Hard currency loose tight liquidity inflection point not difficult

Since last week, the central bank open market operations to net invested, the last 7 consecutive trading days the cumulative net invested capital has more than 800 billion yuan. Although the central bank "care" of love and truth, capital and margin also showed improvement in the situation, but the overall picture is still tight. Market participants pointed out that the perturbation in cross-section, season, prospective payment, MPA assessment of multiple factors, short-term funds face pressure is still large, liquidity risk can not be ignored, still need to give the central bank liquidity support. Overall, although the central bank intends to weaken the mechanism of rolling short end funds, plus leverage will, but funds face care stable intention is still apparent, the current market for the quarter liquidity concerns is not expected in the capital side the central bank continued to "pay" will achieve a smooth cross quarter. Continued net invested capital support 21, the central bank to carry out 120 billion yuan 7 days in the open market repurchase and 80 billion yuan 28 days period reverse repurchase operation, the day of the open market 80 billion yuan repurchase expires, the net capital invested 120 billion yuan, for seventh consecutive trading days of net invested capital. In early September to carry out continuous net return of funds, since last Monday (September 12th), the central bank open market operations to net invested. Recently, by the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday approaching the point at the end of the season, prospective payment, MPA assessment and other factors, capital presents obvious tight situation, the central bank to increase capital invested in line with market expectations. According to statistics, the Mid Autumn Festival on September 12th to 14, considering the postponed delivery bill expires, the central bank open market operations respectively, the net capital invested 150 billion 100 million yuan, 100 billion yuan and 135 billion yuan; a small holiday after the central bank to continue to "pay", the 18 day (Sunday), the central bank volume to carry out 270 billion yuan repurchase operation, still net capital invested 140 billion yuan in the end due to the extended reverse repo hedge. Overall, last week the central bank repurchase operation net invested 170 billion yuan, 85 billion 100 million yuan ticket postponed due to the superposition of 3 months, 60 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit, on the week of net invested capital totaling 315 billion 100 million yuan. The week of September 19th to 21, the central bank in the open market after the implementation of net invested 170 billion yuan, 140 billion yuan, 120 billion yuan; in addition, the central bank also carried out 20 days 3 months 60 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit operations. That is to say, this week the central bank in the open market net invested capital of about 490 billion yuan, nearly 7 day cumulative net invested capital has more than 800 billion yuan. The central bank continued net invested capital under the care, although tensions remain, but the margin showed improvement trend. As of 21 closing, overnight pledged repo rate last at 2.1861%, in the past two days were down 3.25BP, 1.61BP; 7 days following the 20 day repo rate downward 1.17BP after 21 days re up 7.12BP to 2.5112%; 14 day repurchase rate down to 2.6078% 7.8BP yesterday. "Liquidity inflection point" before the arrival of A review of recent central bank open market operations, there are major changes in two aspects: one is the central bank in the open market operation has restarted 14 days, 28 day repurchase operations; two is the central bank recently downgraded the interest rate policy. After the end of August the central bank to restart the 14 day repo, on Tuesday (September 13th) the central bank to restart the 28 day repo operations, and cut interest rates to 2.55% 5bp; on Wednesday 3 month treasury cash deposit invested 60 billion yuan, interest rates are higher than the end of August down 5bp to 2.75%; 20, the central bank once again put 3 month treasury cash deposit of 60 billion yuan of funds, interest rates last week further down 20bp to 2.55%, a 6 and a half years low. The industry has three layers: the interpretation of the above information, in the face of short-term funds face tightening trend, the central bank to make full use of the different duration of open market operations, short-term liquidity supplement, reflecting the central bank maintaining stability of the financial side means adequate maintenance reasonably adequate liquidity in a clear attitude; second, the central bank recently restart 14 days, 28 days period reverse repurchase operation, enhance the capital weighted average cost, reflects the intention of the central bank closed short put long drop lever; third, the central bank recently downgraded policy interest rates, showed that the attitude of the funds rate is still modest, also reflects a more neutral monetary policy signals. The central bank cut the interest rate policy is relatively optimistic, Guotai Junan Securities, the brokerage analyst said, "more and more signs that despite the short-term restriction of exchange rate, asset prices and other factors, the central bank intends to avoid the RRR signal meaning strong tool, but loose orientation has not changed; in the future external window the weakening of the constraints, RRR cuts may still be." However, CRE Securities believes that the 3 month Treasury deposit bid rate down 20bp, follow the market results, as the benchmark interest rate of 7 days reverse repo rate still reflects the central bank's monetary policy has not changed. In control prices, exchange rate, leverage multiple factors, the central bank's monetary policy and there is no room for further relaxation, did not relax the motivation, shortage of funds in the short term is difficult to significantly ease. Overall, the current market for negative expectations "liquidity inflection point" significantly subsided, monetary policy will remain neutral sound, can not expect excessively loose at the same time, funds will continue to maintain a tight balance, has become a basic consensus. "The central bank has to restart the 14 day and 28 day repurchase operation, but did not drop, means that monetary policy easing short-term delay. The current real estate bubble, by the end of the Fed rate hike is still high probability, constitutes a restriction on the loose monetary policy, so as to prevent the short-term risk first. But in August inflation fell sharply means tightening policies do not exist in space, the expected future monetary policy will remain neutral in the short term is difficult to loose to tight." Haitong Securities said. "Water" to be continued Market participants believe that, although the central bank intends to weaken the mechanism of rolling short end funds, plus leverage will, but the care of the financial side stable intentions remain firm, the current market for the quarter liquidity concerns is not expected in the capital side the central bank continued to "pay" will achieve a smooth cross quarter. From the market performance, after the central bank net invested large, stable market funds face expectations. According to traders said yesterday morning, capital is tight, continues this week a few days before the state capital, high financial few institutions 7 days, 14 days and longer period. 14 days, 21 days of cross quarter money for such popular attention. But after three in the afternoon funds face gradually relaxed. CICC pointed out, the central bank launched a 28 day period in the last week of the reverse repo, but the main consideration should be through the "11" holiday smoothly, and promote the bond market institutions stretched long-term debt through ascension, the indirect cost of debt leverage to promote. The current market for the quarter liquidity concerns little, MPA examination did not really fall, coupled with the central bank is expected to take care of, the end of the quarter funds face will be subdued. Although the policy level care liquidity equilibrium will remain strong, but in the cross section at the end of the season, the advent of disturbance, prospective payment, MPA assessment of multiple factors, increase the risk of fluctuations in short-term liquidity still can not be ignored. CRE Securities said that the need to guard against the face of the recent financial volatility and rising costs. "Taking into account the National Day holiday, is expected this week, 14 days reverse repo number probability decreased 7 days next week, reverse repurchase operation times the probability decreases, when the 14 and 28 day repurchase proportion increased, the cost of capital will be further increased, part of the funds will be more intense." Shenwan Hong Yuan Securities further pointed out that since the end of August, the central bank transfer to leverage intentions, exacerbated the market pessimism about the future of capital, change this pattern, need to keep some money invested, but also need to effectively communicate the central bank and the market. October is expected to enter the capital side will be better than the current. Reporter Wang Jiao cast in sockets

