The industry calls for positive rational view of block chain technology

A number of experts and industry insiders in the 21 China block chain industry conference pointed out that the application block chain is the most important in the financial field, using block chain technology at the same time, halfen channel can not touch the bottom line financial. The National Social Security Fund Council Vice Chairman Wang Zhongmin said, the blockchain in the social security system itself, and the social security fund investment management, with the use of extremely valuable. Bear the brunt of the financial sector The State Intellectual Property Office of former Commissioner Gao Lu Lin pointed out that the research field is the most important financial chain blocks. "This year in Washington at the 90 national meeting, many countries are taking action in the digital currency, block chain technology will account for the core position of the financial system. Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan also proposed the "digital currency is the direction of monetary reform. The primary research direction of block chain industry is financial policy, embedded block chain technology." LETV CEO Wang Yongli of China Financial Securities newspaper reporter said that block chain technology has brought great impact on the "Enlightenment" Chinese financial industry, the future of how the blockchain technology is applied to the online authentication, transaction confirmation and a series of fields is the key. Following the requirements of our own laboratory: one is mainly used for the docking online and offline, including face recognition and iris recognition are defined as the method of identification of the line, the line, and then transformed into a block chain of online identity only; two is it possible for more trade concept so there will be the District currency or currency simulation. "When these two problems are solved, in the field of cross-border trading and clearing fund frequent, block chain technology will be widely used." Do not touch the bottom line of rational development There is no doubt that the blockchain heat will continue. At present, many experts and industry insiders called for, should be a rational view of its development. The NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Chinese Internet Finance Association blockchain research group leader Li Lihui pointed out that the potential risk of application block chain technology has exposed, for the application of block chain technology risk management has been paid more and more attention. Li Lihui said: "in the initial stage of application of block chain technology development, the occurrence of some risk events is not necessarily a bad thing, we can get some important enlightenment from." First, the new technology opens new application will also bring new risks, we must construct the firewall technology in the application of moral risk prevention, block chain technology in different scene, must do analysis and argument from authority thoroughly on Intelligent contract and time stamp security, stability, reliability. Second new technology, new features, risk management must adapt to the new structure, must be aimed at risk control measures and emergency measures of the development of new technology new structure. The central bank financial institute director Yao Yudong stressed that the development of block chain technology can not touch the financial bottom line: first not to engage in capital pool, because the risk can not solve the mismatch; second, do not guarantee, because no block chain financial capital to absorb credit losses; third, not to engage in illegal fund-raising; fourth, not because of money laundering. Everyone can do block chain, it is easy to be ignored. Wang Yongli said, to actively and rationally block chain technology, such as using block chain most early, bitcoin in 2009 after the advent of no widely accepted. "I think it is not legal tender, whether legal compliance also need to make a question mark. The future values of coins issued not like bitcoin mining can dig through, must have the corresponding value, and issuing rules must be open and transparent, subject to strict monitoring, can not be adjusted by a few people. If there is no value support, all virtual assets, is actually very dangerous." Reporter Chen Yingyinglifting anchor

The central bank a month seven ticket payment by the third party supervision unprecedented

– reporter Fu Suying The day before, halfen channel the central bank officially announced the first batch of market long-awaited 27 non bank "Payment institutions to pay business license renewal" results, including Alipay, caifutong, 27 were obtained the renewal of qualification, but part of the payment business license contract. The central bank also mentioned a period in principle no longer set a new batch of institutions. Ying Chan Zhang Yexia Consulting Senior Researcher of the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, we can see that the third party payment license renewal audit tighter, platform business compliance and control ability has become the focus of wind. In addition, the recent payment, payment communications, union commerce for violations severely punished, in mutual gold during the renovation, regulators for the illegal third party rectification efforts to strengthen. The central bank Shanghai headquarters deputy director of a patrol officer and financial services Ji Jiayou said recently, the central bank Shanghai headquarters is in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out special rectification activities in the field of Internet banking, payment services and increase the unlicensed illegal payment business rectification efforts. In fact, the central bank is also action, and the third party payment institutions to open a new round of "storm inventory". Last month, the Central Bank of the third party payment agencies issued 7 tickets, including payment communications network service Limited by Share Ltd, UnionPay business limited company and limited company YeePay fined the amount of more than 10 million yuan. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 7 central bank payment institutions impose fines of more than 100 million yuan. Since January this year, the central bank opened a ticket of third party payment agencies have 18 homes. 7 in the ticket issued, YeePay due to violation of the relevant provisions of the liquidation management by the central bank, warning and confiscate the illegal income of about 10 million 590 thousand yuan, the illegal gains and impose a fine of 4 times the total 42 million 360 thousand yuan, a total of 52 million 950 thousand yuan, this is the biggest ticket on the Bank of third party out of the real name system since the network payment. In addition, in July, due to the existence of the real name system, altered merchants bank card transaction information and other serious violations are not implemented, the central bank announced on the communications business payment and UnionPay business the two companies were fined 11 million 101 thousand yuan and 26 million 537 thousand yuan fine. For the renewal, the analysis also said that may convey the most important information is the future of the stock market license will gradually adapt to market demand, may reduce the number or further integration. scaffolding parts

