Shaanxi, Baoji: people picking up trash convertible scenic spot ticket

In order to guide civilized behavior, the Bank of Changan in Shaanxi Province, Baoji branch in September, in October launched the “public interest environmental line — ticket exchange” activities, the main scenic spots in Baoji City, people pick up to a certain weight of the garbage tour, Changan bank Baoji branch will be for his scenic spot ticket price.According to the Bank of Changan in Shaanxi Province, the Baoji branch of the plan, from September 1st to October 31st period, as long as people in Baoji city in the Famen Temple, Taibai Mountain, jintaiguan temple, the Jialing River source area, zhougongmiao scenic tour, the day in the scenic area to pick up more than 1000 grams of garbage, you can exchange for “environmental change card” in a scenic spot the door exchange point, with the environmental change card and the scenic spot ticket and my identity card to the designated bank of Changan Baoji branch branch exchange and tickets equal cash (deduct 20% income tax), per person per day limit to exchange a attractions tickets.Changan bank Baoji branch responsible person, through this activity, they want to mobilize social forces to beautify the area, develop tourist good environmental practices, thereby enhancing the visitors of the civilization consciousness, let people know the importance of Protect environment. (reporter Mao Haifeng)Sponsor Link:fixing socket adjustable base jack steel chamfer

According to China sound “global Chinese radio network” report, recently, Xi’an traffic control department launched a month long traffic order comprehensive rectification. Regulation points out, September 1st will be for pedestrians, non motor vehicles running red light violation manned 7 Traffic uncivilized behavior severely punished, pedestrian red light punishment will be from the current 20 yuan to 50 yuan.Regulation of road traffic safety Xi’an city formally implemented, this special rectification which will severely punish the pedestrian red light running, cross the street, climb over the fence and non motor vehicles running red lights and so on behavior, pedestrian red light punishment increase from the current 20 yuan to 50 yuan, motorcycle, electric three wheel vehicle operating illegally will be maximum penalties of up to two thousand yuan. Two days, reporters found in Xi’an Street then, most people do not understand the new regulations, but generally agree, only severely punish violations can run a red light on the crowd really plays a disciplinary role. According to the order of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, order management section chief Wu Feng introduced, causes of pedestrian and non motorized traffic illegal behavior cannot be eradicated in many aspects, the first is when the law shall be given a heavier punishment is not enough, also to have certain relations. This, experts say, want to change the bad habits must be the participation consciousness civilization, traffic safety, can improve the illegal cost, specialized training, but this process is long, need your participation. According to press reports, at present the pedestrian red light penalty tickets 50 yuan has been printed, will quickly sent to the traffic police brigade of xi’an.However, the pedestrian red light running 50 yuan punishment, such a move was good questioned. A friend said, up to 50 yuan ticket to the pedestrian, even in Beijing, Shanghai such first-tier cities, let a person feel pockets “injured”; also some people asked, may not each of the traffic lights at the junction with the traffic police on duty, how can it make no exception of punishment? Some people said, if the pedestrian is not to pay the fine, how processing?These questions may have to wait until the local authorities in the practical implementation of the new regulations, in order to have the answer. We might as well go to other countries have a look what are the management of pedestrian red light running measures. In Australia, Sydney, the pedestrian red light is to be fined, and the number.Australia observer Hu Fang: the overall Australian pedestrian red light running or jaywalking behavior does not see more, most people will obey the traffic rules, this is because Australia’s speed is relatively fast, many sections of the vehicle speed in 60-70 km above. Therefore, the pedestrian crossing the road will be very dangerous, but very few are willing to take risks like this; and on the other hand most Australians would abide by the traffic regulations, and parents and teachers will be when a small child was training as they obey the traffic law consciousness, self usually when crossing the street will make oneself an example, therefore after growing up, children naturally not to violate it. Of course there are exceptions, in parts