Finale August stock index rose 0.35% positive Qi to real estate stocks outbreak

Beijing In August 31, ending the war in August, steel chamfer the stock index rose slightly again quite on the 10 day moving average, ushered 4 with yang. The real estate sector to multiple positive Qi, broke out across the board, Hengda Department of Vanke A, Jia Kaicheng the first trading. In August, the stock index has risen 3.56%. As of today's close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3085.49 points, or 0.35%, turnover of 169 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10757.9 points, or 0.27%, turnover of 272 billion 200 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2191.76 points, or 0.17%, turnover of 79 billion 190 million yuan. cast in sockets

Yi Gang: prudent monetary policy with three elements

Central bank vice governor Yi Gang in September 1st held in Hangzhou G20 news conference to answer "Economic Reference News" reporter said, prop sleeve in the face of the complex, anchor nut a variety of factors to consider the balance of the economic situation, China's monetary policy is steady. Yi Gang stressed that the prudent monetary policy consists of three elements: first, to maintain appropriate and sufficient liquidity; second, to play the role of credit policy, especially to strengthen the credit policy to support small and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture, poverty alleviation efforts; third, prudent monetary policy to create a modest, good monetary and financial environment for the supply side structural reform. The central bank recently using multiple tools to maintain market liquidity. Central bank data show that in September 1st, August 2016, the people's Bank to carry out the interim lending facilities for financial institutions (MLF) operating a total of 289 billion yuan, including the period of 6 months 151 billion 500 million yuan, 137 billion 500 million yuan for 1 years, interest rates were 2.85%, 3%. At the same time back to the medium-term lending facilities 237 billion yuan. At the end of the 8 month interim lending facilities amounted to 17545 yuan. At the same time, in August, the people's Bank to carry out convenient standing lending to financial institutions (SLF) operating a total of 800 million yuan, of which 800 million yuan overnight interest rate is 2.75%. Interest rates play a convenient standing lending interest rate corridor ceiling effect, is conducive to safeguarding the smooth operation of the money market interest rate. In addition, in August, the people's Bank of China Development Bank, agricultural development bank, China Chinese import and export three banks net increase of supplementary mortgage loans totaling 68 billion 300 million yuan, 8 at the end of supplemental mortgage loans amounted to 18800 yuan. Recently, the central bank open market operations also restart the 14 day reverse repurchase. Reporter Zhang Mo Lee Downing bfd coupler

In the first half net profit almost "cut" Chinese Pacific insurance market share continued to decline

