[Jia bin]Chen Long2010-2012 annual Zhejiang lions will rescue the captainXu JianshengCrisis Intervention SpecialistXu WeixinReporterZhu QinRetired nurse  The wordsYunnan Ludian earthquake, so that the entire society’s eyes once again focused on disaster relief. The golden 72 hours life treatment and material delivery, infrastructure repair, funds appropriated, disclosure of information the five major business in full swing and smooth operation, government, military and social forces to multi connection, make the relief means and mechanism of China has withstood the test again.In the face of the sudden disaster all inevitable, our disaster relief way is also with the development of the times changing……  Tangshan earthquake relief work  Enthusiastic  Against the difficult conditionsModerator: the great Tangshan earthquake of 1976, may be difficult to erase the memory of a generation. Now retired, Zhu Qin, as the medical workers in the earthquake relief work. Also remember the case?Zhu Qin: Tangshan earthquake, I was just a young nurse, not to join the party, after the earthquake, we are racing to enroll in a rescue work. I was in the second earthquake medical team, our main work is in charge of Department of gynaecology and obstetrics.In very difficult conditions, local stricken people a sallow complexion, lack of nutrition, our daily food only cabbage and vermicelli, living water supply by water transport, once a day. Unit is composed of a mat shed ride, desks and chairs are we picked him wood tapped screw up. Remember that there is a mother of massive production, the children saved, the mother died, our medical team of doctors and nurses are donated to bring their own food, feeding, take care of the baby, until 3 months later, the children of relatives of the baby home.I lived in Tangshan for 9 months. At the time of the communication not so convenient, almost no contact with their families. In Tangshan we learn every day for an hour of quotations from Chairman Mao morning and start the day’s work. That time often aftershocks, broadcast loudspeakers will inform you bring valuables to withdraw to a safe place, will remind us of some important things written on the note, for the accident.  Earthquake disasters in recent years  Rescue work  The more mature and more efficientHost: Tangshan earthquake occurred in all aspects of transportation and communication conditions and now are not the same, in recent years occurred several times larger earthquake, disaster relief and what kind of change?Chen Long: from Wenchuan earthquake to Yushu earthquake, debris flow in Zhouqu, Ya’an earthquake, and then to the Ludian earthquake, the government’s disaster relief is more and more mature. After several times of disaster relief headquarters already know the roads is a priority, this point in the Ya’an and Ludian earthquakes especially outstanding. After the earthquake, rescue teams first repair roads, 72 hours life passage swiftly through the. Especially in the Ludian earthquake, the first time to establish the air life transportation corridor, which is unprecedented.Xu Weixin: after several relief constantly sum up experience, now we rescue forces reaction speed, equipment is excellent. I remember the Wenchuan earthquake, life detector is late into the disaster area, the earthquake in Ludian, the first time in the life detector, 3 hours after the earthquake, there are survivors rescued the news.I learned in Ludian interview, in Longtou mountain area, the fourteenth army group is responsible for the overall coordination of Yunnan police and local militia rescue teams, due to landslides and other conditions, can lead to part of the road impassable, the army will consider the overall situation, coordinating resources, the rescue work arrangements for a more comprehensive.  Coordination with the government public service team  Complementary resources.  2″>Let the rescue work 1+1>22的效果?”>Moderator: 2008 Wenchuan after the earthquake, a lot of social forces have flocked to the area, with love and passion, but also caused some controversy: the post disaster relief is a professional thing, how to cope with the social forces to participate in the rescue and relief efforts with the government, in order to achieve the 1+1>2 effect?Chen Long: a few years ago, after the earthquake disaster, the government and public organizations in rhythm and rescue after the disaster on less consistent. For example, in Wenchuan after the earthquake, the government first time focus is to save, at the same time, the need to maintain the normal social order in the affected areas. Many public service team with a lot of supplies to the disaster area, they hope that the goods can be sent immediately to the affected people’s hands, but supplies registration, and issue needs time, a great deal of material means working pressure, if the material is not issued as soon as possible out, will cause the pressure of public opinion.After several times of major natural disasters in recent years with more and better aid, between the government and the public service team. During the earthquake of Ya’an, the government departments take the initiative to convene public team meeting, each team to understand the advantages and resources, in order to better match.Moderator: as a public service organization, in the earthquake disaster, we often see the figure, the lion will be how to play a role in the rescue work? Share the experience with us?Chen Long: the lion in the earthquake relief, often sends out different echelon, the first echelon do research; the second echelon of post placement; the third echelon focus on post disaster reconstruction. Research is a very important part, which makes the lions in the wake of the rescue work, can be more efficiently.During the earthquake of Wenchuan, the lion will donate is mobile toilets and sanitary napkins. At that time, the lion will be sent rescue personnel after investigation, found relief supplies to affected areas in the received food and drinking water are plentiful, but after the disaster, there is no special toilets, victims and rescue teams are on the spot to excretion, which easily lead to disease occurrence. So, the lion will be calling on the lions to donate a mobile toilet. Sanitary napkins in addition to the menstrual period of women, also plays another important use. At that time, in the forefront of the rescue officers and soldiers, because the intensity of work, the armpit sweat a lot, easy to wear the skin, to bring relief work, they later will sanitary napkin on his arm, absorb sweat will