Trust yield break 8 insiders said falling too fast

Data sources: Chinese Trust Industry Association Wang Ying / tabulation Zhai Chao / drawing The Securities Times reporter Wang Ying The first month of this year, lifting loop the average income of trust plans rate has fallen below 8%. Digital industry practitioners say they are not surprised, but did not expect to fall so fast. In addition, the recent securities investment trust products issued sluggish, many companies are unsalable. Facing the changing economic situation, a number of the trust industry in an interview with the Securities Times reporter, according to the real estate trust, political trust, business trust and securities investment trust development are analyzed, and on 2016 the trust product investment strategy. To choose the real estate trust China trust industry association data show that the first three quarters of 2015, the real estate trust added 379 billion 80 million yuan, down 5.96%. “As an important means of financing for real estate industry, the development trend of the real estate trust and real estate industry keep step with.” Lattice Financial Research Institute Liu Shujun said. Vice president of the south of a medium-sized trust company told reporters that “the industry of real estate trust issue is very demanding.” In order to promote the real estate industry back to temperature, regulators have successively issued a series of stimulus policies. Public data shows, the real estate investment since the fourth quarter of 2014, the slowdown has not been substantially improved. Centaline researcher who declined to be named, said, “the possibility of the real estate market in the short term is rapidly warming.” Lattice financial advice, investors in 2016 and featured a configuration of real estate trust products. It is worth noting that investors need to focus on the financing side and the guarantor of the background, business data, external guarantee balance, all kinds of loan payment peak, whether issuers and other information. In addition, but also pay attention to collateral liquidity, liquidity and whether there is a cordon set etc.. A limited number of political trust Basic industry trust is one of the largest categories of trust products affected by the policy. Since 2013, the National Audit Office announced high local government debt since the trust initiative to strictly control the quality of the project, the issue size accounted for the proportion of the total size of the trust assets decline quarter by quarter. At the end of 2014 9, the State Council issued document No. 43, completely blocked the trust company financing Platform Co around the issue of trust business model. Liu Shujun said, “Masanobu trust has become history just in time (sooner or later) problem.” In March 2015, the national development and Reform Commission issued regulations No. 445, development bank to give priority to the protection of public private partnership (PPP) project financing needs. At present, many companies will be regarded as the transition to try one of the PPP project. Many industry insiders said that the PPP project is to assume the risk and benefit of financing, timely smooth development with great uncertainty. At present, Masanobu trust will not be “across the board”, but a limited number is a foregone conclusion. “Investors in 2016 amount increases the Masanobu trust allocation ratio, cautious participation in PPP project financing.” Liu Shujun said, part of the political class still has the trust of local government debt is too heavy, the unreasonable structure of fiscal revenue, financial dependence on the land is higher. Therefore, the need to focus on local government fiscal and debt levels. The business trust scale. China trust industry association data show that in recent years, the business trust in the total size of the trust in the proportion continued to reduce. North of a large trust wealth management center business sources said, “because of weakness in the real economy, the financing demand declined. In addition, with the economic downturn, the trust industry to prevent risks, also enhance the business trust project audit efforts, and even take the initiative to cut operations.” “The kind of trust businesses include a wide range of industries, enterprises are uneven in quality.” Liu Shujun said that the use of funds for such projects to supplement liquidity needs of enterprises, the issue size is largely limited to the country’s overall economic trends. In 2016, according to the policy oriented business trust amount allocation. Investors should try to choose to obtain industrial policy support, and the industry cycle in the period before and after the expansion of investment projects. The securities investment trust products unsalable In 2015, the securities investment trust first in the market and pushed with capital power assistance, the scale was the explosive growth, and policy in the face of market and the double attack, lost its former glory. At the end of the three quarter, the securities investment trust scale amounted to 2 trillion and 670 billion yuan, the quarter decreased 11.59%. At present many companies appear securities trust products unsalable situation.” The wealth management center official said, although the effect of conventional factors such as before the investment demand is not high, but even with the future of the stock market upward and rebound, securities investment trust is difficult to break through the first half of last year’s event. The industry is expected to have a large number of securities investment trust products expire this year, the risk may be concentrated outbreak. Some trust in the 2016 annual meeting that will continue to strengthen risk control, to achieve quality growth. The industry generally believe that this year is the trust institutions and investors jointly adjusted of the year, the trust may be appropriate to slow down the pace, active or passive, to lay a solid foundation for transformation, and investors will further deepen the awareness of the nature of investment. cuplock scaffolding

