In new networkBaotou on 18 October, (Li Ai plain ice) 18, reporters from the Baotou City Hall was informed that,formwork clamp from the 43 city the Lei Feng team of about 80 more than person in charge of 17 gathered in Inner Mongolia Baotou City, around the “Lei Feng, give” volunteer service to communicate research. The meeting was followed 5 years later, the Lei Feng team throughout the country “elder sister” school event Lei Feng experience the largest forum.From 2002 since the establishment of Changchun City, the country’s first team Lei Feng, now named for Lei Feng’s team throughout the country, a car carrying “Lei Feng” signs, traveling in the urban and rural lanes in the taxi, Lei Feng has become a shining spirit shining city flow card and civilized scenery line.According to Lei Feng culture research Chinese Life Science Association Secretary General Li Fengwei introduces, Baotou team Lei Feng and team Lei Feng launched the “Capital Taxi continued to take Lei Feng road” events from 2002, the campaign initially only 8 city Lei Feng racing, and later to the national 43 city Lei Feng team joined, they embody the spirit of Lei Feng, the spread of Lei Feng culture, footprints all over the country on both sides of the Changjiang River. In recent years, the Lei Feng team throughout the country also emerged in many advanced characters and typical deeds, Capital Taxi Team Lei Feng was named the national workers vanguard, Xinjiang tourism car rental company, the Lei Feng team was named the national advanced collective of transportation industry.It is reported, at the experience exchange meeting, the national 43 city Lei Feng team also jointly issued the “proposal”. They are common to the taxi practitioners suggestions: improving their own quality, strengthen self-discipline, learning from Lei Feng spirit, to join the ranks of volunteer service, dedication of love. (end) Shenzhen 18 October report (reporter Wu Jun) 18 days before thirteen five pm, Yuan Xia community source technology company occurred in Shenzhen Longhua New District Guanlan office fire of pine. According to the Longhua New Area Administrative Committee relevant person in charge,ringlock scaffolding at present, the fire has killed 3 people, injured 1 people. Seriously injured people were rushed to hospital, at present no danger.According to the Longhua New Area Administrative Committee responsible person, before the source technology company as a result of the explosion caused a fire, fire area of about 100 square meters. According to the preliminary site investigations, the cause of the accident the factory suspected illegal use of white oil cleaning the floor, causing an explosion accident. Thirteen fifty, the fire was extinguished.After the fire, the relevant departments rushed to the scene, to rescue the wounded, and do a good job in the aftermath. The fire department is still in the further investigation of the cause of the fire.

Lan Xiang usually can not just out of College StudentsIntroduction: “see you these day hang Lan Xiang mouth people,halfen frimeda I really want to dig a pit to bury you! When it comes to digging, so the question again…… I still have to find Lan Xiang!” This is the latest in a piece Micro message friends pass very fire.However, the Beijing Youth newspaper reporter survey found, this “fate” technical school graduates, in the eyes of not so strong.Who is Lan Xiang? Tuition notice listed advertising marketing costLan Xiang is currently known to be the largest private occupation technical school China, in their five campus in the annual 30000 people students scale. One of the three campuses located in Ji’nan city in order to “Lan Xiang” named after the road on both sides of the core of Lan Xiang’s.It can do the largest, close relation with Lan Xiang’s self promotion ability. On the century 80′s inception, Lan Xiang founder Rong Lanxiang began to do advertisement enrollment in the Central People’s broadcasting station and Shandong people’s radio station in the country, the private school of technology is a precedent. From the beginning of the last century 90′s, Lan Xiang began television advertisements, caused thereafter Sichuan and Henan, private schools have to follow. Later, Lan Xiang takes the lead in introducing image spokesperson, had to play Mao Zedong, Zhu Geliang Tang Guoqiang in the eyes of the farmers is the positive energy, he every day on television in his thumb to recommend Lan Xiang.Rong Lanxiang once said, every year Lan Xiang spent on advertising costs up to tens of millions of yuan, the result is almost each of Lan Xiang’s students are here to go to school because of advertisement. According to a claim to graduate students in Blue Xiang Xiao Hu