also protect the skin not broken.The Yushu earthquake in April, this season in the Yushu area very cold at night, only minus 5 degrees Celsius, adults can also stand for children is very difficult in the past. Lions Club donated 3100 square metres of housing in winter to a local school, organized 4 vanguards to the site, to help build. We set contains a method for making cement floor (make sure the houses built after not leak under), board room window is double warm alloy window, board room opened the flue hole heating, a supporting steel frame is painted 3 times anti rust paint.During the earthquake of Ya’an, the lion will send 24 players, group research, where the lack of drinking water, where lack tents, where lack of instant noodles…… And these information to collect. At that time, many public organizations donated supplies to the disaster area, do not know where to send it to us, according to our form information, supplies to where it is needed. In a short span of one month, the lion will put 20000000 yuan worth of social donations to the affected people. Besides the investigation of the information research and other public organizations sharing, Lions Club also donated 6000 fire extinguishers, 1000 pumps. Earthquake canals, the farmers to resume production need to irrigate farmland, water pump can help them. The donated fire extinguisher is because we found that in the earthquake area, accumulation of waste products, it is easy to cause a fire, in fact has happened several times a small fire fighting difficult.Moderator: sharing information from the survey to donate mobile toilets, fire extinguishers, lions do, donated materials, seems to always and other social groups do not like?Chen Long: after the earthquake, many people will think of the disaster area in need of food, drinking water, blankets, tents and other supplies, the government will mobilize these materials, as a public welfare organization, we have to do is to cooperate with the government, do some supplementary work. After the disaster, the government sent a rescue units for the first time was certainly save, the first team we are sending is doing research, understand the situation and needs, the message back, behind the overall arrangement, the person responsible for the procurement of goods, people and is responsible for the relevant departments docking and so on, so that we can more clearly understanding to the disaster areas most in need of things, can also avoid the idle and waste materials.  Post disaster crisis intervention depends not only on the folk forceModerator: Wenchuan earthquake rescue team, the first time a psychologist who figure. Many people know that for the first time an important role in the earthquake relief in the crisis intervention. In recent years, disaster relief, how to work in this field?Xu Jiansheng: frankly, this work does not have too big improvement. Not a psychology background or qualified person who can bear the psychological crisis intervention after a major catastrophe work. To take this job. People need to receive professional training, know the people in the face of bereavement will experience what psychological process, learning how to conduct crisis intervention and grief counseling, how to help the bereaved began the development of a new life.Moderator: in some post disaster crisis intervention to do quite well in countries and regions, this thing is how? What can we learn from it?Xu 见声: disaster occurred within 72 hours of psychological first aid is the best time for those facing the death of a family member or missing, psychological intervention very emotional person, to appease their emotions, to help them and social support system. 3 to 6 months after the disaster, is the process of psychological reconstruction, to help those who suffer the disaster of people to reach a new equilibrium, back to the track of normal life and work. Crisis intervention is effective, can reduce the suicide incident, save social cost.In foreign countries, we do post disaster psychological assistance, not just for a few days “play soy sauce do”, generally will have a longer time span plan. On the mainland, we will find that psychological reconstruction in 3 to 6 months after the disaster there are very few people doing. Because it cost a lot. Many countries and regions will have a special mechanism — usually a government funded by private institutions, these institutions for post disaster psychological assistance for professional training, when a disaster occurs, they can quickly mobilizing received professional training, to the work of post disaster psychological assistance in the first time to participate in. I will be in Shanghai every month on the crisis intervention training, but few people concern. We feel that this is usually not. People are more willing to listen to on marriage and family training.In general, is the need for professional personnel reserve, professional organizations to integrate resources, help people affected by the disaster psychological reconstruction. And these things, it is not only depended on the folk strength.  Disaster reporting needs more rational professional journalistsModerator: after the earthquake, the rescue team rushed to the disaster area in addition, there are an important group of journalists. In the disaster report, Xu Weixin how to feel?Xu Weixin: personal feeling, earthquake disaster in recent years, media reports, faster, for targeted problems, the amount of information transmitted out of the larger. In the past for the earthquake report is often the knowledge type, it is “the police officers”. The report will reflect more objectively the affected areas, there will be more rational thinking and analysis.Yunnan Ludian after the earthquake, the local set up special news center, informed of the latest information to the media day, the local government also invited relevant experts to the scene, to analyze and explain the media concern, in the information timely, open and transparent as well.Moderator: the Ludian earthquake report, individual news caused controversy, you understand that the situation is like?Xu Weixin: some reports in the media for data verification error. I was in Ludian to interview, see the media according to the days before the water level rising digital infer Lake second days to the dam, but the fact is that the rise of water level has been slow speed.There is a force with muddy water instant news caused a lot of attention. Relevant responsible person I interviewed the troops, this thing is a fact, but used water village well, due to the earthquake, the water becomes muddy. The water before eating and after the necessary disinfection, repeated boiling process. I think that disaster report is different from other news reports, not arbitrarily “Bo eyeball, media reporters to be more professional.  ConclusionSince 2008 have experienced the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Lushan earthquake, earthquake disasters, we have accumulated rich experience in disaster rescue and crisis management. Yunnan after the earthquake in Ludian is more mature and efficient plan to mobilize and coordinate the management level, reflect a country’s overall governance system and capacity improvement. If the Ludian earthquake as a national governance upgrade exam, so China has got a good result.Sponsor Link:halfen channel aop formwork lifting loop

