The formal "into the basket" SDR bond welcome development opportunities

– joint credit rating Co. Ltd. Li Weifeng In October 1, 2016, the RMB officially joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) has become a currency basket, fifth members of the international reserve currency status. At the same time, China's three month yields also become the calculation of SDR interest rate of RMB interest rate for the representative, for SDR denominated financial instruments, especially for the SDR bond is a good opportunity for development. SDR bond refers to as denominated bond products to SDR. In August 31st this year, the world bank issued a SDR China bonds in the inter-bank market, the issue size of 500 million SDR (about $700 million), issued for a period of 3 years, the coupon rate of 0.49%, won 2.47 times oversubscribed. This is the world's first single since the 1981 issue of the SDR bond, and globally for the first time in the form of public issue of SDR bonds, the issuance of the bonds on the one hand to expand the use of SDR, enhance the stability of the international monetary system, on the other hand, but also conducive to a rich China bond market trading varieties, promote the opening and development of Chinese the bond market. The world bank, China National Development Bank and ICBC (Asia) Limited will be issued in the interbank market SDR bonds. The RMB formally incorporated into the SDR, is expected in the future there will be more Chinese funded institutions and international organizations planning to issue bonds Chinese market SDR. So what is the attraction of SDR bonds to make a lot of domestic and foreign institutions in droves? Compared with the single currency as denominated bonds, SDR bonds advantages are mainly embodied in the following aspects: one is between the SDR currency basket in the weak or negative correlation between the natural attributes of the hedge, can avoid interest rate and exchange rate risk to a certain extent; the two is to meet the needs of investors diversified asset allocation to reduce holdings of currencies, need financial assets hedging arrangements, reduce the transaction cost; the three is for the capital account is not fully liberalized countries, SDR bonds can be for domestic investors to provide an allocation of foreign exchange assets without involving cross-border capital flow mode. But because of their own reasons, there are many shortcomings of SDR bond complex design, currency basket adjustment high uncertainty, poor liquidity, the liquidity difference is the biggest bottleneck in the development of SDR bonds. But with the yuan formally incorporated into the SDR, these issues are expected to be improved to a certain extent, SDR bonds are expected to be further developed in the Chinese market. First of all, in the yuan before adding, the currency SDR basket there are different degrees of risk, because the interest rate is based on the SDR SDR currency basket three month Treasury yield to maturity of the weighted average, so the RMB after adding the overall risk of SDR currency basket is expected to be reduced to a certain extent, hedge value will be further highlights SDR bonds. Secondly, the current global developed economies of the sovereign debt yields collective decline, the United Kingdom and the United States three month yields were maintained at a level of about 0.30%, Japan and the euro area bonds showed varying degrees of negative earnings rate, while the IMF of SDR set a minimum rate of 0.05%, the RMB after the interest rate level is expected to be about 17BP (according to IMF estimates) increase, which will contribute to the enhancement of SDR bonds attractive to international investors. Again, China regulators of the SDR bond development support, which laid a good foundation for future SDR bonds. Finally, provide favorable external conditions to accelerate the process of internationalization of the RMB is also for the development of SDR bonds. The RMB formally incorporated into the SDR after the use of the renminbi is expected to further expand the foreign investors to configure the RMB bond asset demand will further increase, SDR securities are illiquid or eased to a certain extent. In the future, SDR bond development still has a long way to go, still need to solve the following problems: one is the SDR basket weight adjustment (every five years) the risk of uncertainty, while shortening the maturity of a bond can avoid this risk to a certain extent, but in the SDR basket weight adjusted SDR how to bond valuation a major problem facing the development of the bond adjustment is SDR; two is due to the current lack of SDR bond yield curve, market demand curve and the issuer rate through the monetary gains credit risk pricing, the SDR bond valuation is difficult; the three is the capacity and fluidity of SDR bonds the market is lack, how to further enhance its attractiveness and make more domestic and foreign investors to participate in the fundamental problem is still the SDR bond market development to solve.lifting anchor

