Recently, some members of the public notice, some of the city Gents urinal placed in plastic barrel,BFD coupler used to collect urine,scaffolding clamps many people do not know their own urine to. The collector says, urine urokinase for refining, pharmaceutical, harmless to the human.”The ‘eleven’ before it, was that the toilet flushing equipment malfunction, just know today is specially used to collect urine.” Citizens Mr. Song said, Dezhou passenger bus center men’s urinal put a plastic bucket, passengers will urinate bucket, “but the urine will go where, have what use?”14 morning, reporters in Dezhou Passenger Bus Center North waiting room men see, urinal placed 11 blue plastic barrels, a barrel of about half a meter, toilet passengers were the urine is discharged in plastic barrel, barrel has been filled with some urine. “Someone to charge, charge two times a day, more than 20 days.” The cleaning staff Wang Yuhu told reporters.Subsequently, the reporters came to the passenger bus center south of the waiting room, the staff are plastic barrel urine loaded trolleys. “To a small chemical plant, used to extract a call urokinase medicine, can cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Dezhou has two such chemical factory, there is one di ling.” Urine collection staff said, his chemical plant to the bus station as the center to collect urine, another major in Urban East Part activity, in addition to the County chemical plant also collect.Subsequently, the reporter investigation of multiple public toilets, plastic barrels similar found in Tianqu Road West and commercial road junctions in toilet.According to the urine collection staff said, urine collection to the public harmless, the chemical industry will be a fee to the bus station, but declined to give his name and address of the unit. The reporter learned from the passenger bus center, collecting urine chemical factory of formal procedures and legitimate business license, urine is used to extract the drug, which belongs to the waste recycling. “Because do not affect the toilet, but also waste to treasure, so we allow the collection, the public can rest assured to use the toilet.” The staff said, passenger bus center charge not to the chemical factory.”A thrombolytic effect of urokinase, can be used for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.” Demian hospital doctor Xu said, as long as the technology and process conform to the standard, drug extracted from urine in the urine quality would not be affected by the impact, whether for chemical plant health, safety, want to see its have no relevant documents. (Xu Liang)

In new networkEnshi on 15 October, (Song Dandan Zhang Gan Wang Yu) the afternoon of October 15th, Hubei police in Lichuan held a “10.3″ tour pal lost case briefing informed: Tour pal Qian Jiwei was shock move succeeded in solving the murder, the suspect Wu has been under criminal detention.Walking tour pal strange disappearanceIn late October 3rd 21,wavy tail anchor Lichuan city police station received a report said the group Bao Zhen, 3 outdoor travel enthusiasts outdoor activities in the vicinity of Tuan Bao Zhen Niu Lan Ping Cun Chao Dong Yan, one of the missing link in the name of money.According to their counterparts in the other 2 tour pal is introduced, 2 afternoon, lost man Qian Jiwei and 2 people go to Niu Lan Ping Cun Creek River Cliff mountain outdoor sports. 3 in the afternoon on the way home, money and lost contact with a companion.Found companions missing, 2 tour pal bicycle along the return route for more than 2 hours without fruit, Qian Jiwei many times during the dial mobile phone no one answered, then 2 telephone alarm.Police found traces of linkageAfter the alarm, police in Lichuan overnight to organize the masses of more than 20 people to the nearby Niu Lan Ping Cun Chao Dong Yan rescue lost tour pal. Because the East rock cliff Maninsan 1000, the vertical height of over 800 meters, the type of complex, “Chutian cliff”, search and rescue extremely difficult, after a night of search did not find Qian Jiwei.In October 4th, 50 more than person search and rescue team composed of Lichuan city police station group Bao Zhen, SWAT team, fire brigade, police brigade and other units of the pouring rain, rushed to the East Rock rescue, still no fruit. In October 5th, Lichuan City Public Security Bureau set up more than 300 search and rescue groups including police, fire officers and soldiers, mine rescue team, the local people,, the stockade, Tiankeng, round rock to spread carpet search respectively.In October 6 to 11 March, 6 local search and rescue teams continue to expand the search for the missing link in large area tour pal may arrive at the location, and gradually narrow the search range, with emphasis on the sinkhole, hanging rock and other dangerous area search and rescue. After 9 days of efforts, 11 days afternoon 14 when make, in group Bao Zhen Niu Lan Ping Village 8 group names “shady” a small sinkholes found in Qian Jiwei body, that evening 24 when, the body was fished out.The remains were moved out of the caseBody was found after the forensic examination, Qian Jiwei who has obvious electric burn marks, other parts have multiple high fall injury death, most likely the corpse was killed after the transfer.The police immediately to start investigating the case, 12, Lichuan City Public Security Bureau set up including 4 working class scene investigation group, biological test group, investigation group, shock interrogation group, in-depth, Niu Lan Ping Cun area for the clue Mopai, expansion card according to the search for dump Tiankeng and its surrounding, the event related personnel and the suspicious personnel summoned.Through the investigation of 2 cases of day and night, made major progress in October 13th. Via checking, Qian Jiwei killed, and the land of the laying of grid marks, visited found lost region near a villager surnamed Wu had purchased shock hunting machine, the police immediately control Wu on the process instance.In October 14th, the criminal suspect Wu a truthful account of the Qian Jiwei Electric will die and transfer the body of the crime. The original September 13th, Wu spends 1500 yuan to buy a electric hunting machine, since September 14th the laying of hunting wild boar in the mountains 1600 meters high voltage power grid, learned in October 4th that have tour pal in the vicinity of the missing Wu entered mountain view, found a man in his own electric shock laying dead.To hide the facts, to avoid combat, Wu decided to transfer the body, then back up the body of the victim Qian Jiwei, will be thrown into the river sinkhole, and woven bag good with Qian Jiwei’s backpack, tents, be thrown into the pit. Subsequently, the laying of grid machine, wire, sticks and other objects, divided into two batches respectively discarded in the long waist side and the old man to the cliff cliff.At present, suspects on suspicion of endangering public safety in a dangerous way of crimes by the criminal detention according to law, the case is still under investigation. (end)