Liang Dingbang: the banking system is facing tremendous pressure of economic situation

Before the China commission chief adviser, former chairman of the Hongkong securities and Futures Commission Liang Dingbang said at the CFA2016 Summit on the 20 day: China investment as the main financial engine and driving force, the banking system is a huge challenge of the economic situation, with the rapid growth of the financial market, the next step will face the challenge of service. He believes that the financial supervision system should be changed. Liang Dingbang said, although compared to developed countries, the current economic growth rate has been very good, but on the one hand, the credit itself is too high, the need to reduce leverage, reduce costs; on the other hand, loan growth slowed down, the capital adequacy ratio of banks also need to improve the 1% will reach the international standard, the loan increase little room for the RRR margin little. Therefore, we must promote financial innovation, banks, large financial institutions must go in the direction of the development of intermediate business. Now the financial business scale in 21 trillion yuan, bank assets now is about 130 trillion yuan. "The next step, the two areas must pay attention: one is the so-called green bonds; the two is the Internet banking. Ping An Group CFO said in Hongkong, they started the Internet electronic financial profit, Internet finance is very important to the financial group." When it comes to the securities market supervision, Liang Dingbang believes that the problem has several aspects: systematic financial risk information has not been timely collection and use; in the rapid price and trading volume rising, the current market (overseas market) will inevitably lead to improper behavior of insider trading rat, etc.; the existing exchange monitoring system can not be found in time improper behavior; monitoring system is the lack of cross market, cross product integration function; the serious shortage of manpower market monitoring regulatory agencies etc.. He believes that the origin of China legal system of financial supervision in the last century in 90s and established in the "separate operation" concept, but the market is far beyond the concept of development. A 90s 99.9% enterprises are state-owned enterprises. Two is the law all the banks can not separate operation, mixed operation, securities companies can not mixed operation, other financial companies cannot be mixed operation. However, the financial ecology is common. The original state-owned units, with the separate business premise, has now been far beyond the market. Reporter Athena Chu lifting clutches

Private banks to apply for the establishment of the subject into a trade barriers and competition is the main reason

