Hangzhou city will be closed permanently live poultry trade

Hangzhou City Hall office has just been issued “establishment of human infection with the H7N9 avian flu prevention and control measures for the implementation of the source of long-term mechanism”, made it clear that in the future, Hangzhou city will not restart the live poultry trade.

The urban area of Hangzhou City, under the city, Shangcheng District, Xihu District has been at midnight on January 24th suspended the live poultry trade, the temporary closure of the live poultry trade District farmers market, flower market birds trading area. According to the “measures” requirements, led by the Hangzhou City Administration of industry and commerce, permanently shut down the main urban areas of all live poultry market. Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District, on the basis of the original suspended the live poultry trade, continue to rest 3 months. Tonglu, five Jiande county (city) continue to take measures by the local government to decide.

AOP FORMWORK“Approach” also stipulates, not a closed permanently live poultry trade professional market, rural market, farmers market district, city, county (city), to strictly implement the “daily cleaning and disinfection, the monthly rest for at least 3 days”, remaining live bird not overnight and harmless treatment, normal management system and market, and a seasonal rest.

In addition, appear in the outer environment of avian influenza virus positive or of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza in place, to 13 km around the positive market all the live poultry markets closed for 3 days, prohibit or restrict the live poultry trade, transportation. (reporter Shang Yi Ying)

  China News AgencyGuangzhou 15 February Xinhua (Cheng Jingwei) from 15 until 28 October two weeks, Guangzhou poultry wholesale markets and farmers (meat) market poultry trade areas, rest, in order to cope with the H7N9 outbreak of bird flu.

Reporters visited Guangzhou Tianhe, Yuexiu city much home market, market of live poultry trade zone have to file is empty, and wash very clean, a lot of live poultry stalls also posted a holiday notice.Loop Ferrule Insert

The recent Guangzhou of human infection with the H7N9 virus confirmed cases has increased, following the 14, 1 new cases of human infection with H7N9, Guangzhou 15 new cases of H7N9 in 2 cases of human infection. Previous including Guangzhou, Guangdong more positive H7N9 samples were mostly in the live bird market.

Adapter LD

Guangzhou City Hall said, to minimize the public exposure on poultry, reduce the risk of H7N9 avian influenza virus infection, prevent the spread of the epidemic, according to relevant regulations, and Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city people infected with H7N9 avian influenza prevention and control expert group opinions shall rest. Holiday period, the market to stop all poultry trade, do not store any poultry market.

Bureau of Guangzhou City, request the operators to strictly abide by the law, and resolutely put an end to all illegal price behaviors, not illegal behavior hoard goods, drive up prices, price, price departments to strengthen during the live poultry trade zone short-term holiday visits to the market price of meat products, strict price violations.

According to Guangzhou City Bureau of agriculture survey, earlier Guangzhou poultry wholesale market sales from 160000 to 110000 per day only, a reduction of approximately three, prices also fell sharply. Guangzhou City Bureau of Agriculture says, is studying the poultry farming subsidies. (end)

Display Sichuan Sichuan Province consumer goods market statistics statistical bureau recently released last year, Sichuan Province high-grade catering enterprises and star hotel performance, revenue growth dropped sharply, part of the high-grade catering enterprises and star hotel turnover or even a decline in a year.

Sichuan Provincial Bureau of statistics released data show, 2013 Sichuan realize revenue 151760000000 yuan, grow 10.1% compared to the same period, but the growth rate dropped 6.9 percentage points over the previous year. Among them, accommodation and catering enterprises above Designated Size to achieve revenue 45010000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of only 2.4%, over the previous year growth rate down 25.3 percentage points.Shuttering Magnet 450KGS

During the Spring Festival this year, Chengdu high-end catering enterprises also had very poor. Due to the lack of many companies, units of the reunion dinner orders, many high-end catering enterprises is not busy season, business district, some restaurants even choose to have close to the “winter”. Adhere to the business of catering enterprises also down, play the “price first” brand, but the effect is still not obvious. In contrast, during the Spring Festival, some popular dining enterprise business is hot, and even the emergence of “a hard to find” phenomenon.

