At the same time, the carrying capacity of synthetic in towns, speeding up the shanty towns, villages, the transformation of the old district, town water penetration rate, gas penetration rate, central heating penetration rate, the rate of sewage treatment, garbage harmless treatment rate and the built-up area green coverage rate of more than Quan Guoping level. The 22 set city average population reached 460000, the average land area of 43.5 square kilometers, respectively, 50000 more than in 2006 and 10 square kilometers. Urban and rural basic old-age pension, basic medical insurance enrollment reached 21000000, 30000000, the basic realization of the social security system to cover all urban and rural areas.In 2014, the new towns in our province will strive to achieve substantial breakthroughs in key areas and crucial links, the main objectives include the level of urbanization, the basic public services, infrastructure, environment and resources and other 4 categories. The level of urbanization, population urbanization rate target of 54.06%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points year-on-year, the household register population urbanization rate requirement is 34.01%, an increase of 0.27 percentage points year-on-year. The primary task of new urbanization in our province, is to promote the ability of stable employment in the urban resident population and life orderly citizen, “livable appropriate industry” as the goal, the orderly development of agricultural population transfer to ensure that citizens, turn, turn, turn clockwise steady well. Central Committee put forward the “3 100000000″ goal, my main task is to seize the province, “two indicators”, aimed at “three groups”, get rid of “the three door”. Seize the “two indicators”, is to improve the resident population urbanization rate and population urbanization rate, the general requirement is to catch up with the national average, and the population urbanization rate will improve faster, and strive to reduced year by year and the resident population urbanization rate gap.Aimed at the “three group”, one is in the urban life has no towns household registration about 6000000 migrant farmers, another is “go home road, around the alley” 2700000 residents of villages in the city, there is a coal mining subsidence area of 1700000 people. The three focus groups problem solved, the urbanization rate of Shanxi at least 20 percentage point increase.To break the “three doors”, is to get rid of lie before the farmer “glass door” “revolving door” “spring door”. Break “glass door”, key is to have stable employment and residence as the basic conditions of the account transfer admittance system, the land lost farmers in the suburbs and villages farmers into the city, small city and small town to let go of migrant workers settled conditions.To break the “revolving door”, is to promote employment efforts, especially in the downtown pressure on the economy to stabilize the employment of migrant workers returning home, try to reduce the staff. Get rid of “spring door”, is to clean up the social security of migrant workers in rejection, gradually stripping benefits at all in the family, the realization of the basic public service the resident population of full coverage, let the migrant workers and urban residents in the children’s schooling, pension, medical care, social insurance, housing and other aspects gradually realize the equal treatment. According to the model of urbanization, to ensure that agricultural population transfer into the go, live, employment, to integrate into the city, our province overall and formulated a series of policies and measures, innovative institutional mechanisms, to ensure that the work of a solid start to obtain actual effect. According to the model of urbanization, to ensure that agricultural population transfer into the go, live, employment, to integrate into the city, our province overall and formulated a series of policies and measures, innovative institutional mechanisms, to ensure that the work of a solid start to obtain actual effect. 破除“玻璃门”,重点是实行以具有稳定就业和住所为基本条件的户口迁移准入制,率先把城郊失地农民和城中村农民转化为城市市民,中小城市和小城镇要放开农民工落户条件。 Project highlights 破除“弹簧门”,就是清理排斥农民工的各项社会保障政策,逐渐剥离附着在户籍上的各种福利待遇,实现基本公共服务常住人口全覆盖,让进城农民工与城镇居民在子女就学、养老、医疗、社会保险、住房等方面逐步实现同等待遇。Yuncheng city ecological wisdom:In accordance with the construction of “green slope, Lake George, Societe Generale”, Yuncheng city ecological wisdom city construction a total area of 401 square kilometers, of which, the focus of the planning area for the Saline Lake and the surrounding area, a total of 246 square kilometers, 80% is not the development and utilization of the land; coordination area including Yuncheng Economic Development Zone, airport economic development zone and northern high tech Zone, a total of 155 square kilometers.Will complete the repair of 100000 square meters, mountain grass of 200000 square meters, the administration of Saline Lake the two phase of the project this year, the water to expand to 30 square kilometers, 3 kilometers west of the temple pond wetland park construction, at the same time, will start the construction of the East light spring, sports park and water world 3 theme park project, the formation of 1500000 square meters Park area.  Datong urban and rural housing projects:In 2014, Datong Province issued affordable housing construction objectives and tasks for the newly started construction of 46616 sets, basically completed 32500 sets, completed an investment of 8500000000 yuan. The first half of the year, the city affordable new project has started 31064, completion rate of 66.64%; basically completed 10757 sets, the completion rate of 33.1%; 4637000000 yuan investment, the completion rate of 54.55%.  