SFC responded Baowan dispute: Vanke shareholders and management condemned

Xinhuanet.com Beijing in July 22, the "treasure million" struggle, the Commission spokesman Deng Ge 22 days to respond, he pointed out that the Commission before the date from the Internet to pay attention to the report, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Bureau immediately launched investigations, and issued a regulatory letter to Ju Shenghua, Vanke, the person in charge of the the supervision of the conversation. The Commission will work with the relevant regulatory authorities continue to verification of the relevant issues shall be dealt with according to the law. Deng Ge said, Vanke shareholders and management dispute has caused great concern in the market, the relevant parties should be a positive force in the construction market, maintain the market, respect for the market, unfortunately, has not seen the Vanke shareholders, management and take effective measures to eliminate the sincerity and differences, but also through a variety of conflicts instead the way, depending on the stability of the capital market, the development of the company, the shareholders of shareholders' interests, serious impact on the company's market image and normal operation, in violation of the obligations of corporate governance. Deng Ge pointed out that the Commission on the Vanke shareholders and management condemned, hope that all parties focus on the overall situation, the spirit of responsible attitude, as soon as possible in the framework of laws and regulations, the articles of association of the company reached a consensus, take practical action to negotiate to solve the problem, promote the healthy development of the company, maintain the fair order of the market. Deng Ge said that the Commission reiterate that will adhere to the law, strict and comprehensive supervision, for any illegal behavior found in the supervision will be severely punished according to law. shuttering magnet

Central bank: give priority to disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction necessary demand for credit funds

