Mayor Wang Tianqi on behalf of the Suqian municipal Party committee, City Hall to participate in the 2014 “Chinese government micro-blog road in He Fang” forum guests expressed warm welcome.Wang Tianqi introduces, this is his second time to attend the forum.The first time was last year, what one sees and hears the honored guests charisma, harvest. “But that no speech task, more relaxed.This arrangement I a speech task, feel great pressure, because I always fear fear of Internet, Internet expression of public opinion, so I prefer to listen to, quietly listening to the.” Wang Tianqi jokes that he is behind the times, very dull, always follow the footsteps of the Internet, “I use text messages, you used micro-blog; I haven’t micro-blog, you use Micro message; I just learn Micro message, you recommended no secret; I commend government micro-blog advanced workers, micro-blog began to V wages…… Because I couldn’t catch up with micro-blog, so more respect to brush Bo you, in salute to you! Because in this respect, I will watch you, protect government micro-blog, sincerely and firmly supports the development of e-government micro-blog career, do a good job of mayor of government micro-blog.” Wang Tianqi stressed that, with the development of social economy, the public’s demand level is also quietly changing, especially to explore deep-seated information desire is more intense, the rights of appeal and advocate increasing.The government micro-blog, have many users of the popular and respected, the root in the meet the demand of the public. This can be from Suqian “great people” the network asks politics practice proved. Wang Tianqi pointed out that, for the government micro-blog, to the eternal vitality, must implement the “four power efficiency” Kung Fu: implement the development rights, the right to know, right of expression, right of supervision.Not only to hear the words, listen to positive sound, but also to accept the “vomit tank” and “brick”, be good at questioning, dissatisfaction even disagree with sound, correct deviation errors, thus avoiding regrettable decision cost, through strong supervision and administration, to solve the problem of forced. The improvement of administrative efficiency, through multi sectoral build a common, carry out micro-blog office, to achieve information exchange, in micro-blog file exchange, reduce waste, improve efficiency. Participating in interactive (0 ) To micro-blog Sina shareSponsor Link:lifting clutches formwork accessories steel chamfer

In new networkTaizhou 26 July Xinhua (trainee reporter Shao Siyi correspondent Wang Xin) 26 days morning, Shenyang Haikou highway to Zhejiang direction of Ningbo Taizhou Linhai North less than a kilometer, a Land Rover off-road vehicle is a car rear end collision, installed in the Land Rover car trunk of a statue of about $200000000 worth of ice Jade Buddha carved nearly destroyed.In the morning at eight twenty PM, Luomou driving large bus carrying a car to travel to the Xiangshan, for failing to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, rear end hit Zhang driving a Land Rover off-road vehicle, led to the Land Rover car rear windshield glass all broken.The traffic police at the scene found that, compared with the bus, car Land Rover car rear bumper and rear windshield glass are more serious damage, in the trunk of the car, and a wooden cabinet, plastic, cloth and other materials inside wrapped Yanyanshishi is a statue of Buddha as high as 1 meters.Master Zhang Land Rover car introduction, this statue of Buddha is the ice Jade Buddha statue, which belongs to one kind of jade, weight up to 100 kilograms, is the friend bought from Xinjiang, and spent nearly 4000000 carved, had been in Hunan, Shanghai, Fujian and other related exhibition on display. While in Shanghai exhibition, have already bid two hundred million yuan to buy, but friends do not sell.”A bad case of, how?” Master Zhang the tense, in the sun sweating. The bus driver Luomou too nervous, accident report could not hand sign.As a precaution, three police car on the way tiger will package materials are open to inspection, but the Buddha carved no cracks or damage due to collision. (end)Sponsor anchor nut erection anchor

