Recently, the Beijing West Railway Station North Square on the eastern side of the overpass up the escalator, a pair of ready to train the old couple fell, two person has the different degree injury. Beijing municipal Luqiao maintenance management group, a responsible person, when the elevator the normal.The 26 day at six forty in the morning, the 87 year old Buxing old man and his 86 year old wife, ready to go to the Beijing West Railway Station by train. When two people ride the Beijing West Railway Station North Square East overpass elevator, wife suddenly lost his balance, subconscious gripping the people around him, the two old man both fell on the escalator. The two young people through the nearby immediately helped the old man, the elevator of nursing staff on duty rushed, dialed 120 emergency calls, and inform the duty monitor. Chen monitor rushed to the scene, and 120 ambulance personnel to the two old men sent to the nearby Beijing Shijitan Hospital, CMU.According to the doctor in Beijing Shijitan Hospital, CMU emergency department Liu, Buxing elderly wife son waist fractures, and was frightened by elevated blood pressure, are subject to further treatment. Department of Neurosurgery, the doctor on duty told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Buxing elderly brain subarachnoid hemorrhage, which belongs to the acute closed craniocerebral injury, is under observation and treatment.Beijing municipal Luqiao maintenance management group and responsible person said, when the elevator in the annual inspection period, the normal running speed, the nursing staff in the elevator. He urged the elderly travel can be accompanied by an adult, to avoid the accident. (reporter Yang Lin trainee reporter Ma Xiaorong)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules prop sleeve anchor socket

A few money hand cramps is a wonderful thing, if you just name the job, don’t think so. Because of seeing when counting working mother every day to count the money very hard, 9 years old students and Luo Hangqi invented the automatic separation, sorting coins.In August 19th, Guangdong ended the tenth Song Qingling children’s invention award, Chongqing city Fuling District Jiangdong Street Center Primary School in the fourth grade Luo Hangqi invented the “coin separator” medal.The coin separator to look a bit like a colander, only handle one, provided with a currency inlet, pen and paper window and small blower, a part is a coin sieve.”The coins, banknotes into currency inlet, separated by blow notes, coins due to gravity slide into the coin sieve, sieve through the swing separation size different coin (electric), notes can also be based on the extension degree of automatic separation, consolidation.” Luo Hangqi introduces design principle of coin separator, and called the seemingly simple, but many times before and after improvement.”The project structure separator is simple, low cost, strong practicability, can save manpower, accuracy is relatively high.” Teacher Yang Xiaojun introduces, in April this year, “coin separator” won the first prize in the Chongqing youth science creation competition, won the August national information technology innovation and practice contest first prize invention creation events, and again won the Song Qingling children’s invention award bronze. “Creative although simple, but very practical. This invention in addition to thinking and practical ability, also contains a daughter’s love for her mother. This is our teacher strongly advocated, let the students learn Thanksgiving, learn to love their parents and others, and use their wisdom to create, to provide convenient.”Science popularization Department of the relevant person in charge, the idea is very good, although the structure is simple, but is practical, the most important Youth Science and technology innovation is the point, similar to add a tab in the beer bottle cap.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor ledger blade erection anchor

Renrenle supermarket salesman said in “qiangmaiqiangmai” –  ”Do not buy in to buy bonds, then don’t come to work tomorrow”  The supermarket said actually purchase coupon promotion, but not “strong buy strong sell”At the meeting, the reporter heard a person in charge to emphasize the “purchase vouchers” money to employees.Do not participate in the supermarket purchase activities are threatened, “don’t come tomorrow to work”? In August 30th, a woman do promotion in Nanning City Spring Renrenle supermarket stores reported sales in supermarket, request a “buy” activities, to spend 30 yuan to buy purchase coupons, and then within the purchase price buy a brand of kitchen utensils. Although these commodity purchase price than the price affordable, but a woman always feel this is the Zhichang purchase behavior. Reporter after the intervention, the supermarket responsible