Before seven thirty, a 4S store in Chaoyang District Wang Township Fire, the fire caused the death of 2 people (this newspaper yesterday reported). Yesterday, the 4S stores are still blocked. On the south side of the five party Tianya Auto Parts City, operating normally, the fire caused no casualties and property losses of auto parts city.The reporter saw at the scene yesterday morning, workers at the 4S store in peripheral erected scaffolding, scaffolding on a circle around the tarpaulin, protect the scene of the fire. 4S store a black, the two floor was sunken, store the vehicle was burnt out, there are a large number of pieces of glass on the road. 4S shop door “business day” of the word, firefighters said, the morning after 11, the scene of the fire was closed, the specific time to lift the blockade is not clear.According to the insider Liu said, fire in the city auto parts out of range. After the accident, auto parts city quickly organize manpower, the auto parts city and fire area do isolation, continuous water to cool the auto parts city edge, avoiding Auto Parts City on fire. Due to the timely rescue City auto parts, Auto Parts City, no injuries, no damage to property.Fire 4S shop on the north side of the Beijing five bridge Toyota automobile sales and Service Co., FAW Toyota 4S shop yesterday to suspend business. The staff said, they did not sleep the night before, has been close to the Nissan 4S shop in moving more than 30 vehicles. When a fire breaks out, they constantly give Nissan 4S shop wall water cooling, to keep his shop car. Fortunately, the staff of the shop was not injured. (reporter Han Linjun)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Being approved by the State Cultural Relics Bureau approval, archaeologists conducted archaeological excavations in Henan city of Jiaozuo province Nie Cun new found a late Shang cemetery, provides valuable information for the study of the late Shang Dynasty human recipes, ferrule insert human physical genetic factors, burial customs, and has important significance for archaeology.The archaeological excavations, a total liquidation of the Shang Dynasty 40 tombs, 19 ash pits, 2 seat seat wells, unearthed pottery, bronzes, cowries and other artifacts more than 100 pieces.40 the Shang Dynasty tombs of the excavation are small earthen pit graves, divided into the back straight burials and leaned straight limbs was buried two, arranged in neat rows, burial goods less. Most tombs with waist pit, waist pit are the dog. In the filling all tombs, were sacrificing dog, the dog’s head to head with people in the opposite.According to experts, the dog, waist pit burial customs and characteristics of the times and determine the unearthed artifacts, Nie village cemetery for the late Shang Dynasty tombs.Number of M2 found in the tomb of the coffin traces, skeletal integrity, funerary objects placed on top of the head, pottery, pottery GUI, cowries, shells, cowries much which is contained in the mouth. M19 also found traces of the coffin inside the tomb, 3 dog were placed in the upper position and the lower position, filling in the coffin, funerary objects with Tao Ge, copper, copper tools such as ge.Recently, Jiaozuo Archaeological Research Institute of cultural relics have been unearthed the bones of the human body’s gender, age, cause of death were identified, and all the collected human bones, ready for the identification of aspects of isotope and DNA etc.. (reporter Gui Juan)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Localities should popularize of wild animal protection laws and regulations, more standardized approach should be eye-catching position, lifting anchor in the relevant areas to set up multiple warning signs, the sanctuary, season and hunting methods advertised.According to media reports, recently, Zhumadian Municipal Bureau of forestry, the Forest Public Security Bureau held a meeting on the wild animal protection, after the fall of over hunting wild animal will increase of the phenomenon, was hit both overfishing and reward the deployment report. Reportedly, Zhumadian City, 9 districts and 3 counties are designated as sanctuaries, “a list of three” sparrows, frog, toad house lizard, 1700 kinds of animal cannot capture.Illegal hunting, killing of rare, endangered wild animal is a crime, a lot of people know; and catch sparrows, house lizard general wild animal is crime, many people may not know. 6 villagers before the capture of wild house lizard Xingju case is an example. Because of this, the city of Zhumadian to convene the special meeting and with the media interaction, this initiative shows to the public, is very necessary.In fact, crime of illegal hunting is not a new crime, the criminal law of 1979 (old criminal law) to “birds, beasts” as the object of the establishment of crime of illegal hunting. In 1997 the revised criminal law (the new criminal law) will only protect object “rare birds, beasts” removed from the provisions, another illegal hunting, killing of rare, endangered