These two days, there was a joke said, micro letter was born about guns, Xing in purchasing, died in friends test. It is in this year July 7th, micro letter friends quietly set off a wave of strange “friends test group news.In fact, this function cannot reach the purpose of “test”. Because the micro letter group assistant set, you open and close friends of the dialog box, is not to send the records of this message. If you really need to verify that only dedicated to the friends to send a message, if the other party has delete you, the system will pop up is not to pass verification friends to reply, and group assistant push message is not prompt.So, what are the blind Oh, I bore!But when it comes it annoying, this phenomenon seems to micro believe friends also really many. A new acquaintance social position had once flourishing by many users complain about “not pure”. Circle of friends in a social way at the same time, the human drop will be put on the table. How to look, there will be several heterogeneous your circle of friends, they suddenly broke into your one-third of an acre of land, either in your circle hard at all kinds of products, or to eat and drink Lazard details all the sun to see you.Is the so-called “ring” big, what birds are, and probably, you are the only hated bird.The following text, do not pigeon holing, psychological vulnerability, careful into.The deleted anxiety with this stupid way to clean up “zombie friends”?”Circle of friends has been occupied.” Netizen “@ walnut Miss” in the Tanabata Festival helplessly sighed, and hung up the “circle pause, one” announcement. This day, she received dozens of friends from different “friend test”. Test the game the night of fashionable, to allow users to complete a friendship anti reconnaissance — to see whether you still exists in the measured object contacts, or is he (she) from the circle of friends secretly.So many years of primary school students, three years ago because of work had once business partners, a year to say words college roommate…… Friends of a large number of reserved person to the water how to fry by the test group. Was over, revolting implies that you also when I was a friend? (dare I deleted? Tell me why? Minute to pull the black, and forget themselves in the rivers and lakes! )Let the “@ walnut Miss” difficult to understand is why so many people are so similar social anxiety, in her opinion, circle of friends except small classmate colleague friend, there is a considerable proportion of acquaintances, “but, in either case, if your friend’s trust through ‘you don’t delete I is really a friend’ test to establish, is looking for child.”In fact, the media quickly confirmed: the so-called the “friends” just micro letter client to a clever promotion and popularization of the mass function to the user, there is no actual effect. The “@ walnut Miss” more determined, “the when friends is absolutely wonderful IQ, EQ worrying worried in the circle.”Behind these silly behavior, but also reflected micro letter friends ecology of a subtle change: the so-called what birds have, as long as the user enough, all kinds of chaos circle must be produced. A lot of people do exist to clean up “zombie friends” demand. However, must use the naked stupid?  CommentKeen “friends test” can in real life more difficult to trust people, they hope that through testing know what friends do not regard themselves as friends, who don’t care about their own. Friends, on another, simply measuring the friendship, be careful counterproductive.  No self will diseases most also with “no PS will diseases”Miss Zhang is one of the hosts, know more friends more. Originally hoped that the circle of friends to see the status quo, the life of the new friends results, total is small the main brush several narcissistic screen.Miss Zhang put the total love self time were classified as “not self will the Death Star”, “and, on this planet to live each one is the master PS.” “You never know, why they sent every day with the same angle figure is big head, even during the day, night, a a. And always wear a skin whitening, forever, always use a thin, will enlarge eyes. This is not good faith than cosmetic!”Whenever this time, Miss Zhang can not help “bad” comment, “graphic irrelevant?” “The background frame by P askew.” “Students, which is you do not recognize!”References to “identity anxiety” in point of view is that, in fact, both men and women to be the pursuit of love is endless, in general, men want to get more achievements, women want more beautiful.We often disguised in reality, and in this network virtual space, we have no need not to the extreme. However, psychologists reminder: if a person only through the social network camouflage to fill their psychological needs, it is very dangerous. Because the P graph software to your true side to hide at the same time, you are more likely to be afraid to face the reality, you know, “death” to see the light of the psychological loss but big.  CommentThose who love his pictures of people but is probably the lack of concern in daily life too – family, they also hope that through your circle of friends as much as possible to show their “nice” to get attention.  Don’t show off insomnia inferiority.”The husband comes back from France, bought me a new LV, but I don’t really like the color!” “This afternoon to Shangri La to drink tea, who will come?” “Don’t envy me, for I was sitting the sky this piece of blue more than 10 hours, very tired!”…… If the circle of friends in the sun most of life, then the above text, absolutely show off composition.People to show off, often is the life of the most beautiful side of the display, and may even lead to the viewer “his life is so beautiful, I is not good” jealousy. Most people by flaunting get attention, can be self satisfied. However, when showing off too much, is annoying.  