The people's Bank of Chinese Shanghai headquarters, scaffolding accessories all branches and business management departments, prop nut the provincial capital (capital) City Center branch, sub provincial city center branch; National Development Bank, policy banks, state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings bank Chinese: Affected by super El Nino, in 2016 China's climate is abnormal, heavy throughout the rainstorm, flood disaster is serious in some areas, flood control and flood disaster situation is very serious, very arduous task. To implement the spirit of general secretary XI DADA's important speech in July 20th, according to the unified deployment of the State Council, to ensure flood control and flood disaster relief work in financial services, to ensure the smooth operation of the financial system, disaster area to maintain economic and social stability, is to do the work of the current financial services are notified as follows: <strong> One, attaches great importance to implement the responsibility to effectively flood control flood disaster relief work of the financial services</strong> All branches of the people's Bank and the financial institutions should attach great importance to the influence of flood disaster on economic and financial operation and the production and living of the masses, the disaster relief as an important and urgent task, coordinate the implementation of financial services. All branches of the people's Bank to effectively implement the flood control responsibility system, strengthen communication and coordination with the local Party committee and government, with the government and relevant departments, financial functions play a role, make clear the task, the responsibility to the people, timely and relevant contingency plans to start. The financial system of cadres and workers should earnestly follow the instructions of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, mindful of the masses, stick to their posts, to ensure the smooth operation of financial business, support and actively participate in various disaster relief activities. All branches of the people's Bank to further strengthen emergency duty and information submitted work. During the flood relief, disaster area branch to implement 24 hours duty system, the branch responsible comrades to personally lead, to ensure that government decrees. The information submitted to the head office of flood relief unified emergency command and related departments. <strong> Two, improve emergency awareness, to ensure the payment system and the main financial information system network and stable operation</strong> All branches of the people's Bank to strengthen the payment system operation monitoring, to ensure safe and stable operation of the payment and settlement system, strengthening emergency preparedness for the payment and settlement system, improve the ability of emergency disposal payment and settlement system, strengthen disaster banking financial institutions to support and guidance, to effectively meet the needs of payment and settlement services. Banking financial institutions should earnestly strengthen emergency awareness, payment and settlement services to flood relief payments, the reasonable arrangement of the internal system of running time and on duty staff according to the disaster situation, disaster relief funds to ensure that the first time to reach the designated payee account, providing payment and settlement services convenient and fast for the public. Simplify personal disaster, the unit accounts formalities, emergency case bank account service. All branches of the people's Bank to clear the responsibility of departments, determine the person responsible for the organization of network information security work. Key departments and key positions to establish 7 x 24 hours duty system, timely detection and disposal of network security risks. To strengthen the operation and monitoring of various kinds of information system, make redundant backup of important equipment, assembly and maintenance, and do a good job of risk prevention. Strengthen data center inspection, ensure production safety environment. In accordance with the "priority foreign service" principle, improve the network security emergency plan, emergency disposal process clear and on-site disposal authority. <strong> Three, strengthen safety management, to issue fund transfers and cash supply areas</strong> The branches of the people's Bank to strengthen disaster disaster monitoring and analysis of cash flow, the supply situation, to grasp the flood change, flexible organization of issuance fund allocation, focus on the life of the masses and the necessary relief cash supply, to ensure disaster cash needs. The issue of strengthening the safety management of Library and banknote processing center, do disaster issue fund guards escort and issuing treasury security work. All banking financial institutions to protect the affected people deposit. The State Treasury should strengthen communication with the government, finance and other departments, to advance understanding of master all kinds of possible emergency payment needs, governments at all levels and relevant departments to ensure the disaster relief emergency fund payment and business flow. <strong> Four, increase policy support efforts to give priority to disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction necessary demand for credit funds</strong> The people's bank mortgage Supplemental Loan (PSL) by the National Development Bank, agricultural