wild animal sin; the rest of the generally hunt wild animal resources, the establishment of a new crime of illegal hunting.It should be pointed out, our country protection of wild animal in general has not paid much attention, although the provisions of the criminal law, but the lack of specific standards of prosecution, in practice difficult to apply criminal law to protect. Until 2001, the State Forestry Administration, the Ministry of public security was issued “on the forest and animal criminal jurisdiction and legal standards”, the provisions in the sanctuary, season or hunting tools, methods of using banned, the illegal hunting of wild animal Lu Sheng more than 20 should be set up more than 50 of the case; as a great case; up more than 100 or has other bad plot as a special major cases, is to provide a standard for the application of crime of illegal hunting of wild animal protection in general. And among them, only to be included in the list of national forestry bureau “the state protects the useful or important economic, scientific research value of terrestrial wild animal” (referred to as the “three list”) 1700 kinds of animal, just in the scope of criminal law in the protection of the.In addition, our country species differ in thousands of ways, and at another place is the crime of illegal hunting behavior, B may not constitute the crime, the key to see whether the column area for sanctuary, whether the time hunting out of season, or whether or not to use the hunting method. As Henan province is only “slightly more than half of the county, District, city as a sanctuary”, in these areas hunting sparrow, frogs, toads, house lizard “three a list” of the animal, is the illegal crime. What are the areas for the sanctuary, look around can conduct propaganda to their area of the people, more standardized approach should be eye-catching position, in the relevant areas to set up multiple warning signs, the sanctuary, season and hunting methods advertised. Otherwise, if some people are not aware of the local area for the sanctuary, even if someone hunt reached general animal standard of criminal case, criminal accountability is not fair on the. Liu Changsong.Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Guangzhou 13000000000 gold property repair using rate of only 1%At noon yesterday, Chen Yingsong, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development led to disclose, on-line Guangdong praised hotline as of this year, Guangzhou received the public pay property special repair funds of about 13000000000 yuan, has used 1 million, the use rate of only about 1%. Yesterday in the program, for the majority of owners concerned about the owners of the committee set up to special funds, property repair using rate is low, the one one Chen Yingsong responded.  Not to repair the gold peak usageIn the program, Mr. Zhu Panyu a large real estate said, they are small owners had hoped Wailimian using property repair special funds to repair the residential building, but limited to repair the use of funds condition, has so far failed to do so.According to reports, since 1998 the implementation of special housing repair funds management approach so far, our collection of repair funds about 500000000000 yuan. As of this year, Guangzhou received the public pay property special repair funds of about 13000000000 yuan, but now only use 1 million, the use rate of only about 1%.The interpretation of Guangzhou Bureau of housing and urban-rural development, property repair fund special audit of the use of time is only about 10 working days, according to the provisions of article seventy-sixth of the property law, to 2/3 of the owners consent, and the housing area to reach 2/3. In addition, because residential special repair funds mainly in recent years the use of commercial housing delivery separately, the current housing is relatively new, public facilities, equipment is not old, not to use the funds to repair the peak rate is still relatively low, so the use of. But in recent years, repair funds by some mechanism to “borrow” case occasionally heard.Chen Yingsong said, repair of special funds have been in the bank, in the hands of the owners, who use the funds must be programmed to go.  The establishment of the Commission owners is a “big”Tianhe District Tian Zhuang small owners Lee came to the show site, about the difficult their owners committee established. Mr. Li is the living area with a total of more than 1500 households owners, close to 72% of the owners involved in the establishment of the Commission owners vote, spent a total of 3 years, 3 years down the experience of administrative reconsideration of these procedures, until now, their owners committee is still elusive.”Now is the establishment or smaller proportion.” Chen Yingsong said, the establishment of the Commission owners has been the “big”.According to Mr. Li’s description, they have close to 72% of the owners involved in the establishment of the owners of the committee vote, the owners