Jining public bicycle repeated destruction: seat cut wheel twisted (map)

The staff took the seat damaged very helpless. Reporter Jin Sen perturbationCitizen card in a continuous line. Reporter Gong Suyun perturbationPublic bicycle use of inputs has half month, become a lot of people travel good helper. However, to facilitate the people public bicycle but recently repeated destruction. The seat is cut,ringlock scaffolding pedal loss, ordinary bicycle occupy locking device…… This scene of uncivilized behavior to let the public bicycle “very injured”.15 morning, the reporter first came to the Taibai building square public bike site. Here is a bicycle front wheel has been seriously distorted cannot use. “Estimate is to have people in the locking device in not taking out a bicycle, and then use the feet kick.” Jining city public bicycle service management center deputy director Chen Feiyan said, bicycle damage is that morning just found, at present has been reported.At the Shandong Polytechnic Career Academy Simon public bike site, there are three car seat cut. One of a bicycle saddle is dragged lost in the car. “This place just last week there are 6 car cushion layer is cut, 10 car taillights were removed, do not want to change a new car just a few days, and the emergence of this situation.” Chen Changyan took the seat being scratched some angry. “Helpless, we had to cut off the power to suspend the use of the site.” The princess road public bike site, the reporter saw a bicycle saddle is gone, another car pedals also disappeared. It is reported, this is the second time the site appear this kind of circumstance.In the city, the public bicycle damaged less, but often appear social bicycle occupy public bicycle lock “dog in the manger” phenomenon. In the vicinity of the Red Star Road and Keyuan Road junction, a car and electric tricycle directly in the transverse lock side, leading to borrow the car people can not in the site also car. West of the Red Star Road and Pipa Road crossroads, lock the front a lot of the public bicycle also parked directly in the public bicycle within the region, and has a lock.The destruction of the wheel seat is stolen, twisted, public bicycle area occupied…… These uncivilized behavior to the city civilization brought a bad influence. At the same time, Jining city public bicycle service center management will also increase the intensity of the inspection, and published complaints telephone hotline 12319 held, residential construction and the 4006578989 hotline, welcomes the public to report the destruction of public bicycle behavior.12 bank branches can also do borrow the car cardJining city public bicycle system since it started in September 30th, with the extension in the District, shopping malls, bike site hospital downtown locations and roads, more and more people choose public bicycles. At present, the existing 4 card points has been unable to meet public card requirements. Therefore, the Jining Municipal Construction Committee contact Jining bank 10 branches and Laiwu Commercial Bank two outlets, to jointly handle public bike car card business. The public can handle in the Bank of Jining of the Communist Youth League branch road, Dragon Road branch and North Branch and the 10 branches. In addition, for the convenience of the public for Yanzhou district to borrow the car card, at present Jining bank Yanzhou branch and Laiwu Commercial Bank Yanzhou branch can handle to borrow the car card business.For borrowing the car card members of the public, at the age of 16 years old to 65 years, with the ID card can to the dot. Local people costs 130 yuan, including 100 yuan deposit. To borrow the car card includes group card and minimal assurance personnel, at present only in Jining city public bicycle service center management (electromechanical two northbound, Torch Road West) can handle.Reporter Jin Sen Gong Suyun

Recently,erection anchor media reports issued by the Ministry of education of the nation and the country nearly two years the employment rate lower undergraduate list. Electronic commerce,pfeifer VS box food hygiene and nutrition, animation and other 15 professional list in recent years quite fashionable famous. One is “hot” professional employment contract, on the other hand, many universities set up professional declare new enthusiasm, 61 colleges and universities in a year to declare the establishment of more than 7 new professional, Heilongjiang University of science and technology in 2015 should declare new set up 56 undergraduate majors. This contrast thought-provoking. (Xi’an daily “today”)More and more college enrollment, the quality of the whole nation is more and more high, but the university community to the cultivation of qualified talents function is not obvious. Reduce the employment rate of university graduates, the unemployment rate of the cause of the increase, although the status of relations and personnel needs of society, but is also self-evident, and universities of professional settings into difficult to do. The Ministry of education of the low employment rate of professional bright red card, out of a sense of the educational responsibility of colleges and universities, the release of information is: be alert to these red professional do, should also be in the establishment of new majors, more social responsibility considerations.For students, like what professional is important, but also with the future employment needs. But the university is concerned, what the profession is popular, what major to enter oneself for an examination of the students, what professional setting, is a kind of disciplinary planning short-sighted behavior, is a misleading. Some colleges and universities in the new professional settings, the enthusiasm is very high, the own resources and teachers strength is obviously insufficient, even rush into battle, some professional school for several months, textbooks are in hand, this let enter oneself for an examination and learn these professional students how to study well, learn? How to meet the needs of society, how to enable students to participate in social competition, based on the society?The university is the frontier project of social progress, economic development, also is the basic project. With the exception of a few special professional does not take the employment as the orientation, shall be specified by universities or university enrollment, other social need oriented talents training in Colleges and universities, in professional settings should be targeted, need to focus on the social, economic, scientific and technological aspects of the talent, focus on the degree of saturation, focused on the “no person I have, people have my spirit” on the efforts. College students successful employment and access to social recognition, is an important factor in the success of college and university set up professional inspection. Commercial flavor too strong indulge in Colleges and universities, students or parents requirements