The State Council special regulation of Internet financial risk

The P2P lending network, precast concrete accessories the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance and other key areas of remediation Chen Yingying Li Chao Liu Guofeng Reporter Chen Yingying Li Chao Liu Guofeng. Recently, the State Council promulgated the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the financial risks of the Internet special rectification work carried out comprehensive arrangements for the deployment. "Implementation plan" requirements, in accordance with the "illegal and protect legitimate, actively and steadily and orderly resolve, a clear division of labor, strengthen cooperation, the working principle of the combination of distance, bianzhengbiangai," the distinction, classification policy, focus on the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, third party payment, by the Internet to carry out cross-border asset management and financial services, the financial sector engaged in Internet advertising and other key areas of remediation. Central bank: take "penetrating" supervision Chinese website of the people's Bank issued 13 ministries issued "through the Internet to carry out asset management and financial risk in cross-border business special rectification work plan", "non bank payment institutions risk special rectification work plan". According to the different types of subjects via the Internet to carry out cross-border asset management and engaged in financial business, the rectification of identified three focus on remediation. One is the asset management business qualifications, but the business does not regulate all kinds of Internet companies; the two is without the qualification of asset management and other financial services, to carry out cross-border financial activities of Internet companies; the three has a number of financial business qualification, the comprehensive management of the obvious characteristics of Internet companies. The people's Bank of China relevant responsible person said, because through the Internet to carry out asset management and cross-border engaged in financial business relates to the field of interleaving, many departments and regional wide, need financial management and local government coordination, special rectification in accordance with the qualitative business should be accurate, clear, responsibility to remediation remediation measures to the requirements, combined with the status and main card business characteristics to institutions, take the "penetrating" supervision method, define the nature of business, the implementation of remediation responsibility. In the aspect of non bank payment institutions risk rectification work, the people's Bank of Chinese clear, focus on special rectification work on the one hand is to carry out the payment mechanism of customer deposit risk and inter agency clearing business regulation; on the other hand is to carry out remediation unlicensed payment business. SFC: special rectification to raise public equity risk The Commission and other 15 departments jointly issued "on the 13 day to raise public equity risk special rectification work plan". "Implementation plan" the regulation of the Internet on equity financing platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) to engage in equity financing business on behalf of the public to raise equity ", to raise public equity raise nominal private equity investment fund, on the platform of financing for unauthorized disclosure or disguise the development platform through the stock, fictitious or exaggerated the strength of the platform, financing project information and return methods such as false propaganda, financial products on the platform of financing issue stock fraud, misappropriation or platform and their staff occupy investor funds, platform and real estate development companies, real estate intermediary institutions to raise public equity in the name of illegal fund-raising activities, securities companies, fund companies and Futures Company holding brand cooperation of financial institutions and Internet companies to carry out illegal business and other 8 kinds of problems. According to the classification and disposal work requirements, specification and investigation for the problems found in the classification regulation. In the process of illegal behavior, as illegal plot, rectification, the consequences of different treatment. Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said, the Internet equity financing platform and platform of financing for Internet equity financing, it is prohibited to engage in the following activities: one is the unauthorized public offering; two is a disguised public offering; the three is to carry out illegal private equity fund management business; four is the illegal operation of securities business; the five is false and illegal advertising for financial products and services; six is the misappropriation of investor funds or occupation. For the name of the public to raise equity "in equity financing business or raise private equity investment fund that regulation, actively regulate. Found suspected illegal issuance of stocks or engaged in illegal securities activities, shall be punished in accordance with the working mechanism of cracking down on illegal securities activities. Found suspected of illegal fund-raising, in accordance with the disposal of illegal fund-raising work mechanism to be investigated. Found false statements or misleading propaganda behavior, carried out according to the relevant laws and regulations. Find the network information content posted in violation of the relevant provisions, shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Internet information management. The misappropriation of investor funds, or taking up the issue of fraud and other alleged crimes, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. CBRC: special rectification net loan risk Recently, the CBRC 14 ministries jointly issued the "P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan", to carry out special rectification work in the net loan risk nationwide. "The main problem" to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the basic situation and the requirements of institutions of various types of products and business operation, institutions exist, net lending institutions and the business expansion and excessive publicity in the media, promised high returns involving real estate, with capital or campus net loan business to focus on the investigation. At the same time, focus on special rectification rectification and banned Internet companies online and offline illegal or carried out over the range of net loan business, to carry out illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities in the name of net loan. CIRC: special regulation of Internet insurance CIRC relevant responsible person said, the Internet insurance special rectification work for a period of one year, divided into diagnostic investigation, investigation and rectification report in three stages. Diagnostic investigation stage, mainly through a comprehensive investigation, random checks and other means, to find out the risk base, and to develop corrective solutions. At present, this work has been completed. The next step will be to investigate the rectification stage, in strict accordance with the regulations, issues related to the investigation found that the timely and comprehensive rectification. Timely carry out on-site inspection, increase efforts to deal with, to halt operations, ordered rectification and other regulatory measures for the illegal operation of the main body of the market, crack down on illegal Internet insurance business behavior. The final stage is the summary report. The special rectification work is scheduled for completion in early 2017. fixing socket

