Media: can’t take the national traditional art to throw to the market

Now, in many parts of the national art performance troupes is pushed to the market, in the state of distress: performance, due to high fares are not accepted by the market and the audience are few; lower fares, even the cost of inputs may not be returned; do not show, troupes would lose significance of existence.This is all about money. The loss of financial support of the national art troupes have a tough time of it, not only the performance in trouble, even the culture and art talent inheritance has become a problem.Taking Gansu performing arts group as an example, this year it is getting a Lanzhou bank support, to carry out “Huimin Lanzhou bank” the sound performance year activity: performing arts group organization under the 7 troupes in turn launched nearly 20 years of excellent programs in the national award winning a total of 55 units, including opera, play, music, the fares at 10 to 20 yuan, a loss in part by the Lanzhou bank subsidies. This attempt whether the results of cooperation between the two sides, heart is not the end, but the results beyond all expectations: watch the show Lanzhou people enthusiasm, 126 performances, the full field, hard to get a vote, or even provoke the cattle of the party.This is really the gander, Huimin show years incredibly thus became a cultural feast in Lanzhou, became a successful Gansu entertainment industry development exploration.Lanzhou Huimin show the unpopular explanation, though great changes have taken place in public entertainment, but for the national traditional art still has a wide range of needs, especially wonderful live performances. But, the fare factors become an obstacle, and corporate sponsorships to break this barrier, so that the two can be close to. About a young audience after the show: “I used to think of the national art not good-looking, live performances as well at home and watch TV, as Internet; but to the site a look, just know national art we too beautiful too wonderful, the atmosphere and the effects of live performance is watch TV on the Internet than!” One parent said: “take the child to come to the show, the children of the national traditional art is like, this is very good for children to patriotism and national spirit.”Participate in Huimin actors have finally found the display stage, the audience by all the passionate pursuit. The intentions of the exquisite art, performance, in turn, moved the audience. Many times, performance hall continuous applause, thundering roar, a curtain call actors can not have become the norm, so that an encore. With the rapid development of the Internet today, it can not be said to be returning to the scene. On the Bank of Lanzhou has been enthusiastic about public welfare, equal to find a new path for corporate social responsibility.However, this is just a huge small landscape China society, the overall situation of the national traditional art is not optimistic. Just imagine, other places if there is no enterprise of Lanzhou bank such sponsorship, what would happen?Of course, the market economy is the route one must take, any industry can expect to stay out of the market; but on the other hand, also can’t take the concept of the market absolutely, for a country, not what things can be pushed to the market. Take the national culture, it is like a person’s name, no market transaction. Even in market economy highly developed countries, the traditional song and dance art is not fully market-oriented.In fact, in the global boom, the revival of national culture has become an associated tendency. This is not accidental. Because, in the context of globalization, only the precious national emotion to find the place, the earth will not become a tedious world. From this point of view, ethnic culture and art value is to be beyond all doubt. Although the young people on the traditional national culture and art interest Guadan, but with the development of national economy, people’s life become richer, Chinese probably renewed interest in traditional future. The problem is, valuable art form must be passed on to that time, otherwise all the impossible.Therefore, the inheritance is our generation’s responsibility, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, some local governments have started to purchase service mode of the traditional ethnic art performance subsidies. Hope that this support from the case, single, temporary measures, can gradually become common, multiple level, institutional guarantee. Lin Zhibo

As in the whole society to create a good atmosphere of donor, the general office of Hangzhou Municipal People’s government recently issued “to carry out the” implementation opinions save around “activities (Draft)” in the provisions,prop nut hematopoietic stem cell donor life from clinical blood use cost.It is understood, hematopoietic stem cell donors in addition to my life from blood for clinical use and costs, their spouses, parents and children lifelong according to not more than 800 milliliters of blood from blood for clinical use and costs for. To the families of the donors, to give a one-time funding for humanitarian sympathy 200020000 yuan / person. In addition, according to the provisions of the enjoyment of economic applicable housing, public rental housing (low rent housing) security related policies, in public rental housing (low rent housing) security into priority coverage.According to the implementation of the views of the draft, the cornea donation, body will enjoy the humanitarian aid and honor. To comply with the relevant conditions difficult donor family can enjoy a one-time funding humanitarian sympathy 500020000 element.In addition, the draft also stipulates, the Red Cross ambulance on-site emergency rescue and the rescue success will depend on the circumstances to give recognition and rewards, particularly in the civil service and public institutions to recruit, under the same conditions can be given priority of admission. Enjoy the talent policy, under the same conditions may be preferred. (reporter Shang Yi Ying)