of Australia hectic city also has a red light phenomenon is serious, the Sydney City Hall is vigorously rectifying this pedestrian light for the pedestrian behavior, ran the red light will each time at 67 dollars a ticket, equivalent to 380 yuan. According to statistics, since 2012 September, the pedestrian police jaywalking altogether has opened more than 2500 tickets, in addition to publicity department ran the red light and proposes to stop, listen, look, think again and then went on a campaign like this. But as far as I’m concerned, in addition to the junction part several Australian metropolitan, most Australians are to comply with traffic rules, no red light.Jaywalking in American is considered as a kind of illegal behavior, sometimes need to go to court to settle. It is understood, not only in New York, the other big American City, such as Chicago, Boston and other places, pedestrian red light running phenomenon is very common. If the condition is critical, the local police will usually on pedestrian red light of detention. In American, fine number of different states, lower amounts to $2, the highest will be fined 1000 dollars, and punishment records into a personal credit record.In Tokyo, the vast majority of Japanese not in front of the children cross the road, running the red light. The Japanese believe that parents are the best teachers teach by precept and example, the impact on children is not to be ignored.Japanese observers Huang Xueqing: road traffic law in Japan, pedestrians violating traffic laws, a fine of twenty thousand yen in Japan, but on the street rarely see the traffic police, Japan either driving or crossing the road will be strictly obey the traffic rules. Crosswalk is when the light is red is not the vehicle through, most people are red green light before you cross the street after the. Provisions of the traffic rules of Japan, Huang Dengliang when pedestrians are not started across the street, pedestrians are not many in the sidewalk and intersection are generally artificial switch the lights, when the switch is pressed to the pedestrian crosswalk will automatically change to green. Japan is started to teach children about traffic knowledge from kindergarten. In some small country even if it is not necessary for the traffic lights, in order to let the children be familiar with traffic knowledge is also the traffic lights to set in front of the school. But for some traffic rules also have to comply with not many people, for example, can not ride with adult, cannot drink riding, riding a bike can’t play mobile phone, can not wear Headset and so on can see still, violation penalty is relatively high, such as riding a bicycle at night without lights can be fined 50000 yen, although the station at road traffic is very rare, but there will be some police patrol car appeared frequently, patrol cars met pedestrians or cyclists, do not obey the traffic rules, are generally used loudspeakers reminded not to fine.In New Zealand, to jaywalk children fine of 10 Singapore dollars (about 50 yuan), the adult was fined S $35 (about 180 yuan). In France, the pedestrian is prohibited in the zebra line crossing the road, will be 4 euros (about $32) fine. Then, the situation in the UK and how?British observers Hou Ying: in fact, the British also no we imagine so comply with the rules, the British people to cross the road unless the trunk road traffic is especially heavy they follow instructions of lights, in other places as long as no cars on the road in one or two came through. And of course in Britain almost every crosswalk will have traffic lights, but many people do not, some people will only symbol in the past before the click button, some people when the traffic lights do not exist. Even when I first arrived in England, at some traffic lights, side many British people look directly without a car crossing the road, of course, traffic is not the most town in England this is also one of the reasons. But the British drivers are very abide by car to the rules, and before entering the main road all the vehicles will unconditionally parking, after determining the absolute safety can quickly through, can seldom hear the horn in the UK, even the most crowded the streets of London, met for people to stop, meet the kitten, dog parking. The British use horn in only one case, that is the situation is critical to remind the other party to pay attention, because the road is narrow, to yield phenomenon in Britain is also very common, they are not all who stands in line, is more convenient to who. For example, a bus and a car to meet on on a narrow path must have a party for the car, the action is not convenient because of the bus, so is this a dozen cars to the open place.”Pedestrian red light running” is not a single phenomenon, which is related to national quality, traffic morality, also related to the “sidewalk car does not avoid traffic chaos”; it is also provided with “red time is too long” and other transportation hardware is not reasonable, also influenced by such as punishment is not strict, not in place and other factors. Management of pedestrian red light running, is a huge “systems engineering”, long-term adherence to the effect.Sponsor Link:halfen channel aop formwork ferrule insert

