice, widely solicited opinions, one side facing the county building of violate the rules and regulations thoroughly made copies, according to “a case of a” way to classify the implementation structures, crack down against the wind field behavior; on the other hand, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the urban and rural planning laws and regulations, issued “on further strengthening rural villagers residential and management advice notice”, thoroughly the county rural housing needs, to meet the urban and rural planning, land use planning of villages and towns premise, apply for housing renovation, the new rural households without housing, tight real households, to the examination and approval according to the procedure, and earnestly solve their any menace from the “rear”, guide the masses through legal means building.”The village the first batch of 18 households joint building project has been completed, the project included in the renovation, the county live built bureau to help plan, a total of 9 layers, the first floor reserved for public places, the design of a parking lot, villagers are gradually moved into the.” Chan Bu Cun Cun Wei Hui director Wu Bingsong said.At the same time, combine the new rural construction and the “beautiful country” construction, Lianjiang county to promote the rural land use standardized, intensive, orderly.At present, Chan Bu Cun Nan Shan natural village new rural construction projects have been completed foundation construction, the completion of the project will improve the Nanshan natural village 126 villagers living conditions.”Opened a project before soliciting, again and again to solicit the opinion of our, all our ideas out reflected in the building, square, park, fitness path are. Now every day I be free to the site have a look here, next year to be able to be moved in.” Fu said the villagers ruan.The truth is told again good, not to help the people solve practical problems. “Illegal work is not a cat and mouse game, only to solve the masses housing difficult problem, illegal phenomenon can be prevented from the root.” Lianjiang county leaders said.This year, Fuzhou city to Lianjiang County issued “two against” rectification task is 400000 square meters, up to now the county to complete the illegal 410000 square meters, the dismantling of illegal construction of 709 cases. Lin Bing correspondent

The graph is the prime minister Fang Xiao Qu. The area of 2010 had sought refuge, but has not yet handle property right card.”The prime minister Fang resettlement area in 4 years, has been unable to handle property right card”, face and the same problem: Phoenix Lake New Town endorsed 3 years are still unable to handle property right card, new residential occupancy for 10 years without property right card…… In the southeast network “through the Ping Shan”, many netizens complain is part of Fuzhou resettlement residential property permits long procrastinate not do phenomenon. Property permits why not do, what time can do, low efficiency can give a statement? These become the common question most resettlement area residents.  In years of property right card is still “dystocia”Ms. Fuzhou Prime Minister Gulou square area residents. “Three lanes and seven lane, the original housing units, in 2010 October moved into the prime minister Fang Xiao Qu, now 4 years later, still unable to handle property right card.” Southeast network reporter said of ms.. It is understood, three alleys and seven lanes to protect historical and cultural blocks repair project Prime Minister Fang resettlement housing, Fuzhou city is the people’s livelihood construction of key projects in Fuzhou City, was one of the “five big battle” project. The prime minister Fang residential property staff introduced, by the end of 2010, the District completed occupancy, a total of more than 2200 households, are placed in the relocation of residents. “Gulou District of the housing sector in June this year to community site office, residents registered information, but do not know why, now still can not handle property right card.” The staff member says to the reporter.Others have been 3 years of Fuzhou Phoenix Lake New Town resettlement area, the same can not handle property right card. Netizen “Feng Hu owners” asked: “Phoenix Lake New Town district and five others, Gulou District government’s commitment to complete the property permits a year, now has been more than 3 years.” Phoenix Lake community work personnel introduces to the reporter, phoenix lake new town a total of more than 4000 households, a total of 5 areas, in addition to the 2 area, other residents are occupancy in 2011, 1 zone and 5 zone did not handle property right card.Compared with the above two areas, Taijiang new district is not the property cards for longer time. Net friend Ms. Lin said: “in emerging areas of demolition ten years, due to the absence of property right card, so far unable to transfer accounts, heritage cannot handle.” Reporter from the Taishan community to understand, emerging residential placement of the housing also has commercial housing, a total of more than 600 households. “I moved into the area in 2001, second years to handle property right card, do not know why the placement of the housing there is no run down.” New residential commercial housing tenants say.  