In August 28th, a large comprehensive insurance group China Pacific Insurance (Group) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "China Taibao", SH601601, HK02601) released the 2016 semi annual report. Results showed that Chinese Taibao first half of this year net profit of 6 billion 142 million yuan, up sharply down 45.6%. "Economic Reference News" reporter comprehensive study China Taibao in recent three years earnings report found that, CPIC CPIC life insurance market share showing a sustained downward trend. In addition, according to incomplete statistics, the first half of this year the CIRC and its dispatched institutions of Chinese Pacific and its subsidiaries made more than 20 administrative penalties, fines totaling more than 2 million yuan, but the 2016 report did not disclose the Chinese Taibao punishment information. Incremental revenue rose slightly Net profit fell nearly 50% China Taibao semi annual report shows that the first half of 2016, the group achieved operating income of 144 billion 706 million yuan, an increase of 7.6%. The operating income increased slightly by the first half of this year, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company has dropped 45.6%, only 6 billion 142 million yuan. Among them, CPIC life, CPIC achieved net profit of 4 billion 246 million yuan, 2 billion 156 million yuan, year on year decline of 34.3% and 34%. In specific business areas, CPIC life performance is more eye-catching. The first half of this year, CPIC life insurance premium income of 82 billion 234 million yuan, an increase of 31.6%. Among them, the new insurance business income 31 billion 273 million yuan, an increase of 54.7%. From the type of business division of view, the first half of the traditional insurance business income 24 billion 217 million yuan, an increase of 112%; from a regional perspective, Jiangsu, Henan, the income of insurance business in Shandong before the ten large area amounted to 53 billion 623 million yuan, an increase of 31.7%. One of the highlights of concern is that in the strong drive of personal business, CPIC life in the first half of new business value is as high as 11 billion 264 million yuan, an increase of 55.9%, the first half for the first time exceeded 10 billion yuan mark. Among them, the new business of personal business value of 11 billion 26 million yuan, an increase of 60.6%, accounting for 97.9%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points. The year 2015, Pacific Life Insurance new business value of 12 billion 22 million yuan. However, CPIC life in the first half of this year new business value was 29.9%, down 1.3 percentage points. In addition, due to personal business of new insurance business income growth, the first half of CPIC life insurance fee and commission expenses amounted to 12 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of 56.2%. In the insurance business, CPIC in the first half of this year to achieve premium income 49 billion 224 million yuan, an increase of 1.7%. Overall, the business environment has undergone major changes, the macroeconomic slowdown and other unfavorable factors, the first half of this year, China Pacific insurance underwriting profit, realize the comprehensive cost rate of 99.4%, 0.1 percentage points year-on-year decline, profitability improved slightly, the combined ratio of 61.2%, down 3.7 percentage points. But in the insurance of five main products, in addition to auto insurance underwriting profit, the comprehensive cost of corporate property insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and other insurance rate more than 100%, which is still at a loss. "Economic Reference News" reporter noted that Chinese CPIC in the analysis of the reasons for the decline in net profit that the first half of the capital market downturn, affected by the change rate of decline in investment income and Reserve discount, net profit fell sharply. Results also show that the first half of this year, China Taibao total investment income 21 billion 641 million yuan, down 31.9%; the total annualized investment rate of return of 4.7%, down 1.9 percentage points; annual net investment yield of 4.6%, down 0.3 percentage points. In this regard, insiders pointed out that the first half of 2016, the capital market downturn, domestic interest rates continued downward, factors of Insurance Reserve discount rate changes, have a greater negative impact on the net profit of listed insurance companies. In particular, last year for the listed insurance firms contribute a lot of profit of investment income up no longer, the results fell also can hardly be avoided. Chinese Taibao also explained that due to changes in the external environment, changes in actuarial assumptions, the first half of 2016 the company added into business after the insurance contract reserve policy related debt of about 4 billion 31 million yuan, thus reducing the first half of 2016 pre tax profit of 4 billion 31 million yuan. Market share continued to decline Solvency adequacy ratio decreased slightly Chinese Taibao in the report pointed out that, after 25 years of development, the company accumulated the number of customers has more than 100 million people, to continue to enhance the comprehensive strength, in the recently announced the 2016 annual "fortune" in the world top 500 rankings, China Taibao list for the sixth consecutive year, ranked 251st, compared to 2015 jumped 77, for the first time in the top 300; China also selected "Forbes" American Pacific Magazine 2016 Global 2000 list, ranked 131st, compared to last year increased 42. China CPIC also believes that as one of the most famous Chinese insurance companies adhere to the development strategy of brand, value orientation, and promote the "customer-oriented transformation