told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in their tuition notice, the school will even explicitly listed as a cost is the advertisement fee, about 5% or so, some of the popular professional advertising expenses will be higher.In addition, Lan Xiang’s marketing ability does not belittle. Now in the Lan Xiang school’s official website, as long as you log in, it will pop up dialog window, there is always the customer service staff to introduce you to the school, answer the questions. And exchange a variety of ways, can be QQ to talk, but also can mail message, even as long as you input your mobile phone or fixed telephone, after a while, someone will call to come over, the purpose is not to spend your own telephone charges.How is Lan XiangMilitary management is known as the “Foxconn technical school in”"In the Lan Xiang failed to learn skills, with Tsinghua University what is the difference?” This Lan Xiang is alleged to have on the opening ceremony of the headmaster talk, also had Lan Xiang had a fire. Although in the end it was confirmed to be friends of ridicule, but really reflect the cultivation of students’ Practical Philosophy — Lan Xiang. A school leader Lan Xiang once said to the media, the net friend ridicule let them enjoy this.According to a private education experts beiqingbao reporter said, School of practical technical training such as Lan Xiang, can let a lot of people in the big city a contemptuous disregard, because their itself to these industry practitioners to disdain, is a kind of contempt for the idea of the. But for the vast rural area young people, to go into town and to find a feed themselves and improve their work and family life, for they are a very urgent.Children in rural areas to the city there are two roads, one is admitted to a university, after graduation to think of a way to stay in the big city; the two is to master the skills to earn a living Leng Ran to the town. For the former, but that is only a lucky few can get opportunities, but for most want to enter the rural children, private technical school is the best choice. Beiqingbao reporter investigation understands, in large agricultural province of Shandong, this kind of occupation technical school very much. How to choose the school, for the information channels in isolated rural areas parents, nothing more than it is to pass from mouth to mouth, another is to look at advertising. Lan Xiang and precisely grasp this point, so in recent years, the total number of students has been able to maintain in the size of twenty thousand or thirty thousand people.”Lan Xiang is more like China education industry ‘Foxconn’, but it produces is to master work skills to students.” There is a Lan Xiang graduate in online QQ group, many of which are from the Lan Xiang graduate students, including their evaluation of Lan Xiang and complain. “Lan Xiang is a militarized management, students must obey the management, discipline, time and rest.” It is claimed to be called Lan Xiang graduates, students here usually can not just out of school, temporary life activities can only be in the school to buy, the campus mall is Lan Xiang own business, commodity prices tend to be more expensive than outside. Students also reflect the monthly living expenses during the study in the Lan Xiang to 1000 yuan, higher than other schools. Another student said Lan Xiang’s food is expensive and is in very poor, many people often live on instant noodles.Who go to Lan Xiang?The school every day to pick new JiNan Railway StationAlthough will get put on a par with himself and Tsinghua University, a small number of outstanding but Lan Xiang students quality is obviously not really with a powerful army can spend the Tsinghua University compared to single plank bridge. In Lan Xiang’s students, although there are college entrance exam on the number of graduates, but very little, go out to mix at home after many years to learn some things, really want to go the other way to home and do something after work, after dropping out of school, in each to Lan Xiang students have more is more complex than the traditional college experience. “If you have both finished junior high school dropout, also have already married with children aged, these are not what strange!” Yu Xiang Xiao Hu himself graduated told beiqingbao reporter, “the key is more students flow you too soon, some people may read half and then disappeared, there are always inserted into the class to class!” It is understood, Lan Xiang every day shuttle newborn in JiNan Railway Station bus, always there will be students new to join this school, and completely not in accordance with the term concept. “Of course, there are various reasons for leaving midway of a wide variety of!”"Students’ composition