person, the preferential benefit activity first internal staff, followed by the customer, if sales do not pay in the supermarket, “and can not handle him”.In August 30th, a woman told reporters, Renrenle supermarket city spring store recently do a promotion, she as a supermarket sales, the other fifty or sixty and the Department of sales, at 29, was asked to hand in 30 yuan for 3 purchase vouchers. With these purchase vouchers, she can buy a certain brand within the purchase price.”Do not buy in to buy bonds, then don’t come to work tomorrow!” “Not to buy ticket money, do not want to work!” This woman says, regular meeting has the responsible person also released such things. Although the purchase price more favorable, but she has not need to acquire kitchenware, and promotional activities and is only 3 days from September 6th to September 8th. It makes her feel, supermarkets to fire on the grounds of their strong buy strong sell.The afternoon of August 30th, in the supermarket in a department meeting, the reporter saw a nearby, person in charge of the Department urged not to buy purchase vouchers staff. Several promoters argue however, had to pay. But even if the previous day paid staff also did not get the purchase tickets, as for the rules of practice, many people do not know. Staff said, because supermarkets combine tasks to each department supervisor’s head, so the director to try various devices to collect toll.In the supermarket, office area, the reporter from the “purchase vouchers vouchers and propaganda” on the list to see, kitchenware marked in the purchase price, the price is equivalent to 50 percent off or even lower, such as a price of $629 non stick pan without oil fume, purchase price of only 229 yuan. However, activities, products are all kinds of cooking utensils and electromagnetism furnace, a total of 12 kind of products.On the “purchase vouchers”, Nanning Renrenle supermarket manager Xie Peng explanation says, the activity is by the purchase of purchase vouchers to participate in, purchase price of considerable magnitude; employees if the final not purchases products, can purchase tickets refunded the money. Xie Peng introduced, in response to manufacturers of activities, the supermarket first from internal engine; he has to buy 3 tickets purchase vouchers, intends to purchase a low to 54% off no smoke wok.As for whether there is mandatory for employees to participate in this activity, Xie Peng denied, means that there is no strong buy strong sell behavior. “Employees do not pay the money, I don’t handle him.” Xie Peng said at last. Guangxi News Net – Contemporary al Hayat reporter Meng Jinhuang text / chartSponsor Link:halfen channel adjustable base jack shuttering magnet

Three years old baby bear photos to throttle is a kickA tour bus crashed into a car and then destroyed Hotel PostThe accident yesterday the Southern Song imperial Street let two children were injured, but fortunately not re – injuryThe Southern Song imperial street is located in Hangzhou Zhongshan road in Hangzhou City, is a street name, is a pedestrian street.It was sunny yesterday, and weekend, come here tourists in a continuous line, take pictures, buy gifts…… Bustling.TSAT Po this year 3 years old, is one of many tourists in yesterday. But an accident, let the mother frighten not light.The 3 year old boy sightseeing car pictures, but mistakenly stepped on the acceleratorPlayful TSAT Po has been to the Southern Song imperial Street play, but the parents work busy, have no time to accompany him, plans have been stranded, very not easy to wait until mother be free Saturday, yesterday morning, the little boy followed his mother drove to the Southern Song imperial street.Qibao active, curiosity is heavy, see things like up here to touch, there.But at 12 at noon yesterday, the look in his mother’s advantages but let the son got into trouble: Qibao sat on a car parked in the car West Lake Avenue and Zhongshan Road south of the picture, and he was mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, the car out of tens of meters hit an oncoming electric cars, his injury does not say, also hit a pair of mother and child on the electric vehicle.Electric vehicle injured boy called Jiang Yuhan, only 4 years older than the day after tomorrow must begin school, the second grade of primary school. This hit, school should delay did not say, Yu Han province guarantees may be to do further observation and treatment.Fortunately, three person of injury is not too heavy. A hospital emergency room doctor working in the Department of orthopedics Qian Shengjun told reporters, TSAT Po just back a bit bruised, the mother and son on the electric vehicle is ankle soft tissue damage, no what matter. To be on the safe side, the money doctor suggested two children go to the province son do further checks, “our side of the Department