Haikou officially opened on a regular basis from South Korea Seoul route

The fixed route from South Korea’s first big machine company HOTELNAIR cooperation with the Hainan Korea holiday opened, fixed for a period of one year.Every week three 20:50 from Seoul and Inchon in the vicinity of the airport, 00:20 the next day arrived at Haikou Meilan Airport on Thursday from Meilan Airport; 1:20, 05:55 arrived at Inchon airport.T ‘Way Airlines is currently in South Korea to develop low cost airlines is the fastest, a total of 6 B737-800 aircraft.Haikou is the T ‘Way airlines in Chinese newly opened second fixed point, the first step is to enter the Hainan aviation market. South Korea was the largest in Hainan Province overseas tourist source market after 2008, affected by the international financial crisis and exchange rates and other factors, the South Korean economic downturn, outbound tourism market has experienced more than four years down period.In 2013 the South Korean economy and tourism market recovery, Hainan province respectively Tourism Seminar held in Seoul, Busan achieved remarkable results, Kwangju. Data shows, last year, South Korea brigade Joan number amounts to 27357 person time, grow 70.42% compared to the same period.Reportedly, the current tourism team enrolment is unpopular, the end of this year the route or the encryption to four classes per week, is expected to transport more than twenty thousand passengers between the two. (end) Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:lifting socket ledger blade steel chamfer

In order to account the interests behind, the family perform absurd “marriage” –The 46 year old mother and 24 year old son “registration of marriage”In February this year, Chengdu occurred with the father and his own license “married” farce, caused widespread controversy in the community. However, with the real story collection “marriage” was staged in Nanjing. In July 9th, a city on the biological mother, concealing the true identity of marriage registration in the civil affairs department. And absurd in this family matter more than this one, the father and son mother-in-law received a marriage certificate.”Marriage law” clearly defined, lineal relative by blood and collateral blood relatives within three generations the prohibition of marriage. The violation of ethics of human, why would have occurred? The reporter made a survey.Yesterday, the age gap between “Cardiff less” Longtan station to change the relationship of marriage, attracted the attention of the police. Originally, the woman was born in 1968, just apply for a divorce in March this year, the man is after 90, had divorced.According to the introduction, the man called Yuan Fei, this year 24 years old, two years ago, retired from the army, account down the street in the District of Jianye island. The woman’s name is Zhao Xiuying, this year 46 years old, was a farmer, accounts are in the streets of Qixia longtan.”It took the new certificate for the ‘couple’, to ‘wife’ account migration to the island, so will the booklet on the marital status by the ‘divorce’ instead of ‘married’.” The police Yang Jingguan told reporters, because of the age difference between the many, they have to check carefully, discovered that the man in the army enlistment, registered permanent residence is in her seat, and clearly state is the mother child relationship.Yang said the police officer, after further verification, we found that the family and marriage relationship is very complex. Originally, in March this year, Zhao Xiuying and her husband divorced in July 9th, and his son get a marriage certificate. But recently divorced her husband did not idle, not long ago and the sons of former mother-in-law married again.The civil affairs and public security information is not shared, next of kin licensing is very convenientReportedly, China’s “marriage law” clearly defined, for marriage registration in mainland residents, are lineal relatives by blood and collateral relatives within three generations or with the other party, Zhao Xiuying and his son Yuan Fei married, two people belong to the “Prohibition of marriage”, the marriage is invalid.Why the mother can be an easy job to get a marriage certificate? In an interview with reporters learned that, originally, between the civil affairs and public security did not achieve the networking and information sharing, Zhao Xiuying and Yuan Fei in the civil affairs department where there is no two people are the mother child relationship, so they are “meet” to apply for a marriage license conditions.”The ‘couples’ when the belt material is complete, meet the registration conditions, we have no reason not to apply.” Jianye District Civil Affairs Bureau, said a staff member, the strange thing is, yesterday they came to divorce.The absurd marriage behind the interests, system perfection”At present, Jiangxinzhou and Longtan in rural collective land requisition and demolition of large-scale, the mother and son are ‘marriage’, is estimated to take account into the island, taking the distribution of interests, otherwise will not make such a ridiculous thing, we will together with relevant departments to investigate the matter.” Yang Jingguan told reporters.”In accordance with the relevant tax regulations, land acquisition notice, because of marriage, birth, home, soldier. And other factors, can still go into people’s homes or household procedures.” Engaged in a long-term source