Heze is a 15 year old youth day knife robbery of sports lottery marketing, resulting in serious injury shop boss. After committing the crime, suspects who robbed a electric car quickly fled the scene after the police raid,BFD coupler Mudan District days,prop sleeve suspects were arrested in September 18th. At present, the suspect has been arrested by the. The case is under further hearing.Sand town villagers Xu in the town runs a sports lottery sales. September 1st 13 am, lunch, Xu as usual came to the store ready for business, at an age of 15 year old man was waiting at the door. According to Xu was about, this man has repeatedly come to her store to buy lottery tickets, familiar but not by name. Hello, Xu together with men into the store. Xu memories, the day the men spent 2 yuan to buy a lottery ticket not after “friends” on the grounds, to stay in the store. Before long, Xu for the toilet, then let the men helped the watch shop, he consented. Such Xu came back, the man still sit in the same place, just look strange.15 pm, the man asked Xu what to play, and go to Xu watch. Under Xu defenseless, suddenly the man pulled out a dagger in her abdomen, blood spread rapidly, biting pain make a sound. Then, the man with a dagger against Xu neck, warned her not to shout, and let Xu drawer he took out the money put into the handbag. Xu brimming with pain, according to man’s requirement will be the money put into the bag, because the pain, some money into the ground, see money were stained with blood, the man began to install their own money, and blood money away.According to Xu recalled later, the man after the crime with the lock will be bolted the door, and robbed her electric car fled the scene. “Endure the pain call family, then climbed up to the front door was open and shake, but fortunately no locked doors, I was around the neighbor discovery and dial 120 for help.”26 morning, the reporters followed the police came to see the door of crime place, the blood has not yet subsided, the house is a mess. According to the side of the store owner memories, the day she heard no abnormal sound, found Xu sometime, she was lying in a pool of blood, in a coma, then call the 120, was sent to the Heze Second People’s Hospital for treatment. 26 days 11 when make, the reporter came to the hospital, Xu has been out of danger. According to the recall, that day in her to go to the toilet before did not hold money drawer lock, and the money in the drawer, do not have a month out, thousands of yuan.Heze City Public Security Bureau peony sub Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade vice captain Li Mujian introduction, the police around obtaining monitoring and visits, and ultimately determine the suspect caomou identity, age 15 years old, live in the sand Mudan District, junior high school dropout. In September 18th by the police investigation, it will be captured. (reporter Zhao Niandong)

Hebei formulated the preferential policies for the local passenger transport enterprise,prop nut the toll fee to play “folded”,scaffolding clamps namely the half price. Other provinces and the provincial transportation shall have the right to enjoy the preferential. The national development and Reform Commission investigation finds, tolls half damages the fair competition between passenger train operators and other provinces of Hebei Province,steel chamfer the same line operator, in violation of the relevant provisions of the “anti monopoly law”.It should be said, is the law of the anti monopoly policy. “Anti monopoly law” provisions of article eighth, “the authorized administrative organs and laws, and regulations to manage public affairs organizations shall not abuse their administrative power to exclude, restrict competition,”, thirty-third administrative monopoly behaviors listed, including “establishing discriminatory charging items, the field for commodities subject to discriminatory charging standards, or regulations discriminatory prices”. Hebei only on the local passenger transport enterprises to implement the half price, obviously is local protectionism a limit market competition. No matter Is it right? Received the Korean embassy report, regardless of the Korean Embassy Is it right? To safeguard the interests of Tianjin Sino South Korea joint venture, the Commission should say no to such local protectionism and market segmentation. After all, the maintenance of national unified market, and the order of fair competition in the market, is the antitrust authority duty.Paradoxically, the NDRC’s law enforcement has not been a positive response to widespread public opinion, contrary to many people especially the people of Hebei have been complaints: one, this kind of behavior of non Hebei family, why only anti Hebei monopoly; second, worried about anti monopoly into a “reverse half price”, their own good to stir.The first complaint highlights a macro level perspective of overall situation. Since the Commission antitrust is to safeguard the national unified big market, then Hebei’s “local enterprises half price” the counter, in other areas of course also the reverse. Second complaints reflected a kind of individual level interests view. As a local enterprise or local residents, they care about is to get the benefits of the longitudinal comparison, and doesn’t care whether others compare so unfair treatment. From the angle that draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, of course they Ning or fair price, but do not want the kind of local residents and foreign enterprises, the same under higher fees fair.Or, that the higher fees itself is not fair. And that the higher fees, should become the object of anti-monopoly.Why do you say that? Because of the toll fee, is essentially a monopoly charges, which embodied not only have a certain monopoly in these Luqiao in the region, more is that these charges are the result of administrative license. The reality is that, Chinese Luqiao toll is significantly higher. According to the national development and Reform Commission and other agencies released data, 2013 China total social logistics costs amounted to 10.2 yuan, total social logistics costs accounted for 18% of GDP. This ratio is higher than the American, Japan and Germany about 9.5 percentage points, higher than the global average of about 6.5 percentage points. Chinese logistics cost is high, seriously affecting the economy overall operating efficiency and benefit. Why some areas will be introduced “local half price”? In fact, they also found that the logistics cost is too high, want to promote local economic growth through such means, and some industry development, but also is not willing to give up the high charge vested interest, local protectionism obvious. As for the local enterprises and local residents have to point the “benefits”, but is a bit of good. At the national level, the high logistics cost of anti monopoly, is the most of the development and Reform Commission do. Fu Keyou Chengdu.