CommentIn fact, even among friends, a lot of sharing behavior is still a deliberately show off to, because in the share before we have “carefully designed”. In addition, if you expect others to praise, also has the possibility is the inferiority complex psychological cause trouble, might as well in real activity enhanced sense of self value.  Do business acquaintances addiction beware of excessive consumption of friendshipI do not know when to start, small C open circle of friends, always from a large section of the information goods, “the circle of friends into commercial circle, to buy or not to buy some difficult, it is a kind of consumption of friendship.”In the holding of several field, point a few back. Later, little C will not flow to such information, meet acquaintances out, was not to see, or secretly put the friends setting to “don’t see him (her) circle of friends”.In the view of C, the circle of acquaintances sellers, virtually the trust relationship between a friend. However, once the friends turned businessman, always feel a little awkward. “I treat you as my friend, you take me as the buyer? Something really cheap fortunately, if there are problems, how can I face down with your investigation?”  CommentCircle of friends marketing trust relies entirely on the personal relationship and reputation to maintain, hit the “emotional card” issued in the quality of products and advertising frequency should be very careful. First, reputation and product quality in your personal, bad goods, there is “affinity” too; secondly, to update the contents of the circle of friends is the passive see, issuance of pure advertising too much, will let friends disgusted psychology.– in short, the place where someone have lakes, a circle where there is love and hate. In addition to the various listed above, there are a large number of friends in order to draw and crazy for merchants praise “set great party, keen to send children photos of the” Sun wa spree “etc……. Sick, but we still see in the eye, in mind, you’re in it, you will do it, hem.Sponsor Link:fixing socket ringlock scaffolding pfeifer VS box

In new networkBeijing 17 August report (reporter Du Yan) to show the great changes have occurred in rural road Beijing, Beijing looking for “the most beautiful village road” came into Yanqing County Luan Red Road, more than 30 central and Beijing municipal media reporter understanding this once landslide prone sections how to transform the Jinbei demonstration project, how to transform a hundred Li landscape the gallery.Mountains and rivers without words, then the name is correct, Lu Zexing. The main route of Luan Red Road in Yanqing as a hundred Li landscape gallery, east of Hebei province Luanping County, West by Huairou and Yanqing at the junction of the west end and Hebei at the junction of Mao Shan, Chicheng Shui Nian Cun, Yanqing section is 51.11 kilometers in length. All 19 bridges, 10 bridges, the bridge has 9 seats, 1 seats short tunnel, culvert 144. At the same time, this section of the road beautiful scenery, scenic area is Fort River Nature Reserve, silicified wood National Geological Park, beach secondary forest nature reserve.Landslide prone sections turned the national gold demonstration projectSuch a beautiful scenery of Luan Red Road years ago is another scene. Luan Red Road in Yanqing mountainous area was three road, was founded in 1979, by the troops construction of infrastructure projects of the Ministry of communications, the soldiers to half of the time will be as high as 70 meters cliff split, so that the “west gate” into a thoroughfare. After 6 years of labor, Luan Red Road, completed in 1984 September victory.However, this design width less than 6 meters of the Luan Red Road, just a readiness Road, road next to the thirty or forty meter high cliff, the other side is a fast flowing river, if the cliff rolling stone, the traffic is very difficult to avoid.In order to avoid the risk, to eliminate potential safety problems, to improve traffic capacity, from 2009 to 2010, Yanqing Road branch of Luan red road were road emergency and upgrading renovation project, including all improve to the roadbed width of 8 meters, 7 meters wide road mountain two highway and a new emergency road.A new full-length emergency road 6.387 kilometers, 6 bridges across the river in the road, so that after the transformation of Luan Red Road formed the new road, the old mixed use zigzag structure, easy to collapse sections are closed out.In order to reduce the impact on the village Luan Red Road, the line from outside the village “bypass”, although the extended the road for one or two kilometers, but greatly reduces the effect of the traffic on the lives of the villagers. In addition, Luan Chi Lu also added parking bays, strengthen geological hazards management.After a series of roads emergency and upgrading reconstruction project with a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, Luan Chi Lu a “national demonstration project of municipal gold cup”.Luan red road driving “Barry Gallery landscape constructionLuan red road as the Yanqing County in harmony with the natural environment, ecological, landscape road, cultural road one, also carrying the eastern mountainous area economic development and the people rich responsibility.Qian Jia Dian Zhen located in eastern Yanqing mountain area, the town government 60 kilometers from the county, is the capital of an important source of water conservation, and have the silicified wood National Geopark, di Shui Hu, oolong Canyon and other natural landscape and Chaoyang temple and other historical and cultural relics. But due to historical reasons, over the years the precious natural and cultural resources only get the local development, the lack of overall planning and effective integration.Transformation of Luan Red Road, mountain area of contact with the outside world more closely. Thousands of shop people according to the local natural conditions, industrial base, historical and cultural conditions, the whole valley is determined as the one hundred Li landscape gallery, established the multi point into a line of ribbon development pattern, according to the “point, line, surface” advance, twelve node system, relates to the riverside link 71 natural villages 16 administrative village 112 village, hence the name “Barry Gallery landscape”. The silicified wood, oolong Canyon, di Shui Hu, Chaoyang temple, Dragon King Temple, Guan Yu Temple 6 ticket