The material is not neat to initial registrationThe reporter understands, for placement of residential property permits, demolition units need to provide relevant materials, for the initial registration in the city housing registration center, by the residents to the housing management department to submit an application. Fuzhou City Housing Registration Center website clear, housing for the initial registration of the need to provide the project completion and acceptance for the record table, the completion of planar graph, data, surveying and mapping results of state-owned land card a total of 13 materials.Reporter found that the visit, insufficient material has these resettlement area is unable to complete the main reason for the initial registration of. According to the staff of Gulou District Housing Authority introduced, at present, the prime minister Fang District 3 building 13#- land certificate has not yet completed, the original is expected at the end of 10 to complete the initial registration of property rights, need to be postponed to the end of 11 1#. 2# building, is collecting data to the city fire brigade, the acceptance of the application, plan at the end of 12 to complete the initial registration of property rights.In November 25th, Phoenix Lake New Town Construction Investment Management Center of Gulou District construction unit staff told reporters: “Phoenix Lake City 1 zone and 5 zone are unable to handle property right card, mainly because of the completion of land certificate has not yet completed, run to the relevant materials, to the city housing registration center to apply for initial registration.”In July this year, Fuzhou housing registration center and the Fuzhou City Land Resources Bureau had emerging area property certificates in 12345 reply: emerging area is a problem left over by history project, completed by the problems of pipe network construction and other relevant approval procedures can not handle not. “Two warrants” problems “, has been submitted to the Department office City Hall two warrants” meeting research; after the understanding to the development unit, the district is still for the completion of verification, not to land registration link.A few months later, the reporter to the Fuzhou municipal land and Housing Development Corporation, engineering department, business department and other relevant departments to understand the progress, but before the deadline to, not to know the latest progress.Why real estate warrants for the resettlement of delay of the phenomenon is more prominent? Real estate experts, Fuzhou University professor Liu Fuquan think, compared with the commercial housing, resettlement housing construction process is not standard, directly led to the property card processing delay. “Government departments in the planning of resettlement housing project, many existing crashing phenomenon, the examination and approval of construction process is easy to miss the related process, which led to the demolition unit housing for the initial registration materials are incomplete, led directly to the residents property permits difficult.” (reporter Wang Nan)

150 taxi collective “lockout”A year ago, from Beijing to the moon a rental car company (hereinafter referred to as the crescent company) in Guiyang bidding, obtain the right to operate 300 taxis. After witnessing pick guest, refuse the imperfection of service after the new moon company,lifting clutches using the “Beijing model” strict Guiyang brother.It lets some elder deeply “adaptation”, some brothers that company management strict, put forward “relax” management requirements, but to maintain brand new moon company refused to give in.Two after the game for more than half a year in the management idea, finally, more than 300 brothers 150 taxis to choose to leave……”The complaint once in January, 400 January award cancelled”  A company strict penalties brother shout not adapt25 year old Xiao Yang, from Nayong, 10 years working in guiyang. Last year, he held 5 years driving license, when brother came to company.The new moon companies out of the good treatment — brother paid 260 yuan a day shift cost, you can get 400 yuan a month award, 240 yuan meal supplement and 48 yuan of telephone bills. In addition, the first half of the year award and two times a year and sunstroke prevention cooling and other subsidies, the company also for the brothers paid social security “five social insurance and one housing fund”.However, Xiao Yang and other brothers signed the “contract management contract” with the new moon companies also agreed: to get 400 yuan monthly award, not brother a month being complaints (responsibility), not a red light running and other serious traffic violations (a deducted 6 points and above).It is reported, this year, the company has more than 120 brothers in the complaints of violations occur, buckle 6 classification in the month, did not get a monthly 400 yuan award, it makes some brothers feel too harsh, company management.”Other taxi companies, January was a brother in the complaint, or an illegal behavior, can receive the full corporate welfare and bonus, but the new moon companies implement ‘make it rigidly uniform’, let everyone feel that the lack of humanized management.” Xiao Yang said, the elder brother once and new moon companies to discuss, hope to