Parents of children of senior high school entrance examination can be added to blood donation,prop nut blood donation to apply for a driver’s license should be a two child family, to sign the letter of commitment for ligation,halfen frimeda documents to the designated place before filming marriage certificate…… These seemingly unrelated things, by some administrative departments forcibly bundled together, many people feel so helpless: “binding type management” in the end is convenient or add? (in September 28th, “the Beijing News”)The so-called “binding type management”, i.e. a condition is the premise to meet another condition, and even the original many unrelated things together, to achieve a specific management objective. Among them there is no lack of reasonable purpose, such as to promote voluntary blood donation, but overall are the rights of citizens to interference, is for lazy politics means, achieve the management objective of the clamped condition each other, each other, alternative service to management; including illegal interest impulse, the exercise of public service, public management power and seek private correspondence, such as “eat, take, cards,” and the like, are straight bare bare threat and damage the interests of the masses, breed corruption of power, weakening the efficiency of public service.”Binding type management” is a product of administrative power control dependence, and “all sorts of drawbacks of people reflected in the way the card” will run in the same groove, a lot of social relation, interest relation is simplified to a pure “conditioned” meet, hand made the government social management arm of too long, the management too, on the other; on the one hand makes the alienation of power occurred in the exercise process, into departmental interests and even personal interests tool. “Strong inertia bundled with management”, reflects the social governance structure is onefold, citizens, social organizations to participate in social governance, express interests, participation in public decision-making and supervision of public power is relatively lack, the channel is not sufficient, free from the government management, participation in social life to be managers identity.For example, should apply for a driver’s license, marriage certificate before the initiative of voluntary blood donation, for public welfare nature is good, but by the administrative organ in the name of regulations issued, with mandatory color dominant, again good original intention to let citizens discomfort. On the contrary, if the proposed by social organizations, is clearly more appropriate, not the power of the background, the principle of respecting the rights of voluntary, can achieve the greatest common divisor. For example, some involving explicit illegal provisions of numerous “binding type management”, these Provisions is how to put it? Almost every dispute case, behind can see the executive “power since the award” of the shadow, no association between interest groups and citizen participation, no established procedure constraints, not from the level of laws and regulations enacted by the provisions of the review, can not become the interests of specific tools?Effect a radical cure “of all kinds of chaos bundled management”, the first to break the administration’s thinking, to promote the social management to social management change, from the top design to accelerate the construction of modern public service system. On the one hand, and steadily push forward the reform of government institutions, change the status of each department acting on its own, raise the quality of thin, change approval for service, change control guide. On the other hand, the more the relationship to the society to adjust, power to the society, to fully foster the growth of social organizations, promote social micro autonomous, let the society organises social undertakings. The second is to endow the people to participate in social governance, democratic decision-making, democratic management, democratic supervision, broaden the channels of political participation, and orderly multilayer. Third, to improve the socialist rule of law, establish a government ruled by law, the public power in the system of curing cage, in accordance with the law on the track, to strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the people, to draw power management area. (Mushu Bug)

Author Zhang Xianliang died, mortal and immortal,

