In new networkIn December 2, Chengdu Sichuan Province discipline appoint 2 disclosure: Recently, the consent of the Sichuan Provincial Committee, Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chengdu City Wenjiang district Party Committee Secretary Xie over alleged serious violation of discipline problems on file for investigation, this is the central ninth patrol group to the Sichuan Province after the original feedback patrol, following the Chengdu City assistant mayor Zhou Hongde, deputy director of the office of Sichuan agriculture since Jiang Wenkang, the Ziyang municipal Party committee secretary Li Jia has sacked fourth senior officials in sichuan.Xie Chao was born in 1964, has been in the job since 1985 after graduating from University chengdu. From 2003 to 2009, Xie Yu District of Chengdu Wuhou District Party Committee Standing Committee, office director, vice mayor. Thereafter, Xie Chao served as Deputy Secretary of Wenjiang District, the District People’s Government District, in 2012 September, Xie Chao became Wenjiang district Party committee secretary.According to reports, Xie Chao last public activities in November 19, 2014 to participate in the signing ceremony in Wenjiang and ABC Sichuan Branch cooperation.”Xie Chao in Wuhou District’s government for six years, and this year the Lok Ma Wuhou District CPPCC Chairman Wu Yong, Deputy Mayor Guo wave multi overlap.” A reluctance to sign Chengdu officials told reporters, Xie Chao under investigation may involve Wuhou news. According to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, on October 30, 2014 to 31, Ninth central inspection group to Sichuan Province feedback tour. The ninth central inspection group leader Du Deyin pointed out that, in the inspection found in previous years, some leading cadres for personal promotion and economic interests at the expense of the public interest, the formation of official collusion, collusion, right trading, trading power for money, political and economic interests of the interests of the chain chain conveyor. The inspection group received reflect some leading cadre question cues, have been in accordance with the provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department turn and relevant departments. (end)

With the 28 this month,lifting clutches 4 new subway line opened, the city public transportation ticket price synchronization adjustment. Reporters yesterday from the city traffic Commission was informed recently,aop formwork is expected this month 20, bus and subway ticketing system will realize the hardware update.  Every subway station posted fare chartIn order to realize the current fare and the new price stable convergence, the city rail traffic is expected in December 20 recently completed software and hardware upgrade equipment, test, in each station entrance, the station hall, channel, the ticket office (or ticketing system) to increase the striking taxi fare chart, buy tickets and ticket policy process.Aiming at the possible implementation of the taxi fare ticket, ticket, ticket is generated after the inquiry, and stand out the ticket gate locomotive exception handling, check irregularities such as workload increases the fare evasion problem, an increase of 3600 station personnel, do on-site emergency response.Rail transit network planning ahead for optimization scheme of train operation plan, each line in preparation for the three groups prepare car, add arrive a passenger in time according to the situation of passenger flow.  1200 bus lines to reproduce the meterGround transportation is expected to add, update the old card machinery 45000 Taiwan, logo to replace the 180000 Zhang, children’s height limit of 26000, re production lines of 1200 km the valuation table, processing data 41000.In addition, the city of more than one thousand bus lines operating units are different, resulting in a number of the station name is not unified. With this ticket price reform, the city will be standardized, replacement and adding a group of stations, a total of 1337. (reporter Meng Huan)

Mianyang traffic police catch the driving test cheating tool and 11 suspectsThe uniform style of jacket, the wireless earplug, high-definition camera…… It is not in the film,lifting loop but specifically to cope with the driver’s license test subjects four “equipment”. In December 1st, Mianyang city traffic police, patrol police seized with cases of cheating in the exam by high-tech means, 11 involved the suspects were captured. At present, the case is under further investigation.The examination room — cheating tricks, collar hidden camera10 pm the same day, Mianyang city traffic police detachment test theory test indoor dozens of candidates taking an exam. The invigilator police Lu Yao found among 2 men in the answer, don’t stop collar, but also sideways sitting at the computer screen.By virtue of experience, Lu Yao felt the two candidates have a problem. She ordered two people to stop the answer, when two people rose from his seat, Lu Yao found that two people coat pocket bulging. After examination, two collar in