The old people taste wrapped with our designers arrange delicacy. Xue Ling perturbationReeky Pearl Taiwanese Meatballs,precast concrete accessories fragrant Braised Perch…… In the Qinhuai District of large ditch community yesterday at the “hundred hands feast” activities, enthusiastic “skilled cook” have brought out together another own specialty, activities at the scene of bustling festive.Mei Xiang ribs,lifting loop papaya Tremella cup, steamed prawns with garlic…… Don’t look at a lot of dishes from all community residents of the hands, but the product phase, but does not lose shape the hotel dishes. “This is a Perch me early in the morning to the market to buy the fresh it.” Hold out the reeking of aroma Braised Perch……Reporter counted, “skilled cook” brings the dishes should have as many as 88. And the day of “hundred hands banquet” 40 guest, is a large ditch community empty nest elderly, solitary, etc..”Open.” As the host of the order, was invited to the old people have play a taste of these wrapped our designers arrange the delicious food, “food is very delicious.” The 83 year old pottery old lady told reporters with a smile. The reporter understands, large ditch the elderly community residents accounted for 24% of the total population of about. These old people about 1/3 of solitary, empty nest, lost only old man. Community expectations through the “hundred hands feast” activity, let these old people can taste the delicious dishes, but also to give their life to send some comfort.Wu Weihua correspondentYangzi Evening News reporter Xue Ling

21 early in the morning, Changle City Song Zhan Zhen Dai Bian Cun Xiao Nan, 13 year old girl (alias), at home in my pajamas missing,BFD coupler still disappear without a trace.Small Nan’s mother MS Lin said, the night before the daughter is missing, because once stole her purse hundreds of Yuan she scolded.According to Ms. Lin introduction, daughter Nan Nan 13 years old this year, enrolled in Changle a. In late October 20th, Ms. Lin found his wallet less hundreds of pieces of money. Because small Nan had to steal the parents money, Ms. Lin Xiao Nan told him to ask about. Finally, Xiao Nan took out 300 yuan of money, acknowledge Ms. Lin money is taken. Ms. Lin is very angry, put me a scolding.Second days morning 4 when make, Ms. Lin got up to make breakfast, see me still sleeping. At five fifty she asked her daughter up for dinner, found no one on the bed.Now the three days passed, without hearing a word about my daughter. Ms. Lin is very worried about remorse. If you see small Nan, please call Miss Lin’s contact telephone 13055730016. – reporter Xu Wenyu text / photo