collection work told reporters, Jiangxin Island residents are the basic of rural collective land requisition, demolition are complex, consideration of land area, population, that is to say, many moved into a person’s account, it can be more of a compensation, this will give some people an opportunity.It is understood, and “marriage” is not the case. This year, Chengdu City Chenghua District a woman want to father’s account from home moved to Chengdu, Chengdu to enjoy medical insurance, but the father did not reach the old man to join their children home conditions, she made a ridiculous decision: and his father married, and in Civil Affairs Bureau successfully got a marriage certificate. Later, the marriage was ruled invalid.The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office responsible person said, close relatives can not marry, the marriage law stipulates. Mother and son is not allowed to marry, this is contrary to ethics of human behavior, so, the marriage is invalid marriage.Industry insiders said, in recent years, the housing purchase, resettlement and other effects, “fake divorce”, “false marriage” increasing year after year, make relevant agencies burden at the same time, also brought some social problems. In the future, increase blow strength at the same time, but also improve the related system, put an end to this channel drilling policy loopholes to obtain benefits. (the parties are a pseudonym)Sponsor Link:precast accessories formwork accessories ferrule insert

Born and raised in Jiejinkou Cen Junzhong also has a superb fishing skills, but the 30 year old fisherman is no longer as their “fishing industry”.”Fishing can be divided into ‘on’ and ‘off’, Heilongjiang in spring and autumn two season, a season ten thousand yuan income, sometimes is not stable.” Cen Junzhong said.Cen Junzhong said. Since the end of last century began to change, more than 700 mu of land into the CEN 军忠 home is the main source of income. Several years of hard work to make one family life.”Half fishing farming” has become the Jiejinkou Hezhe fishermen village many real life portrayal. “The fishermen fishing, but fishing market sometimes bad, rely on fishing is not rich life.”Tongjiang City Fishery Bureau Director Tong Dianchun said. Tong Dianchun introduced, some fishermen, the fishing ban period and winter long frozen period, into the city to become migrant workers, “many of them hard, also get a good income.” Now, into the Jin Jie Kou Xiang fishing village, the villagers greet is each and every family wide clean courtyard, both high pad for grain storage in the hospital, and drying on the side of the fishing net.”You live no longer” does not mean the Hezhe fishermen will be completely “dehydration”.In fact, Jin Jie Kou Xiang of Hezhe fishermen still remain positive fishing, the national policy also provides guarantee for their fishery production.Now, the fishermen fishing boats can not only get the insurance, but every year to get the government provides subsidies for thousands of dollars. But for the fishermen Cen 军忠, fishing is more traditional and customary a lineage of the ancestors, “Hezhe fishermen fishing traditions and habits will not change. Also need to continue to carry forward the good traditions.”(reporter Xu Zheng) [Edit]: Wang Yongji Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:lifting anchor water stopper anchor socket

In new networkIn new networkLanzhou 20 July report (reporter Ding Si) Dunhuang City Tourism Bureau 20 days through its official website issued a “letter” to the majority of visitors from home and abroad, known as Dunhuang city far away from the plague area, the city has a natural isolation belt, no plague occurs, please rest assured that guests from home and abroad to come to Dunhuang tourism.Dunhuang is located in the ancient China the gateway to the western regions, Central Asia and Europe traffic “Silk Road”, “Dunhuang grotto”, “Dunhuang fresco” famous, there are Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Shan and Crescent Spring, Yadan National Geological Park, Yang Guan, Yumen Pass five world famous tourist attractions.The letter says, in view of the recent outbreak of the plague of Yumen City of Gansu Province, Dunhuang City Tourism Bureau related as follows. First of all, the historical and cultural city of Dunhuang City, away from the foci of plague, distance from the old city of Yumen City area 338 kilometers, please rest assured that guests from home and abroad to Dunhuang for sightseeing.Secondly, Dunhuang city has the natural isolation belt, no plague. Dunhuang city belongs to the desert oasis surrounded by desert, Gobi, from the Dunhuang recent county also has more than 100 kilometers, forming a natural barrier. Xi’an or from Lanzhou to Dunhuang city via highway and railway although Yumen City Highway and railway line, but apart from 90 kilometers, distance, and the epidemic has tight blockade.At the same time, Dunhuang city health and epidemic prevention departments have made various anti plague preparations, and strict inspection of vehicles entering Dunhuang, to ensure the safety of Dunhuang.It is reported, in July 16th 5 when make, Gansu Province Health Planning Commission to report to the Health Bureau of Jiuquan City, a suspected case of plague, Gansu Province, Jiuquan City, Yumen City three level expert group according to the test results the patients clinical symptoms, laboratory and epidemiological history provincial