Zhuhai 26 July, Title: moved Chinese 11 terminally ill girl in Zhuhai to experience a canoeThe author take Wei Chen YanruChinese sea canoe expedition record holder Semitic and his wife Zhang Haiyan, 26, made a special trip to the Zhuhai hospital, said Jane to drive small silver Zhuhai Keng Cun beach to experience a canoe.Chinese sea canoe expedition record holder Semitic and his wife Zhang Haiyan, 26, made a special trip to the Zhuhai hospital, said Jane to drive small silver Zhuhai Keng Cun beach to experience a canoe.On the way to Yin Keng Cun, Haiyan open flat computer, give the precious information browsing on the canoe.See Semitic plans to spend ten years to complete the fifteen thousand km west Pacific drifting throughout the PPT, small Shu Zhen curious asked: “so he can see a few days ago you showed me a photo of the coral and colorful fish?” When that could get the color fish photos in Thailand sea area, small the 珍立 namely shouted: “I want to see.” Semitic back to encourage small said Jane to be strong, “to keep good health, disease, want to do what is possible.” The Yin Keng Cun, Semitic and petrels just kept in the oyster field canoe moved to the beach, the distant sea, floating on a dark cloud.Seeing this, the Semitic with small said Jane to a nearby shelter. When we asked the shelter of the small treasure want to runaway mother, small said Jane say without mincing words replied: “don’t know.”Asked if she wanted to convey their feelings to the mother through the media, she is still a face: “don’t know.” It is understood, In new networkAfter the news came out, her mother two times using the Xiamen street to unplug the phone, little Jane father Chen Zheng’s mobile phone, about Chen Zheng month back to Suizhou for a divorce.She was on the phone asked a simple little Jane’s illness, then said: “this time you are working hard.” When Chen Zheng will take the phone to the Jen, small said Jane heard the cries of the boy’s mother, even saying two sentences: “don’t cry, don’t cry……” He put the call to Chen Zheng hands. Before, the petrel with Jane to buy cakes, when the salesman asked little Shu Zhen is with her mother to buy things together, small said Jane angrily answered: “I have no mother.”And walk out of the room. After lunch a start stop, Semitic with small said Jane got, before launching, she told the Semitic to put in the bailer tail box car, because she wanted to use the bailer in the sea “scoop fish”.After launching the canoe, little Jane curious excited to turn his head to look around, exclaimed: “good fun!”She’ll put his hand into the water to pull out the wave, a while back to observe the Semitic paddle, a moment to scoop water with bailer, busy awfully. The sea wave is a little big day, after the excitement of the past, little Jane appeared seasickness phenomenon, return when she was crying to drink cola, hear petrel said to ask Chen Zheng, she pouted.Haiyan will hold out the precious little canoe, picked up her go ashore, the tightly together with her little Jane, from the feelings of people in Zhuhai love.Down after she pick up shells to play on the shore, Haiyan helped her pick up a piece, she took a glance and said: “you this is what taste?” And in she picked up a washed into the flat brick gravel, the reporter told her it was a piece of sea grinding brick fragments, the tail of a small green pick, a sly smile at Haiyan said: “this but she picked up.” The 11 year old little Jane is Hubei Suizhou rural girl, in July last year was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, thereafter, her father Chen Zheng to charity relief, often encounter the kick ball, claimed a lot of charity: “not in the rescue range.”Director of the Suizhou Civil Affairs Bureau surnamed Kang asked in his turn: “say to do not have?” Then pointing to the door: “and he asks you out.” Then donate in “Chutian express” initiated in the activities of the love, the chairman of an mushroom industry enterprises commitment to reporters each month to the Jane economic subsidy of 1500 yuan, the sentence as clear as noonday published in the newspaper, but when Chen Zheng looking for the past, a poverty alleviation fund of the enterprise office responsible person but let Chen Zheng to the enterprise to participate in the creation of the will, and the foundation for a few all excuses “Ray total not to greet me, has refused to pay.”. In November, the mother of small 珍生 regardless of her daughter and her mother-in-law kneeling to beg, away from home, not on the Spring Festival and the Jane’s birthday call back…… Despite what one sees and hears many evils, but little of the treasure in the Zhuhai Red Cross voluntary submission “book” Chinese human organ donation, told reporters tell a sentence: “the Habla Mi Corazon moved Chinese the cornea donation out, can let others see this beautiful world.” (end) Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules cuplock scaffolding erection anchor