A release by the Department of orthopedics of Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University director Ma Ruixue Micro message has been a large number of forward, the statement “my department will no longer be the woman children to continue treatment, until the matter has been reasonable, fair and satisfactory solution” more attention and controversy.Micro message said, a woman with a 5 year old girl to Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University doctor fracture, there are other children were not registered in the consulting room, the doctor on duty situation, please go out, the woman suddenly scratch doctors face. Because the woman bad attitude, the doctor on duty is not agreed to coordinate. Future doctors in women after registration, for the children of reduction and plaster fixation. After the introduction of the incident, Ma Ruixue made the above statement.Reporter interviewed Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University confirms the doctor patient disputes, the hospital staff says it is investigating the solution, not an interview and said. Reporter from the Minhang police department to verify, 27, 17, Meilong police station received a hospital dispute alarm; preliminary understanding the Zhang family members of patients during treatment with the doctor on duty Zheng a dispute, the doctor on duty injured. Other media reports said, both sides each sticks to his argument, family members of patients say doctors pushing her first.Then, on the human body hurt and threatening situations, doctors have no right to refuse to provide services for patients? The medical community “,” published an article entitled “Ma Ruixue director has the right to refuse” comments “, said the children had been properly treatment, no life danger, and has no need of emergency treatment of diseases, the subsequent treatment does not necessarily have to Ma Ruixue of director of department treatment. She to any other hospital can obtain the very good treatment.” Netizen “lighting2014″ said “is the basic principle of queue for treatment of critically ill patients, hospitals have Easy Access, if you really want to jump the queue, can be coordinated to patients with the front, but it should not be hard to enter the consulting room.” Netizen “Ice-Mary” said “refused to heal the beginning I also think so, think later, only to treat ah, all actions or subsequent are likely to cause trouble and disputes, preliminary treatment is over, do not before are not suitable for RE treated here, to represent the individual attitude, I think it belongs to the basic right.”Medical ethics expert Professor Shen Mingxian said: “the event belongs to the special circumstances, may also require special treatment.” In both doctors and patients do not have the basic trust condition, subsequent medical service is very difficult to carry out, it is harmful to both.In addition to support voice, also somebody thinks the doctor refused to act inappropriately. “The public hospital public welfare requirements.” Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law sociology and social work department director Zhang Youde refused to heal the breach the doctor’s occupation ethics, irrespective of the treatment to which stage, patients need timely assistance. “Patients have chosen the right to medical treatment, for example, said he chose hospital, rather than a small hospital, but the doctor has no right to choose the patient refused treatment, simple but intensified contradictions.”An unnamed expert said: “now some hospitals for medical patient conflict was innocent doctor, nurse the establishment of maltreatment ‘grievance award’, but ease the contradiction between doctors and patients, in addition to calls for mutual trust, mutual respect, must establish a set of system, guarantee the medical order, properly solve disputes, protection of the rights and interests of both doctors and patients.” Chou Yi Yu Yayun.Sponsor cuplock scaffolding cast in sockets