Jinzhong city “two city four area” construction engineering:To speed up the pace of the city, promoting the construction of “four zones” two city: including too elm technology innovation city, Metro, North University Park, new energy car park, logistics park, Xiao River Ecological Scenic spot. At present, the West has 5 road to the boundary of Taiyuan, water supply, gas supply, heating have connection with Taiyuan.  ”Gasification of Jincheng” project:”Gasification Jincheng” requirements of the overall plan to “1025″ end, Jincheng city gas penetration rate reached 100%, the county reached 90% coverage of the major towns, villages, penetration rate reached 80%. The city planning of Industrial Park, gasification rate reached 100%, built the largest base of exploitation and utilization of coalbed methane.At present, the city’s coal seam gas residential customers has reached more than 20 households, urban pipeline gas to achieve full coverage, coal-bed methane utilization project won the “China habitat environment award”.“气化晋城”工程:The masses comments 全市规划的工业园区气化率达到100%,建成全国最大的煤层气开发利用基地。 Around the people’s livelihood development model of Urbanization  The provincial forestry department professor level senior engineer the original law constitution:The transformation of comprehensive reform experimental area construction as a guide, crack and alleviate the contradiction of some restricting the urbanization.For example, the 11 set the city “City five compliance of a” pilot, introduced the implementation of the reform of the household registration system, clear the city, county and town settled conditions.Urbanization is not only more than a few buildings, take several road, must pay attention to the material life, spiritual life and create life.To accelerate the construction of small towns, speed up the transfer of rural labor force, we must vigorously develop agriculture and forestry two or three industry and private economy, broaden their employment and business circulation channels, so as to attract farmers into town, promote the local transfer of rural labor force.  我省以转型综改试验区建设为统领,破解和缓解了一些制约全省城镇化的突出矛盾。 Xiangning county live built bureau director Ding Shisheng: Enthusiasm and initiative to implement the “big country” strategy greatly stimulated throughout the province to promote urbanization, changed many counties face. Many mountains, deep ditch, less plain, is one of the most significant features of our province, especially in our mountainous county.New urbanization construction, provides a good opportunity for our development.In 4 years, we have invested a total of 1500000000 yuan, has implemented the “three vertical and nine horizontal” road network construction, city shanty towns of more than 40 key construction projects, especially the 500000000 yuan of investment into the camp of Metro “three vertical and nine horizontal” road engineering, is the highest standard of engineering construction of the county-level city in the streets, the urban area has expanded 1 times, become an important window to create thrust and city brand.  实施“大县城”战略极大地激发了我省各地推进城镇化的积极性和主动性,不少县城面貌发生了明显变化。 Shanxi green Montreal company chairman Miao Heping: The requirements of new towns in our province, urbanization and ecological rely on each other. In Shanxi, urban construction is the first green.I think, ecological landscape construction is an important content of urban construction, to synchronize.We should first clear the viewpoints: suit one’s measures to local conditions, leading fortification to harm, rational planning, science and technology; ecological garden town to do not no mountain green, water is clear, an idyllic scene, beautiful environment; ecological construction and cultural attractions, cultural relics, historical sites combined, can only protect cannot destroy, increase the cultural connotation of; information on the work in the green, beautiful environment, efficiency can be increased to 15%, the accident reduction of 40%-50%; the ecological landscape, the needs of society and sustainable economic benefits together.(reporter Wang Jianke) [Edit]: Liu Yan Participating in interactive ( 0 )Sponsor Link:fixing socket scaffolding parts shuttering magnet

The report showed that, compared with last year during the first half of the survey results, the comprehensive index of Shanxi province in 2014 the first half of the tourists’ satisfaction increased slightly, to 78.2, the overall is “satisfied” level.11, under the jurisdiction of the province, Jinzhong, Datong, Xinzhou, Taiyuan four City composite score above 80, achieved the “satisfaction” level; Jincheng, Linfen, Changzhi, Yuncheng, Yangquan, Shuozhou, Lvliang scores in “basic satisfaction” level.From the sub index score of 79.9, public service, loyalty 79.2 and scenic area service 78.2, higher scores, a greater contribution to the comprehensive score of tourist satisfaction; travel 77.5, 77.1, 76.9, catering accommodation shopping center 76.9 score; entertainment 76.8, transport 76.1, the score is relatively low. From the sub index score of 79.9, public service, loyalty 79.2 and scenic area service 78.2, higher scores, a greater contribution to the comprehensive score of tourist satisfaction; travel 77.5, 77.1, 76.9, catering accommodation shopping center 76.9 score; entertainment 76.8, transport 76.1, the score is relatively low.The report item index score indicates that, the development of tourism in Shanxi province is increasingly perfect, enhance the outstanding performance of satisfaction in the public service and the scenic area service, and