development bank China to provide long-term stability, the appropriate cost of funding, support the expansion of credit city underground pipe gallery, the construction of water conservancy project delivery, accelerate the construction of water conservancy infrastructure, improve flood control and disaster reduction ability. All branches of the people's Bank to combine financial institutions within the jurisdiction of the flood relief fund demand, increase agriculture lending, poverty alleviation, support of small loans refinancing and rediscount support, support the expansion of the flood relief credit, reduce the social cost of financing. Guide financial institutions to effectively increase the credit resources within the system to adjust the intensity of the credit needs of the affected areas, priority support. All financial institutions should find out the thorough understanding of the disaster, flood control and flood disaster relief funds to clear the financial service demand, supply channels, good post disaster restoration and reconstruction work in financial services in advance. All financial institutions should establish flood disaster recovery production Easy Access credit approval, simplify the payment of loan approval procedures, improve the timeliness of flood relief recovery production loans. For emergency relief, the fresh agricultural products market supply, production and transportation in accordance with the conditions of the loan credit application, speed up the approval, simplify procedures and improve efficiency. An appropriate increase in the "three rural" areas of poverty alleviation and credit investment, continue to do the summer grain purchase financial services, and complete the relocation resettlement comprehensive financial services to severely affected areas of poverty alleviation. Make full use of business loans, poverty alleviation microfinance, increase support to meet the conditions of the affected enterprises, household credit. <strong> Five, safeguard the financial claims, disaster stricken areas of financial stability</strong> All branches of the people's Bank of China to strengthen disaster financial risk monitoring, timely reporting of disasters caused by banking financial institutions can not operate normally, cooperate with relevant departments to deal with risks. The proper disposal of risk events. All financial institutions should take effective measures to prevent acts of malicious evasion of bank debt, to prevent fraudulent use of the name of others or use of forged or altered documents such as the illegal seizure of private property rights. To fully ascertain the credit asset losses, according to the distinction, the principle of equal consultation, do tolls for the formation of bad debt disposal work, promote the affected enterprises to resume normal production and operation as soon as possible. To confirm the work of the financial interests of the affected people, to ensure the security of customer information. To protect all types of financial services data, restore the backup data as soon as possible. Strictly check the dead and missing debt information, ensure the account funds and financial assets right according to law. <strong> Six, to strengthen the disaster area market dynamic monitoring and tracking report</strong> All branches of the people's Bank of China to strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the area and the structure of the total loans, pay close attention to the area of grain, oil, poultry eggs and milk, fresh agricultural products such as credit and price trends, in-depth analysis of lending relationship with price changes. To strengthen the information communication with the relevant departments of the local government, strengthen the dynamic monitoring for signs of the situation. There is urgent and important, should be promptly reported to superiors. The financial institutions to increase credit funds to support the flood fighting disaster relief at the same time, to strengthen the use of the loans and investment management, prevent misappropriated funds, improve financial risk prevention work. To strengthen the construction of disaster credit environment, actively play the role of the people's Bank credit system, providing a powerful guarantee for disaster recovery and reconstruction of production. <strong> Seven, strengthen security, to do a comprehensive disaster cadres and workers to help care for the work</strong> All branches of the people's bank leaders and responsible comrades in charge of cadres and workers to keep abreast of the affected areas of casualties and office building, dormitory, library issued disaster losses, seriously study the deployment of specific measures to strengthen the safety and security work in the disaster area. Trade unions at all levels should give full play to the role of a bridge between the workers party, conscientiously fulfill the safeguard the interests of the first insider, the first report and first coordinator duties, timely understanding of the disaster situation of workers, actively reflect their demands to hit workers especially the grass-roots workers in difficulties, to strengthen the humanities, to make full use of warm sympathy, love and relief, helping the difficulties and other ways to help solve practical problems. Please all branches of the people's Bank will speed this notice forwarded to the relevant financial institutions within its jurisdiction, and conscientiously implement the work coordination organization. People's Bank of China July 21, 2016 cuplock scaffolding