The minutes of the Fed's dollar yen rally or re combustion was suppressed

The Federal Reserve this week announced the September meeting minutes. The minutes show that Fed officials believe that if the U.S. economy as expected, erection anchor in a relatively short period of time will raise interest rates is appropriate. There are 17 decision-makers in the September policy meeting, 10 of whom are voting members. 3 voting members of the September decision to vote against their support, raise interest rates immediately, this is the first time in a meeting so many opposition members asked to take the same action in the direction of 2011. In the September policy statement, the Fed adopted the "temporary" new wording to maintain the current interest rate level, is generally considered hawkish signals. However, according to the minutes of the meeting, several voting members worried that the introduction of the phrase "may be wrongly interpreted as the Fed interest rate decision is that the impact of future time, but not the accumulation of evidence". Despite the Fed's policy makers on the current inflation rate of 1.7% is close enough to 2% goals have different opinions, but many voting members pointed out that "signs of inflationary pressures are slow rebound in inflation". In view of the employment market, part of the voting decision makers said cautious interest rate practices can help further recovery in the job market. After the September meeting, the Fed chairman Yellen and Fed officials said that if the labor market continues to rise, inflation continued to rise, is expected to raise interest rates before the end of the year. This year there are two Fed monetary policy meeting, respectively in November 1st to 2 and December 13th to 14. The market has basically ruled out the possibility of interest rate meeting in November, due to the U.S. presidential election will be held on November 8th. This Friday, Yellen will deliver a speech in Boston, the latest clues can be obtained from the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. The dollar index rose short-term momentum. From the daily chart, ahead of high resistance 97.50 has been punctured, after a firm will open further upside. 4 hours chart K line received continuous positive, bullish momentum again dominant, both subjective and objective trend upward. The current price of the rise on the previous correction, the dollar index is expected to further up, operation is still against the weak non US currency based ideas. In addition, Japan's central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko said this week, ready to be necessary to ease monetary policy again, including a further reduction in negative interest rates to stimulate the sluggish economy and inflation. Kuroda Higashihiko made a speech in the House Budget Committee, said the Japanese central bank purchases of government bonds amount may be around 80 trillion yen change, but stressed that will continue to buy large amounts of bonds to influence the yield curve. Last month, the Bank of Japan will depend on policy objectives from printing money to interest rate, because the original strategy to help the economy out of stagnation for decades. According to the yield curve of the new framework of "control", the main method of easing the Bank of Japan will be the level of negative interest rates from the -0.1% further down, or cut its 10 year bond yields on the target, the target rate of return is set in the near zero. The move is in the future lay the foundation for the Bank of Japan cut the massive balance sheet. At the same time, Kuroda Higashihiko reiterated that the Bank of Japan will maintain the current pace of bond buying, and stressed that according to the central bank's new policy framework, debt purchase amount is still quite large. The Bank of Japan as the yen rose to stimulate inflation and economic growth obstacles. Bank of Japan will further cut negative interest rates to prevent a sharp appreciation of the yen. Foreign star Li Yingchen Gariki ringlock scaffolding

Xi'an city tourism marketing alliance was established to expand the international tourism market