enhance the visitor loyalty. The survey found, Yungang Grottoes in Datong, Taiyuan Coal Museum, Jinzhong the Wangs Courtyard, Linfen big tree scenic area, Yuncheng Guan Yu Temple, Jincheng Royal Prime Minister’s palace scenic spot announcer all dress uniform, standard, explain the unique, satisfaction and visitors to the Shanxi landscape characteristic, the scenic area service outstanding, and then pull the score of tourist loyalty index ascending, nearly 80% visitors expressed their willingness to recommend relatives or friends to Shanxi tourism. The first half of 2014, Shanxi province tourism promotion comprehensive work orderly, entertainment and cultural activities contributing to popularity, “beautiful Shanxi leisure tour” tour sales promotion as well as the CCTV “Jinshan Jinmei” normalized advertising makes higher index scores tourism atmosphere, people friendly and tourism image performance of city soft power of tourism, form such as “ancient courtyard, Shanxi Merchants culture”, “cultural ancient city, big beautiful Datong”, “the hometown”, “Taihang” and a number of other tourism city brand, improve the Shanxi province tourism image, promote the tourists in Shanxi tourism satisfaction.In addition to satisfaction, tourists in the city environmental facilities, tourism catering, accommodation, shopping and other aspects are still not satisfied with the factors, the old problems still exist. Investigation data shows, city sanitation index score, rest facilities and toilets in the city three city environment and facilities are relatively low, tourists generally express the improvement of the city environment, perfect the public facilities expected.In the dining, shopping, accommodation, health status and price rationality affect tourist satisfaction of the old problems are not resolved in time, many vendors lack of norm, price empty high price is not reasonable, dirty environment health to ensure that problems still exist.In addition, in the new situation of the rapid development of Internet and technology, network information platform construction of cities have achievements, but the level of uneven, the wisdom of tourism overall construction lag and new problems have emerged, superposition of old and new problems affect the promotion of Shanxi tourist satisfaction. Deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, said Li Gui, the tourism has gradually become a way of life, the individual is to occupy the main tourist market position under the background of the times, the development of science and technology, the wisdom of tourism has been growing in the environment, tourist satisfaction has increasingly become a system, complex project, needs to coordinate all over of the party committees and governments, together the related enterprise of tourism, destination residents from all walks of life, the more need to actively cooperate with the industry and commerce, health, urban management, public security departments, continue to resolve the outstanding issues affecting the satisfaction of tourists and conflicts of interest, to jointly promote the healthy development of Shanxi province tourism service quality and tourism. (end) Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:lifting anchor anchor nut lifting loop

(in July 28th, “Hubei daily”) Why do people miss Jiao Yulu, it is because of a broken bicycle carrying Jiao Yulu in more than a year, and every inch of land of Lankao, this is not because there is no Lankao poor even a car. Civil servants to work by bike or take part in public activities, in the past it was very common things. The reason why people questioned the government behavior with official bike, because some leading cadres to undermine the overall image of public officials.Some counties in the poor to the extreme, and some people even underpants can’t wear them, and some county Party Secretary, county magistrate but drove hundreds of thousands, millions of cars. Some counties in the poor to the extreme, and some people even underpants can’t wear them, and some county Party Secretary, county magistrate but drove hundreds of thousands, millions of cars. When this phenomenon has been a netizen, media like muckraking did come out, people will be wearing “any act tainted glasses” examine government. Of course, many netizens on the provincial organs with official bike Paizhuan, also from another side shows, public servants riding a bicycle in business activity has not become a common phenomenon. If you really can do persist, the public will be the real “mass line” point.In foreign countries, not only ordinary small civil servants can ride a bicycle, President, prime minister, speaker, riding a bicycle is not what rare thing, but will not be reported the news media blitz. But if we walk in the street, met “passerby” is a section chief, director, director, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor, governor, Secretary of the provincial Party committee and Lady riding a bicycle to go to work, must not have one question like “reform”. In many countries, enjoy the bus, especially the special officials rarely. Taking Finland as an example, in addition to the president, prime minister, Minister of foreign affairs, only the interior minister and the Minister of defense they enjoy with vehicle treatment. Expensive for a head of state president of Finland often rides a bike out to do business, and one of Finland’s central bank governor, because a foie gras and apologize to step down. Admittedly, our country also there is no lack of official low carbon travel case. Not only has a number of secretary of provincial Party committee, governor of