have a strong desire to form an owners committee. In this regard, live connection Guangzhou city Tianhe District housing and urban and Rural Construction Bureau, relevant staff response, the streets of voting in favor of the votes percentage should be verified, the current Tianhe District government has made administrative reconsideration, called Street recalculate the vote.Chen Yingsong said, ministries and agencies are promoting the establishment of the electronic voting system approach to solve, also going to have to do in this regard good cities survey, finally I Property Management Ordinance inside some can not adapt to the present situation in terms of the proposed amendment, ministries and agencies to apply for the provincial people’s congress. (reporter Lin Honghao interns Xu Ying correspondent Chen Yanshu)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

“Bang” a loud noise, large billboards struck the ground with cement blocks, avoid leaning to either side down head hit road, induced coma on the spot. The day before yesterday, the scene in the Chancheng Dongcun Nanzhuang Road, passers-by were subsequently emergency hospital treatment, at present people have wake but brain extravasated blood, may have to do surgical operation.  Scene: more than 100 square meters billboards landingThe heather Avenue Nanzhuang Zhen Dong Cun, Chancheng District diagonally opposite the arch. Reporters yesterday at the scene to see, billboard blown about 20 meters long, 6 meters high, is a rusty iron, surrounded by a layer of printed with advertisement character canvas. The billboard heavily in a blue van and a silver car, car front cover has been deformed, windshield cracking. Billboards collapsed, some still hanging in the upstairs, two floor of the shop windows were billboard top broken, there is always the danger of falling.  Situation: the injured or who underwent operationWith the side shops of Hunan people Huang Yongfeng said, the wind and rain, he had just returned to the building next to the car, only to hear “bang” a bang. He found that after getting off the bus, brother Huang Yongqiang to hold the head fell to the ground, cement block he was billboard hit in the head down. Huang Yongfeng immediately to hold his brother to the porch, and immediately report to the police, the ambulance rushed to send him to the hospital.Make Huang Yongfeng depressed, their parked two trucks also smashed, plus a silver car is smashed to smithereens. The shop owner building the right hand side of Mr. Shen also said, when he heard a loud noise and ran out to see, found him lying on the ground, and saw his car smashed, windshield is broken, “is really a wind sprang up, and then the billboard fell”.According to introduction Huang Yongfeng, brother Huang Yongqiang sent to Nanzhuang hospital, was diagnosed with brain occipital congestion, retinal Gore, language is affected by. “Now he is awake, but the doctor says the brain and congestion, still have to stay in hospital for observation, may have to accept the cranial operation.”It is understood, the injured for medical expenses has spent more than 10000 yuan, but billboard owners but the delay did not appear. Huang Yongfeng said, Wade things warehouse boss this year to take over the store. (reporter Tang Jinfeng)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

The netizen photographed suspected the big fish was management office said they found no ferocious fishesThe day before yesterday, precast accessories Huizhou West Lake “a leaf boat” netizen hair post says found fish 1.5 meters long in safflower lake reservoir, lifting socket and video cameras sun to online, fixing socket once again aroused heated discussion whether users have the big fish on safflower Lake reservoir. Red Lake Management Office to respond, at present has not yet found ferocious fishes, but the water under the situation of uncertainty, advises tourists don’t wild swimming.Netizen “a leaf boat” said: “September 14th in safflower Lake cycling, in the green channel entrance first bicycle rental, also after the car in car rental stalls behind suddenly discovered that the lake has a shadow in swimming, a closer look at the two small intermediate crude, should be a big fish, visual about 1.5 meters long.” Reporters watched video and screenshots, found that the red circle one after the other two fish shadow is really moving, in comparison with the surrounding scenery, fish at least 1.5 meters long.Then, there will be own fishing to take pictures of the lake fish photos posted on the Internet, the big fish photos pale yellow staggering, but obviously is the two together to paddle.Safflower Lake in addition to the public release, no foreign fish into. But in recent years, did many netizens said in safflower Lake encountered or found or captured fish pictures.Red Lake Management Office responsible person said, they also see related posts, but has not yet been found more than 30 pounds of fish. They are not sure whether it is really a big fish, but will