for professional, or holding a hot professional training students in Colleges and universities, is no pressure, no responsibility, for students, parents, society and the state to do the due diligence of the performance.In 2012 September, the Ministry of education revised “Regulations on the management of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities of professional settings”, gradually give the college professional setting and adjustment of the power of examination and approval, 92% undergraduate professional settings right directly to the University, by its own decision, universities enjoy greater professional setting and adjustment of autonomy. But have autonomy, professional settings cannot make Naomen determine. President of a university Guangdong once said, “today will sell tofu tofu with professional, tomorrow the car will sell the auto majors, this how line, set up professional must have a clear understanding and long-term vision”. This change of hit the key universities of professional settings etc..Misunderstanding of college professional development and setting out of the disorder, no responsibility. Those who see the low employment rate of the professional to the society, so that these students trapped in the society, not educational but harm. – Bian Guangchun

Between children,lifting insert chipping, bumps,ferrule insert can hardly be avoided. Then, in the event of such a thing, both parents should how to handle to treat?Reading in a primary school in Yuelu District Jing Jing (a pseudonym), break the low grade Yu Yu play (a pseudonym) down to the ground. Afterwards, Jing Jing’s mother Ms. Wang took his son to the Yu Yu house to apologize. The apology in Jing Jing, Yu Yu father Xu had punched him and kicked his feet, abdomen. The 9 year old Jing Jing was diagnosed with hematuria, renal contusion.  School slapstick, parents with children to apologizeThe afternoon of October 15th, Central South University Xiangya Hospital Ward, after a bit of Jing Jing is sleeping.The afternoon of October 13th, Jing Jing in the school playground to climb the “ladder”, conflict with the lower grade students Yu yu.”He called me, I also called him, then I will give him a push.” Jing Jing said, Yu Yu was pushed to the ground. On the afternoon of the same day, the school received a notice, Jing Jing’s mother Ms. Wang hurried to school. “The child’s forehead and face hurt, pierced the skin out of the blood.” Ms. Wang said, after school yourself to Yu Yu to community health office, bought in treating bruises medicine. The 15 day, the parents of Yu Yu confirmed to reporters, Yu Yu because head uncomfortable, at rest at home.”The children got into trouble, I also not good education, I feel so guilty.” Ms. Wang said, that day afternoon 4 pm, she bought some fruit and milk, with her son came to live in Yu Yu house to apologize. “My son to the children’s mother said: aunt, I am sorry, I got into trouble today.” Ms. Wang said, son was also toward each other mother “bend salute”.  Mother said the other knife, “we are forced to kneel down for an hour”Ms. Wang recalled, mother and daughter Xiang Yuyu was mother after an apology, the other side says to wait for her husband to come back processing.”Both of us in the room stood for more than 1 hours.” Ms. Wang said, because the other family members did not call myself to sit, “I also feel shy to sit.” 5 on the afternoon of the same day, Yu Yu father Xu home.”My son to come forward to say sorry to him, uncle, I today……” Speaks of here, Ms. Wang could not help choking, “‘play’ words haven’t say that finish, his fist hit to my son’s forehead, also with the foot toward his abdomen two kicks.” Ms. Wang said, his son immediately approached fuzhu. At this time, Xu Moujin kitchen and took out a fruit knife, to Ms. Wang and Jing Jing kneel.”He asked my son, where are you hand beatings, to cut off his hand.” Ms. Wang said, on the other side of the family persuasion, Xu Moucai put down the knife, “maybe we kneel down for an hour”. Subsequently, in Xu’s request, Ms. Wang made contact with the school, the school staff to persuade, local police involved in the investigation.  Hit the parents were asked to kneel down to apologizeIn October 14th, after the police station mediation, Xu to Ms. Wang an apology, said willing to bear the medical expenses and “let the disposal”. Ms. Wang husband offered to Xu kneel down to apologize, Xu to agree on the spot, the two sides agreed to kneel for second days at twelve thirty, the location for the cell door.12 15 noon, hundreds of area residents rushed to around the cell door. Close to 1 points, Xu appeared. Some of the residents to throw dabaobuping toward its bricks and egg, Jing Jing family stop. “He may think many people feel shy, never kneel.” Have residents said, at that time to Xu proposal could find personal little place “kneel again,” Xu Rengwei said. On the same day, Xu Mou puts forward please Jing Jing a meal “apologize”, is Ms. Wang refused.  Xu: the things of the past, don’t say it again.15 pm, police station police confirmed, the day of the incident, Xu did beat Jing Jing, Jing Jing in the police station will be discharged after mediation disposal.For Xu whether take knife forced Ms. Wang mother kneel down to one thing, the police said the two sides were mediated, is not convenient to disclose more information. At present, the Jing Jing is still under treatment in hospital, his condition is improving and hematuria, renal contusion caused injury has yet to do correlation identification.”The things of the past, don’t say it again.” On the afternoon of 15, Xu declined a reporter’s interview request.  Parental violence is a negative exampleThe Jing Jing to apologize but was beaten by the encounter, XiangNan University psychology professor Yu Hezhen said “feel weird”.”Since the other door to apologize, you should forgive and tolerance, to remind each other child care to correct; even if it is serious, should also take legal means, but not privately to violence to solve.” Said Yu Hezhen, Xu take violent means “revenge” the child’s behavior, not only in violation of the law, will produce negative demonstration effect on their children. “After the kids encountered a similar thing, may according to the parents of this violent way to implement.” Yu and vibration that, the family is the child psychology and character “educational factory”, parents of every word and action will play an exemplary role, influence character by environment influence on the growth of children.  The child is frightened the best comfort is to shift its attentionThe 9 year old Jing Jing “in trouble”, in the mother led to apologize, but did not expect was the other parents beat and forced to kneel. Two days after the incident, Jing Jing for the experiences of the day still feel afraid. Mother Ms. Wang said, son usually character very lively, now become be scanty of words. “He has nightmares of the two evening, shouting for help.” Ms. Wang is worried that said.XiangNan University psychology professor Yu Hezhen think, children experience the beatings and frightened, parents must pay attention to children’s psychological dynamic, patiently with care and grooming, let the children understand that “things have in the past”: “the best able to change some environment, let him do some interesting things to divert his attention.” Yu Hezhen suggested that, if the child psychological problems serious word, can be complemented by a certain medication or psychotherapy. (Xiaoxiang Morning News)