experts, in July 17th was diagnosed as lung plague. The patient died in July 16th, his body had been properly dealt with according to the relevant specification. Up to now, 151 close contacts were not found abnormal, no new plague patients, the isolation zone material supply flow, prices remained stable, oil production and orderly, the life of the masses stability.Jiuquan City Hall already at 18 days morning issued “emergency notice” about to do a comprehensive prevention and control of plague, called on counties (city, area) to carry out a comprehensive inspection of plague prevention and control work, at the same time reported the situation to the adjacent Jiayuguan City, Zhangye two. At present, the prevention and control measures are scientific, orderly, effective in. (end)Sponsor Link:www.aopprecast.com aop formwork pfeifer VS box

Can’t get a taxi, but to car, Mr. Li, in a hurry to sit up. Back to the hotel, he took out his wallet to the fare, but the other refused. At this time, Mr. Lee will know, seated himself is not “black car”, but the police in his car.Today (20) days, Mr. Li after all around to find a day to send him back to the police, and call.Li Bing (a pseudonym) is the Sichuan Neijiang. In July 15th, he drove to the Wulong tourism. That night, he and a friend went out to eat supper, the 10 year old son alone in the hotel. After a period of time, Li Bing called his son, but how also can not contact, he was ready to taxi back to the hotel.”It was a death, the child can not contact, not hit another car.” In ten minutes did not move to the taxi, Li Bing to the passing cars waved, but no car would stop to pick him up. At this time, he met a police officer overtime driving home.”Fortunately, the car parking the car, let him take me looking for a hotel.” A little tipsy Li Bing said, he has not remember the name of the hotel. To facilitate open car along the county seat, a hotel next to the search of a hotel.After nearly an hour, when looking to Party School of Wulong Road, drunk diminished Li Bingcai remembered a hotel near his school in live.”Master, how much money, I give you the money.” When Li Bing got out of the car, took out the money to each other.”I am the police, do not receive money, you just go back to the hotel to see your child.” Recalled the scene Li Bing off to the money, police officer Zhang felt something dramatic.Police tip: fellow citizens in the process of traveling, remember their name and the Check Inn Hotel parking places, the best to the hotel for to the relevant business card, take the hotel or parking place with mobile phone identification. If an emergency, please first time alarm to the police for help. (reporter que shadow)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors adjustable base jack anchor socket

Site 1 meters long steel falling into women’s body

Graph / Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin 17 days afternoon, occurred in Wangcheng District of Changsha tragedy, a middle-aged women down things, falling body reinforced against women.17 days afternoon, occurred in Wangcheng District of Changsha tragedy, a middle-aged women down things, falling body reinforced against women.The woman surnamed Xia, Changde Lixian person, 42 years old. Today (18 days) morning, the reporters came to the hospital 34 wards, Ms. Xia Ren is taking care of her husband.”Yesterday afternoon 4 when, she looked down at a Wangcheng site clearing silt water, suddenly fell off a bar above 1 meters long, from her back in.” The president took out a the root thread steel bar, the reporter saw, thirty or forty cm long, has a diameter of L coin so big. Sent to the hospital, for the convenience of therapy, exposed part of being sawed, at 10 pm, she was sent to operation room.Changsha Wangcheng district site 1 meters long steel falling into women’s body. Graph / Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin”Operation for 2 hours, the patient luck is good, steel did not enter the pleural, nor into the peritoneal cavity, but from the right side of the spine to the pelvic oblique insertion, walked to the iliac bone position, resulting in lateral peritoneal injury.” Doctor Yang Xiangwu said, in the Department of orthopedics, Department of Urology, coordination, they performed the operation, in order to prevent the reinforced barb causes the body to two damage, separate the important organization through, and then reinforced slowly pulled out, and then use the potion repeated cleaning wounds, and put the blood drainage drainage tube.”Patients with rib fracture, L3L4 fracture, fracture of ilium, at present, the condition of the patient is OK, further observation.” Yang said the doctor. (rolling news reporter Chen Bin Intern Zhang Xun)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories http://www.aopformwork.com lifting insert