QE will you discount European Employment surprises

15 years ago, the Fed cut interest rates to restore Americans’ confidence in the economy, fixing socket then launched a large-scale QE to further stimulate the economy. When Europeans lost confidence in the economy, is the negative interest rate of the European Central Bank also resorted to QE, with the gradual recovery of the U.S. economy, the Fed’s exit last year QE official interest rate hike, European monetary policy part company each going his own way. Now the latest unemployment rate in the euro zone brisk performance, economic recovery Shuguangchuxian, large-scale QE whether the contraction has become a new question. The unemployment rate brisk The euro zone economy continued good news. Eurostat announced on 2 December last year, the euro zone’s unemployment rate fell to 10.4%, its lowest level in four years. In fact, the unemployment rate in December continued in November in good condition. In November the euro zone’s unemployment rate is 10.5%, the lowest level since October 2011. And 10.4% is the lowest level since September 2011. This figure is slightly better than expected. The unemployment rate is a mirror of the European recovery. European Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that the euro area and the EU economic growth rate from 2015 to 1.3% in the first quarter and the 1.7% quarter rose to three, 1.6% and 1.9%, to achieve sustained moderate growth. “Despite the many external economic pressures, the euro area and the EU Member States will continue to maintain a moderate growth in 2016.” The European Commission issued by the end of 2015, the economic outlook report predicts. Vice president of the European Commission, East Broff Keith said that the European economy three years of slow recovery momentum continued in 2015. Mainly due to low oil prices, the weakness of the euro and the European Central Bank to take the positive monetary policy. In another important economic indicators of inflation, according to Eurostat, excluding food and energy prices in the euro area in October last year, the core inflation rate rose 1.1%, better than expected 1%, a record high since August 2013. Fudan University European center director Ding Chun told the Beijing Daily reporter said: “the economic indicators had shown that the European economic recovery, including France, Greece and other countries are rare recovery.” Analysts generally believe that the European Central Bank to implement quantitative easing are taking effect, the EU plans to start implementation of the strategic investment, the financial sector has gradually stabilized, domestic demand for power in family consumption increased, these factors promote economic recovery in Europe slowly upward track. The leader of Germany Germany has become the biggest hope of economic recovery in europe. As the euro zone’s largest economy, Germany’s best employment performance. In December last year, the unemployment rate fell to 6.2%, refresh the record in November, then decreased to the lowest level since 1990 two German reunification. Spain’s highest unemployment rate reached 20.8%. According to the seasonal correction data, Germany in December last year, the unemployed has decreased by 20 thousand, than the previous FactSet analyst 6500 more favorable to reduce the forecast. Such a good performance with the German efforts to combat illegal employment related phenomena. According to the German “Der Spiegel” magazine reported that due to the good economic situation, the trend of working in Germany has been curbed. In 2016, is expected to the grey economy in the proportion of the economy will decline by 0.4%, reaching 10.8%. Ding Chun appears in the German labor market improves due to the German economy and Schroder had labor market reforms, in 2003, when Germany’s chancellor Schroder in this year launched a development model to correct the German society as the core of the reform plan – agenda 2010″. Since then, the German labor market. According to the “agenda 2010”, the German reformed many type of cut, such as knife to the original social welfare system, cutting welfare spending, relax the labor law restrictions and encourage the development of SMEs in the labor market, the unemployment insurance package “downsizing efficiency increase” reform. In 2005 Schroder’s defeat, his opponent Merkel came to power. Fortunately, Merkel did not stop the reform, in Merkel’s first term, many reforms have generated dividends, enterprise burst more vitality, Germany as a typical export-oriented country. By manufacturing the long-standing export trade advantage, to maintain strong growth momentum, machinery manufacturing industry and the automotive industry is the two pillar of Germany, German exports are dominated by the two major industries. In 2014 the total export value of foreign trade in Germany amounted to 11336 million euros, an increase of 3.7% over 2013, a record high. Low inflation risk The German economy is thriving in Europe’s economic problems to conceal. A year ago, the European Central Bank President Delagi announced that the euro zone at least 1 trillion and 80 billion euro scale asset purchases to stimulate the area of bad economy took the historic step. Always adhere to the principle of the European Central Bank’s break in the practice, the most direct is to get rid of the euro area is currently considering the plight of low inflation. In recent years, the euro zone inflation has not reached the European Central Bank “below but close to 2% target, December 2014 is reduced to -0.2%, as for the first time in five years. Said the European Central Bank Governing Council member Jan Smets meeting held in Budapest, the European Central Bank meeting on March the decision will depend on economic data; and inflation in the euro zone, Smets said: “we are not talking about deflation, but a long period of low inflation.” “Face the risk of deflation is a concentrated reflection of the euro zone economic downturn.” Analysis of China institute director Cui Hongjian said the European international. “The European Central Bank launched quantitative easing, it is intended to promote investment by injecting funds to the capital market, and stimulate economic growth in the euro zone, change the status quo of the economic downturn.” Cui Hongjian said. “Europe is now a bigger problem of deflation and enterprises lack of confidence bearish on the economic outlook, so now on the European Central Bank cut quantitative easing is still too early. In addition, the trend of commodity and the international market is not stable, the European Central Bank’s decision will be a comprehensive consideration of these factors.” Ding Chun analysis pointed out that. The German central bank governor Axel Webb also warned that if the European countries do not implement structural reforms to enhance the long-term growth rate, the future of the euro is not optimistic. “The cooperation mechanism in the European integration process still exists, the eurozone has unified monetary policy, but each member of fiscal policy is relatively independent, it will also make the euro zone economy potential crisis, it is difficult to develop.” Chinese world economic and political Academy of Social Sciences researcher Shen Jiru said. swivel coupler

