Chinese girl Travel South Korea zebra was still not wake up

“Daughter to travel to South Korea suddenly suffered a car accident,fixing socket and now still in, find no kin to turn to, in a foreign language, how should we do?”Hangzhou girl Xiao Li, aka Sherry, she rushed to Korea’s mother and brother yesterday, sent a letter for help to the Qianjiang Evening News through a friend. The girl’s brother said, now they can only turn to his hometown of Hangzhou, hope someone can give them a home to provide all aspects of help, such as medical, law and so on, or in the aspect of language communication is also ok.  Hangzhou girls Korea car accident  The zebra is bumped to flyMoney newspaper reporter from Sherry’s friend and brother to know, Xiao Li is now a Canadian company Asia representative, October 21st to South Korea travel. That night, her through the zebra crossing, was suddenly a car rushed the red light the car bumped to fly on the spot.”Say to is very strange, we view the surveillance video at the time, pedestrian channel display is green, my sister going through, and not far from the car speed is not fast, but when the car appears when the red light, the car accident but fast, at once put my sister is bumped to fly.” Xiao Li’s brother said.Xiao Li’s colleagues to notify her family. Xiao Li anxious mother didn’t sleep a night, second days to find the Hangzhou exit entry administration bureau. To understand this special case, the relevant departments to immediately help Xiao Li mother put the passport. “We at noon on the second day to get a passport, in the full support of the Republic of Korea in China consulate staff of do all procedures, to catch the flight to Seoul Inchon 6 p.m..” Brother said, they came to South Korea is already late at night, because of the language, who are not familiar with the road, arrived at the temporary relief of the hospital is the early morning.”Sister admitted to place most of the domestic equivalent of a small hospital, rescue facilities relatively simple, my sister just inserted the oxygen tube only, we are very worried.” The brother says, in the mother’s repeated requests under, they communicate through translation of this hospital, and finally for the transfer for my sister, because of the serious situation. The afternoon of October 23rd, sister to the ICU ward.  The local hospital, conservative treatment  Hangzhou mother needed medical communication aid”The daughter has not wake up, saw her lying in ICU ward, can only stem worried, as a mother, now the biggest wish is the daughter can turn, OK.” Yesterday on the phone, Li mother to Qianjiang Evening News reporter repeatedly expressed such a wish, she wanted to expert consultation on her daughter, but all this in a foreign country do not know can not do.Li said the elder brother, his mother is already 70 years old, from know sister an accident that moment, basically can not sleep a wink, to the hospital after all day on the side, also did not eat a few mouthfuls of rice. “She worried about my sister’s condition, at the same time abroad feel particularly helpless, can be said to be mentally and physically exhausted.” Yesterday, Li family hoping to Qianjiang Evening News, get effective help — medical treatment or legal aspects, can at least provide convenient in communication. “My mother always called my sister’s name, she always believed that certain someone who can help us.”Last night the Qianjiang Evening News reporters time get more reassuring news through a friend, family has the brain CT piece Li to Hangzhou, currently the second hospital of Zhejiang doctor put forward recommendations for treatment according to the movies. “The South Korean hospital is currently taken by the conservative treatment, according to the current situation still cannot operation, but there will be what kind of treatment program, we also do not know.” Li’s mother is heavy-hearted over the phone.If you have a South Korea channel, can provide some help for the mother and her daughter, please contact our hotline 96068 contact, we will be on behalf of the contact and inform the contact the girl mother. (reporter Bai Jianbin)

The day before yesterday morning 9 when make, a courtyard in Gulou West Street alley, dozens of blind people sitting around a conference room, the classic film “Pearl Harbor” fragment is playing. This small yard as usual ushered in the Bayer Chinese volunteers for the blind “days about the movie”, and the past is different, the new audio-visual system upgrade so that the blind friends feel more realistic listening experience, also let the volunteers while telling the film many minute calm.The public welfare organization Beijing Hongdandan education and culture exchange center of the relevant responsible person told the reporter, the core to auditory sensory experience little theater has a very beautiful name — “mind theater”. Through professional training volunteers through the vivid scene of the film tells the story of the picture, to help blind people better perception and understanding of the film, so as to improve the quality of cultural life of the blind.The past 8 years, the theater has for the blind eyes about the film more than 473, the audience of 13628 people. This year, the Bayer company, under the support of the hardware system, the minds of cinema get upgraded, new 5 surround sound can let the blind friends enjoy more realistic listening to movie. (Chi Haibo)