16 afternoon, the sea Sau Road vehicle change,pfeifer VS box the compaction line. Reporter Zhang Junqi perturbationHaikou city traffic police department set up in the city’s 30 at the junction of the HD electric police,swivel coupler the city will be on each traffic lane of traffic violations to closely monitor, vehicle compaction lines connect Haikou owners rarely encountered phenomenon, will also be captured punishment.However, reporters last visited found, some owners to Haikou enabled HD electric police did not know about, and the vehicle compaction line lane changing phenomenon still exist.  Visit  The compaction line phenomenon is widespread15 days, Haikou traffic police department published the 30 junction set HD electric alarm, police can not only capture HD electric vehicle running the red light, can also be used to capture the vehicle doesn’t enter into the guide guide lane, lane change lanes, after compaction line and other illegal acts, this also means that our city was candid punishment for vehicle compaction line the illegal act.16 to 17 days for two consecutive days, the reporter visited the city many traffic trunk found, vehicles entering the guide lanes after change lanes, the compaction line and other illegal acts is still widespread, many owners said to HD electric alarm enabled and ignorance. In 16 days, Zhu Yun Lu and Hongcheng Lake Road intersection, a van is parked. Waiting for the light, see fewer vehicles in adjacent lanes, then press the solid line to the adjacent lane. “Master, you don’t know the compaction line to be captured?” “Didn’t snap, then should pay attention to.” The car driver Zhang said on the HD electric police enabled a thing is not to know.  The owner  There are constraints to drive more carefullyReporter visits the discovery, some informed the driver said, there are constraints drove more carefully. The taxi driver character Master said, and he was 15 days early in the morning to see the Haikou enabled HD electric alarm message, colleagues have breakfast together also in discussing the matter, everybody also said that after the car to be more cautious, accidentally caught fear of fine, a hard day’s work in vain.Because once the other vehicles change lanes and compaction line hit the driver of the car Xiao Hu also think, on the road traffic illegal control more strictly is necessary. “The compaction line, chaos on the road to change road cars are everywhere, and sometimes just drive the car will also be illegal vehicles scratch, not only the existence of security risks and a waste of time, really should use more powerful means to control.” Small nonsense, he also suggested that the traffic police departments should increase the illegal capture traffic propaganda, thus forming the deterrent effect. (reporter Zhao Sha)

17 journalists from the Inner Mongolia Power Company was informed that,BFD coupler at present, Inner Mongolia power grid wind power installed capacity reached 11396210 kilowatts, ranking first in the country,adjustable base jack the PV installed capacity of 1349250 kilowatts.Western Inner Mongolia is renewable and clean energy power generation in China is developing rapidly in the area. At present, the Inner Mongolia power grid wind power control technology and entered the world, highly America National Center for atmospheric research get wind power dispatching system. At the same time, the Inner Mongolia Power Company made a number of innovative achievements in the grid connected wind power technology, access to 5 national patents.In order to improve the power grid to absorb wind power ratio, maximum limit reduces the wind “abandon wind” phenomenon, Inner Mongolia continuously optimizing the operation of power network, improve the wind power dispatch and management level, and actively develop wind power heating project, increase the area electricity load, the use of existing power transmission channel to develop wind power transmission transaction.2013 year, Inner Mongolia power grid wind power generating capacity of 21977000000 kwh, to maintain the first.Inner Mongolia wind total reserves occupies the first place of our country, the amount of technology can be developed 150000000 kilowatts, accounting for about 50% of the national land, is one of China’s wind power industry development earlier provinces. At present, the National Energy Bureau in Inner Mongolia has been planning for the country’s 7 10 million kilowatts of wind power base of. (reporter Yu Jia)