On the afternoon of 15,http://www.aopformwork.com Leshan People’s Hospital pediatric intensive care room, more than 3 months old boy Xiao Yang as usual and rehabilitation training. But the surprise is, the whole process is conducted by nurses, Xiao Yang’s parents and other family members did not appear. “After July 19th, no contact on the parents of the child.” Hospital nurse said, Xiao Yang has been nearly 3 months left behind, only the nurses take turns when his “mother”. At present, the local police have been involved in the search for the child’s parents for help.Little Yang Qishi didn’t name, just because his mother yang. In July 7th this year, the central Leshan city the 32 year old Ms. Yang, in the Leshan People’s Hospital, gave birth to a small yang. Because it is premature, the children appear respiratory distress, pneumonia, jaundice and other symptoms, then was transferred to the pediatric treated. After a series of treatment, Xiao Yang’s illness was brought under control soon, at present already heal, conform to the discharge conditions. But compared with the other children of the same age, Xiao Yang slightly slow response, the need for rehabilitation training.Let the medical staff is strange, small yang to pediatric began, he didn’t go to visit family. In July 19th, Yang mother Ms. Yang telephone but can not get through. After a period of time, still can not contact Xiao Yang’s parents, the toss and turn to find small Yang outside Borneo lady address. But Ms. Luo said, also can not contact her daughter, she did not raise grandson. “But she is not the guardian.” So, the nurses had to leave the small Yang placement in pediatric intensive care room.Today, Xiao Yang in the pediatric intensive care room has lived for more than 3 months. Since the disease cured, he also like other babies, will drink the milk, play, sleep, ill will be crying. Due to the lack of family care, pediatric nurses will take turns when starting a small Yang’s “mother”, carefully every day to check him, feeding and rehabilitation training. Children eat milk powder, diapers for nurses, are donated to buy clothes, also we give. “No matter what, the child is innocent, or try to take good care of him.” Pediatric nurse Wu Hua said, small Yang nurses to care very meticulous, how often and how much milk to drink, what time of day, temperature and size of the toilet is normal, whether the improvement in health indicators, “these content will make a detailed record”. According to the briefing, Yang since admission has owed about 30000 yuan for medical expenses, but they still love to him. The latest progress of the police intervention to help find the parents of childrenSmall Yang Quanyu, the hospital had to turn to the police for help, hoping to find the child’s parents, as soon as possible to pick up the kids out of the hospital. Hospital near the Water Park Street police station staff said, the police is now actively to help search for the child’s parents.Gave birth to the child Frence leave, often the phone went dead, Xiao Yang’s parents exactly where to go? According to Yang aunt Ms. Shu introduction, Yang mother Ms. Yang’s home in the central city water town, but in the last 10 years Ms. Yang are working in Fujian. Small Yang until birth, Ms. Yang to go back to Leshan, back after a few days early produce children. Everybody thought she would stay in Leshan for some time, but did not expect the July 18th suddenly Frence leave, “now we can not contact her.” Shu said, had heard about Ms. Yang, Xiao Yang’s father Lee, two people not to register the marriage, “may owe the hospital a lot of money, coupled with the fear of premature birth can have sequela, so they leave the children at the hospital.” (West China Metropolis Daily reporter Ding Wei)

On October 14th at twenty-one twenty PM, in a new door of Longkou City city road sections,shuttering magnet mountain XX driving after drinking a Buick has collided with the car parked on the road 5 cars, a waiting for children from school female parents were injured,pfeifer VS box final rescue invalid death.It is understood, that evening, the mountain so and so is Longkou City Public Security Bureau on suspicion of the crime of causing traffic accident criminal detention, the case is under further hearing.  Wait for the child after schoolFemale parents encounterOn October 14th at twenty-one twenty PM, as usual, Longkou new gathered in front of a lot of private car, the parents are waiting for the school children. School teacher is introduced, twenty-one fifty is the time of night self-study students, many parents would advance to wait here.When parents and other children from school, mountain XX driving after drinking a Buick sedan came to a new door Longkou sections, has collided with a parked on the road 5 cars, a sit in in the black sedan matriarch injured.After receiving the alarm, Longkou City Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene, control the suspect mountain XX, and extract the blood preparation of inspection, and the scene of the accident in the exploration of expansion on the mountain XX trial work. That evening, the mountain so and so is Longkou City Public Security Bureau on suspicion of the crime of causing traffic casualties detention. At present, the case is pending further.The 15 day, doctors and nurses in Longkou City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is introduced, the injured female parents started was sent to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, because of the serious injury to Longkou City people’s hospital. Mountain XXX in Longkou City traditional Chinese medicine hospital treatment after the police away, the injury should not serious.Longkou City people’s hospital emergency department doctor told reporters, injured female parents to their hospital after rescue invalid death, was the family of the deceased also rushed to the hospital. Gas leakage fieldFire emergency victimsAfter receiving the alarm, the day about twenty-one thirty-six, Yantai Longkou City Tonghai Road Fire squadron immediately organized the rescue workers rushed to the scene.Witnesses at the scene said, after the accident, the way a variety of scattered debris on the vehicle, and the leakage of gasoline, the air filled with a pungent smell. A black car was serious deformation, the car female parents trapped unable to move between the seat and the steering wheel.The police arrived on the scene, the warning, evacuation crowd. The fire