According to the latest news release Fujian Putian municipal Party committee 19 days afternoon, license plate number, Shanghai Kunming high-speed Shao Huai “7 · 19″ accident for min BY2508 bus from Putian bus station to the Hanjiang, Yibin sichuan. At present, Putian relevant departments have rushed to the Hunan Shaoyang site, to assist the rescue and rehabilitation work, passenger identity verification and rehabilitation work is underway.Putian municipal Party committee news release, July 18th morning 8 when, Putian automobile transportation Limited by Share Ltd Chengxiang branch a license plate number for the BY2508 min bus from the bus station, Hanjiang, Yibin to Sichuan, 19 at 3 pm via Shanghai Kunming high-speed Shao Huai segment 1309KM traffic accidents, causing casualties, including in Fujian, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and Putian City, the passengers on the bus.Putian municipal Party committee responsible person, at present, Putian has set up on-site disposal group, rehabilitation treatment group. In the rehabilitation treatment group has also set up a reception team, to accommodate the families of the passengers.At present, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed Shao Huai “7 · 19″ accident caused by a total of 5 vehicles burned, 38 people have been confirmed dead, 5 injured have been rushed to a local hospital for treatment. The death toll is still further verification. (reporter Zheng Liang)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories prop sleeve pfeifer VS box

In new networkHeyuan 19 July, Guangdong question: Heyuan: two brothers to leave school to earn money to save the sick sister.Author Kang Xiaojuan Yan XinyangHome Lianping County of Guangdong Province Heyuan City Yuan Shan Zhen Yan Zhihong this year just attended the college entrance examination, this could be the summer holidays and went to university, but just on the first grade university’s sister Yan Xiaoping process with anti NMDA receptor encephalitis, home to treat her with only a month on the debt of hundreds of thousands of yuan, this let the poor the family be nonplussed over sth.. Yan Zhihong wanted to give up the chance of going to university, go out to work to make money for my sister.19, the reporters came to the home of Yan Zhihong. Listen to Yan Zhihong, his home 5 mouth people, parents are farmers, Lianping County Department of poor households in low, father Yan Yifeng, 47 years old, due to the cultivated land requisition, housing demolition, the family all crowded building in compensation from the government of 68 square meters of brick and tile bungalow in life, but every rain house so it went around leaks, in order not to affect the siblings of learning, parents have to arrange and three boarding in the uncle’s house, the father the cottage outside put up a simple tile roof on tire repair difficult to maintain life, a monthly income of only 800 yuan. The 45 year old mother, Zhou Gouqing, is a supernumerary sanitation workers, parents of two monthly wages do not add up to 2000 yuan, only to eke out a living.In June this year, a student at the Jiaying University in Yan Xiaoping was found in three nine Brain Hospital of Guangdong with anti NMDA receptor encephalitis, treatment fee per day up to tens of thousands of yuan, the huge cost of the poor family one disaster after another. Yan Zhihong college entrance examination results have reached the college fractional line, but he is ready to give up the opportunity to go to university, and one year to graduation brother Yan Zhidong together to work to make money, for my sister.According to Bao Zeyan, the attending physician Guangdong three nine brain hospital, Yan Xiaoping now tends to be stable, but still in ICU treatment, need mechanical ventilation, the treatment of late fee estimate also need about 300000 yuan.Yan Zhihong’s mother Zhou Gouqing said, Yan Xiaoping found out after a short illness, her own Lianping folks also collect 5000 yuan. But the early treatment, it has spent about one hundred thousand yuan, home is still everywhere to borrow money, to ensure that the treatment of late Yan Xiaoping. However, the mother is extremely reluctant to let Yan Zhihong to give up his studies, she helped Yan Zhihong to choose lower fees of fourth batches of colleges and universities, want to rely on loans to let him fight for the University of reading.It is understood, the community those who learned of the situation, has been spontaneously for Yan Xiaoping donations, many entrepreneurs, Xian Yan Clan, loosen one’s purse strings generously, Xiao Ping is in the school and students also launched a fundraising donate charity activities to help Xiao ping. Up to now, has been to raise donations of $about 100000. (end)Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules swivel coupler halfen frimeda

Reporter Yang Ziwen perturbation ■ “12 year old boy car accident rescue 3 people donated organs” trackingNews dispatch (reporter Xu Luyang interns Huang Xiaoyu correspondent Cui Jia) the day before yesterday afternoon, to Beijing to visit parents and sister was hit by a car Sichuan by 12 year old boy Niuniu (a pseudonym), died in the Armed Police General Hospital, his family in order to “let the child life continues,” donated the two kidney, 1 liver and cornea (this newspaper reported yesterday).Yesterday, a liver cirrhosis patients Niuniu donated and two renal failure patients, postoperative recovery.Bovine cornea has been sent to the hospital, is expected next week to implement transplantation.The recipient was the maximum age 68 years oldThe day before yesterday at six twenty in the afternoon, in the Armed Police General Hospital, transplant operation began, at 1 pm yesterday to end.The Armed Police General Hospital Organ Transplant Research Institute director Chen Xinguo said, bovine liver implantation of a 68 year old female patient with decompensated HBV cirrhosis, renal were implanted into the body of a 65 year old male patients with renal failure and a 54 year old female patients with renal failure.”Women in patients with liver