and development", in the reporting period to achieve a sustained increase of good operating performance and value. "Economic Reference News" reporter comprehensive study China Taibao in recent three years earnings report found that in the small and medium-sized insurance companies have to snatch market cake under the situation of the life insurance and insurance market share is always in a way down trend. Among them, CPIC life at the end of 2013, at the end of 2014 at the end of 2015, the market share was 8.9%, 7.8%, 6.8%, at the end of the first half of this year dropped to 5.8%; while the CPIC at the end of 2013, at the end of 2014 at the end of 2015, the market share was 12.6%, 12.3%, 11.2%, the first half of this year is down to the end 10.6%. An important index as a measure of the insurance company's ability to repay its debt, China CPIC solvency adequacy ratio is high but also there has been a slight decrease in momentum. Reported China 2016 on the end of the half Core Pacific insurance solvency adequacy ratio was 282%, 7 percentage points lower than the end of 2015, the current overall solvency adequacy ratio was 291%, than at the end of 2015, a decrease of 8 percentage points. At the same time, Chinese CPIC asset liability ratio from 2015 at the end of 85.6% to 87.1% at the end of the first half of 2016. The report also showed that at the end of the first half of 2016, China Taibao embedded value reached 215 billion 355 million yuan, up 4.7% over the previous year, the business value of 103 billion 763 million yuan, an increase of 14.6% over the previous year. Affected by the total comprehensive income and profit distribution, this year on shareholders' equity Chinese Taibao the end of the first half of 127 billion yuan, representing a decrease of 4.8% in early. In addition, worthy of investor attention, with the balance sheet shows that the first half of this year Chinese insurance premiums receivable amounted to 10 billion 831 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 114.9%; while the advance premium is only 5 billion 168 million yuan, down 70.1% yoy; the same period fee and commission expenses is as high as 18 billion 882 million yuan, an increase of 42.1%. CIRC bursts of five tickets The disclosure of information or flaws The China Taibao in 2016, during the reporting period, the company strictly follow the true, accurate, complete, timely and fair principle, preparation and disclosure of periodic reports and the interim report, during the reporting period, the company is not required to disclose the punishment or rectification matters. And the "Economic Information Daily" reporters visit the CIRC and its dispatched institutions official website found that the first half of this year, the CIRC and its dispatched institutions have made administrative punishment on punishment Chinese Metabo, total amount of more than 2 million yuan. In March this year, the Pacific Life Insurance existing pianbao, according to the provisions of illegal acts such as return, the CIRC continuously issued 5 administrative penalty decision, the company accumulated a fine of 580 thousand yuan, the relevant person in charge of a total of 200 thousand yuan fine. In the first half of this year, the CIRC issued a total of only 13 tickets. Such as insurance 2016 No. 2 penalty, and the fact that the company used in the sales staff does not match the expression to the insurance sales to deceive policyholders behavior, the CIRC decided to call the first Pacific Life Insurance Sales Center fined 300 thousand yuan, Cao Wen warned and fined 100 thousand yuan. In addition, the reporter combing public information found in the official website, in January this year, March, April, May, CPIC received a total of tickets were 16, a total amount of about 1200000 yuan. Such as the Henan Insurance Regulatory Bureau in March this year to CPIC Luoyang branch of illegal use of fictitious insurance agent insurance intermediary business to obtain the cost, made a fine of 240 thousand yuan administrative punishment. Reporters also noted that in April this year, the CIRC issued the regulatory letter to the "Pacific Life Insurance Regulatory letter 2016 No. 9", requiring the company to existing customers, customer visits harassment telephone sales do not meet the requirements, notice of dividend management is not in place and other illegal activities to conduct a comprehensive rectification. CIRC also asked the company, before April 30, 2016 and 5 and 31, respectively, the rectification program, the implementation of the rectification of the written report, which will be taken as the rectification of follow-up regulatory measures. Insiders pointed out that, according to the accounting law, the securities law and the "information disclosure of listed companies management approach" and other relevant provisions, shall be Chinese Taibao by CIRC in full and timely disclosure of information and supervision of administrative penalty information, and the rectification results reveal to the public, fully meet the investors' right to know. Since June 12, 2010 from the implementation of "management measures" the information disclosure of insurance company sixteenth also stipulates that the insurance company or its branch company subject to administrative penalties Chinese CIRC, the insurance company shall disclose the relevant information and make a brief description. But the "Economic Information Daily" reporters found that both the administrative penalty information issued by CIRC, or the CIRC issued regulatory information, neither be Chinese Taibao disclosed in the semi annual report, has not released relevant interim announcement. According to the China Taibao problems, this newspaper will continue to pay attention to. Reporter Wu Yong ferrule insert