officers and soldiers use water gun dilution of the spill on the ground of the gasoline, and the use of rescue shear expansion device dismantling tools, for trapped matriarch vehicle dismantling. After ten minutes of the rescue, rescue workers rescued trapped female parents.Subsequently, rescue personnel will be injured female parents onto the already waiting in the 120 ambulance, rushed to hospital. When a male student carrying a yellow bag also followed the ambulance, rescue personnel speculation is female parents of children, but the specific identity has not yet been confirmed.15 day, reporters rushed to the door to see a new in Longkou, and grease and blood mixed trace gate is on the road, near everywhere are tiny fragments of glass and plastic.Related linksLanes are indicated as parking entranceLongkou many new students and parents say, more than 9 pm every day, the school gate will stop more than 100 cars, are the parents of other children in the school.Reporters at the scene to see, placed two “shuttle students vehicle in front of the school gate ban remind card into the door open space”, painted on a no parking sign. In a place where trees also placed a “private car, taxi, motorcycle, electric car park” signs, indicating the direction for the motor vehicle lane. Many parents say, to pick up the kids from school are the cars parked in the motor vehicle lane. The reporter saw, the non motorized vehicle lane side by the obstacles blocking, the vehicle cannot sail. Whether for signs for the school setting, the school office staff said not clear.The school a staff introduced, Longkou new move to the new campus in three years, due to its remote location, the majority of students are picked up by parents. Reporter discovery, the bus through here twice, but pass by the school’s taxi less. 15 day afternoon at about 1, reporters at the school gate for half an hour, no taxi passing.Part of the students the teacher is not informed about this matter.15 days, reporters were in the morning around 9 a.m. and noon at about 12, were interviewed in Longkou door new students and teachers. Among them, the majority of students and teachers on the matter knowledge, the students said the school did not convey the parents when shuttle Caution! Matters, whether warned for before is not clear. A staff said, the school has improvement over a period of time, but the general effect, by Saturday afternoon 3 points over a holiday weekend, the school gate plugging into a pot of porridge.The police introduced, always on the city road sections to patrol the park renovation, in the future to the school gate vehicle problems will strengthen the intensity of rectification.The 15 day, the reporter wants to interview the school on the matter, the door security personnel says no to convey school leadership obligation. Reporters call to the office, the staff and leadership of the report, said the accident occurred in off – Road, suggested that the reporter to the traffic police department to understand. Reporters Longkou first middle school micro signal concern in the Micro message, want to know what happened, Micro message staff reply: “the Longkou traffic police can’t send ah, we do not know the details of oh.” And attach the Longkou traffic police bulletin url. When a reporter asked every day, so many cars to pick up their children, whether the school management problems, the Micro message public, no longer reply.Newspaper reporter Li Dapeng

Chunky meat too much, the heavy burden of the spine.Only 15 years old, weight reached 180 kg, a Qingdao boy suffering from prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc. 16 is “world spine date”,scaffolding accessories the doctor reminds, obesity can cause injury to the spine.Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Hospital of Eastern Hospital Department of orthopedics reception of a boy, although only 15 years old, a is not high, but she weighed 180 pounds. Because weight is too large, the boy who seldom exercise, plus the academic task, every day in addition to sleep, the rest of the time is spent in learning the basic.One day, the boy to carry heavy in the school, home and feel the waist pain, parents quickly took him to the hospital. According to investigation, the boy has two prominent lumbar intervertebral disc, and prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus in also oppressed out, conservative treatment has been useless, only operation.Qingdao municipal hospital deputy director of East Hospital Department of orthopedics physician Zhao Yongsheng explained, lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus, composed of fibrous ring and cartilage, elastic pad plays a role of lumbar vertebral body. When due to external force, degeneration causes fibrous ring rupture, herniated nucleus pulposus, resulting in adjacent tissues such as the spinal nerve root, spinal cord suffer stimulation or oppression, will cause back pain, leg pain. The weight of obese children, lumbar intervertebral disc pressure is relatively large, so compared with normal weight children the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is much higher.”Lumbar disc herniation with insenilegive priority, but in recent years also present many minor, common characteristics of these patients is small fat, Zu O.” Zhao Yongsheng said, the minimum of lumbar disc herniation patients he accepts only 14 years old.Zhao Yongsheng remind, obesity should be controlled diet, reduce weight, while reducing sitting time. Overweight can also increase the protection of spinal lumbar back muscle exercise, which is simple is often said that the “little swallow”: find the floor or the hard bed procumbent, crossing the hands after put in the waist, hips hard at the same time, let the body back up, then will feel the waist hard, it 5 to 10 seconds down, one day at a time, 10 groups, will play a good effect. (Yang Lin)

Recently, a single mother said to our help, her 5 year old son found more than 20 days ago woke up like “Crazy” like, for she had bitten,scaffolding parts hit, there has been no improvement in 20 more days, sometimes wake up so. As it cannot be helped, she sometimes had forcibly hold the hands of son, but the son but she got injured in multiple body.  Husband remains still a funeral home, son with strange disease”Suddenly appear such circumstance, I don’t know how to do it well, who can help me with this single mom?” Yesterday, Ms. Yu Xiangui cried and said, she is a single mother, her husband died, she was alone with the child, now the child suffering from disease, she didn’t know what to do.Yu Xiangui told the reporters, her home in Hubei, she and her husband are rural people. In order to improve the living, a few years ago her husband from his native Hubei to Hainan Qiongzhong work, “children also have, I thought that life will slowly become good, unexpectedly happen this kind of tragedy.” Yu Xiangui said, June 20, 2013, her husband at the site dry time unfortunate accident, subsequently passed away. After her first time home from Hubei to Hainan, hoping to obtain the relevant compensation and properly handle the dead. But the two sides have been coordinated not down, “has in the past more than a year, my husband’s body was still a funeral parlor waiting for processing, now child suddenly had this strange disease.” Yu Xiangui said sadly.  