Recently, a Yuncheng man Li Mou use late do cover, continuous robbery 4 commuting women,formwork clamp take mobile phone 4,ringlock scaffolding more than 100 yuan in cash, and with a knife stabbed a man. In September 22nd, the Yuncheng police after careful investigation, the criminal suspect Li Mou suspected robbery arrested. Recently, Li Mou has been arrested for approval of procuratorial organs.Late on August 22nd, Yuncheng County Public Security Bureau police station received Yang Zhuang set Zhang, Wang XX report, said in 220 National Road Yang Zhuang set segment is a middle-aged man snatched a mobile phone two. That night in the station and Yang received 110 orders, in the industrial park a working women Zhang Moumou robbed of mobile phone, handbags and other items, and the leg was stabbed. Yuncheng County Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade of the United Yang set, park police station, immediately started the investigation on the two cases.Because the are in the middle of the night, the victim can provide valuable clues. The handling a case police after obtaining the site and surrounding monitoring system, found a curved beam motorcycle middle-aged man with time at the scene of frequent. In September 13th, the Yuncheng police received a work home from the industrial park, Liu XX alarm call at 220 State Road, Yang Lu Bei robbed set. The handling a case police after obtaining monitoring system, found a middle-aged man riding a curved beam motorcycle appeared on the scene.After analysis, the police determined that several cases is the same person as. In September 22nd, the handling a case police after investigation, Li Mou arrested. After the trial, Li Mou confessed three robbery case is for him a man of criminal facts.According to investigation, Li Mou in an enterprise work, usually in the wife on the night shift, is Li Mou sent it and then go home. The evening of August 22nd, Li Mou took his wife to work, see Zhang Mou, Wang Mou some two women riding the electric car to go home on the way home, Li Mou heart Dai Yi, riding a motorcycle from the back of the Zhang kick down, up to Zhang, Wang Mou some pressed down to the ground, forcing the surrender of mobile phone.Then Li Mou followed another ride electric vehicles women work Zhang Moumou to park, in an enterprise near Zhang a kick down, because Zhang Moumou shouting, Li Mou with a knife in his legs tied two knife away after their handbags and mobile phone. The evening of September 13th, Li Mou with the same way, trailing from the park workers work women Liu is such and such to Tang Miao Cun Nan Yang Zhuang Ji stole her handbag, mobile phone and 100 yuan cash. (trainee reporter Yuan Wenqing Song Minglei correspondent)

In new networkBeijing 15 October report (reporter Zhang Su) Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Group 15, the message says,lifting clutches millimeter wave security door Chinese home for the first time by the civil aviation authority organization has formal trial. The new security goalkeeper make up the traditional security inspection equipment for vulnerability detection technology of human carrying non metal articles.By millimeter wave 3D body scanning imaging security door hospital R & D Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation,wavy tail anchor has been in the Urumqi airport,ledger blade Beijing Capital International Airport terminal T2 to complete the installation etc..The scientists, the millimeter wave inspection is a new way of both security security effectiveness and system security, by virtue of the radiation frequency less than the mobile phone signal, can be in two seconds to achieve under clothing, skin all material stash “perspective”, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of security.The design side, the installation of 3D scanning security products to optimize the number of technical indicators of imaging quality, automatic target detection rate, privacy protection. Based on the capital airport high demand of security products, they greatly improve product performance, especially the security of privacy protection technology of the intelligent.It is understood, courts, private firms and other relevant institutions have shown the cooperation intention. China Aerospace Science and industry group said, will strengthen the potential demand of supplier in field of market development, the transformation of space technology for the benefit of the people. (end)