In September 27th,prop nut famous writer Zhang Xianliang died of illness at the age of 78.Zhang Xianliang died,steel chamfer triggering the last sad. Then, a surge of emotion hurricane,water stopper wandering between the moment in the crowd. This is a special flavor, mixed with pure memories, mixed with the meaning of ambiguous; with mottled resonance, with thick lyric…… Author Zhang Xianliang Zhang Xianliang, deceased, the ups and downs of life, full of praise or blame the world, life and death, to and fro. At the moment, the pioneer of the text, those sad text, finally to part company each going his own way and its owner. Since then, mortal and immortal, long, only time, people go to the library.The pioneers, broken ban, reflection, criticism, but in the end, Zhang Xianliang is writing. Now, he has passed away, ignited a fierce, belongs to the middle-aged “sentimental nostalgia”. Zhang’s works, there are common suffering that, and there is a scarcity of brave; humiliation, anger, and have a different look and talk. He is “a” of us, is “a special”. The gloomy experience storage, and then to melt, and then the deformation, and made public, and self-evident, Zhang Xianliang is worthy of the name of the classic writers.Zhang Xianliang’s words, is the naked act recklessly and care for nobody, and less circuitous tentative sly. Many are completely gray, and little compromise hee hee sun. Those who have no sunny day, simply let it past hope to become numb, evil — this is the most extreme views on writing, is often the most can excite people’s mind. From the beginning, too many people are convinced that, not all of the years in the past, can be let go. Respect your heart, respect the individual’s experience, is the most loyal attitude towards history. In the hand of Zhang Xianliang, who was an elaborate works, all the most painful memory section records, recording all of the most honest spiritual lineage.No false tolerance, not childish fantasy, not be rather baffling to forgive, not earnestly preaching, enumerating these “no”, not the same as Zhang Xianliang, it seems that it is praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct! In a sense, Zhang Xianliang was a torchbearer, but no group of writers in usual, the so-called ego “sense of mission”. All the time since, he may be unconsciously writing, to the bottom of my heart at sixes and sevens idea in mind, in order to have enough capital to literature market “try your luck”, That’s it? And who can say! The writer, often easy to die, to get cheap great. And this, do not necessarily apply to Zhang Xianliang.From the classic writers, to a successful businessman, Zhang Xianliang cross-border morph, had been given too much interpretation. In fact, this is also why. For Zhang Xianliang, ever by those who be rather baffling imprisonment limit? Since that gray years, can loudly to ironic, to curse. The top of the head “classical writers” in the name, of course can also engage in trade. In fact, follow your heart, is the most Zhang Xianliang life. (natural jade)

Yesterday morning,erection anchor in the city square,halfen channel station, school, community, business and other key regions, from Chengdu City, Anti Terror work leading group to take the lead, for the first time to the public through the prevention of terrorist attacks of common sense. Municipal Standing Committee, the committee secretary, Anti Terror work leading group leader Wang Zhonglin, deputy head of the deputy mayor, City Public Security Bureau, city of Anti Terror work leading group Zuo Zheng to train North Station Plaza propaganda points, and the release of the latest version of “citizens against terrorist attacks to the square of the masses” manual.The reporter saw at the train station plaza, the City Public Security Bureau police Anti Terror detachment combined station masses show professional anti-terrorism emergency disposal equipment, and how to prevent terrorist attacks and citizens to report violent fear cues produced panels, “should be more publicity, we improve the self-protection ability, but also for counter-terrorism work out a force.” Citizen Bruin told reporters. In the Tianfu Square subway station, the city public security bureau public transportation subway Subbureau police issued publicity materials to the subway passengers, passengers and on-site to answer questions.”Today’s activities in order to improve the safety of the public awareness of prevention, in the face of danger can master the basic knowledge of hedge.” Chengdu City, deputy director of the office of terrorism reached army said: “response to the terrorist attacks, the first is to remain calm, explosives such as discovery, should be timely alarm and quickly and orderly evacuation, and try to remember the time, location, the appearance of suspicious objects appear, provide clues to the police. The explosion occurred in the event of subway station, don’t run, should be the nearest concealed or lie down, at the same time looking for shelter to hold the important body part and organ, to stop after the explosion, then quickly and orderly evacuation site.” As the army said, in a brochure lists with terrorist events and risk management measures, and hope that the majority of the public masses can read to learn in my spare time.Yesterday, the city within the scope to prevent terrorist attacks and propaganda activities, the main city district public security bureau also positive action, Qingyang, Jinniu police to carry out propaganda in the square, Wuhou police promotional materials will be sent to the hospital, the Jinjiang police to the scene to explain the Chunxi Road values for the masses to prevent knowledge, Chenghua police propaganda in Wu kuaidan passenger station square, hi tech police into the community carry out publicity.  