even complex than a few years ago, age also have the big trend!” Xiao Hu told beiqingbao reporter, the former path of children in rural areas is relatively simple, if you don’t want to go to high school, University, early began to plan the way on the technical school. But now is not the same, with the improvement of life level, many conditional children will choose high school to participate in college entrance examination, a failed even to cram for re examination, until the two or three time the exam is not likely to give up turned on the technical school, then age also big! This is a universal phenomenon in a relatively well-off rural areas, and the current prosperity in Shandong rural areas in the country has the top.There’s been working in the city for several years, even married people with children also learn some skills to further improve the life desire, so that they may go back to school to study. This makes the structure of this kind of technical school students Lan Xiang has become more and more complex.In Lan Xiang learned what?Turn professional tuition fees by half, the teacher can commissionLan Xiang is currently the most powerful of the two major professional cooking and repair, and these two professional was once a specific period of society’s most popular and most urgently needed talents of the industry. As for the professional excavator is Lan Xiang started only in recent years, it conforms to the domestic infrastructure construction greatly launched the talent demand. It is understood, Lan Xiang set up the professional basic is a popular professional now social needs, and will follow the social labor demand hot continuous adjustment. For example, a dozen years ago, motorcycle repair professional is quite hot, and now the automobile specialized have already replaced the motorcycle repair. While sewing Professional Year Enrollment exuberant now also basic atrophy. At present there are aftermarket, here cooking, hairdressing, NC, engineering machinery, mechanical and electrical integration, welding, computer and other eight professional more than 100 jobs. Now auto repair and cooking is currently the two largest professional Lan Xiang foreign propaganda, excavator is the netizen fried together. President Lan Xiang Rong Lanxiang once said that “foreign, employment is not good, wages are not high professional have to cut.”Here, all the students may like carved out of a mold, does not need the personality and talent, as long as according to the process can graduate, employment. Students like school to produce the product, the only standard to measure is to can not find a job.Lan Xiang graduates said, at a cost of Lan Xiang learning usually 50% higher than other private technical school around, but will also have a lot of “beat all the costs, such as transfer” graduation fee etc.. These additional costs are often with the teacher’s income, it is an open secret, so when the teacher advised you over these time-consuming, students are often not refuse. In order to turn class as an example, students learn a professional if transfer another professional can enjoy cheap half tuition fees, this will prompt many students transfer many new professional here, the teacher can from commission.In addition, in the QQ group of graduates of Lan Xiang the biggest complaint also lies in the allocation of work. “That is one hundred percent packets of work, only to introduce a month to 1000 yuan of work how to do?” Still the netizen complain, school just to find a job even if the solution of employment.According to understand, although Lan Xiang’s propaganda is “one hundred percent guaranteed employment”, but if you do not obey the school assignment is to pay a “employment fee”. Some students complain, Lan Xiang often to students remote distribution, obviously can work in their own home may intentionally you assigned to other place, if you don’t go to school fee. They think that allopatric distribution is a practical means of Lan Xiang to the graduates more charges. But for the graduates of these accusations, has not been officially confirmed Lan Xiang.Another insider revealed, many private technical school will be two money — taking students tuition and sometimes in the presented work, the other side said unit introduction fee. But these money hiring work is not so attractive, so when the graduate student to leave units also tend to school and made money unit dispute.How to learn in Lan Xiang?Really want to learn the excavator oil money ten thousand yuanHe said the current popular professional excavator, Lan Xiang in the television advertisement shouting “excavator which family strong, China find Lan Xiang in Shandong!” Beiqingbao reporter searchs discovery on the network, the current