reduce the win threshold, will in January by a complaint into two complaints, you can cancel the award. Moreover, they argue, traffic violations by the traffic police to deal with, and the company has nothing to do, not as a reason to cancel the award.300 brothers leave, 150 taxi “lockout”  B strict not give the car boomIn the month after received no award, some brothers began to make the shift cost less.Among them, two’s because January traffic violations respectively reach 10, 5 month to month, no prize, from the August, September, they began to drag Taiwan class, it is nearly a hundred brothers follow, the contradiction between the brother and the company’s continuous fermentation.In October 15th, the new moon companies to the elder brother “showdown”: for the normal operation of the healthy development of the industry and company, to can not adapt to the management system of the company, may terminate the contract. As of November 26th, the termination of the contract the taxi has 150 cars, more than 300 people involved in elder.Speaking of the taxi “shut down”, the person in charge of the new moon companies Li Yong said: three county, brother to more than 60% from Guiyang City, a city of Anshun, Bijie and other places, they are not very familiar with the urban road conditions of Guiyang, number of personnel, quality also has difference. The inception of the company, for some management system, they are also “turn a blind eye”, similar to the parking rectification means are not used, but brought immediate impact is — the rate of complaints, the illegal traffic is high, leading the company to review the entire industry in.”Finally, we discovered in the investigation, some taxi does not require the use of meter, bargaining, refus is normal, and even some people also Diaozhuo Yan drive, don’t allow someone to continue, strict, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, but also will hit his brand.” Li Yong said, in Beijing, many in the elder brother must receive professional training for two months before their contents, including service details, topographic map, oral english. Not only the employee high threshold, in violation of regulations of the act, a severe punishment. To refuse as an example, 1500 Yuan fines once found will face; not complying with the provisions to use the meter, charge more than a certain percentage, qualification certificate will be revoked.”Although Beijing Guiyang and to a certain extent cannot be put on a par with strict management, but the pursuit of the goal is the same.” Li Yong said, there is no rule without Cheng Fangyuan, the previous loose type management mode, and the so-called lower management standards in the industry “unspoken rule”, does not conform to the modern enterprise management concept.”Relaxed management, will only lead to the decline of quality of service”  C Guiyang TSA backed “strict control”It is understood, Guiyang is currently a total of 7000 taxis, 700000 passengers daily visitor. But the huge market demand and taxi pick guest, refuse the imperfection of service, has been criticized for the market.On the strict taxi behavior crescent company, support of Guiyang city transportation bureau.”To relax the requirements on brother, drop will only bring industry service quality, more easily grow some brothers’ abandoned the car and talk about price ‘behavior.” Director of Guiyang City Transportation Bureau Rui Jin said, therefore, from November last year, Guiyang City taxi service quality complaints telephone will be included in the “12319″ public service platform, this approach is equivalent to the “skeleton” drying out.It is reported, in August this year, 12319 public service hotline handled the case files 5939, among them, there are 4283 cases involving taxi complaint. The restoration efforts, in October, involving a taxi complaint files has been reduced to 2311.However, the responsible person also said, brother perennial work in narrow space, causing a variety of diseases, and the traffic jam, black rob guest, are critical, difficult passengers who, they also allow the pressure of big mountain. In the face of the brother of the difficulties, Guiyang City Transportation Bureau also addressed, recently introduced including increased temporary stopping places, is investigated with high contracting, disguised price contracting, subcontracting way two times to the driver passed on investment and operation risk behaviors of 25, to ensure that the legitimate interests of the elder brother.Yesterday afternoon, 32 year old Bijie Man Zhou came to crescent company, signed the “contract of management”. The car back, the storm did not let him fear, he said, as long as compliance, a taxi here, 5000 yuan one month income, enough to feed a family of four. Reporter Tian Jian Huang Qiwang

A tax levy should consider endowment factors