transplantation has been revived, the transplanted liver has begun to play a role.”Chen Xinguo said, because the age slants big, postoperative were observed in the ICU time to be longer, than others from ventilator time will be late, but the recovery is still not bad. Liu Yu organ transplantation Institute of doctor of vice director of the Armed Police General Hospital, renal transplantation patients do not need too much time in the ICU observation, later can be transferred to the ward.Liu Yu organ transplantation Institute of doctor of vice director of the Armed Police General Hospital, renal transplantation patients do not need too much time in the ICU observation, later can be transferred to the ward.Chen Xinguo said that, if successful, liver transplant patients are generally three or four weeks after renal transplantation patients can be discharged, according to the volume of urine and monitoring indexes of renal function recovery, decide when to discharge.Two patients will receive the corneal transplantationYesterday, Tongren Hospital relevant responsible person confirmed, your cornea has been sent to the hospital, and has completed the register. “As soon as possible to confirm the two suitable recipient”, corneal transplantation is expected next week.  ■ visitParents for work clothes son lastMedical personnel of all stood in silent tribute on the expression of 12 year old boy.The 39 year old Zhang Dianwen Chen Liuying of 40 years old, working in Beijing, to the new house decoration putty, work very tired.The day before yesterday afternoon, in the Armed Police General Hospital, their 12 year old son, because of the car accident you. Operation outside them, wants to keep her son’s organs donated to people in need, let the son of the continuity of life on others.When the news of his son’s eyes, kidneys and liver to rescue 5 people, they are excited, but still difficult to cover up the “white haired people who sent” the pain, a torn heart lung cries.In order to send his son finally a ride, Zhang Dianwen couples in working clothes, dressed.Yin Lihua is the Armed Police General Hospital China human organ donation coordinator.”You are special ‘Angel’ donor, he is the home of the PDA, everybody is very difficult to accept his death.” She said, an ordinary working families, parents, grandparents, agreed to donate, let her unforgettable.She remembered, your grandparents agree grandson Niuniu organ donation, but also lie in the intensive care room, want to see the last one grandson.The day before yesterday at five forty in the afternoon, in the Armed Police General Hospital Comprehensive Building 9 layer operation room, medical staff finished appearance finishing as Niuniu, all stood in silence, their way to express your respect.It is understood, according to China’s organ donation “double-blind” principle, recipients and donors know each other each other circumstances. So, 3 patients completed the organ transplant operation and their families, do not know their “new life” which come from. ■ doubtsThe child organ is transplanted the old man?Niuniu next month just turned 13 years old, and he organ recipients, the youngest is 54 years old, the child organs can be transplanted into the old man?The Armed Police General Hospital of doctor of vice director of Liu Yu explained, the principle is to allocate organs, first consider the severity of disease and Paihao registered at the hospital waiting for a transplant successively, followed by and between blood type matching results, finally will consider and donor weight, organ size means adapted to.Liu Yu said, your blood type is O, which belongs to the universal donor type, with a relatively low degree of difficulty. But because you are still a child, lighter weight, liver, so choose underweight, and donor matching receptor. The hospital according to the principle of distribution of organs, chose a 68 year old women as receptor.Sponsor Link:halfen channel adjustable base jack shuttering magnet

July 11th night at eight thirty, two sets of CCTV (Finance) “economic information hookup” program launch, Rui Chenggang missed the chair. 51 minutes ago, column group official micro-blog a program parade, and Rui Chenggang and Xie Yingying, but the program after the launch, but the female anchor Xie Yingying monologue. Later confirmed to the media, Rui Chenggang and CCTV financial channel vice director Li Yongjun is away.In more than a month ago, CCTV financial channel director Guo Zhenxi, producer Tian Liwu is suspected of bribery, in Jilin province has been procuratorial organs placed on file for investigation and coercive measures. Rui Chenggang is suspected of bribery crime?It is under investigation or to assist in the investigation? Details are unclear, but Rui Chenggang in the creation of the Beijing Pegasus The Pr People Consultancy Limited have surfaced. The reporter investigates discovery, Rui Chenggang 7.92% to 36% from the stake in the company for a long time, until the 2010 divestment, during his period as shareholders in 2009 and 2010, the company had to provide services for CCTV financial channel. Rui Chenggang was away, the Public relations company Edelman international parent company Page Sos started an internal investigation.Edelman said in a statement, Page Sos provides the service in 2009 and 2010, a corporate sponsor employed in Davos was CCTV reported, and Rui Chenggang was completed in 2010 divestment transaction, the required time