riding a bike to work, there are more than the provincial and ministerial level officials “bus” in politics.As the Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee, the original Luo Qingquan, governor Li Hongzhong often holding the umbrella to walk to work. Secretary, governor and other officials to take the lead in “low carbon work” is a kind of demonstration, should produce a positive demonstration effect. However, to really get accustomed to staff a lot of traffic coming down shelf, tied to the masses of people to ride a bike, and is not a simple matter. Because “a cigarette, two two oil, a meal, a cow, underneath a building” of these bad habits is not a day of practice, to get rid of these practices cannot accomplish at one stroke. So, to the civil servants to ride a bike office this kind of fashion public or expectations, less brick. Of course, we also hope to promote civil servants riding a bicycle out of office is not a simple show, is not a form of propaganda, but a real practice, and make it become constant habit. Tian Fang. [Edit]: Liu Yan. Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories scaffolding accessories steel chamfer

@ confused wonderful vision: the key is to increase the propaganda advocating people to care for the environment, and to the fundamental role in improving people’s quality of talent, should not rely on the establishment of the trash and attention, a bit unrealistic, too much waste.@ o o Leng: no science, is clear.[Edit]: Liu Yan.Participating in interactive (0)Sponsor Link:precast accessories cuplock scaffolding steel chamfer

The last half month, the Shaanxi Xi’an City, a 85 year old left uncle every afternoon 3 when to 4 when the left and right sides, will carry two pots of bubble Longjing, chrysanthemum and rock sugar cool tea, waiting at the altar village bus station, the bus driver to send water. (in July 28th, “China Daily”)Mr. Lu Xun once said “the infinite distance, millions of people, are about me”. In this hot summer day, a “pot send cool” old uncle, let us mind blowing cool wind. He makes us believe that, in the face of the stranger be strangers to each other, each lift a finger, are likely to be light and warmth to others in the world. “The pot back send cool” is acutely aware of the simple human nature, is each other mutual sense of community.The bus driver fatigue and hard, many people are not aware of, but selective amnesia and neglect. It is the heart of the bus driver’s love and concern, the left uncle would “send cool pot”. The reaction ability of sensitive to the interests of others, when others need help to step forward bravely, this “would like to think of others, the other urgent needs” approach, is the embodiment of the sense of community. Left man poured bus driver, is not only delicious cool tea, but between people and people love feelings of mutual trust and. This kind of state of mind in traditional society everywhere, in the modern society is precious.With the social changes, the rational thinking on the economics of the popular, let the utilitarian and calculation of extrusion and alienation of naive human nature. More and more people are used to weighing of costs and benefits, more and more like the pursuit of speed and efficiency. However, behind the benefit maximization or the efficiency logic, usually is the humanity “the metamorphosis”. More those who let a person sad, scarce resources, fierce competition, distort people fundamentally is non outlook and values, let “the weak mutual assistance” changes into “bottom and mutual benefit mutual harm”.In the face of moral anomie, social indifference, many people blame everyone and everything but not oneself, did not think of details to promote. The temperature of the public life cannot do without all the collection of firewood. Although the pressure of reality and the hardships of life have become more complex and hard to human nature, there is in every human being’s heart, still have the seeds of kindness and responsibility. Just let the stranger given enough respect, trust and care, they also will emerge from the self enclosed and social exclusion fence, with a smile and enthusiasm to help.Sincere attitude, real power, let “the pot send cool” aroused strong feelings and psychological resonance. This kind of soft power seems weak, but like a torch, illuminate the road ahead. Yang Zhaoqing.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor scaffolding accessories steel chamfer

67 year old Chen Qing has been out of Zhengyang County Detention Center in Zhumadian City, holding hands to lift the detention “certificate”, but do not want to understand: the City Public Security Bureau open to the public petition reception day, I in the reception hall of the three cry “to see the director” was being detained?July 8, 2014 to 16, Chen Qing for “disturbing unit order”, by the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau East Branch decided to 8 days in jail.19 years ago, Chen Qing 18 year old son Gao Lianjun was two police patrol as fugitive suspects shot, Chen Qing then embarked on the road of.For the detention, the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau of the relevant person in charge yesterday on the “Legal Evening News” reporter said: sympathy for its encounter, was detained the old lady’s behavior, consideration is not comprehensive, it can through administrative reconsideration or administrative proceedings to safeguard their own rights and interests. Playback300000 “seal” the agreement cancellation no fruitThe afternoon of May 23, 1995, men Zhuang Cun Liu Ge Xiang Gao Zhuang Town Zhumadian city Henan Province, Yi, Gao