Stock index opened down 0.06% military aviation shares led the successor

Beijing In August 31, Wednesday A shares opened mixed, stock index opened slightly by 0.06%, early sector stocks rose more or less. The pattern of weak balance, the weight plates continue to shrink, new shares sought by the funds, early rose over 1.2%, leading the plate, pre active military aviation, green stocks have come down. The Shanghai composite index opened at 3072.92 points, or 0.06%, turnover of 738 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10730.5 points, or 0.01%, turnover of 1 billion 484 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2194.61 points, or 0.04%, turnover of 405 billion 800 million yuan. ringlock scaffolding

Comment: the bank at the bank card stolen brush what responsibility?

Damao The bank card stolen brush, such news is common in newspapers. In March this year, Mr Zhou citizens in Guangzhou rest home in Nansha, suddenly received a bank card SMS consumption, as high as 66 yuan of the amount of consumption. Mr. Zhou and the bank involved in court. Shenzhen Longgang District Court of first instance verdict, the cardholder does not bear the liability for the matter, someone's bank shall compensate all depositors deposit losses and the corresponding interest, and compensate depositors rights lawyer fees. The card was installed in a rest at home, money is a thousand miles away to be brushed away about 600000, when all the evidence they are "innocent", the bank has to sign the card and other depositors have no reason to refuse compensation. Fortunately, the court of first instance to the depositors of a justice, but also to the banks and many depositors had a most practical significance for law course. Depositors bank card stolen brush, the bank was sentenced to bear responsibility for compensation, the verdict is rare, but also there is no lack of precedents. In January 25, 2014, Mr. Jiang driving on the Guangxi Nanning highway, received multiple messages to remind, that his bank card in Guangdong stolen brush 100 thousand yuan, while the bank card was on him. The bank replied that he has no fault, no money. Nanning Qingxiu district court verdict bank bear 80% of the responsibility. From the two depositors court was "success" in the case, we can see a common point, that is the first time depositors in the bank card stolen brush retained and fixed on the evidence. Mr. Zhou found the bank card stolen brush, the first time to choose the call to report the loss, the purpose of doing so is to further expand to avoid losses, two is to bank depositors in the credit card does not prove at this time of. Then the alarm quickly to the police by the police to actual depositors and bank cards were identified at this time in Guangzhou, not thousands of miles away in Zhengzhou. The evidence can be fixed after saving, there is sufficient reason for negotiations with the bank, but increased the odds for resorting to the law. Nanning is also true that Mr. Jiang, when he found himself driving the bank card in Guangdong Bibi brush was walking in the road, immediately return to the bank to report the loss, and through automatic teller machine to print a small ticket access as evidence. The evidence also became an artifact that they eventually won the legal judgment "". Two different thinking on the court finds that the evidence is remarkable. That bank in Nanning Qingxiu district court, Mr. Jiang, 100 thousand yuan deposit account is removed by password, the transaction process of legal compliance, and relevant laws and regulations of our country where the confirmation password matches the international transactions are regarded as principal transaction principle, if the deposit is claimed, Mr. Jiang also should take the bank card information and password safekeeping responsibility. This excuse seems reasonable, but the reasons given by the court but more objective: although not without Mr. Jiang has leaked bank card password, but Mr. Jiang's bank card deposit is paid in the territory of Guangdong, the bank is not proof of Mr. Jiang is no proof he is at fault in this process Mr. Jiang; and with banks to establish the savings contract relationship, the bank is responsible for ensuring the safety and the obligation to pay deposit at any time. Also, Mr. Zhou in the trial, the presiding judge also stressed that the depositor will deposit into the bank deposit, formed a contractual relationship between the parties, the bank is obliged to ensure the safety of deposits. The bank bank card to the depositors, it should ensure the uniqueness of the bank card and can not be copied. The bank and its technical vulnerabilities because the bank card stolen brush, belonging to the bank depositors there is no fault, breach of contract, resulting in loss of deposits, the bank shall bear the liability for compensation. The two judges invariably require banks to proof the existence of fault liability when depositors, bank depositors have no evidence of fault and responsibility, he should bear the nature of stolen brush loss. After the depositors in the bank card stolen brush, the bank stressed that no evidence of the existence of fraudulent behavior of depositors, depositors that their credit card spending, the court requiring banks to provide evidence, which is consistent with the "who advocated the principle of burden of proof", is the two biggest highlight of judgment in favor of depositors, should also become a the judge model of similar cases. The Guangzhou trial and judgment of the bank card stolen brush case, it has the prominent inspiration value for banks and depositors card. The cardholder savers in the safekeeping of bank card and password to prevent leakage at the same time, once found the stolen brush, the first time to preserve evidence and report to the police, in consultation with the bank claims not the case, through legal proceedings are fully restore the loss may be stolen. While the bank to prevent various institutional and technical loopholes in financial security upgrade lock, otherwise, once the customer bank card stolen brush, the bank can not fully prove depositors when there is no fault, the law will be "Panpei did not discuss". cast in ferrules

Japan is ready to finance high-level said yen intervention for

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said in August 30th, prop nut the Japanese government pay close attention to the development of the foreign exchange market, ledger blade have been prepared to respond, if necessary, intervention is an option. This year, the dollar yen exchange rate fell again, the yen rose more than 15%. Suga said, is ready to take decisive action to the excessive volatility in currencies, with the group of seven (G7) over the trend of the coordinated response of currencies. An adviser to the prime minister Hamada Hiroshii also said that if the excessive rise in the yen, Japan should intervene in currencies. He believes that if the Fed rate hike in Japan will be a good thing, because the yen will be suppressed, from government intervention is necessary. If other members of the G7 think that intervention currencies equivalent to the exchange rate manipulation, the Bank of Japan should take similar measures as buying foreign bonds relatively moderate intervention. This year, the appreciation of the yen had some positive impact on the country's economy, greatly improve Japan's foreign trade and international payments, promote economic growth, increase foreign exchange reserves. But the yen's appreciation for the negative influence of the Japanese economy more. First of all, the Japanese stock market downturn, compared with the end of last year, the decline has reached 12%; secondly, the appreciation of the yen also resulted in Japan's large and medium-sized enterprises performance severely damaged. At the G7 level, the United States and Japan has not agreed to exchange rate fluctuations, the Japanese government to curb the appreciation of the yen has been leaked to intervention currencies, but the United States has repeatedly warned Japan not to interfere with the yen, that the yen exchange rate fluctuations is orderly. Reporter Chen Xiaogang ferrule insert