Eighth private banks surfaced in the Midwest to become the focus of regional gate release " – reporter Fu Suying Sany recently announced that the China Banking Regulatory Commission recently approved the establishment of Hunan city in Hunan province Changsha bank hunan. So far, eighth private banks officially surfaced in the Midwest to become the focus of regional gate release ". In addition, pfeifer VS box according to the "Securities Daily" reporter, including Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing and other private banks are also actively preparing for the establishment of private banks, the expansion significantly accelerated. Macro economic research center Suning financial research institute director Huang Zhilong told the "Securities Daily" reporters from the regulatory authorities for approval of the private bank, now basically East and west at the same force, and adhere to the "one province (city) line" principle. According to the CBRC previously disclosed data, the first half of a total of 12 private banks to enter the demonstration phase. It is understood that initiated the establishment of private banks including counseling and formal application for the establishment of the two links. The guidance link includes feasibility study, demonstration and consultation in three stages. The local banking regulatory bureau after the demonstration, but also the need for consultation with the local finance office. To enter the formal application for the establishment of links, need to sponsor for the banking regulatory bureau, the Banking Bureau after the preliminary examination and report to the CBRC for approval. Although the application for the establishment of private banks enthusiasm is high, but recently there are many home ready to build private banks listed companies began playing drums retreat, including Yi Bai pharmaceutical and Langma information of the listed companies take the initiative to give up the qualification of promoters, concentrate on the main business. In addition, building research group and mengfali also announced its withdrawal from the business exchange bank preparatory work. Private enterprises appear differentiation phenomenon for the preparation of private banks enthusiasm. In this regard, Huang Zhilong think, on the one hand, some private enterprises combination foundation to do better, some private enterprises have the management experience of financial companies, Consumer Finance Companies, small loan companies and other financial enterprises, and enterprises on the downstream supply chain potential demand for financial services is large, the enthusiasm to build private banks the nature is relatively high. On the other hand, due to private banks to build a relatively high threshold, risk management, involving banks liquidity management of higher professional requirements, and some private enterprises experience in this area is blank. In addition, from the environment perspective, banking competition not only by the impact of factors such as interest rate market is relatively large, but also affected by the financial impact of the internet. The banking industry continued high level of profits era has ended, the banks need more sophisticated business to profit, the private enterprises in all aspects of professional ability are higher, some private enterprises also gave up." Huang Zhilong said. In view of the current private bank capital of small scale, limited financing channels, the Minsheng Bank China chief researcher Wen Bin believes that the newly established private banks can only be precise positioning, play the comparative advantages, to avoid the expansion of the scale of the old. Should tap the development space in three aspects of regional characteristics, industry characteristics and the characteristics of the internet. (Fu Suying) cast in ferrules

The net loan platform has a large market space

The Internet penetration rate and permeability gradually improved, a large number of Internet technology, big data applications on the Internet financial risk control will enable financial services to sink, significantly enhance the efficiency, and the lending rate decreased. At present, only 11% of users will choose to obtain loans by borrowing P2P net loan. At the same time, the high threshold of financial services by lending market there is still a large gap in the market to be filled. The future lending market still need to be excited, and the P2P net loan platform has a large market space to improve. The day before, the Internet financial platform for the love of money into a joint online research firm QQSurvey released "Internet borrowing research" report. The survey by QQSurvey professional data research tools and 650 thousand network database, with the network in the form of a questionnaire from 9000 questionnaires screened 5000 valid questionnaires from the loan market, the borrower needs and solutions, the borrower social behavior characteristics and other dimensions in-depth analysis, to analysis, user consumer borrowing risk pricing and risk management to provide the reference for the Internet banking industry. Future borrowing huge market demand Data show that nearly half of people have had to borrow, and the next year the borrowing needs of people accounted for 56%, the future lending market demand continues to rise. It is understood that the main purpose of lending: capital turnover, shopping, purchase, renovation, Car Buying. Among them, for the electricity supplier shopping proportion has exceeded the proportion of the purchase, Car Buying. Involved in the purchase, Car Buying large capital requirements, most borrowers will choose to bank loans, and the concentration is very high, reaching 79.73% and 67.83%; involved in the electricity supplier shopping capital requirements, the scene BAT convenience of payment can be expressed using BAT lending products ratio reached 19%. In relation to other demands, it will consider borrowing from relatives and friends, credit card withdrawals etc.. At the same time, in the capital, electricity providers shopping, renovation funds demand, nearly 11% of users will choose P2P net loan platform loans, lending has become a useful complement to P2P lending market. 80 is the main lending market From the user data borrowing needs, 80 have been borrowing behavior in the past year as high as 76.36%, 70 times the lowest, 90. Therefore, 80 for RV and other large consumer loans become the main lending market. At the same time, 80 23.5% borrowing funds for shopping, visible, along with the main force in the growth of the Internet generation is the online shopping. Overall, 90 borrowing mainly for housing, catering and entertainment, 70, 80, Car Buying, borrowing is mainly used to purchase decoration. In the "Internet plus" background, "90 public entrepreneurship, innovation" to the "fearless" effect is more prominent, compared with 70, 80 love attribute of Finance and investment, more 90 showing will borrow for entrepreneurship and self investment (Education) wishes. The borrowing needs of users, select a way of borrowing mostly through multiple factors to consider before making a decision. Data show that in the selection of 65.8% of the loan lending platform, users pay more attention to the lending rate is fast, at the same time, fast approval, low borrowing rates, flexible repayment, unsecured unsecured, submit information to choose flexible loan products more favored by the users, fast speed and low rates is still the most important factor of user borrowing. The loan quality user portrait In addition to the lending market research, this report also borrowing needs of the user's individual attributes, social attributes are analyzed in detail, provides a more precise user portrait, clear. The geographical distribution, the borrowing needs of the crowd in the investigation, the residence is relatively concentrated in the southern provinces, the second city, to focus on the three line of the city, for the city residence. The borrower at age of 26 -35 years old, of which 76.8% were married, 92% children have been married and users. Perhaps, accompanied by a variety of consumer demand brought about marriage and children is an important factor to stimulate lending growth in demand. Survey data show that 46.3% of borrowing needs personal monthly income in 4k-8k, 68.6% users have bachelor degree or above, a loan of 28.7% users from state-owned enterprises, 93.4% have social security, 59.4% under the name of a credit card, 1.91 cards per card, the amount of 48986 yuan mean, 28.8% loan users of mobile phone brand apple, super there are 70% rooms, nearly 40% cars. The overall expected repayment ability of the borrower users. Reporter Yin Peng cast in sockets