In October 20th, old furniture and Zhatu Dongcheng area law enforcement supervision bureau jointly District Street offices and sanitation on the area of roadside discarded carry out centralized clearing,fixing socket a few days to a total of nearly 100 pieces of cleaning up old furniture. Photography / reporter Wang ZhenlongRecently, Beijing urban management department increased the intensity of rectification on the street of city appearance and environment. In the renovation, law enforcement officers found the street, old sofa, desk, cabinet into a new landscape, some small alley “”.In the East market faithful, law enforcement officers to see some old sofa is thrown in the street. Go along the road, and some were residents out of the old desk and cabinet and other old furniture on the side of the road.Urban management and law enforcement supervision bureau of Dongcheng law enforcement officials said, discarded waste in accordance with the “Beijing City Environmental Health Regulations” at 500 yuan to 5000 yuan fine, but in actual operation, the residents have a strong resentment of punishment. At present, large waste clean-up responsibility department is not clear, but if left unchecked, arbitrarily discarded furniture will become the influence of new problems of traffic and environmental. (Li Tao)

Liu Rui in the examination such as the bride of Liao YutingLiu Ruiqiang to Liao Yuting sent flowersIn October 25th 11 in the morning, accompanied by the 2014 national adult college entrance examination language subjects the end of the examination,scaffolding clamps candidates who have continued to primary school from the national adult college entrance examination Tang Kan Ziliujing District Zigong city out of the test sites. This is a very common scene, however,swift lift anchors outside the examination room, a car parked on the roadside, the groom Liu Ruiqiang hands holding the flowers stood beside the wedding car, from out of the examination room to meet the bride Liao Yuting.The bride, groom in the wedding day to participate in the examination in the examination room to meet the bride this scene was passers-by have praise. According to introduction into the couple, in the registration time, did not pay attention to the examination time, unexpectedly and wedding day coincide. “The good times are arranged, two things are not influence each other.”  Vice Principals to provide “locker room”  Outside the examination room to pick up the bride and groomOn the morning of 25, in 2014 the national adult college entrance examination started: candidates to enter the examination room, finished out of the examination room, everything looks without what special place. However, Ziliujing District, the national adult college entrance examination test Tang Kan primary school science third examination of the Liao Yuting, but after the Chinese exam end, put on a wedding.”She was ready to go to the toilet to change clothes at the time, I find out just know today is her wedding day.” Tang Kan on primary school vice president Liao Jie told reporters, from teaching for so many years, was the first time the wedding day also participate in the examination of the situation. In order to facilitate the Liao Yuting put on the wedding, Liao Jie found an empty office as a temporary dressing room. After changing clothes, Liao Yuting hastily out of the examination room, even the identity certificate, also fall in the examination room.”On the morning of 11 or so, a car parked outside the examination room, the groom Liu Ruiqiang stood beside the car, hands holding a handful of flowers waiting anxiously outside the examination room. “At first I thought it was the other place to get married, just stop here to get off just, just know later, groom in waiting room of the bride.” Candidates in the examination room such as Ms. Zhou said.The groom in waiting outside the examination room, attracted many passers-by crowd. Along with the end of the morning of the first examination time, dressed in wedding Liao Yuting toward the door came the test sites. Liu Ruiqiang from a distance he saw her, he took a step forward to meet her, into the hands of the flowers to Liao Yuting. The couple happy and romantic scene, are many passers-by and candidates matter witness, we understand, exam day is their wedding day.  Exam married two not mistake  Before the right make-up and headdressThe side is busy wedding, one has to take the exam, to the couple, time arrangement is the biggest problem. Lang Liuruiqiang told reporters, “in August this year, has chosen the day (October 25th), September, adult the university entrance exam is just beginning to enroll, after registration, did not disclose the specific examination time.” In the examination time, wedding invitations have all paid out. So only the outside the examination room the bride of a scene.According to Liao Yuting, she and Liu Ruiqiang are the last to know, after 1 years of mutual understanding promises. The reporter understands, Liu Ruiqiang and Liao Yuting’s wedding was held in a hotel osmanthus street, the end of the day Liao Yuting test time is 11 a.m., the wedding time is eleven thirty a.m.. Therefore, Liao Yuting in the examination after the end, did not have sufficient time to prepare for the wedding, “so in the examination room must be ready before in the makeup and other headgear dress.”It is understood, Liao Yuting is now working at a clinic, Liu Ruiqiang is a quasi bus driver. As for why the will to participate in the adult college entrance examination, in an interview with reporters, Liao Yuting make fun of to say, “his (Rui Qiang Liu) ‘too low’ my diploma.” After the joke, Liao Yuting told reporters, to participate in the adult college entrance examination is for better development in the future. “Most hospitals now hire, have higher requirements for the diploma, so I will go to the examination.”Teacher evaluation: are full of positive energy”Over the past 10 years, I have not encountered such a situation, it is full of positive energy.” An examiner in the room said, participate in the test group is not the same with ordinary students, they have to face the side to side work, learning, in the learning and exams, time arrangements have inevitably conflict. But on the day of the wedding is to take an examination, visible couple spirit of learning, worthy of our admiration.Subsequently, the presence of the digital citizens also said, Liao Yuting on the day of the wedding also exams praise. “Exam, will marry, this girl spirit should praise.” Zigong citizens Mr. Huang said. West City Reader reporter Chen Boqiang Chen Zhi photographic report