CITIC Bank semi annual report: group cooperation has brought a number of new business growth

Beijing In August 31, the evening of August 25th, scaffolding parts CITIC Bank semi annual report released in 2016, relying on the advantages of CITIC Group, CITIC Bank cooperation become a major highlight of the annual report. The first half of this year, CITIC Bank, give full play to the unique advantages of CITIC Group and the financial industry simultaneously, and strengthen cooperation in the group level, significantly improve the ability of competition, brought new growth points of investment and financing, credit cards, bank financing and construction of a number of business outlets front. With the group's financial advantage of the full license of CITIC Bank on the one hand, the deepening of sharing and cooperation in products, channels and customer resources and group financial subsidiaries, the traditional banking credit business extends to the securities, insurance, funds, futures, trust, leasing and other financial services, to meet customer requirements for diversified economy; on the other on the one hand, industrial group subsidiary resource integration in the industry leading position, expand the core subsidiary of industrial chain, to achieve customer resource "1+N" on the chain extension. CITIC Bank and China International Economic Consulting Co. Ltd, CITIC Securities, CITIC, CITIC construction environment etc. the "CITIC PPP Consortium", PPP butt joint of the provincial key projects in more than 100 countries, led by CITIC CITIC Bank signed a joint fleet and a number of local government strategic cooperation agreement, plans to provide financing amount of more than 100 billion yuan. Combined with CITIC publishing to create a "cloud comfortable hall" the total number of outlets 325, the first half of the experience of more than 120 thousand passengers. During the reporting period, with CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Joint total credit card Volume 54 thousand and 700, the cumulative trading volume of 642 million yuan, an increase of 20%. The group also makes collaborative cross sales growth. During the reporting period, CITIC bank subsidiary of CITIC Group to sell products total size of 152 billion 455 million yuan. As of the end of the reporting period, and Fidelity Fund docking salary pot number of contract customers hold 941 thousand and 800 people, the scale of 14 billion 123 million yuan, up 3.16% over the previous year; and the Huaxia Fund docking salary pot number of contract customers 411 thousand and 400 people, with the scale of 8 billion 617 million yuan, up 29.17% over the previous year. Paid Prudential Life Insurance Premiums 916 million yuan, which paid premiums of 345 million, an increase of 82.65%; total paid in Cheonan property insurance premiums 18 billion 753 million yuan, an increase of 343.23%. Key business subsidiary of CITIC Bank and the deepening of the group. During the reporting period, CITIC Bank and CITIC Securities joint underwriting bonds of 9, the total amount of 10 billion 500 million yuan; and CITIC joint underwriting 13 bonds, the total amount of 10 billion 500 million yuan. The investment of CITIC, CITIC Securities, CITIC Trust as a directional asset management plan administrator 55, the total amount of 33 billion 940 million yuan; and CITIC Securities, CITIC, Fidelity Fund, Huaxia Fund, CITIC Trust, fidelity information management cooperation in product development 73, total sales amount of 54 billion 742 million yuan. CITIC Group managed subsidiary product size of 455 billion 104 million yuan, up 39.97% over the previous year, accounting for the trust scale of 8.51%; custodian fee income 109 million yuan, an increase of 15.43%, accounting for 7.67% of revenue in the custody fee. With the number of annuity customers CITIC Securities, CITIC Trust, Huaxia Fund common services 616, the business scale of 23 billion 359 million yuan, accounting for 51.02% of the annuity business scale. CITIC Bank said that the future will be to maximize the interests of the group for the purpose of strengthening the group level strategy and business synergy, play a good synergy in the main responsibility, through new collaborative product and do collaborative projects and make collaborative talent actively layout, enhance the integration of collaborative system, service capacity, to establish long-term the mechanism of sustainable development. fixing socket