China News AgencyXining on 17 November, (Luo Yunpeng) “in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau northeast tiger gave birth to four babies and can be fully healthy survival is rare,lifting anchor we decided to turn to a global levy”,wavy tail anchor the 17 day, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wild zoo deputy director Qi Xinzhang told reporters.Northeast tiger, also known as the Siberia tigers, is extant in the world largest cats carnivorous animal, the last century because of habitat ecological environment and poachers hunting, the number of current world wild tiger population at about 500, is China animal protection at the national level and was included in the international trade in endangered species Convention (appendix CITES) in 2008, USA website, “life science” be rated as “one of the world’s ten most endangered species of rare animal”.It is understood, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wild zoo in 2008 from Zhejiang to Ningbo zoo introduced Amur tiger, and the beginning of artificial breeding in 2011, the park, raising a total of 14 Siberian tigers, including adult tiger 6, minor 2, Cub 6.The Qinghai Tibet Plateau wild zoo keeper Yuan Hui introduced the beast area, these four baby tiger parents department in the park 14 year old male tiger “big head” and a 6 year old female tiger “flower”. At present, a male three female four tiger baby weight at 7.5 kg, height 40 cm, height 20 cm.”The global levy time will start from November 17th to the end of November 24th, for a week, the collection name need to be creative and significance, in addition to the tiger baby blessing, it should highlight the baby tiger birthplace of regional culture and history, and to highlight the tiger baby lovely and lively and characteristics,” Qi Xinzhang said.Qi said the new chapters, to a global levy mainly through the Xining wild zoo micro-blog, Micro message and e-mail:Xndwyyxb@126.comTo wait for a variety of network, the collection name must be simplified Chinese characters, and cannot exceed 4 characters, named submitted that when its meaning, sign name after the screening of 5 group was the most popular candidate name released in the garden network platform and open vote. (end)

The rescued the boy15 days afternoon 15 when, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, dry red second primary school a seven years old boy because playing carelessly, head stuck in the crack of the wall can not move after the alarm, firefighters rushed to the scene to save.Fifteen nine, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of the Yangpu, sees the narrow wall cracks, the little boy’s head was firmly stuck, the little boy with emotion, do not stop crying. After half an hour of effort, the little boy was rescued, and handed over to the 120 medical personnel at the scene.According to the surrounding masses is introduced, the boy is talking with my classmates in the play, put the toys into the cracks in the wall, the little boy to hand pick up the cracks in the wall inside the toy, the head was unexpected in the cracks in the wall between the card. Several classmates play after seeing this, immediately tell the teacher, the teacher immediately call 119 for help. Fortunately, the boy just face by skin trauma, no big deal. (Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Hu Chengyong Qi Yong correspondent)