Lianjun of 18 years old is two police patrol as fugitive suspects shot. Chen Qing and his wife Gao Guoyu, who lost his son went on the road.In March 4, 2009, his son Gao Lianjun was shot and killed by police after 14 years, Chen Qing was the police to Zhumadian City Notary Henan Province days, and agent, the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau Station Branch of the deputy director of the Wu Shuwen signed an agreement.According to the agreement, “the spirit of caring for difficult, stable social harmonious attitude, Yicheng District Public Security sub and Chen Qing in the full understanding of voluntary principle”, in order to make the case “final solution”, Yicheng District Public Security sub raising 300000 yuan, as the Chen Qing couple “one-time end compensation”.In addition, the agreement also requires the Chen Qing couple “waiver of all legal prosecution police Wang Chunzhang, Li Xinsheng two people and its subordinate units, shall not in any form to any department put forward any request.”The notary office, also on the agreement of the notary. In 2013 November, Chen Qing went to the day of the notary office accompanied by a lawyer, submit an application for review, request for revocation of the certificate. (the above see our 2013 November report)In 2014 July, Chen Qing has not received any reply to the notary office.The morning of July 24th, when the law late reporter accompanied Chen Qing to the notary office for results, the notary office director Gao Qiyu said, for this certificate is valid, the different understanding of each person. The notary office thinks, notarization involving civil compensation agreement, no cancellation of notarization of reason, so far has not been revoked. The scene”To see the director shouted” is out of the hallChen Qing told law late reporter, in July 8th this year, early in the morning, she came to Zhumadian City Public Security Bureau petition reception hall, the City Public Security Bureau open to the public petition reception day.On the morning of the Bureau petition reception work began, she received 5, lined up in the hall waiting for. Because this day is the agency’s “chief reception day”, she wants to son Gao Lianjun was shot and killed a case, to the director general of the reception of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Director Yang report.But shortly after, the queuing Chen Qing found, was in the lobby reception interviewed people not Yang, but the director of the Political Department of Zhumadian Public Security Bureau He Bohua. That to the reception hall police asked after the reception, conference room Yang Juchang was inside the hall, the day she saw little possibility of director yang.”Director reception day only in week two, while the director is’ a ‘, it was a rare opportunity, so I want to scream, the hope can cause the attention of the director.” Chen Qing said. She recalled to reporters, she called three words — the first sentence is: “in the hall of director Yang, I meet you?” The second sentence is: “; Yang, you these years, haven’t received my back.”Subsequently, Chen Qing and shouted out the third sentence: “Yang, don’t see me you how, people call you ‘blue sky’, you can’t be ‘cloudy’.”Just shouted the third sentence, several East police station will she stand out of the hall.”Harassment unit order” was detained for 8 daysOn the afternoon of the same day, the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch (East and east station a team two brands) to Chen Qing “harassment unit order” on the grounds, decided on their 8 days of detention. Around 6 p.m., Chen Qing was sent to a detention center in Zhumadian city.According to Chen Qing said, in Zhumadian City detention at the door, she met in the work, had shot a policeman to her son. (the police therefore demoted)”He saw me immediately turned away”, Chen Qing says, that day in the evening, she was detained in Zhumadian City, spent the night.In July 9th, Chen Qing was sent to Zhengyang County Detention continue execution until the expiry of detention, release.Watch the village cadres to told “cannot see”In July 24th, the reporter found that a witness in the City Public Security Bureau reception hall, Wang Yan (a pseudonym). Wang Yan said, when she waits in line for the reception, do see Chen Qing shouting “want to see yang”. She said, when Chen Qing was police brought out, other petitioners are still queuing, liberating as usual. “I feel the hall without what order effect.”Chen Qing for the detention, Liu Ge Xiang men Zhuang Cun, Yicheng District of Zhumadian city village cadres are confirmed. The village committee director Shao Guodong told reporters, in July 8th he and the village Party branch secretary Wang Shuangjun received Chen Qing phone, then two people arrived at the East station.To the police station security brigade, “I asked Chen Qing made what matter, police said her day in the Council’s petition reception hall disrupted the work order.” Shao Guodong said. Wang Shuangjun told reporters: “we see a police station ‘Chen Qing, said the Council’s leadership has arranged for this thing, you can’t see’.”In response to Police Brigade: detentionChen Qing for the detention, on July 24th afternoon, the reporters came to the East High Police Brigade, asked the captain Wang Jian, Wang Jianzhi said is in custody, he entered the office, no longer answer the question.Reporters learned that inquires, July 8th day in the police station duty responsible person is the group of public security of captain Yin Jianhua. Yin Jianhua emphasizes to the reporter, Chen Qing is in accordance with the law on administrative penalties for public