The first half of 246 the number of P2P platform by traditional industry heavyweights incoming Qucuqujing help

The Internet financial industry reshuffle continues, cast in ferrules P2P net loan by what. According to the net loan home surplus can joint advisory issued "2016 Chinese P2P net loan industry semi annual report" shows that by the end of 2015 the national normal operation platform number 2595, lifting anchor and at the end of June 2016, the number of normal operating platform has dropped to 2349, the first half of a total of 246 time reduced normal operation platform. According to the July monthly report shows that the number of the normal operation of the platform further decreased to 2281, compared with the end of June to reduce the 68, nearly a year low in normal operating platform. From the data we can see, almost every month a platform in the industry exit. However, at the same time, the "Securities Daily" the reporter noted that, although the "town" in out, but outside people still continue to enter — especially such as Evergrande, country garden, sunshine insurance and other traditional industries in the "big brother" also began to get involved in the Internet financial industry. This phenomenon, Ying Chan consulting researcher Chen Xiaojun said the reporter, "issued in November last year in 13th Five-Year for the first time the Internet financial planning is written into the central five year plan, can be seen at the national level for the financial development of the Internet, pay attention to. Traditional industry giants involved in the Internet financial industry is also conforms to the trend of the times, the prospects for the future development of Internet financial industry." Although gradually tighten regulation makes the industry reshuffle has intensified, but many industry insiders on the future development of the industry have a positive and optimistic attitude. Hui Jin general manager Yang Jichuan once said in an interview with this reporter, confidence in the industry mainly from four aspects: first, the market has a strong demand for Internet finance; second, the national policy is good; third, to make a positive contribution to the prosperity of the Internet financial Chinese capital market; fourth, for investors, Internet finance has been a good complement to the traditional financial products, enrich the individual investors' investment choices. <strong> The traditional industry contrarian intervention mutual gold</strong> <strong> Relying on their own advantages to carry out business</strong> Experienced in the process of platform two years before substantial growth after the first half of this year the number of Internet financial platform presents a ladder down trend. Data show that as of the end of July, the number of the normal operation of the platform has been reduced 314 compared with the beginning. "There are reasons in many aspects of this phenomenon, insiders told the" Securities Daily "reporter analysis, one is at the end of last year, regulators issued a net loan industry draft, the negative list mode has caused great pressure on the operation for non-compliance of the platform; two is the first half of the financial institutions a lot of line problems, because many investors can not clearly distinguish between financial institutions and Internet financial platform line, makes a lot of mutual gold platform under great redemption pressure, platform in difficult environment to choose business exit; the three is the first half of the Internet financial platform for many special rectification also affected the supervision after many platforms simply can not achieve the requirements of regulatory authorities, and the survival pressure increasing on the choice of the exit. Despite the constant platform at the exit, but the pace of entering the industry has not stopped. According to the net loan home data show that the first 7 months of this year, every month the number of new on-line platform were 59, 27, 40, 45, 51, 47, 33. Although the number of point of view, the new on-line platform for growth has been less than in previous years, but the reporter noted that in the stage of the industry reshuffle, many traditional industries such as "big brother" Evergrande, country garden, sunshine insurance have bucked the trend into the Internet banking industry, and have to rely on their own resources, and actively develop the asset side. In Hengda Hengda's gold service as an example, backed by a group of powerful capital chain and a large database of potential customers. At present, Hengda gold service already has operational qualification insurance brokerage, factoring and other related financial and business licenses, products include three series, namely the 3 month period of the "Tim Lee series", the 6 month period "enjoy the series", the 12 month period "Allex series". Sunshine insurance under the command of the Hui Jin also launched three products, including financing, investment, Hui Hui Hui mo. It is understood that, as the affiliation, sunshine insurance will help customers do the drainage work Jin hui. In addition, the insurance partner, Hui gold and sunshine insurance under the Rong letter to carry on the personal credit insurance cooperation. <strong> Mutual gold industry showed Qucuqujing status</strong> <strong> Industry insiders optimistic about the future development of the industry</strong> Aiming at the characteristics of the industry, shown on the platform on the increase or decrease in the number of Chen Xiaojun that is just the result of the impact on the industry reshuffle does not meet the conditions of supervision platform for background better platform development is still relatively healthy. "In the current environment, investors will be more on the background of the platform, so did not affect the traditional industry leading companies involved in Internet banking. At the same time, such as Hengda the real estate business has more downstream cooperative groups, contribute to the development of supply chain finance. The emergence of a large number of the platform exit, there is also a new platform to enter, to see the current situation of the development of mutual fund industry worse fine." Although the net loan industry is facing a major reshuffle, but many industry insiders are still optimistic about the future development of the industry. "We are on the Internet financial sector development remain optimistic," Yang Jichuan said at the same time, in the development of the industry, regulators will be very important. The regulatory role should not be single, help the industry to order need to have a group of industry leaders. "The leaders of enterprises of high quality, China can really help the real economy and the development of Inclusive Finance will promote industry self-regulation. The essential attributes of Internet banking is the financial, so the real leader should be born out of the financial industry. This group of industry leaders may be the innovation of enterprise, but its shareholders, team professional or to finance as a fundamental, which cannot be changed." With the gradual landing regulatory policies, credit system gradually perfect, the development trend of net loan industry, Chen Xiaojun analysis, "consumer finance led credit will occupy more market share, but also show scenes of service. The asset side will also become more abundant, for many large platform to develop a variety of assets to achieve a one-stop financial funds, such as insurance and so on. The popularity of mobile terminal equipment will break the shackles of space and time, can be more convenient to achieve financial and borrowing, let users better experience financial services. More traditional industry giants will enter the Internet financial industry, industry concentration will show more and more high, and many small platform because of the pressure of survival and opt out." The insiders told reporters on the road, from the investor's point of view, because of the huge demand for asset allocation diversification, the platform will further enrich the assets of the end product, there is a transition of integrated financial platform, and the platform will focus on the segmentation of the vertical segments, this should be the main development direction of future development of Internet banking the. pfeifer vs box