The release of "industry standard" technical specifications of core capital market transaction settlement system

Beijing In July 22, recently, lifting clutches the Commission issued and implemented the "financial industry standard core technology indicators" capital market transaction settlement system. It is reported that the Commission to develop "industry standard" technical specifications of core capital market transaction settlement system, through the performance of technical indexes are defined, one is to help measure the construction level of the core market mechanism for information system, transaction settlement system to adapt to the construction of multi-level capital market, innovation and business development, cross market transactions to provide technical basis for the promotion of information system development. Two is help to unify the industry for the related index of cognition, the realization of the existing and new core trading system processing capability evaluation standard. Three is to help support the financial capital market opening and innovation at the technical level, improve the efficiency of the relevant international exchanges. In 2016, in order to continue to promote capital market information construction work, reduce the operation risk of industry information system, improve the operating efficiency of the industry, the industry to enhance the level of standardization, the Commission will continue to organize a number of financial industry standards. ringlock scaffolding

The two day, the quarterly report released gains fund into performance killer"

<strong> China Economic Net editor's note:</strong> Recently, many fund companies have released this year two quarterly report, swivel coupler surprisingly, although the two quarter stock index fell by only 2.47%, small board and gem even to the red plate, but there are still many fund losses. Chinese economic network reporter observed, in this one, both because of the high position and the loss of circulation, also has the day, the four consecutive quarter of sustained losses in profits. After entering July, although the Shanghai Composite Index rose concussion and broke through the 3000 point mark integer, but many fund managers still showed short-term bullish long-term cautious view, both the valuation and performance of stock picking strategy gradually. <strong> Fund two quarterly report released high average position</strong> Recently, a number of fund companies have released two quarterly reports of the fund this year, with the first quarter of this year, the stock market bottomed out, the institutions were in the two quarter was very bold. The Securities Times reported, has been released from the two quarterly fund, part of the fund's position in 70% – 85%, a few fund positions for more than 90%. Partial shares of the fund larger central fund company's most fund positions at around 80%, the EU and China EU industry pioneer era growth, central power and other new fund at the end of June the stock market value of the proportion of net funds were 84.58%, 80.59%, 83.3%. Fund positions another larger Manulife TEDA fund's also about 80%, Manulife TEDA pioneer hybrid, Manulife TEDA Manulife TEDA industry cycle mixing, such as selection of fund positions are in the "80%" interval. However, there are also some funds at the end of the two quarter positions higher, more than 90%, showing a positive attitude toward the market. The value found in Central Europe at the end of the two quarter positions reached 93.78%, Yasunobu blue chip reached 91.56%, Xingquan global perspective fund reached 93.37%, Manulife TEDA position is also more than 90% opportunities in transition. According to financial reports, the state securities strategy team after a comprehensive survey on the Fund estimates after the result is, as of July 14th, the public offering of stock fund positions for 87.76%, mixed fund positions 81.78%, absolute return fund positions 39.96%. Golden State Securities chief strategist Li Lifeng said, this means that the public fund positions have been to a higher level of line. However, the public offering of the massive gallon, is really optimistic about the market outlook? Rich fund chief strategist Ma Quansheng said, for 3 consecutive weeks Yinzhengzhuanzhang net outflow is large, the current market pattern did not change significantly, investors still have to temper. Unless there is liquidity than expected events, such as RRR, led the index limits, otherwise will continue the current Ruoshi shock pattern. Changjiang pension insurance chief economist Yu Pingkang also expressed similar views, he believes that in the economic fundamentals, the financial side is very well-off, money no place to go, or will enter the stock market, but if you want to continue, or needs a catalyst. Now, the best catalyst is to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. <strong> More funds into the high position nightmare performance loss serious</strong> Large fluctuations in the market under the condition of high position requires fund managers accurate "case", once the wrong stock, then Takakura I would become a "killer", and the performance and financing day and other funds is very unfortunate. According to foreign financial reports, leading financing growth in the two quarter of this year in the loss of 452 million 103 thousand and 800 yuan, becoming the most serious loss of funds. The leading growth facility was established in April 30, 2007, following the loss of a quarter of 1 billion 432 million yuan, again in the two quarter losses 452 million yuan. At the end of the two quarter, the fund holds a stock market value for 4 billion 514 million yuan, proportion of the fund's total assets reached 91.02%, a high position of shock. At the same time, the main reason for the fund betting reorganization shares is loss. The top ten awkwardness, there are only four exist circulation is limited, and are a major asset restructuring. The first awkwardness of Beijing culture, the fair value of 414 million 540 thousand yuan, accounting for the net value of the fund reached 8.48%. Second to fourth of the fund awkwardness were Lukang, science and technology, Dingli shares days Hao environment, the stock market value of more than 2 billion 300 million yuan and circulating. The 4 reorganization of shares of the total stock market value of net total fund ratio has reached 24.28%. In addition, the day governance core growth for the two quarter profit of -4385.49 million yuan, the net value of the fund shares is 0.4993 yuan during the reporting period, the fund net growth rate of -20.56%, the performance benchmark yield of -1.07%, lower than the same period the performance benchmark yield of 19.49%. The gains have so much negative deviation is very wonderful. The fund investment in the two quarter of the stock market is 639 million 768 thousand and 600 yuan, proportion of the fund's total assets is 89.67%, belong to the top grid configuration of the equity investment. "With the market style in the mid quarter into small cap growth style, at the core of the A200 standard and the overall control of the position of the callback background, absolute income and relative gains are not ideal." This is the fund for bad results explanation. There are the optimization strategy of the fund gains, the two quarter of this year, a loss of 349 thousand and 300 yuan, although one look at the numbers is not outstanding, but this is since the three quarter of 2015 for the fourth consecutive quarter loss. So far, the fund in the past four quarters of the cumulative loss of 32 million 90 thousand and 800 yuan. Another fund of the company's profits is the new trend, is also the four consecutive quarters of losses, losses in the two quarter of this year 807 thousand yuan, nearly four quarters of the cumulative loss of 14 million 794 thousand and 800 yuan. <strong> The differences of structural opportunities are still the focus of market outlook</strong> Two of the Quarterly Bulletin, a number of fund managers believe that the pattern of market volatility will continue for a long time, uncertainty in the choice of the subject emphasizes the reasonableness of the valuation and performance. Said Xingquan global perspective fund outlook outlook, worrying, in the macro data of exchange rate depreciation pressure, the market is difficult to have a big trend opportunities. But the continued downside risk-free interest rates and other asset yields decline, will form some support for the stock market, the future may continue concussion, the main investment rich growth, competitiveness and undervalued companies. Some fund managers believe that this is a typical market shocks, even if the index space is limited, still contains more investment opportunities. "From the January data, more than 50% stocks this year rose more than 7%, that early experience after a sharp correction, the market risk appetite is rising, shock characteristics of the structural market is obvious, which bears the opportunity is greater than in previous years". "The recent hot market moving round fast, persistent poor, but the transaction type investors money effect is high. The second half of the probability is also shock the city, the structural market stock index is greater than the value, which is relatively common mode of investment in bear market, as long as the existence of local activity have the opportunity. Smell sensitive investors according to the real-time information and capital to follow the hot wheels, such as price concept, networking, hedge assets and TMT. Ordinary investors can tap the full callback second-line blue chip, starting from the valuation level." Online investment researcher Lv Qing said. However, after the market began to render the food market in the background, there is also a part of fund managers on the market outlook is still cautious. Everbright Securities senior investment adviser said the second half of the fund market was partial "chicken ribs", suggested a fund investment strategy to more or more to buy. lifting clutches

Excess industry debt: "fill the pit" game the next stop?

