The British pound off Europe caused by the collapse of the euro will not experts believe that the sharp decline in long-term

CNR net Beijing on June 24th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the foreign ministry's regular press conference this afternoon, prop sleeve foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying on the British off the European referendum speech. She said: "China has taken note of the relationship between Britain and Europe the referendum results, cast in sockets respect the people's choice. China always from a strategic and long-term perspective and the development of Sino European and Sino EU relations, support the independent choice of development path. We hope to get through negotiations, to reach an agreement, a prosperous and stable European interests." Some critics believe that the British citizens, this is a mental and emotional choice. At that time, reason and emotion in Jan Austin's Avatar — Eleanor and Mariana sisters finally get satisfactory home, today, the British people's well-being, prosperity, all the pressure in this field is more like a "referendum on survival or destruction". With a view of whether to stay in the EU within the system, or choose "solo", the British and European referendum with the benchmark significance in the evolution of human history. While the market today also make a clear response to the referendum: pound intraday fluctuation more than 1700 points, fell more than 10%, the lowest level since 1985; the euro within the maximum fluctuation of more than 500 points, fell more than 4%, refresh since March 10th of this year low; gold prices, rose more than 1000 pounds per ounce, spot gold rose 7.8%, the biggest increase since 2008. A British exit of sterling and euro impact will last? Chinese World Economy Research Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute director Chen Fengying think the impact is very large, the first correction sterling and the euro is likely to last week's shooting incident caused by the people that may return to the rational, not Britain from Europe, the pound and the euro rebounded. So off the European results, may be we do not expect, is a very strong impact, is down 10% pounds. But how long, uncertain, because although have already cast off the European ticket, but the transition period of two years, to negotiate arrangements for this year, in a special way to exit, or to maintain a special relationship, this process is not determined. The pound and the euro will have an impact, not entirely pounds. There is a real problem is to allow the euro and pound to $devaluation, because the world currency is based on dollars. So the strong decline in the future, the exchange rate may be gradually stabilized, and ultimately to return to rational market, the so-called rational market is Europe off already, we say the British family may be peaceful, because the premise is to keep Europe Britain, they will have special arrangements for the future, so good wishes, though this time they fell sharply after gradually stabilized, it should be said that there is a process that Chen Fengying does not think that is because the dollar fell sharply for a long time, also do not allow it to fall sharply. Now gold is not the choice of investment has become a safe haven? Chen Fengying said this may be preferred. Because the real problem is that the market is not stable, unstable of uncertainty, is a hedge. Now the best hedge is not the stock market, so in this case should be the gold hedge, has a certain value in gold as a hedge, because it is now relatively high, so the best or rational point, hold a little bit of gold, the dollar may hold a little bit better. Whether it is the Nikkei index, South Korea Seoul composite index, or the renminbi against the dollar appeared relatively large decline, Chen Feng Ying think Britain from Europe to Asia, including China market impact may be less than Europe or other developed countries, market impact is small even in Asia, such as Japan's Nikkei index fell sharply, we the market A stock market fell 1.3 percentage points, in principle is the crisis in the west, the Western crisis is a continuation of the subsequent crisis is the financial turmoil on Wall Street today to a possible political split, so this process may still be for our Asian market and the impact is smaller than that of developed countries and China the western market. Chen Fengying also believes that the market is especially China independence, it is not with the world go relatively by domestic problems of their own to decide, so today has been adjusted, the weekend will gradually return to rational. Because there are still China Asia and their development advantages, especially when the world economic downturn, economic growth in Asia is still good, China 6.5, belong to high in the world, so we should say the shock may be small. In fact, the results may adjust the opportunities in Asia will rise, because Europe needs a new market, the market may be Asia, Asia is of course Chinese, so it should be a rational view of this problem, as the spokesman said, the unity is better, but it has become a fact, people have to face this fact ready. halfen frimeda

To identify the true classification rate of adverse regulators thoroughly non-performing loans deviation