of orthopedics is mainly for adult.” The doctor said the money.An accident injured two children, parents complain that the car unlockedIn the emergency room, the two yesterday a little “back” of the family, have a complaints and complaints.”The kid super skin, the doctor when it has been in the hand next to the bed, sit also sit not to live.” Clinic door, Yu Han grandmother always complained to reporters.Time of the incident, Yu Han grandmother is also present, but not in electric vehicles. “We three people just going home from the cinema watching the movie, I was behind the car battery.” For lunch place at his daughter and grandson who accidentally, grandma’s face and helpless, accompany nephew movies fun also all gone, “mind mess, what movie do not remember.”At the same time feel helpless and confused and TSAT Po mom, hey tourism destroyed not say, son still hurt, but for the naughty children, the mother was not too much blame, but put the responsibility to its supervision and unlocked the car, “the car unlocked, my son up stepped it was opened.”For the car unlocked said, reporter in the emergency department at the door to see the person in charge of the sightseeing car, but the other did not respond. Sightseeing car when it is not locked, the driver has been affected by treatmentSightseeing car Southern Song imperial street is unlocked, the situation how? The journalist immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation.Mr. Wang is the nearby security. According to his memories, time of the incident, the little boy sitting in front of the cab, my mother standing in front to the boy to take photographs. As the driver of the car, he said: “go to the water room open water.”In the incident, the reporter also found that the victims were not only the electric vehicle one pair of mother and sightseeing car TSAT Po, and a nearby called Wang wine sinks restaurant, the restaurant door on the right side of the base of a column has hit a big hole, the inside of the steel bars are visible.Not only that, sightseeing car damage is more serious, in front of a bit deformation, cab broken glass, a lamp head also knocked out.It is understood, the sightseeing car or mahogany texture, costly.Master Wang as a security guard for 6 years in Southern Song imperial street, he said the sightseeing car accident or the first time, because the street is a pedestrian street, sightseeing car is the only large vehicles, weekdays visitors walk in which basic no out into things, peace and security. “Really scared.” Although from the past for more than an hour, Wang still has a bit of be still suffering from the shock.According to his understanding, sightseeing car driver entry threshold is relatively high, a lot of people before they had years of buses, technology proficient, “you really want to say what special words, it is a driver is a ‘female’.”In the tourist car drivers lounge, the reporters also found that rules of driving the sightseeing car, clearly written “driver must cut off the power supply before leaving the vehicle”. The lock is the only way to open the power, that is to say, the driver left the car keys must be pulled out before.As of press time, the relevant departments have confirmed sightseeing car at the time of the incident is unlocked, the driver has been affected by treatment. □ reporter Zhong Ying trainee reporter Yu JijiSponsor Link:swift lift anchors anchor socket

China News AgencyBeijing 30 August report (reporter Du Yan) Japanese veterans and their families, students and working in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese people, the community of more than 3000 people, in August 30th the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War to run, the distance to commemorate the 69 anniversary of the victory.Jointly organized by the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing Sports Federation, the people’s Government of Fengtai District of Beijing twenty-eighth annual Lugou Bridge lion cross-country race Memorial in Fengtai District Wanping City Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan today sculpture park.Beijing municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Shen Baochang at the opening ceremony said, in the first legal China people’s Anti Japanese War Victory Day approaching, Lugou Bridge lion cross-country race in China people’s Anti Japanese War held to remember, “77″ Lugou Bridge incident history, memorial China people’s Anti Japanese War and the victory of the world anti fascist war, to the people especially the young people to carry out patriotic education, carrying forward the national spirit, do not forget national humiliation, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, publicity and safeguarding world peace and development theme, and promote national fitness activities, improving the national physical quality.The