Internet financial practitioners test certificates"

Xinhua Shanghai August 21st news (reporter Pan Qing) after 2 months of training and examination, the headquarters is located in Shanghai radium Chi Holdings Limited 33 students recently won the junior "Chinese financial analyst" certificate, swift lift anchors become Chinese Internet financial industry first "certificates of employees. "Chinese financial analyst" is the Ministry of human resources and social security approval of the occupation training certification, divided into primary, intermediate and advanced level three. Those who have passed the examination, unified certification by the Ministry of human resources Chinese employment and training center. According to the China Internet financial industry lack of unified standard of occupation training, from the beginning of February this year, Chinese financial analyst Evaluation Committee launched the "Chinese financial analyst" occupation training to the national Internet financial practitioners. The evaluation committee China financial analyst relevant responsible person said, financial analysts and accountants are essentially different. The former through the relevant training and examination and certification, is specialized in financial analysis, business units to provide financial advice and decision support, and the financial industry to make investment decisions, analysis of professional judgment. The latter is engaged in state organs, social organizations, enterprises and other economic organizations accounting and accounting supervision of professional personnel. Shanghai has become the first run Chinese financial analyst training class city, first class by Chi Holdings Limited 33 radium employees, including newcomers entering the workplace, there is also a senior executives liangbinbanbai. It is reported that, since there are 3 Internet financial enterprises in Shanghai have set up such training. In recent years, with the development of Inclusive Finance for the Internet financial background, A new force suddenly rises. But at the same time, also exposed the many problems of Internet financial industry and practitioners uneven in quality. The person in charge of financial analysts Chinese Evaluation Commission said that this year is the Internet financial industry to develop, the country began a one-year special rectification action, regulatory measures have been introduced to crack down on fraud, illegal fund-raising and other illegal and criminal activities, firmly hold regional systemic risk does not occur in the bottom line, reshape the Internet financial industry social credibility. To improve the professional quality, has become one of the important contents to promote the development of Internet financial industry standard. It is understood that Chinese financial analysts only accept the occupation training enterprise unified registration, will be gradually extended to the whole country. This means that the Internet financial enterprises and employees in the future there will be more and more "certificates". cast in ferrules