Because Beijing Tibet highway out of Beijing direction traffic accident at night, the morning of 30, the road appear relatively serious congestion.According to the Beijing traffic department, the accident occurred at the Beijing Tibet highway out of Beijing direction 2 kilometers south of Kang Zhuang road. To 30 day early in the morning, the accident has cleared. But the accident cleanup time longer, resulting in Beijing Tibetan high-speed out Beijing direction night jams, many truck drivers sleeping in the car waiting for the road opened, the morning of the 30 day after the traffic accident clear, slow recovery.Up to 30 days 9 when make, affected by the accident, Beijing Tibet highway out of Beijing direction of the vehicle’s tail has been discharged to Changping South Road, up to tens of kilometers.On the same day in the morning, Beijing West Sanhuan for the public bridge south to north direction, a delivery truck from the bridge through the muck barriers fall off a bridge, the accident caused the traffic jam road was clean. (reporter Lu Guoqiang)Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories scaffolding clamps anchor socket

In new networkShenyang 30 August report (reporter Shen Diancheng) 5 days of “third Shenyang Faku flight international conference and the 2014 Shenyang air show” bright spot frequency. The general assembly to the 30 day, the General Assembly held in Shenyang Faku Caihu airport staged a brilliant “the first aircraft model contest”, the sky is flying as a stunt plane, land a flight symbol obvious beauty show, this created a Chinese model pioneered the field of.The competition from Chinese Trade Promotion Committee, organized by the Shenyang Municipal People’s government, Faku County People’s government contractors, the theme of “harmonious development of integrity”. Purpose: the heritage of Liaoning culture, cultural image ambassador selection of aviation, Liaoning aviation industry to promote international exchanges, to promote the development of China aircraft machine mould industry.By the Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shenyang Art University, Shenyang School of art, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, the Liaoning Institute of Advertising clothing selected college students participated in the contest. In addition, 16 international models also enroll in the competition player, a total of 66 people.Activities at the scene, 66 “die” conducted a self introduction, T display, clothing display, yacht show, talent show and other aircraft project, the scene has a warm atmosphere, the wonderful display of the audience to machine mould are highly.According to reporter observed, many of the audience not only on the catwalk voted to praise eyes, but also the birth of “die” one word is full of curiosity.”This contest is intended to guide Chinese model market toward standardization, standardization, internationalization. Mining has the international standard of professional general aviation model talent, through the integration of resources, enhance Liaoning’s international image, strengthen economic and cultural exchanges between international, accelerate the Chinese aviation model to the world the pace of development of aviation career, to offer advice and suggestions.” The activities of the relevant responsible person said. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting clutches scaffolding accessories halfen frimeda

In new networkTaiyuan on 30 August, (Fan Lifang) 30, 2014 Shanxi outdoor wine tasting group purchase site, staged a bucket of relay race, was named by people not only to accept the challenge, but also for the earlier media reports Shanxi “gradually frozen people” Li Cuihong donations, the participating enterprises and consumers to participate in this activity. Up to now, there are all walks of life who love to donate 7500 yuan.Sponsored by the 3 / 15 Campaign Committee, Shanxi Herald, Taiyuan wine industry association of Shanxi outdoor wine tasting of 2014 group purchase will be held in Shanxi, Taiyuan Workers Cultural Palace square. More than 170 liquor dealers show a variety of 300 wine products in the field, for the people public goods kam. According to statistics, the passenger traffic reached more than 4 people, more than 300 kinds of wine sales, sales of nearly one million yuan. The group purchase will be from August 30th to September 1st, a period of three days.10 morning, the organizers also held at the scene of the “challenge for Shanxi ‘ice freezing man’” public welfare donation activities, invite the participating enterprises and consumers to participate in. A named site enthusiastic male audience and accept the challenge, “in addition to accept the challenge, I will donate, with practical actions to love ‘gradually frozen people’ this group.”Mr. Zhang came to the donation box also invested 600 yuan, to become today the last love people, just one hour, raised funds of 7500 yuan, all proceeds will be donated to the charity of Shanxi province after the media reported “gradually frozen people” Li Cuihong.According to reports, the 2012 Shanxi Jinzhong Li Cuihong was diagnosed with “gradually frozen people”. Now, a ten square meters room, Li Cuihong can only stay in bed for a long time, placed in the bed of the computer was the only way to know the world outside. The 73 year old father suffering from cerebral infarction, in 2007 she and her husband divorced her, can only take care of the old mother and daughter. In the interview, Li Cuihong expressed his cornea donation wishes through the media, “such as ALS disease, eyes, a pair of eyes can let three people see the light again, if I go, my eyes can see the world.” (end)Sponsor Link:fixing socket cast in sockets