China News AgencyZhengzhou 26 July report (reporter Li Guigang) by the long-term lack of precipitation, continuous high temperature weather and other factors, the ongoing drought in Henan province grain China, high temperature and drought induced local electricity, water restriction.Since June this year, the average rainfall in Henan province 95.2 mm, than the same period the year reduced by 58% for the same period, the lowest since 1961. Continuous hot weather makes the province drought continues to spread.Office of Henan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, according to the latest statistics, in July 21st, the province’s grain drought hit area of 11500000 mu, two days later, the data into 13510000 acres.Following last week’s national ten high ranking Henan occupy the top nine, the Henan Province Meteorological Bureau 26 day forecast, the temperature will continue next week, and no strong precipitation weather process in large range, the local form of severe drought.Into the “barbecue” refresh the provincial capital Zhengzhou electricity load history. According to the plan, Zhengzhou will enter the “orderly use of electricity” period.To ease the pressure on electricity, Zhengzhou power supply company for the first time issued a high temperature electric early warning, from 27 to four days, the area of some areas, enterprises, businesses and other “power”.Zhengzhou City, the local “power”, suffered the worst drought in 40 years in Pingdingshan city started “to limit the water”.According to meteorological department statistics, from June to July this year, the precipitation in Pingdingshan city less than the normal year since 1975 nine, precipitation of at least one year. Resulting in Pingdingshan appeared the worst drought in 40 years, the city’s “tank” Baiguishan Reservoir storage capacity to create libraries since the lowest, below the dead water level.Part of the township of the city of corn, peanuts and other crops because of the drought, the yellow leaf curl. At present, local officials have issued III drought early warning.To deal with the “thirst”, a local official implementation of the “water for bathing, washing the car:” move, swimming pool (Hall) and other construction industry take water out of business, take the limit water consumption, and encourage enterprises and the majority of the citizens to save water. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches aop formwork pfeifer VS box

China News AgencyHaikou 26 July report (Fu Meibin) Hainan Chengmai County 116 years old longevity Li Aizhu at 25 am died peacefully at home.In June 22nd this year, she just had 116 years old birthday. Li Aizhu was born in June 16, 1898, lived Yongfa town in Chengmai county to Lang Cun Wei Hui Tan Mu Cun, life spanned three centuries.Li Aizhu the fifth generations, offspring of 124 people. Li Aizhu’s life is simple and plain, homely fare, like labor, like the home neat and clean, keep living law to the younger generation, deep love Yan guide, teach by precept and example, harmonious relationship.Over 116 years old birthday, she still move freely, can take care of themselves in daily life, in addition to a little deaf, other aspects of the body are fine, diet, not picky eaters not diet, body hale. The neighbor’s eyes, Li Aizhu on the life attitude of tolerance, have a heart of docile, easy-going, kind-hearted, and his wife xiangjingrubin.Like Li Aizhu of centenarians in Hainan Chengmai County, there are more than 200.(end) Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:precast accessories water stopper anchor socket

Nanyang 26 July report (reporter Qi Yong) 26 days morning, the reporter received complaints, a summer training class Huang Gang Zhen Henan Tongbai County, a few days ago with the teacher in front of the whole class of 10 students, 11 year old student continuous fan Luo Mou a slap in the face, but also cuff and kick 30 minutes left and right.After a few hours, the parents rushed to the school, with facial bruising of the child to the hospital, the way the child’s nose was bleeding.Journalist subsequently carried out to understand the matter. According to the investigation, the training is located in Huanggang township government 200 meters to the southeast of the small sun kindergarten.After the incident, the parents of the child to complain to the police. After the incident, the parents of the child to complain to the police. Huang Gang Town police station has accepted the case. At present, the Tongbai County People’s Hospital also child Luo surgery observation room treatment.Hospital medical records show, a pair of double redness, systemic