Beijing financial loan contract dispute case presents a rising trend year by year

Beijing August 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) because of the financial institutions is not strict, aop formwork the loan review in recent years, Beijing financial loan contract dispute cases showed the rising trend year by year. Beijing fourth intermediate people's court trial today released the white paper shows that the first half of this year, the hospital received amounted to 59, 2014, and 2015 compared to the same period a large increase. From 2014 to the first half of this year, by way of analyzing the Beijing fourth intermediate people's Court on the subject within the scope of the city's financial loan contract dispute case, August 31st issued "financial loan contract dispute trial white paper". White paper data show that from 2014 to the first half of this year, the court has accepted a major financial loan contract dispute cases 230, closed 178. At the conclusion of the case, there are 124 cases by the court judgement, 46 cases, the plaintiff voluntarily withdraw the prosecution or the parties to reach a mediation agreement, litigation cases and withdrawal rate of 20%, the subject amounted to 25 billion 900 million yuan. Financial loan contract disputes on the subject of rising. The white paper shows that in such cases the total filing standard of more than 8 billion 100 million yuan, in 2015 growth of 9 billion 600 million yuan. The first half of 2016, on the subject in 2014 over the year, more than 8 billion 200 million yuan. What is the reason for the substantial growth in such cases? Dean of Beijing fourth hospital Wu in the presence of conference pointed out that the internal management of financial institutions is not standardized, not strict on the loan credit, guarantee ability examination, lead to business risk increases; part of the financial institutions to ensure audit form, to ensure the realization of creditor's rights, influence. In addition, the current social credit system is not perfect, the debtor to use a variety of financial financing to obtain funds after evading debts; financial innovation has become the source of the development of the financial market, but due to the lack of mature experience and innovative business norms, cause new financial risk control, the reason is the high incidence of such cases. This kind of case in the trial process, the trial also showed the defendants involved in the case of many other parties for a longer period, characterized by a relatively high. Wu Zaicun said, involving natural person as a guarantor of the case, often due to direct delivery to the announcement of the hearing, the case from three to five months of the trial period, to one to two years or even longer. Wu Zaicun pointed out that innovative forms of financing, resulting in such cases showed the characteristics of major, difficult and complicated. In the hospital accepted the financial loan contract dispute case, the types of cases except those involving direct loans and entrusted loans, also involving receivables, equity, bills, land, buildings, houses, hydropower road toll right and mining right type. Served for significant financial loan contract dispute case in the investigation difficult, difficult, difficult to implement a series of problems, Zaicun Wu pointed out that the hospital in the filing, trial and execution of each link, the crux of the problem of bottleneck during the trial, take systematic measures and projects to promote the realization of the innovation and development of trial the mechanism, effectively promote the various trial difficult to solve problems efficiently, promote the continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the trial. (end) ringlock scaffolding

More than 2 thousand and 900 listed companies in the first half performance full disclosure of 3830 times the growth comes from