The latest release of "China Banking Regulatory Commission 2015 annual report" put forward, ferrule insert pay attention to local government financing platforms, real estate, overcapacity and other key areas of credit risk, and actively prevent new bad. "Annual report" put forward, to organize the non-performing loan classification deviation check. Many industry insiders on China Securities newspaper reporter said that the loan is actually check the deviation from the regulatory "routine", but with special emphasis on non-performing loans from the classification and inspection of the situation does not see more, this reflects to some extent the regulators urge banks to put the real intention of the owners release dynamic asset quality risk, to prevent systemic risk the. Experts believe that this year the non-performing loans of commercial banks will continue to increase, the risk of non-performing loans in industries with excess capacity, Small and micro businesses concentrated in the manufacturing field of multiple, large and medium-sized enterprises, the real estate industry to the inventory process also need to focus on the risk of default. Hide into the risks of bad assets "There has been deviation from the loan examination, but this special emphasis on this piece of bad. Last year we do check and verify the authenticity of the credit assets, found a large number of inaccurate classification problems." In Guangdong a banking sector said. Many industry insiders said that the organization to carry out bad loans from the classification check to the banking sector non-performing rate of real "baseline", urge the banking initiative to release risk. The last one or two years, commercial banks non-performing loan pressure rise, some banks have the impulse to whitewash report. Small and medium-sized rural financial institutions, part of the loan classification is not accurate, resulting in statements cannot reflect the quality of assets. The research team of Guotai Junan bank previously released a report that 16 listed banks "investors believe the true negative rate was 5.5%, the implied valuation of non-performing rate is 13.89%, and the rate of non-performing bank statement disclosure is only 1.64%. The team believes that the fundamentals of the bank asset quality has become the decisive factor, there are signs of stabilization in the eastern coastal areas of asset quality. "The implied valuation of non-performing rate" and "valuation can bear / tolerate bad rate" refers to the valuation of listed banks has completely hidden non-performing rate of the worst case scenario. According to Guotai Junan estimates, currently listed banks are 1 trillion and 900 billion balance, PB 1 trillion and 600 billion provision (city net rate) valuation, 1 trillion and 300 billion net profit after tax, the "safety cushion" are used to hedge against losses, the bank non-performing rate of up to 13.89%. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance banking research director Ceng Gang said that some commercial banks through some means to hide the bad assets, is one of the main methods in loan classification "tricks", such as a problem and defective loans in the "attention" rather than "bad class". In addition, but also through the interbank business, bill business and information management business, and Asset Management Co to adjust the non-performing loans of digital transaction. Have just that, the commercial bank may want to through the "space for time" way to get some good-looking statements. If the report is too ugly, a lot of business qualification may be bank regulators canceled. Although through various means, the real situation of bad loans were temporarily hidden, but the actual risks still exist. If the deviation is too large, will lead to the risk exposure should be delayed and continue to accumulate, the commercial banks constitute a long-term and steady business risks. Asset quality pressure The industry is expected, the future for a long period of time, the quality of banking assets will remain under pressure. At present, the banking industry overall risk control. According to CBRC regulatory indicators previously announced by the commercial bank, by the end of the first quarter, commercial banks non-performing loans rose to 526 billion 500 million yuan, a record high of nearly 4 years; the rate of bad loans rose to 0.96%, a record year high. Large commercial bank non-performing loans 324 billion 100 million yuan, non-performing loan rate of 0.98%; joint-stock commercial bank non-performing loans 89 billion 600 million yuan, non-performing loan rate of 0.77%; the city commercial bank non-performing loans 45 billion 400 million yuan, non-performing loan rate of 0.83%. Bank chief economist Lian Ping pointed out that with the continuous advance of the macroeconomic downturn and structural reform, commercial banks in the short term will withstand greater pressure on asset quality will remain downward dip stage. With the verification efforts, credit risk gradually released, downward pressure on asset quality will be eased. This year is expected to non-performing loan rate will rise to 2%-2.2%, but the growth rate slowed down compared to last year, the overall risk control. Lian Ping said that the main growth of non-performing loans is still Small and micro businesses and industry overcapacity. Between Small and micro businesses guarantee chain ring complex to further increase the difficulty of risk management, the average non-performing rate of non-performing rate of Small and micro businesses loans was significantly higher than that of the loans. Another major source of growth of bad loans is overcapacity in the industry, including steel, cement, building materials, shipping, photovoltaic etc.. In addition, large and medium-sized enterprises gradually exposed to the risk may cause new negative influence on the quality of bank assets. Some of the history of credit risk more stable in large and medium-sized enterprises began to appear. Analysis of CRE securities of non-performing loans in the first quarter of the regional structure, Zhejiang, Guangdong, poor rate of Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other developed areas of growth below the national average, and the differentiation of the 5 regions was part of non-performing loans peaked. Among them, Shandong, Guangdong, the growth rate of non-performing rate and the average level of close to or slightly higher; non-performing rate of Zhejiang continues to rise, but the growth rate slowed down significantly over last year; Jiangsu, Shanghai non-performing rate fell. Broaden the channels of disposal Regulators and commercial banks are exploring to broaden the channels of disposal of bad assets, accelerate the write off and disposal of non-performing loans. Broker pointed out that from the perspective of this policy, focusing on the idea of the management of non-performing assets supervision departments to guide the disposal of non-performing assets market, sunshine, in the regulatory framework really solve the problem of the disposal of non-performing assets. The industry is expected, non-performing asset securitization will play an increasingly important role in the stock risk mitigation. Citic securities analysts believe that the stock of commercial bank credit risk to resolve the financial supervision department is the focus of the work, will create a more conducive to resolve non-performing bank disposal policy environment, including tax verification approval, build the provincial AMC (Asset Management Co), the activation of non-performing asset securitization market. Among them, the securitization of non-performing assets to optimize the structure, enhance the efficiency of the disposal of non-performing assets. In addition, the disposal of non-performing assets, the transfer of income right of debt is bad bad assets and innovative ways. Compared with the traditional collection, reorganization, verification etc., these innovative ways to help improve the efficiency of disposal. The commercial banks to increase efforts to write off bad loans. Listed banks report shows that in 2015, the five major state-owned commercial banks last year to write off bad loans 190 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 61 billion 700 million yuan last year, an increase of $47.83%, is expected to continue this trend this year. The first quarter of this year, commercial banks to continue to increase in the allowance for loan losses extraction, increase the amount of 127 billion 800 million yuan, reached 24367 billion yuan, promote commercial bank loan provision rate is at the beginning of the year increased by 0.03 percentage points, reaching 3.06%; provision coverage from the beginning of the 181.18% fell to 175.03%, down 6.15 percentage points. Lian Ping believes that the global banking industry from the point of view, the overall level of provision of commercial banks in China is still relatively high, the current level of provision can completely cover the loan portfolio losses for banks to carry out effective risk management provides a certain margin of safety. Reporter Chen Yingying cuplock scaffolding