The Guangdong banking sector last year net profit fell more than 12%

The latest statistics show that last year, Guangdong Banking Bureau, Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen, the same below) after tax profit of the banking sector 115 billion 530 million yuan, down 12.38%. As of 2015 fourth quarter, Guangdong banking financial institutions’ non-performing loan rate of 1.8%, an increase of 0.33 percentage points. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2015, Guangdong banking financial institutions with total assets of 12 trillion and 734 billion 15 million yuan, an increase of 10.91%. Among them, the state-owned commercial bank total assets of 5 trillion and 130 billion 590 million yuan, an increase of 4.6%; the total shares of commercial bank assets 3 trillion and 42 billion 718 million yuan, an increase of 15.92%; the total city commercial bank assets 956 billion 373 million yuan, an increase of 17.7%; rural small and medium financial institutions with total assets of 23968 yuan, an increase of 18.46%; the total amount of foreign capital bank assets 183 billion 373 million yuan, down 4.8%. It is worth noting that the Guangdong area of state-owned commercial banks and joint-stock banks with total assets compared to 2015 the end of the three quarter has shrunk, decrease amounted to 101 billion 544 million yuan, 62 billion 14 million yuan; Guangdong city commercial banks and rural small and medium financial institutions asset size has actually expanded in the four quarter, the city commercial banks total assets is the end of the three quarter increase 109 billion 942 million yuan, an increase of 12.99%, rural small and medium financial assets four quarter incremental 162 billion 7 million yuan. (Ma Chuanmao) steel chamfer

The middle of 4, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.5419 yuan rose 102 basis points

Beijing In February 4, precast concrete accessories according to central bank data show that the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar rose 102 basis points to $1 to 6.5419 yuan. Yesterday, $1 for 6.5521 yuan. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people’s Bank of Chinese, February 4, 2016 (Thursday) the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.5419 yuan, 1 euro for 7.2755 yuan, 100 yen for 5.5536 yuan, HK $1 for 0.83979 yuan, 1 pound of 9.5641 yuan, 1 yuan of RMB Australia 4.6972 yuan, 1 yuan to 4.3667 yuan in New Zealand, Singapore 1 yuan for 4.6335 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.5274 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 4.7529 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.63473 ringgit, 1 yuan for 11.7242 Russian ruble. ( Beijing Financial channel) bfd coupler