Reporters from the Chengdu City Business Bureau to understand, high-end catering business transformation has been very urgent, Chengdu City will publish relevant policy this year, the transformation and development of catering, catering and public community building catering support brands catering enterprises to focus on; at the same time, to support the brand catering industry chain development, support the catering enterprises “going out” shop. (reporter Yang Di)

Recently, the zoo in Zhengzhou, a 7 year old female panda death, cause social attention. In the face of the media questioned, the zoo to conceal after shirk “does not participate in feeding and management” to whitewash a responsible attitude, let the masses on the giant panda sadly sign of death, even more chilling.

Lifting InsertsThe garden of the cruel indifference puzzling, will inevitably lead to the question: the giant panda death behind what was behind the truth? Such apathy is also reflected in the daily care? It is directly connected with the panda’s death?

Coincidentally, Jiaozuo not long ago a man Park slipped tiger incident, forestry bureau the tiger away housed in Forest Park, reporter interviews to see tiger belly flat about their diet, Forest Park said they only provide places, wild animal rescue station is responsible for feeding, “have not eaten the food today, not too clear”.Formwork Clamp

In recent years, with the enhancement of the public awareness of animal protection, the relevant departments in the animal protection and management measures of controversy. Management of animal protection is a social problem, operation sometimes coercive means, but need more respect for life, emotional needs sincere devotion, need technical support and property professional support, but these are not really the cold connection.

The relevant departments need to improve the laws and regulations of animal protection, animal protection to department management system from the “magic”, the media and the public also need to exercise their right of supervision, to ensure that the relevant departments to earnestly perform their duties, the animal protection and management of a tube end, a guaranteed place, let the cold away, let the tragedy never happens. (Fu Haosu, Li Jun)

According to China sound “peak Evening News” report, recently, the network crazy this kind of view, if a person has cancer in vivo, the most important is that in the short term to extract the most significant amounts of vitamin B17, if there are enough vitamin B17 in the diet, will be able to provide a second line of defense of the body.

At the same time, posts that bitter almond, peach kernel, apple seeds, jujube kernel, kernel USA plum, cherry kernel and nectarine seeds contain vitamin B17, can take.

Is this really the case? For this argument, the expert is how say?

Can vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancer really? With this question, the reporter dialed the Dalian central hospital nutrition division chief Wang Xingguo telephone.

Rubber SealWang Xingguo I don’t think that’s possible. You are to say to the cancer should not be what role.

Since it is not possible, then, why is there such rumors? Experts said, in fact, vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancer in early nineteenth Century had this aspect research, but did not form a drug, that in the process of practical research has some do not have the conditions of forming drug, is capable of human cancers has not been scientifically confirmed.

Shuttering Magnet 900KGSWang Xingguo: that’s a very long history, but has not been a formal conclusion, which fully shows that this material may not be a reliable medicine or health care products, or, may not be reliable effect.

So, what vitamin B17 is a kind of what kind of material? In fact, vitamin B17 itself is a kind of benzaldehyde and cyanide compounds, it has a certain degree of toxicity, excessive use will lead poisoning. Therefore, at present, the side effect is big or good therapeutic effect has not been scientifically confirmed, no guarantee of safety.

Wang Xingguo: first of all, although this material called vitamin B17, but it is not a vitamin, it should belong to a certain pharmacological action of a component, should be the drug containing some cyanide toxicity. But, as a drug to consider it, if it has not entered the approved list, not to mention the anticancer drug. So, in general, on this matter would be some rumors unreliable.

Wang Xingguo reminded, in the use of vitamin B17 you need to be very careful, not simply believe that this material can treat cancer and not to the regular hospital treatment, so as to delay an illness.

Wang Xingguo: for tumor patients, we may have the disease luantou Yi, may be particularly willing to believe, or say, pay special attention to these rumors, the evidence is not fully the claim. This is a very dangerous behavior, might interfere with treatment of some normal tumor, even to the tumor prevention is the same.

With vitamin B17, let’s talk about the other vitamins, now actually our life a large part of the erroneous understanding is derived from advertising, tired vitamin supplements, life stress vitamin supplements, which uncomfortable vitamin supplements. Anyway, many people are now taking vitamin tablets quantitative timing, especially a way this kind of compound vitamin.

In fact, the vitamin is our essential trace elements in human body, but also for pregnant women, infants and young children, the elderly or patients in accordance with the prescribed is necessary. However, some of the products under the banner of beauty and other effects, to attract consumers to large or repeated use, Wang Xingguo remind consumers: that would be harmful to the body, but no good.