possession of high-definition camera, pocket have wireless receiver, earplugs, mobile phone and other cheating tool. Two people on the spot to be disqualified.Outside the examination room — the police catch 3 vehicles involved in carIn the two by the police away, a man appeared suspicious behavior in the examination process. This time, the invigilator police did not disturb him, but as he left the room after the examination by the addition of police followed.Man walked into a path of office building adjacent to the traffic police detachment, got on a car. The police immediately the intercept, from the car on the spot found cheating equipment. The man was driving back to the survey. In the police inquiry, examination, from news: there are a few name using the same means cheating the examinee was found, 2 vehicles involved in the arrest of the car. The loss outweighs the gain. — 3 “string” detained you cancel all subjectsA seized the examinee tells a reporter, he is introduced through acquaintances to find out the name of “strings”, the two sides to discuss examination good price 2500 yuan, after the test in a lump sum. The use of cheating tools such as unified style jacket, ear plugs, such as “string” provided by the receiver.”String” tell examinee cheating method: jacket collar with the camera, when the exam sideways alignment screen in the car, he will be able to see the problem, and then through the ear to tell the examinee the correct answer.The car’s 3 “string” were all arrested. Via checking, these people many times as “intermediary”, the use of such means to help students cheating, collect fees. Crime tool is by the addition of staff to provide them, at present, 3 “string” and the 8 candidates were being held in administrative detention, fines and education.Relevant responsible person told the reporter Mianyang city traffic police detachment, according to the relevant provisions of the law, the examinee have fraud in the driving test process, to cancel the qualification examination, has passed the examination results of other subjects is invalid, and within a year shall not re apply for a motor vehicle driving license.The responsible person also said, driving license examination is very serious examination, every one of ‘quasi drivers’ should be through their own efforts, to obtain a driver’s license through legal channels, this not only reflects the fairness and justice, but also for the lives of themselves and others responsible for the performance. The traffic police department according to the communication tool cogged situation has taken a variety of means of prevention, such as the wireless signal shielding device installed in the exam, even if there are candidates with cheating tool comes into play, also can’t get a clear signal, no action. (Yang Jian Lan Nan Sichuan Journal reporter Li Dan text / chart)

Jimei bridge near Takasaki,scaffolding accessories the beach sidewalk was 40 above the head hill occupied.Ran across several “hill” in the way, looking ahead,ferrule insert almost can’t see the head of the “hill” accounted for the Coastal Island side of Jimei bridge pavement.Recently some readers to reflect,lifting clutches adjacent to the Jimei bridge the coastal walkway, a block head mountain of garbage, to running in the residents here inconvenience.1 day, reporters to the scene to visit, in a hanging “Gaoqi street near 888″ buildings, sidewalks and street between the green belt of a head of garbage piled mountain, near the sea walkway was almost head mountain of garbage blocking the line of sight, a head garbage or even directly fill in the sidewalk. The reporter estimates, at least more than 40 head mountain of garbage, many of the “hill” has been covered with weeds.”We started from the spring of this year, we received many complaints, we immediately to the scene to check.” The Lake District City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement before the squadron responsible person told the reporter, the road is still under construction, so it is not handed over to the municipal administration, the responsible party or construction side. “We caught a steal inverted head garbage, but because the construction side did not strengthen the management, resulting in more and more serious.”Law enforcement officials said, will today to the scene to investigate the head mountain of garbage existing, actively coordinate with the construction side, take measures as soon as possible. This newspaper will continue to pay attention to the matter. (reporter He Bingjin text / chart)