March is expected to raise interest rates fell by 2.3% to $two to cool

According to the data of Ying Chan consulting to incomplete statistics, lifting clutches as of January 18th, aop formwork more than 20 banks involved in P2P net loan platform funds depository business, 80 platform and signed a fund custody agreement. March is expected to raise interest rates fell by 2.3% to $two to cool The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Jingxuan, Zhou Hui In China people are ready for the Spring Festival outbound tourism on the occasion, the international foreign exchange market volatility. Since March the Fed rate hike is expected to cool down, the last two days, the dollar fell sharply, the dollar index last night 21 times 96.60, compared with the peak, decline of 2.3%. Yesterday the RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.5419, up 102 or 0.16% basis points, a record on 6 January, insiders pointed out that due to the poor economic data, the Fed’s official release loose signal, display the Fed rate hike is expected to significantly slow down, keep the dollar stage peaked judgment, the RMB exchange rate temporarily stabilized, there is still pressure medium. The Spring Festival is approaching, many consumers early in the planned time, ready to fly around the world to open the Spring Festival vacation mode. White collar Miss Chen told reporters yesterday, “have bought a ticket to fly the United States on New Year’s Eve, but the RMB has fluctuated badly, what time is distressed for dollars is more cost-effective.” Finally did not hold back, Miss Chen in the day before yesterday to 6.5923 for a dollar, “who knows the dollar yesterday dropped suddenly, today’s exchange rate would be 6.5878.” Boosted by commodity money Overnight dollar index fell, hit a three month low of 96.79, or up to 0.5% days. New York Fed President Dudley said, since the fed to raise interest rates since a few weeks, the financial situation has been tightened, if this phenomenon continues, monetary policy makers will have to be considered. Not only that, the weak U.S. economic data also allow the dollar. The United States on Wednesday released data show that in January the expansion of the service industry, but the speed is less than the previous month, and lower than expected, which also makes the Fed will be forced to slow down rate hike is expected to heat up. Yesterday, the dollar index continued to fall, hit a three month low of 96.79, the dollar denominated commodities to other currency holders at lower prices. Oil prices surged to boost the New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar and other commodity currencies. The New Zealand dollar rose to more than 2%, nearly a month high of 0.6697. The euro rose to expand to 1.1161, hit a three month high. Yesterday, the RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.5419, compared with the previous trading day sharply raised 102 basis points, the highest since December 4, 2015 the biggest one-day rise. In fact, in January this year, the RMB exchange rate volatility. The renminbi against the dollar fell eight year, onshore and offshore RMB exchange rate spread was more than 1000 points. With the central bank to strengthen the support of intervention in the onshore and offshore markets, and strive to curb speculation against the RMB, the RMB exchange rate gradually stabilized. The euro yen “xiangbobo” Turbulence enhanced hedging demand in the market on the occasion, yen and euro as a safe haven asset eyes “xiangbobo” dollar for non US dollar rebound opportunities, at the same time, the global economic slowdown worries continue to stimulate investors to hedge demand, although the Bank of Japan’s advisers say the negative interest rates without limit, but also affect the yen. Analysts said that negative interest rates reduce the short-term yen appreciation pressure, but did not eliminate the yen appreciation of medium-term risk. The weak U.S. economic data and Fed officials make the market increasingly believe the Fed interest rate hike this year will slow down the pace, mainly due to hit the dollar index also support the euro overnight skyrocketing. Exchange rate expectations The dollar or the stage peaked China Merchants Bank Asset Management Senior Analyst Liu Dongliang said that the exchange rate reform in 2015, actually opened the RMB exchange rate market pricing process, at present, has begun to affect the RMB exchange rate spreads factors to a great extent, this means that the Sino US spreads upside down and will continue to bring pressure on the exchange rate. Guotai Junan Securities analyst Ren Zeping said that with the global market turmoil, poor U.S. economic data, the Fed’s official release loose signal, the federal interest rate futures showed the Fed rate hike is expected to significantly slow down, keep the dollar stage peaked judgment. With the Sino US policy coordination and enhance the release of the central bank’s stability of RMB exchange rate signal, transient stability, medium still pressure to judge. Swap strategy Expert: $Dollar stage peaked, consumers can purchase time bargain with the exchange rate gradually downward. The euro: weak U.S. economic data and Fed officials make the market increasingly believe the Fed interest rate hike this year will slow down the pace, support the euro rose overnight. The euro against the dollar hit a high point since last October 22nd 1.1145, rose more than 2%. Analysts believe that the euro is a further upward trend. Yen: analysts said, “now, because the market for U.S. data released reaction of inferior material is large, the dollar upward, the yen to maintain the upward trend. There is a demand of the consumers can bargain purchase.” Aud: the dollar index fell caused by rising oil prices and rising risk of emotional stimulus aud. Australia announced the December 2015 trade deficit rose to a 6 month high, showing the economic outlook remains grim, the Australian dollar fell under pressure, market outlook, the market waiting for Friday the US employment report expected in related news, the Australian dollar repeatedly, to maintain the bearish tendency. Outbound tourism card. Case 1: handheld identification card can not spot the domestic single tax rebate My credit card is single UnionPay logo, so when Europe shopping rebates were rejected.” A Mr Cheng told reporters. “To buy a few million of goods, but was told that if you want to cash refund or credit card rebates, can only be used with VISA and MASTER international card organizations issued credit card.” Reminder: tax rebates to carry the international card organizations to avoid the bank card, with only a single card card organization. Case 2: European Shopping double identity card can not brush? A recent trip to France Miss Lee encountered unhappy things. “I’m in a French store, a fancy sunglasses, but two credit card brush.” A credit card is Miss Li UnionPay international debit card, the other one is the VISA and UnionPay dual currency credit card. The clerk said, “a lot of China guest to bring cards with UnionPay logo, but as long as with UnionPay logo, even if it is a dual currency card with the VISA logo or brush.” The feedback is, they are POS of American Express Company, so long as with UnionPay logo can be used. Reminder: in some famous tourist city also prepared some of the cash, in addition if there are other organizations try to carry the card card. Case 3: brush card not input password two times after being frozen Miss Chen last year during the National Day in Belgium also suffered not swipe, but more than Miss Li situation unfortunately, this card is Miss Chen, when shopping at the store, began to brush UnionPay debit card display channel, the connection is not successful, and when she took out another currency UnionPay credit MASTER+ Zhang Shuang card, be asked to enter the password two times, the system could suggest that the connection failed, then Miss Chen paid cash left. Two hours later, Ms. Chen received a credit card issuing bank SMS, Miss Chen is prompted to enter the password mistake, then freeze her credit card. Reminder: the best password in mind, the problems encountered are locked outside the card can call the bank customer service processing. Overseas credit card to choose which? 360 credit card financial analyst Meng Liwei suggested that in can brush UnionPay card business, try to choose to go cup channel, so you can avoid the currency conversion fee, the disadvantage is the need to turn the currency of RMB settlement in accordance with UnionPay its exchange rate is not flexible enough. “The use of dual currency card go foreign currency credit card channel, if you are using a dollar dual currency credit card, the local currency into dollars directly in US dollar account, no currency conversion fee; if the local non dollar currencies (such as the euro, etc.) in the settlement issuing organization will you consume local currency into dollars accounting and this process will have a currency exchange fee, generally charge 1% to 2%, in most cases by 1.5% to charge. If you use the full currency credit card is generally free currency exchange fee.” Meng Liwei said. cuplock scaffolding