Minsheng Bank Chinese officially landed in Xining

Qinghai Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong (right) and Minsheng Bank Chairman of Hong Qi for the Xining branch of China Minsheng Bank unveiled. Photo by Zhao Linsong    Beijing June 24 Xining Xinhua (reporter Zhao Linsong) 24, the Qinghai provincial Party committee, lifting loop chairman of the executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong and Chinese Hong Qi Minsheng Bank jointly Minsheng Bank Xining branch was inaugurated, marking the Minsheng Bank Chinese officially landed in Xining, which is in Qinghai province the fifth national joint-stock commercial bank branches. Qinghai provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Guangrong said: "in recent years, the Qinghai provincial government has issued a series of major initiatives, widely in close contact with financial institutions, increase policy support, foster the development of the various types of financial institutions, improving the financial ecological environment and provide policy support and the very good development environment for all types of financial to expand business in Qinghai." Zhang Guangrong said, Minsheng Bank in Qinghai, will further stimulate the Qinghai financial market vitality, enhance innovation capability and service level, and the difference of financial services for the development and grandness has very important significance to promote Qinghai to build a modern financial system and financial industry. "The Qinghai provincial government will continue to give the corresponding policy support for all types of financial institutions, to create a good credit environment." Zhang Guangrong said. Minsheng Bank Chairman Hongzaki said that Qinghai is the theme of "bridge and link of the Silk Road", with There is nothing comparable to this location advantage and resource advantage, strategic position is very important. As "The Belt and Road" national strategy, an important node of the national ecological security barrier and subsequent important energy strategic bases, Qinghai regional economic development potential and obvious characteristics, Houjinshizu, the main position of China's opening to the West and to promote western economic development has become the important growth pole. Hong Qi said: "the establishment of the Xining branch, is to improve the network layout of Minsheng Bank Chinese, a major initiative to support the economic and social development in Qinghai. Show me the perseverance rooted in Qinghai, actively participate in the economic construction of Qinghai's confidence and determination." The opening ceremony, the Xining branch of China Minsheng Bank and the Qinghai provincial government site signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Qinghai provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Guangrong and chairman of Hong Qi Minsheng Bank Xining branch jointly inaugurated. Minsheng Bank China is China's first private enterprise shares of the national joint-stock commercial banks. As of the end of 2015, Minsheng Bank Chinese ranked the world's 1000 largest bank, thirty-eighth of the world's top 500 enterprises 281st, has become a great influence at home and abroad in large commercial banks. (end) halfen channel

