In September 16th,precast accessories the reporter learned from the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that,lifting insert as of 15 evening, from the beginning of the 8 day of this heavy rainfall caused by Dazhou, Guang’an, has a total of Bazhong, Guangyuan and other 10 city (prefecture) affected about 2500000 people, has shifted 160000 people, 8200 houses collapsed, killing 6 people, 6 people missing, a total of caused direct economic losses of about 3400000000 yuan.According to the meteorological data, the northeastern basin from the beginning of the 8 days of heavy rain to heavy rain weather, lasted for more than a week, as the history of a rare. As the evening of 15, the province’s 31 counties 470 stations rainfall exceeds 200 millimeter, 5 Bazhong County, Dazhou, Guangyuan 3 city, 45 stations rainfall exceeds 400 mm, the maximum for the Tongjiang County estuary station, up to 682.5 mm. Among them, Nanjiang County, Dazhu County, Guang’an District, Wangcang County, county process rainfall breakthrough the same period in the history of extreme value; Dazhu County, Guang’an District, Pingchang County, Longchang County, county of the same period in the history of extreme daily rainfall breakthrough.Heavy rain caused the area affected to varying degrees, the Qujiang River basin part of the town and the river low-lying water inundated, water, transportation, electricity, communications, agriculture damaged. (reporter Wang Chengdong)

Through the management of Licun River upstream scenery. (to provide the data sheet, the Qingdao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau)Completely solve the pollution of rivers in Qingdao public concern, the sea park river, Li Cunhe and other urban areas across the moat, although in 2012 has already started the comprehensive management, but there still exist the problem of pollution. Recently, Qingdao City Environmental Protection Bureau announced the city moat “four big reasons have died and not clean”. Li Cunhe River downstream due to pollution problems such as sewage treatment ability insufficiency; haipohe basin due to poor water pipe network, sewage overflow pollution.  With haipohe, Zhang Cun, Licun River three major rivers in Qingdao City, the pollution of the river has been the subject of much public concern in Qingdao, the environmental protection department also received a lot of advice. Environmental protection departments through the survey found, at present the problem of pollution is mainly concentrated in the downstream section, Haibo Licun River middle reaches of the Licun large sets and the downstream section, Zhang Cun River downstream section of river part of the river, which was launched in 2012 the comprehensive rectification. Regulation engineering of downstream haipohe since tidal gate over the river has been completed, tidal gate in the lower reaches of the river downstream has not been cleaned finish; the Licun River, Zhang Cun river dredging has been completed, the sewage interception project has been completed more than 80%. Da Cun River comprehensive regulation project in 10 years ago has been completed, but the sewage culvert along the river and Licun River sewage interception culvert new unconnected, long river sewage overflow.River years why dirty difficult? The environmental protection department announced over the moat “died and four reasons not clean” to the public. The first is the watershed sewage treatment capacity is insufficient, Licun River Basin a large number of city sewage is not concentrated and effective treatment, through different channels straight row of river, causing pollution. Second, three over the river watershed drainage facilities are not complete, there do not join, not through phenomenon. At present, the existing pipe network water transport in the lower reaches of sewage pumping station, sewage overflow, overflow problems such as poor Haibo River Basin; Zhang Cunhe the South Bank of the sewage pipeline is not through, through temporary river north shore sewage pipelines into the pipeline, the north shore of the sewage water pipelines caused by excessive pressure relief; Zhang Cun river near Luqiao for the destruction of the Zhuzhou sewage pipeline construction of integrated river training works long term not repair, sewage crosscurrent Licun River downstream; multiple pipeline inspection wells damaged, sewage overflow. In addition, pipe network, three rivers within the catchment temporary sewage interception facilities often silted clogging, cleaning and dredging is not timely, sewage overflow into the river have occurred. The third part of the comprehensive rectification, tributaries of the river behind schedule in river channel, or remediation level is relatively low, in the rainy season, garbage, sewage sludge into the mainstream, tributaries within the river, causing pollution. Four is because the river daily maintenance and cleaning of long-term mechanism is not implemented, garbage dumping garbage accumulation phenomena have occurred, not timely cleaning, no river ecological water added, aggravate the pollution of river. (reporter Lv Lu)