"Made in Hangzhou" international business tycoons of Hangzhou are frequent stage of internationalization

Scene Li Chenyun photo    Beijing In August 21, Hangzhou (Hu Fengsheng) southeast of shape, three Wu will, Qian Tang has been flourishing since ancient times. A flow of the Qian Tang River, holding the landscape humanities, to the world's oceans, also witnessed the great help of Hangzhou merchants, the rise of the world. Under the new economic situation, Hangzhou's standing at a new historical height, how to break the limitations of the region, the integration of the world economy? 21, the glory and the dream of Hangzhou "was held in Zhejiang, taking G20 Hangzhou International Innovation Forum", a number of Hangzhou merchants giant share international development path of their enterprises, and discuss the innovation way of enterprises under the new normal. In Hangzhou, a perfect blend of history and reality. In the old Hangzhou people, still faintly visible smoke Willow Bridge painting, curtains green, stagger one hundred thousand people "in the face of prosperity, passing of night, Hangzhou has long been covered with modern clothes. China corporate vice president of the Federation, Xizi United holdings chairman Wang Shuifu, this is a witness, also a witness. "Order, do not come out, very excited, very hard, very painful." Wang Shuifu said, "manufacturing entities should be down-to-earth, experiencing the pain of childbirth process of the pregnancy in October, to succeed." At present, with the China Xizi united commercial aircraft, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and other well-known aviation manufacturers reached a cooperation, Zhejiang has become the first to enter the large aircraft manufacturing industry chain enterprises. In the roundtable discussion session of the forum, vice president Wang Shuifu, and Chinese nctg Tourism Association chairman Chen Miaolin, President of the joint venture investment Chinese Specialized Committee, Zhejiang venture chairman Chen Yuemeng and other commercial giants and China Electronic Commerce Association vice chairman, chairman of Tian Ning CIE stone plate WebUnion, (CIE) China District representatives, Huapu Yongming chairman Chen Kai as a new business Jie, discusses the international development path of their enterprises, to discuss under the new economic normal innovation of enterprises Vice president, Chinese nctg Tourism Association chairman Chen Miaolin, starting from their own path of internationalization, to express their unique ideas and cultural integration. In June this year, Frankfurt Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel for three years and finally opened. By starting from a conference, now has more than and 140 hotels, is the largest private China Kaiyuan Hotel group. However, even this rich experience in enterprise, the time step abroad, also suffered unimaginable difficulties. "China at the fastest speed of opening a more than and 400 room hotel, as long as 13 months; the German hotel has more than and 250 rooms, the transformation has spent 3 years." Chen Miaolin said bluntly, "out of the country, cultural integration is the key." Huapu Yongming lighting company, founded only 5 years, but LED can be sold to the world cup in Brazil, the industry leader PHILPS into the backyard of the Spanish ace. CIE (International Institute of lighting) China District representatives, Huapu Yongming chairman Chen Kai summed up themselves to do the two focus: "the best thing, the best business model." "Products and technology can be unified, but finally landing the local population and sales must be combined with." Chen Kai said that the start of the local sales, sales to local thinking, narrow the distance between the two sides in the culture, and then fit the century needs and environmental design and production, Huapu Yongming thus forming a huge global network. Through this model, the internationalization of the maple Yongming has begun to take shape. Zhejiang venture capital chairman Chen Yuemeng and rock network alliance chairman Tian Ning also shared their journey of Internationalization: two of them, the passion and the culture and health in the field of overseas mergers and acquisitions, help domestic listed companies to increase profits, industrial transformation; the latter led the Chinese team into the world of mobile Internet. "Now we have a monthly income in Thailand has over 100 thousand dollars, next year, a company in Poland, Germany, Malaysia, revenue will reach $100 million, accounting for half of the country." Tian Ning said. It is understood that the "glory and dream, G20 Hangzhou International Business Innovation Forum" by Hangzhou municipal government, Hangzhou economic and Information Technology Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Hangzhou Municipal Tourism Committee, Hangzhou Municipal People's government state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hangzhou Municipal People's government, the domestic economic cooperation office, Hangzhou media group, Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District propaganda department; Chinese news agency Zhejiang branch, Hangzhou TV channel, "Hangzhou business" magazine editorial contractors. (end) steel chamfer