security shall detain related, because of its “disturbed the unit order”.For Chen Qing was detained, whether the leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau assigned a thing, Wang Jian and Yin Jianhua are not responding.Zhumadian City Public Security Bureau kongshenke: does affect the work orderJuly 25, 2014 morning, the reporters came to the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau petition reception hall, the circumstances of the case referred to Chen Qing as well as over the years to reflect, almost all know in the hall of police work.When a reporter asked July 8th scene, several police hall, have chosen to avoid.In the morning, the Bureau of the Propaganda Department staff, kongshenke staff at the mention of Chen Qing to reporters, stressed that the most, is also the “she’s an old petitioners.”Zhumadian City Public Security Bureau kongshenke wukezhang introduced, on July 8th, the bureau director Yang reception hall meeting room reception in the letters, political department is the director of the Royal reception in the hall. Wukechang said, she is the operational activities after listening to Cory and colleagues report on the matter to know. “In the morning to appeal to the masses more, listen to my colleagues report is an old lady noisy in the hall, shouted several voice, is high in the east from the police station.” Wukechang said.Wukechang said, that day in the meeting room of hall reception director Yang also know that after. Reporter noticed, Wu Kechang said the conference room in the hall inside, if the door is closed, did not hear the hall.For the day of Chen Qing’s behavior, Wu section chief and the Bureau of the propaganda department director Li said, everyone in the queue at the time, Chen Qing was indeed affect the reception work order. Lee, director also said, a public security organ for punishment of detention to relevant personnel, there is relevant evidence.Director of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau of Zhumadian City: the detention decision consideration is not comprehensiveThe afternoon of July 28th, said the director of the Zhumadian Municipal Public Security Bureau Political Department He Bohua told law late reporter telephone interview, the day he did in the reception site, Chen Qing shout loudly, causing a certain impact on the reception work.That night He Bohua gave law late reporter sent a text message said: “Chen Qing has expressed sympathy, to Chen Qing’s detention measures, we consider not well.”He Bohua also said, if Chen Qing thinks the police have mistake to punish her, through administrative reconsideration or administrative proceedings to protect their own rights and interests. Zhu Shunzhong Wang Nan.Sponsor Link:halfen channel ringlock scaffolding anchor socket

Commentary: can build “hydrophilic system”

(“Taiyuan Evening News” July 25th) (“Taiyuan Evening News” July 25th)Drowning accidents repeatedly occur, but can not stop the enthusiasm of people wild swimming. Thinking is: why so many people ignorant dauntless, regardless of personal safety to wild swimming?Among these, there are some people trained skilled swimmer, this “show” on a, but others may just to downstream swimming fee.Life has a value, wild swimming ruthless. Let the wild swimming is no longer a “wild”, the key is to establish the perfect “hydrophilic system”. On the one hand, through the government, society, market main body pattern, accelerate the construction of a number of low-cost swimming venue; on the other hand, the existing swimming venue to increase funding, through the government financial subsidies, subsidies, tax relief lottery to reduce the “threshold”, so that more people go in, stay, fun! Xu Jianfeng.Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules ringlock scaffolding lifting loop

And only a short while ago, to emphasize the “dinner” and “gentle, modest and courteous”, the “revolution” between the picture does not equal, be all in one story recite “revolution is not a dinner party, and you will be accustomed to.”. Unexpectedly, a few years later, some people put words to a big upside down, “the revolution is not a dinner, dinner……” Although rather harsh, but also let people can’t help laughing. It seems in many people, he would do something big, what time less the dinner?Most important, the key, secret, are solved at the dinner table. No wonder some powerful, some big as people, whether willing or not, are not different banquet and knot indissoluble bound.I have seen a material, a county-level leadership admitted, his annual dinner about 1500 times a day, an average of three or four times, indeed. I have seen a material, a county-level leadership admitted, his annual dinner about 1500 times a day, an average of three or four times, indeed. Yeah, rice has become the “bureau”, with “chess”, “game” and “game”, “fraud”, “dinner” has become a kind of intelligence and strength and hard work. Want to be promoted?Want to get rich? What want to do and do not matter? What do you want to support and care not to people? As long as willing to work hard, “if you are honest”, the table can be solved. “Dinner” in the most willing to “hard” there are two kinds of people — “servant” and rich. Some “servant” to climb, palm greater rights, thus and more money, will be at the table and more precious, more note.Fortunately, the money is not their own, with “public funds” one newspaper, not all profit business? As for the billionaires, is a wealthy person, after all, desire bottomless, outside the castle hill, strong and strong in hand, who is willing to leave the matter at that? Make money with one’s capital, at