The police rescue the schematic diagram of the Yangzi Evening News piece of leaf drawingThe night of October 25th, a pair of “tour pal” mother and child lost in the Nanjing Laoshan jungles,scaffolding parts because mobile phone turns lighting to find a way out, mobile phone battery depletion exhausted in two,fixing socket missed the opportunity to timely alarm. Fortunately, a few fishing on the edge of the reservoir of the public faintly hear their cry, call the police. Nanjing Pukou police immediately dispatched, after 5 hours of uninterrupted rescue, police have finally at 11 p.m. on many find them. (the text characters in a pseudonym)  A “tour pal” mother lost down from the old mountain24 year old Zhang is a Nanjing University Pukou campus students, this weekend, my mother came home from South of Jiangsu to Pukou to visit. Xiao Zhang is a wagon “quasi tour pal”, in his infection, her mother also like mountain climbing.Yangzi Evening News reporter learned, the afternoon of October 25th, Zhang proposed to mother, to a nearby Laoshan National Forest Park scenery, mother readily agreed, they first take a taxi to Forest Park, and began hiking trip. The way mountains and water, lush trees, autumn and pleasant. Xiao Zhang in the instigation, the mother of two who didn’t enter the mountain from the conventional way, but along a few deserted Lane chatting, successfully climbed to the top of the hill from the north slope of the Laoshan mountain. Then, two people didn’t walk far from the south but Laoshan Mountain, walk to find, already in the dense Bush and endure endure crowded crowded trees, confuse the downhill direction.”I used to climb the mountain, lost when used mobile phone location search. This time out also with climbing the compass, that will be able to find out way.” After Zhang told reporters, he is going to solve the problem with experience at first, so don’t panic, correcting position with mobile phone positioning and compass, according to the sun and distant buildings at the direction of the evening, with the mother tried walked down the mountain.  B mobile phone charge depletion “lost” after shouting for helpThe sun sets in the west, 5 in the afternoon when around already dark down, the depths of the forest came from time to time the animal sound. At this time, the mother and child to hurry up. Can not attend to mobile phone positioning, both take turns at the foot of mobile phone according to mother, looking down the road, the results did not go long two mobile phone run out of power, has come out of the deep forest. “Deep in the forest more than 6 black, the moonlight is of no help. We are aware of the problem is very serious, not only can not see clearly at the foot of the mountain, can only borrow moonlight slowly forward, more trouble is mobile phone no electricity to play out, we have been in the thick woods’ lost ‘!”In desperation, the mother of two people walking and shouting, I hope someone heard, I do not know how far away but no response, but came to a can not see the edge of the open water. Zhang had often climb Laoshan, can determine to the southern slope at the foot of the mountain, but that he is not familiar with the road, where I still can’t find. Mother and son continued to shout, seem to hear the echo. “We have arrived at the foot of Laoshan biggest Xiangtang reservoir, there are several fishing people rely on public road end, may hear our cries, respond to our. We shouted to ask them to alarm.” Intermittent dialogue with the mother and son a few members of the public, then the alarm. Mother and son temporarily relieved. Nanjing Pukou police immediately organize the police arrived, and notify the familiar terrain of community cadres and the militia to the scene.  C propaganda sounds police 5 hours to find the motherA police flashlight torch light up shouting: “see?” The mother of two people across the empty answer: “do not see.” Judging from the echo, both sides are far apart. “I comforted mother don’t worry, the police will have hope. We wait at ease, with the police.” Xiao Zhang told reporters.Police and community cadres think, silent open reservoir, cries echo to find more effective. So, they diverge, along a road on foot, led by the familiar terrain, community cadres split shrubs, then turned west north along the shore, the other end march toward the reservoir; a road starting from the water, the police borrowed boat, by the villagers guidelines, to the other side out. The moonlight in the woods is very light, all police flashlight, telekinesis and son shout.Heard the police shout, can be more than two hours in the past, also did not see the police appeared, the mother and son was cold and hungry, the voice is more and more weak. “My mother and mutual encouragement to adhere to, because the hearing voices, the police will more and more close.” Zhang told reporters, in this way, both sides continued to call, response. “After about 1 hours, we suddenly see the hand lightning from the left in front of the woods, suddenly excited shouting ‘see a flashlight! See the flashlight!’” Hearing, hiking rescue police to speed up the pace, struggling after more than 1000 meters at the edge of the reservoir, finally find the mother and son. Reporter Wang Qiang Qin Yi correspondent Yu Yingjie

