锘The reporter learned from the Haikou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, charity and Social Welfare Department was informed that, in order to solve the problem in Haikou apartment for the elderly disabled elderly downstairs inconvenience, two for the disabled elderly service passenger elevator has recently installed, will be used to invest before the spring festival.

It is reported, the installation of lifts two apartments for the elderly are Zhendong Haikou Qiongshan district (Mi Pu) apartment for the aged and Meilan District Jin Fuyuan apartments for the elderly, two apartments are the three storey, a total of more than 230 disabled elderly living, equipped with elevator for the old custom build, also equipped with power failure automatic flat panel special layer device and facilitate the wheelchair operation.Hex Nut

Zhendong (Mi Pu) apartment for the elderly person in charge told reporters, the stairs because no slide channel, every man is sitting in a wheelchair by 4 nursing staff to carry down the activities plaza. Elevator installation will not only allow more people to go downstairs to the activities on the square, but also reduce the nursing workload. (reporter Deng Haining Han Zhenyuan correspondent)

In 2014, the Commission will focus on five aspects of work, to promote the city’s industrial economy and information and better development.Magnet Steel Chamfer

One is the steady development of the industrial economy. Strengthening the study on economic development trend, the market dynamic, accurate measures. Foster new economic point of growth, optimism, the prospects for the development of the growth quality and benefit advantage enterprise support. The two is to increase efforts to adjust the industrial structure, focus on the quality and structure of investment, strengthen the investment management and service, the establishment of long-term mechanism, increase the contradiction of the dynamics of excess production capacity, promote industrial upgrading. Three is to vigorously develop the circular economy, promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Strictly implement the energy consumption standards for admittance into industries, actively promote energy saving, clean production, application, comprehensive utilization of resources and advanced technology and equipment, to enhance the comprehensive utilization of resources and capabilities. The four is to actively promote the enterprise technology innovation, focus on the cultivation technology center of strategic emerging industries and other key industries and enterprises, encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development, research, develop new products and new technology, with independent intellectual property rights. Five is promoting the informatization construction. Promoting the “broadband Taiyuan” special action plan, the city will build a high-speed convenient information city, promoting the “integration of the two” depth, promote the traditional industry by using the technology of modern information, promote the construction of information consumption pilot city, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of the information industry, providing support for the steady and rapid economic development. Li Jing.

In order to alleviate the Spring Festival Golden Week “parking difficult” problems, Sanya major scenic new emergency 3600 parking spaces, the maximum extent to meet the public and tourists parking demand, this reporter today (25 days) learned from each big scenic spot.

The area of fog and haze “hot air” tour, forest tourism resource rich Yalong Bay tropical paradise Forest Park love by tourists, the Yalong Bay region of the area where the new fire squadron and the hundred flowers road two emergency parking, car parking spaces were increased 418, the 128, the Yalong Bay area parking spaces to achieve 3865; “pray for you” long-term around the popular tourist favor, Nanshan scenic area in order to cope with the Spring Festival Golden Week self driving rise situation, the new emergency 960 parking spaces.Long Tail Anchor

Beautiful Sanya, romantic Tianya, as a business card of Sanya tourism scenic spot is the remotest corners of the globe, many visitors come to Hainan tourism will go to attractions, at present, the remotest corners of the globe new emergency parking area about 1500, adjacent size Dongtian scenic spot also add emergency 220 parking spaces; with “private custom” film of the film, Wuzhizhou Island beauty coastal scenery attracts many tourists attention, in order to cope with the Spring Festival passenger flow peak, Wuzhizhou Island pier new emergency parking for about 400, the terminal parking spaces to 1300. (reporter Huang Yuanyan)

The old man into a seizure police rescue search

In January 21st, an old man walking nearby to the Public Security Bureau police station of Xinghualing Ba Ling Qiao door, sudden illness crashed on the ground. The police found immediately after the old man to hospital, and toss contact to the family of the old person.

Magnetic Steel FormerThe same day at 12 am, Ba Ling Bridge police station received at the gate, a pass by the old man at the stile suddenly convulse fell to the ground. Two police found after hurriedly come forward to rescue, he was already unconscious, incoherent speech, but words or dialect. The police immediately phoned 120 emergency telephone, also visited the residents around, trying to find the old man’s family.