multiple soft tissue injury. In the hospital, the mother of the child Wang Baoxiang cried and said: “the child is only 11 years old, the teacher hands’s..”Why is playing? Luo tells the story, on the afternoon of 23, at the school gate, a fly flew up to him, he pulled away the flies, flies fly up at the school gate “perfect cosmetics shop” aunt’s body, aunt told his teacher Hu Qingpo. The teacher went to the two floor of the classroom began to beat him. Luo said, teacher slap him, hit his face with his fist, pounding his chest, kicking his legs, hips.”Fan me 30 times, I cried and begged the teacher, I can not stand, the teacher has not close at hand. Later, my face was playing without consciousness, with blood all over his face.” The child said. Small sun kindergarten has two floors, a small courtyard.Huang Gang Zhen Main Street hanging many a summer training banners. Wang Baoxiang said, her kindergarten Li Ying reflect, Li Ying said you have the ability to sue. Then he drove away. The reporter learned Luo students a class.Students confirmed Luo Mou was the teacher beat, have the students said the teacher even slapped in the face 100 times, some students said dozens of minutes. The students the majority was petrified. Reporters repeatedly phoned director Li Ying on the phone, but have not been able to get through. After,In new networkReporters call the Huanggang town police station Shu Lei, Shu said the case has been accepted by the director, is under investigation.According to its introduction, teacher and aggressive behavior, then the parents of the students find a teacher to denounce a view, physical confrontation took place. At present, the case is under further investigation. (end) Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:lifting clutches water stopper halfen frimeda

At present, no casualties have been reported, because of the smoke, fire officers and soldiers are further rescue and disposal.The loss of property and the cause of the fire is under further investigation.(end)Participating in interactive (0 ) To micro-blog Sina shareSponsor Link:cast in ferrules formwork accessories lifting insert

In this regard, the village committee and the contractor are known, the existence of contract disputes.  昨天,有网友爆料称,在北京后花园景区门口,有一群村民封住了景区入口,游客无法入内。 □ site 对此,村委会与景区承包方均称,双方存在合同纠纷。The villagers kept entrance no visitorYesterday afternoon, reporters came to the former White Tiger Jian Cun, found in Beijing after the garden gate area, a dozen villagers dunshou.Near the entrance is also hanging many banners, denounced the scenic land contractor.Among them, there are two banners to seal the entrance.Visitors to enter by the villagers away. Wang said the villagers, they blocked the scenic door, because the area of land contractor arrears Cun Wei Hui 1740000 yuan in advance, and the money is 1190000 yuan is evenly distributed to the villagers. Land contractor has owed more than half a year, the villagers have no way, only in this way to discuss arrears. Land contractor has owed more than half a year, the villagers have no way, only in this way to discuss arrears.Mr. Wang said, voluntary at the scenic spot of the villagers have hundreds of people, they are a rotation, each gang has a dozen individuals, from July 13th on the blocked area. 土地承包商已经拖欠了半年以上,村民没有办法,只能以这样的方式讨要欠款。□ reason  The village committee the Contractor fails to pay in advance the contractYesterday afternoon, the village committee is responsible for the relevant people took out a copy of the land contract.The contract shows, Beijing land contractors garden scenic spot in Beijing Garden Tourism Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the landscape company), from the beginning of 2005 contracted land for 70 years.From seventh onwards, the company shall pay annual scenic land costs 1700000 yuan to the village committee, and at the same time pay commission 20000 yuan tickets. Relevant person in charge said Mr Meng, scenic area in 2013, land contracting fee has not delivered in 2011 and 2013, ticket commission did not pay, a total of 1740000 yuan. Mr. Meng said, at the beginning of this year, the village committee also and the scenic area company Dongjingli conducted several consultations.Dong manager once put forward, the first payment of 900000 yuan contract fees, 800000 yuan later, Wei will not agree.This year in May, Dong manager also proposed, first pay the contract fee of 70%, in November this year to pay the remaining 30%. In this regard, Mr. Meng said that by the end of 2014, the payment of the contract, the company agreed to pay only, but scenic spot 2013 contract shall, in accordance with the contract, the company shall also pay the scenic overdue fines, so the village did not agree. Mr. Meng said, the village committee cannot collect in advance, can’t put money to the villagers, the villagers to the gate area so there will be discussed in advance of the squat down to guard. 