competition for both men and women, boys and girls aged 2 km group and adult male and female 8 km 6 groups. The opening ceremony, former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, the former chairman of the central He Luli announced the start of the game.The 91 year old Japanese veteran Wei Liren in the competition at the scene said, their exercise every day, “the old man not in physical and mental work on it, otherwise the activity drop down does not rise up.”15 years old took part in the Anti Japanese he talks about this game, to cherish the memory of history, let people unremitting self-improvement, rich Qiang Jun, in order to protect the China against aggression, but also let Chinese become an important force for safeguarding world peace.The 78 year old Peng Lizhi and 67 year old Ma Hongliang are Lugou Bridge’s cross-country race fans, they ran to the current from the first session. The two old man told reporters, young when they are attending the adult group 8 kilometer race, now age can only run 2 kilometers, “not enough, don’t run to”. They hope, held in Lugou Bridge cross-country running game can let people don’t forget history, let young people especially students continue to improve the physical quality, adapt to social change.Professionals from Hongkong (Beijing) association chairman Huang Genhui and 25 in Beijing Hong Kong people working together to match the scene. He said, this is their first time to participate in the competition, sent 3 young delegates hope to adhere to in the end.It is reported, this event held each fall time, attracted thousands of people from all walks of life, each class, each age long-distance lovers and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese, and foreign friends take part in. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules anchor socket

Perhaps, in the Chinese surge high and sweep forward demolition history, this is a shocking record.A peasant woman, in a school, in spite of all levels of the organization of inculcation, stick to your own house for 56 years, since I steadfastly stand on one’s ground.She is Gong Houzhi. The 74 year old.Gong Houzhi’s house is located in Hubei Enshi the Dong minority village primary school campus, building covers an area of about 500 square meters, is a 2 storey structure houses. Housing around the kind of vegetables and fruit, pig raising and medicinal powder raise many chicken, walked into the campus, the children’s laughter and crowing pig called interleaving, called wonders.In 56 years, the local government and education authorities to replace the term and term of cadres, the school also have traded dozens of principals, mobilized Gong Houzhi one family to children’s learning environment out of campus, the government for help building new houses not far away from here. But Gong Houzhi stuck to his parents leave word: “not lost ancestors”.The first impression is that, in the whole society advocates respecting today, the peasant family consciousness too low, ignoring the public interest as the one’s private ends, seriously disturbed the normal teaching order, and departments at all levels to regard with equanimity, more than half a century, it has very strong nerves and superhuman endurance.Is praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct, whose fathers are in the nature of the times, the air was filled with the collective first romantic and naive, land has not contracted, the farmers’ personal rights have no effective guarantee of the law, a simple peasant miraculously guarding his house without dismantling, it is not easy. In recent years, along with the urbanization process, especially the land finance become the main source of income for local governments, and forced the traditional achievement evaluation, relocation winds over China, the people’s livelihood tragedy has become a social problem criticized. In this context, Gong Houzhi can still continue to adhere to, is more worthy of attention.According to the Dong minority village cadres in the government, the school location, relates to a few villagers in campus planning, but other villagers in government designated or chosen address, have moved out of the campus, but the Gong Houzhi family refused to move.All this cannot avoid the following question: why the local government did not like some places like that, while Gong granny asleep, sent the unidentified men will the night throw in dozens of miles of wasteland, then the house down? Even the people in the chicken on the occasion, set off firecrackers in the old house sent before even throwing feces?Perhaps, one important reason is the object, Gong Houzhi PK of the school, and the education was always some local governments verbally to an unprecedented important position, but in the long term are in a weak position, both in the input and policy support, are far less than the