The old man was rushed to the hospital, the police rushed to the hospital, the old man asked after the old man claiming to be clear, “Joe a”. Doctor introduction, old man burst intermittent epilepsy, the timely assistance has been out of danger. The police then log population information network, query and “Joe a” similar sound name, one by one to try and hit the registered telephone number, linked to the end of the old man’s son-in-law wu. Originally, the old man is surnamed Jia, mainlanders, a cerebellar atrophy, followed by work in Taiyuan daughter son-in-law live, in the morning to go out stroll, unexpectedly sudden illness. (reporter Liu Youwang Wang Longhong correspondent)Spread Anchor

The 25 day, Mr. Zhang to the newspaper to reflect the public, in the business street of Harbin city on the area of water real Water Leakage hit near bath, because of large water leakage, bath has been unable to normal business.

Thread Lifting System

14 pm the same day, the reporter arrived at the business Street No. 227-1 National Day bath to see, there are a large number of indoor ground water, water all over every corner of bath room, 3 workers are kept in the hands of the mop absorbed water on the ground.

Bath owner Mr Cheung told reporters, he is the 24 day morning 7 am to bath open found seepage, thought the horse gourd is blocked, just looking for someone to Tongma gourd, who know unexpectedly not. After a morning search to find out in the end, is a water tank room No. 221-4 is located in building 4 unit basement Water Leakage. Because Water Leakage particularly large amount, Mr. Zhang found two pumps to pump the water into the bottle gourd, but not all the water pumped out, now underground indoor water has nearly 90 cm deep, home bath is constantly out water seepage, cannot have normal business, a lot of water so wasted. The two day I also find the relevant departments, but the problem Water Leakage here has no one treatment, hope the relevant departments will solve the problem Water Leakage here as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the reporter will be the situation reflects to the city water supply and drainage company, staff said, will be immediately sent staff to the scene view processing. (reporter Wang Zeyuan text / photo)

Flat Anchor

Yesterday morning, “Sun Wukong” appeared in the Beijing Railway Station ticket queue, induced by the passenger and the crowds. Originally, Sun Wukong is Beijing Film Academy Henan students to play, he wants to use Sun Wukong brave and resourceful image for passengers to cheer.

Around 11 am yesterday, “Sun Wukong” the monkey king’s appearance in Beijing Railway Station, the head is two long Ling, holding the hands of a one meter long stick, stick is also carrying a bag. He entered the booking hall stood in line, but there is no tickets. In the ticket hall, station square, his appearance has attracted many visitors and spectators. A netizen said: “Sun Wukong, you somersault cloud.”Flat Rubber Former

According to witnesses, Sun Wukong was played by a Henan students from the Beijing Film Academy, because he will soon become a member of the 2014 transport during the Spring Festival army, he wants to use Sun Wukong brave and resourceful image, in order to “flash” form for people in travel and oil pump. (reporter Kuang Xiaoying Wang Wei)

Taiyuan forest fire danger

Since the beginning of winter I has no effective precipitation, forest fire situation is very serious. And the upcoming Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival is also a forest fire in a year. Yesterday, city, forest fire prevention command issued an emergency notice, requirements counties (city, district) careful deployment, a comprehensive inspection, strict control, centralized deployment, timely eliminate fire hazards, to ensure that the “safety during two” forest.Fixing System

Round RingFrom now onwards, each county (city, district) will be well arranged, strict system, the implementation of each link of the forest manage to the head, will patrol patrol personnel into the mountain massif, do mountain tube, export it, someone to watch, grave responsibility is negative, to ensure that forest protection a lighter for rigorous and efficient operation; strict implementation of grid patrol and designated responsibility nursing system two, all-weather patrol, do not stay dead, Ranger staff in place, additional checkpoints, and put the fire wall at the foot of the mountain forest, the suburban Forest Park, scenic area, the cemetery, fire prone areas to defend, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. According to the law to increase power, increase the focus areas of supervision and inspection, strict examination and approval of field production, life and behavior, forbidden forest, forest edge area of fireworks and other field of illegal fire.

“Two” period, forest fire prevention departments at all levels will also adhere to the 24 hour double duty system, ensure the smooth flow of information, and resolutely put an end to De Gang Gang, leakage phenomenon. At the same time, cities will be the centralized deployment in a professional team, perfect material equipment, a fire, quickly dispatched, the fire extinguished in the early stage, and strive to avoid casualties. (reporter Zhou Hao)

“We have developed about 600000 mangrove seedlings, a solid foundation for this year in March the full implementation of artificial planting mangrove in shrimp pond to exit.” Dongzhaigang National Nature Protection Area Management Bureau Director Gu Shengfu yesterday told reporters.