In September 16th, a reporter from the Chengdu City Qingyang District food and Drug Supervision Bureau, local over a period of 1 months of meat and meat products for special inspection of law enforcement, seized a slaughter of dens are engaged in illegal slaughtering of live pigs behavior.In the special inspection of law enforcement in Qingyang District,adjustable base jack the food and drug administration departments to focus on examination of the supermarket, halal restaurants, catering service unit and other places, the investigation and clean up the unqualified meat and meat products, specification of halal food production and operation, it is strictly prohibited to production operators to purchase, sales, use without lawful source of meat and no “two cards of the two chapter” and spoilage meat. At the same time, through the surprise inspections, investigate and publicly privately etc, concentrate on chanzashijia, indiscriminate slaughter, slaughter of acquisition, processing, sales dead meat, meat injection, inferior meat business.The food and drug administration personnel in Qingyang District Wen Jia Jie Dao Dong Jiaba, Leping community assault the inspection, found a slaughter of dens are engaged in illegal slaughtering pig behavior, law enforcement officers immediately to the scene investigation and evidence collection, withheld in accordance with the law on the scene of the 17 pigs and slaughter equipment. At present, the illegal behavior of the dens of the law has placed on file. (reporter Li Dan)

Was kind to feed, but the Tibetan mastiff breaking the chain attack bite more than 10 minutes, wound up to more than 40, the right hand palm of the hand was bitten to wear, comminuted fracture of metacarpal bone. After treatment, nearly a month of September 16th morning, Handan Wuan City, is the Tibetan mastiff bite Mr. Wang can finally walk the earth.Mr. Wang told reporters, he at the watch a construction site near the city of Wuan of Wen’an ironworks, bite their Tibetan mastiff is a site adjacent to a tire sales outlet collector. In late August 19th 8 when make, Mr. Wang see swill bucket within many of the workers eat leftovers, they want to feed it to the dogs. When he put the barrel approached, the barking more than black Tibetan mastiff suddenly broke the chains, flapping to near a bite to his calf against tearing. Mr. Wang be caught off guard, immediately threw down the barrel with both hands to push, also called aloud for help. One dog fight after more than 10 minutes, Mr. Wang’s workers and the dog owner has rushed to be saved, tossing and sent to Handan Fengfeng Jizhong energy group general hospital four, bone.Responsible for the treatment of Mr. Wang’s doctor Wu Jiwei said, because of all the open wound, the wounded sent very painful, because of the excessive loss of blood and low blood pressure. On the limbs bitten, scratched up to more than 40, the largest wound about 15 cm long, fourth refers to the left hand fracture, the right hand is bitten to wear. Because the wound too much, just debridement operation is carried out for nearly 3 hours, followed by the injection of rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin and spent more than one hour. (reporter Wang Bin)

The realization of “minor illness in the grass-roots, serious illness to go to the hospital,shuttering magnet rehabilitation back to the community”Increase the grass-roots health planning institutions open recruitment efforts, 3 years according to the approved preparation and post supplement complete personnelIn the new rural cooperative medical policy,ledger blade improve the county outside diagnosis and filing system, except emergency treatment fails to perform the leapfrog principle on the transfer shall not be reimbursedIn the urban medical insurance policy, the required performance of referral procedures participants referral, hospital reimbursement ratio increased by 3% – 5%Report from our correspondent (reporter Shi Xiaohong) September 16th, reporters from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission was informed, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other 6 departments recently jointly issued “on the establishment of perfect diagnosis classification system of opinions”, from October this year, our province will be the full implementation of the diagnosis and classification system. Through the establishment of reasonable classification diagnosis system, realize the “minor illness in the grass, a serious illness to hospital, rehabilitation back to the community”, can make the limited medical resources get reasonable use, thus alleviating the masses “see a doctor difficult, the doctor your” problem.  3 years make up the complete basic health personnelThe core of the diagnosis and classification system is to achieve the first diagnosis base, whether personnel and technology base for the masses trust is the key of first diagnosis.To this end, our province will increase the grass-roots health planning institutions open recruitment efforts, 3 years according to the approved preparation and post supplement complete personnel. Strive to realize in 2015 per million city residents have 2 general practitioners, each township health center has 1 general practitioners.I will support the subject construction of county-level hospitals, and guide the city hospital medical staff full-time or part-time to the county level public hospital. Establish a provincial telemedicine center as the core, connecting the city (prefecture) and (or) telemedicine system in hospitals at the county level, when the condition changes in primary treatment of patients, give priority to encourage through remote consultation, remote monitoring, remote operation guidance to emergency treatment.To speed up the implementation of the community (village, village doctors and residents) to establish a long-term stable relationship between the contract of service. Each city (state) for selecting the 3-4 county (city, district) community (town, Village) physician, pilot county (city, district by the end of the year) signing rate reaches above 50%.  Except in emergencies, fails to leapfrog the treatment principle of the transfer shall not be reimbursedHealth care policy to increase efforts to tilt to the grassroots medical institutions, improve grassroots medical institutions out-patient, hospital reimbursement ratio, open below the county level medical institutions, medical institutions and the province city deductible and reimbursement ratio difference. In the new rural cooperative medical policy, improve the county outside diagnosis and filing system, except emergency treatment fails to perform the leapfrog principle on the transfer shall not be reimbursed. In the urban medical insurance policy, the required to fulfill the referral procedures participants referral hospital reimbursement ratio increased by 3% – 5%.  Two way referral to patient consentIn the basic level doctor, found to be how to do a serious illness? Our province will gradually establish a two-way referral system perfect, so that patients with different diseases can be treated in different levels of hospitals. Each basic medical and health institutions and so on should be 2 level two hospitals two-way referral agreements signed; more than two hospitals each should be two-way referral agreements with more than 5 basic medical and health institutions. After the hospital diagnosis of clear, stable condition after treatment, into the recovery period in accordance with the relevant conditions or referral cases, back to the basic medical and health institutions, rehabilitation nursing support and management. The two-way referral, be patient consent and full respect for the right to choose independently, referral should be in accordance with the principle of proximity.