than Edelman expected. JINGWAH Times reporter Li Xianfeng intern reporter Jiang Jintong  京华时报记者李显峰实习记者蒋锦桐1Elite anchor”Steel is a symbol of the whole finance internationalization.”Long active in the screen, the 37 year old “Mingzui” Rui Chenggang, Guo Zhenxi, Li Yong more than his leadership enjoying public awareness.Enter the CCTV before, Rui Chenggang had an inspirational experience.In 1977, Rui Chenggang was born in a family of intellectuals in Hefei City, Anhui province. In 1995, he attended the college entrance examination, in Hefei City arts college entrance exam, after attending the China Foreign Affairs University international economy and trade specialty. In 1999, Rui Chenggang graduated from the University, he got a four chance: scholarship, Secretary of foreign affairs, diplomats, Chinese full bank and is the preparation of CCTV English channel.Eventually he chose CCTV, a journalist from the English channel to anchor. Rui Chenggang worked hard at English, opportunities for him and aura.He co founded the English Channel was only a financial program “financial news”, the starting point which is in his interview with the international business and political leaders. By the age of 24, he has interviewed more than 200 world political, economic, academic top people. Rui Chenggang entered the CCTV economical channel in 2003.When the channels of economic change, he was producer Wang Lifen phase, seconded to preside over the new column “global information list”. In 2005, 28 year old Rui Chenggang was American personally nominated president of Yale University, was selected as the school’s most young “Yale World fellow”.Then, Rui Chenggang to the Yale University exchange visits a year. At the beginning of 2008, Guo Zhenxi with Rui Chenggang, 6 people went to the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland to interview, at that time, Rui Chenggang was the only one who hold the permit.”Global financial connection” original producer money Xi later told the media that many memories, the only turns into, they completely marginalized, “steel all his resources are mobilized, interview with many important people, how many world class media to ask for material…… He has a lot of features: the very understanding of the world’s resources and platform, know each other well way of speaking and thinking, but also he is very clever.” Rui Chenggang’s efforts, the CCTV talent showing itself in the world-class media at the Davos forum, he himself is led by the praise.Qian Xicheng: “steel is symbol of the whole finance internationalization.” In 2009, CCTV economical channel renamed the financial channel, Rui Chenggang at this time has become the popular niche CCTV financial channel, presided over the “economic information hookup” “economic half-hour” “global financial connection” third trump card program.Rui Chenggang left the elite anchor impression, but at the same time, his special comments also triggered a boos.In 2007 January, he attacked the “in the blog in the the Imperial Palace Starbucks” is the traditional culture of Chinese spoil, and in his own name to protest the move out of the Imperial Palace. In 2011 September the Davos forum, he asked just the inauguration of the America ambassador Luo Jiahui: “to fly economy class, whether to remind everyone, American owe China money?” But a similar speech, did not affect the Rui Chenggang won the approval of cctv.In 2010, he won the twenty-fifth session of the Golden Eagle Award Outstanding Director Award, and in 2010 China broadcasting “golden microphone award”. In 2010 the financial channel in September launched the “leader” column, its predecessor is “an interview with Rui Chenggang”. In 2011 the national NPC and CPPCC, financial channel to create “NPC and CPPCC Rui” column for close observation. 2011年全国两会,财经频道为其贴身打造《两会芮观察》栏目。2Another identityAnother identity”Rui Chenggang of the public relations profession interest unusual. He is very clever, very good business relationship, go line.”Unlike the dazzling identity as CCTV host Rui Chenggang, amateur also participated in PR activities, guest.Although the industry event, but senior media person “,” Journal of international public relations executive deputy editor Ding Laifeng evaluation: “Rui Chenggang of the public relations profession interest unusual.”Ding Laifeng memories, Rui Chenggang had several sessions held in Beijing international PR conference served as moderator. “As he presided over a public meeting, I met him a few times, once we talked. He may not be on the road of professional public relations, but the components of media resources in public relations, have very clear ideas. Of course, can easily call on CCTV this big media resources, not the general Public relations company can do.”The PR units Chinese International Public Relations Association, President of China in American ambassador Li Daoyu, “Journal of international public relations” is the association’s unit.”As a famous CCTV host, why he presided over the conference, what is the cost? I can tell you is, cost is symbolic, pathetic. This conference is the semi official meetings, many senior officials, the international executive meeting. Rui Chenggang presided over the meeting, do not look at the money, only to see the human face.” Ding Laifeng said. “He was very smart, clever, very good business relationship, go line.” Ding Laifeng thinks, Rui Chenggang is not only to benefit, “after all, a table for several hours, it