Beijing Tongzhou District public bicycle since last year has been very “hot”, because many users, car rental card or a card to. As the public bicycle network more and more, damage the vehicle also gradually increased, in addition to bicycle parts are often stolen, also appeared the monitoring probe photographed the destroyer of driver figure. Tongzhou District public bicycle service center relevant responsible person said, according to the damage of public bicycles, will increase the intensity of the inspection, installed to monitor the probe in the conditional place.”A person to repair more than 100 vehicles a day.” Tongzhou District public bicycle service center repair master Zhang Fenglong is busy recently, and he and two colleagues to repair damaged bicycle more than 300 vehicles a day. Because many vehicles, the use of high frequency, Tongzhou District public bicycle will inevitably be some damage. However, some damage is not normal. Recently, generous living area bike rental points has been repeatedly by malicious damage, the perpetrators suspected robbed “business” in the black driver.  Mass destruction events 9 occurred 5 monthsRecently, Xinhua Street auspicious Yuan Xiao Qu Tongzhou District public bicycle rental point, there are 12 public rental bicycle vandalism, except two bicycle tyres were Norte, 10 other tires are separated. The damaged vehicle tyre is set aside set of about 4 cm, yellow tube exserted, incision is relatively sharp, even rims are shear failure.”This is not the first malicious damage incidents.” Tongzhou District public bicycle service center is responsible for the bicycle safety of Mr. Chen said, the last 5 months, Tongzhou District has undergone 9 large-scale destruction of public bike case, in addition to the auspicious park area, located in the orchard subway generous in leasing near the point of high-rise residential district and gold soil bridge subway station were encountered 4 malicious damage.Mr. Chen said, unlike general steal parts of the behavior, the bike rental points are basically the tyres were Norte or torn. Because of these cases occurred mostly in the late evening or early morning, although the police obtained the monitoring, but the picture is fuzzy, it is difficult to identify the perpetrators.  More than a dozen cars is pricked Driver suspicion big”If the occasional one or two tyres were Norte may have no quality, but such a thing has happened 4 times.” Mr. Feng, who live in a high-rise building the residential, residential distance of soil subway station near the bridge two km, previous to the subway station only sit of the dark, since the bike rental points set feel much more convenient, but black driver business has been a lot of impact, “prick tyre thing we area residents will not stem.” Mr. Feng thinks, the biggest suspect black driver.Speculation in the generous in leasing point monitoring probe near the community of the screen also confirmed, generous in bike rental points this month the successive vandalism, a driver’s shadow appears on the monitor screen. The monitoring picture display, a man driving a friction to the bike rental points, get off with an awl shaped tool, then open the March off. Since then, the staff found that, more than 10 parked in bike rental points all punctured tyre.Tongzhou District public bicycle service center is responsible for the bicycle safety of Mr. Chen think, in this case the suspect is likely to be a black drivers, and in other cases, the location of the surrounding residents also reflects is black drivers for.  Rental points more and more Black is not good for”Public bicycles on the motorcycle business is certainly influential.” Mr. Chen said, the advantage of the dark is able to solve many people “last mile” problem, now, Tongzhou District public bicycle network more and more, many outlets are located in the nearby area and the main bus, subway station, black the business by the impact of natural. Beijing Youth Daily reporter visits in Tongzhou garden, orchard has many bike rental station subway station, black number and compared to a significant reduction in.”The bicycle still sit that out why.” Xiao Liu is a Tongzhou District resident, in the subway station near the small pear pear, distance from the subway station 2 km distance. Xiao Liu said, usually after the subway, need more than 20 minutes walk, and ride the bus to get off to walk, still have to walk for a period of time, a lot of time and energy. So the black becomes the best choice, “sometimes don’t feel safe.” Xiao Liu said, rubbing sometimes jaywalk, speed fast, but the fatigue after work or let him to rub “never abandon”. Since the public bicycle rental point opened in the area near the post, every day he rode a bike to work, and can rub say “good bye”.On the public bicycle, motorcycle taxi drivers are reluctant to say too much, but they admit that, with the increase in public bicycle network, their business “not too well done”.  