Fire officers and soldiers to save the old man down -. Photo by Li YongIn September 15th,BFD coupler Zhang uncle in Luquan city to Lotus Hill to burn incense, got lost, how also couldn’t get down, thanks to the firefighters arrived, the elderly will be saved.According to introducing, Uncle Zhang this year 70 years old, the morning of September 15th, he went to Luquan City Bai Lu Quan Xiang scenic spot of Lotus Hill to burn incense, got lost, in the top of the mountain steep place, how also couldn’t get down. Learned that the old man after relatives, dialed 110 and 119 alarm, please fire officers and soldiers to the rescue. Twelve twenty-five, Luquan fire squadron quickly dispatched two fire engines and 10 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, the squadron cadre to lead the fire officers and soldiers to carry fire safety rope, safety hook and other necessary rescue equipment mountaineering, and maintain contact with the men of uninterrupted. Thirteen fifty-two, the fire officers and soldiers came to a big stone above, saw the trapped man. Fire officers and soldiers to rescue his helmet worn on the head, ensure security, by several skilled fire officers and soldiers using fire safety rope the elderly will be smoothly pulled to safety position. To be simple to understand the old man’s body condition, fire officers and men led the old man along a safe route down the mountain along with. After forty minutes rescues, fourteen forty, the fire officers and soldiers successfully trapped the old man was escorted to the mountain. At this time, just hit the elderly relatives, the elderly will be handed over to the relatives pick up.Understand according to the reporter, the Luquan fire every year to go to Lotus Hill for more than ten times similar rescue operations, and the trapped personnel, quite a part is in go to Bao Duzhai scenic spot, couldn’t help “wild climbing” temptation, rushed to the dangerous place, Lotus Hill scenic spot, no formal Road therefore, fire departments to remind the general members of the public, to the scenic spot, must according to the scenic road sign along the scenic route, regular walking, don’t try to “wild climbing”. At the same time, climbing should be doing. Especially the elderly, not alone to the mountain climbing adventure. (reporter Meng Xingshi)

Recently,erection anchor the tragic scene occurred in Zhucheng City, a 60 year old man hanged in Zhucheng City District Qian Jie Nan Song green belt. The morning was a road sweeper sanitation is found,swivel coupler the old man still hanging on a rope around the neck,anchor socket squat on the green belt. 15 days, reporters from the City Public Security Bureau was informed that, at present the old families have found.  5 early in the morning of September 5th, in the city of Weifang Qu Fu Qian Jie Nan Song road edge stone, about a 60 year old man on the roadside hanging, a sanitation worker found in cleaning. After receiving the alarm, the City Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station rushed to the scene quickly.According to a sanitation worker near the introduction, own more than four points in cleaning when he found a man with very strange posture squat here, the beginning thought is drunk, did not think of when cleaned the health returned, looking more and more wrong, it only to find the old man hanged herself.  The police found, the old man wearing a gray jacket and a pair of black pants, a yellow rope on the branch, the other end of the rope is wrapped around the old man’s neck, old man squat posture squatted down under the tree green belt. Police at the scene did not find what abnormality. Then after the hospital doctors confirmed that, the old man has no signs of life, is the vehicle away the funeral.  15 days, reporters from Zhucheng police learned that, 62 year old, Zhucheng, surnamed Wang, had previously had Dutch act move, at present already possible to exclude homicide, police have found the old man’s family. (reporter Zhao Songgang Lou Jinzhong correspondent)