attractions, large area planted with sunflowers dominated landscape plants, large scale construction landscape. In addition, the development of deep processing of agricultural products in town, almond, Huang Qincha, eggs and so on through organic certification, also registered the “Barry Gallery landscape” trademark.In 2013, Qian Jia Dian Zhen rural economy gross income to achieve 394010000 yuan, grow 15.5% compared to the same period; farmers per capita income 15791 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 14.5%; rural per capita disposable income of 16712 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.1%.Today, Luan red road as a beautiful environment, the unique landscape, facilities, convenient transportation, also become bicycle travelling Festival, one of the important stage of Beijing Championship ring.It is reported, in order to reflect the ten years of the national rural highway construction achievements, and rural roads for great changes in optimization of villages, rural economic development and rural safe and convenient travel brings, the Ministry of transport will be in this year the country in search of the 100 “most beautiful village road”, and Beijing will be selected 10 Beijing “the most beautiful rural road” and 100 (Group) photography, submitted to the Ministry of transport in the 100 most beautiful village road selection. (end)Sponsor Link:precast accessories cuplock scaffolding cast in sockets

China News AgencyJinggangshan 17 August Xinhua (Liu Zhankun Zhang Jiping) in August 16th to 17, more than 1000 tourists from Hongkong to participate in the “2014 Jinggangshan summer festival and 1000 people swim the group activities”, red and green ecological beauty feel the history and culture of Jinggangshan.In two days, the Hongkong visitors visited the Huangyangjie, large and middle the former residence of Mao Zedong, the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, visited the five fingers, Longtan, Bai Zhu Yuan green spots.Hongkong tourists she fist said, “he is from the Internet to see the Jinggangshan is beautiful, especially the here. After feeling here really good air, the beauty, the temperature is not high, is the summer and a good place to play. This is just too time short, will come back next time, and for some more time to appreciate the beauty of Jinggangshan.”Another tourist Li Youming said, “Jinggangshan is Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation have the battle, to live, he has been yearning for here. This time, Jinggangshan not only has a red profound historic culture, there are many amazing ecological beauty, it’s been a worthwhile trip this time!”Jinggangshan is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, is located at the junction of two provinces in the middle section of Luoxiao mountains, known as “the cradle of the Chinese revolution”. As China’s famous tourist resort of Jinggangshan, the highest peak 2120 meters above sea level, the beautiful scenery, lush forests, mountains and steep waterfall gully, cave clouds of the king, every year attracts many tourists at home and abroad to come to visit. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting socket http://www.aopformwork.com anchor socket

In new networkYanji 17 August Xinhua (reporter Cang Yan He Baoqing) the afternoon of August 17th, hacking incident happened in Yanji city of Jilin province Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, the capital market, has caused 2 deaths and 12 injuries.According to the Yanji Municipal Public Security Bureau said the bulletin, 17, fifteen twenty, the alarm, a man in Yanji City, Jinhua city commercial stabbed people. After receiving the alarm, Yanji City Public Security Bureau immediately dispatched police rushed to the scene disposal, control the suspect in the crime scene. After the incident, the local leading the first time rushed to the scene, doctors expert to rescue, to appease the family, the mobilization of cadres and the officers and men in the extension of blood.After the preliminary investigation, the incident has caused 2 deaths and 12 injuries. 1 people were killed and 1 people died. The 12 injured, 10 people are currently in the hospital, the other 2 has been cured.The police, the suspect Cui x, Korean, born in August 8, 1989, census register seat in Henan street of Yanji City, according to the families of reflection, the history of depression.At present, the case is under further investigation. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting socket prop sleeve anchor socket

Don’t read the old Tibetan mastiff bite breeder five anesthesia needle was placed over the flyThe Tibetan mastiff, ten days did not see Master “disgruntled”, he will spend years keeper threw herself on the ground cut two tendons, the dog resistance alarmingly high110? Here we have a Tibetan mastiff wounding, Lang do?” Yesterday morning, Sandy Bay banana pear ditch, someone to the 110 place team for help, hope as soon as possible to deal with the dog. It is understood that this dog is a dog of explosive magazine, wild.The Tibetan mastiff wounding, storehouse.Yesterday morning at ten twenty, 110 fast 3 team after receiving the alarm, 13 at the police immediately rushed to the scene. It is understood that the explosives bajiaogou warehouse in accordance with the public security of blasting equipment management requirements, care is equipped with weight more than 40 pounds of dogs.In the yard, a body black Tibetan mastiff around the chain to turn, about 1 meters tall, visual weight 70-80 kg. According to the warehouse staff introduction, the Tibetan Mastiff has two keepers. The breeder Huang home 10 days later, just back to the warehouse to see ferial raises the dog.Yellow 某刚 touch a few, the Tibetan mastiff slammed the host threw myself on the ground, on his left arm a bite. In the help of colleagues, Huang was sent to the hospital, diagnosed as two broken tendons, need to do surgery, chest injury not heavy.Bite incident, another breeder did not dare to take over feeding. Warehouse management is not assured: Huang although not its first owner, but keep the dog for several years, suddenly mad, perhaps naive will have an accident, must be handled properly. So, on the morning of 17, the Treasury to please 110.Five anesthesia needle uniform flying dogThe 3 battalion of the police Liu Qiang, Liu Jun to the scene is very difficult. This is at the team set up to head a disposal of fierce animals. At the police superiors decided: Please animal experts. 