investment, project of achievement in one’s post, this will also give senior nail Gong Houzhi continue to fight the space and may. Plus education managers relatively well, according to the minority area folkway honest, final make a serious PK not like some places get out of hand, evolved into the humanitarian tragedy.The key is, in the face of a stick to private, the so-called public interest does not support not with the old woman, the local cadres and around ten president took enough patience, regardless of the cost, hardworking, finally Faith moves mountains, mountains.At the beginning of 2014, at the school to provide students the expansion of playground, and regulate the campus safety management, Gong Houzhi one family and their relatives and through the campus gate, unfavorable to the campus safety. After nearly six months of persuasion, in early 2014 8, Gong Houzhi finally signed out of agreement with the local government, the local government undertakes to help her build new task — flat place, please construction team, run procedures, including water, electricity and other coordination of all living, all by the specialized township cadres responsible.A 56 year old and school game, eventually created China harmony demolition legend.This legend, is one of the few local government a vivid mirror at present still keen regardless of the interests of the masses, even eager barbaric demolition demolition.In more and more individual rights and interests of farmers land policies and regulations protection today, how to balance the local development and people’s own interests, has become a realistic and urgent questions.The key point is that each balance, hold high the banner of the holy city development units, while avoiding a few people were eventually forced to bet everything. Only by perfecting the relevant laws, abide by justice, promote administration according to law, and as far as possible, listen to and respect in a weak position of the turning of the reasonable demands, can end the demolition recurring. □ Shi ShusiSponsor formwork accessories lifting loop

Recently, Xingyang City, Henan Province, Wu Zhen Zhai Yu Cun the Yellow River tender beach local locust pest, pest heavier area covers an area of 2600 acres. Serious pest caused some crop damage, especially near the river area by locusts eating corn. At present, the artificial spraying, spraying, plane net isolation measures, a lot of locusts have been killed, pest control.Wu Zhen Zhai village Li Hegui 15 acres of maize was the locust pest of maize leaf, part of the locust eaten, only a straw. “Into the cornfield, grasshopper Hula fly one, could not see the day. Lived for 40 years have never seen so many insects.” Li Hegui said.The Department of agriculture of Xingyang city through the development of dragnet investigation along the yellow beach, Takamura, Wu Wang Cun, Sishui Township 4, discover insect pest occurrence area of 2600 acres. Among them, farmland have been planted about 20 acres of crops, most of the rest of the Yellow River young beach area, no cultivated crops.Xingyang plant protection station Yuan Xiaojie introduction, the main reasons of large area of pest is this year’s drought. Pest occurred, Xingyang agriculture department immediately organized agricultural experts and local people, the use of motorized sprayer, knapsack sprayer and other equipment to carry out artificial control, at the same time also leased aircraft spraying control, the high stalk crop area and the Yellow River young beach up to now, already accumulative total flight 13 sorties, prevention and control of an area of 13000 acres. At present, the high-density grasshoppers have been extinguished, the average insect pesticide export density decreased from 10 before control head / ㎡ to 0.5 / square meters.Yuan Xiaojie introduces, up to now, the pests in the farmland of locusts have all slaughtered, locusts in the Yellow River young beach overall control. (reporter Song Xiaodong)Sponsor Link:fixing socket ringlock scaffolding erection anchor

In August 30th, a reporter from the plant protection department of agriculture plant quarantine station to understand, according to recent Xingyang Guangwu town the Yellow River in autumn locust outbreak situation, such as Zhengzhou City, the provincial agricultural department, departments at all levels to act quickly, Duocuobingju, prevention and control work has basically ended. Plant protection experts said, the locust pest get all-round, effective control, can ensure the locusts not off, not disaster. August 25th afternoon, Xingyang City, the grasshopper scout in the routine observation, found that Wu Zhen Zhai Yu Cun, the Yellow River beach tender beach locust hazard. The 4 towns of Xingyang city along the Yellow River floodplain in Guangwu, Takamura, Wang Cun, Sishui conduct dragnet investigation (total investigation