Is a bull or a leather city? The funds result of the vote with their feet may be the best answer. This week the long end of the interest rate approaching 10 year lows, year treasury bonds, swivel coupler CDB bonds to rewrite this bull market has high point the day and await for it. At the same time, although the disturbance is still suffering from the credit risk and financial supervision, some credit debt was the first hit a low interest rate, credit spreads will return to low. Market participants pointed out that the huge pressure as the driving force at the core configuration in this round of interest rate downward, the nature of the funds is almost determine the necessity of credit debt recovery. In a low interest rate environment, funds are constantly looking for the valuation of depression and have attractive rate of return of assets, the relative credit debt coupon ticket advantage still has great attraction for financial funds. In view of the current interest rate risk, liquidity relaxed environment, based on carefully grasp the credit qualification threshold, the appropriate sink rating, grasp the credit repair market, and benefit from the marginal improvement in fundamentals and external support structure increases, excess capacity in some industries is to re-examine the value of bonds, can try to dig the existed before victimizes the leading varieties. Everyone has a bull market Although the economy is still a continuation of the trend of non volatility, although the policy outlook still make people feel tangled, although the market view of the long and short confrontation is still fierce, but since the two quarter since the middle of the bond market is gradually restored its qualities of the bull market. One of the most typical features of the bull market is "everybody". For example, from 2014 to 2015, one or two level of market interest rate debt credit debt soar, dance, short debt in the long-term debt to the satisfaction of all, the overall bond market in the overall pattern of strong. This year 1 to May the market will be very difficult to be classified as a "bull market" category, there are two of the most significant changes during this period: the first is the long-term bond yields come to a standstill, and out of the pullback in shock tangle. And since 2014 the bull market is originated from the long-term interest rate debt, long-term interest rate trend has directional significance for the bond market. The second is the credit market debt in the two quarter suddenly misfiring". In April, the credit market staged down no difference, credit debt and interest rate spreads are from the historic low, the internal differentiation is more obvious. In the bull market in the past two years, the interest rate debt as a benchmark, the credit market is the main position to make money, credit market debt halted a great blow to market sentiment. However, the fact that the bull market just rest. From late April, policy financial bonds, pre adjusted more credit debt first to pick up; in June, long-term government bonds rise again, so far, the long-term interest rate debt fully warmed up. As of July 21st, two market 10 year bonds, CDB bonds yield about 2.78% and 3.13%, respectively is the high point of the year, down about 23bp 38bp, the former from the January low of only 6BP, the latter is only 1bp gap. The primary market, the effective subscription 20 tender issued 7 agricultural year and 15 year fixed rate bonds are respectively 6.8 times and 10.1 times the subscription rate rewrote the record first, two this year, that returning to the level of market prices are again grab coupons. Although the disturbance is still suffering from the credit risk and financial supervision, credit market rebound can not be denied, the recent part of the credit debt even first hit rate low, high-grade credit spreads will return to low. In the 5 year AA+ and AA class ticket as an example, as of July 21st, the bond yield at 3.54% and 4.07% respectively, have been below the lows in late March, a record low since the data; and the 5 year bond spreads were 93bp, 145bp, also the lowest data in history. The data also show that in late April, 5 year AA+ and AA class ticket income rate rose to 4.18% and 4.69%, once the credit spreads widened to 142bp and 193bp. From the level of diffusion to two, spread to the short end from the long side, from the trend of interest rate credit, overall pick up market has shown that the mainstream view of the market funds. To regain lost ground for depression Relax does not slow down the background in monetary policy, the bond market rally this week, perhaps to a certain extent that monetary policy only affects interest rates down the rhythm, and does not affect the trend. CICC pointed out that other institutions, the past two years the bond bull market is essentially not to relax monetary policy driven, but with the economic leverage process slowed, financial institutions generally lack of assets and capital returns due to falling. In the asset shortage under the background of the second half of last year, the central bank did not guide the money market interest rates, but did not prevent the second half of the bond bull market last year. The second half of this year the situation is similar, even if the central bank does not loose or relax slowly, asset shortage will suppress interest rates down and compressed spreads, including term spreads and credit spreads. Investors are constantly looking for and have the valuation of depression yields attractive assets. Now the point is verified. Recently, regarded as the "debt interest rate of long term depression" warmly pursued. 20, 20 year bonds, CDB financial bonds CDB bonds yields were down 5bp, 8bp, 8bp, more than 10 years long, varieties decline; 20 year bonds with highs since June down more than 20bp, a period of 20 years of policy financial bonds in June highs have for more than 30bp. At the same time, the relative ticket credit debt interest advantage is paid attention to. Traders said the credit debt in April adjustment is large, interest rates and spreads were significantly higher, and therefore more downside potential, will become the relative valuation of depression in the market to rebound after. From late April to the first to pick up the credit debt, recently credit debt interest rates and spreads and rapid decline, indicating that the market mechanism of credit debt investment enthusiasm is from the bottom to pick up quickly. Some market participants further pointed out that the current bond bull market is the main general fund to bank financing as the representative, in the cost of debt and earnings targets under the constraints of general fund mechanism has higher requirements on asset returns, so credit debt has been the main direction of attack mechanism. It can be said that the nature of the funds almost decided to pick up credit debt is inevitable. The current low interest rate environment, funds are gradually filled in the valuation of depression, the relatively high coupon credit debt to finance capital is still very attractive. In addition, since May, the event of default frequency decrease, external support has been enhanced, eased some of the concerns of the market, but also are conducive to carry out credit repair market. Look to the rest of the fruit" It is worth noting that, in the process of capital rush to fill the hole in the term spreads and credit spreads narrowed rapidly. 21, the level of market 20 years CDB has risen to 3.50%, compared with the previous day in bond yields down as much as 21, 11bp; two market 10 years CDB down to 1bp, according to this schedule, the relative value of long term debt will be drained and even overdraft. The current high level of bond yields and credit spreads are basically back to historic lows, and even hit a record low. Under this background, some institutions will be turned to the low level of debt and bond industry overcapacity. Recently, people who shunned the low level of debt, especially industry overcapacity bond transactions quietly increased interest rates and spreads have different degrees of decline. 21, 5 year AA- and A+ class ticket yields were reported by 5.92% and 7.77%, compared with the beginning of April highs both fell more than 50bp, more than 5 year rate decline (about 20bp); only 20 day, both down nearly 6bp. The excess capacity in the industry, part of the coal and steel industries bonds traded up, bond financing is also improved. For example, Shanxi Coal Group 19, successfully issued 2 billion short finance, it is reported that the issue of subscription actively, a short time sold out, while the cost of financing fell sharply, closing price of 4.5% the highest since April, the coal industry bond interest rates low. Analysts pointed out that the funds are re examining the low grade debt especially the value of the highest risk premium bonds industry overcapacity. This is a huge pressure forced configuration dictates, the fundamental stage of improved results on the other hand is a cyclical industry. The capacity of background, the profitability of enterprises in the first half of the coal, iron and steel industry showed signs of a marginal improvement. At the same time, a series of risk in April after the incident, the government and relevant departments reiterated the external support willingness of important enterprises in some industries, to ease market for the industry overcapacity worries. Comprehensive institutional analysis, taking into account the benchmark interest rates upward pressure controllable risk, the configuration mechanism is huge, lack of assets structure may re highlight, for some of the risk appetite of higher institutions, in good liquidity management, prudent credit qualification threshold on the basis of understanding, can try to grasp the appropriate sink rating, credit repair opportunity for industry the bond excess capacity mainly consider the industry leading varieties. Reporter Zhang Qinfeng fixing socket