Experts recommended the establishment of the Internet financial product registration system

In February 2nd, scaffolding parts sponsored by the Chinese Internet Financial Research Institute of the people’s Bank Financial Research Center Chinese Financial Forum – Internet Financial Forum held in beijing. The experts suggested that the Internet financial products and investment should be name attribute and legal relationship is consistent, BFD coupler including the establishment of P2P lending network, Internet financial product registration system and network lending appropriate institutional investors, to break the rigid payment unreasonable expectations. It is understood that the conference theme is “P2P network lending risk prevention”, from government departments, the Internet financial enterprises, research institutions, industry self-discipline organization of more than 20 specialists and industry executives attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the director of the Financial Research Institute of the people’s Bank of Chinese, director of Internet Financial Research Center Yao Yudong. Adhere to risk the bottom line The experts said that as the industry scale gradually accumulated credit risk, institutions should strictly abide by the people’s Bank and other ten ministries “on the guidance” to promote the healthy development of Internet banking and related regulatory measures, adhere to risk the bottom line. How to prevent the credit risk for the P2P network, the forum participants reached consensus on five points. First of all, clear requirements including the name P2P network lending, Internet financial products and investment properties and the legal relationship is consistent, not generally use the “investment” and “financial products” such as product name, misleading and confused ordinary investors; the two is the establishment of P2P network lending, including Internet financial product registration system. The formation of a unified, standardized, concise, easy to query and traceability of the Internet financial products code; three is the establishment of P2P network lending investors in the system, proposed the establishment of the basic investment threshold (e.g., personal financial assets more than 100 thousand RMB and the total amount of investment in the P2P network lending shall not exceed a total of 30% financial assets); the four is to explore the two market trading mechanism to establish P2P network lending, improve the P2P network lending liquidity, diversify investment risks further; the five is to strengthen investor education, clear “who investment, who pay the risk of” self responsibility principle, not reasonably expected to break the rigid payment. The folk financial first break just against the expected Analysis of the industry, clear name of Internet financial products and investment properties, establish a registration system for Industry chaos governance. But the establishment of the feasibility of the investment threshold does not seem to be easy to implement, and has not yet been supervision and governance good lending market level in the case of network, launched two market trading mechanism should not be long time. And just break against the has been counting on the Internet financial body, because banks and other traditional financial institutions involved in investment yield level is very large, at the same time in the process of marketization of interest rates have not yet fully completed, bank insolvency has not yet precedents, not just against the possibility of breaking. Folk finance can only in the first trial, allowing private institutions to break the compliance of folk organizations must be done in place should also be against just before, otherwise, some unscrupulous agencies or by not cashing under the guise of let investors eat yabakui. Moodie Research Report, the growth of net loan platform mainly from it can provide higher than the same bank deposit and return financial products to individual investors, provide credit support to small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals and other related parties to obtain conventional bank loans at the same time. However, the current net loan size (total assets accounted for about 1% of the shadow banking), P2P network loan does not pose a systemic risk. It is worth noting that due to the rapid growth, weak risk management can lead to higher default rates. Net home loan data show that in January 2016 the overall volume of P2P net loan industry is 130 billion 394 million yuan, down 2.51% compared to December 2015. In the past 2015, the annual total turnover reached 982 billion 304 million yuan, historical cumulative turnover exceeded one trillion yuan mark. As of 2016 1 at the end of history, the cumulative turnover reached 1 trillion and 495 billion 615 million yuan. Newspaper reporter Zhou Wenjing shuttering magnet