Liu Haohao body II third degree of large area burn.Recently, Xiangfang District cottage night fire, a family of four with three people burned to varying degrees,cast in sockets of which 12 year old boy, Liu Haohao learned at school because the fire escape knowledge escaped, but the body a large area burn.  In the middle of the night by a dog barking wake  The house surrounded by fireYesterday, the reporter saw a city in burn wards of fifth hospitals, Liu Haohao and his father Liu Zhijian lay in a ward, Liu Haohao’s legs, left hand and head wrapped in bandages, his father’s right leg, hands and head are severe burns.Liu Zhijian told the reporters, they are a family of four from Anhui Guoyang County, in Jiangxi sea and Taishan road junction rented a cottage, he usually waste collection, the wife in the street when the cleaning staff, two children in the new primary school reading.9 days of evening 11 o’clock, one family has long been asleep suddenly being the house dog barking woke up, he saw the house on fire, while greeting his wife hurriedly take children to run outside, side picked up the indoor two bucket of water over the fire wood Pan duo and several bags of plastic bottles, but no work for, he picked up a fire extinguisher fire, but still unable to control the blaze.  The school teaches the fire escape  Let the children escapedNow the little daughter to wife ran back to a safe place is the fire of Liu Zhijian said, the son of Liu Haohao is still in the house did not come out. Liu Zhijian soon found a broken bed quilt, on the quilt and poured a bucket of water, and then wrapped in quilts rushed into the house. At that time the house of wires have been blown, the house was dark, Liu Zhijian shouted: son, where are you? I heard the child’s answer, Liu Zhijian snatched up the child out the door to run, but the fire is too large, the body has caught fire, the house a lot of smoke, makes him out of breath, just ran to the door down, by his wife and children and the neighbors will he pulled it out, then be sent to the hospital. He have a lingering fear that the puppy, chokes to death, son in the school because of learned knowledge of the fire escape to escape.Liu Haohao said, two days before the school just had a fire evacuation drills, the house is on fire, he will be a wet rag exercises with conveniently pulled out from the bag, in the above poured a cup of water to cover your mouth and nose, squatting on the ground, wait for my father to save yourself.  Small great area burn  The school teachers and students of Juan WanyuanDuring the interview, the reporter saw Liu Haohao’s mother’s head and hands were burned, in the face of sudden catastrophes and the cost of treatment of children in the future, a trial of strength to cry. Liu Haohao’s mother said, the cost of treatment has spent more than 10 million yuan, is from Anhui their hometown relatives borrowed, also a lot of follow-up treatment costs, but it is difficult to come up with money, in order to save money, was burned she only change medicine two times, she and love to discuss, two people are not ready to re treatment the full treatment, Liu Haohao.According to Liu Haohao’s doctor, Liu Haohao belongs to the second degree and third degree of systemic large area burn, the father of deep second degree burn. Recently, the doctor has done operation for Liu Haohao’s left hand and both feet.According to Liu Haohao’s class teacher Jiang Tao said, Liu Haohao learning achievement is good, usually very willing to help others. That he was burned after the news, new primary school all the teachers and some students have donated 12800 yuan, some parents know this matter is also active in the running, the hope can contribute to the treatment of Liu Haohao. (new evening news reporter Zhang Wei Kang Fuzhu)

Yesterday (16 days) at about ten forty, Hedong District Hua Jie Road,lifting clutches a street pet hospital fire. The fire caused the store 2 people were burned,lifting anchor 10 cat the dog died.The fire is the pet hospital Yuyang Garden Building 9, following a deshang. Reporters on the scene saw smoke rising, rising from the pet hospital. At this time, more than ten fire truck has arrived at the scene, the ground has picked up a long hose, firefighters the fire emergency. Hua Jie Dao field serious traffic congestion.The reporter saw, a big facial burns. According to Uncle introduced, he is the pet hospital owner, was circuit problems caused by fire, he tried to rescue, but because the tap water slide is smaller, not self rescue success, another man he and shops and burned.The smoke caused great obstacles to the fighting of firefighters, until about eleven twenty, there are still a lot of smoke coming out from. In the process of fire fighting, fire fighters from the shop to rob two liquefied gas tank, avoid greater danger. Finally, after firefighters nearly an hour of efforts, the fire was finally under control, but the store more than a dozen cats dogs to death. 12, firefighters evacuated. (evening news reporter Guo Hanqing)