compound interest, the table of investment gains, be not worth talking about? So, greatly small “dinner” has become a trading power for money a breeding ground for corruption, the number of red head file cannot hold a mouth, every year many billion “dinner” account again broke the record at all times and in all countries, so many people with deep hatred and resentment. The two different.Eighteen years, especially since the third plenary session, with the central anti-corruption work promptly and thoroughly, with the “eight provisions” and other specific measures emphasize and implement, tiger or, flies or, more or less have convergence, the cadres and the masses are more practical action to support, “dinner” really much less the.This is certainly a good thing, but be not easily won. However, some people have a new worry: now catering done, then to economic depression.The man who said these words, either to entertain imaginary or groundless fears, either overtones in conversation. If our catering industry is built on the “public money” this kind of “dinner” on the beach, it should collapse, not what is worthy of pity. But in fact, we have a long history of the catering industry, is a healthy development opportunity.Don’t look down upon the people, with the development of economy, “out” the opportunity is significantly increased, about one billion people ah, this to the catering service people, provides a huge space. Do not let slip the opportunity of corruption, as long as the rapid and decoupling, passionate people embrace, the catering industry’s future is unlimited. Guo Chuanzhong. [Edit]: Liu Yan Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors formwork clamp wavy tail anchor

Cangzhou city has 360000 rural population of drinking water insecurity, next year plans to solve all of.(reporter Dai Shaozhi) [Edit]: Liu Yan. Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules prop nut lifting insert

Group of rent let advertisement ■ posted in the campus. Reporter Bian Jing perturbation■ group rental tenants. (Mr. Zhang provided)Close paragraph of time, “rent” has become a hot topic. Open several provincial Qiuzu website, can find out hundreds of group rental information, according to the online description, these houses located in convenient transportation, near the center of the position. Each month, the price of around 300 yuan. 26 days, 27 days, 28 days and three days, the reporter visited the group of rent of the plurality of cells, and the identity of the person to rent a dwelling life experience. The reporters found that the group renting for low-income migrant workers and university graduates, their relative recognition of his life, all that is necessary in the course of struggle, just want to be able to quickly integrate into the city.  6 in a room, each rent 350 yuan / month26 morning, reporters through a Qiuzu website, search to a located in Yuhua road and the street near the telephone rental housing group, and in order to tenants and landlords identity afternoon showings.At 4 pm, reporters saw the landlord in the community at the entrance. The reporter told the landlord, he just graduated from the University, is a unit to practice, want to find a rent cheap place to rent to the end of the internship.The landlord took reporters to a pager housing, “there is no air conditioning, 300 yuan per month.” The reporter saw, the room with 6 bunk beds, can sleep 12 people. The ground put four or five electric kettle, hanging clothes on the balcony. Due to the high temperature, no air conditioning, the room seemed dejected.The landlord asked: “today only the living room with two beds, occupied?” The reporter said, looking for an air-conditioned house to live. She immediately took reporters to the same cell to another unit in the building of a set of two rooms one hall room.”This suite two bedrooms, each bedroom 6 people, have air conditioning, the day without night. The price is a bit higher, 350 yuan per month.” The landlord tried hard to persuade reporters stay. The reporter asked: “so many people live together, safe?” The landlord is patting chest to say: “rest assured, rented for so long, have never had a problem, and I also rent look, also look at identity, to be a man.”  In the first photo ID, declined requestsLook at the housing environment is good, reporters, want to stay a night have a try, if the conditions can be accepted, then the monthly rental. The landlord agreed, and told the press day rental is 30 yuan a day.Subsequently, the reporter after the delivery of the copy of ID card, with a backpack and simple clothes occupancy. A special “Administrator” aunt gave reporters a cupboard key, told the valuables remember to lock up, also handed reporters a check-in notes: 11 at night lights on time, do not cook. When a reporter raised, and students want to rent, want to take photos to each other a look, the administrator euphemism refused, said can take each other to see.  The tenant is graduate or graduate studentsAt 8 pm, the majority of tenants continued to come back. Have a day on the remedial classes for graduate students, 10 guests, has just graduated, students who are hunting for jobs, restaurants, shopping malls waitress, aged 20 to 40 years.Li Jia (a pseudonym) in tenant reporter lower berth, she told reporters, they are outsiders, in order to prepare for the exam, every day to class to live here. A reporter asked her why to choose a group of rent, she said, can not find the flat-share person, a person to rent a suite is too expensive, can not afford, and the group rents a lot cheaper, the environment is also passable. “Anyway, day outside class, and only came back at night, you sleep, does not prevent me from learning. And I think this is just a necessary stage in my life in the process, hope to be able to quickly integrate into the city.” She said. Reporter noticed, to drink water, and tenants to buy electric kettle.11 pm, the administrator lights on time, but there are still many people playing mobile phone or computer, some people in a low voice chat. There are people on the toilet flush the toilet As one falls, the voice let reporters some insomnia.  