take care of the patrol staff pay more attention. (reporter Qin Zhongyang Wu Huang correspondent)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Beauty, has become indispensable for many Evergo consumption. However, scaffolding clamps in view of beauty salons consumer complaints in recent years has been high.In August 5th this year, precast accessories Ms Fang Yiwu to Yiwu Jiangdong Street a beauty shop to do mask. The second day to get up in the mirror, lifting loop square lady was frightened his face, “the whole face is all black, and on television package of blue sky almost.”MS Fang find beauty shop, didn’t expect stores said, may be the Ms. Fang skin does not suit to do this mask, promise to do a few care can recover. However, over the past month, Ms Fang black remain unchanged.Several unsuccessful negotiations, square lady dialed 12315 consumer complaints hotline.Yiwu City, Market Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers used to the beauty salon mask were examined, and found that the mask is informal, there is no quality problems. In the coordination of the industry and Commerce Department staff, mask manufacturers relevant responsible person from Jiangxi to Yiwu, and stores and MS Fang joined by mediation.Finally, the Ms. Fang stores agree to compensate 6000 yuan, 1880 yuan for manufacturers.In this case, to remind Yiwu market supervision, to buy beauty before the service would also need to beauty “Raiders”, different beauty products to adapt to different consumer groups, do not because of blind consumption lead to “cosmetic disfigurement not a change”.In addition, if consumers in the beauty in the process of the body appear strange, should be the first time to the hospital, so as not to miss the best treatment time and cause more damage.Our correspondent Wu GongqunNewspaper reporter Gong WangpingSponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the CBD CMC, erection anchor CBD core area will be built underground public space of the city’s largest, a total area of about 520000 square meters, underground engineering project in Beijing City, the largest area of excavation depth of the deepest, most complex function. At the same time, the core area of 19 commercial buildings will achieve full connectivity underground.The CBD core area west of East sanhuan, East Road, north of knitting, Guanghua Road, south of the road, covers an area of about 30 hectares, consisting of 18 plots, Beijing CBD the current focus on the development of land. The CBD core area on the ground and underground area of 4100000 square meters, of which construction area of land of about 2700000 square meters, will have 19 commercial buildings have sprung up, including the height of over 500 meters Beijing first high-rise “Chinese statue”, composed of CBD core areas of landmark buildings.Beijing CBD CMC relevant person in charge, the underground space in CBD core areas of line 1, line 10, planned R1 line, 17 lines and the East China World Trade Center on the north side of the bus station will be opened, becoming the underground trail, both sides will become a commercial street, let the pedestrians in the transfer way direct dining shopping shopping malls. At the same time, the core area construction will achieve full connectivity underground.In addition, as to the entire CBD core areas to provide convenient transport links, improve the city municipal facilities and emergency disaster prevention space, to ensure that the core area of the smooth, efficient operation, the CBD core area underground public space is divided into five floors underground. Underground space is mainly including underground transportation system, underground commercial street, underground public buildings, underground infrastructure. (reporter Liu Xueyu)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Recently, online a occupation beggar counting money hand cramps photos again hurt social nerve. The old man in the photo, anchor socket curled up at the post office counter, ledger blade guarding the front of a pile of hills like change, ringlock scaffolding kept counting her number, number, forget oneself, be happy and pleased with oneself.We knew right away, our love was again playing sport, be remitted part of an obscure village ill-gotten gains, into a small building, car, and delicious life. Part of the infamous seems to be very pleased with oneself, the bare playing even point, leaving a group of terrified spectators on the internet.In a handahansha afterwards, even lose the reason people have to admit, the conventional means of them basically invalid. No matter you ruined demoted, playing the curse, they will in every morning on time to appear in the center of the city, the bus station, subway, the pedestrian bridge in the city, you bathed in light, enjoying the best day time, put a tattered dirty bowl extends to the front of you.Beggars like Zhang dogskin plaster as close to the city. Say to the money people are stupid, so some people often give money are the most outstanding