domestic all excavator training a large number of institutions, but the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai is very rare. In addition to Shandong, Hunan with ZOOMLION, Sany and other large because of engineering machinery enterprise, excavator training is also considerable. These institutions training period and mostly for one to two months, the training content is mainly basic operation, not including mechanical theory, tuition is based on the training content is different from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan. And almost all of the training school promised “textual bag” and “one hundred percent employment”.While beiqingbao reporter to Lan Xiang recruit students teacher Advisory understanding, Lan Xiang excavator training time longer than other training courses, about two to four months, the basic operation of the training content is excavator, but the teacher stressed that “the time is long, it will not be the same with other schools”. Accordingly, Lan Xiang’s tuition is more expensive than other schools, between 6000 yuan to 16000. At the same time of recruit students teacher also stressed “textual research package had” and “one hundred percent employment”.But beiqingbao reporter Lan Xiang graduates from a QQ group to understand, some Lan Xiang graduated from professional excavator students said, they in the site practice and there is no obvious feel Lan Xiang more than doubled the learning time is too obvious advantages than other schools, “know to the site, in fact, the practice is not to directly to the site to learn, almost a year to learn to come out, certainly than the low cost of school!” Have the excavator operation workers told beiqingbao reporter, this skill is not in school can learn to come out, will the operation can not represent at the site will be used in the school. He said that under normal circumstances, should be at least 100 hours of practice to really grasp the essentials, if one is learning, in light of these 100 hours of operation of the oil money 10000 yuan!Article / reporter Zhang Qin drawing / ju LinPress the memoryThe American media for Lan Xiang “advertising”Started in Shandong in 1984 Lan Xiang initially only in Shandong province famous, people in other regions and only occasionally TV for Taiwan to Shandong satellite TV will hear sound boring selling type advertisement “science and technology where strong, China Shandong looking for Lan Xiang”, but few people would therefore the channel to stay here.Lan Xiang really is “the people of the whole country” known, but also the “due to” two big U.S. newspaper for free advertising do it “”. In 2010, the network system of the United States Google and other big companies suffered hacking attacks, U.S. media said the attack and the China Shandong Ji’nan Lan Xiang school related, Google said the source of the attack in the Chinese city of Ji’nan, a local “Lan Xiang”. “Lan Xiang hacker” event eventually dropped, because the parties which also did not take out the further evidence. Although Lan Xiang for hacking immediately denied, but this apparently made Lan Xiang famous, and “shock” to the overseas.Some people say that this is Lan Xiang’s speculation, but Lan Xiang has always been good at doing. However, to make the United States the two influential old media help a Chinese private school show, this from a common sense point of view some unreasonable, not to mention it relates to a sensitive political issue between the two countries.

In new networkZhuhai on 18 October,prop nut (take Wei Chen Yanru) “dolphin is originally this examination? We feed one’s sight on,cuplock scaffolding “18 days, more than 20 students arrived at the the Hengqin Changlong ocean Kingdom, in Zhuhai the first” blue research group “–” opening ceremony Changlong ocean Kingdom science research study group “.Changlong ocean Kingdom deputy general manager Zhang Delu told reporters, the first phase of research two parts of Science Mission launched the “sea fish class” and “the seals, walruses and seals class”, mainly around the marine fish, mammals and walrus, sea lions, seals and other pinniped animal launches interactive learning exchange. He said the event response of the State Council “on further speed up the development of tourism, guidance to promote the prosperity of socialist culture development”.A brief opening ceremony ended, Changlong ocean Kingdom special arrangements for marine animal workers experienced teaching for the students, the curriculum includes two links knowledge of theory courses and practice courses.Primary school staff at the end of theory class, visited the Dolphin Conservation Center, museum, theater, beluga whale sharks sea lions, penguins hall theatre. They close