The official business of Xinjiang's first intelligent greenhouse flower market

Merchants are busy putting flowers. Photo by Wang Xiaojun    Beijing August 21 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaojun) 21, Xinjiang's first intelligent greenhouse and the largest flower market Xinlian flower world officially opened, covering about 13000 square meters, north of the city of Urumqi is only a large comprehensive flower market. People pick love flowers. Photo by Wang Xiaojun As a high-tech zone (new city) the focus of the project investment, officially settled in Xinjiang Xinlian flower market, makes up the blank of North no large flower market, Xinjiang Xin Lian flower market radiation high tech Zone (new city), the open area (Toutun River District), qinggeda Lake Development Zone and the Eastern, Changji City, Wujiaqu meters etc.. Market leader Yang Mingye said, breaking the traditional intelligent greenhouse greenhouse lighting rate of one-sided pursuit of philosophy, not only light transmittance, good ventilation, but also the basis to ensure the light to prevent excessive temperature and ultraviolet radiation on plant damage. Officially settled in Xinjiang Xinlian flower market, make up the blank of North Urumqi no large flower market. Photo by Wang Xiaojun Live in the north of the city of Han Ting said the people, before buying flowers to run far, now home near the entrance there is the flower market, and all kinds of flowers cheaper. Located in the north of the city of new flower market transactions a total of more than 400 kinds of flowers, of which more than 100 kinds of rare flowers, in Guangdong, Yunnan, Hainan and Taiwan flowers, flowers, in addition to the Xinjiang merchants around the wholesale, but also retail oriented public. Businesses choosing flowers for the public. Photo by Wang Xiaojun On the same day, Xinjiang new world of flowers and Guangdong Chencun flower world, Guangdong world horticultural dumping million contract, build direct Xinjiang only base of the flower market, the same day, there are 3 trucks in Guangdong flower field sales. (end) scaffolding parts

The rural credit project "Jin Yi" three rural "refinement" into the treatment of poverty