The middle of 21, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price appreciation of 52 points to 6.5656

Beijing In June 21, anchor nut according to the latest data China foreign exchange trading center show that in June 21st the interbank foreign exchange market, scaffolding accessories the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.5656 yuan, 6.5708 yuan higher than in June 20th 52 point rise. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of China, June 21, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.5656 yuan, 1 euro for 7.4393 yuan, 100 yen for 6.3223 yuan, HK $1 for 0.84606 yuan, 1 pound of 9.6319 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 4.9026 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.6743 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.8923 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.8295 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1306 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.61675 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.7639 russian rubles, 1 yuan for 2.2579 rand. halfen frimeda

Safe: May banking exchange deficit 81 billion 700 million yuan

Beijing In June 20, according to safe website news, ledger blade May, bank settlement 829 billion 200 million yuan (equivalent to $127 billion), sales of 910 billion 900 million yuan (equivalent to 139 billion 500 million U.S. dollars), foreign exchange deficit 81 billion 700 million yuan (equivalent to $12 billion 500 million). Among them, bank Valet settlement 769 billion 400 million yuan, 837 billion 100 million yuan RMB exchange, foreign exchange deficit of 67 billion 700 million yuan; the bank's exchange settlement 59 billion 800 million yuan, 73 billion 800 million yuan, 14 billion yuan RMB foreign exchange deficit. Over the same period, bank Valet forward foreign exchange contract is 54 billion yuan RMB, long-term sale contract 45 billion 400 million yuan, 8 billion 600 million yuan net long-term settlement. As of the end of 5, unexpired term cumulative settlement 242 billion 400 million yuan, outstanding sale 878 billion 900 million yuan, outstanding net sale 636 billion 500 million yuan; outstanding options Delta net exposure -1122 billion yuan. 2016 1-5 months, the bank accumulated foreign exchange 38598 yuan (equivalent to $591 billion 900 million), the cumulative sales of 49101 yuan (equivalent to $752 billion 900 million), the cumulative foreign exchange deficit 10503 yuan (equivalent to $161 billion). Among them, bank Valet accumulative total 34645 yuan, the cumulative sales of 45843 billion yuan, the cumulative foreign exchange deficit 11197 yuan; banks accumulated foreign exchange 395 billion 200 million yuan, the cumulative sales of 325 billion 800 million yuan, the cumulative foreign exchange surplus of 69 billion 400 million yuan. Over the same period, bank Valet cumulative forward foreign exchange contract 177 billion 500 million yuan, the cumulative long-term sale contract 414 billion 300 million yuan, the cumulative net sales of 236 billion 800 million yuan of long-term. In May 2016, bank Valet foreign income 14384 yuan (equivalent to $220 billion 200 million), paid 15920 yuan (equivalent to 243 billion 700 million U.S. dollars), foreign payment deficit 153 billion 700 million yuan (USD 23 billion 500 million). In 2016 1-5 month, domestic bank Valet accumulative total foreign income 71796 yuan (equivalent to $11012), the total foreign payment of 81254 yuan (equivalent to $12460), the cumulative foreign payment deficit of 945 billion 900 million yuan (US $144 billion 800 million). ringlock scaffolding

Bitcoin into a "price model" nine investors "fry a walk"