in the crowd, say true and false and several share clear. Said the government inaction, urban, he pack up and go, even a weight are not received, the somebody else is zero cost, also can go to, urban management can not be pegged to a place all the time. Let the police horse, but what counts to catch them? Begging and did not break the law, even if it mystify, money is not his chase you want, but others take the initiative to give, you take what he means. Or go back to the Qing runaways, engage in the mandatory detention and repatriation of the old path, estimated no one would agree. The so-called moral binding, more fragile, in the city being looked down upon, they still can be in the home, in front of the magnificent small building back to respectability.Some things are not mere warm can be solved, occupation beggar probably belongs to this kind of. No matter in life jinbaba Chinese or in wealthy countries, part of a beggar than absent in our life. Some people because of the life force, one is a way of life, while others are completely cheater, if there is no way to distinguish the one one, bear could become helpless choice, it is impossible for the dirty water, having also out together.But there is a law is common, when the hurried retreat, will be a little more, a time of national peace and order will be less. Social justice is strong will be less, ethos is when a little more. Love and hate more clearly, their living space is small; the dignity of the individual is guaranteed, the more they cherish to own dignity. The common progress of occupation beggar problems depends on the society.Deceived who are not good, the old man in front of a bunch of change is to let a person very off putting, but in that moment to give money, we all feel the happiness to help others, I think, by its very nature, this is the most important. One day, no coin occupation beggar’s bowl, or a beggar on the street are not, we really should worry about, this means that there may be a group of can only use this way to survive the people can not get real help.Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]

Yesterday, steel chamfer the safe operation of the elevator monitoring center of Guangzhou city announced the elevator safety situation in August. In August, the elevator safety operation monitoring center (96333) received a total of 4446 telephone. Elevator emergency disposal of a total of 756 cases, ledger blade which trapped people event in 484 Cases, BFD coupler 272 cases of failure events. Rescue trapped personnel a total of 1313 people, average daily equipment trapped people / failure rate was 2.48%… Among them, the high incidence of emergency event locations are mainly concentrated in the residential, commercial units and hospital. False positives, elevator power failure is the result of user elevator main external fault reason.Last month, Guangzhou City, a high incidence of emergency event locations are mainly concentrated in the residential, commercial units and hospital. The residential area occupies the first place: trapped in 176 cases, 172 cases were failure, accounting for the trapped people total disposal and fault disposal of a total of 36.36% and 63.24%; ranked second business units: trapped in 226 cases, 72 cases were failure, accounting for the trapped people total disposal and fault disposal of a total of 46.69% and 26.47% in third; who is the hospital, trapped people in 35 cases, 8 cases were failure, accounting for the trapped people total disposal and fault disposal of a total of 7.23% and 2.94%.The cause of the fault according to the fault of the statistical categories in elevator fault, external fault, door system (64.15%) (12.7%), the electric control system failure (10.98%) three categories of reasons were the top three, accounted for 87.83% of the total number of faults. External factors include power outages, faults of the elevator user improper operation, such as small class decoration sand 12. The more common causes in August has the following three categories:1 user false positives are mostly warning people not understanding due to lift function, such as other elevator floor door blocking, the elevator is stopped long ladder maintenance thought is stop staircase fault, there are user keys, cards fall well road lying about the trapped people. Elevator and the fault caused by a total of 112 cases;2 lift blackouts caused failure in August is more frequent, resulting in elevator fault and a total of 97 cases;Failure in August 3 life garbage and sand caused by the Decoration Co occurred in 92 cases, including clothing wholesale market and garment enterprises using the elevator, scrap cloth in the process of transportation fall stuck car door, leading to the door cannot be opened and closed; new projects use the elevator to transport decoration materials, sand through the car sill enter the elevator hoistway door lock, resulting in poor contact fault. (reporter Du Meng Sui Zixuan correspondent)Sponsor Link:[db:LINK1] [db:LINK2] [db:LINK3]