The central bank authorized Chinese global RMB clearing bank increased to 22 for the "landing" of Russia

<strong> Original title: the people's Bank of China authorized the global RMB clearing bank increased to 22 for the latest "landing" in Russia</strong>    China News Service September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wei Xi) according to "the people's Bank of Chinese in cooperation with the Russian Central Bank memorandum" relevant content, pfeifer VS box China 23 announced that the central bank decided to authorize the ICBC (Moscow), scaffolding accessories Russian Limited by Share Ltd as the clearing bank for RMB business. This is another important milepost of RMB internationalization, marks the financial cooperation between China and Russia into a new historical stage. Two days ago, the central bank Chinese authorized the clearing bank for RMB business has just landed "". So far, the RMB clearing bank Chinese global central bank authorized to 22. This 22 RMB clearing bank, Chinese bank and ICBC two lines will occupy 18 seats. Chinese bank in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Germany, France, Australia, Malaysia, Hungary, South Africa, Zambia, the United States and other 11 countries and regions as the RMB clearing bank; ICBC as the RMB clearing bank in Singapore, Luxemburg, Qatar, Canada, Thailand, Argentina and Russia and other 7 countries. ICBC said on the 23, the authorized as Russian renminbi clearing bank, the RMB clearing bank network globalization and across time zones to further improve the cross-border RMB services to further enhance the ability to expand cross-border RMB, in Russia's use and trade will play an important role. Russia is the largest country in Belt and Road Initiative along land area. At the end of 2015, Russia's central bank announced that the yuan to be included in the country's foreign exchange reserves, the RMB has become officially by Russian official reserve currency. In June this year, Russian President Putin's visit to China, the people's Bank of China and the Russian Central Bank signed a memorandum of cooperation to establish the RMB clearing arrangements in russia. The establishment of the RMB clearing bank, will create more favorable conditions for the use of the renminbi in the Russian border, to further facilitate the use of the renminbi in the Sino Russian trade and investment, promote the development of Sino Russian trade, investment and financial cooperation more closely. ICBC (Moscow) stock company is Russia's largest banks, but also the importance of Bank of the Russian system and the Moscow stock exchange's largest RMB, HK market maker, and Russia's first licence can carry out securities dealers, Valet trading and custody business of Chinese banks. (end) shuttering magnet