对此,孟先生说,原本2014年底该缴纳当年的承包款了,可是景区公司只答应缴纳2013年的承包款,按照合同规定,景区公司还应缴纳逾期的滞纳金,所以村委会也没有同意。The contractor arrears due to existence of contract disputes and the CommitteeScenic company related person in charge Mr. Dong said, did not give the village committee last year, land costs and two tickets for the Commission, is because their company and the village committee in contract disputes.At present, the dispute is not resolved; once the dispute was resolved reasonably, the company will be paying all costs.Mr Tung to provide data shows, scenic spot, in May last year and December two Jian Cun Cun Wei Sue white tiger will. The last prosecution reason is, company that committee did not comply with the contract, often allow or default non village villagers or villager in the area under the jurisdiction of new, alteration, expansion of housing, and to seize the road, or make trouble out of nothing in the area.The village committee has connived at scenic spots within the jurisdiction of the orchard contracted households in the orchard to new, extension, villa etc.. Now the action is not hearing. For Mr Tung said, the presence of Mr. Meng said the indictment, mentioned in the orchard contracted households refers to the village to the villagers Han Dayong 40 acres of apricot orchard in 1999 30 years contract, contract period. Now contract does not expire, the village committee makes no sense to kick him out.And the reporter sees in the third clause of the contract ninth, as soon as possible to the development and construction, from the date of execution of this contract, the white tiger Jian Cun Cun Wei Hui and other relevant units or individuals, the contract, the contract agreement by the village committee will coordinate the termination. Mr. Dong said, at present the villagers behavior has seriously affected the normal operation of the scenic spot. They have the Mt Eden town government to reflect, are waiting for the related department to coordinate the matter.  董先生说,目前村民的行为已经严重影响了景区的正常经营。 ■ lawyers weapon  The villagers through the village adultsThe villagers are encountering difficulties, – Chi firm lawyers bear strong told reporters, because the contract is front white tiger Jian Cun Cun Wei Hui company signed with the scenic spot.The villagers should be divided into internal distribution contract fee belongs to the former White Tiger Jian village.Therefore, the villagers have no direct for the company for contract fees, only through the village committee sued the company for scenic spots. [Edit]: Zhang Zailin Participating in interactive (Sponsor Link:halfen channel water stopper shuttering magnet

Recently, some members of the public reflect some subway station from the ground station hall layer without elevators, some people travel inconvenience.In this regard, Metro said, not set straight ladder or because of many reasons not enabled construction etc.. As for the straight ladder in an open way, Metro has no clear requirements, each site according to their actual situation decision.  近日,有市民反映一些地铁站从地面到站厅层没有直升电梯,部分人群出行不便。 Experience 2 此外,地铁站内直梯有的鼓励携带行李的人群乘坐,有的则仅限残疾人使用。 Straight staircase and some can sit there only for disabled people According to media reports, the Metro Line 10 in a straight ladder, the ladder except for wheelchair passengers to use, the baby’s women, carrying more baggage of passengers, also can use the straight ladder access underground.But recently, the reporter visited found in different site, different lines, straight ladder open provisions are not same.体验2Site: LishuiqiaoNo. 13 line Lishuiqiao station, take a different direction of the train from the station to the platform layer, on both sides, not the escalator to the west gate direction, can only walk upstairs, downstairs.No. 13 line Lishuiqiao station, take a different direction of the train from the station to the platform layer, on both sides, not the escalator to the west gate direction, can only walk upstairs, downstairs. Go to west gate direction of the stairs not far from a straight ladder, but did not open to everyone, there is a barrier free facilities in the next call.In 5 minutes, the reporters saw 3 carrying large luggage of passengers came straight ladder, found the straight ladder not open, turned baggage and take the stairs.”No escalators, stairs so long, you carry the box is really not easy.”Mr. Zhao said that passengers.The platform waiting for the train to Xizhimen direction of the staircase has 40 steps, Mr. Zhao carrying box every 4 steps to stop and rest, sharing 6 minutes before full flight of stairs. In addition to Mr. Zhao, a stroller young mother “at the ladder sigh”, finally, a few enthusiastic passengers to help her baby in the car onto the platform.Lishuiqiao is the transfer station, in the 5 lines platform with straight staircase to the station hall, and anyone can use. 