Bicycle service center One day the car 300 carIn addition to mass destruction event several malicious, sporadic damage behavior of some utilitarian also let Mr. Chen feel helpless. “A single car parts not good.” He said, “there will be a network of individual bike missing”, in addition, some riders also use “substitution” tricks, the bicycle tire replaced the old tyres. “Must be them with in your own bike.”"Sabotage is on the one hand, the rider more frequent use, bicycle, inevitably some fault.” Tongzhou District public bicycle office director Liu introduction, Tongzhou District now has opened a total of more than 180 rental points, about 5000 car business operation, 1000 cars for central reserve. In this case, three for repair in the center of the master one day more than 300 vehicles to repair damaged bicycle.”The destroyer is indeed very difficult to catch.” Tongzhou District public bicycle office director Liu said, to all the outlets are sent to look after 24 hours is certainly not reality, each node is the installation of cameras cost too high, and many failure cases have occurred in the early morning, supervisory fuzzy difficult to see, which brings great difficulty for the destroyer. He said, the current preventive measures is to increase inspections, bicycle network area neighborhood committees to strengthen security patrols, part of the conditional area will install surveillance cameras. (reporter Yang Lin intern reporter Pan Yanyan Guo Jin)Sponsor Link:lifting socket scaffolding clamps steel chamfer

The day before yesterday afternoon, micro-blog a female to Xi’an see “Godfather” lost 20 days of information, affects many readers heart. Reporter through the multi verification, to confirm the Sichuan Zigong girl Xu Mengna did in August 4th from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport fly to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, the girl has made contact with her mother, but it is still in loss medium. Hair micro-blog is the girl’s cousin tsang.Her mother put down everything from Chengdu to Xi’an looking for daughter. However, 10 days later, her mother only received the daughter a heart doubts the safe message, her daughter now is still in loss medium.Things started from more than a month ago. According to his cousin had said, July 20th Mona from Guangdong returned to Chengdu, often do not go out at home. Received the “Godfather” invitation, in August 4th 9 at night from Chengdu to xi’an. Reporter toss linked to her mother. She told reporters: “Meng Na is said to have met at work in Chengdu, because the man is old, so he let my daughter called her godfather.” Her mother said: “Mona told me that people still more respect for her, she did not like to look on what inordinate ambitions.” Also because of her trust, the godfather so, Xu Mengna’s mother also agreed to let her alone went to look for her so-called Godfather xi’an. “My daughter said, he has a shop in Xi’an, can look at the past, then my own shop.”"The little girl come alone, we refer to the monitoring, monitoring shows a man and a woman came to pick up, the little girl left, see no physical control of the situation from the monitoring.” The Xianyang Airport Public Security Department said. However, leaving from the airport soon after, her mother and daughter lost contact. Her mother said: “she was on the phone to me, people pick said she who’s car broke down, let the staff to help to advance arranged for her to rest in the Ok Hotel. But the night of her friends call, hear the phone came the sound of a dispute, it is worried about her safety, will the situation told me, when I call, the telephone has been turned off.” The reporter understands, the Meng Na family in the Meng Na residence jurisdiction police station reported. SANQIN metropolis newspaper.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories formwork accessories ferrule insert