would take a long time to prepare a.”Rui Chenggang did not deny the importance of business relationships. “For many years, in fact, repetitive and big correlation between the object of my interview, to turn, is that small circle, in my mind, forming a clear connections.” In his book says: engaging in relationships, a must!Rui Chenggang and the Public relations company what have intersection? Reporter in the online search, find a program February 9, 2009 Sina Finance Forecast: in the morning at ten thirty, “economic channel of CCTV famous host Rui Chenggang, Page Sos communication agency director general manager Cao Gang guest Sina, for your trip to Davos in Switzerland. During the Spring Festival pictures and sentiment.”Page Sos is a what kind of company? Data shows, the Public relations company was founded in 2002, headquartered in Beijing, mainly in the consumer goods, automotive, real estate, industrial automation, communications and government organizations. While the “Pegasus” this word, in Greek mythology is a horse fly what.Page Sos was born in their prime, the growth speed as the “what” in the name of. In Chinese International Public Relations Association commissioned by the China Public relations company on the list, Page Sos in 2003 broke into the top ten domestic pr. On the 2005 list (including Foreign capital company), the debut of only 3 years of Pegasus twenty-fourth ranking. The same list, ranked fourth in the international public relations giant Edelman (China) ltd..But Rui Chenggang and Page Sos intersection, is not limited to the surface. JINGWAH search business information times reporter discovery, Pegasus was founded in January 25, 2002, Rui Chenggang and Cao 刚均 is the founder and shareholder. At the time, from Rui Chenggang to enter CCTV English channel, less than 3 years. 3″Marriage” transactionRui Chenggang’s withdrawal, Pegasus, and he serves many business CCTV financial channel.Data show that commerce, Beijing Pegasus The Pr People Consultancy Limited (i.e. Page Sos propagation mechanism) of the registered capital of 500000 yuan, since its establishment, the company investors 4 changes.The first change of equity in January 28, 2003. Before the change, the company has three shareholders. Cao Gang investment 200000 yuan shares 40%, Rui Chenggang investment 150000 yuan shares 30%, Hongxing investment 150000 yuan stock 30%. After the change, an increase of a natural person named Su Ruonan shareholders, the registered capital of 500000 yuan Rui Chenggang still ‘contribution to 135000 yuan, accounting for 27% of the proportion of shares. In this change, Rui Chenggang became the supervisor of the company, to disappear from the management layer list.In November 8, 2006, second of equity changes. Su Ruonan withdrew from the investors, Rui Chenggang’s capital injection amount to 180000 yuan, accounting for up to 36%; Cao Gang funded 185000 yuan, accounting for 37% of the shares, the remaining 135000 yuan funded by Hong xing.In November 4, 2009, third of equity changes, Hongxing exit from the investor, USA Edelman companies investing in Page Sos. Edelman with 419700 yuan investment, holding 83.94%. Cao Gang to 40700 investors, shares accounted for about 8.14%. Rui Chenggang with 39600 yuan investment, shares accounted for about 7.92%.Edelman’s actual investment time is 2007 August. In 2009 March, “a report financing Chinese” magazine said: “in 2007 September, the world’s largest independent public Consultants Co Edelman International Group officially announced: Page Sos of communication agencies China local PR ten strong has joined Edelman, become its subsidiaries.”Data shows, Rui Chenggang’s shares fell from 36% to 7.92%, equivalent to nearly 28% of the shares sold to Edelman.In August 13, 2010, fourth of equity changes, Rui Chenggang withdrew from the investor in. Edelman’s investment amount, Rui Chenggang shares were transferred to Cao Gang, Cao Gang’s shareholding increased to 16%. Since then, Rui Chenggang no longer holds Pegasus shares of the company.But the full withdrawal before Rui Chenggang, Pegasus, and he served in CCTV financial channel has happened many times in business.China PR network entitled “CCTV to Pegasus reported an article 09 Davos” display: at the beginning of 2009, Page Sos as the CCTV financial channel winter Davos reports provide planning and execution services.”From the opening of the forum only a month’s time I received the task, to set up 帕格索斯达沃斯 special operations team; ‘from thousands of miles away’ for the selection and transportation of studio and related site addressing to studio equipment; from the interview link coordination arrangements to the site for” news broadcast “transport program, interview guests of the special forces mission; an impossible task to be overcome, all efforts for CCTV economic channel Davos report unprecedented success.” The article said.About Page Sos for CCTV payments for services rendered, the reporter is not found in the disclosure of information. But this cooperation means, Rui Chenggang shares of the company, to become their own master CCTV supplier. Rui Chenggang after returning from Davos, appeared above scene: in February 9, 2009, Rui Chenggang and Cao Gang visit Sina, on the trip to Davos tidbits and sentiment. 