area of 100000 acres), found that autumn locust outbreak area of 2600 mu, Gaomi district population density of 10 / square meters, adjacent crops such as corn field have suffer phenomenon.August 26th morning, Xingyang city emergency deployment of technical personnel, and launched the local people, first artificial control spraying to old Tan locusts, and between the floodplain and valley village Zhai Jia medication agent is sprayed with isolated 100 meters band, to prevent migration of locusts to the village direction. In addition, the locust hazard situation, on the afternoon of the same day, Xingyang City, rent a bee M-4 aircraft, aircraft to carry out spraying control high stalk crop area and the Yellow River young beach. As of 27 PM has been flying 17 sorties, control area of 13000 acres.In order to ensure the Huangqing monitoring information accuracy and timeliness, firmly grasp the initiative prevention and control work, the provincial agricultural department emergency issued a “do a really good job on the emergency notice along the locust control yellow beach area”.The plant protection department of agriculture plant quarantine station Cheng Xiangguo introduction, at present in large areas of artificial control and aircraft control completed a total of 14500 acres, high-density grasshoppers have been extinguished, the average population density of insect pesticide from the control before 10 / square meters down to 0.5 / m2, locust insect situation of comprehensive, effective control large scale control, has ended, leak scanning and work is being actively pursued, can ensure the locusts not off, not disaster. (reporter Lu Song)Sponsor Link:fixing socket ringlock scaffolding lifting loop

Parking set up signs.In August 30th, the owner to the car from the parking lot, to find that the window was smashed.Owner: Parking money the responsible management: not instructed to park the consequencesNight ground parking windows smashed 30000 yuan property stolenThe night waking, found his car window was smashed, car Moutai wine and cash were take wings to itself, Chengdu public Jiang Changfu very depressed. But more let he is depressed, the parking lot management told him at night on the road by parking is stolen, the owner shall bear all the consequences. In August 30th, Jiang Changfu reported, the police have been involved in the investigation.  Events: Windows smashed 30000 stolen propertyIn late August 29th 10, Jiang Changfu to take care of hospitalized family, parked the car on the road parking lot Second People’s Hospital of Chengdu city. The 7 point around August 30th, he found a cab car windows were smashed, the product inside the car flips traces, to put yourself in a drawer is million yuan in cash, armrest box two mobile phone, the back seat of precious tobacco is stolen, the total value of 30000 yuan.Reporters at the scene, a shutdown of the entire pavement field stopped more than 20 vehicles, parking lot four angle with 4 cameras. Jiang Changfu’s car parked on the road by parking near entrance, next to the underground garage. Jiang Changfu in the parking lot side, is a sign of 1.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, clearly written above: “night vehicle please park in the basement, otherwise, all the consequences of your own”. Jiang Changfu said, he in parking actually saw the signs, but one look at the road has been stopped more than ten cars, for the convenience of stopped at the road parking lot, but really did not expect anything “”.  Owner: pay parking fees on the tube securityJiang Changfu found the hospital parking lot security situation, the security said, “we already know, about 4 a.m. they saw your car was smashed.” Jiang Changfu after listen to some angry, “since you have found, why not inform owners don’t alarm?” The other said, has marked with warning signs, “all the consequences from the owners of conceit”. Jiang Changfu puts forward to want to see surveillance video, but the other party to “two surveillance cameras are bad” refused. The police then rushed to also require tuned in to watch the monitor, but also rejected.According to the police, the parking lot had 4 similar incidents, stolen vehicles are on the road at night park parking lot. Jiang Changfu thinks, although the signs indicate the night will need car storage, but not to take coercive measures to prevent pavement parking. The hospital parking camera damage not repair, although marked guide underground parking, but not to take coercive measures, and he took a parking card, pay parking fees, security on guard duty. “Night patrol found the car smashed did not promptly notify the owner of the vehicle, the signs make me feel inside.”  