Beijing October 13 Xi'an Xinhua (reporter A Linna) Xi'an City Tourism Marketing Cooperative navigation alliance 13, adjustable base jack was established in Xi'an, after the establishment of the alliance will be unified brand image, build Xi'an "aviation + tourism" international tourism products, the co-development of the international tourist market, jointly launched preferential measures. On the same day, Xi'an city tourism marketing cooperation and navigation "The Belt and Road" international route development conference, nearly 70 domestic and international airlines, 260 domestic and overseas travel agencies and industry representatives, hundreds of shipping destination city travel agency representatives gathered in Xi'an to jointly plan Xi'an international route network construction and tourism development. According to reports, after the establishment of the alliance, will deepen the "aviation + tourism" model of cooperation, strengthen the airline and Xi'an major scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies and multi-directional cooperation between car rental companies, and strive to make Xi'an air port throughput in 13th Five-Year during the annual growth of 13.5%, an increase of 15% visitors to Xi'an every year. According to the union of a "Xi'an declaration", the future alliance to unify the brand image, the implementation of brand strategy, build Xi'an Xi'an air travel air + travel international tourism products. The charm of the ancient capital, the quality of Xi'an "slogan, unified production for the international tourist market, multilingual tourism advertising films, feature films and tourism tourism promotion manual, broadcasting on a flight on. In addition, the alliance will carry out "the charm of ancient Xi'an, the quality of product marketing activities, to jointly explore the international tourist market. Each year a member of the unit led to promote the theme, combined with overseas carried out the activity of "air + travel tourism promotion. The alliance will launch a series of preferential measures to jointly promote the signing of the individual as the main object of the "machine + king", "machine + car", "machine + wine" strategic cooperation agreement and the team visitors as "machine + tour" mode of cooperation, collaboration and mutual benefit relationship. According to the international and domestic flights for passengers, with 72 hour transit visa policy, where a relevant airline boarding pass by tourists to Xi'an's major scenic spots, hotels, travel vehicles, newspaper group travel can enjoy discount discount. At the same time for the airline or high-speed rail transit passengers, including meals, storage, forwarding and other five free service. (end) ringlock scaffolding

Domestic banks test iris payment comments: after the light "chop hand".

Domestic banks test iris payment Intelligent technology change rapidly, anchor socket fingerprint, water stopper face scan mobile payment just emerging, more sophisticated eye pay again. Recently, a domestic joint-stock bank launched the first iris payment in the industry, some special types of mobile phone users through the brush eye to complete the payment service, so as to obtain new experience more secure and convenient payment. (Shandong daily) After the light "chop hand" is not good, but also "exoculation". swift lift anchors

Hebei Xingtai 39 companies into Latin America Business Summit (map)

Vice mayor Guo Xutao Xingtai Municipal People's government and the Latin American merchants to negotiate. Photo by Zhang Pengxiang    Beijing In October 13, Xingtai (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui) "as the summit of Xingtai's largest exhibitors, I was very excited. We Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in recent years has been committed to technological innovation, to participate in the Council, is to be the city of Xingtai agricultural industry promotion to the world." 13, Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. chairman Zhao Xuejun told reporters. The tenth Chinese Latin American Entrepreneur Summit will be held in Hebei Tangshan in 14, representatives of 31 Latin American and Caribbean countries and regions and enterprises to participate in the activities. On the evening of 13, 39 companies from Hebei, Xingtai, 56 enterprises and 79 entrepreneurs in the Latin American region, Xingtai city investment promotion and buffet will meet in advance. Xingtai municipal government deputy mayor Guo Xutao to the scene of the Latin American entrepreneurs said that Latin America is one of the most promising emerging regions of the world, has a profound traditional friendship between Xingtai pull, we hope that the summit will provide an opportunity to present the same friendship, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in the mining industry, equipment manufacturing and the new energy, automotive, transportation, science and technology, tourism, culture, education and other fields, so as to realize the advantages of mutual benefit and win-win situation. Hebei Tianshun children's Toys Co. Ltd chairman Li Yuxia said, to participate in the Council. I am very happy, at present, our products have entered Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries, we want to through the summit of our products to the broader international market. JA solar vice president Sun Guangbin said, crystal dragon group and JA group is the United States listed companies started in Hebei, 70% of our products are exported to foreign countries, the Latin American market occupies a large proportion in our exports, the summit of the organization is very good, and we can make the Latin American businessmen negotiate face to face, we will help this platform, the Chinese photovoltaic products to more countries. Mexico national industry association Customs Committee Chairman Ogul Cardena (transliteration) said, we are very pleased to be here to participate in this meeting, through this activity, we have a deeper understanding of Xingtai, we will go to visit Xingtai. Xingtai merchants Secretary Zhu Rugong said that in recent years, Xingtai and Latin America, Caribbean countries increasingly close economic and trade relations. According to customs statistics, in 2015 the import and export trade amounted to $160 million. 6 months of 2016, bilateral trade volume was $85 million, an increase of 6%. Xingtai and Latin America cooperation has great potential. Chinese Latin American Entrepreneur Summit in November 2007 by China CCPIT advocate for the first Chinese is founded, economic and trade cooperation in Latin America to promote the mechanism of platform, get in two countries pull political and business circles attach great importance and active participation, known as the "flagship brand pull pragmatic cooperation". The annual summit, held alternately in Chinese and Latin American countries. So far, has been in China, Chile, Columbia and other countries held nine sessions. (end) lifting clutches