Good hit half stock index rose 0.75% to coal and other property insurance

Beijing In September 22, the Fed rate hike postponed, prop nut the world's largest ETF company into A shares, A shares hit positive boost, early two, opening to go, real estate, insurance, coal and other blue chips rise, the stock index fell swoop recovered 10 day moving average, rushed 3050 points intraday platform. As of midday close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3048.61 points, or 0.75%, turnover of 89 billion 970 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10672.5 points, or 0.84%, turnover of 144 billion 400 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2173.96 points, or 0.55%, turnover of 35 billion 140 million yuan. pfeifer vs box

The middle of 23, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.6670 down 157 basis points

Beijing In September 23, according to the latest data China foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of September 23rd the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.6670, fixing socket compared with September 22nd down 157 basis points. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of China, September 23, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.6670 yuan, 1 euro for 7.4698 yuan, 100 yen for 6.6114 yuan, HK $1 for 0.85962 yuan, 1 pound of 8.7200 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 5.0966 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.8687 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.9160 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.8799 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1043 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.61510 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.5525 russian rubles, RMB 1 yuan for the 2.0448 South African rand, 1 yuan of 165.51 won. fixing socket

The Bank of Japan's monetary policy target to stabilize interest rates

21 Bank of Japan ended two days after the monetary policy meeting, erection anchor to maintain the current ultra loose monetary policy and the negative interest rate policy, scaffolding clamps while the stability of short-term and long-term interest rates as a monetary policy adjustment direction. The Bank of Japan also announced the assessment of the past 3 years of qualitative and quantitative easing monetary policy effect, and will redouble their efforts to help boost the rebound in inflation and weak economic growth. The Bank of Japan announced the same day, will maintain the current year from banks and other financial institutions to buy 80 trillion yen ($78 billion 224 million) of financial assets and the existence of ultra loose monetary policy, the negative interest rate policy of the central bank excess reserve charge 0.1% fee for private banks, and said it would further cut interest rates when necessary. The central bank also announced, will continue easing monetary policy quantitative and qualitative until Japan's consumer price index (CPI) rose steadily above 2%. On the other hand, due to the negative effect of negative interest rate policy interest rates over the overall decline, to bring pressure on financial institutions and pension investment. In order to avoid long-term interest rates for a long time into the negative range, the Bank of Japan decided to adjust the monetary policy framework will always target from the previous monetary easing to expand the money supply, to continue to maintain short-term interest rates in the negative range and stable long-term interest rates in more than 0% in two aspects of the operation, and will serve as a target to buy Treasury bonds. In addition, the Bank of Japan during two days of meetings on the current monetary policy comprehensive assessment. The same day, the Bank of Japan after the examination of the quantitative and qualitative easing effect that affirmed that this policy improves the Japanese economy, also led to rising prices. The Bank of Japan believes that this layer of meaning from the price level, the Japanese economy has been out of deflation. At the same time, combined with the negative interest rate policy of buying government debt policy, also received results in low level of short-term and long-term interest rates. Japan's central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko said after the meeting, the central bank's policy decision does not mean negation before the policy, the inflation target is still 2%, this has not changed. The Bank of Japan said in the assessment, did not achieve the inflation target, including the decline in oil prices in 2014 raised the consumption tax and economic growth in overseas market deterioration. The Bank of Japan officials into the City Planning Bureau Sen told the economic reference news "reporter, Japan's inflation is still facing downward trend in oil prices down is still an important factor in low inflation, oil prices fell to the negative contribution of inflation rate of about 1 percentage points. Remove the lower prices of factors, the current basic has to get rid of deflation in japan. If oil prices stabilize or rebound, the inflation outlook may improve. For Japan's economic growth, is expected to be maintained at 1% to 1.5% in the next three years, the level of. The Bank of Japan will provide 10 year Treasury yields a target level, trying to help increase the rate of return. By the Bank of Japan as a long-term interest rate resolution stimulus, Japan's new 10 year yields instantaneous from negative to positive, rose 6.5 basis points to 0.005%, which is the index for the first time since March into the positive range. At the same time, the yen dollar exchange rate from the previous trading day 101 than 1 than 1 to nearly 103 rapid depreciation. Reporter Wang Jing Xu margin halfen channel