In new networkXi’an 30 August report (reporter Ji Haofan) 30 reporters from the Shaanxi traffic control department, on the afternoon of the same day high-speed packet Mao Xi’an to Jinan section when 15 vehicles collided, causing traffic disruption. At present, more than 2 of the injured were taken to hospital for treatment, the accident is still under treatment.August 30th afternoon at sixteen thirty PM, in high-speed packet Mao Xi (Xi’an) Zhen (Zhen An) the traffic accident happened between the section of Yingpan to Zhashui Ankang direction. According to the local police department, the accident caused by the collision between 15 cars, has led to 2 people were injured.At present, 2 injured have been rushed to hospital, accident road temporary traffic control, traffic police are the emergency traffic.High-speed packet Mao in Inner Mongolia Baotou City, Guangdong Province, Maoming City, end. Through Erdos, Yulin, Yanan, Tongchuan, Fu County, Xi’an, Ankang, Dazhou, Chongqing, and other regions, a total length of 3130 km. (end)Sponsor Link:lifting anchor scaffolding parts cast in sockets

Drawing of Jiang XuanpingThe girl lost 20 Yu Tian, last night, the mother call this newspaper, said her daughter was on the way home.Huaxi Dushi Bao: in the afternoon of August 29th, Internet users in the online help said: cousin Xu Mengna in August 4th from Chengdu to Xi’an, will at all. An interview with reporters, the 23 year old Zigong girl Xu Mengna reason to Xi’an, is usually business invitation, arrive second days Xi’an evening, her phone has been in a shutdown state. Last night about ten forty, Xu Mengna mother call to reporters, the daughter has been found, are returning home, her daughter said before trapped marketing organization.More than 20 days, her (two) telephone or shut the machine, we are very worried about her now!” Because in a few years ago working knowledge in Xi’an godfather to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for her, in August 4th, Fushun County, Zigong City, 23 year old girl Xu Mengna from Chengdu to xi’an. However, when she reached the second day Xi’an evening, her two phones are off. Because of the recent more than girls lost the murder, Xu Mengna’s mother was lady think of those murdered girl anxious.In August 29th, Xu Mengna’s cousin, the cousin lost messages posted to the web, hope to get users to help. Soon, Sichuan, Xi’an two users, media began to “network tracing”.”My daughter called me!” On August 30th evening about ten forty, Ms. choked to reporters call said, they have been in touch with Xu Mengna. Xu Mengna’s cousin said, “she is deceived into MLM organizations.” The family said, Xu Mengna is now on the way home.Who invited by 23 year old girl went to Xi’an”Before she go to Xi’an, her boyfriend play in Guangzhou for more than two months.” Miss Zeng said, because Xu Mengna cousin will get married in October, Xu Mengna in July 20th returned to Chengdu, then went back to Fushun.Xu Mengna for the “Godfather”, had said, it is a man in the know her daughter a few years ago. “Because the man is old, so he let my daughter called her godfather.” Miss Zeng said, although Xu Mengna called him “Godfather”, but two people usually do not often linked, just the occasional phone polite.Miss Zeng said, around July 28th, said Xu Mengna in Xi’an open building materials store godfather to turn a pavement for her business, she was invited to go to xi’an. “My daughter said to me that people still more respect for her, she did not like to look on what inordinate ambitions. Coupled with the daughter said to me now to look after the work, there is no opportunity.”So, Ms. agreed daughter went to look for daddy xi’an. Later, Xu Mengna took a late August 4th 9 before the plane to xi’an.Pick up the phone heard the sound.In late August 4th 11 when make, Xu Mengna arrived in Xi’an, to have a phone call. “She said, mother I to, is take the luggage.” Miss Zeng said, “she told me, she usually because the car broke down, so do not come, two Sichuan staff and his company to take her.”Because of fears that the daughter safe, let her daughter had to wait at the airport. That evening 12 o’clock, Ms. received a call from her daughter in Guangzhou boyfriend’s phone, telephone the other told her: “call in and Xu Mengna, heard a quarrel voice on the car, said a few words Xu Mengna hung up the phone, after the mobile phone is turned off. “Then a few days later said the 20 Yu Tian mobile phone shutdownHer boyfriend received after a phone call, Ms. has been very anxious, but thought her daughter might be the phone has no electricity, has been waiting for. In August 5th around 6 p.m., has not waited for her daughter message Ms. so far in Zhengzhou’s nephew alerted the Xianyang Airport police. According to local police will check the monitoring situation.At this time, Ms. daughter received a phone call. “The daughter told her she wanted to stop, but the door won’t open, using a mobile phone and knocked the door, mobile phone broke, until the second afternoon before the mobile phone repair.”For fear that, Ms. on the phone asked her daughter home. “She said to meet her for her out of the room, but because of who is busy, has not seen, she said that to you must look at the window.” Miss Zeng said, because at that time something, she let her daughter called his father. “She gave her father said to play back a few days.” Miss Zeng said.Miss Zeng and his family did not expect, this phone was the last call to date.Once introduced, the 8 point lead, her nephew called, gave Xu Mengna a phone, but no one answered or hang directly. So, Ms. dial her phone, want to ask what happened, but the phone was turned off. In the following 20 days, Xu Mengna’s two mobile phone has been in a shutdown state.On August 30th at six thirty in the afternoon, reporters call the two mobile phone of Xu Mengna, but is turned off.  