Wang Xingguo: we have noted, there are a lot of people think vitamin is a casual, sometimes there will be doubled to take or repeated use, eat this product also eat a product, called repeated use. The sale of products or some people will motivate you to double your eating, finish eating, these are very dangerous behavior. Because it is in a certain amount of vitamins are beneficial, exceed a certain amount or reach a relatively large amount, may be harmful. (reporter Feng Yue)

Valentine’s day, couples a big show of affection. How a single people, drown one’s sorrows in wine, indulge in self-admiration…… These are weak burst. This year’s Valentine’s day, many single people experience exchange on the Internet Kuso,, vowed to “break up a pair is a pair of”.

The annual Valentine’s day there is always some people, or still single, or love is not around. At this time, see others in pairs, Lennon Lennon I you, extremely lonely people in a special “”. Especially this year’s Valentine’s Day is the Lantern Festival, various “Bachelors of lovers of envy and hate” broke.Shuttering Magnet 450KGS

A few days ago, a news is about the “single Indoorsman buy light cinema Valentine’s day number tickets’ lit the singles” destructive passion “, they are very worship of the news” single Indoorsman “, on the Internet. Every kind of” bad “, this year’s Valentine’s Day is called” lover edge de Festival “,” lovers exchange from Diablo skill “” Valentine’s failure Raiders “, and on the Internet and forward diffusion, shouting” love guilty, single invincible”.

The reporter sees on the net, these so-called “skill” “Raiders” into “single action strategy” and “travel Raiders”, including all chip in to buy light odd movie, go to the supermarket to seat all chocolate plug on a piece of paper “Happy Birthday”, Shangjie flower see couples say “give your mother to buy a bunch of flowers”, the evening with a flashlight to the Park saw the couple as and so on, finally also include “I wish all the lovers, are long lost brothers and sisters” ending.

This action on the Internet Kuso rapidly obtained the support and sought after, singles to be eager for a fight that solidarity, asking to join. Netizen “pool pavilion cool” said: “for such behavior, I can only say, well done!”

Magnetic Steel Former

A netizen wrote: “I have a dream, the world single class together, love will be failure in the end — pinch bad supermarket all chocolate, let the lovers can’t eat sweets; booked hotel rooms, allowing couples no bed to sleep; buy light theater single seat, let couples across the seat across……”

See these funny destruction skill and strategy, with the “lovers” don’t think to how “Diablo”, also do not feel how “sophisticated”, but feel make me on the spot. A boyfriend and spend Valentine’s day the netizen says: “look like a fool, they can amuse myself, can’t really put into action, we laughed.” Still the netizen consolation singles said: “calm, is not single, how much something.”

In fact, really few bachelors “network rhetoric” into practical action, introduced the “Raiders” netizen joked: “if there is to do those things I will not single so far the courage.” (reporter Tong Fang)

  The company put “love confession false” is not a joke is true

  In February 14th, Nanning a company Union for single employees have a half day holiday, and claims that the cost is 200 yuan / person below

Erection Anchor

Company unions put “love confession false” notice. Reporter Yuan Changjun perturbation

In February 14th, Nanning a labor union of the company for more than 100 single people fall in love to open a “green light” — a half day “love you, love you false” solve the problem, at the same time for single men and women express cost reimbursement 200 yuan / person below, this let the single employees excited.

On the same day, the network has a company, Nanning is the Valentine’s Day holiday notice, generally are: “today is 2014 Chinese Lantern Festival and the Western Valentine’s day, coinciding with the double celebration, the labor union of the company as caring single employees emotional life, the trade union committee to study the decision, given the February 14th afternoon half day holiday welfare, and be reimbursed a fee, to buy roses, chocolate, movie tickets, gifts and other dating activities, the amount of a total of not more than 200 yuan. All successful, fill the bill reimbursement; vindicate failure, 500 word review book to the chairman of the trade union”. This notice has many users praise, said “envy” — “your company is hiring?” “Your company management too humane!” “How does your company?”