Venture capital raid Yili Dairy Association, Dairy Association cited concerns about vocal

Beijing In September 22, cast in sockets capital predators again! This is not the object of their hunt to sell the house but Vanke, sell milk erie. In September 14th, sunshine insurance department suddenly holdings 5 million 667 thousand and 900 shares of Erie, Erie shares held to 5%. In this regard, Chinese Dairy Association said, do not want to see the dairy industry leading enterprises as a springboard for capital operation. Chinese dairy industry association also said that venture capital should not become the negative factors affecting the stability of the China dairy. In September 18th, Yili disclosure of changes in equity report shows that Sunshine Insurance Holdings through the trading system of nearly 5 million 670 thousand shares, accounting for 0.09% of the total share capital. After changes in equity, the sun and the sun life insurance total holdings of Erie shares of the total share capital of 5%, hit placards. Encounter risk capital after the placards Yili announced on September 19th, is planning major issues of emergency suspension. Then, two bursts of sunshine insurance official statement said, "do not take the initiative to seek commitment to become the Erie shares of the largest shareholder, and is no longer within the next 12 months, and holdings of Yili" called "the above commitments are not because of any relevant changes, and will not change because of the market some overinterpret". However, the official statement of sunshine insurance group is still difficult to completely dispel doubts about the outside world. Select the announcement placards Yili in the Mid Autumn Festival, still let the industry feel suddenly. Chinese Dairy Association Secretary General Gu Jicheng said in an interview with reporters, "China dairy now facing pressure is great, the industry is in the process of transformation and upgrading, facing the shift of economic growth, structural adjustment pains and early input" digestion period three overlay. Because of China's milk production cost is high, the industry chain of dairy farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises, weak anti risk ability, to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry and the industrial chain, need to have the queen of these industry leading enterprises." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards that Yili Valley, inherited the Secretary General believes that "dairy companies, is to develop better and faster with the help of social capital. If the dairy industry leading enterprises as a springboard for capital operation, it will make the interests of dairy farmers, processing enterprises affected, which will affect the healthy development of the dairy industry China. There Chinese dairy association do not want to see this situation." The Secretary China dairy industry association chairman Liu Meiju told reporters, "as Chinese dairy industry leading enterprises, Yili Group contrarian growth in recent years, in 2015 more than 60 billion of the revenue, the global dairy ranking jumped eight, a record Chinese Asia milk prices so far the highest ranking, become the leading dairy industry fully deserve China enterprise, is considered an important indicator of Chinese officially entered the global dairy powers and rewrite the global dairy pattern, and the China dairy has more fully the right of discourse in the international dairy. Yili Group these years of development, is a joint effort in the enterprise and all years is achieved." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards Erie issue, Liu Meiju believes that "in recent years, there are different capital through various channels into the dairy industry, but we don't want to see any adverse factors of industry development. On the one hand, China's dairy industry is in the throes of transition, is relatively fragile, not too much interference factors; on the other hand, the dairy industry chain length, and the distribution of industrial chain mostly for small and medium enterprises and dairy farmers, their anti risk ability is very weak, once the industry chain core leading enterprises problems. Will a great impact, is likely to bring a lot of unimaginable consequences." fixing socket

He Fan: RMB into the basket will not affect the loan interest rate of SDR

In September 22, Jingwei new client (Shi Chen) since October 1st, shuttering magnet the RMB will be formally incorporated into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) founded the SDR currency basket (SDR). RMB into the basket will have what effect? Whether SDR outward loan interest rate will change? Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance chief economist He Fan in an interview that the new client Jingwei, the yuan in the role of SDR will gradually appear, the interest rate will not be affected by the short term effect of SDR. He Fan believes that the yuan in the SDR basket, the influence of the establishment of the need for a long-term process. For example, the world bank for the first time in thirty years in China issued bonds SDR. The SDR not only has symbolic significance, is China will gradually play in the international financial market valuation tool. At present, the RMB loan interest rate is higher than the SDR loan interest rates in other countries. In this regard, He Fan believes that this situation will not affect the loan interest rate of SDR outward. Due to the RMB capital control and financial market by segmentation in foreign countries, the RMB interest rate at home and abroad, it is difficult to exactly the same. "What we see is the nominal interest rate, but the actual interest rate is not high Chinese." At the end of the new Hefan Jingwei client said. (new latitude APP) lifting clutches