Baby on the mother and bite and hit, has been no betterYu Xiangui introduced, in September 23rd, she as usual in the temporary room with his son Chen, 16 pm the same day, son woke up suddenly become very manic. “Do not know where is the problem, he woke up like crazy, I want to hold him up he would not get out of bed, a person in bed shout at, also against the wall. I hold him, he told me and bite and hit.” Yu Xiangui said, the son found wrong, she always wanted to let the son to calm down, but how to do, but she was the son got injured in multiple body. A few hours later, the son may be tired, and fell asleep.”I think children this may be only temporary, did not think this situation continued until now, has not improved. From September 23rd to now, every day he almost so, watching his son like this, I really very much love dearly……” Yu Xiangui cried.  ”I hope there are good people to help us through”It is understood, the son of Yu Xiangui Chen was born in 2009 June, had already learned to speak, the incidence of this disease, like the loss of language function in the same way, not to speak, will only shout.Reporters learned yesterday, Yu Xiangui is currently financially, she is in the process of her husband’s funeral, there are good people to help him 200 yuan. Worried she used the money to give son check. The Qiongzhong hospital inspection found, Chen may be something wrong with the brain, “the doctor said that my son’s disease can be cured, but to Haikou big hospital. I’ve no money, eating has become a problem, these days my son’s illness as aggravated, I really don’t know what to do……” Yu Xianguiqiang choked back the tears and said, “the children now have no father, our each other, he is so small, I hope he will soon be restored to health. But now we have no economic source, no money to cure him of his illness, want to have good people to help us through.” Reporter Liu Jianghao text / graph Chen

“Yellow persimmon hangs full branch.The 67 year old tree picked persimmon.”Our village tens of thousands of jins persimmon to rot in the branches, looking at the strange pity.” Recently, the southern mountain area of Ji’nan Liu Bu Zhen Nan Tian Cun village villagers told reporters reflected, tens of thousands of jins persimmon unmanned picking. The 15 day,halfen frimeda the reporter found visits Nan Tian Cun field, traffic inconvenience, persimmon picking is also quite difficult, resulting in a large number of persimmon rotten in the branches. Village secretary Tian Naiwei said the city, welcome guests can come field experience picking, by the way also can bring no pollution, high quality and inexpensive local agricultural products back.     Yellow hangs full branchNo one pick down to the groundThe 15 day early in the morning, the reporter will set out to the southern mountains, noon finally reached the South Tian Cun Cun wei.Walk more than three kilometers of mountain road, a road can be seen everywhere hangs full branch of persimmon. Village accountant business Izumi saw reporters on the large inverted grievances, “we on the hill of persimmon with tens of thousands of pounds, hanging on the tree also nobody picked, only watched so rotten. Persimmon persimmon node harvest this year, very good, in particular, but there was no one to buy, it is a shame.”After entering the village, enthusiastic 67 year old villager Shang Xibin old man with go to see a persimmon tree hill reporter. Walk along the road up the mountain, everywhere the Yi Keke hung persimmon persimmon persimmon tree, some large and flat, some small and round, some color slant yellow, partial orange ripe, people looked to be unable to hide one’s greed.   Walk, from time to time to hear the voice of persimmon ground. Shang Xibin old man walking and sighed, “Oh, see, persimmon wasted.”According to Shang Hequan introduction, this year the village of persimmon yield roughly sixty thousand pounds, but this time down a lot of trees, how also get thirty thousand or forty thousand pounds. “If no one came to pick, such as cold, persimmon just waiting to rot in the branches.”It is reported, the village of persimmon to sell for two main reasons, one is the inconvenience of traffic, the two is suitable for characteristics of persimmon eat is abstract, not suitable for long-distance transportation.Now eat is picked only deliciousThere are difficulties persimmon transportThe 67 year old Shang Xibin old life to live in the mountains, mountain climbing, on the tree for him a piece of cake. Hear the reporter didn’t eat lunch, the old man a stride will jump to the persimmon tree, give reporters picked persimmon eat.Shang Xibin old man told reporters, the village of persimmon is different from the market sold off to eat persimmon. “Here we need to eat ripe persimmon, not ripe to put a cover over a to eat. But well done bad pick, thin skin playing that breaks, can now pick to eat now, not cooked, and nobody wants.” The old man said as he shook his head helplessly.According to introducing, Nan Tian Cun, persimmon has two different varieties of persimmon persimmon soil and box. Soil persimmon persimmon slants small, relatively large box. The old man gave reporters pick box under a ripe persimmon, let a reporter received with great care, slowly to peel off, use the mouth to pulp drink. The reporter in accordance with the law to persimmon drink down, suddenly a sweet and refreshing taste over the tongue.”It is too sweet.” The reporter said loud shouts of applause.According to introducing, Nan Tian Cun, the villagers have 118 households, while at home mostly elderly and children, family conditions are good points or young people living or working in the mountain, so so many picking persimmons are also more difficult.Specialty here is really manyCheap but fewTian Naiwei tells a reporter, the persimmon is a specialty of the village, there are many special local products are very good.    ”We here the millet is the best, use the millet porridge boil very mellow, it will float a layer like cold noodle as thick skin, some people know often drive to the mountains to buy millet.”Nan Tian Cun is also rich in hawthorn, walnut, pepper, egg mountain, and the price is cheaper than half of the market. “We are the specialty here is much cheaper than the mountain, you can see Hawthorn piece of our own drying, foreign price only two dollars, but to the dealers, and then into the store, the price would be six or seven block. And the Chinese prickly ash, we sell only 20 yuan for one jin, but under the mountain, sold for 40 pieces of one pound.”