Dialogue between the parties”The godfather” commitment to the transfer of 80000 Yuan University phone storeReporter: Xu Mengna who is how to persuade her?Ms.: around July 28th, she said she opened building materials store in Xi’an University beside the godfather shout to her to make sales. But she said she did not want to do sales, want to learn a technique, later also can do small business.Her father said, he in Xi’an University there is a shop just to transfer, say to 80000 yuan package to store and learn to make the technology bubble steamed rice and mutton mutton. In addition to her that I said ‘first come have a look, not achievement when playing days’, so, although I have to stop, but eventually agreed to her.Reporter: Xu Mengna says she doesn’t want to do sales, until she who said catering, your daughter to move the heart?Ms.: she likes to cook at home, from Guangzhou after come back, the basic door is not out, is at home watching cooking books and learn how to cook. She behaved very introverted, eighteen, at the age of nine to work in out, at the beginning of this year also learned the car when a cashier in a supermarket in Fushun, May and her boyfriend went to Guangzhou.Reporter: and the daughter call, do not find what problem?Ms.: Actually I just pay attention will find that wrong, she finally telephoned to me when she said that mobile phone rotten, but she also has a mobile phone.The latest progressThe girl found the is ready to return to ZigongMiss Zeng said, in August 5th 6 in the afternoon they went to the Xianyang airport to the police, but soon received daughter telephone. Until the daughter’s phone has been in a shutdown state, behind the phone off, she didn’t go to the Fushun Public Security Bureau police. The Public Security Bureau relevant evidence, Ms. et al to Xi’an, in the help of the local police, out of a daughter at the airport when the monitor, “we have seen her is a male and a female, her car was not at the gate of the airport, but the airport behind a distance. At present, the police are investigating the license plate number to pick up her car.”Miss Zeng said, next week, she will go to call records call Zigong City Public Security Bureau daughter and police, hoping to find her daughter’s godfather.”My daughter called me!” On August 30th evening about ten forty, Ms. choked to reporters call said, they have been in touch with Xu Mengna. As Ms. is excited, the reporter contacted Xu Mengna’s cousin, hope to be able to understand the current situation of Xu Mengna.”I asked about her, she is deceived into MLM organizations.” Xu Mengna’s cousin said. But he did not disclose further news about Xu Mengna. Xu Mengna’s cousin, Xu Mengna is currently preparing to return to Fushun. Then, the reporter dialed Xu Mengna phone, but the other party does not answer. West City Reader reporter Liang PengNews linksIn August the national young woman missing events (incomplete statistics)● August 29th Zhejiang Financial College Wang Jinfang of 21 years old of girls, from home (village luniao town of Yuhang district before) to work out, then lost. That night, Yuhang police in a village a well found a female corpse, after confirmation, girls in Wang Jinfang. At present, the murderer was caught, the investigation is ongoing.● August 21st in Ji’nan due to take the black female college students, is a 52 year old man with 4 previous convictions deception, prisoner abuse for 4 days, but the final warning saved.The bride ● August 21st in Hubei Anlu at the age of 23, where Sasa in Suzhou ready to take the train to go home, then lost. Two days later, where Sasa’s body was found in a water Dangzhong Hefei suburbs.● August 19th in Chongqing a 16 year old female junior high school graduates in Jinjiang to see the male net friend has lost contact, according to surveillance video display, two people may have unpleasant.The 20 year old girl in Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in August 9th due to high Yu “who teaches” and was killed. The suspects confessed, kill Gaoyu because two people of a dispute.Sponsor Link:precast concrete accessories prop sleeve pfeifer VS box