CIRC intends to introduce insurance sales back system remediation misleading sales problems

CIRC intends to introduce insurance sales back system remediation selling misleading ills Next year to sell insurance or recording The insurance industry is not "misleading sales" problem, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently on "insurance sales behavior management Interim Measures back (Draft)" began to solicit opinions. The draft clearly requires insurance companies through various means of information technology, video image acquisition methods, key content and record the insurance sales process, the problem can look back at the sales behavior, important information can be found, the responsibility can be held. A large insurance company according to the relevant sources, the CIRC issued two days before the draft, which requires supervision in advance and things for insurance consumption, which relates to how to protect the interests of the insured, which is the purchase of insurance products need to video recording. It is reported that the "insurance sales behavior management Interim Measures back (Draft)" to be implemented since July 1, 2017; "insurance consumption risk warning management Interim Measures (Draft)" to be implemented from March 15, 2017 onwards. Present situation The insurance sales channels are "misleading sales problems" In the last week held in Beijing Third International Forum on insurance, the CIRC Consumer Protection Bureau deputy director Luo Qingzuo said during a keynote speech, found in the inspection process of the CIRC, "misleading sales" in personal marketing, electricity sales, net sales or the bank insurance channel are different degrees of problems. Some insurance companies in order to one-sided pursuit of insurance premiums, in the process of selling insurance to customers still exist in the exaggerated insurance liability, concealing important terms, inducing situations such as customer. CIRC statistics monthly will be regularly informed of the insurance consumer complaints. According to the insurance consumer complaints in August published by the CIRC briefing shows that in August received a total of insurance companies involved in contract disputes categories of complaints 2498, accounting for 93.10%; the insurance companies involved in alleged illegal type of complaints 179, accounting for 6.67%; involving the insurance intermediary contract disputes categories of complaints 1, accounting for 0.04% of the insurance intermediary; mechanism of alleged illegal class 5 complaints, accounting for 0.19%. Way 5 kinds of "selling insurance" for recording According to reports, the "insurance sales behavior Interim Measures" back management is still in the internal industry comment period. Require the insurance company through a variety of means of information technology, video image acquisition methods, key content and record the insurance sales process, the problem can look back at the sales behavior, important information can be found, the responsibility can be held. The draft proposed recording requirements for insurance sales: one is the insured person over the age of 50 years, during more than a year to buy insurance personal insurance; two is the purchasing life insurance to pay insurance fee of RMB 200 thousand yuan and above or equivalent foreign currency of USD 30 thousand and above; three is disabled buy insurance for more than a year of personal insurance; four is the period of the insured to purchase insurance in the bank insurance agency and industry for more than a year of personal insurance; five is insured by insurance companies and insurance intermediaries in the place of business self-service intelligent terminal purchase provisions of insurance products. unscramble The new regulations will help protect the interests of consumers The key link in the process of selling insurance, including insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and insurance sales staff to fulfill the obligation of insurance consumers, insurance products and insurance risk prompted consumers to confirm feedback etc.. An insurance practitioner told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, some sales staff not skilled or malicious to hide some information, leading to disputes, days after the hidden danger to the insurance company, also brought losses. For example, the court case, an insurance to insure timely on the grounds of "deductible" insurance company ", due to lack of backtracking management system, can not come up with evidence to inform policy holders, was sentenced to insurance company lost. In the industry view, through the establishment of traceable system to heavy regulation of misleading sales initiatives, such as technology and may lead to increased labor costs, third party channels not with such problems to the insurance company in the short term. And for the Internet sales of life insurance, the actual operation has certain difficulty, or quick convenience will be affected. According to another report, the CIRC requires insurance companies should be insurance sales behavior back work into the performance appraisal system of the comprehensive management of company, to back work branch ineffective and related personnel for serious accountability. This was interpreted as the OCI Department determined in the remediation of misleading sales. Text / reporter Lin Lishuang for map / visual Chinese Related news CIRC: next year will evaluate the publicity service insurance firms In the third Beijing International Forum on insurance, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Consumer Protection Bureau deputy director Luo Qing said, in addition to the CIRC website monthly informed insurance consumer complaints situation, next year will be the service evaluation of the various insurance companies to conduct publicity, then which company, which company is poor, which company the claim for a long time, a little shorter "problem will be more clear. CIRC has issued the "measures for the administration of insurance company service evaluation (Trial)", all the key evaluation scope will cover the insurance service, carried out once a year. According to the property insurance and life insurance has established two sets of quantitative indicators. Quantitative index selection covers all key service sectors, taking into account the principles of objectivity and veracity of data. Among them, the service appraisal system of property insurance companies including 8 indexes involved in the sales, underwriting, claims, consulting, complaints of five links. The evaluation system of service life insurance companies also include 8 indexes involved in the sales, consultation, visit, claim, preservation, complaints six service links. The insurance company service rating for A, B, C, D four categories, including AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C, D 10. Luo Qing said, according to a survey, consumers will own a good consumer experience to share, but generally only share to two people; and are not satisfied with the experience, a person will tell more than 20 people. It also confirms our Chinese the old saying, "Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly". The spread of negative word of mouth lethality is very strong, will greatly affect the consumers' trust of a company, an industry. Next year, the CIRC will service evaluation of insurance companies of insurance firms is expected to promote the publicity, cherish the reputation and reputation, better insurance services. Text / reporter Lin Lishuang cuplock scaffolding