> 一条山路太狭窄,两车相错都困难”>Traffic inconvenience > > a mountain road is too narrow, two car is wrong all difficultiesTian Naiwei tells a reporter, the biggest problem in the village is the traffic is too inconvenient. Therefore, the village many agricultural and sideline products are on the Village United away, and then find the vehicle carried out.Reporter has also realized the. Reporters arrived by car to Liu Bu Zhen Hou, because no local taxi, in the town stopped a private passenger car up the hill. Private car owners say reporters to the South Tian Cun, shook his head again and again: “the mountain is too difficult to walk, tortuous road, two car away, still all uphill.”The reporter saw along the way, had nine top tower scenic spot not far to the South Tian Cun into the road. This mountain road about three or four kilometers, the road is narrow, only three meters, a car after just two cars, if the intersection, almost difficult to pass, only to find a meeting point slightly spacious place. Happened to encounter a mountain car reporter went up the hill, fortunately two car meeting place is a bend down close to the side of the mountain, the vehicle, the reporter in a bread let, see people shudder.”We here the conditions not up to a large number of private cars between the traffic conditions, so the self drive tourists rarely.” Tian Naiwei said, it is because of the narrow mountain road, steep slope, so whether private cars or public play are less. Causing the village relative occlusion, although there are local specialty is very good, but is not to attract tourists.>”>The villagers invite > >The town guests to pickFood and drink are takeThe village Party Secretary Tian Naiwei said, if there can be unified to the village public picked farmhouse is happy, he can organize the villagers to the village of unified sale, so that citizens can visit the village scenery, but also taste Food and farm products, is a very pleasant things.”As long as the village people, we guarantee the reception with low quality of agricultural products, absolutely let they ate and drank with the.” Tian Naiwei said earnestly.According to media reports, Ji’nan will Zhangqiu Liu He Cun, Licheng old Yu Cun Nan Tian Cun Tu Wu Cun, Changqing and West Pingyin, wet mouth village of the 5 uninhabitable village relocation pilot integration. The villagers in the chat is often mentioned in this topic.Tian Naiwei said: “in the future if really village, so the original ecological farm life may be less.”Do not let the media always “selling” the agricultural productsIn recent years, some agricultural products unsalable, the media help “shout” phenomenon frequently appear in newspapers. But this help only slow a nasty, to really solve the problem of farmer’s any menace from the “rear”, not fight the battle unprepared, the government should sales channels, infrastructure construction, propaganda and guidance and other aspects of work.Nan Tian Cun, because of its special geographical position, cause and external traffic is quite inconvenient, but it is also the kind of geographical environment, the Nan Tian Cun, output of agricultural products is the pure natural non pollution. Because the air on the mountain, the villagers drinking water irrigation with spring water, no surrounding industrial pollution, agricultural and sideline products contaminated by chance is very small, the output of the crop is pollution-free food city residents repeng. Moreover, its price on the market than the cheap half. In the conversation, the reporter could feel the village committee and villagers are very eager to put these good products to sell, but do not suffer from the source, can only use these products sold to the acquisition of hawker.But not the public did not demand. Interview with reporters came across a team of mountain climbing enthusiasts, they will drive the car stopped at the foot of the mountain, the mountain on foot to play, also along the way, picking wild chrysanthemum, pepper and No Kiko. One resident said: “the hill here is very clean, no pollution, visitors are not many, is a good place for hiking trip. However, few people here know, the traffic is not convenient, so the village things don’t sell.”It is reported, the usual residents came down from the mountain to walk three or four kilometers of mountain road, only when the market day, the mountain under the private vehicles will get together and come down the mountain carrying residents market, sellers, so not just visitors even to the villagers, the entry gate is a very convenient thing. Some villagers said, if the government can get through Nan Tian Cun, and the mountain of traffic, convenient for villagers and visitors travel, perhaps the villages will be much better. (Ren Leilei)

Chen Jing looking for witnesses at the scene. Reporter Lu Shuai perturbationA party that is to see the old man fell down kind help,formwork clamp also sent to the medical fee of 1000 yuan, but it has received the court summons,www.aopprecast.com the other was claim 100000 yuan. While the other side is known, is falls in the help each other to tricycle hill, the other party should compensate. At present, the case has been Yutai County court.       - the defendantTo knot good luck to old people to send moneyThe incident occurred on June 12th morning 7 when make, Chen Jing riding a motor tricycle, carrying a car Betta seedlings to North Bridge Department released, along with Kang Ling, Song Hongmin. “The river has a steep slope, we should put down the steep slope on the tricycle, in front of my palm, Kang Jiehe another two morning’s sister in the back pull tricycle deceleration.” Chen Jing said, at that time many onlookers, see the tricycle down the slope, enthusiastic people will take the initiative to help. Song Hongmin said, “at that time, pull the car a total of five individuals, Chen Jing in the forefoot, Kang Ling in the hopper in the car behind, their left, the other two women in the car on the right side, but did not see an old man for help. This is not a small tricycle, if the old man to help you, we will certainly be able to see.”When the car down the slope, Chen Jing twist face and saw an old man lying on the slope beside the stairs. “I wondered at the time, how the old man lying there, I want to help others, be discouraged.”Chen Jing said, the old man lying on the ground, took out his mobile phone to the next person contact with his daughter, now Chen Jing used his mobile phone to call 120. “After the 120 into the car, who said to dial the phone who goes to the hospital, so we have to follow to go.” Chen Jing put out after birth, he hurried to the hospital. “The old man’s family said that the old man is not serious, we heard the old man’s family is very poor, medical expenses are borrowed, few of us would get 1000 yuan to old people to send in the past, is a good.” For the first payment of 1000 yuan, Chen Jing explained, “we gave the old man 1000 yuan thought is to do good, did not expect that now a doubt we have the responsibility of evidence, so that we are not explained.”Chen Jing hope that the time of the incident scene witness to stand out, to help clarify the truth.