The capital of many areas there is group of rentThe 27 day, the reporter Corps division, visited the day, Scarlett carp, North District, Yiyuan Dong Gang, Jin Yu Garden and other communities, found within the community are group of rent phenomenon. A university near the Yuhua road and Jianhua Avenue, wall affixed with a “rental housing” advertising, top write: “rent / rent / day hires 11-30 yuan, the month hires 220 yuan /330 yuan, for single workers, graduates, migrant workers. The whole community of 24 hours of security, utilities, broadband, hot water, bath free, brand-new bedding. Can pack in.”In the reporter visited some groups rent, most houses a good environment, equipped with specialized management, daily health and responsible for the management of house, with tenants appear disturbing behavior, but also discourage.However, there are still a few groups rent hidden safety problems. The reporter saw in the Tian Zi Jia Li area of a group of renting a house, two bedrooms were the landlord with wooden separated into 4, wood is not fireproof material. More than 100 square metres of housing filled with bunk beds, kitchen has been changed to the bedroom, rent to twenty or thirty guests at the same time. The area of another man dwelling houses, sweat taste, foot odor, instant noodles taste, the smell of garlic…… Taste mixed together, there are a lot of cigarette butts and litter, and without any fire fighting equipment.The reporter understands, group housing environment better mostly rent for 300-350 yuan / month, 30 yuan / day. While the poor environment of each bed monthly rent of about 200 yuan, many tenants are low-income workers, or is the study of graduate students is facing a proforma or job seeking of College students.  Property: the dispute only persuasionA property manager said, group oriented leasing must ensure that the security, fire safety, and tenants can not affect the normal life of other owners, interference. “To tell you the truth, we also a small group of rent. The rent is more than a dozen hotel waiter, every day from morning to evening, walked all the way to twitter, rest affect other people, they don’t pay attention to water, once led to the roof leaking downstairs residents, residents came to us, after all, the housing property belonging to the landlord, we can only by persuasion, it is not, then to the neighborhood report.”  The Housing Authority has not been stipulated in the lowest per capita: rental areaAccording to “rent” situation, whether there is a clear management approach? A housing bureau staff told reporters, the Department of housing has issued “commodity housing rental management approach”, the provisions of article eighth, rental housing, should be based on the original design for the smallest room rental units, rental per capita construction area of not less than the minimum standards prescribed by the local people’s government. But Shijiazhuang has not yet promulgated the relevant document to provide the lowest per capita rental Construction area.  Lawyer: should reduce the risk managementIn this regard, the provincial capital Shao Mingtao lawyers, to solve the housing problem of the group, is not to ban it, which is to reduce risk, management. Let the group of rent and healthy development under the framework of the law, can be modeled by hotel or dormitory management mode. You can specify the minimum standards flat-share single residential area, and develop safety regulations clear, such as fire safety, not to private and pull wires, enough gas and natural gas pipeline etc..Residential property, the street, the fire department, but also to the strict supervision to the rental housing, only qualified, comply with safety and health conditions to external rental, and conduct regular safety inspection; for those irregular group housing, should be banned.The lessor must complete the identity authentication, the tenant’s registration, and daily maintenance management. “In solving the problems must be multi pronged, multi-channel solution.” He said.  Wenzhou: the hotel management mode into rental housingIn 2013 December, Wenzhou Louqiao Street rental housing has hung up the words “hotel style rental housing” sign, hotel style rental housing into the hotel style management. House to install the unified fire control facilities, the implementation of unified technical standard safety precautions; each floor is equipped with at least 2 fire extinguishers, 1 escape rope, 4 gas masks, 1 emergency lamp; each room is equipped with a flashlight and an alarm whistle; bedroom and channel not placing cooker; the establishment of the lobby, staff access to timely registration, the entry, and the public security organs to achieve information sharing; access control systems installed and monitoring probe. Rental housing at reasonable prices, the tenant rent, the landlord is also a lot of money, both sides benefit, the key is, the living environment more clean, public security and fire will be more security. (reporter Bian Jing correspondent Qi Jiabo Li Jianhang He Bocong)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules prop sleeve lifting loop