The first batch of Guangdong origin of imports from Nansha FTA landing area

The first batch of Guangdong origin of imports from Nansha FTA landing Nansha entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau photo    Beijing In July 22, Guangzhou (Guo Junlin Wan Ting) reporter 22 from Guangzhou Nansha entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, scaffolding clamps Hongkong four Chau Group a group of origin is Hongkong food the day from Guangdong Nansha FTA imports, after the inspection and quarantine after entering the mainland market. Nansha entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said, this is the first batch of Guangdong and the origin of imported goods. It is understood that the origin is that the production enterprise will provide quality information directly to the "Chi inspection port" public service platform, and in the production line for each item is affixed to the traceability code process. Consumers can check to the product name, origin certificate, Chinese label, port of entry, the date of release 9 commodity quality information. Origin model is one of the three source model of Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to import and export goods in the global quality traceability system (the other two are overseas positions, border ports, traceability traceability) the most comprehensive information, is the most complete, the most complete traceability chain model, can realize the import and export of goods from the factory to the factory, distribution, import and export, consumption and other aspects of information collection and segment producer and consumer, according to the import and export business, logistics enterprises and other regulatory classification show the name of the goods, quality information, inspection and quarantine supervision information, logistics information traceability information. Consumers can log on "intelligent inspection port" or "download CIQ mobile phone APP scan traceability traceability code way to query the food information, logistics information, traceability certificate, regulatory information, Chinese label information, which marks from the source to the tip of the tongue" of all the quality safety information, consumers can easily grasp the finger. It is reported that since the beginning of 2014, the Guangdong entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to information and intelligence as a means to create "intelligent inspection port" big data platform, in order to establish the quality traceability system of global import and export commodity base, providing authoritative quality inspection information through the system. As of now, the global import and export commodity quality traceability system has been covering all types of trade of Nansha port general trade, cross-border electricity, market purchasing export, food, consumer goods, imported cars such as import and export commodity category full coverage, a total of 3 million 600 thousand pieces of goods are endowed, goods worth $25 billion. Jingdong, Tmall, vip.com, Suning, Mead Johnson, the United States, four states and 28 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to join the factory level traceability. At the same time, traceability system to win recognition and trust of consumers, consumers have 385 thousand people traceability queries across the country and Europe and the United States. (end) bfd coupler