- the plaintiffCalled to help injured cervical spineOn the afternoon of 14 Zhang Huang Zhen Zhang Huang Cun, Yutai County, 61 year old Zhang Huazhi the son of Zhang Meng helped to get up out of bed, every step is very difficult. “Falls leading to the father of cervical spinal cord injury, incomplete quadriplegia, finish after the operation is now able to walk, but the size is still a problem.” Zhang Meng said, four months ago, the old man still doing odd jobs in the construction site, but now need the family 24 hours in care.”12 on the morning of my daughter in the North Bridge, a woman came to call me, let me help to pull the car down the slope, I was still not willing to go to something.” Zhang Huazhi said, daughter to help me find a job in the county, the day of the meet at the North Bridge, meet Chen Jing released. Zhang Huazhi said, when the tricycle near only himself, so a woman called him to help.”I was in the left side of the runaway tricycle, tricycle hill, brought me down.” Zhang Huazhi said after the fall, near wall many people have their own mobile phone, pocket but has no way out, thanks to the good people to help to contact on the family. Due to the serious illness, Zhang Huazhi in Yutai County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for two days, was transferred to the first people’s Hospital of Jining City, the implementation of the cervical spine operation.  Zhang Huazhi’s daughter Zhang Wei said, my father is a retired worker, she opened a clinic, brother to sell equipment in Ji’nan, to bear the medical expenses of no problem, and as the three lady said poor families, but the 1000 yuan of three ladies in the second days to send. “We have a telephone recording, she (Chen Jing) said let’s home first and then discuss the reimbursement, the rest of the people.” Zhang Wei said, after the other to escape from responsibility, don’t admit to help the elderly thing.  Since both sides claim larger differences, Zhang Huazhi to Yutai County People’s court proceedings, Chen Jing and Ms. Kang compensation for medical expenses, nursing fees, loss of working time fees losses totaling 100000 yuan. At present, Yutai County People’s court has accepted the case. (Lu Shuai)

Drawing of Jiang XuanpingProvincial Development and Reform Commission responsible for bidding,www.aopprecast.com the government investment project management rules interpretation of state investment projectLarge areas to deepen the jianzhanglizhi interviewState investment project construction,cuplock scaffolding ordinary enterprises can get fair won the bid, the project? Government money should be invested to what, is spend in the people’s livelihood economy on the blade, or government office?In order to further standardize the national investment construction project bidding, strengthen the management of government investment projects, our province is about to launch the targeted, operability of the new regulations. In October 15th, of West China city newspaper interview with the relevant person in charge, in advance for your presentation, interpretation of the most authoritative policy highlights, the story behind the scenes, as well as the influence of the new deal will bring to each of us lives and change.Highlight the directThe national investment project  The Internet is open and transparent biddingTo successfully take engineering projects under the national financial investment channels, there is no “back door” will not, this phenomenon has become the eyes of many “unspoken rule”. In this regard, the new regulations proposed, Sichuan will be online open and transparent bidding: the establishment of a unified “Sichuan Province electronic bidding system”, step by step to achieve online bidding, bidding, bid opening, bid evaluation and remote evaluation, announcement and the supervision of the whole process of electronic management. The new regulations also require the establishment of “credit system”, Sichuan Province on supervision of social, the administrative department of housing and urban and rural construction, transportation and other credit information sharing.The winning project  No contracts illegal subcontractingIn the past, some stakeholders take national investment projects, “hands” can benefit enormously from. The new regulations will be closed the loophole: thorough investigation, false tender, exclude potential bidders, together conspired bidding, illegal evaluation and calibration, the winning project contracting and subcontracting. In the future, Sichuan will set up complaint handling expert advisory committee. Administrative supervision departments will be in the Advisory Committee, for professional reference, on bidding complaints do justice.The bid evaluation experts  Extraction from the province of bid evaluation experts inHow to ensure the fairness of bid evaluation, is the guarantee of the bidding fair key. In the past, some of their own units in the invitation to bid evaluation, not only “player” when “the referee”. The new rules proposed, the representative of the tenderer shall not be served as director, avoid manipulation of bid evaluation. The bid evaluation experts to extract from the province of bid evaluation experts in. The evaluation results must be comprehensive publicity, covering bid candidate unit, performance, vetoing bidding reason information. At the same time, the bid evaluation committee will also be added to the list of publicity, accept social supervision.The government investment  Transparent approval sayThe government money, where the flowers? How to spend? The guidance States, the implementation of the examination and approval system of government investment projects, thorough investigation in accordance with the 5 links. Not free to simplify and merger. Prior to the examination and approval of the examination and approval departments should organize, expert evaluation, to see whether there is any necessary construction. It is strictly prohibited to investment agreement, leadership and instructions, minutes of meeting as the basis, the approval.Involving the public interest  The government response to the project openA lot of government investment projects in the public interest. The government does not open, the public will not know. How to solve this problem? The new requirements, the government investment projects have a significant impact on the social public interests, should be made public, accept the supervision of public opinion and social.The 5 is strictly prohibited  Constraint “office”"Resolutely ban extravagance and waste, sumptuous construction, no blind shop booth on the project, all harass the people and waste money ‘image project’ and ‘achievement projects’.” The new rules with 5 “handle” given the constraints on the image of “achievement project” and “office:” resolutely stop the new party and government organs of the office, is strictly prohibited for any reason, the purchase of new office