Management: the blind chaos stops should assume the responsibilityThe two hospital parking lot management person in charge Cao Wei responded, the hospital parking lot of outsourcing to his security company, but the ground parking lot surveillance camera belongs to the hospital management. More than a month before the two camera is broken, the hospital has not repair. As the night shooting situation basic can’t see the difference of monitoring, surveillance camera play only a minor role. Because of several accidents of vehicles at night in the park road cases of stolen, so the management side specially in the parking lot at the entrance to set up signs of great. Cao Wei thinks, the management set up signs have intention to evade responsibility, stolen car owners to blindly follow the other owners in the road by parking, resulting in loss of property, should by the owners of the responsibility. If the owner parking requirements of security management compensation, it can only be resolved through legal channels.”We put the sign stand out in the night of 6 may, also on the road parking lot with conical barrel attacks Wai said not to enter, but many drivers still turn a deaf ear to. They are for convenience, the conical barrel will move, directly to the car park on the road.” Cao Wei said, the underground garage a total of more than 200 parking spaces, the night basically is largely empty. “Underground garage we arranged two personnel 24 hours to patrol, and surveillance cameras monitor the whole process, once found abnormal immediately dealt with in the past, never safety problems.” For pavement parking lot, Cao Wei said, only one security patrol at night.  □ lawyers claimThe two party should bear the responsibilityChengdu Sichuan Province lawyer Xu Maohui said, for this incident, the owner and the parking lot management all have certain responsibility. “The parking lot management has been publicity requirements night vehicle storage, but the owners did not take action accordingly, so the owner is largely responsible for property damage; and the parking lot management in the car into the parking lot and issued a parking card, and the owners of stolen card still in hand, so the management still bears. Responsibility.” Huaxi Dushi Bao trainee reporter Zhang Yuanling Hao Fei photographyHow to stop the security?1, park position to select. Try to stop someone to look after the parking lot or garage or “electronic eyes” monitoring part or section.2, the product inside the car to take. Do not put valuables and cash in the car, such as inconvenient to carry, can be equipped with vehicle insurance box.3, to close the door and window. To carefully check the parking, carefully check the door and window is closed off.Sponsor Link:precast accessories formwork clamp erection anchor

Yesterday morning, five and a half years old Hao Hao (a pseudonym) to the primary school enrolment, originally happy to welcome the new semester he, but in yesterday afternoon by relatives of the Tibetan mastiff to chase, resulting in the face 3 wounds, one of which is wound up to 5 cm long.Four thirty yesterday afternoon, Mr. Li, Huangshi Yangxin county with the face blood scab son Hao Hao came to Wuhan University Dental hospital. The other obvious Haohao two injuries, one has the flesh into a mouth, upper lip.Yesterday at twelve thirty, the end of Hao Hao came to the home near a play. Three children are at the entrance of the gate of the yard chase slapstick, a Tibetan mastiff a swoop toward the Hao Hao face bite. The three children scared scream, home grown quickly ran out of the room, the sound of a cry down the Tibetan mastiff is put mouth escape.Parents will quickly sent to Yangxin County CDC Haohao preliminary treatment. After the tetanus vaccine, rabies vaccine, Hao Hao family was sent to the Wuhan University Dental hospital.Wu3 Da4 oral hospital oral maxillofacial trauma and orthopaedic surgery, deputy chief physician million doctors, wound Haohao, longest to 5 cm, they will soon give Hao Hao of suture, try not to leave a scar. He introduced, more than a year, the Department received three cases were dog bite patients, and bites are the children. “After bitten by a dog, should as soon as possible with cold water and soap water for flushing, first briefly cleaned the wound, and soon came to the hospital or CDC for treatment.” Wan said the doctor.The reporter understands, because Haohao, often to the aunt’s house to play, and so this dog very close. Together with Tibetan mastiff docile obedient at ordinary times, the family is not a meter high, weight tens of kilograms of Tibetan mastiff captive. As for the Tibetan mastiff depart from one’s normal behavior, family and some can not understand.Reporters then interviewed raised the Tibetan mastiff Rong master. According to his analysis, running attack can arouse the Tibetan mastiff, Hao Hao was possible because this attack. (trainee reporter gold Intern Yao Chuanlong)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches BFD coupler erection anchor