2 pm, police received the invitation, President of the China Small Animal Protection Association, Chen Mingcai drove.Asked a simple dogs, Chen Mingcai sighed: “fear is not good oh! Eat raw meat dog wild enough, not easy.” According to the visual weight, Chen Mingcai took out the cylinder, according to body weight dose, with 0.8 ml of the animal drug, “according to the general situation, 0.4-0.6 ml almost, consider the Tibetan mastiff wild stronger, try 0.8 ml.” Chen Mingcai will be blowing tube slowly on the Tibetan mastiff. At this time, the Tibetan mastiff seemed to feel what, to the corner to hide. Everyone held their breath, the atmosphere can not breathe.”Poof”, an anaesthesia needle to fly out, is embedded in the Tibetan mastiff foreleg. The Tibetan mastiff was some pain, resentment cry several voice. For more than ten minutes, the Tibetan mastiff tare, consciousness has some vague, still waggled.Chen Mingcai picked up the syringe and injection needle second 0.2 ml of anesthetics. Ten minutes, third pin, 0.3 ml of anesthetics. After 10 minutes, fourth pin, 0.5 ml of anesthetics. And after a while, the Tibetan mastiff basically lost struggled against the ability, withered. President Chen took the iron chain, the Tibetan mastiff drooping hairy head, obediently followed into the cage.To the cage, everyone thought it was done. “Is not the end, even halfway pull Shui (dialect, problems)” Chen Mingcai pulled out the needle, fill a 0.3 ml of anesthetic, the stone.4 pm, four police even dogs with the cage, Chen, carried on the car.Place.Special arrangements Deluxe Room7 last night, we contacted Chen Mingcai. The Tibetan Mastiff in animal shelter base of small animal protection association were temporarily accommodated.Base special arrangements for a deluxe room for Tibetan mastiff, this room had two Tibetan Mastiff in living, they were temporarily received other kennel, to the new mastiff.Chen Mingcai frankly, this is a resistance high rare mastiff is mainly related to the physical, and were fed raw meat. At the base, there are 10 Tibetan mastiff.The depth.The guard dog how to chooseChen Mingcai said that the Tibetan mastiff dog care as a special industry, deterrence and potentially dangerous. He suggested that the dog care to choose a good compliance of the German shepherd dog, (Lang Quan), golden and Labrador can become excellent guard dogs.Chongqing morning news reporter Feng Jing Guan 粳人 InternSponsor Link:cast in ferrules anchor nut steel chamfer

Before 9 am, Carrefour Tongzhou store a man because of the woman customer the skirts, customers were piled on control. Everyone is surprised to find that there are hundreds of the skirt bottom video its phones, and even with underage girls skirt bottom. Beijing morning news reporter learned yesterday from the Tongzhou police, the man has been administrative detention in accordance with the law. Mobile phone photo caughtMr. Wang told this newspaper reflect before 9 am, met a shoot women skirt bottom “Metamorphosis” in the Carrefour store in Tongzhou, the site of the incident is placed in the female goods shelves. “I was in love and the selection of goods, all of a sudden, dressed in suits young girl cried out, and to pull a middle-aged man hand. We all look closer at the time, thought the man molested her, who knows the girl grabbed the man’s phone, the screen display is video.”Then listen to the girl said when she pick things feel something hits the skirt, a bow saw the man holding a cell phone in the film, and then grabbed his mobile phone robbed in the past. After the girls call 110 alarm.” Mr. Wang memories, when the man saw this situation turned to run, but was a customer and the arrival of security control, “didn’t run a few steps will be hold”. The shelves before or on the escalatorReporter from another eyewitness Mr. Gao learned that men’s phone contains hundreds of skirt bottom video, let there are so surprised. “To see him the locations are at the mall and supermarket shelves or rolling escalator, video length are less than 1 minutes, or even three or four minutes, all the women skirts. Skirt bottom video there are several segments are teenagers, this guy is really too sick.” Mr. Gao said that women in the video are wearing short skirts or skirts, “posture are squatting or bend”.Mr. Gao said that hundreds of videos are recorded in the summer, one day can record more than ten segments, “this man should be veteran, recording such was discovered more than. He looks honest, didn’t expect to do this kind of thing”.Always pretending to see commodityYesterday, a staff of Carrefour Tongzhou store told reporters, when patrolling inside the store security guards saw a man has been wandering in the female goods shelves, originally suspected that he was a thief, he observed in the distance, who knows the man is a female customer found and tried to run away, so the security personnel immediately and several male the customer to control it, then handed over to the police came. But the man the situation had not been monitoring clearly photographed, “when he is caught, also didn’t rebel, later the police to monitor, found that men have been squatting pretending to see goods, and his cell phone in the women’s skirts, it is difficult to see the monitor screen”.Reporters learned yesterday from the Tongzhou police, the man was the police administrative detention, the case is still under investigation. In this connection, the police also reminds female citizens, summer travel pay attention to clothes, and in public, especially on the escalator or bend squat, pay attention to personnel, meet the abnormal situation timely alarm.Morning news 96101 live news reporter Zhang JingyaClue: Mr. ChenLinkThe videoSelling profitIn June 10th, CCTV has exposed a gang for the female skirt bottom. The gang of “magic stick” “modified mobile phone” candid camera artifact, devoted to the profit of the women’s skirts and privacy parts. The gang are female, the modified mobile phone in the mall locker rooms and other places, the women such as video clips. According to whether the extent of private video show and filming, ranging from the price to 500 yuan per 10 minutes to 1000 yuan sold to yellow web.Sponsor Link:lifting socket ledger blade halfen frimeda