"The taste!" Crazy bitcoin is back! According to China's largest trading platform fire bitcoin currency network information provided by the June 17th bitcoin price up to 5179 yuan, rose to 28 month high. "Found" Securities reporter statistics, last week, bitcoin prices rose by 18.9%, 30 days or up to 80.3%, this year is up 120.3%! But the crazy behind the data, many investors "speculation a walk" mentality, experts warned that the current bitcoin in the country or in the blank area of regulation, suggest that investors should not rush into. Skyrocketing price currency "Wake up, account and more than a few hundred." Bitcoin game player Wang Lin (a pseudonym) of the "securities" reporters. Wang Lin has a good mood, although the A shares no harvest, but get a lot of surprises in bitcoin, "at the end of the 5 into the soaring mode, a lot of people around me started to play this." The data show that in June 17th, fire currency network, bitcoin price up to 5179 yuan, rose to a 28 month high, the last 30 days, bitcoin has risen as high as 80.3%. The "securities" reporter statistics found that in 2013, bitcoin currency price rise, once more than 8000 yuan. But as the market gradually stabilized, and central banks bitcoin is given its own regulatory attitude, then all the way down the price of money, even in January last year fell to 933 yuan. This year, the domestic game player once again ignited the enthusiasm, as of yesterday, compared to January last year, the lowest price of 900 yuan, bitcoin has risen 475%. Wang Lin said, "or the taste! Feel back to the days before skyrocketing price, hope more coins fly for a while!" Network co-founder Du fire coins were on the "securities" reporter analysis, bitcoin this recent wave of market prices, or because the next month bitcoin halving production caused by the relationship between supply and demand changes, resulting in bitcoin soared. In addition, the blockchain technology behind the last year and a digital currency bitcoin has been widely recognized in the world, many countries have for bitcoin regulation, bring a better social environment for the development of bitcoin, there is this year's financial market is not the economy, funds are looking for new export." Fry a walk" Bitcoin rocketing price rises, so that investors smell the taste of money, the influx of various types of platform. "Last month, our registered users jumped 5 times, turnover also increased to more than 3 times the rate, currently has nearly 2 million users." Du to the "securities" reporter's data show that nearly a month, more than 63% users by investing in stocks, precious metals, foreign exchange and other investment products, to bitcoin, 80% of users optimistic about the next market. But he said, "nine customers are holding" fry a go "attitude, buy low, sell high price, really see bitcoin and bitcoin as a safe haven asset purchase only 13% of users, they are some of the old game player, in 2012, 2013 has been pay attention to bitcoin, and long-term holders." Du Jun believes that before the market digested in halving production news, bitcoin prices will continue to fluctuate in a period of time, but also do not rule out after the slump in the. "The current bitcoin trading volume Chinese area has accounted for the global total transaction volume of more than 80% countries, but the attitude of bitcoin did not change in the nature of bitcoin at home or in the blank area, the regulation does not support, a lot of uncertain factors, follow the trend of buying high is the most dangerous, bitcoin rose faster that fell too fast, investors should be cautious, pay attention to the asset allocation of wealth." Reporter Wang Yale swift lift anchors