4Investigation of the belatedEdelman said, has launched its own investigation of Rui Chenggang holdings.In July 16th, the reporter contacted the Edelman international Public relations company (China) Co., Ltd., replied the other a “about the Edelman company Pegasus statement”.Edelman admits, the company acquired a majority stake in China local Public relations company Pegasus communications agency in 2007, to expand the company’s market in China’s communication ability. “In this transaction, Edelman from the Cao just acquired a 28.86% stake in Page Sos, Rui Chenggang acquired a 28.08% stake in Page Sos, as well as from Hong star acquired 21.06% of the shares.”For the first time after the deal, Page Sos’s equity proportion: Edelman 78%, Cao Gang 8.14%, Rui Chenggang 7.92%, Hong star 5.9%. “At that time, Cao Gang and Hong star is Page Sos’s shareholders, and served as the management in the company. In the completion of the acquisition, Mr. Rui Chenggang is the company’s shareholders, and does not participate in the management and operation.”To 2010, Cao Gang bought his remaining stake from Rui Chenggang, Hongxing stock was acquired by Edelman. Subsequently, the company’s equity proportion to Edelman 83.94%, Cao Gang 16.06%. “With Mr Rui Chenggang quit his Pegasus investment, this transaction was completed in 2010. This is more than we expected time required to grow.” Edelman says when accepting media to interview, has launched its own investigation of Rui Chenggang holdings.Edelman said, Page Sos works in the 2009 and the 2010 World Economic Forum in Davos, is employed at Davos sponsor sponsor CCTV reported.Edelman did not disclose the name of the CCTV’s corporate sponsors to hire Page Sos. Reporter through the micro-blog private messages, contact is still served as the Edelman group Chinese area CEO Cao Gang, there was no response. 5Jackson’s dialogueRui Chenggang issued a Zen master in micro-blog dialogue: “Shide Hanshan Q: there are slander me, bully me, insult me, laugh at me, light, lie to me, I mean I, to do? Picking up the smile Yue: just tolerate him, let him, avoid him, by him, his tolerance, respect him, not to him, in a few years, you let me see him.”Rui Chenggang “lost”, according to an insider, the financial channels of a female director and a producer has been take. As of press time, the relevant departments and CCTV is not on the above claim for any response.A source pointed out, Guo Zhenxi and others were taken away, may be suspected by CCTV financial channel CCTV Chinese annual economic figures selection, 3 · 15 evening news column profit. A person familiar with the situation, one of his friends is to let the company mister on the CCTV financial channel of a dialogue, to spend 400000 yuan. “The money, must have the outside companies to take account, not from financial channel to invoice.”Participated in the planning of CCTV China annual economic figures show and is responsible for the writer Du Zhiping (a pseudonym), the economy person of the year award to justice.”The final list of winners, the last day I at least to a dozen times. As for the telephone is opposite why adjust the list of winners, I like to say. My responsibility is to ensure that in the evening, before recording, all the links, process determined, and ensure the leadership to convey the opinions, even at the last second, must truthfully to the party. There are a lot of rent-seeking space.” Du Zhiping said.In January 15, 1997, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Radio Film and television, press and Publication Administration and other units jointly issued the “Regulations” on the prohibition of paid news, fourth provisions: news reporter, editor shall not be in-service units in other enterprises and institutions part-time to get paid.For Rui Chenggang’s stake in the company to provide services of CCTV, a Beijing lawyer, Rui Chenggang may have violated the provisions of the news industry, but the transaction does not necessarily unfair, because the case is not clear, it is illegal not to say.In June 3rd, Rui Chenggang issued a “two” dialogue “in its Sina authentication micro-blog:” Shide Hanshan Q: there are slander me, bully me, insult me, laugh at me, light, lie to me, I mean I, to do? Picking up the smile Yue: just tolerate him, let him, avoid him, by him, his tolerance, respect him, not to him, in a few years, you let me see him.”In July 11th, Rui Chenggang was the prosecution. Then, reporters get Rui Chenggang mother call. She says, their understanding of the information is also limited to the network, other what all don’t know. Asked “whether it will have to hire a lawyer,” she said, have not had time to consider.Ding Laifeng said: “I know Rui Chenggang, is a smart, clever, good at Yin (Y í n) edge of the people. I don’t think Rui Chenggang did much evil, he just feel just like a fish in water in the system of the crevices. Compared with the corrupt officials, he is neither a tiger, nor flies, just a muddy water carp.”Du Zhiping told reporters memories, earlier in the planning of CCTV China annual economic figures show, Rui Chenggang is the four one of the hosts. Rui Chenggang gives the impression that, in business is very dedicated, aggressive, active participation in the event, but also “not live”, hosting the program easy “said more, said the”.”I remember in cooperation with Rui Chenggang, including Guo Zhenxi, from the leadership to the colleagues, all told him a word: live, live. And then watching in the audience, he shook his head and said: also confiscated.” Du Zhiping laments, “this time, Rui Chenggang was confiscated.”Sponsor Link:fixing socket BFD coupler cast in sockets