Wang Suling in a nursing home to care for her daughter. Reporter Zhang Yeyan perturbationTiexi North Tao Street focal community Wang Suling (alias) this year 80 years old,anchor socket a eyes almost blind,aop formwork the heart is not good. Because his daughter physically disabled Yu Qin (a pseudonym) action inconvenience, Granny will give daughter fed three times a day with rice.Recently, the reporter saw Wang Suling and her daughter in a Tiexi nursing home, both lived here for more than a month. Wang Suling was old now, take care of their own but are a bit short, strong, she still try my best to take care of his daughter. Every meal, the nursing home staff bring meals to the room, Wang Suling will be the first to feed her daughter to eat, a meal down at least 20 minutes. Then the old woman to eat, then the rice is cold. Wang Suling said: “as long as I can move, let her daughter to eat hot food.”To see the reporter, has strong Wang Suling couldn’t hold back my tears. Wang Suling’s husband died early, she has only one daughter, but she was more than 20 year old legs down the disabled. In recent years, jade harp body is getting worse, and now walk with difficulty, hands not so, language expression ability is very poor. This year’s granddaughter just admitted to a University of the other place, originally one family happy, but just over a month ago, Yu Qin’s husband died of a sudden sudden illness, could not rely on.Community Secretary Du Jing introduction, taking into account the mother and daughter’s situation, the community to help them contact the nursing home, with the lowest price in. Qianshanwanbao

The roof of stamped metal housing.”We the originally only 8 buildings, was on the top floor owners added a layer of metal housing, more than 9 buildings.” The 30 day, Taihe garden area residents Ms. Wang to call this newspaper readers hotline, reflecting the phenomenon of illegal rooftop structures community in.Endanger []  The occupation of public facilities to avoid damage to the roof terraceIn Taihe garden area 185 – 9 this ladder, two metal housing occupied the position of public terrace. “Not only does not look beautiful, building residents want to go to the balcony bask in a quilt will not.” The floor residents reflected, “lightning protection facilities on the roof was destroyed, once in the typhoon season, meets the thunderstorm weather, the whole building resident’s safety is threatened.”Reporters on the scene saw, Taihe garden district two iron housing construction exists 185 – 9 on the roof. The building consists of 8 layers, metal housing affixed to 8 floor roof. Metal housing is closed inside the building, also lived, sofa and other furniture Goods are available in all varieties. “In the last two months also rent out, take you space to increase personal income.” The building residents said, “illegally built to make the floor structure of the original developers design can not be guaranteed, but also relates to the hydropower private ride, hidden safety problems.” Reporter noted that the population of the area within the many, often elderly people with children playing downstairs. “The simple metal housing not only blocked the escape on the roof, and the use of building materials is low, should be blown to the downstairs, to hit a person, there is trouble.” Residents are worried about, some people said: “illegally built this selfish behavior if not stopped, may cause followed other buildings, more harm.”Headache []  The neighbors to dissuade was threatened property that is a historical problemLast August, the floor of the residents saw the construction of “guerrillas” in the roof disorderly take cover, has come forward to dissuade, was the top floor owner warned not to meddle. The district director of property management office told reporters, this building is very old, there are some problems left over by history, the roof will Water Leakage. Stamped metal housing of this building on the top floor is often Water Leakage, but not enough public Viking to repair, the owners set up metal housing, prevent Water Leakage. The residents had to reflect a property, they could only persuade negotiation, and no law enforcement power.[saying] Department  The genus illegally built will interview the ownersThe reporter contacted the Huli District of city management and Law Enforcement Bureau, yesterday morning, leaf Jiang tou squadron captain came to the scene to check, confirm the Taihe garden area 185 – 9 on the top floor is closed into the metal housing, belong to illegal rooftop structures. “Old house roof have Water Leakage phenomenon, therefore, to build 50 cm below the canopy shelter, not because of Water Leakage is illegal.” According to the “some provisions of the” Xiamen city property management article twenty-ninth paragraph second, “the owners or occupiers not illegal construction, unauthorized changes to the housing the main load-bearing structure of the building, architectural design and use function change.” Urban management and law enforcement personnel said, has been in yesterday afternoon take notice of inquiry to the owners, please owners within three days came to interview, if not timely coordination under investigation, law enforcement personnel will issue a notice shall be ordered to make corrections, and start the filing procedure. (reporter Wang Tingting text / chart)