The South China Morning Post reporter was informed that, this is “love confession false” notice is not network joke, but true. The company employee Mr. Huang said, he received the notice also shocked, after all this is not a national holiday, but the company is really for the staff love confession on holiday, he was repeatedly asked the leadership “this is it”, received positive response. He said the “very surprised, excited ing, I have to object”.

On the afternoon of the same day, the reporter linked to the person in charge of the company’s understanding of the specific situation. The company deputy general manager Xu Rui said, after the Spring Festival, people back home for Spring Festival travel reimbursement, but said “I was forced by family”. She knew that some of the company’s employees of the parents for the children’s love and marriage. After listening, taking into account the Valentine’s day and the Lantern Festival on the same day, think of the company shall further humanization care staff, for the sake of young people, so I decided to take a half day “love confession false”, more than 100 employees that the company single to strive for their own happiness, and material support — for 200 yuan / person below cost. This notice has been issued, they were warmly welcomed by the staff of the company — communication group fry boil, a lot of people to her leave, to accept that person or to declare. This notice by the staff members upload network, more lively debate.

“As for his failure to write book review questions, we just supervise the single men and women brave to vindicate, but don’t let them write book review.” Xu Rui said. (the South China Morning Post reporter Yuan Changjun)

Boy car test often pass the PS photo driver’s license to others

  In new networkXuzhou on 10 February, (took the crown of Zhang Bing) “it is a big round face, a face is thin, young men Wu Heng bought the new car, he ‘do’ with cattle PS synthesis license illegal road.” In February 10th, Xuzhou city Traffic and patrol police detachment, brigade police Tong Jiangang foreign said, because of the low cultural level, the driving test didn’t pass, Wu Heng will find do false man “”.

On February 9th at fourteen ten in the afternoon, the police Tong Jiangang and Ding Zhenyang are three ring road and West Road intersection on the lake, when a car without a license from the grey van from north to south, for not posting temporary license according to the regulations, Tong Jiangang immediately signaled the car to pull over to check. Originally, the car was purchased in January 27th, temporary license also sent to expired 2 days, when children Jiangang police once again asked the driver to produce a driver’s license, find each other suddenly tense up, evasive, handed documents after the driver calls himself a south south, born in February 1988.Fixing Socket BENP

“When we asked him what time to obtain a driver’s license, boy is hesitating in speaking out last August, but documents show the registration time for December 24, 2011.” Tong said the police officer. According to the experience that the driver has to others the driving license of the suspects, followed by the young man, “Zhang Nannan” was reluctant to provide their ID card check.

The appearance of the driver’s license photos with my careful comparison, two police finally found a little difference, in front of the young man is a big round face, the character on the photograph is a slender face, repeatedly asked, “Zhang Nannan,” admitted holding driving license is looking for cattle in Anhui spent 500 yuan to do you don’t have a driver’s license, and. In fact, the driver’s real name is Wu Heng, Anhui Xiaoxian person, in 1991 was born in July, due to business needs to drive from Xuzhou and other places to purchase, but because of their cultural level is not high, the test driver’s license has no clearance, so try to get driver’s license to others for their own use to do false cattle.

“At the outset, I to do false man asked for a photo, to each other in this photo and be applied people ‘a South South’ photos to PS, the synthesis of a new driver’s license.” During the interview, the parties Wu Heng ashamed to say, photograph the driver’s license. At first glance is a bit like myself, and a bit like “Zhang Nannan”, if not careful comparison, also can not find out what went wrong.Two Hole Anchor

When the police questioned whether Wu Heng and Zhang Nannan know, Wu Heng claims are cattle arranged. “We asked him to someone else’s driver’s license, there is no fear of causing trouble for ‘a South South’ I drive, Wu Heng be rendered speechless, but is soon asked police this kind of behavior Is it right? Very serious, want to be what kind of punishment.” Police said Ding Zhenyang, according to the regulations, Wu Heng driving without obtaining a driver’s license non operating vehicle will face a fine of 1000 yuan, be in 15 days detention; illegal the use of altered motor vehicle driving license will face a fine of 5000 yuan, a fine of 15 days detention.

Knowing their own behavior catastrophe, the excited Wu Henggang bought a new car was gone, again and again to their illegal behavior of regret. (the characters in the alias) (end)

  In new networkHangzhou 10 February report (reporter Zhao Yejiao) when asked “the Spring Festival happy”, many young people have said “very miserable”: no objects are urged to find the object, object was hurried into marriage, marriage is a baby, have children is the birth of child. This Spring Festival and three step “urge” kills the young man.