Industrial bank intends to initiate billion industry fund to help Fujian marine economic development

Beijing In October 17, the day before, lifting insert the Industrial Bank and the Fujian Provincial Oceanic and fishery department, cross investment fund management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Waterway Bureau held a signing ceremony in Fuzhou, reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the construction of marine economy in Fujian province. According to the agreement, the industrial bank will participate initiated the establishment of the scale of 10 billion yuan of special marine economic construction industry funds, to provide financial support for the construction of marine economy in Fujian province. According to reports, the strategic cooperation partners, will give full play to advantages in the industry planning and management, integrated financial services, investment fund industry, port design construction, focusing on fishery and fishing harbor economic zone complex construction, promote Fujian province marine industry supply side reforms, enhance the level of development of marine related industries. Including: the establishment of the scale of special industry fund 10 billion yuan, the first to raise 2 billion yuan, for Fujian fishery fishing harbor economic zone, complex, fishing town features, marine engineering equipment investment projects; promote the comprehensive development of Fujian province marine equipment, offshore wind, marine tourism resources, speed up the Fujian coastal marine complex construction, marine development economic transition; promote the construction of Fujian Harbor Economic Zone, in the fishing harbor economic zone as a link, to promote and enhance the level of Fujian fishing port construction, realize the fusion of the 123 estate development along the coast. In addition, as a co sponsor, the industrial bank will undertake special fund industry marine economic construction existence management function. In recent years, Fujian province to further implement the "five development ideas, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, focus on" development planning "of Fujian Strait Blue Economic Zone, and strive to carry out the construction of marine economy pilot province, the province's marine economy showed a good momentum of development. In 2015 the province's marine production value of nearly 688 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 13.3% during the "12th Five-Year", has become an important force to promote the economic development of the province. "13th Five-Year" period, Fujian province will play in the fishing port shelter disaster prevention function on the basis of existing, in cities and towns of fishery industry as the foundation of the layout of building 20 regional industrial structure balance, industry level is high, fishing harbor economic zone leading role and radiation effect obviously, further expand the function of economic activities in trade, processing, fishing logistics and other aspects, to promote the fishing group, urban and industrial groups three linkage group, to promote the development of the marine industry. The signing of the agreement will be better to encourage and guide the large enterprises and financial capital to participate in the Fujian fishing harbor economic zone and Fisheries complex construction, promote the docking depth development of marine economy and financial innovation service. Industrial Bank as the only company headquarters is located in Fujian of the national commercial bank, will continue to play a group of integrated business advantage, increase financial innovation in the marine economic development in support of the marine economy of Fujian province industry key enterprises bigger and stronger, to encourage cross regional investment, acquisitions and mergers, leading marine industry projects and capital agglomeration, development the docking of marine economy in Fujian. In recent years, the industrial bank to actively adapt to the new economic norm, actively through the fund industry service supply side reform in Fujian. As of now, have been involved in initiating the establishment of development fund of Fujian Province, Fujian cultural industry innovation fund, government and social capital cooperation in Fujian province (PPP) guide fund, the strong support of the Fujian province local economic structure adjustment and the supply side structural reform. pfeifer vs box