The high-end liquor sales apathy, make the counterfeiters and collectors also lose interest. Reporter discovery,ledger blade had to sell to hundreds of yuan Moutai bottles now in the whole of Hefei recycling market suffer.  Moutai bottle had sold to hundreds of yuanOnly a short while ago, in Hefei can sell dozens or even hundreds of yuan Moutai bottle, is now No one shows any interest in. Reporters yesterday inquiry Fangyuan Cordyceps gift recycling center, macro Jingli source material recycling center, Hefei Wei Hua Trading Co. Ltd, Limin gift recycling center, Hefei Moutai recycling center 5 recycling center, five recovery mechanism are all said no longer recovery Moutai bottle.Fangyuan Cordyceps gift recycling staff told reporters: Moutai bottle received before, but now no longer acquisition. It is reported, Moutai bottle recycling prices moved higher, the highest price ever been to one hundred yuan of above.One industry disclosed to reporters: Moutai bottle after a big part of the reason is the high price of fuel alcohol by making business. Wine business at high priced purchase high-grade Moutai bottle, shoddy injection of alcohol, then in accordance with the authentic Moutai wine price sale, can transfer gain huge profit difference. Recently, Anhui province for the production of the crackdown, the sale of fake a lot, and even wine market has also greatly reduced, which caused Moutai bottle unmanned recovery situation.  Flying Moutai retail prices halvedCorresponding to this, the sales price and the price recovery Moutai wine also varying degrees of decline. “Ordinary Moutai can only give you 700 yuan, now Moutai price was only eight hundred or nine hundred, the price recovery is also high where?” A liquor store owner in the Shushan District of your recovery potential near the intersection representation.Six cigarette and liquor vendor reporter visited Hefei City submarine mountain, only two stores now also sell Moutai wine. The other four stores are due to Moutai price sales, and much less than before, so no longer sold stock in.A still sell Moutai wine owner pointed to the counter only a few bottles of the price of 1080 yuan Kweichow Moutai said: “can sell 1800 to 2000 yuan in the wine before, now 1080 yuan nobody wanted. But the price to the price, the same is marketable. Before some institutions or organizations to buy, now they rarely bought, the ordinary people to buy a Moutai even less.”It is understood, Moutai wine prices in varying degrees. The flying Moutai before can sell to 2000 yuan, and now can only sell 950 yuan. Moutai Xishui series of wine from the previous 1000 yuan down to the present 700 yuan or so.  Liquor industry adjustment timeThe Moutai today, reflects the high-end liquor industry downturn. Introduced the “eight provisions in the state, after the six ban”, the main object of Moutai consumption demand has been greatly reduced Moutai. In October 11th Moutai revealed the dealer Symposium on information display, the current liquor industry adjustment but also for two or three years, after two or three years is the reconstruction of the industry order, the next two to three years is to build a new model stage.Moutai made it clear that this year will not fall, the ex factory price. In product positioning, Moutai while re positioning, but for the crowd is still China high-end personage, the change is “to government affairs, public consumption instead of mass consumption, but this is the mass consumer inside the high-end consumer, so Moutai not price”. (according to the Anhui daily)

Yesterday, a reporter from the Nanchong city environmental protection bureau understands Shunqing District, built this year, Hua Feng Hou Jie, Shunqing District sewage treatment station has been completed, is the stage of trial operation. Come nearly 3 years, Shunqing District co built 15 new sewage treatment station, next year will be new construction group, then the district will achieve full coverage of urban and rural sewage treatment.It is understood, county, town, etc from the city outskirts of distant places, not included in the city sewage pipe network, sewage treatment in the past relied mainly on artificial wetland treatment. Deputy director of the Shunqing District Environmental Protection Bureau Pu Bo said, “one of the artificial wetland covers an area of 10 mus of above, now the new sewage treatment station accounted for only 1 acres, covers an area of greatly reduced. If you need to move, model integration equipment can also be removed for reuse, reduce the loss. In the sewage treatment capacity, the new integration equipment through the culture of bacteria to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality, the general sewage treatment station to the level of B standard, and the equipment can achieve a level of A standard.”In 2015, District Environmental Protection Bureau will also in Dalin to build a sewage treatment station, marking, Shunqing to almost all town and suburban residential zone of the sewage will all be processed. (trainee reporter Yang Lan)

Yesterday,aop formwork West City Reader reporter from Dazhou city discipline appoint know, Dazhou Dachuan District bulletin exposure 3 “in violation of work discipline” problem of typical cases.Reportedly, July 24, 2014 morning around 9:40, Stone Town Social Affairs Service Center staff Yang Ying runs the Huaxi Securities program in the office computer, don’t work in the state. Stone town government to give Yang Ying warnings. In 2014 July, tiger let Xiang Social Affairs Service Center staff Wu Rangming did not fulfill the formalities for 13 days leave, absenteeism. The tiger so the township government to give Wu Rangming warnings. Bao Zi forestry station staff Li Zhuqing during working hours, often asks for leave to the insurance company paid part-time the Great Wall. Area forestry bureau to give Li Zhuqing warnings.It is reported, this year, Da Chuan area on the previous seemingly ordinary but “small problem”: playing games at work, fry stock, see a movie, take off hillock Liu Gang problems marked “red line”, to strengthen the cadres and workers to discipline and style of education and management, increase investigate openly and secretly and accountability efforts to deal with serious punishment, “lazy, lazy, powder, soft” phenomenon, to prevent the problem of discipline and style of rebound “resurgence”, with real style change in lifting the masses satisfaction. Up to now, the region on the violation of work discipline problems in case 17 pieces, disciplinary sanctions 17. (reporter Huan Xiaohuai)