The latest version of “citizen to prevent terrorist attacks Handbook”Content excerptMeet the axe blade do?1 run fast. See a man with axe blade, don’t stop to watch, discarded belongings, quickly run away.2 to avoid the rapid. Using the side of the building, vehicle, fence, counter object block, dodge blade.3 resist (defence). United in cannot throw away or avoid, others, use to carry goods (handbags, clothes, umbrellas and so on) and readily able to get items (mop, chair, brick and fire extinguishers) resist (defence).The 4 alarm. Call 110: what time, what place, how many people are there in the knives and axes cut basic physical characteristics, the gang murder.5 first aid. Reach the safety zone, timely check for injuries, found injured, the timely implementation of self and mutual rescue.6 after the assistance. Provide active site condition to the police, to assist the police investigation.Meet the driving the vehicle collision rolling terrorist attacks, how to do?1 to avoid the rapid. See the vehicle collision rolled over, to run away to the both sides quickly, avoid the vehicle.The 2 alarm. Dial 110, and make it clear what time, place, vehicles in collision rolling people.3 first aid. Reach the safety zone, timely check for injuries, injuries shall be timely found self rescue.4 after the assistance. Provide active site condition to the police, to assist the police investigation.How do meet arson terrorist attack on a bus?The 1 emergency fire extinguishing. To inform the driver loudly.2 get off quickly. Open the door and escape window, in order get off quickly.3 first aid. Take the right way the fire in time, timely help others put out the fire of body clothes, and assist medical personnel to rescue, carrying the wounded.4 to assist in the investigation. Objective to describe in detail the police see the situation.Citizen found explosives or aware of terrorism related clues, through the following ways to report:Call “110″ alarm call report;To the public security organs to the police report;Report to the public security organs through the Internet (Web site: http://www.cdnet110.com);Report to the public security organs through letters. (reporter Feng Kui Li Min Zhang Quanneng)

“I love the five-star red flag, because it is by the blood of martyrs red.” This is the first lesson when each of us learned.When the Ching Ming,ledger blade school organization we always came to the cemetery of revolutionary martyrs. Childhood we don’t completely understand, those in the cold stone of black and white photos of what it means to. We only remember the teacher said,BFD coupler they are the greatest people. We silently offer to do their own small white flowers, we remember the martyrs cemetery in Magnolia always white make people respect.We grow up day by day, marry and settle down, as parents, when we with life, we truly understand, the life is precious enough to make people forget everything.Enjoy life to all our happiness, we are afraid of a little injury painful to us, we live with great care. It is difficult to think of the great teachers said, think of the martyrs cemetery photos.However, when danger comes, when the mob attack, when flooded, when the earthquake ruthless, when countless people again by his own life, writing the hero story, crouching in the corner of life we should understand — there is a thing called the sacrifice, there is a person called martyrs.In September 30, 2014, this is since the founding of 65 years the first memorial day, which is on the 20000000 heroes Memorial, this is awakening to the 1300000000 person.A hero of the nation, is a sad nation; a hero of the nation, but do not know how to respect, to commemorate the nation, is also a sad nation.Once in the four eight Yanan martyrs cemetery, see the Martyrs Monument says “to die for the people is a glorious death”, the nine characters in the white marble monument on the live soul.In this era of glory for wealth will be distorted, martyrs tell us what is the eternal glory, that of sacrifice for the people, for the faith and heroic.China people’s Volunteer Army 39jun deputy commander Wu Guozhang martyr’s son Wu Jizhang said, set up a memorial day as the establishment of an invisible the monument to the people’s heroes, will become a carrier of Chinese blood legend.If living is the need of life, then the sacrifice is the meaning of life beyond time. We should tell our children from generation to generation, there is a world of people is the most great: they dare to use their own life in exchange for peace, happiness, and hope, they prove that life can be immortal in the spirit.Mr. Lu Xun said: the rebellious warriors for the earth; he stands, everything has changed the existing insights into ruins and grave, remember all the deep and long suffering, face all overlapping sedimentation coagulation, knowing that everything is dead, birth, will be born and unborn.Life and death is the destiny of man swings, but great people let life has meaning, let the dead have a value. Because of the dead, only to be born, as the dead of winter brewing in the spring of life, the birth of the glory exists in the heroic death.When our country forward in the history of the river, we need heroes will need more noble, the understanding of life. For living conditions to grow up “new generation”, the courage to sacrifice is a too distant expression. However, we still need a hero of the nation. The spirit of sacrifice to the will of the state show heroes, except on the expression of the martyrs of the respect and miss, it is important to arouse the national spirit of heroism.”Us and come, we will die a martyr. The ultimate judgment, the source of blood is to sacrifice soldiers, soldiers of the soul is a martyr.” This is written to a soldier in the article.We live in the martyrs, create faith.Martyrs, live in our hearts forever monument. (SHA)