China City firm deposits 6 high risk regulators to strengthen risk disposal mechanism

China News Service September 23 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese CBRC vice chairman Cao Yu said at the 2016 annual meeting of 23 city commercial banks, city commercial banks currently have a total of 6 high risk institutions, both historical form, there is also a new risk. City commercial banks should strengthen the work of high risk disposal mechanism. "And in 2011 of 27 compared to the number of high-risk institutions significantly reduced. At present, 6 high risk asset risk, capital strength, corporate governance and internal management is not standardized, coordinated government, shareholders and other parties, a policy line, targeted to take measures to promote the settlement of." Cao Yu said. Cao Yu introduced the "prescription" includes three aspects: one is "Paul", protect the interests of depositors. To increase the liquidity risk monitoring high risk mechanism, actively use the deposit insurance system, adherence to risk the bottom line, to maintain social stability. The two is to "increase", to increase their investment. The key to the coordination of local government and major shareholders, solve the problem of capital, enhance their ability to resist risks. The three is the "push", promote the restructuring of the disposal. At present, from the policy level, city commercial banks are still not allowed to cross regional development, but except for high risk institutions involved to resolve. "The rest of the Banking Bureau to use existing policies, to promote local government to emancipate the mind, to increase their investment and the introduction of new strategic investors, through equity cooperation, reduce the financial risks. At the same time, to explore the suitable way of restructuring the local, not for all, but the implementation of local finance, long period of stability." Cao Yu said. The city is an important part of the banking system China. In the past five years, the city firm has maintained a momentum of rapid development. From the official data show that as of 6 at the end of 2016, the country's 133 city commercial banks assets amounted to 25 trillion and 200 billion yuan, compared with five years ago, an increase of nearly 1.9 times the average annual growth rate of nearly 40%; the total assets in commercial banks accounted for 15.4%, compared with five years ago, an increase of 4.6 percentage points, the average annual growth rate of nearly 8.5%. In addition to the high risk of city commercial banks, for most city firms, Cao Yu pointed out that the credit risk is the main risk. From the book data, non-performing loan ratio is not high, but from the dynamic trend of decline in asset quality pressure is quite large. In view of the current credit risk, Cao Yu believes that the measures should be taken from two aspects. One is to support a variety of ways to resolve the bad. Through the transfer of credit assets, non-performing assets transferred, verification, market debt, debt restructuring and other measures taken to digest the stock, loan restructuring, sign a contract, then recover the loan and other ways to reduce the incremental credit assets transfer platform for bulk transfer of non-performing loans, the use of market means to dispose of bad assets. Two is the support to accelerate capital. As of 2016 6 at the end of the month, the city firm average capital adequacy ratio was 12.29%, lower than the average level of commercial banks by 0.85 percentage points. Cao Yu pointed out that the capital supply is an important means to enhance the ability to resist risks, to replenish capital through multiple channels, can enhance the city commercial development potential, boost market confidence. To support the introduction of the city firm shareholders to increase their investment, support for issuing new capital instruments and tier two capital instruments, support qualified banks listed financing at home and abroad. (end) shuttering magnet