Held in Zigong City, economic operation analysis,swift lift anchors mayor Liu Yongxiang emphasized “the new normal”Recently, the first three quarters of economic analysis will be held in Zigong city from 1 to September, reflecting the index, Zigong GDP is expected to grow by 8.1%, 0.2 percentage points lower than the first half of the year. Deputy Secretary of Zigong municipal Party committee, mayor Liu Yongxiang presided over the meeting stressed, at present, Zigong city at all levels must sprint finish the work objectives and tasks throughout the year, to grasp the characteristics of the economic “new normal” of the economic work next year, early planning ideas, index arrangement and the key emphasis in work, implement maintain a certain growth rate, but also accelerate the structural adjustment, turn the way the pace, quality of the pursuit of power and better development of sustained development. The economic situation  GDP is expected to grow by 8.1%, down 0.2 percentage pointsAnalysis meeting, development and Reform Commission, the statistical bureau report that the city of Zigong to run the first three quarters of the economy of Zigong City, Zigong City, the province’s economic operation situation and the country is basically the same, the overall basic normal, but the slowdown in the situation continues, the economic downward pressure further increase. Reflected from 1 to September index, GDP is expected to grow by 8.1%, 0.2 percentage points lower than the first half of the year, 0.4 percentage points lower than the province. The deputy mayor in charge of and the district government, the municipal sector, focusing on the outstanding contradictions and problems in the economic operation of a careful analysis of the work in the four quarter, add sprint, completed a full year of the objectives and tasks of action. Talk about some ideas for next year’s economic work. The mayor stressed  To the four quarter of next year the focus of planningLiu Yongxiang points out, go to all lengths to four quarter of economic work, the first is to do a good job of the policy has been implemented, it is necessary to implement the province of the rectification requirements, and outstanding solve policy “into enterprises and households” and “not only registered doctor” problem. Two is to highlight the key to grasp the key. The key to the new construction investment in the construction of the project progress and project to catch the. Industry is the key to grasp the enterprise production and construction projects. The key is to grasp the environment of service industry to build and the four quarter of the peak season of consumption of promotional activities, to enlarge the market of consumer demand, to stabilize economic growth.Liu Yongxiang emphasizes, in the national economy into a “new normal” in the background, to plan the economic work next year, it is necessary to grasp the policies work oriented, good central and province, but also a good grasp of the Zigong special. The District, departments should adjust the structure, turn way of thinking research, do in-depth study, serious planning thinking, breakthrough points out Zigong and focus. I hope that next year the district county should strive for the implementation of several got in real project. Simultaneous broadcast of Zigong for 10 consecutive years without the occurrence of serious production safety accidentsRecently, West City Reader reporter from City Hall Commission held a plenary (enlarged) meeting was informed that, from 1 to September, all kinds of production safety accidents occurred in Zigong in 415, 9.78% year-on-year decline. Overall safety situation remained stable, for 10 consecutive years without the occurrence of major accidents, for 2 consecutive years to maintain the coal mine accident zero death, created Zigong city coal mine safety production “zero death” historical records.Deputy Secretary of Zigong municipal Party committee, mayor Liu Yongxiang hoped that all districts and counties, departments clear understanding and grasp the new situation of safety production is facing, and further enhance the grasp safe production responsibility, resolutely do not produce unsafe, insecure development. Liu Yongxiang thinks, should put the production safety work in a prominent position, the production safety responsibility fulfil each link, each job, each person, the safety production requirements to implement the operational level. To the weak links on, continue to carry out special rectification, to discover the hidden danger of zero tolerance, to urge enterprises to complete the task of tracking hazard remediation.West City Reader reporter Cao Jianmei practice