“The scene of the accident,erection anchor the vehicle retrograde Lianzhuang three car just stopped.Yesterday morning 9 when, North Road,lifting clutches Jiangbei District Jiahua bridge direction to a car accident: a Changan car driving suddenly lane departure,adjustable base jack more line to the reverse direction lane. The taxi. The oncoming late collision to Changan car, the rear car to brake in time, causing the car 4 successive collision accidents, 5 people were injured.Changan car owners Mr. Deng live in Jiangbei District, found in the morning to go out, from work time clocked up soon. He quickly drove toward the North Road, unit catch.”A road or a little fast speed.” Mr. Deng said, when he drove to the north from the Pan Xi Bin Lu direction. Suddenly, on the bridge, a pair of sunglasses continue sliding the bumps. His left hand to pull the steering wheel to the right, the body tilt, right hand down to touch the sunglasses. “I didn’t notice at the time, the car’s direction of travel had been tilted.”At this time, the taxi driver master Zhao, it took passengers from the North Road, towards the direction of panxi. Zhao said that the master, just below the car came to Jiahua bridge, happens — a black car on the opposite lane high-speed coming towards him. He hurried to the right to change, in the body just inclined past, retrograde car bumped his head on a taxi left side. Taxi instant control, four or five turns in the road, slip out of 10 meters to stop.At this point, the rear of the car Buick taxi quickly braked hedge, but it was too late. Runaway retrograde Changan cars have been bumped up. In the event of a collision with the side of the vehicle, and rushed back. Buick driver through the rearview mirror to see, this runaway car out of Changan more than 10 meters, and crashed into a Changan van stopped.”Looks like a movie scene at the time, did not expect to happen to you, good good oh.” Buick car driver said.Officers told the Chongqing evening news reporter, found that they arrived at the scene, Buick car is a woman is a card, they dismantling car will rescue the people. This accident has a total of 4 car collision, 5 people were injured. Then, 120 the ambulance arrived at the scene, the victim to the hospital.Subsequently, the Chongqing evening news reporters came to the City twelfth people’s Hospital Department of orthopedics. Miss Liu was a passenger in a taxi. She said, she sits in the copilot position at the time, saw the black Changan car blunt come over, oneself also not Huanguo to God, it was instant pop-up airbag cover, until the doctor arrived to just return to god.During the interview, the driver Mr. Deng hurried to the hospital to every wounded apology: “I was really is in a hurry to go to work, I’m really sorry to everybody.”Mr. Deng said, although he is 30 years old this year, but there have been more than 11 years, is an old driver. Traffic accident is that the. “This low-level mistakes, I really can’t believe it myself.” He told reporters, the morning be sleepy straws., oneself also not clear, bent down to pick up the glasses an accident, he is willing to bear all the responsibility. (Chongqing evening news reporter Chen Lin reported the direction of photography)

Yesterday morning, in the children’s Hospital, still full of infusion of Li let mom and dad holding their own to see the scenery.- NewsIs to find the missing 4 days after the 2 and a half years old boy in Xinmi Wu Si Li, in the children’s Hospital in Zhengzhou, 8 days after the commencement of rehabilitation hospital.Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou evening news reporter first saw out of the intensive care room full of Lee, although still lose a liquid, full of Li is very happy, because the mother was holding his right hand, his father holding his left hand.A family of three storms reunion pictures, is so warm.For missing the days of experience, full of Li from time to time to recall and the mother said, at that time, he heard outside parents shout his name, “I want to call my mom and Dad, can not let the name ‘aunt’, also hit me on my feet and hips”.He also told her mother, that “aunt” and gave him a drink, drink, “stomach ache”.At present, this police still further investigation.The basic body well, love Lee returned to the embrace of her mother”The doctor wears a stethoscope, listened to this location.” Yesterday morning, Wu Sili’s mother Li Yaqiong was sitting up in bed happily gesture the position of the heart, “then the doctor said ‘it’s OK, you can discharge