Alipay in FocA fiery game to catch a ride to cheat liar

Newspaper reporter Yang Jian The circle of friends snow finally stopped, prop nut everyone began to seek happiness. In recent days, precast concrete accessories Alipay launched “collect over 200 million cash equally five”. As long as the assembly of 5 Zhang Fuka, in the early hours of February 8th and will set Chifu card split two hundred million cash envelopes. Many people have gathered in front of the four Zhang Fuka, sent the last one “professional blessing”. Some people in the red Grand Prix, spent hundreds or even thousands of yuan to buy this virtual character “Fu”. Such a “blessing” difficult situation, let crooks smell the taste, took the opportunity to cheat money. It was therefore Xiasha deceived, although the loss of money is not too much, but we still have to urge one: don’t let the original nature of the entertainment red game changed flavor, which fell into the trap of scammers. A blessing is hard to find “Professional blessing” fired thousands of yuan In January 28th, Alipay sounded spring red prelude, on-line FocA new gameplay. users only need to add 10 new friends, can be randomly assigned to get 3 blessing card. And collect “prosperous blessing”, “harmony,” Fu Fu “friendly” and “patriotic Fu” and “Fu dedication” of the five Zhang Fuka, have the opportunity to split the 200 million big red spring festival. This is Mrs. can exchange, the user can be extra Fuqua to friends, can own to friends for the lack of mrs.. Because of this, friends suddenly bustling. However, in FocA activities, because “professional blessing” is generally scarce, resulting in a “blessing” hard situation. So, we have in the circle of friends, microblogging sell adorable “,” brush face, just to be able to collect 5 Zhang Fu card. Where there is demand, where there is market. Professional blessing it became a sought after baby, was put online selling, ranging in price from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, but still hard to find a blessing. Fu dedicated online selling Most are P map or stolen map These “professional blessing”, really reliable? Xiasha guy A Hua has the right to speak, is to buy “professional blessing”, he encountered a liar, cheated 99 yuan. “As soon as possible in order to collect 5 Zhang Fuka, I added a few QQ group on the Internet for mrs..” The evening of February 2nd, A Hua saw a message in the group, there are people who claim to have extra dedicated Fu 99 yuan each sale. A Hua is interested in, it added to the other side of QQ. Soon, the other to send him a dedicated Fu screenshot. “He said, as long as I put the money to him, give me mrs..” At first, A Hua does not have the bottom of my heart, but the other side of the mobile phone number is sent to him, and with him. Think of the money, A Hua also to transfer money in the past. After each other but pulled A Hua black, when A Hua realized she met a liar. “Now, he sent me a picture is likely to be false, and I call is to eliminate my concerns.” Later, A Hua found the Internet, found such as he cheated example is very much. In fact, we don’t need to buy “dedicated fu”. Because in the Spring Festival period, will send a large number of “professional blessing”, then collect the number certainly many, if really spend tens of dollars to buy a Fuqua, may end The loss outweighs the gain. ferrule insert

The arrival of the peak of Guangzhou ATM “take money to use cash before the holiday”

Drawing: Yang Jia Wealth Hotline With the Spring Festival approaching, shuttering magnet the recent public cash usage also begin to ascend. Recently, halfen channel the reporter received a lot of people to reflect, the bank teller not out of money has increased. In this regard, ICBC and other banks responded that will further strengthen the ATM cash plus notes and notes plus frequency, try to meet the demand of civil. The industry also pointed out that the current mobile phone banking, ATM and other electronic channels are very convenient, public transfers, access to funds may wish to compare the cost and convenience. Large amounts of cash in advance Who lives in Panyu, Mr. Chen weekend encountered embarrassing things. Because the bank teller outlets home dispenser is not stable, during the Spring Festival holiday and counter. But Mr. Chen can only put the money to send home, who brought back. However, in recent days the withdrawal of this simple operation in the urban area of Guangzhou, he was rebuffed everywhere. “I get money Sunday at home near the bank, the ATM four line and Guangzhou banks have no money. A lot of people to take the money bank outlets are said to have several places, Baiyun District, the commercial bank is not money. Part of the joint-stock bank teller machine unit downstairs no money today.” Mr. Chen to run several years ago withdrawals place. In fact, the Spring Festival approaching, from returning home, consumption and year-end bonus cash demand is greatly improved. A state-owned bank branch in Guangdong Province Department of reply Nanfang Daily reporter said, indeed by the demand for cash before impact, led to individual outlets ATM cash supply, but has strengthened ATM cash plus notes and bank notes plus frequency, try to meet the demand of civil. In addition, there are bank insiders told reporters, Bank of the outlets of the use of funds rate operational assessment requirements, requirements can not have too much idle capital precipitation, so the network will generally be dynamically adjusted according to the use of one or two days before ATM, now is the Spring Festival cash from the peak, there will not rule out the lag the phenomenon of some ATMs in short supply. The public to extract larger amount of cash, it is advisable to close to the bank outlets to counter staff appointment. Remote access to money skills The Spring Festival return of consumer demand, the bank remote access the business greatly increased. How people can conveniently handle the business and maximize the savings resulting fee? The reporters found that the majority of banks and interbank deposits have different peers charge a fee. Recently, some banks have also launched a ATM remote deposit preferential measures. Among them, Chinese bank announced January 1st to adjust the different personal ATM deposit fee of 0.4% of the deposit amount, the maximum charge 40 yuan each. CITIC Bank also from January on charges of personal services in intelligent machines on the implementation of relief. In addition, the bank also said that the recent interbank deposit function of self-service equipment to complete the upgrade, the admissibility of the 8 banks, and 143 regional interbank deposit business. The public can be opened in the bank interbank deposit function ATM, will cash in other bank cards. Self-service bank deposits without geographical restrictions and deposit channel restrictions, to better meet the financial needs of diverse before and after spring festival. Fengnianguojie, off-site ATM no less. But most banks whether or offsite bank inter-bank withdrawals, also charge a fee. Also, banks apply for off-site ATM counters and ATM self-service equipment fees vary. In the industrial and commercial bank teller place 20 thousand yuan as an example, in the bank ATM fee will be at least 50 yuan more than the counter. In this regard, professionals suggested that some differences between banks and off-site ATM fee standard ATM counter, a clear understanding of related terms and suggested new preferential measures in cash before choosing the most affordable way. In addition, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, construction bank and other banks have launched mobile phone bank transfer free concessions, the user can take the mobile phone bank transfers to local procedures card fees. Bank staff to remind, conditional users may consider the use of mobile phone bank and third party payment and other electronic channels to transfer free “offsite variable city” and “cross variable counterparts, resulting in the city, off-site ATM withdrawals and other peers, to maximize savings related fees. For the new banknotes LingChao with new tactics Although the red line is more and more popular, but the Chinese new year time for relatives and friends, a younger generation is still a number of “old red letters” to retain the custom. Nanfang Daily reporter learned that, at present the city of Guangzhou is part of the bank’s ATM can directly extract 10 yuan, in a “10 yuan”, “100 yuan” logo of the ATM device, it can extract LingChao, do not have to queue at the counter, which will provide a new part of the ATM special edition “tuhao gold” hundred dollar bills. Among them, during the Spring Festival, ATM machine in Guangzhou “8 words” convenience store chain, can directly get LingChao an, the public can directly by bank card 10 yuan banknote extraction in ATM. In addition, the reporter saw ATM in Yun Ping square in addition to provide 10 yuan notes, is dedicated to the public to provide 100 yuan tyrant banknotes. According to reports, this $100 bill ATMs are all 100 yuan version of the special needs of the public can go to extract. However, it is worth noting that part of the ATM machine withdrawals need to cross bank transaction fee standard cardholder belongs to the bank, the issuing bank advisory fees need to. A distance of 100 yuan banknotes issued for a period of time, with the arrival of the new year public cash demand increase of 100 yuan notes the increase in demand. Financial intelligence equipment and system solutions provider GRG said the new currency is usually the first by the people’s Bank to all commercial banks, the commercial banks to enter the market circulation, while commercial banks mostly through ATM machines and other equipment will be cash flow to the financial market, so the ATM machine for the new currency the effectiveness of recognition is very important. Nanfang Daily reporter Huang Qianyu lifting socket