Yesterday, Nanchong city live built bureau announced that this year, Nanchong city vigorously accelerate the reconstruction. Up to the present, therefore, the city has completed the reconstruction of 13169 households, housing completion of documentation and information input reached 100%.According to the introduction, according to the national development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial housing department jointly issued the “2014 rural reconstruction of grant funds budget (second batch) Notice” requirements, the rural reconstruction transformation tasks in Nanchong city in 2014 to 24211 households. Sichuan Province Nanchong rural reconstruction were allocated special funds for 196628500 yuan, accounting for the province’s rural reconstruction of special funds 1/5, second only to chengdu. (trainee reporter Jing Mingan)

Dong Zhaowei (right),precast accessories Du Qiang and mayor Wang Junni in the view of donations of cornYesterday morning 10 point, a van parked in the ecological park of bird people in front of the park,halfen frimeda from an old lady and two middle-aged man comes down on the car. The old lady excitedly on the ecological garden responsible person Dong Zhaowei said: “we came for the birds and small animal were sent to eat!”Then, more than 20 bags of maize, wheat bran removed from under the car. These 3000 yuan worth of feed is the name of the Du Qiang old lady bought. Familiar with the people, called her “the mother bird”.  Enthusiastic citizen set to feed the birds point also built “stray animal paradise”Over seventy Du Qiang retired in 2000, moved from Pingdingshan to Zhengzhou and son living in Zheng Dalao near campus. Her childhood love birds, in Zhengzhou University Campus 8 bird, fed two times a day sooner or later. She was widely known as “the mother bird”.In 2007, she was in the open area Qian Wang Cun rented an abandoned courtyard, after transformation, turn it into a “stray animal paradise”. Her pension and filial son her money, spent on basic animal body.  Wild animal rescue station  9 years more than 2000 animal rescueIn September this year, Du Qiang saw a piece of news from the newspaper: a member of the public to buy a big turtle in Zheng Liu Jie Road, wanted to release, then check information that is produced in the North American snapping turtle, aggressive wounding, random released will destroy the ecological balance. Finally, in birds ecological park of wild animal rescue station stationmaster Dong Zhaowei arrived on the scene said, snapping turtles can temporarily where they foster.Du Qiang fear snapping turtle cannot be properly placed, came to the wild animal rescue station, found that snapping turtles live well here. Not only is it, rescued the bald eagle, swan, crane, monkey have their own happy little world. The city forestry bureau set up here in the wild animal rescue station is public welfare, relief animal food is from the bird park in the province out of funds. Since its establishment in July 1, 2003 a total of more than 80 kinds of more than 2000 rescue (head) animal, every additional spending on the obligation to rescue the animal reached about 200000 yuan.  Animal meat he ate instant noodlesDong Zhaowei to Du Qiang about this situation is already noon, he gave Du Qiang poured a cup of hot water, your habit to come up with a bowl of instant noodles, soak up for lunch. And at noon, many animal bird garden eat is fish and meat. Du Qiang very touched, immediately said: “Xiao Dong, a see you are a loving man to animal, animal meat you eat instant noodles, it was so rare. I am not help, a little help to the animal, they donate some rations!”She returned to the village, the village head Qian Wang Cun Wang Junni very support, helping her to choose a good corn, and drove the tons of corn to the bird park.”The mother bird” appeal: “if you have the ability, much to the side of the animal they offer a caring.” (Zhang Yifei)

According to the safety supervision and management administration of work safety chief engineer, three Secretary Wang Haoshui revealed today,scaffolding parts the fireworks practitioners mortality averaged 17.3%,water stopper second only to coal mine. Fireworks firecracker accidents more than 70% are from the “super three change” (super, super, super license personnel dose range and unauthorized change workshop uses) problems caused by.Wang Haoshui introduction, China is the world’s largest production and export country, setting off. Before 2003, the national annual fireworks production accident is about 400, the death of 450 people. “Eleven five” period, the figure had fallen to 111 per year, the death of 222 people. In the “Twelfth Five Year” after a further decline, three years ago to about 68 a year, the death of 135 people. Since this year, production safety situation continued stability improved, so far, a total of 23 accidents, the death of 50 people, down 34% and 9% respectively compared to the same period. Reporter Cai Yanhong