from hospital’.”Wu Si Lee Jung on the first floor to play, with a printed “bald” balloon ran, remove the reservation needle head, looks no different from ordinary children.”All inspection indicators have been normal, we finished this needle is ready to check out.” The 5 floor hallway in the hospital bed, Wu Sili’s father Wu Yanfeng while feeding a son chocolate beans aside to let son “called uncle, aunt”.The little guy shyly gave a little cry “aunt” sideways, then glanced at his bed a bag of chocolate beans. “Are you! No one with you!” Everybody laughing.Remove the reservation needle head, full of Lee’s hands still swollen. “You did not come a few days ago, that a few days of hands or feet swollen like bear the same!” Li Yaqiong said, “bear’s paw is not finger is very short in that area have a great palm.”She took out a diagnosis to find doctors prescribe medication, although can’t see Wu Si Li doctor, but another female doctors succeeded to Wu Si Li opened the oral drug for one week, “the liver index was also a bit high, will be back in a week to review.” The doctor ordered.”5 bags of water every day we hanging, hanging 4 bags today as long as it is good.” Wu Yanfeng said, “two in the afternoon drive to pick us up relatives.”Mother: “I only want to ask him, why so hard for children”"In fact, he still will make, nightmares woke up at night.” In the Wu Yanfeng holding full Li came to the ward, Li Yaqiong said, the hospital was to Wu Si Li arrange ward, “into a ward, Si Li will make, would not stay in the closed room.”But, they have placed a bed in the hallway, “make us at a loss, no way, I also do not know how to should do”.Do you think children are now the “trouble” and had “lost” a relationship? The reporter asked.”It must be! He must have abused children!” Cried Li Yaqiong, although the child back now, catch catch (suspect), she felt not so important, “but, if caught, I just want to ask them, why the kids so hard?” ”I wanted to call, but don’t let that aunt, also hit me on my feet and hips”Indeed, the reporter notices, Wu Si Li in the open place state of mind is indeed better than in the closed room a lot, even in the more open corridor, full of Lee’s eyes will not stop rotating, observation of nearby people and objects, do not know what he was thinking.”The police yesterday came, and asked questions, but children still relatively inconsistent, sometimes you ask him he instead said.” Li Yaqiong said, “but, he told police the details of a very important.”"I heard my parents shouted ‘Wu Si Li’, Grandpa and aunt took me upstairs.” Wu Si Li told the police.Wu Si Li also said: “I heard my parents call me, I want to ask, do not let that aunt, also hit me on my feet and hips.” Then, the aunt gave him to drink, drink, “after, my stomach ache.”Li Yaqiong speculated that, had taken away the child where people live, was once the police and the Wu family focused searched.”My son turned 40 years old of above men are called ‘God’, as long as the hair is not white women will shout ‘aunt’.” Li Yaqiong said, although it still failed to directly describe took Wu Si Li people’s appearance, but would greatly reduce the search range.Li Yaqiong thinks, want to catch took children who still need time, “but with the Wu Si Li discharge and the state of the recovery, the day is not far away”.”I made a mistake, you also want to make?”Although the walk away with the children who have not caught, but the reflection resulting should start.Wu Si Li Waipo told reporters: “the child’s disappearance, we send out the message, hope to provide clues, but why not let my son-in-law to answer the phone? Because many calls not to provide clues, is to scold his. So I can only call her (Wu Si Li mother) brother answered the phone.”Wu Si Li lost, father Wu Yanfeng really made a big mistake. Parents will result in consequences children alone in the car, the other place had happened. In 2013 March in Changchun, a supermarket at the entrance, Zhou Xijun stole the supermarket boss couples car. Supermarket couple for sellers to busy, a few months old children in the car. The escape Road, hear the child crying, Zhou Xijun stopped the car will be the children kill.In Zhengzhou a few days, Wu Yanfeng see come to visit relatives in the hospital, the first sentence is: “the children asked where?” The other replied in the floor to get off, Wu Yanfeng angrily pulled relatives hand downstairs, “my mistakes you want to make?!”It seems, Wu Yanfeng learned, I hope other parents will not commit this mistake! (Zhengzhou evening news reporter Lu Yan Intern Li Zhongming / Wen Zhouyong / chart)