Lujiazui Forum on the Internet financial risk prevention into the theme

The eighth Lujiazui Forum opened in Shanghai on June 12th. The theme of this forum is "the challenge of global economic growth and financial reform, for the participants of the" three "government officials, experts and scholars, the Internet financial supervision and risk prevention has become an unavoidable topic. Zhang Tao, vice president of the people's Bank of Chinese said that the volume of China's economy is very large, the difference between regions is very obvious, the number of SMEs is very large, cultivate diversified financial system and adapt to the multi-level and diversity, meet the demand for financial services, financial institutions should relax the access threshold, using a variety of forms including the Internet, with lower efficiency, higher cost, the development of Inclusive Finance, and promote a fully competitive market, increase the effective supply of financial markets, to provide financial services for more extensive service. On the whole, China's financial industry has formed a diversified financial system, more complex financial products system, information exchange system and constantly open financial market. But overall the overall level of financial services have increased space, there still exist some short board areas. Need all financial services including Internet banking, financial regulatory framework into the full range, do not ignore the regulatory gaps, leaving no regulatory dead. One of the well-known enterprises in the Internet financial industry, the company responded to the small and medium-sized enterprises occupy an important position in the Chinese economic field, the national small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households in 70 million households, the annual growth rate of more than 10%, but in recent years by China's economic structural adjustment, the growth rate down, investment slowdown in the macroeconomic environment, small and medium-sized enterprise loan difficult problem of financing has become increasingly prominent, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of eye bank high financing "threshold" shouted helpless. The letter of a responsible person said, to solve the regional differences, the better to help SMEs solve their financing needs, we must get through the closed-loop management of small and medium-sized enterprises and financial advisory services. The financial information service as the core, flow driven technology flow, capital flow, personnel flow, the material flow of information resources, help enterprises to open up the closed loop both temporary and permanent cure, "he explained, using the Internet and big data technology, people not only to solve the financing problem of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also provide entrepreneurship, management consulting, electronic business, personnel and market information and other related services for them, guarantee the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises financing. When it comes to guard against the risk, he said, in addition to actively cooperate with the government supervision, strengthen self-discipline, internal control mechanism is the core of china. Perfect the internal control mechanism of China, including the wind control system, detailed audit and evaluation and certification system, at the same time, China is strengthening the qualification examination of qualified personnel platform, only posts. It is reported that the postal company has deep financial background, the company's founder and senior executives are engaged in banking, insurance and other financial industry, the introduction of advanced management in the financial industry, and the risk control concept into people's blood, the lending process refinement loan acceptance, credit investigation, risk assessment, loan approval, loan matching, contract signing, borrow, borrow management, overdue nine links, effectively reduce the value of the investment risk, safeguard the interests of investors. Since 2016, the supervision of the Internet banking industry continue to strengthen the role of industry self-regulation is also growing, the current good momentum of development of the Internet financial industry has entered the root, the survival of the fittest, will eventually achieve compliance, orderly and healthy development. swivel coupler

Branch of China Merchants voted three new board innovation

Chinese Economic Net Beijing on June 20th news (reporter Xiang Ting) 18, the National SME share transfer system officially released into the new board initial list innovation of enterprises, a total of 920 enterprises. It is worth noting that the investment in the division lost. Previously, due to a number of illegal information disclosure, investment in the division was ordered to make corrections, chairman Dan Xiangshuang issued a letter of warning. Notice disclosure, branch of China Merchants and double single Xiang in November 2015 received the "decision" of the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau on investment in the division ordered to take corrective measures and the "Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau on single Xiangshuang issued a warning letter to take measures". Branch of China Merchants violations mainly involves three aspects, important matters not disclosed, the disclosure of the content is not complete, and inform the media did not disclose the contents. In January this year, the Commission informed the inspection of private equity fund in 2015, spokesman Deng Ge also said that investment in the division of dozens of private checked. Share transfer system according to the notice said, "on the issue of" National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach (Trial) "notice" and "the National SME share transfer system listed company hierarchical management approach (Trial)" provisions of article sixth, article seventh, the national stock transfer companies initially selected in line with the innovation standard the list of listed company, the publicity to the market. According to previous arrangements, the national share transfer system publicity into the base layer and the layer of innovative listed company list, if the listed company has any objection to the results of stratified or voluntarily give up into innovation, should be put forward in 3 days after the transfer, the system will turn the country shares as the objection to verify the situation and the adjustment of stratified results announcement also shows that the 3 transfer deadline of June 22nd 17. According to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", selected innovation company must meet the following requirements, 1 recent two years of continuous profitability, and the average annual net profit of not less than 20 million yuan (after deducting non recurring gains and losses were calculated on the basis lower); the last two years, the weighted average return on net assets of not less than 10% (in average after deducting non recurring gains and losses were calculated on the basis lower). 2 the last two years of continuous growth in operating income, and the average annual compound growth rate of not less than 50%; the last two years, the average income of not less than 40 million yuan; share capital of not less than 20 million shares. 3 recent average market capitalization of 60 market transactions transfer date of not less than 600 million yuan; a recent shareholders at the end of the year is not less than 50 million yuan; the number of businesses do not less than 6; qualified investors no less than 50 people. This is the core of the three requirements, meet one can enter the innovation layer. At the same time, the approach also entered the innovation layer of listed company financing and activity is required, which recently completed 12 months after issuance of stock financing, financing and the cumulative amount of not less than 10 million yuan, or the last 60 days of the actual turnover of transferable days accounted for not less than 50%. lifting insert