As of yesterday, scaffolding accessories more than 2 thousand and 900 listed companies in the first half of the performance disclosure is completed, scaffolding clamps the transcript of "God" data is quite brisk, some of the company's profits, revenue increase of up to thousands of times, some of the company's gross margin close to 100%, but behind the numbers are not rich multicolored decorations. <strong> Earnings: Wang Yihua health net profit growth of 824 times</strong> Catch the last day in August 31st to submit annual report in Yihua health, with a net profit of 824 times the growth rate of growth and the catch up from behind, with quarter earnings "". Data show that during the reporting period Yihua health achieved operating income of 528 million yuan, an increase of 25.25%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 934 million yuan, an increase of up to 82412.04%. Where the net profit more than revenue nearly doubled and more than 800 times the net profit growth come from? According to Yi Hua health, the increase in operating income is mainly under the public well-being of the main business growth and the merger of ai'aole and Dagze Kang by u.s.a.. The results, Yihua has just completed the acquisition of the well-being of the public health first half operating income of 411 million yuan, the other two companies total revenue of more than billion, three subsidiaries almost all revenue contracted Yihua health. It is reported that Yihua health began a major reorganization of assets at the end of last year, the first half of this year has been fully completed, the company's equity transfer procedures have been completed. In the layout of the medical health industry, merger of the three companies at the same time, Yihua real estate assets are in full health after stripping. And through the sale of Guangdong Yihua, Shantou Rongxin, Meizhou Yihua Yihua all equity, health but also get a lot of business income. As for winning the 824 fold increase in growth rate, because Wang Yihua health over the same period last year profit of only 1 million 131 thousand and 500 yuan, that is super good growth due to the low base. In addition to Yihua health, while net profit growth of more than two hundred times, respectively, Ryan wisdom (279.6 times), bond technology (226.8 times). For years of loss or profit in the summer days wisdom, 43 million 523 thousand and 800 yuan this year, the first half net profit is astronomical – the first half of 2015 the company net profit -15.62 million yuan. <strong> Wang: ST appropriate paper revenue growth by 3830 times</strong> ST paper should be the first half of this year to achieve operating income 120 million yuan, an increase of 382941.17%, the first half of the growth of the king was closed". ST is suitable for high growth and Ryan wisdom paper different approaches but equally satisfactory results the company last year, the first half revenue of about 31 thousand and 400 yuan. Although the high revenue growth, but ST appropriate paper net profit decline of 95.67%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -2194.60 million. In fact, this house is located in Yibin, the Paper Co performance in recent years has remained in the profit and loss report, said the first half of this year the company's new major construction projects (except household items) has been completed, but the district did not formally put into production, not the main business income. The report also predicts that the cumulative net profit at the beginning of the year to the end of the three quarter may be loss. Previously, ST should be the company's largest shareholder Yibin paper company and the two largest shareholder of Wuliangye group and the central investment shares of listed companies signed "transfer agreement", once caused widespread concern in the market and capital chasing, but regulatory policy change, central investment restructuring plan put forward by the company of state-owned shares based on the agreement that cannot continue full implementation ST, the original paper should be proposed by the operating performance of the transfer of shares of major asset restructuring and improve the company's expectations have been unable to achieve. In June 28th, the reorganization was forced to terminate. The concern is that the stock market in the A the famous horse horse company with 813 times of convex, rounded out the top three revenue growth. The report shows, horse horse convex period, operating income of 2 million 911 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 81316.9%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -3876.39 million yuan, down 65.65%. Announced since May 2015 to do a high-profile Chinese first Internet financial listed companies "and officially renamed the" horse horse convex "since, had detonated its stock of Internet financial services so far there is no contribution to the company a penny of income. The report said, "the company's revenues in the reporting period from the main subsidiary of Jingmen Hantong Properties Limited real estate business, a wholly owned subsidiary of horse horse convex financial information services (Shenzhen) Co., the official launch of the business has not formed income". Last year, horse horse convex loss of more than billion yuan, the first half of this year and lost 38 million 763 thousand and 900 yuan. <strong> King: the livelihood of the people holding gross profits approaching 100%</strong> In recent years, people's livelihood Holdings has been entrenched A shares profits topped the list, the 2015 report and annual report, Minsheng holdings had gross margin of 99.47%, 99.81% prize, this year to 99.92%, the two cities is not "profiteering wang". The report shows that operating income of 144 million yuan people's livelihood holdings in 2016 1-6 months, an increase of 137.52%, of which the insurance and other industry average revenue growth rate of 13.80%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -342 million yuan, down 113.28%, of which the insurance and other industry average net profit growth rate of -24.34%. The report said that the change overall situation first half of the macroeconomic environment and industry in 2016, have a certain impact on the company's business operations, resulting in the company in 2016 the first half of the performance loss. In all of the data, the gross profit margin is one of the most attractive investor data, the data shows that the higher profitability is higher, the stronger ability to control costs. Then, the "profiteering" king of the people's livelihood holdings is? Public information shows that the livelihood of the people holding the first for Qingdao country change after Jianteshengwu, Huaxin Industrial investment to the people's livelihood, change the main business of retail and foreign investment, in recent years, people's livelihood has acquired the livelihood pawn insurance broker and the sea's livelihood wealth, financial assets acquired escalating. Operating data show that the pawn industry and insurance brokerage, investment and management industry gross margin of nearly 100%. Kweichow Moutai is also on the list of regulars profiteering. Since the middle of 2005, Kweichow Moutai gross margin remained above 90%, the middle of 2014 had reached 93.1%, the first half of this year was 91.88%, but this figure was only twelfth list. In the people's livelihood after holding Hundsun, my biological weapons, and the East China Sea Garden City gold sales gross margin of more than 95%, glodon, staidson, the first trip to the hotel, 365 nets, etc. more than 92% glacier network. Text and tabulation / reporter Qi Yanbing lifting clutches

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