Ledger End

Familiar with mangrove knows, some mangrove has peculiar “viviparous” reproduction, seed during seed maturity has developed into plantlets, fell down from the tree, insert mud, can grow into new plants. If falls in the water, then swim, every mud will take root. In fact is a viviparous mangrove species accounted for only part, most have to rely on seed breeding.Loop Ferrule Insert

In December 18th last year, Haikou introduced programs, decided in 2014 March before the reserve in the existing 2439 acres of shrimp pond full implementation of back Tang forest, the shrimp pond occupying space all back to the mangroves. “From Tang forest we are ready, this batch of seed down, after a few years all the shrimp pond will restore the mangrove forest.” Gu Shengfu said. (reporter Dan Jinggang)

The reporter learned from Shanghai airport group, ten days to 25 days before the January 16th transport during the Spring Festival, Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao two flights and passenger flow volume record high. Ten days between the two a total of 18212 flights taking off and landing vehicles, up 9.35% compared with the same period last year; carry a passenger 2498900 person time, grow 19.28% compared to the same period.

WN Ferrule Insert

Statistical data shows, the first two passenger transport during the Spring Festival will break through 250000 person time, grow 22.1% compared to the same period. The highest one day traffic appeared in yesterday, up to 279500 passengers, an increase of 38.1%, of which Pudong 176600 people, Hongqiao 102900 people. Yesterday, two flights taking off and landing and transport during the Spring Festival since most of the day, 1912 flights taking off and landing vehicles, an increase of 15.8%, of which Pudong 1185 sorties, 727 sorties in Hongqiao.Plate Anchor

In view of the peak passenger flow transport during the Spring Festival and possible ice and snow weather, the Shanghai airport, the airlines in conjunction with the airport stationed units ready, the irregular flight emergency plan, establish a linkage mechanism to strengthen communication and coordination. During peak hours, two security department send people to open all channels, the two are also recruited airport Ambassador volunteers provide information service for the passenger flow in the departure hall. According to the usual transport during the Spring Festival rules, the highest peak three days before New Year’s Eve two will usher in the outbound passengers. For the upcoming departure passenger flow peak, the airport reminded: please set aside more time to get to the airport, and confirm the flight in which the airport which terminal in advance, so as not to delay the trip. Consult the related service information please call the service hotline 96990 Shanghai airport, landed at Shanghai airport official website (www.shairport.com) or download and install APP Shanghai airport. (reporter Zhou Hong Su Weiwei correspondent)

Urban management work involving thousands of households, and is closely related to people’s life. For the masses, only take heart and sincerity, will obtain the understanding and support of the masses.

One afternoon last summer, a 70 year old aunt, stepping into the office door, he said anxiously: “hot day, evening we can’t open the window, you give us pipe downstairs barbecue……” See the white haired old man, full face of anxious, hurried to help the old man sit, handing a cup of water. The old man shook impatient, discourse, and many complain. In the course of reception of the elderly, we always smile down the old man don’t worry, we will think of a way to solve a problem.

Plastic Nail Plate

Originally, the old residential area was built in the last century 70′s, the supporting infrastructure is lagging behind, in front of the building not far from markets a multi-year. Every summer, a few barbecue stalls in the market unusually hot, smoky affect the surrounding residents. This old man is a reflection of an old problem. In this regard, we report to the branch leading. The Bureau immediately to make arrangements, instructed the jurisdiction responsible Squadron, actively coordinate with the market, think of a way to solve this problem. That evening, jurisdiction squadron and market coordination, to several stalls issued a notice shall be ordered to make corrections, let them from the original grilled to electricity, and dispatched personnel to watch. After the visit, the old man said that he was satisfied with our work.

City Management repeated strong, we must honestly relate in response to the masses, but can not do without the commitment. Should do and can do must hundred-percent to do, cannot do to honestly explain why, not our functions within the scope of what department to inform. The masses of the people is a long-term pursuit of happiness, also have very specific life trivia, seemingly trivial, but important. In visiting in no matter what the situation, have empathy, standing in the position to the masses, take out for their own work attitude for the masses, a matter of conscience to do. (the author unit: City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau Berlin District branch cable original Ze million)