watch of the dolphin “examination”, from time to time, bent down to touch the dolphin. “I grew up to be a keeper,” one of the third grade girl side to learn the penguin Hantaikeju pace, while back on the students talk about their ideal of life.When the children see the world’s largest fish the whale shark, can’t help screamed, batch and their keepers sit together on the boat, picked up the long handle spoon, with great care to the whale shark feeding.On the same day, the Zhuhai Municipal Science and Technology Association vice chairman Li Weifeng, deputy director general of the Zhuhai Bureau of education Cao Fengyun, deputy director general of the Zhuhai Education Bureau Wu Zhaoping and other leaders attended the “blue research group” opening ceremony, they have appreciated the Changlong ocean kingdom with the school curriculum to carry out science education act. (end)

In new networkFuzhou on 18 October, (Wang Rongchun) 18 days morning 2 when make, a claim: “last night (Fujian Province, Fuzhou city Cangshan Street students) KK bar downstairs fighting,scaffolding clamps resulting in one death and two injuries.” The micro-blog quickly spread on the Internet, caused a lot of attention. Fuzhou city police in Cangshan on the afternoon of 18 response says, after investigation, the micro-blog false information.Fuzhou city Cangshan police bulletin said: after investigation, 18 days 0 when make, the citizens of Fuzhou Cai, Chen 6 people gathered in a bar, a drunken quarrel pull. Chae because of excessive drinking faint in the ground, no fighting occurred, no casualties.Police investigators, 18 days 0 when make, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau Cangshan branch of Lake local police station police received a report, said there was a fight in the KK bar the door. The police rushed to the scene found a group of friends, a total of 6 people gathering in KK bar, because of excessive drinking, pull the occurrence quarrel between friends, but there is no fighting. 1 of them (CAI) due to excessive drinking faint in the ground, the other 2 people (Chen and Wang) also drunk, engaged in a tug of war, fell to the ground.Joint police police to the scene to contact 120 arrived at the scene and faint officers to the two hospital in Fuzhou city to sober up, another two people to inform the relatives and friends home to sober up. At present, the party personnel are fully awake, there were no physical damage, we reach an understanding has left. (end)

In new networkJinhua 18 October report (reporter Hu Fengsheng) a set of 22 pieces of yellow rosewood furniture in Zhejiang on 18 Dongyang International Convention and Exhibition Center of attention,lifting anchor this set of furniture,halfen channel the price of five hundred million yuan.On the day of the opening of the ninth session of Chinese (Dongyang) wood carvingbamboo exposition, this set of known as “the best in all the land of the yellow” pear Home Furnishing asking price five hundred million yuan, staggering. Reporter discovery, although curiosities oligomerization hall, there are still many visitors are the price to attract onlookers.From the merchants of Shanghai introduction, this set of furniture for the 22 set, is composed of a tree, weighs about four tons, old enough to have a thousand years of pear wood produced. Carving time it takes entire firm team for several years. The reason lies not only in price, size large, bright spot is that such things, sell not, rare treasures.The merchant himself, the furniture has a “city in the town treasure” reputation in Dongyang, but not to sell only fair.Reporters watching this price: all the furniture, cabinets, bed backrest base paint everywhere, carving delicate, animals, true to life likeness…… Indeed Guiqi pressing, but the reporter still did not dare to believe that the value of nearly 500000000 yuan.It is reported, also known as huanghuali incense sticks of wood, rare level is higher than that of lobular Rosewood, the wood characteristics of stable, unique aromatic, texture delicate favored by the industry. A watch in sofa Luxing game player told reporters, Huanghua pear is rare in quantity, the current resources are depleted; in recent years, the increase of labor cost and Vietnam prohibited deforestation include pear, rosewood species, makes the scarcity of Huanghua pear were once stir fried dishes, soaring prices.As the world’s wood carving, wood carving, bamboo weaving, Dongyang existing mahogany furniture and other more than 3000 enterprises, output value exceeded 18000000000 yuan, a collection of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Burma and other countries of the rosewood, teak wood and wooden products, are industry game player choice. This session of the China (Dongyang) wood bamboo craft fair, attracted Yunnan, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces to carry wood. (end)