The new bank “tuhao gold” lucky money tight a window for 2 million yuan a day

And when receiving and sending gift money. Since last week, many people lined up to the bank notes, most of which are for the company and the glittering new $100. There are people going to a variety of commemorative coins and gold and silver money as gift money. Whether receiving gift money or send gift money, generally said that the festival to see kids smiling face that cannot be measured in money terms. For the “tuhao gold” to catch up before noon The upcoming Spring Festival, 2015 Spring Festival is the first new version of 100 yuan after the listing. In the past, as long as people can even change to 100 yuan notes, this year they have asked for even the tyrant gold version of hundred dollar bills. Reporter visited found in Fuchengmen area, in recent days the tyrant gold version of 100 yuan in five large state-owned bank “stock” is relatively abundant, medium and small banks often have a “default” situation. In the ICBC outlets, lobby manager told reporters to change the new 100 yuan, in arranging machine to take a public number, and told reporters at this special window for taking notes business. A row of 4 customers saw in front of reporters, it is for the new banknotes, a maximum of three bales for taking notes is 30 thousand yuan. The teller told reporters that morning two packs of “tuhao gold” has now almost finished. This means that she is a window one day out of about 2 million yuan banknotes. The reporter also visited the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, bank outlets, lobby manager said, 10 thousand yuan of the following numbers “tuhao gold” all the time, 10 thousand yuan more than the need to make an appointment. But when reporters came to a city commercial outlets, the staff said, recently a lot of people take the hundred dollars, money from the library operation to take up new applications for a group of about 5 can be shipped to. Another joint-stock commercial bank lobby manager said, in order to take notes must be early every day after noon, basically are removed. A top ten commemorative banknotes At present, commemorative banknotes when the gift money is also popular. Ms. Gu people to exchange 10 face value of 100 yuan of cash space last year. “For the time to be good. Mark Chao Xinying and meaningful, a top 10, both beautiful and save money, when the most appropriate gift money.” The reporter learned that, in addition to the pre launch of commemorative coins, bank notes, gold and silver ceremonial deposit, gold and silver jewelry, the price close to the people, as well as the choice of gift money tricks. For example, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Disney Red New Year gold, which consists of two gold and six gold notes of red envelopes independent packaging, can be split to eight children, a price of 1980 yuan, equivalent to less than 250 yuan a red envelope. On hand for the less well-off, younger and more elderly people, is a cost-effective choice. Give lucky money in Japan formula How much gift money right? This is a question that plagues many people. Less than Nabuchushou, and increase economic pressure. In Japan, gift money calculation formula of quantitative: children age x 500 yen = gift money amount. For example, 4 year old =2000 * 500 Yen Yen gift money, about 100 yuan; 7 of children aged =3500 * 500 Yen Yen gift money, about 175 yuan. The amount of gift money varies with age changes, which is consistent with the child is more money rules. But there is no such standard in Chinese, then to two hundred or three hundred yuan, but also to two thousand or three thousand yuan. Ms. Lee said the people, she has changed 8000 yuan tyrant even notes, ready to give 8 children of relatives. Ms. Lee said that the gift money to children are friends and relatives of the children, usually with their parent relationship is good, the money to spend not who spend it; besides, to see the children jumping the relaxed, far better than their material pay. In addition, Ms. Lee also gave each child carefully selected gift, she felt with the heart how much money is more important than. “I have a middle school daughter. Every time give children gift money and gifts, they looked at the cheerful smile, there is a kind of joy was very happy to have qualified successors.” From Ms. Li’s speech is not difficult to find, regardless of how changes in the form, gift money quantity is less is more, younger elders of that deep love is consistent from beginning to end. (Zhang Pinqiu) cast in ferrules