  Object: to urge fast food make people worry

“Why isn’t object to come back ah?” “The last date that guy see have no contact?” The Spring Festival this year, many single people reflect, parents moved to make it real: Dinner friends into dating, singles but was blind, pointing to the table on the laws of young people sarawut, no matter what the parties.

WN Ferrule InsertDuring the period and even the emergence of “fast food” blind date, the Lunar New Year’s day, live in a village in Henan of Jin Juan day date 5 boys, due to the excessive number of blind date, the girl said to forget even to the last date looks already.

  Urge marriage: Horse double spring should marriage

Lunar New Year of the horse has a head of a two spring. According to the traditional Chinese culture, “double spring” is very suitable for marriage.

“Double spring” triggered the urge marriage force to be reckoned with. The older generation of hope that their sons and daughters a Geely plans, complete the marriage in “double spring”. This year the Lantern Festival and the Western Valentine’s Day happens to drive on the same day, the situation began to appear once, about 19 years to double your joy, expected number of marriage registration will record.

  The birth of baby: a fetus is not flat child again

If the urge marriage is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the birth of a second child is the 2014 Spring Festival emerging topics. At present, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces have been officially launched the implementation of “two foetuses alone” policy, and another 9 provinces through the record.

Good news, home elders especially parents double single family are extremely keen for their children to another child, can alleviate the pressure of the future; to make a new generation of only children no longer lonely; third is to make up for their one-child regret.

For the Spring Festival three “push” marriage, marriage Chinese matchmaking senior experts Lu Ling said, in China traditional family values, the elders will greatly influence the young decision. But to find the object, marriage and child these relations to a lifetime thing, I still want to remind the young people of rational thinking, analysis of the subjective and objective factors, don’t meet the parents and hasty decision. (end)

Setting off firecrackers enjoy fireworks, is one of the traditional Chinese way of celebrating the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, but in the haze, no change, sustainable city whip ban public money consumption of fireworks and firecrackers, the life of the masses under the background of the firecracker sales, is facing severe test.

“Big like the dinosaurs disappeared, sales this year is only half of last year.” Li Zemin in academy street, Taiyuan city set up a stall selling fireworks has been 4 years, the Spring Festival this year, his business failed. Valid Annotation “temporary business license” is the January 20th to February 14th, there are 4 days from the deadline, he this year sales of only 60000 yuan.

In the heavy traffic lively scene let Li Zemin very memorable, in previous years, in his booth ago, people often drove the pickup to buy guns, picked the big buy, buy is 349 yuan. “State-owned enterprises, organs are our line of big clients, their good money.” Last year during the Spring Festival, his business is hot, sold a total of 130000 yuan.

FormworkThis year the situation is different, in the central out to improve the work style “eight regulations” and being the feast in the background, the official consumer downturn atrophy, government orders almost extinct, many communities and units are canceled fireworks show. Every day Li Zemin is only scattered sales of some small firecrackers, 10 days for a whole morning did not sell a penny. “Very cold, business district.” Li Zemin edge trembling edge grunted, because there is no fire and electric heating, the day he wrapped up in military coats, slept in a sleeping bag. His shop District of Taiyuan City, with a total sales last year and 150, and this year only 59.

Li Zemin told reporters, in line with environmental fireworks GB C, D two levels in this hot, young consumers pay more attention to the relationship between two aspects of balance environmental protection and flavor. In addition, safety supervision departments also proposal “suspended” in the stalls, encourages the public to self-discipline in the Spring Festival period, as little as possible to set off firecrackers.

At the government level, Taiyuan City enacted the “history on the most strictly, make” ban placed Wanghuo, limit of fireworks and firecrackers. In addition to the new year’s Eve, new year’s day 5 days, the rest of the time zone will be prohibited from setting off firecrackers; party and government institutions, organizations and enterprises should play an exemplary role, take the lead in. This ban government let the fireworks industry in this Spring Festival suffered another reel.

Li Zemin decided to retire next year firecracker sales field, first wait-and-see market, but the market can pick up, the future is to strive for this industry, he was very confused. (reporter Zhao Yang)