Reporters today from the morning of the city track transportation construction management company was informed that, Metro Line 6 phase two,ferrule insert the eastern section of line 7 and line 14 has been fully started no-load test run, plans in November to enter the run chart (train diagram) trial operation.By the end of this year,fixing socket three lines will be officially put into operation.  The eastern section of No. 14 line  All the decoration has been completed 85%Through the center city, in a reverse “L” to the metro line 14 in the park during the Expo has opened the western section, at the end of this year will be opened in Jintai Road station to Wangjing area in the eastern sector, including Jintai Road station, Chaoyang Park Station, station, Beiqiao station, Dongfeng Zaoying Taiwan Gaojiayuan station, station, Jingshun Road station, Fu through the west station, Wangjing station, East Lake station, station, good, Qu Ge Zhuang station consists of 12 stations, of which Wangjing Jintai Road station, station implementation and existing line 6, line 15 transfer. And the office of major introduction, Chaoyang Park Station, due to Gaojiayuan station is not fully functional without opening, the train will not stop by.The city track transportation construction management company three Center Deputy General Manager Tian Guiyan introduction, the eastern section of No. 14 line has been test run in September 20th, entered the stage of comprehensive debugging. At present, the eastern section of No. 14 line is still the remaining 3 entrance and 2 emergency evacuation export structure, program in October 10 completed, the remaining affiliated structure has been completed, all the decoration engineering completed about 85%, equipment installation and commissioning completed 80%.”Distance opened only 3 months time, remaining work is still large, the situation is grim.” Tian Guiyan mentioned, a portion of each station entrance and the remaining decoration, electrical and mechanical equipment installation and debugging are being stepped up, is expected at the end of 11 fully completed.  In November 5 recently run chartToday and tomorrow, 10 stations east will open will be realized in the next phase of the operation, will gradually take over the work. It is understood, the operation unit state is divided into three batches, the first batch of: good Zhuang station, Jintai Road station; the second batch of Calligonum camp, Beiqiao: Dongfeng, Laiguangying station; the third batch of: (including Chaoyang Park Station) Taiwan, Jingshunlu, Fu, Wangjing, Western East Lake canal station, before 30 October to all completed operating units to take over the work.”According to the plan, the eastern section of line 14 will be on November 5th move forward into the run chart trial operation, 5 minutes to run chart run chart, vehicles of not more than 20 columns.”  Relevant  Line No. 14 middle open next year  Two things will still be operatingIn addition, the reporter also learned, line 14, the end of next year plans to open the middle. However, because there are 4 km “breakpoint”, the whole line will continue piecewise operation state of things.According to the preliminary planning, the middle line No. 14 has two kinds: one kind is from the operation schemes of Jintai Road station opened to train reentry conditions on Lok Lam station, about 12 km long, ensure that passengers can change with 5 lines in Puhuangyu Station; or to continue West to open right outside the station, about 16 km long, in the realization of Beijing South Railway Station and line 4 transfer. But the latter means the station through the left can only stand the Taoranting Park bridge, and later reformation project is huge and even the need to train a temporary outage.No matter what kind of plan, line 14 by the end of next year will be the things piecewise operation pattern, namely west station to station operations of Zhang Guozhuang West, east from the Lok Lam station or right outside the station directly to the Wangjing area of good coal station.  Line No. 7  In November 1st across the board run chart trial operationMetro Line 7 is an important route from west to east across a South City area, contact the north-south traffic artery, a total of 21 stations, including the Beijing West Railway Station, sub station, Wan Da Guan Ying station, Guanganmen station, Caishikou station in the mouth of Pearl City, Hu Fangqiao station, station, Bay Bridge station, magnetic device Kou station, station, Anqumen Guangqumen station, Shuangjing station, JiuLongShan Railway Station, station, station Dajiaoting chemical, Nan Lou Zi Zhuang station, Happy Valley area station, Fatou station, Shuang he Cun, coking plant, station station. The Da Guan Ying station, Caishikou station, the mouth of Pearl City station, Ciqikou station, Shuangjing station, JiuLongShan Railway Station transfer station respectively, and line 16, line 4, line 8, line 5, line 10, line 14 to achieve transfer.It is understood, line 7 has begun to test run in September 20th, has entered the stage of comprehensive debugging. Currently the No. 7 line 70 entrance, 53 have been completed, the completion of 76%, remaining affiliated structure plan in October 30 days before the completion of civil engineering structure. Renovation completed 100% stations along the line, the first operation state of each station using the entrance decoration basically completed.According to the plan, line 7 will be carried out across the board run chart trial operation in November 1st, according to a 3 minute running chart, according to the run chart run chart in November 20th opening of trial operation.  