On the afternoon of 26, gold Hutuo village in Henan Yichuan County mountain town a Christ Church collapse accident, at present a total of 2 people were killed, 19 people were injured, 4 of them seriously.According to the Yichuan County accident disposal work leading group report, 26 days afternoon, more than 30 people gold Hutuo village of Yichuan County mountain town in the church worship. At about 14, the church roof collapse accidents of civil engineering structures, resulting in 2 deaths, 19 wounded (including, injured 4 people, injured 6 people, injured 9 people slightly). The injured people were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, the remaining personnel have been evacuated.As of 26 at eighteen fifty, the site has been completed the mass rescue, comfort and rehabilitation work is in an orderly manner. At present, Yichuan county has set up a special working group, to treat the injured people, carry out the thorough investigation of the incident. (reporter Ma Yichong)

Channel – expansion joint in the broken. Reporter Meng Xingshi perturbationThe evening of October 25th, the netizen “Lu Shi Huang” in Sina micro-blog Baoliao said: “West Yuhua high people’s Court of Hebei Province on the eastern side of the river bridge people, serious damage of expansion joint of Bridge East and West ends, channel steel, reinforced turned up, car tires rolling ring pops, suggest the Department concerned to repair.”"Lu Shi Huang” this micro-blog also attached with 7 photos, falling concrete expansion joint photos on the bridge deck and pavement joints, into a ditch, steel and channel steel were inside the roller coaster, up. In view of this micro-blog, netizen “majestic and grand” commented: “in the past, Huai An Road century park north of the river bridge people also is such, I reflect several fixed.”Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the “Lu Shi huang”. He said, in October 25th 15 when make, he drove from west to East, river bridge people pass by Yuhua road surface and riverside Street junction, suddenly as a few loud noise, the car rough, almost can not hold the steering wheel. “Lu Shi Huang” off observation, found serious damage of expansion joint is connected at the river bridge people face ends and Yuhua West Road, channel steel, reinforced turned up. “This continues, may cause the automobile tire, or traffic accidents. Suggested that the relevant departments to seize the time to repair.”At noon yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene, the Yuhua west direction from west to East, stretching this section of river bridge people face at both ends of the suture are severely damaged, through three lanes like a small ditch, like the tracks of the same channel inside the two have been cut off for two or three children, half a channel and a part of reinforced had disappeared. According to local residents, said Mr. Zhang, this is already a month.Reporters call the hotline, staff said, will be sent to the scene to see, as soon as the dressing. Subsequently, the Urban Management Department replied: “we have to look at the scene, that will be the Minxin River Management control.” The reporter also contacted the Minxin River Management Office, the staff said, will report to the relevant responsible person, as soon as possible to repair. (Meng Xingshi)

October 25th 18 am, a man police said: “my family lives in a community near Weiming street, there is a woman don’t go in my house, you come on, help me get rid of her.” The three religions in the west police station after receiving the alarm, police on duty Zhang Yonghui and colleague Lei Jinlong arrived on the scene.The alarm is a 50 year old man, is the area in front of moving back and forth, also kept pointing to the next to a woman of similar age a secret mantra: “I don’t know you, you get the hell out of my place. Don’t go, I’ll call the police.” And the police said: “this woman has been don’t go in my home, infringe on my right.”The woman to the police, said: “you to take him, he drank the wine drunk.”The police know that, the man surnamed Wang, 56 years old this year, he will chase off the woman is married for over 30 years and his wife lee. Wang business small achievements, because business is often at noon at night drink, then drink. The Wang and drunk, home didn’t know wife, he said: “now I have not brought a marriage certificate.” Wang also asked his wife much. Lee’s wife said: “you drink drink ‘fragments’, our children are over 30 years old.” Make the family laugh. Lee knew her husband after drinking too much, and he defended the theory also be of no avail, not to utter a single word in the next. Wang feel no one spoke to him, was reported to the police.That affair, the police told the couple surnamed Wang, 110 emergency alarm call, things will divide the order of priority, not a waste of police resources. At the same time the proposal such as Wang sober, took him to go to normal hospital drinking.The police just deal with this matter, and police said three religions in the West Village, there was a fight. The original is the man Wei drunk, to a certain business barber shop wife Han, first quarrel, after gradually upgraded to cuff and kick in the street, then bite on his wife’s arm should not let go. The police rushed to the scene to control the Wei, advised the woman to leave. The woman left, Wei this just saw.Police remind, drinking to do what, don’t drink too much, so as to avoid the tragedy. At the same time to remind the public, if a friend after drinking wine mad love, is not recommended to persuade him to drink, otherwise good can change bad, will cause unnecessary trouble. (Meng Xingshi)