Traffic accidents not be in a calm mood to negotiate processing accident, hit the other party is not,anchor nut will also be three police wounded. Yesterday, on suspicion of assaulting a police officer Zhang and his son, was detained by Baoding police criminal detention in Laishui county.According to the Laishui County police personnel introduces, September 9th at 6 pm, the county 110 command center received a man Liu Moubin said: the alarm in Dong Zhuang village of Laishui county because of traffic accident disputes with others, the other side beaten. After answering alarm, song Gezhuang police station duty deputy director Luo Fusheng, Zhao Jinglong police rushed to the scene. In the presence of police asked alarm people basic situation, accident party Zhang again beat the implementation to alarm people Liu Moubin. When the police come forward to stop, Zhang and pushing abuse to the police.For the disposal of the incident as soon as possible, song Ge Zhuang station director Bai Lisheng led the other then the police arrived at the scene, told Zhang suspicion of assault shall be to the public security organ for investigation. But Zhang not only accept the call, but also to the law enforcement police cuff and kick, while Zhang the wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law also on the police beat. Finally, according to police the use of police equipment, Zhang and his son back to the police station.In the band from the process, Zhang and his family repeatedly beaten on the implementation of the police, resulting in long Bai Lisheng hands injured his arm, Luo Fusheng, deputy director of the left hand back of waist injury, police Zhao Jinglong arm, ears hurt. After identification, are slight injury. One of the police Zhao Jinglong is still in the Laishui County hospital. At present, the suspect Zhang and his son have been criminal detention. (reporter Wang Yang Wang Na correspondent)