Chengdu financial expert hot global financial structure reform

Beijing In July 22, scaffolding accessories Chengdu (He Shaoqing) 22, the reform of the global financial architecture from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai development research foundation, the regeneration of the Bretton Woods System Committee jointly organized the "short-term measures and long-term goal" theme of the forum held in Chengdu. It is understood that the financial crisis and its aftermath that the global financial architecture in preventing plays a very important role in the global economic collapse, and this system also has some defects. During the forum, experts around the "global economic integration under pressure: negative interest rates and the British withdraw from the EU, the safe asset shortage and its significance on the global financial architecture" proposition is discussed. Vice president of the people's Bank of China Zhang Tao at the meeting pointed out in his speech, the global economic integration today, a British exit caused a significant impact on the global economic situation, a lot of risk is not fully resolved. "Now the International Monetary Fund is a new round of quota reform, the members in the G20 summit to discuss how to make effective progress in this field." "British exit get some support, they think that globalization will lead to many unequal phenomena." Former international monetary fund official OusmeneMandeng pointed out that the British and European appeared a lot of problems in many risk has emerged in the economic and political, financial risk is particularly evident. OusmeneMandeng said, from a very large country in the EU, is bound to affect the global economic development, the integration of the European Union is broken, exists in the European Union, the euro zone and deep area increasing complexity, will contribute to a populist backlash. The world's major economies in the developed economies, more and more began to use negative interest rate policy. "The recent implementation of the six central banks are negative interest rates, mainly negative interest rate nominal." China financial center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics director Wang Qing from Denmark, Switzerland, Japan and other countries to implement negative interest rate policy after the financial market, the real estate market, exchange rate aspects concluded that negative interest rate policy is not fully achieve the desired objectives, countries expect to change the shrinkage of the state has not been substantial very effective relief. In October 1, 2016, the RMB will be officially joined the SDR, which will have a significant impact on Chinese financial reform and the trend of the RMB exchange rate. Chinese Financial Research Institute of the people's Bank Director Yao Yudong at the meeting speech pointed out that the liquidity of the world needs to compensate for the lack of global RMB, RMB can solve the lack of liquidity. (end) ferrule insert

The middle of 21, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.6872 by 74 points

Beijing In July 21, swivel coupler according to the latest data Chinese foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of July 21st the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.6872, shuttering magnet compared to July 20th increased by 74 basis points. China authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of Chinese, July 21, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.6872 yuan, 1 euro for 7.3687 yuan, 100 yen for 6.2376 yuan, HK $1 for 0.86222 yuan, 1 pound of 8.8583 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 4.9954 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.6611 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.9232 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.7779 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1170 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.60066 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.5361 russian rubles, RMB 1 yuan for the 2.1421 South African rand, 1 yuan of 170.92 won. pfeifer vs box

After half a year in Shanghai reproduction five Lianyin investor risk appetite

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) since July with the current trend in the I wish you a happy voyage. this week suffered a stumbling block, www.aopprecast.com the index continued to shock adjustment, as of yesterday's close, the Shanghai index reproduces five Lianyin trend, while the last five Lianyin occurred in January of this year. With the market downturn is exactly the same, * Xintai seven consecutive days limit, the stock was brutally cut. In the even received four Yin, so more energy continues to slump on Wednesday. Shanghai and Shenzhen two city early to open lower, after the opening of the charging pile concept of the return of the king, driven by stock index pulled meteoric rise. But all power is limited, two city quickly down, the day before the performance of the concept of the Internet lottery eye-catching also remove the aura, sluggish performance, stock index decline gradually expanded. Near midday, the hot surface gradually recovers, two rebound. Afternoon opening, the concept, the domestic software concept but failed to achieve the turnaround, A new force suddenly rises., Shanghai refers to continue to maintain the shock consolidation trend in the low, the gem or narrowed stocks turned green. At the close, the stock index at 3027.9 points, or 0.29%, in half a year after the first five Lianyin; Shenzhen Component Index and the gem also spared, all closed down, down 0.17% and 0.23%. Stocks, * Xintai seven consecutive days limit, the stock price being cut, to close at 6.79 yuan. "Analysis Investor risk appetite With the stock index closed out five Lianyin trend, investor risk appetite decreased. JP Morgan investment report released yesterday benchmark latest quarterly, the current A-share market as A whole is more volatile, the index is still hovering near 3000 points. Affected by this, the risk preferences of investors over quarter continues to decline, the two quarter investor risk appetite index was 26.9, compared with the previous quarter of 4.1, the majority of investors are still in the pursuit of stable income as the goal. The report shows, the two quarter investor sentiment index was 123 points, the overall investment investor sentiment is more optimistic, but the previous period decreased slightly. In addition, survey shows that mainland investors in Hongkong stock market more cautious optimism, 14.9% of investors believe that the Hongkong stock market bear market is nearing completion, the possibility of over 50% mainland investors over the next six months, Hongkong investment market environment to improve the prediction of cautious optimism. The survey also shows that mainland investors on the A shares in the future market for more than half a year to a more optimistic attitude, over 60% of investors believe that the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets (may very likely and possible) uplink. The next six months, the stock investors overweight (28.4%) willingness is relatively high, or because in the two quarter of the stock market, structural investment opportunities are frequent, investors are cautiously optimistic about the A shares. scaffolding parts