Do the dirty work,halfen frimeda got up early and slept late, this is city beautician — sanitation workers give us the impression. In October 26th this year is the nineteenth sanitation workers Festival, on October 26th,ferrule insert Changsha City reporter investigated more than 20 sanitation workers, found that only three or four people know 26 is their festival, interview the sanitation workers, are in the position to work as usual.  Most work more than 12 hours to visit the sanitation workersReporter the beginning randomly interviewed 3 sanitation workers, 3 per capita said not 26 sanitation workers day. In a random interview later, only three or four sanitation workers know 26 is the sanitation workers day.”I’m through the newspaper to know October 26th is the sanitation workers Festival, also heard people say, remember.” Changsha South Shaoshan road a sanitation worker said. The other two know the sanitation workers, said one last year on the day of the festival had activities; the other was a previously received notification, the superior leadership to sympathy, just know this festival.The questionnaire data reporters issued display, sanitation workers age 90% and over the age of 40, more than 80% of the sanitation workers is the primary school education.The working hours of the day the sanitation workers, mostly in 12 hours. In the section of Furong Road Tianxin working sanitation workers Zhang Huijun told reporters, her a month have two days to rest, in order to get every day to 70 yuan subsidies, Zhang sister chose to work, so a month without rest. Investigation shows, four into the respondents hope to improve the sanitation workers wages.  ”The police to give I stopped vehicles in the past, I was moved”The dangerous work of sanitation workers daily shuttle, in the street, whether insured? In South Shaoshan have dry sanitation work of 3 years of sanitation workers said, “Lane said to me to buy the insurance, but I haven’t received a document, only a medical book, specifically how much money to spend to do, we don’t know.”A sanitation worker said, although the company has been advocating them buy insurance, or part of the workers can’t afford it, and do not buy insurance.A sanitation worker in Shaoshan Nan Lu told reporters, the most happy thing is, some old man after her, will greet her a “hard”, this let her feel the warmth and care. Another is sweeping the floor of the sanitation workers said: “I met the most gratifying thing, is at a clearing in the middle of the road, traffic police on duty to I stopped passing vehicles, to protect our sanitation worker safety.”What is the sanitation workers look forward to the general public? Investigation data shows, 74% sanitation workers hope that people don’t litter.  [] “the domestic situation of city beautician” generally high age of low incomeAccording to a survey data shows the current normal university Guiyang, sanitation workers in China are generally low cultural degree. According to the investigation team statistical sampling, 72% have had only primary school, only 18% of the 10% junior high school, and even primary school have never been. 30-40 year old the sanitation workers accounted for 34%, 40-50 years old was 42%, 50 over the age of 24%.The sanitation workers income is generally low, according to a survey of ten city home in 2011 and 2012, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan sanitation workers average monthly salary less than 3000 yuan, while Shenyang, Lanzhou, Ji’nan, Wuhan, Hefei, the average wage of Chengdu sanitation workers only in the 1200-1600 yuan between. (rolling news reporter Zhang Ron Ou Lijuan Intern Qian Junping)

Today,anchor socket city of Beijing Municipal Commission,precast concrete accessories development and Reform Commission,ledger blade Finance Bureau, weather bureau jointly held a seminar on the 2014 Beijing Winter Heating Meteorological Service will. On the meeting, the relevant person in charge, on November 1st to 15 does not have the weather conditions in advance heating.Is expected in November 1st to 15, the average temperature of 7 degrees in Beijing plain area of about C, than the same period the year (6.57 degrees C) is slightly higher, close to the same period in recent ten years (6.97 degrees C), in the meantime, the smaller possibility of continuous 5 days average temperature lower than 5 DEG C. According to relevant regulations, Beijing city begins heating in November 15th each year, advance the needs of heating temperature for 5 days less than the average temperature of 5 degrees C. (reporter Rao Pei)