The trapped childIn November 29th two, 13 year old boy Changshun County Guangshun town trapped in the quarries within 100 meters high on the cliffs, panic shouting to the mountain under help passers-by. At about 2 am the next day, the boy was rescued two.Two children were trapped from a nearby village. Around 17 pm the same day, two people are curious, from the foot of the hill along the ridge to climb the cliff top, straight. Two people want to go down the hill, only to find the loop cannot be leveraging steep. Then, two people can only stay in the mid levels, to the mountain when people pass by to help.The villagers, when found the child cry for help, they tried to up the hill to the rescue, but the mountain high and steep mountains, can only hope helplessly, quickly alarm.Around 21, Changshun county fire brigade and police rushed to the scene. Because it is night, rescue workers by strong electro-optical saw, the mine was the massive quarrying, leaving bare cliffs cliff, on both sides of the mountain are mined, the middle left a less than half a meter wide ridge, very steep.Twenty-one twenty-five, rescuers carry anti falling equipment and a large number of rescue rope, trying to edge trapped route to reach the trapped place, because of the dark and slippery mountain steep, after many efforts are still unable to reach the trapped position.The 30 day at one twenty-three in the morning, rescuers found a detour to reach the trapped personnel position, here has the 100 meters high from the ground, two children due to the trapped for long time, in the cold wind was shivering.Because of steep mountain wall and rope without fixed points, rescue workers had to be trapped by the rope fixed to the top of the hill, rescuers in collaborative efforts, the 30 day at two forty-eight in the morning, two little boys are saved to the safety zone. Reporter Zhang Rendong

Yunnan Jinping County boys teenage girl dropouts married is not rare,aop formwork many children still not legal marriageable age. The villagers think now live well,BFD coupler enough to live comfortably, do not need to use the knowledge to change the fate of. The county government said has been spreading in the efforts to curb the phenomenon of early marriage,swivel coupler take “accused of dropping out the learning” measures, but punishment difficult to operate. (JINGWAH December 1st “times”)In traditional agricultural society, marriage is a kind of common phenomenon; in the modern industrial society, marriage becomes a deviated from the legal norms and public expectations of anomie behavior. However, far from the public eye in remote rural areas, marriage has become a kind of become inured to the unusual thing. There is some farmers, factors of family values, family old ideas are inseparable and development dilemma, where teenagers.On the surface, early marriage phenomenon is a product of the farmers “Xiaofu is installed namely”; in essence, early marriage phenomenon is the way out for farmers, a single life stereotypical results. The imbalance of educational resources situation, those difficult to pass higher education to change the fate of the children of farmers, migrant workers has become the unavoidable fate. In order to let the children a little earlier “retrieving”, but also to reduce the cost of marriage, early marriage to outsiders may not understand, both sides of male and female parents think it is behoove choice.Class, social flow channel narrow narrow, school work will become the life track of the many children of farmers. Not to say that the peasants life now is very good, do not need to use the knowledge to change the fate, but in front of the hard reality, how they add life breakthrough confidence and ability. If you have more “life color”, go on the road to marriage early adolescents would be a lot less. Early in the end is a “push” over socialization, may bring a series of social problems.Empirical research on the proof of social, in the children’s “out of the farm gate” hopeless background, early marriage relationship is the result of the change of intergenerational relations, namely pension forced marriage: the parents hope that the early completion of the life task to take advantage of young and strong as his savings endowment resources, children in an early marriage requirements and also through marriage to their parents for a large number of the family wealth, rational Game Booster generational early marriages appear.Early marriage phenomenon projected integrated image of social change, are inseparable and the present rural intergenerational relationship and the rural juvenile survival ecology. To reduce the phenomenon of early marriage, “accused of dropping out the learning” is only a temporary solution, improve the ability of education to change the fate of the balance of education, is the fundamental. With regard to the face of early marriage phenomenon, we cannot judge the First impressions are strongest, but must pay attention to interests behind the. Yang Zhaoqing