The 130000 coordination mechanism can not cut down, but to find out the deep level reason completely governance, and the emergence of a new mechanism to prevent cut a number of old institutionAccording to the Xinhua News Agency reported, since the mass line education practice activities, the one-time reduction of more than 13 months “coordination mechanism”, these institutions named — all kinds of leading group, coordination office, committee, group headquarters, independent control; time — standing type, stage, temporary; covering the industry widely — foot health, the eradication of ragweed watermelon, Steamed buns, do do do, pig……A variety of coordination mechanism of excessive problems, there have been a lot of reports before, here no longer, what needs to be pointed out is, the 130000 coordination mechanism can not cut down, but to find out the deep level reason completely governance, and the emergence of a new mechanism to prevent cut a number of old institution. But also to prevent cut coordination mechanism appears after passing each other, prevarication, not as a problem.The reason why there is a variety of coordination mechanism, one reason is that the local government expanded the right. For example, watermelon, Steamed buns, foot and so on should belong to the scope of market regulation, government departments are only responsible for the security and the market order can be, but it appears the watermelon do, Steamed buns do this absurd mechanism. In this “ban” the “to do” behind the, in fact is the local government intervention in the market operation.Therefore, the local government should continue to make full text around the decentralization, really give the power to the market, and in various fields, draw a clear red line between government and market, government is expanding the power line, is strictly prohibited. Although the State Council has put a lot of approval right, but some reform measures are still stuck in the “last mile”, the power of local government is still great. But, with the development of economy and society will be the emergence of some new industries, do not rule out the place will generate power expansion impulse, must be vigilant.The two reasons are indistinct. That is, the relevant functional departments in many places the unknown powers and responsibilities, responsibilities are not divided, resulting in disputes over trifles, prevarication phenomenon in many public events, and setting up the coordination mechanism and the “objective leadership”, is to coordinate the work, to prevent the emergence of the buck, Buck passing. So, in all parts of the cut off excess coordination mechanism at the same time, we must make clear the responsibilities, duties and responsibilities of various departments.Obviously, the coordination work is always unavoidable, the problem lies in how to coordinate the preparation can not increase, not to increase spending, not a waste of time? The author thinks, the key lies in two points: one is the clear responsibilities, duties of each department; the two is to let each department’s responsibility to realize seamless docking, so naturally, failing automatic coordination, no need to set up a special coordinating mechanism.The three reasons are not put in place institutional legal principle. On the establishment of institutions, we have special laws and regulations, in 1997 promulgated the “Regulations” establishment and staffing of the administrative agencies of the State Council, the May 1, 2007 implementation of the “Regulations” establishment and the establishment management institutions of local people’s governments at all levels, but from a practical point of view, the relevant laws and regulations did not implement, so that some local set free coordination mechanism.For example, in 2007 the implementation of the regulations stipulated in the local people’s government at all levels: the establishment of the deliberation and coordination agencies, shall be strictly controlled; can be given by existing institutions to assume the functions or by existing institutions to coordinate the problem can be solved, no establishment of the deliberation and coordination agencies. For the deliberation and coordination agencies established a particular job for a certain period of time, the dissolution thereof shall be specified conditions and duration. But many places did not act in accordance with the law.That is to say, after the cut more than 13 coordination mechanism, should also be further decentralization, prohibit the expansion of rights, it should also be clear responsibilities and duties, also should improve and implement the relevant system. Some coordination mechanism is arranged according to the superior assessment requirements, to set agency alert from the top to the bottom. In addition, also alert to coordination mechanism is cancelled, but wearing a “joint meeting office” like the vest was taken to the threshing ground. Feng Haining