乘客赵先生说。Site: Liangmaqiao, National LibraryNational library station is line 4 and line 9 of the transfer station, the two lines of the platform is provided with a straight ladder, and a crowd is not restricted.In the station escalator walls also posted a prompt: “carrying the baggage of passengers please take the vertical lift”.Line No. 10 Liangmaqiao station is provided with two straight ladder, a ground to the hall of station, a station to station, are all can take.Among them, the ground to the hall of station straight staircase in the East Third Ring Road near the subway station B exports, with a distance of about 200 meters, there is a sign straight staircase door, top write “because of station traffic, working day 18:00 to 19:00 straight staircase temporarily closed, if you need help, please find the station staff or dial telephone 84667501.”Experience the 1 straight ladder has not enabled the wheelchair out station needs to lift According to media reports, the Metro Line 10 phase of each station will have a straight staircase from the ground to the underground ticket.But recently, the reporters found through the visit and log in Beijing Metro official website, Diaoyutai west station, BAGOU station, line 10, Zhichun Road station, station, Shuangjing station, Panjiayuan station, Gongzhufen station, Lane ditch stand, Changchun Bridge station, firearms camp station, entry and exit are not straight ladder. In addition, there are similar cases at multiple sites other metro lines.  体验1 直梯始终未启用轮椅出站需人抬Site: the West Live in the west of Mr. Wu said, 10 Line West Diaoyutai station to station. A straight ladder, but not always, “a hospital nearby, often can see a few subway staff will force a wheelchair to treat passengers onto the ground, especially hard.” The day before yesterday, the reporters came to the west station hall layer, according to the sign guidance, walk about 3 minutes later, found the ladder to the ground.However, the straight ladder in front of a wall, top write “equipment is not used, if any inconvenience, please understanding”.A station staff said, the Ministry to the station straight staircase from the construction side has not carried out the transfer station with, so can not use.If you have disabled passengers, can advance with the station staff, the staff can help the wheelchair lift.  前日,记者来到西钓鱼台站站厅层,根据指示牌指引,步行约3分钟后,找到了通往地面的直梯。 Site: Lishuiqiao south, huixinxijie NankouIn the 5 line Lishuiqiao station, station to station hall with a straight ladder, but you cannot use the passengers. Straight staircase door in the lower right corner, there is a blue card, write a “barrier free facilities call 84452431″ below, there is also a green button.A woman because of foot sprain, call sign on the phone.1 minutes later, a subway station staff rushed to open the straight ladder, accompanied by female passengers on the arrival hall layer.However, female passengers from the station hall layer out of the station and had trouble. Reporter discovery, the station is not to the ground straight ladder, only in the D port is provided with a barrier free lifting platform, “a barrier free lifting platform is too much trouble, can only walk slowly steps out of the station.”The female passenger said. In Hui Xin Xi Jie the Nankou Railway Station, and Lishuiqiao station similar.  不过,女乘客从站厅层出站又遇到了麻烦。 Respond. 该名女乘客说。Subway station straight staircase open ways depending on the circumstancesBeijing Metro Line No. 10 customer service staff said, each station is designed ladder to reach the ground, but due to subway construction party, part of the site straight ladder has not pass quality inspection; also some sites because it is a transfer station, relates to other line construction, and therefore did not start with a straight ladder.Beijing Metro Inc said, some straight staircase leads to the ground is not open for another reason, because the passengers if by straight staircase directly in the platform, it means not to buy tickets can stop.The straight ladder at the beginning of design consideration is to provide a service call type for special groups, this part of the crowd subway is free, therefore, does not exist the problem.In order to meet the needs of special passenger, in a straight ladder with a red button or call the hotline, passengers can thus use straight ladder in the help of the staff.As part of the site will then straight ladder to take people relax restrictions, mainly considering the actual situation of each station to make the change, the subway has no clear requirements.The Beijing News reporter Li Xin Lin Ye [Edit]: Zhang Zailin Participating in interactive (0)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors BFD coupler cast in sockets