Previously written Xiaowen, discussion of our times “treatment syndrome”,swivel coupler the idea is, officials for the treatment of several square accounts in every detail into morbid, and the wind influence is very large, it is worth attention. Go over the matter of discussion before this time, read the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction recently issued the “party and government organs of office space construction standards”, the party and government organs at all levels of office of each index of real make clear regulation, not feeling.The deepest feeling the newly issued document, is the set of “standard” is fine is the principal officials, from the central ministries and commissions, until at the township level authority at the following officials, office building area are accurate to clearly defined a digit. For example, with the central authorities as an example, the provisions of ministerial level principal office each no more than 54 square meters, at the following is not more than 9 square meters. The area outside, and site selection, layout and land use, building standards, decoration, indoor environment and relevant equipment and so on, which principles throughout, but solemn and simple, economy is applicable, economical environmental protection. It is tighter, leak.Laws are necessary so fine, it’s hard to say. But in general, the fine is to enable the terms more rigid, do not leave a flexible space, in order to facilitate the operation. The central government and the relevant aspects is clearly the profound cognition of power without supervision stop at nothing expansion nature, and draw some lessons from this party was “standard”. Of course, also because of too many officials in this area and absurd outrageous act recklessly and care for nobody, as well as the current official background caused by.Looking ahead, the provisions, also had a hand in bus use terms, I think is fine enough, including what level of officials with the bus price, displacement, origin and so on, one. To say the operation, also does not lose the provisions.It should be said, with these Provisions, officials go all lengths somewhat convergent. But to say that accomplish the whole task at one stroke, it is blind optimism. In my experience, unless the relevant departments and personnel (such as Discipline Inspection Commission), ordinary people who will the treatment all stared wide eyed at the leadership, and irregularities can how? Furthermore, more “stock, incremental” say: my office and car early in the relevant regulations issued before use it, don’t let the stock resources to abandon existing and waste, the new officer with new again according to the new rule. It sounds reasonable. But in the absence of effective supervision, protect the new officer with new do not go beyond the prescribed limit?Official business, the taxpayer funded its equipped with the relevant treatment since be nothing difficult. Afraid of some officials forgot where the money came from, what treatment, anti the various treatment as to dazzle the power capital, the official attitude and manner will be greatly different its interest. Remember earlier media reports had the Wuhan Iron and steel, tax every year billions of this enterprise, the party and government organs of the office building for decades, but appears old outdated. Think of the early 90′s of the last century, I have worked in this building interviewed this large state-owned enterprises leaders, it is also the department appointed Vice ministerial level cadres. Crude his office, leave a deep impression on me. In my judgment, officials dedicated or not and for the political character, much from it to enjoy the treatment of an attitude that.It is foreseeable, defined the future officials treatment will be more open, the sun, the other side of that, and also provide more favorable conditions for the supervision of the masses of taxpayers. Commission for discipline inspection function is very important, but also not underestimate the public supervision. In a sense, the public supervision of the public power into the homely food, is also the social power worship declining day. Mei Minglei

1, the piano music department of the Fujian Normal University student group for fruit donations.Lin Jia will also be part of money turn to another sick boy, and through this public money to balance of paymentsThe 1 day in the pediatric department of Hematology, Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University 27 bed ward, 27 year old Lin Guibin, learned from the mobile phone text messages, their accounts into a pen and a donation, tears. More than a month ago, Lin Guibin 2 year old daughter fruit (a pseudonym), suspected by the home decoration formaldehyde exceed the standard, was diagnosed with acute B lymphocytic leukemia, admitted to Xuanwu Hospital treatment. As of 1 days 13 when make, the social from all walks of life to Guoguo raised 370000 yuan, of which only two days in November 30th and December 1st, there were 210000 yuan in donations. 160000 yuan plus before relatives and friends and social donations, donated a total of 370000 yuan. The 1 day, Lin Guibin want to through this, all enthusiastic people to help my thanks, released at the same time expenses in the treatment of fruit to the society.  