For rural credit support mountain grape planting project wednesday. Photo by Yang Yun    Beijing 21 August Guiyang Xinhua: rural credit project "Jin Yi" three rural "refinement" into the treatment of poverty Author Yang Yun He Shan Wang Lincheng "Today to Loushanguan village to find Ge Zhiyan talk, swift lift anchors the old Ge wants to expand tourism farmhouse, he is the development of households." This is an ordinary credit investigation visited Luo Qingqiu, as Zunyi City, Huichuan District Rural Commercial Bank town board, Loushanguan ginkgo, big ditch, long Tian Village of the four credit account manager for two years, so he has visited over 1200 times, every time his visit is not a simple home visits, but to for every household in poor households file credit evaluation assessment, to further support and provide a reliable basis for financial aid. "No investigation no first-hand materials, poor households difficulties do not know, not to find out the causes of poverty, of no specific measures of poverty relief." Luo Qingqiu told reporters, "only for households, because of policy, helping to establish accounting, in order to play the precise effect of poverty alleviation of rural credit." The rural credit project implementation in 10 years, Guizhou province rural credit environment, improve the level of financial services, alleviate the farmers "loans". At the same time, farmers also recognized the importance of honesty credit. The project is a precise poverty alleviation filing riser earlier practice in the filing credit rating process, understand the causes of poverty, poverty of the masses of ideas and methods, the equivalent of "financial doctor" to the poor people to look and smell, find root "disease", "prescription", "the root cause of poor governance". After the dam group is one of the most remote village Banqiao Town Group, is also the most Banqiao Town villagers group villagers group of poverty. To help find a way out of poverty relief dam group of villagers team jointly organized by the town board and the bridge credit poverty alleviation has several in-depth visits. "8 poor households typical." After the visit, the working group draws the investigation conclusion, "these poor households have a shortage of funds can not be limited to farming skills, expand the scale of farming, the next step will be based on the actual situation of households, control the current poverty alleviation policy to give aid, to solve the financial difficulties, to help them get rich." Li Hongyun is a visually impaired, with cattle breeding skills, because of poverty, to expand the scale of farming. Banqiao credit cooperatives responsible Sun Tao visited Li Hongyun's report to the town government. In order to help the visually impaired Li Hongyun, the town government and credit cooperatives joint renovation of the Li Hongyun home to the breeding shed the road, and the expansion of the breeding shed by credit, increase the number of beef cattle. "I was not clear, but the heart bright, road repair, loans also have, the rest is hard to become rich." Now, Li Hongyun more than 20 beef cattle breeding. "As a service" three rural credit cooperatives of the bank, you must know, agriculture, agriculture, peasants Ainong fu." Huichuang agricultural firm president Liu Yonghe told reporters, "one of a policy, to be precise helping." More than 10 years, in Guizhou Province, 7 million 800 thousand farmers, rural credit project for 7 million 570 thousand households 6 million 870 thousand households have access to credit files, credit rating, 6 million 550 thousand households were assessed for channel users, 5 million 400 thousand farmers received credit support. Guizhou province has created a group of 85 thousand credit, credit village more than 1 months, credit Township 757, 19 County Credit and credit 1. Do not forget the early heart. To improve more than 10 years, Guizhou province rural credit cooperatives through the data and the large number of complicated content of rural credit project, broaden the loan and raising the amount of credit, increase the service object, establish a comprehensive rural credit system, alleviate the rural "loans". As of now, Guizhou province rural credit system nearly 320 billion yuan loan balance, the balance of loans to small farmers credit amounted to 105 billion 100 million yuan, accounting for nearly 30%. In October 2015, the poverty alleviation of rural credit cooperatives in Guizhou province and the office of Guizhou Province, the people's Bank of Guiyang branch Chinese jointly issued the "Guizhou province" preferential loan "precise poverty opinions", to determine the participatory poor farmers issue "50 thousand yuan (inclusive), within 3 years, the loan period of unsecured mortgage, poverty alleviation and support the risk compensation of the low interest rates and low cost of credit for poor households in poverty alleviation, production, employment, schooling and relocation and other purposes, to help poor households for the poor sector". As of June 2016, 2 million 50 thousand households in the province of Guizhou (except for the precision of poor farmers, going out for a long time, over five households, not filing the rating), rural credit cooperatives in Guizhou province has 1 million 500 thousand poor credit rating, credit amounted to 53 billion yuan, to 620 thousand poor households filing riser poverty alleviation loans, loans amounted to 21 billion 300 million to 200 thousand yuan, the cumulative distribution of poor farmers "preferential loans 7 billion 200 million yuan, 200 million yuan interest concessions. In June 2016, Guizhou poverty alleviation projects of agricultural industrialization bank and docking will be held in Guiyang, part of the financial institutions, the provincial finance department of Guizhou province and Guizhou Province Rural Credit Cooperatives and other 9 prefectures and Gui'an District, 88 counties in Guizhou Province set up agricultural credit Guarantee Corporation, registered capital of 5 billion yuan, mainly for Guizhou province's agriculture especially model operation of the main food of moderate scale of financing credit guarantee services, and effectively solve the agricultural development in the financing difficulties, financing expensive problem. Guizhou agricultural credit Guarantee Corporation will be part of the bank and financial institutions launched a $10 billion financing guarantee of agricultural industrialization poverty alleviation project business, give full play to the agricultural field of financing guarantee credit and risk function, through a "bridge" between banks and government financing, and strive in the "13th Five-Year" period, 50 billion yuan of financial funds to guide the agricultural industry. To ease the financing of the "three rural", the financing pressure, promote agricultural economic development in Guizhou province. (end) steel chamfer

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