Who knows, that behind the car sat in the Wuchang station plainclothes police, while the front car drivers and car owners are worried that their children safe passers-by. This is a beautiful misunderstanding on Hangzhou street. 不一会,又一辆黑色轿车从对向车道拐了过来,车上下来了3名男子,以上5人简单交谈后,孩子被抱上了后面这辆车驶离现场……2 years old children in the middle of the road a More than 2 points on July 17th afternoon, Yuhang higher education on the road, a 2 year old girl barefoot from north to south in the middle of the road. A passing man found after feeling wrong, immediately opened two hop light, slow speed with the girl behind the “escort”. Come to a junction, the girl suddenly turn, to cross the road.At this moment, a man riding a electric car has already far Staring at the child’s behavior.When he saw that the child is on the verge of traffic, get off immediately ran to embrace the child back.At this time, business outside Yuhang Wuchang plainclothes police station Wei Yuanfa, Yao Weifang three people just open a civilian car through, saw the black car driver and car drivers are surrounded by their children, let them feel the child intuition is not their. Then, the police off bright Ming identity, ask why.Then, the police off bright Ming identity, ask why. With the girl behind the car driver named Xing Haoliang, from Zhuji, opened a home appliance company in Yuhang wuchang. At that time, he is from the way the old Yuhang done back to the company found the little girl.”I think the girl is so small, also didn’t wear shoes, walking in the middle of the road. It’s too dangerous, I called the police, then drove slowly behind her.She is afraid of being hit by a car.” “To the road, I found her to cross the road. I was really worried. Stop toward the front ride battery car master shouted, let him to hold her.” Xing Haoliang still have a lingering fear.In that case, Yao Weifang thanked the two enthusiastic passers-by, then the baby on the car, went to her family. 我真的急死了。 That is human traffickers, he turned to chase The child crying was carried on with scene happens to be pass by Xiao Liu saw.No.The child is not their!”At that time, Xiao Liu in reverse lane, he hurried out of telephone alarm, drive to the front end turn up.As the road more vehicles, Liu can not catch up, he tried to read the license plate car, and then call 110 to tell the police. At a red light, he finally left. With the mood, he had to play 110 informed of this situation, and then rushed to the unit.Liu called Liu Yuguang, was at work near the city of Taobao.Because of this, be late for the meeting. Colleagues asked him why, he said after, everyone laughed at his detective potential, it was “worth!” 怀着忐忑的心情,他不得不再打110告知了这一情况,然后赶往单位。The little bird was lost, the mother was so worried He struggles to attend the meeting at Liu Yuguang. Yao Weifang police they drove around looking for the families of the children of some residential areas.The little girl was about 2 years old, not sure what is the name of the home, where.Such a small child, don’t wear shoes, if not abandoned, the family should be around here.Sure enough, less than half an hour, Yao Weifang them in a village near the road found a woman was pushing a stroller anxiously asked as we walked. They also didn’t stop the car, the little girl was shot the woman rushed forward shouting mommy. The woman excitedly cried!The stroller’s brother don’t know what happened, sleep soundly.Mother and daughter reunion, Yao Weifang they hurried to the destination mission to. But this time, Liu Yuguang received in the Yuhang public security command center 110 alarm call, hanging heart finally put down. Unfortunately, the critical point is not in the zebra line, the child back from traffic battery car owners to leave any information. (reporter Yu Wenqi Zhou Defeng correspondent)[Edit]: Wang Haocheng Participating in interactive (0 )Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules adjustable base jack steel chamfer