Take 9, 4, 5 line program has been setLine No. 7 “south window decoration to rhyme” as the main design concept. Among them, “window” — carrying Cheng Nan culture, contact now, show the future; “Rhyme” — the connotation of local human, personality identification, common unity.At present, three transfer scheme 7 lines have been identified: Beijing West Railway Station and 9 lines can achieve “turned to transfer”; Caishikou station and line 4 is “office to office” transfer through the transfer channel; on line 7 and line 5, Ciqikou station in the shape of “T”. And the 10 Line Shuangjing station transfer scheme, according to the previous introduction, relevant departments are studying the specific transfer mode.City rail transportation related to the person in charge, Metro Line 7 Shuangjing station and the transfer channel, currently under construction, to the end of the year before the opening will have the transfer condition. It is understood, 7 lines in the north and south sides of the establishment of a transfer hall, can with the Shuangjing line to achieve change.Line 6 phase twoAll the decoration has been completed 90%Line 6 phase two line from one phase of the project end cottage station east end, east along the Chaoyang Road north end, Dong Xiao Ying station. Line 6, phase two consists of 8 stations, from west to East is the material College Station, Beiguan station, Xinhua Street station, Yudai River Street station, convention and Exhibition Center Station, Hao Jia Fu Station, East Metro station and Dong Xiao Ying station, which Xinhua Street station and the Convention and Exhibition Center Station by the end of the opening will dump station.Section and the metro line 14, line 6 phase two began in September 20th test run, has entered the stage of comprehensive debugging. The current line 6 phase two still remaining Xinhua Street station integration developed by field estate generation built 3 entrance and 3 emergency evacuation export structure has not yet been completed, the remaining stations affiliated structure has been completed, all the decoration engineering completed about 90%, equipment installation and commissioning completed 95%.In addition, Dong Xiao Ying vehicle due to ultra high pressure tower change effect, by the end of two the period after the opening, the depot will be temporarily can not use. Therefore, in the 6 lines first phase five bridge depot near the construction of a parking lot for two period 20 train park.  Yanjiao commuters may become a passenger flowFourth project management center of city track transportation construction management company deputy chief engineer Zhao Yuangen introduction, line 6, the two phase of the project started in November 1st to run chart trial operation, 23 trains in 3 minutes to run chart, with 6 lines first phase matching.Is expected to line 6 phase two opened, the current peripheral facilities, community focused on the characteristics, material institute, Yudai River Street Station passenger flow will be relatively concentrated. In addition, living in Yanjiao commuters will also become the main flow line 6 phase two. “6 lines first phase after the opening, we found, carpooling to the thatched cottage station take Metro citizens not small proportion. The two phase of Dong Xiao Ying station opened, there may be living in Yanjiao, but in Beijing the people who work the carpool ride the subway. (reporter Zhao Yingying)

Yesterday afternoon 5 when Xu, small boats a serious overloading, hurricane on the Liuyang river water, the driver because of suspected a distraction caused boats and Liuyang River Bridge Pier occurs after out of scratch, then hit another one next to the pier, 3 men sitting in the boat before the unfortunate drowning, a man drowning missing. Until ten thirty last night reporters, salvaging personnel have rushed to the scene to salvage operations. The marine, marine police department is investigating.Incident is located at the eastern end of the Liuyang evening news Avenue in the river under the bridge, the reporter saw at the scene, the accident boat is divided into two regions, the front 2 seats, the back is 3 bits, squeeze it, barely able to seat 4 people. The front area is located in the boat heads protruding parts, although very narrow, but still set enclosed leather seats in a semicircle, rest is very low, the handle is also very inconspicuous, planted hidden dangers. In the front left the boat rubbed off obvious signs. A staff member said, the sail and were under investigation, and the boat is certainly no formalities.Boaters friends said, “including adults and children, the ship was a total of 12 people, 3 front, 9 rear. Kong Dong (sound) sailed from downstream to upstream, accidentally colliding with the north pier in the middle, the ship out of control, on the south side of the pier and crashed into the adjacent, 3 people crowded in front of the fell into the water. Fang, drowning 38 years old appearance, height 1 meters 65.” According to its introduction, the crash boat a top speed of 80 kilometers, “listen to him (boaters) himself, was turned back toward the back look, distracted.” It is understood, in addition to a drowning man, and a man’s head was injured. (reporter Liu Jun)