The RMB exchange rate data showing steady operation pattern

After 6 since the end of the shock stage weakness after Tuesday, precast accessories Wednesday (July 19th, 20) the RMB exchange rate against the dollar continued to rebound in the dollar index in the background, there has been since April have rebounded sharply. Analysts pointed out that in the UK and European influence China dissipation, the overall economic recovery momentum of steady continuation, Fed rate hike is expected to remain weak in the background, a long time in the future, the RMB exchange rate is expected to remain steady pattern. RMB temporarily stabilize signs. China foreign exchange trading center announced Wednesday, July 20th the interbank foreign exchange market between the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price: $1 to 6.6946 yuan. The median price of 6.6971 compared with the previous trading day rose 25 basis points. Thus, the RMB against the U.S. dollar has temporarily ended after 2 consecutive trading days of decline, and get rid of the previous trading day since October 2010 lows. It is worth noting that rose slightly on Wednesday the central parity of RMB exchange rate in the background, the RMB against the U.S. dollar spot exchange rate was sharply pulled up. The specific market conditions, after 19 days of temporary stop at the end of 6 decline since Wednesday, the RMB against the U.S. dollar spot exchange rate shows all day long Dikaigaozou intraday, pulled up sharply the operation pattern. At the close, the spot exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.6780, compared with the previous trading day up 113 basis points, or 0.17%, the highest since July 5th, nearly half a month closing high. In addition, the spot exchange rate of RMB after Tuesday and Wednesday for two consecutive trading days up, has escaped from the 6.70 mark integer. In the offshore market on Wednesday, the Hongkong market of RMB against the U.S. dollar is stronger in the morning and afternoon after two jerking after 16:30 on July 20th (as spot trading days closing time), the RMB against the dollar reported 6.6843, compared with the previous trading day rose 263 basis points or 0.39%, and between the domestic spot exchange rate the price also has substantially reduced in recent months to narrow to around 60 basis points lower level. Overall, in the week the dollar index continued to rebound in the background, the last two trading days of RMB against the U.S. dollar after close to 6.70 line, beyond all expectations launched a strong counterattack, significantly suppress the earlier part of the market in the RMB exchange rate close to 6.70 a line of bearish expectations. Will continue to maintain a steady tone For the overall performance of the last few days of the RMB exchange rate, the current mainstream view of foreign institutions, are from the former relatively empty, relative to the positive. German Commercial Bank economist Zhou Hao said this week, the central bank China for two consecutive days to set the central parity of RMB was stronger than expected, the central bank intends to show that the RMB exchange rate will be 6.7 in the key position of defense. In addition, JP Morgan asset management company in Hongkong Asia chief market strategist Xu Changtai further pointed out that in September with the group of twenty nations (G20) meeting, October RMB into SDR and other international events follow, the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate will be relatively stable, to continue to give foreign investors confidence. Overall, the trend for a period of time the weakening of the RMB will end. Shanghai Securities Research Institute chief analyst Hu Yuexiao further said in an interview with reporters Chinese securities, 6 since the end of the overall performance of the RMB exchange rate, after the British "off the European referendum", in sterling, the euro exchange rate plummeted situation, the RMB exchange rate will bring contrarian strong impact on the import and export department. Overall, the market for the depreciation of the RMB is expected to some "excessive air" in recent days, the RMB exchange rate has in fact reflects the very obvious signs of stabilization. The market further pointed out, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar has very strong support in the round of 6.70 points will be expected, the RMB exchange rate in the future at least one to three months will be stable at around that level. As for the long-term trend of the RMB exchange rate, Hu Yuexiao further stressed that the RMB exchange rate continued to decline, the future is expected to be more limited space. Reporter Wang Hui halfen frimeda

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