Many banks closed P2P recharge channel P2P industry or new round of reshuffle

A number of banks have been shut down P2P net loan platform third party payment interface The Guangzhou Daily reporter Pan Yu, scaffolding parts Lin Xiaoli Following the Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank to suspend P2P payment interface, the bank will suspend P2P recharge. The bank closed P2P platform of third party payment interface trend continues to grow. Insiders said, P2P industry or new round of reshuffle. Many banks closed P2P recharge channel Beijing P2P platform recently issued announcement that received an emergency notice today, YeePay, Agricultural Bank and bank recharge business adjustment, which does not support the bank recharge business, but has been bound bank card users can cash. Previously, China Merchants Bank to upgrade on the grounds, announced that in February 5th after the company’s prepaid payment service P2P stop. Shenzhen P2P platform letter of financial wealth has also issued notice that, since February 5th, China Merchants Bank recharge channel platform (including the payment gateway and non bank payment) will be temporarily closed, but put off the normal recharge channel does not affect the user’s current. The reason for closing the recharge channel letter of financial wealth of the China Merchants Bank did not respond positively. The bank did not respond positively, but said to strengthen the risk management of payment services for all kinds of. Insiders said, CCB also closed related interfaces. Another source said, Beijing commercial bank also suspended for the P2P platform recharge business. Or lead to more banks to follow up Other banks have similar plans. A large third party payment agencies who said, “recently, regulators in the investigation, many banks are in this matter to do.” Recently, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing has halted P2P new Internet financial company registration, at the same time, part of the local finance office is developing programs of quasi P2P institutions to stock irregularities operation to clean up. Financial 360 pointed out that the recent bank 3 billion 900 million yuan notes, 1 billion yuan notes CITIC case case of the outbreak, let the bill risk further surfaced. The bank NPL ratio continued to rise, the bank’s own business risk, regulators of risk control of bank supervision is being strengthened. This may be the direct cause of individual banks to suspend P2P recharge business to avoid the risk of further. “This may force P2P to speed up the progress of the depository bank.” A P2P industry told reporters. Reporter observed, P2P funds depository of this business, banks behave quite cautious. Although part of the joint-stock bank branches to earnings growth, this business is positive, but the head office more cautious. Some banks even for managed funds P2P platform set up a high threshold. Business to pay part of the company to consider The reporter learned that part of the payment company itself is also aware of the P2P joint funds depository business difficult to continue, there is a risk of P2P payment channel, began the layout of business transformation. A third party payment company a few days ago put forward new business objectives. The executives said, P2P plans to weaken the proportion of business, development of other industries to pay port, in addition to financial institutions, but also the development of health care industry payment service. The effects of industry: P2P or new round of reshuffle Luo Haojie said that the current P2P platform for joint custody of funds, only to the third party payment platform and then filled the charge through the bank card, so the suspension of third party payment interface in this way, the biggest influence for platform hosting, “there is no hosting platform but to the line recharge, relatively informal platform there may not be such a channel.” Cast house CEO Shiqiao Huang said that now the bank’s words were “suspended”, is likely to want to rectify the industry. If more and more banks to follow up, to do the pool of funds of the company, the risks faced by shuffle. Money reminder: Quality is the key platform P2P net loan platform recently repeatedly “storm”, but the annualized rate of return than bank financing and baby financial products much higher. Especially recently, P2P industry has set off a hike tide, some short-term financial products exclusive platform launched the Spring Festival, some launch plan to raise interest rates during the Spring Festival, based on the original rate of return on the interest rate of 0.5% to 1%, the expected annual yield of up to 6.5% to 10%. Rong 360 financial analysts Liu Yinping said, given the current net loan industry risk soared, regulatory efforts continue to increase, some do not conform to the platform will accept rectification or transformation, can not adapt to the platform will be eliminated. Bank rate net financial analyst Yan Zijie also reminded, for P2P investment, many platforms in the festival brand, in the face of attractive red, investors still have to rational choice, improve risk awareness, selection of quality investment platform. (reporter Lin Xiaoli) lifting clutches

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