The afternoon of September 15th, Feifei hand scar still more obvious.A few days across the East China Sea, the modern city Simon a kindergarten teacher butt scald child hearsay cause uproar. Parents said the park has received compensation of 30000 yuan, and the zoo denied it, says it has alarm over to local police station, police confirmed the two sides have reached a mediation agreement.  > 孩子说老师烟头烫伤了他”>The parents’ > > said the child teacher butt scald himIn September 5th, a kindergarten boy Fei Fei (alias) home from school, the hands of more than a red swelling bubble. “He came home, I noticed, but he said it was a mosquito bite. I and his father are sensitive skin, mosquito bite so big package, also do not want to.” Ms Wu said.But second days Feifei said what also do not go to kindergarten. Are parents forcibly sent to school, found that since the Mid Autumn Festival vacation kindergarten did not open the door. The 7 day, Ms Wu found Feifei hands red swelling bubble began to change color, looking more and more like is the mosquito bites, and began to fester.”I said to him, if it is not a good kindergarten, it out. If the kindergarten is not really good, won’t let him on the kindergarten.” Ms Wu said, Feifei said finally hand wound origin. Because the fight with the kids in the kindergarten, Yang Yue (sound) the teacher will leave the child alone to a small room. The teacher smoking, then put the cigarette butts on his hands, the hands of the injury is the hot out. Afterwards also threatened Feifei said, if you tell mom and dad about this matter, after coming to school continue to tidy up him. So, the timid Feifei injured dare not say, but also afraid of kindergarten.The 15 day, the reporter saw Feifei right there is a red scar on the back. Feifei said, “every month teacher is hot.”In September 10th, Ms. Wu and her husband took the fly to the kindergarten for a claim. “Was the nursery owner’s father to coordinate, saying he wanted to what compensation directly out.” Ms Wu said, at that time in the negotiations between the two sides, the kindergarten compensation 30000 yuan.At the same time, Internet forums and micro-blog also appeared in the parties on this matter “complaint”, said the child was the teacher “deliberately scalded”.  > 情况不清楚,监控已交警方″>The principal > > situation is not clear, monitoring the police15 afternoon, the reporter dialed the kindergarten Chen Yuan Long telephone. In response, Chen Yuanchang said, on the day of the monitoring shows that children have been monitoring the scope, the school to the third floor has no parents said “the little black house”. Also involved the September 6th 8 day is a holiday, so the situation is not clear, have the evidence to the police monitoring etc..In addition, Chen Yuanchang said, and other things out of the results will give parents, children and teachers a clean. If the problem is Yang Yue teacher, can according to the school rules for its treatment. Chen Yuanchang said, the kindergarten will not hire a smoking, no teacher certificate teacher.For Ms. Wu mentioned 30000 yuan compensation, Chen director says there are no matter. 16 afternoon, reporters once again call the director’s phone to verify the matter, no answer.  > 已见证双方签署调解协议”>The police have been witness to the two sides signed the mediation agreement > >In September 16th, City Public Security Bureau police station Long Zhuang respond on the matter. “We in the kindergarten obtaining September 5th classroom monitoring, found no suspicious phenomenon.” Police police police Liu Zhanyong said, but the children are called, the wound on the hand is “on” teacher is hot, and did not say the specific time, place. The parties Yang Yue denied that burns the child by the hand.According to introduction, because at that time the only children’s narrative, in the monitoring and kindergarten not found other suspicious phenomenon, and not on the parties make processing.On the morning of 10, the two sides have reached an agreement on the matter in private. “They go to the police station asked to sign the mediation agreement in police witness. Arrived at the scene, the two sides had made a good amount of compensation.” According to police Zhou Qingwen introduction, the mediation agreement including kindergarten parents 30000 yuan compensation, and refund 770 yuan, after the mutual responsibility, not required to deal with the public security organs. After signing the agreement, the relevant person in charge 770 yuan fee kindergarten give parents 30000 yuan in cash and refund.  Facts and evidence, one can not be lessThe kindergarten teacher butt scald child events, positive and did not get the garden party, the teacher that of the party, and the parents of the children did not provide sufficient evidence of injury.To this, the reporter consulted the Shandong provincial CPPCC members, Shandong law policy director of the law firm Zhang Fashui. According to Zhang Fashui introduction, if the teacher scald child event is true, according to the situation, the teacher should bear the responsibility. One is to undertake the corresponding civil liability; the two is if the circumstances of the injury has violated the “Public Security Management Punishment Law”, must carry on the administrative punishment; three is if this bad influence, and the identification of the child for minor injuries, the teacher should undertake the criminal responsibility.At the same time, if the teacher scald child facts do not exist, the parents of children who fabricates the fact, and the charge compensation of kindergarten, belong to blackmail behavior. In the network publicly accused the zoo and the teacher, then the infringement of the reputation of others, will be subject to legal sanctions. Reporter Du Caixia

According to the July 1st implementation of the new deal,aop formwork the province at least 400000 trucks need to be equipped with the vehicle traveling data recorderRecently, Sichuan Province modern logistics association and the Big Dipper car Alliance Information Technology Co Ltd signed a cooperation agreement,ferrule insert the vehicle satellite positioning device Association member units have about 80000 units of heavy freight vehicles will be fully with the company provided free of charge. The device can record the whole operation process in the truck, and the traveling data uploaded to transportation management and the traffic police department, the realization of a full 24 hours monitoring vehicle version, called “black box”. “Not only can navigate, but also can real-time recording speed, traffic location, such as comprehensive transport data of vehicle fuel consumption. Even when a car brakes what may be recorded. Accuracy of speed error control in 0.1m/s, positioning precision control in 10 meters. If speeding or driving fatigue conditions, instrument will automatically alarm.” General manager of Sichuan dipper car alliance information technology Co., said Zhang Jianmin, a traffic accident, these data can be obtained, a sound basis for reduction of the truth, but also can effectively supervise drivers to observe traffic rules, safe driving.In July 1st this year, started the implementation of the “measures” the supervision and management of road transport vehicles dynamic provisions, all semi-trailer towing vehicle, heavy truck, dangerous goods transport vehicles and used for highway operating passenger cars must be in before 31 December 2015 to install and use satellite positioning device, and access road freight vehicle public platform.”According to this policy, our province has estimated at least about 400000 vehicles road transport vehicles affected.” Secretary of the Provincial Association of modern logistics chief Wen Dehua said, the Association member units of the truck with the “black box”, is to help the province’s logistics enterprises to adapt to the new requirements document presents. “By the end of next year, to achieve full coverage. Within the scope of policy of road transport vehicles must be installed on the ‘black box’.”Install “black box” wagon will also be synchronized to install a return air navigation screen, returning empty truck can find the nearest supply network, avoid empty. (reporter Zhao Ruoyan)