“Various sea creatures dragon” photographedChongqing evening news next to Hainan Sanya, ordinary people can sit sightseeing submersible, down to 40 meters deep in the sea. Yesterday,erection anchor “Chinese manned deep submergence hero”,prop nut “dragon” chief aquanaut Ye Cong at the Chongqing library, the secret of deep-sea diving.Ye Cong said, “dragon” is the uniform stability of underground submarine, “like the elevator.” If the next to the bottom of the sea 7000 meters, it usually takes 3 hours. At the bottom of the sea, Silent Hunter member and the mother ship communication, like playing Micro message. Submersible and the mother ship can be mutual transmission of text, voice, picture.”A lot of people ask me down into the deep sea will not encounter the shark, I actually met a fish is the largest butterfly fish.” Ye Cong introduces, sharks and other large fish living in shallow waters within 300 meters, there is no large fish in the deep sea.Ye Cong said, the deep sea often see jellyfish, white, purple, blue, make different kinds of light, “it looks like the night sky in a meteor shower.”"Sea creatures due to not see the sun, many of which are white.” The lecture, Ye Cong and everybody shared in the seabed photographs. “The biggest fish, no more than 1 meters.” In addition to the fish, and sea cucumber, starfish, sea anemones, and tens of thousands of white crabs, “we photographed at the bottom of the sea, 1 meters long sea cucumber.”Ye Cong said, “dragon” is mainly used for scientific research, not open to the general public. However, Ye Cong said, specifically for the sightseeing tour of the submersible has in built they developed, is expected next year will meet in Sanya and the broad masses of the people. The submersible maximum diving depth of 40 meters, the body has no special requirements for tourists. It can accommodate 9 people, with large windows, which visitors can clearly watch the sea scenery.Chongqing evening news reporter Luo Jing Ren Jun photography reports

In the town of Longhu Xinzheng City Restaurant Mr. Huang, using back from Zhengzhou salt, Salt Industry Management Bureau of Xinzheng city was identified as “trans regional law enforcement officers with salt, salt” confiscated and impose a fine of 200 yuan.Today,ringlock scaffolding Xinzheng salt bureau reported the new development of the incident to the China Netcom, Xinzheng salt bureau to the social public apology, and published the results, to participate in the matter of law enforcement personnel at the same time, employ people to Mr. Huang as Xinzheng Salt Bureau 2014 annual “good supervisors”.This afternoon, Xinzheng Salt Bureau Secretary Li Linxiang came to Mr. Huang in the town of Longhu restaurant, apologize to Mr. Huang on behalf of Xinzheng salt bureau, return fines of salt and a fine of 200 yuan, and to Mr. Huang issued Xinzheng Salt Bureau 2014 annual “good supervisors” appointment book, welcome Mr. Huang to supervise the work of Xinzheng salt bureau.Li Linxiang said, yesterday afternoon, Xinzheng salt bureau of salt for the bureau Party committee reported case, at the time of the involved in the case of law enforcement personnel to make harsh criticism, and quickly make the processing results of research. Xinzheng Salt Bureau salt section chief Guo Xinan was suspended, inspection team leader Wang Shengli was dismissed, ordered the two people made deep inspection and rectification, a staff meeting at the global, announce the results, strictly implement the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of spirit.This reporter has learned, as early as in November 2, 2011, Zhengzhou salt bureau the following requirements, city and county level two salt law enforcement personnel according to law enforcement, law enforcement authority according to law, and civilized law enforcement, examination as long as a qualified salt in Zhengzhou city or county company to supply, are not allowed to punish, not quasi random check, fines, and offenders will be prosecuted for the main the responsibility of the responsible person. In June 19th this year, Zhengzhou salt bureau again reiterated the above requirements, and further points out, find a similar situation, to the merchant, the public introduction of salt industry regulations, active exchange the local supply of qualified salt, non random check, fines.Xinzheng Salt Bureau commitment, in future work to learn a lesson, to ensure that similar incidents will not occur, the party’s mass line education practice of in-depth implementation of the salt monopoly policy, unified to the service to the people on the job.