Xu Jixin in the binding of damaged books.In August 13th, Changping Xin Feng Cun San Science Library, Xu Jixin is to label the books. He founded the library at their own expense, the nearby villagers free library, has been in operation for 15 years.Xu Jixin (46 years old)Community: Changping Xin Feng Cun[book].Others are money, money to Xu Jixin is a book. In order to let more villagers get free books, in 1999 April, Xu Jixin rented a piece of land in the village, built a house for a library.From the beginning of more than 2000 books in the room of 40 square meters, slowly now developed into a collection of two storey building of more than 10 books, the library love gradually into the village spiritual home.[example]So many good books, but not to me, but to the library, a year as long as a reader, the library I will keep going. — Xu JixinInto the Changping District Da Xin Feng Cun, a white 2 story building to greet, pushed the door to enter, two students of grade six volts in front of the desk, reading the story book. “You see, these words especially interesting.” Yu Xia students for students think Yu said.One side of the white book shelves, placed in categories with economic, political, environmental science, medicine and health, language and literature, history and geography books.The scale of public library by Da Xin Feng Cun village Xu Jixin personally founded, open is the 15 years.Gold waste station in old books “”Xu Jixin’s father and sister are teachers, home often buy all kinds of books and periodicals. When the villagers all right, always love to his house to borrow books. A library book easy to difficult, quite a number of books checked out, but has not come back. Then, Xu Jixin had opened a small library idea, “so you can let everyone to read, can guarantee the books borrowing, and convenient management.”In 1999 April, Xu Jixin in the village close to the side of the road where the rented a piece of land. That is open, is actually a deserted ditch, he put the ditch filled, and spend thousands of yuan, he built a house. He will bring home books are moved into the house, and found some nobody with tables and chairs, the library is open, Xu Jixin named it “Da Xin Feng library”.The library was opened was popular, most of the time a day have hundreds of people to read and borrow books.Soon, Xu Jixin found that the book is not borrowed. He had no money to buy a new book, a had to reject station Amoy some old books back to ride a bicycle.After a few cents a pound books back, Xu Jixin has a set of strict procedure. “First clapped to book the dust of the earth, then the book light disinfection using ultraviolet light, if the book a stained, to wipe with alcohol cotton.” Xu Jixin said that the broken pages, he will be sticking.”The more bad books, we would love to look more, those who watched the new book, you may simply not open.” Xu Jixin said that since the library has been opened, he had no wrong one day book to repair, even the binder are worn out several.Love library many villagers, migrant workers have benefited from Xu Jixin.Baishan town two village a farmer said he had grown tomatoes always is small, he later in the library to borrow “rural vegetables technology” one book, according to the technical management of the book, tomatoes grow big and red.Da Xin Feng Cun pisciculture specialist Zu Guisheng didn’t understand the influence of water temperature and climate on fish, nor to the fish pond disinfection, during the spring and fry is loss of thousands of yuan. The library open, he often borrow books and CDs of aquaculture, fish production increased.Special shelf for pupilsAs word of mouth villagers, “Da Xin Feng library” with fame, Xu Jixin also received some donated books.In the Ministry of Railways work an eon old man donated a collection of hundreds of books. One engaged in the media industry donated two thousand Zhang Guangdie. Changping District, Xin Feng Cun, and also give some support to the library. Sometimes the Changping District library will donate some books off the shelf, the village will provide free car pulled the book. Look at everyone’s love continue to converge, at the beginning of 2000, Xu Jixin put the “big Xin Feng library” was renamed “love library”.More and more books, a small library has been unable to put all the books, the house from the 1 cap to 12, but still can not put down. After the Spring Festival this year, after a friend suggested that Xu Jixin decided to spend a year 50000 rent, to 1200 square metres of the farmyard, improve readers’ reading environment, but also to better books.In June 6th this year, the official opening of the new library. Xu Jixin borrowed Kong Zi said “the sage”, named “St. school library”. Up to now, a total of more than 10 volumes of books in library.Due to the library from the village primary school is only 500 meters, at present the readers of the library in primary school children and the elderly over the age of 50, Xu Jixin is going to the library in the future gradually focus on children’s reading.Consider the many little friends not tall, not enough to the book, Xu Jixin for 1 to 6 grade books in 1 meters high on the desk are lined up, want to see it, a hand touch. Fear of the pupils were desk to knock against, he took the cloth the desk all wrapped up some points.Come here to read students Yu Xia said, library, will be about a few small partners together to study, read books every day, they see this as outside the second classroom, is their favorite place.Every night, the library is full to the study of children, Xu Jixin bought 35 small stool, let every child has a chair to sit.In the home of her daughter wage expenditureThese years, in order to maintain the operation of the library, Xu Jixin has not remember how much energy consumption, how much money to spend. “Books are most afraid of fire, water and insects,” Xu Jixin said, because of fears that the libraries of all types of books, and every day he lived in the library, only to go home at dinner.”Over the years, the night the rain woke up, even if the window is not assured, still have to watch it again, but the book is wet, sometimes heavy rain, water diffuse into the house, is going to move some sandbags, guarantee the books is not damaged.” In order to prevent the book bookworm biting, Xu Jixin every year at least two times book drug fumigation.Xu Jixin’s family is not rich, he has no stable job, usually by helping people to do legal counseling for students, whenever the reward, he put the money to purchase or repair book. Up to now, home still owe 100000 foreign debt.Xu Jixin was just about, superscript every book has pasted the book classification posted one for 2 cents, just for the 100000 book the book will spend 2000 yuan. For the high binding damaged books electric machine price, parts of the damage rate is very high, but under, Xu Jixin had to make a manual stapler, bookbinding out eyes, then the thread will drop the pages sewn