The CIRC issued new regulations clear intermediary six requirements

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission October 13th issued the "notice" on the good work of the professional insurance intermediary business license, formwork accessories regulate professional insurance intermediary business license, lifting socket to promote the healthy development of the intermediary market. The "Circular" from six aspects put forward specific requirements for the review: one is the shareholders own true legal requirements. The shareholder shall not use bank loans and other forms of non equity capital investment, legal person and natural person shareholders shall comply with the relevant standards, issued by the financial investment ability of evidence. The two is the registered capital of the implementation of the trust. Require institutions should open a custody account at the financial strength, management norms, experience with managed banks, all registered capital trust. Three is the full and effective occupation liability insurance. The applicant occupation liability insurance institution shall issue a letter, and keep the occupation liability insurance in full, effective and continuous, shall not violate the provisions of surrender or reduce the level of protection. The four is reasonable and feasible business model. The five is to perfect the corporate governance. The six is the risk of testing will meet the requirements of risk test of the mechanism, comprehensive investigation mechanism, shareholder history and existing operating conditions related units or individuals, a comprehensive assessment of the risk. Reporter Li Tangninglifting anchor

Occupation pension market is the lack of what?

Li Yan Yue The Ministry of human resources and the Ministry of Finance in late June to the public comments of "occupation pension fund management Interim Measures" in the day before the issuance of the implementation. Because according to a certain proportion of the investment of A shares, A shares market became the occupation pension in a long-term funds. In May 1st this year, "the national social security fund regulations" formally implemented, one of the most important aspect is the A stock market into the pension investment. But today, the pension market is still only stay on paper. The two teams have the long-term funds into the market conditions in the law, the opportunity to enter the market has become the focus of all the conjecture. So, how much the possibility of two long-term funds together into the city have? First look at the occupation pension. Occupation pension fund, refers to the occupation pension plans to raise funds and investment gains of the organs and institutions of the supplementary pension insurance fund, the beneficiary refers to the organs and institutions to participate in the occupation pension plan staff. According to public information, China's institutions have 1 million 110 thousand, the cause of the preparation of 31 million 530 thousand, about 7 million of the total number of civil servants, which indicated that the organs and institutions of staff a total of nearly 39 million people. Due to the occupation pension population has a relatively stable income, so the experts estimated 5 years after its entry into the capital city of up to 300 billion yuan, is now about half the city pension theory scale. Obviously, the market size of occupation pension is the theory of. And, to be sure, even if the occupation pension can now enter the market, the size of funds is also the nature of the total market value of an utterly inadequate measure of A stock market. Moreover, occupation pension also needs to find the agent, trustee, trustee, investment manager, and then into the city will be mentioned in the schedule. Because the enterprise annuity experiences and the occupation pension can greatly enhance the work efficiency. Roughly, the earliest occupation pension market time in December of this year will take place. The pension. Today, from the legal level pension allowed the time more than 4 months have passed, but the pension market has not yet become a reality. Thus, a long-term investment funds into the stock market to the complex. In January this year, the official argument is given, "that started in 2016 (pensions) investment goals on time." At that time, "the National Social Security Fund Ordinance" has not been formally implemented. In July this year, Ministry spokesman Li Zhong said, the next step will be to speed up the development of relevant supporting policies and measures of management of investment funds for basic old-age insurance, pension fund investment to start as soon as possible. Because of the national co ordinating pension plan is too complex, may to November this year to launch. "Securities Daily" quoted experts as saying, "the basic pension fund collection has a certain degree of difficulty, therefore, the possibility of the December pension market is relatively large." So, pension and annuity market occupation time is likely to be concentrated in December this year. Note that the attribute of pension and annuity occupation, especially the former, decided their investment strategy is conservative and cautious. Whether or occupation pension annuity, the market at the beginning of the fund size is not too large, to the A stock market is more confidence level support. A stock market in order to achieve the transformation, the most fundamental way is to become a healthy, stable and can create value for investment in capital market. After the elements, long-term funds to pension as the representative will then become uninvited, A stock market firm long-term value investors. Securities Dailylifting anchor

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