The girl before a few course of treatment fee is guaranteed1, the reporters came to the Xiehe Hospital, fruit lying in bed asleep. My mother says, this two days daughter sleep is not stable, sometimes in the treatment of pain was not, the midnight suddenly woke up crying, just a couple of hours of sleep every day.Let one family gratified is, the newspaper reports about the fruit of the disease, has aroused the concern of enthusiasm. These two days, Lin Guibin’s mobile phone “hot hot”, daily telephone ringing. “One day after seventy or eighty calls, are concerned about fruit disease and contributions to the well intentioned people.”Let Lin Guibin couple more moved, in addition to Bibi money, there are many warm-hearted people came to the hospital to visit fruit. The day before yesterday, a fellow Lianjiang, deliberately drove to the home of Lin Guibin, will be 2000 yuan in donations sent to the home.The 30 day, a American that fruit in Lianjiang overseas Chinese situation, condolences to call Lin Guibin, the overseas Chinese said it would launch the side good friend, for fruit collection.Individual donations received the highest fruit, one is 5000 yuan, the money from the Music Department of the Fujian Normal University piano teacher Wu Fan’s parents. Yesterday, Wu Fan teacher also organized the Department of music piano group students for fruit collection, just half an hour, the donation amount reached 2082 yuan.Receive every donation, Lin Guibin’s lover will detail record. “Only two days, the community contributions will reach 210000 yuan.” Lin Guibin said, the donation amount from 5 yuan, 10 yuan, to hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan. For social enthusiasts kindness, thank one family.In the community’s help, the treatment costs several courses of fruit before a guarantee. However, doctors say, Guoguo plans for 8 courses of treatment, the estimated total cost of about 600000 yuan to 700000 yuan.  Families turn to donate part of money30 days, Fuzhou net volunteer organizations that dust Guoguo condition, raise 8000 yuan donation, came to the hospital will be the money sent to the hands of Lin Guibin. When Lin Guibin learned that a 14 year old boy with hospitalization and fruit, also suffering from leukemia, family is difficult, not hesitate to put the money donated to the boy turned.1, Fuxing Road in business Hot pot shop Liao Liang couples, sent Lin Guibin 1000 yuan. The couple said, they are very distressed on Micro message circle of friends to see the fruit the prevalence, try things, have a mind of their own. They also plan to raise money to fruit, this week a day, will Hot pot shop one day all turnover to fruit.16 PM, Lin Guibin’s mobile phone rang again, open the information a look, the original is a Jimei University student, to end the money to send to Lin Guibin information. The information content is: I hope children can recover soon, healthy life. The students hope Lin Guibin a optimistic, never abandon.According to doctors, fruit infection face have been slightly swelling, late treatment is very long.The family announced donation details of revenue and expenditureThe 1 day, Lin Guibin announced the details of money payments and fruit’s treatment to the community through the newspaper.One, the treatment of funds1 self funding: private deposits 50000 yuan, relative borrowing 30000 yuan;2 social donation:The first part: the Lianjiang relatives and friends classmates the couple donated 150000 yuan; Lianjiang villagers caring people to donate 110000 yuan;The second part: “fruit action group” members, friends and forwarding Micro message micro-blog social love people donated 100000 yuan;The third part: the social welfare organizations donate: Lianjiang home 2000 yuan, Xiamen Lianjiang villagers will be 8000 yuan;As of December 1st 13, social donations totaling 370000 yuan.Two, the cost of treatmentAt present, the cost of treatment 1:The first course of chemotherapy: the inpatient medical expenses to pay 70000 yuan, more than 1706 yuan, the hospital purchased drugs 265750000 yuan, a total of 94869 yuan;Infection after daily expenses: an average of 4000 yuan to 6000 yuan; such as the November 25th day details: hospital medical 3231 yuan, the hospital purchased medicine fee is 2783 yuan, the total cost of 6014 yuan;2 future treatment costs budget:Continue to use the mode of chemotherapy (the doctor advised): plan for 8 courses of treatment (premise is virus infection cure stage complication circumstances to enter the second phase of chemotherapy), under the ideal condition (there is no longer any infection), each course of the average cost of 40000 yuan to 50000 yuan, completely cured after five years of nursing cost 100000 yuan, about 600000 yuan to 700000 yuan (the above does not include the cost of living).Bone marrow transplantation: if the bone marrow transplant, one-time costs about about 500000 yuan, completely cured of about 700000 yuan to 800000 yuan, this scheme doctors do not recommend, one is the risk is very big, the age of children little adaptation; two is to consider the child strong ability of regeneration, the use of chemotherapy a bigger chance. Reporter Lin Chunchang text / photo