on.”Operation Library in recent years, many people do not understand that I open the library will get other subsidies, but every penny library built flower is my own,” said Xu Jixin, at present two people of husband and wife in the library busy, home economic source depends mainly on the daughter’s wages to sustain.Xu Jixin said, the library has encountered a bottleneck, due to limited funds, book updating speed slow, many people can not to want to see the book, does not love to come, only a few people for some time every day to borrow books. He also wanted to turn off the library, but not the kind people donated books, “these years, it is a kind of responsibility, as long as there is a reader, I’ll drive straight through the library”.This edition news / news reporter Li XinThis version photography / news reporter Gao WeiHow to recommend “citizen example”E-mail: xjbgandong@126.comHotline: 010-67106710 Bo: Bo @ BeijingMicro letter: focus on the Beijing News micro letter (bjnews_xjb) provide cluesSponsor Link:www.aopprecast.com anchor nut lifting insert

In new networkGulin 17 August Xinhua (Zhou Yaqiang Zhang Tao) reporter 17 days afternoon from Gulin relevant department, 16 night to this morning, heavy rain led to the county to the affected. Some Township street like rivers, water is more than one meter. After the disaster, Gulin County immediately launched the emergency plan, currently no reports of casualties.Start from today’s morning, heavy rainfall caused the Fish River in Gulin County of the rise, Yu Hua Xiang Chang Zhen River basin within the scope of the disaster is serious. The flooding into the street, the bottom most residents flooded, some parked in the street car is soaked in water.According to the local government, heavy rains and floods also caused several bridges, damaged roads, some residents were trapped inside the building. The village appeared farmland inundated, landslides, partial building collapse phenomenon, Shan Ping Tang, the reservoir water level higher than the warning line etc.. After the disaster, Gulin County immediately launched the emergency plan, and county leaders to the scene took command rescue, and the mobilization of human, financial and material involved in the rescue and ensure the safety of life and property.According to the Gulin Meteorological Bureau relevant personnel introduces, the Yongle, big fish, Longshan Village, 10 villages and towns of 100 millimeter above, which Yongle Town of up to 163.2 mm. Therefore, town water situation in other towns also appeared in varying degrees, causing serious losses, some of the roads were collapse interrupt.It is reported that the night from 16 to 17, most of the districts and counties of Luzhou showed significant rainfall has not yet. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting socket aop formwork ferrule insert

In order to show off their computer technology, network engineer sun at the Beijing communication company computer system in network vulnerability, invasion of the company’s servers, steal the enterprise user directory more than 16000 groups. Recently, Mr. Sohn suspected illegal acquisition of computer information system data crimes by the Changping procuratorate prosecution.  Accidental discovery of network vulnerabilityComputer science and technology professional sun graduated from a university in Beijing, is the safety engineer. Because the sun company is a Beijing communication company limited user, as the company’s Network Security Engineer Sohn often in conjunction with the company in business dealings, a long time, Sun Mou find loopholes in the communications network system. Out of curiosity, but also to test their “business”, Sun Mou with a laptop computer, communication, the request to enter the company’s Web site, and through technical means, have administrator privileges on this communication network system.Go home at night, sun and to use their own laptops script file, parse out the communications from the server log all communications enterprise user name and the address book. With only a night time, address the communication company user record will guide to the sun on the computer, there are about information communication more than ten thousand enterprises of the book, including the name of the enterprise, the enterprise staff’s e-mail address, contact telephone number. But to the colleagues display technologySun put these information and data stored on their computers folder, and the use of the home computer, through technical means of login communication company accounts, three mailbox password tamper with the enterprise customer mailbox, and then log on to the mailbox, the mailbox mail check in. To do this, Sun Mou to return the unit to work, did not forget to show the results of their technology to colleagues”. A few days later, the technician the communication company routine system network log security inspection process, found that the company system was hacked.The public security organs after receiving the alarm, through technical means to lock the sun. All the while, Sun Mou are not aware of their behavior has been suspected of a crime. Sohn told police he had never considered corporate communications will be recorded to the other profit or spreading, do everything yourself is purely in order to examine their technical level.  The illegal invasion or bear criminal responsibilityRecently, Mr. Sohn suspected illegal acquisition of computer information system data crimes by the Changping procuratorate prosecution. The prosecutor, told reporters, according to the provisions of article second of China’s “criminal law” 285th, in violation of state regulations, the provisions of the preceding paragraph (computer intrusion of state affairs, national defense construction, advanced science and Technology) computer information outside the system or by other means, access to the computer information system in storage, processing or transport data, or the implementation of illegal control of the computer information system, if the circumstances are serious, is less than three years imprisonment or criminal detention, or be fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, department for more than three years to seven years in prison and fined.Suspect Zhao although intrusion enterprise server, but not illegal control, so its behavior still belongs to “illegal access to data”, their behavior has been suspected of illegal acquisition of computer information system data sin.He Xin of morning paper reporterSponsor Link:www.aopprecast.com scaffolding parts halfen frimeda