Give up the fixed exchange rate of Nigeria currency fell sharply

Nigeria's central bank announced last week, BFD coupler to give up after the implementation of the fixed exchange rate system from month 20 onwards, lifting clutches the implementation of "more flexible" exchange rate policy. Affected by this news, the Nigeria currency 20 naira devaluation, dollar of Naira exchange rate than the previous trading day rose more than 30%. According to the previous implementation of the fixed exchange rate system, the dollar exchange rate of Naira is set in the 197-199 range of naira. 20, the dollar exchange rate dropped to 198.92 naira naira, had the highest red to 264.25 naira, up to Beijing time 20:30 on the 20, dollar exchange rate of 260.5 naira naira. Nigeria's central bank said on the 20, through the spot and forward transactions "to solve the backlog of demand for money". The market rumors, which will be the beginning of the naira exchange rate intervention. In recent years, crude oil prices continued to fall to rely on oil exports to Nigeria brought a heavy blow, the economic downturn, a shortage of foreign exchange led to huge depreciation pressure. Local media reports, it is estimated that over the past three years, the exchange rate has consumed about 5 billion naira to support the dollar reserves of Nigeria central bank, which is equivalent to the current foreign exchange reserves 1/5. Since March of this year, support the naira spent 2 billion 700 million dollar exchange rate of the foreign exchange reserve behavior. Some analysts predict that the dollar exchange rate to rise to 300 naira or fast naira, or even do not rule out the possibility of touch 390 naira. (Chen Xiaogang) cast in sockets

In May the banking exchange deficit fell by nearly 50%

20, the State Administration of foreign exchange data show that in May 2016, halfen frimeda the bank settlement 829 billion 200 million yuan (equivalent to $127 billion), sales of 910 billion 900 million yuan (equivalent to 139 billion 500 million U.S. dollars), foreign exchange deficit 81 billion 700 million yuan (equivalent to $12 billion 500 million). The banking exchange deficit continued to decline, a decline of 47%. At the same time, the average deficit has declined for 5 consecutive months. The State Administration of foreign exchange bureau spokesman said that in May, the exchange rate to measure the purchase motivation, that is meeting with foreign customers to buy customers from the bank foreign exchange expenditure ratio of 73%, down 2 percentage points compared with April. In May, the exchange rate to measure the willingness of foreign exchange node, also is the customer to the bank to sell foreign exchange and foreign clients foreign exchange income ratio of 67%, up 4 percentage points compared with April. These are shown to retain the foreign exchange businesses and individuals will weaken. The well-known foreign exchange experts also said South Korea will more directly reflect the division, the market sentiment is the bank foreign exchange settlement data, if the performance data of forward foreign exchange contracts deduction, the month of May new spot foreign exchange settlement deficit of only $2 billion 900 million, down 79%. If plus the bank Valet forward foreign exchange surplus of $1 billion 300 million scale, bank Valet node overall deficit exchange channels actually only about $1 billion 600 million, down 90%. To a certain extent, enterprises and individuals in the foreign exchange market in May has been basically restore the balance. Recently, affected by the appreciation of the dollar, the RMB against the U.S. dollar appears large fluctuations, even out of the wave of apparent devaluation. South Korea will face division, fluctuated since February RMB, market volatility of the renminbi has been more and more adapt to the foreign exchange act, more rational, because a key price break caused by the irrational market panic in lower probability. However, he also said that China's foreign exchange deficit pattern has not changed, the May data reflect the market devaluation panic subsided, but not completely dissipated the expected depreciation. Have a profound influence of two-way fluctuations in the RMB market outlook can maintain large amplitude and high frequency of the foreign exchange market shortly after the operation. Insiders said, in effect including the British retreat European referendum and other risk events, the international foreign exchange market is expected to be greater volatility, which will produce a certain pressure on RMB exchange rate. cast in ferrules

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