buildings for party and government organs, it is strictly prohibited to reconstruction of extension changed name, strictly prohibited to build technology business with real name to build buildings, it is strictly prohibited to relocation city transformation, city planning, administrative division adjustment reasons such as buildings, it is strictly prohibited to “College”, “center” name office building.In depth interpretationThe new rules “tied” to live “hands”, the government makes its money regulations are needed to support. Government money to where, defined the direction of the new regulations: government investment is mainly used for the market can not be effective allocation of resources to the economic and social fields, to be invested by social projects, by the social capital construction.The government bidding “corrosion”By decentralization, strengthen supervisionThe development of China urbanization brings the prosperity of building industry. On the other hand, illegal cases in the field of the building is also frequently appear. Especially in the bidding, the more there are many Maoni, becoming a high-risk area for corruption.The new regulations of supervision is what links? Focus on what content? Provincial Development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said, standardize the bidding process is the main design of the system, a full detailed specification the tenderer, bidder, service agencies and departments for administrative supervision behavior.What is the biggest breakthrough innovation rules? According to introducing, decentralization, market supervision “two fists” is to strengthen the hitherto unknown. For example, the relaxation of the bidding agencies to independently choose the scope of delegated regulatory authority, the project subject to tender, bidding credit management platform to construct a unified.The person in charge, the new rules from many aspects, “tied” to live “hands”, the government makes its money regulations are needed to support. He said one example, where government money, defined the direction of the new regulations: government investment is mainly used for the market can not be effective allocation of resources to the economic and social fields, to be invested by social projects, by the social capital construction.In the government investment project management of the new regulations, all the requirements of “8 measures of democratic decision-making”. For example, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the program by the meeting discussed to determine the project, not to circulate, sign or individual to solicit opinions instead of collective decision. To establish and perfect the government investment project public announcement system, to seek the views of the public, and constantly improve the project scientific decision, the level of democracy.Expert opinionUsing the system can cut off the bidding “right” and “benefit” chainProf. Dr. He Zhining of Southeast University College of humanities social science University of Cologne School of German economic and social”No system of supervision and regulation, public property can easily be bidding parties’ power ‘and’ interests’ conspiracy to divide.” He Zhining thinks, Sichuan has issued relevant system for bidding, bidding field to strengthen market supervision, is conducive to restrict government power, cut off the “right” and “benefit” chain, so as to curb corruption problem.He Zhining said, the containment of together conspired bidding behavior, moral integrity assessment of bidders is necessary, unified bidding credit management platform for the establishment of the new regulations, it is the basic occupation moral of participants assessed. “In addition, strengthen the evaluation expert management, countermeasures and seriously investigate and deal with illegal cases and improve the accountability system is to solve the problem.” He Zhining thought, moral, law and culture can restrain the behavior, but a good system can certainly play a long-term role in a short period of time.Containment performance engineering change “top leaders” make moneyThe administrative department of Zhongshan University professor Cai Lihui”Inventory and in recent years the case, many officials Lok Ma were associated with large demolition Dajian about.” Cai Lihui said, to contain the government to engage in “image project of achievement in one’s post”, fundamentally to change the government’s money “leaders” said status is. Sichuan will be issued “on the further strengthening of the provisions of” the management of government investment projects, which can enable the government to exercise the powers of standardization, but also restrict the government “money”, really put power in the system of the cage.Cai Lihui said, in the past over less system of government investment projects, leading to the emergence of “trading power for money” and “political project”, “top leaders” to spend money freely. Now the system to regulate, can reduce corruption and rent-seeking in a certain extent. In view of the accountability system, Cai Lihui said, was the wrong decision for policymakers to accountability really, also should earnestly accountability, ban approval and construction mechanism of illegal project, avoid state-owned assets continues up the bill.At the same time, the disposal of “achievement project” in the process, especially to strengthen the project funding sources of audit. To investigate the legal liability for illegal borrowing shall, in the annual special funds to finance the punitive cuts on bidding procedures; also to trace in the end, the claim to the violation of the contractor; idle office can shareone office, or by video asset market solution.The public voiceChen Fangming (45 years old, a construction company owner)  I hope the new rules can make competition more fair”Every time the tender heart is troubled and not worry about the evaluation results had decided, is worried about a company together conspired bidding. We this no background in small companies, said construction in fact ability is good, but a lot of the time do not dare to dispute. Hope that the provincial government of these new regulations can make competition more fair, we can better survive in construction market.” Zhang Shenglin (30 years old, some enterprises ordinary staff)  Good to pocketbook tube let people more confident”Most hated the government to spend money to repair the image and vanity project, spend the people’s tax money, their own comfortable. It is no wonder that many people now on the government to spend the money to have an opinion, even out of things, there is always a question of voice. It is strictly prohibited to repair the image of engineering, is strictly prohibited construction of extravagance and waste, the money on construction related with the people, to make people more confidence in the government.” (West China Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Dan Zhang Xiangling Zhang Luyan Liu Qiufeng)