Alipay WeChat money to do in death? People from all walks of life have moves

"My Alipay more than 70 thousand, cast in sockets WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, the money will be how to deal with (my family does not know the money)?" Recently, such a look a bit "alarmist", attracted a large number of onlookers. A few people called "xinyouqiqi Yan," said sympathetically. Now young people are basically Alipay, the balance of treasure, WeChat change, like TenPay account, through their wealth warehouse. However, this form of money is likely due to the master's accident and be forgotten forever. The Yangtze <strong> A brain hole wide open problems:</strong> "If I didn't," family have to know how the money? "I have the Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, my family does not know the money, the money will be how to deal with? The final destination is?" Recently, netizens have thrown such a doubt, immediately attracted a large number of thread. "Most people don't live to tell the family, because they do not believe that they will encounter an accident." Netizen "night". "Do you think you into your bank account, you will inform you of the accidental death of their family have the money? Too naive!" Netizen "fish and bear's paw". Now Alipay, WeChat wallet, the balance of treasure and other new deposits appear constantly. Reporters learned that some young people are lying on the network in the nature of wealth, and quite a part of a "case-dough", not known. "If people really did not, the money is certainly not." Almost all people think that the home will suffer losses. <strong> Financial planner suggested:</strong> In fact, financial planner also encourages investment in financial management, do not put the egg in one basket, but to a reasonable configuration, such as the regular current collocation, buy funds, stocks, insurance etc.. Now Alipay, WeChat wallet, the balance of treasure and other new deposits appear constantly. It seems that asset disposal encounter accident after, really is not a trivial problem. <strong> An often ignored protocol:</strong> <strong> Not used for a long time, Alipay will be canceled, WeChat will recover</strong> Netizens also cited such as Alipay, QQ registration protocol. Reporter found, according to these we usually did not read the agreement, encountered "unexpected" users want to get back online family heritage, but also more difficult. "Alipay service agreement" fourth part third fifth provisions: Login the other way for 12 months without the use of Alipay or Alipay approved the login membership number or account, Alipay will be on the cancellation of membership number or account, the user will not be able to through the Alipay login login this website or use membership number or account. If there is a correlation of the membership number or account financial products, pending transactions or balance, Alipay will help users deal with. Thus, with Alipay and the sudden death of the user, in accordance with the agreement, the money inside will always passively frozen in the user account, waiting for him (her) relatives to claim, and in theory, Alipay "will help you deal with". But in real life, Alipay how to help you, how living relatives know this money account is still unknown. There are similar to WeChat, QQ and other accounts, such as "Tencent WeChat software license and services agreement" in the seventh paragraph second and five provisions: WeChat account ownership of the Tencent Inc, for users to complete the registration formalities, only the right to use the WeChat account, and the right to use only part of the initial application for registration. At the same time, the initial registration shall not grant, borrow, rent, transfer or sale of WeChat account or otherwise permit non initial application for registration of persons with a WeChat account. An initial application for registration of persons shall not use WeChat account through the recipient, inheritance, lease or assignment or by any other means. User registration WeChat account if the account login is not long, the Tencent has the right to take back the account, any losses are borne by the user. As WeChat, QQ, WeChat, and other tools of the "initial public registration", if after the death, according to the agreement, the ownership of all Tencent, and "no gift, borrow, rent, transfer or sale", this number will eventually be the corresponding recovery of Tencent, WeChat wallet will face what kind of fate? It is also unknown. <strong> Bankers suggested:</strong> In the bank, there are some dormant account every year, there are more or less money, generally speaking, some accounts have second contacts, can contact the bank, or the owner's family and friends will be holding a bank card query, a better solution. For the network platform in wealth, in accordance with the extraction of bank funds, provide the death certificate, account of this, the notarial certificate or court verdict to extract. Proposed legislation to rise to the legal level, the account has been canceled in a certain time limit, which exceeds a certain amount, the platform providers should take the initiative to contact the parties, or published on a regular basis. <strong> View</strong> Notarial office: To improve the management of Internet Co Nanjing notary office believes that this problem has two kinds of situations: Is a Alipay or WeChat account holder died suddenly, aware of the family capital account, how to do? The other is the account holder sudden death, family members do not know that there are a lot of money in the account, how to do this? The first case of a country for "virtual property" has no clear judicial interpretation, the legal profession is not conclusive. The mainstream view is in accordance with the "law of succession", with the personal nature of the network heritage can not be inherited, such as personal chat tool QQ, ID network. Without the personal nature of network heritage can be inherited, such as online shops, copyright and game currency etc.. To solve this problem is not too difficult. If there are second kinds of situations requires Internet Co and constantly improve their own management and self-discipline. There are three ways: one is the Internet Co in this situation, the establishment of a special account storage, and actively looking for account holders or family members, but there are drawbacks, the premise is not mixed with the company's own account, to prevent the emergence of new problems, such as a Internet Co bankruptcy, asset mix resulted in the death of user accounts of capital loss; two is the initiative to contact the Internet Co with the people's Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission or the third party network financial management department; the three is to deal with the notarization business at the notary office, and actively seek the holder or heir. <strong> The lawyer:</strong> Use the diary form Write down the wealth account Jin Yong lawyers believe that the account holder can write to the form of a diary, write down their wealth accounts, passwords do not have to write, at least let relatives see, think of the money in the account information can be admitted to where; their loved ones, which relates to the part of the amount of money; not taboo, direct legislation what will indicate where there is; in addition, in the accident, the lawful heir can also prove relevant materials to common network service providers such as Alipay, WeChat and other request account enquiries. bfd coupler

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