This morning about ten thirty, Jiangdong Road especially congestion is located in downtown Yiwu,scaffolding clamps near the Parkin block, a silver van suddenly caught fire……See the fire more and more fierce, four black skin crowd foreign young man rushed to the front. Some of them holding a red fire extinguisher, some holding water to spray to the fire. The fire soon has been controlled, won time for the arrival of firefighters.Yiwu eighteen cavity forum netizen Hu Shengxia was at the scene, according to his description, was “a Wuling minivan spontaneous combustion, billowing smoke, flames, tires were burned with a muffled explosion”.He recalled: “at a time when many people in the crowd, everyone just started be at a loss what to do, but in this time, a group of foreign friends rushed out of the building, holding a fire extinguisher and water regardless of the danger to the small van rushed over, of course, also we Chinese fire”.Yiwu fire brigade 2 minutes arrived, in the fire lad that withdraws from “the battlefield”, then the fire fighters will fire completely extinguished, van has been burned to a shell “”.”The fire brigade as they went, listen to them talk as if not in English”, Hu Shengxia took Zhang Heying back to them.In the post below, Zhejiang online reporter saw several comments — the netizen Kuril Luxuries said “positive energy full ah, 32 Zan”, netizens Misaka 10032 said “brave the foreign friends, you are great! The construction of beauty of Yiwu is little not you”. (trainee reporter Li Peng Zhejiang online correspondent Hu Shengxia)

In new networkZhengzhou on 17 November, (reporter menjiedan) in November 17th,cuplock scaffolding the Henan cancer girl Fan Huixiang and Yu Haining Shandong small attention to hold the wedding ceremony in the hospital,ringlock scaffolding many people love and the media and the relatives and friends together to witness this sweet moment to share weal and woe. Short and lively wedding,water stopper will smell a number of tears, said he wishes have been realized half, hoping to create a miracle, with Haining reach old age.17 days morning, the reporter saw in the Henan Cancer Hospital inpatient wedding scene, will sweet in Haining helped end from the red carpet walk slowly, wearing a wig, wearing a white wedding dress she is wearing on the face a happy smile, very beautiful, Haining is also wearing a suit, very handsome. Two people exchange rings, tell each other, meet the parents…… In the applause, completed a brief ceremony, to the depths of love, will sweet several degrees left tears of happiness.The 25 year old Henan Songxian girl Fan Huixiang and 24 year old Shandong boy Yu Haining in Dezhou, 5 years ago, fell in love, not in the fairy tale romance, some just four workers companionship, eat a Steamed buns, a bowl of instant noodles, plain and warm day. Unexpectedly, in May this year, will sweet was diagnosed with spinal metastasis of advanced adenocarcinoma. After that, Haining will resign accompany incense home treatment, afraid complicity in Haining, will the incense and the family many times to catch Haining go, Haining not only never abandon, but also the sweet wedding, continue to complete before two people desire. Recently, two people successfully brought the marriage certificate, and today the wedding.Although the terminally ill, but can put on a wedding like many school-age girls, into the marriage hall, it seems that in sweet, still feel like a dream.”Feel better than I imagined a lot better, because the two of us was thinking get a card, a person to buy a $two ring are good, have never thought the wedding would be so good.” Hong said excitedly: “I desire to achieve a greater half, but for Haining, I do not know can not accompany him to go through life, hoped that oneself can create a miracle to accompany him to walk the life, is my biggest dream.”Although I don’t know whether you can complete the biggest dream, but still very satisfied incense. But in the dream into a reality in Haining, does not seem to meet the.”This is a new beginning, also is a good start, hope will incense by this wedding, in bad luck, I hope we will become better and better, hope she can stand up, okay, we reach old age together, regeneration of a fat baby.” Haining says optimistically, complete the marriage was their first step, since there are second step, third step, believe the miracle will be staged on them.On the same day, the same experience beyond death love tests, once with love and dream of moving throughout Zhengzhou 90 couples Feng Yinghe Yang Haibin couple to the wedding site to send blessings.”I also want to love yourself, and then to encourage will incense, every day happy, healthy. I wish them a harmonious union lasting a hundred years, have a lovely baby early, this is my biggest wish for them.” Feng Ying said, will see the fragrance and the Haining wedding this scene is very moving, I hope will incense can also overcome the disease like herself.The reporter noticed in the wedding scene, the medical care personnel charged will be fragrant pay attention to the body and send good wishes, loving enterprises brought wedding, diamond wedding ring, charity donation brought, many people love, media reporters and relatives and friends to witness this truth love to share weal and woe, and wishes for the cancer girl can create the miracle of love, not negative. (end)