The deputy director of the office of Chinese aging, aging scientific research center director Wu Yushao pointed out, the current formulation of family pension support policy is more,halfen frimeda but the family pension is facing severe challenge from market, city, family miniaturization, aging population, the empty nest. Wu Yushao suggests, should adjust the personal income tax collection methods, reduce the tax to support the children of the elderly.To ensure that every man a sense of security, medical, and enjoy the happiness of a family union is not only the children’s obligation, but also the common responsibility of the whole society. While the increase in aging population, workforce reduction, the majority of only children in the background, support for the elderly is particularly heavy pressure. As early as in 2010, the national Aging Office Deputy Director Wu Yushao has been pointed out that, at present, Chinese has entered the ageing society and will be in the long term, population aging situation is grim. The aging of the population in 2014, also known as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in China will reach 200000000, of which the disabled elderly 37000000. At the same time, in the mobility is intensified, marketization, city, family miniaturization, aging population, empty nest, endowment institution beds tension challenges, especially the old-age home endowment pressure abnormal prominent. Empty Nester died in the home of the case is not in the minority, the lessons are profound abnormalities, but in the pressure, home care should also is the best choice.It is undeniable that the majority of only children, in the “one two four” family pattern, double alone and separate children can second child after the “two two four” family situation, whether it is the old-age home or other pension, huge pressure rise period of middle-aged people are career can be imagined. The present policy orientation is also strengthen family endowment ability, repair and strengthen the function of family pension, aiming at the weakening function of family members pension and targeted support. The goal is to ensure that the elderly long stay at home as much as possible, rather than to the pension institutions to.In order to improve the ability and willingness of members of the family old-age home, recently, Nanjing has introduced incentives, children, be completely bedridden daughter-in-law at home to take care of her parents, the government can give its monthly pay three hundred to four hundred yuan. This endowment red reflects the government’s responsibility and role, the typical practice of people-oriented, worthy of praise.According to a tax levy, the relevant departments can certainly follow Nanjing’s example, consider the factors supporting the elderly when personal collection. After all, the essence of tax is taken from the people, for the people, to have direct personal tax burden of providing for the aged is also omitted the two distribution of trouble, can also prevent the re distribution of the black box operation, than the “wages” is more affordable and more convenient Huimin policy. A tax levy considered family factors, on the pension burden relief by levy is not difficult to operate in the implementation. As long as they can find out the taxpayers’ parents or parents specific age and retirement benefits and take this as the main basis for tax relief can be. In order to reduce the burden of tax authorities, tax payers can afford the requirement report and provide the material responsibility. In addition, the cutoff point is too low to the tax complaints and Tucao constantly, even with a view, “the threshold too low is robbing the poor to the rich”. The relevant departments should listen to the voice of the people, in response to public opinion, it is necessary to adjust the cutoff point, appropriate to consider the factors of family pension, will pay the tax amount as important decision factors. And, when necessary, should be carried out to the family as the unit of tax collection methods, to reflect on the family of this social cell security intensity and the importance of national public feelings, manifestation of governing for the people. (Shi Hongju)

Maybe this is following a major navigation after human encounter,ringlock scaffolding the best of times,precast concrete accessories it is called “the age of the internet”. The surging power network, changes in the network brings people; free space,scaffolding clamps let the information, economic, cultural, social action was a blowout type change.Wuzhen hot hot Internet congress, is to gather a group of network virtual society, declared the Internet has become a hidden lever to change social reality from a set of code, a symbol of the role.On the Internet, people are unable to hold oneself back from the original, now with great care. From the beginning of this year to pay treasure to loopholes, Ctrip information leakage, this a few months to people questioned for free public WIFI security, the security problems about the Internet, also be participants repeatedly mentioned in WIC.This is a world topic, network financial security, network privacy disclosure, Internet rumors and network violence in the derivative is related to all aspects of society.The Internet is changing from the wild times entered the age of civilization stage. The real democracy and freedom, are never without restriction, lack of restraint only brings chaos and violence. The end of the power may be from a network management related legal system perfect, perhaps from the media “gatekeeper” in place, perhaps from the netizen quality improvement and self-discipline……Today, we want from two and the Internet made 10 years people’s eyes, reflecting the Chinese network security question-Liang Jinming / drawing123The next page