In new networkTaizhou on 18 October, (reporter Shao Yanfei interns Li Yuanlu) 18 days, Zhejiang Xianju staged a challenge the limits of the amazing drama,pfeifer VS box 2014, the world’s first China Shenxianju Highline challenge held, 3 international and domestic flat belt master successfully challenged the world record.Today in the morning, in the “Zhejiang must” big Shenxianju scenic South Bridge – big back – a Buddism godness Guanyin peaks of the triangle area, 2 from Europe’s top flat belt master Alexander and Damian, with the domestic flat belt master Zhang Liang to challenge the world go flat belt first Dean Porter world record. They walked the length of 88 meters and 53 meters of two flat belt, each successful challenge.From Germany Alexander in the non-stop to complete the action skills at the same time, also has 8 minute 56 seconds through the length of 88 meters of altitude flat belt good grades, become the game the fastest this challenge.Highline is by foreign climbers to create a popular movement to based on wire walking motion, the athletes walk on flat belt fixed between the two points above, maintain body balance, even through the action skills. Because the slackline use rope is nylon products, compared with the elastic steel wire rope walk even superior, to the athlete balance and control requirements are also higher.At present, the domestic challenges Highline can players with no more than 5 people.As a national 4A class tourist area, the typical volcano Shenxianju scenic rhyolite landforms created Qifeng cliff, precipice Tiankeng, liuquanfeibao shock, also has won the outdoor sports enthusiasts.Deputy director of Xianju County Tourism Bureau Zhu Hanbo introduction, Highline project success, to contain rich historical and cultural and natural resources in the Shenxianju given new life. From the beginning of the first challenge, Xianju will become an international outdoor extreme sports Mecca, Shenxianju landscape resources can be used as an international tourism destination to build; and at the same time, it will also promote the development of domestic outdoor extreme sports. (end)

In new networkTaiyuan on 18 October, (Wang Yanjun) 18 days, the “loyalty Chiaki, endless love” crossed Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple and Guan Gong culture overseas tour launched in Shanxi Taiyuan,adjustable base jack the inheritance of Guan Gong culture around the world, combined with the social forces to protect Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple.On the day of the ceremony, crosstalk performer Hou Yaohua, heaven band, love people, were donated to repair Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple.Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple is located in the five China Shannan Liang Gou, “compared with Yuncheng Haizhou Guan Yu Temple, Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple is the eighteen Buddhist deities sangharama Bodhisattva holy land, is the embodiment of Chinese culture broad and profound, the fusion between Buddhism and Confucianism, the unique Temple” to about 600 year history of the Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple has become the holy land of Buddhism, deputy director of the Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple Guan Cultural Center for International Studies Jinfu said wang.Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple has incense heyday, due to age-old disrepair, only fragments remain at the Guan Yu Temple temple, the overall renovation project has already started. It is understood, the Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple enshrines Guandi monarch, a hundred years, the Duke Guan like bricks Whetstone, Banjo Bo Romy do Heart Sutra, pagoda Monument and other literatures and cultural relics.Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple hosted the second wing monk said, this time at home and abroad throughout the campaign activities pray Buddhist organization and world Guandi culture research organization, the majority of the ten Party of believers, for the overall repair Mount Wutai Guan Yu Temple hair merit heart, Fukuda extensive, have no amount of blessing, good luck. Wang Jinfu introduced, will put the Guan Gong culture of tour in Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, America, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other domestic city, faith and carry forward the spirit of loyalty to guide, return to society, the benefit of future generations.Guan Gong, Hedong Xie Liang (now Shanxi Yuncheng) people, the Three Kingdoms Shuhan great soldier, was later elected to the “loyalty”, “the letter”, “righteousness”, “courage” in a model. For thousands of years, people worship of Guan Yu, noble moral quality, especially Zhong Yi Ren Yong and the spirit of good faith, the worship of “Wu Sheng Guan Gong”, also makes the Guan Yu Temple around the home and abroad. (end)