In October 14th,precast accessories the C07 version reported “29 year old mother gave birth to three adorable baby” incident. The doctor said, monozygotic triplets occur with probability approaching 1/200000000, family wasn’t lucky for the celebration, he received two children dying notice. The face of 200000 yuan needed hospitalization expenses, the cash strapped family, miserable and gloomy atmosphere. The 14 day, the baby’s father desperately told reporters, it is not only to sell the house.”I haven’t get the opportunity to see the three sisters!” 9 on the morning of 14, triplets mother Zhang Yufeng see photos of the newspaper said with a smile, how the middle so small, she is the second child? Coming out of a neonatal intensive care unit to feed her milk, so the three sisters on the general the size of the.Sitting in the obstetric table side husband Liu Yi red eyes, secretly turned to wipe the tears rolled paper. Liu Yi told reporters, three sisters are very unstable, don’t mention when Dad heart taste, worried about his wife angry affect the body, he did not tell her.12 at noon on the 14, second and third is a notice under the terminally ill, the reporter saw, signed in the critically ill notice, Liu Yi’s hands were shaking, neonatal intensive care ward medical staff repeatedly told him he should sign position, Liu Yi some Mongolian, again and again asked, “what? What you say?”Looking at the other father happily pushed the neonatal shuttle in the obstetric corridor, Liu Yi eyes stared stubbornly, then like is aware of what suddenly look back, eyes suddenly red. “Now I hope daughter safe.” Liu Yi said.Subsequently, the reporter learned from Yuhuangding hospital neonatal intensive care unit understands, three sisters, two people have been under the notice of dying, only sister costs would need at least 100000 yuan, elder sister and three younger sister can not be optimistic about the situation, the cost of hospitalization were at least 50000 yuan.200000 yuan treatment let Liu Yi feel some despair. “I will work hard to earn money to feed the three children, but to raise so much money in a short period of foreign debts under the circumstances, I was incapable of action, it is not only to sell the house.” Liu Yi said helplessly.”Two people monthly income of 3700 yuan, plus a monthly mortgage 1200 yuan, it is even the milk is not enough money. My hometown is Qixia, the condition in the home is not good.” The three sisters grandmother lady said, children don’t worry before birth is the powdered milk money, now worry about saving money……” Said, Ms. Gao sighed deeply.Extension of newsWell intentioned people money to send milk, help the three sisters to tide over the crisis”I was in the most difficult time, get a lot of good people to help, also hope to do yourself a little power to do something for you.” At the beginning of this year, “dextrocardia” girl Ni Ni (a pseudonym) was because the operation fee is not enough, this newspaper launched the “caring for her operation room”, Ni Ni’s father, Mr. Wu is grateful for the help of man, 14, in the understanding of the Liu Yi family situation, and took out a $500 donation to the three sisters.On the afternoon of 14, Yuhuangding hospital delivery room, deputy director of the midwife Yang Qiuhua in three sisters know poor economic condition, specially to the point of sale of Yantai local reserved a box of premature infant milk powder.”A box that is 12 barrels of powder, in fact, three sisters also eat not the long time, just want to express intention, do everything in one’s power to help the family.” Yang Qiuhua said.No matter the road ahead of many ups and downs, I believe as long as you me, three sisters road will not be too difficult to walk. If you want to, also have the ability to help the family, help the three sisters through, you can contact with reporters: 15063831079, also announced Liu Yi personal account:Bank: China Merchants BankBank card number:6225885357102748Bank: China Merchants Bank Yantai branch of the South Street BranchName: Liu YiDeep wardSister three sister suppresses lung white mouth violet14 noon, through layers of disinfection, the reporters saw lying in the three sisters in neonatal intensive care units, in fact, the three sisters are not in the same room, elder sister and three younger sister huddled in the same small bed, two elder sister is “enjoy” special treatment, heat preservation box in another room.Three sister often yawn, and occasionally waving fist, mouth spit bubbles, elder sister is lying on its side sleeping.”Three younger sisters are three sisters in the biggest heads, but her flaring nostrils, lips some simmering with rage, showed that she was breathing difficulties.” Yuhuangding hospital neonatal intensive care unit of the attending physician Wu Yanqiu said, these symptoms indicate three sister had pneumonia, bad control words may be on a ventilator.Look at the two elder sister, she lay in his “little rooms”, the nose plug oxygen, feet tied with ECG monitor.”At present, sister situation most weak, suffer from pulmonary hyaline membrane disease, only 1.6 pounds she do not know can not get through the checkpoint.” Wu Yanqiu some worry to say.According to the introduction, in patients with pulmonary hyaline membrane disease, lung is white on X under the irradiation of light, the lungs cannot open, can lead to patients with respiratory difficulties.”The newborn’s condition changes very quickly, possibly a second ago also good, the next second will need to rescue, are closely monitoring.” Wu Yanqiu said, neonatal need through life off, feeding off, clearance of infection, also can not guarantee that will not leave sequela.Newspaper reporter Song Jia

1 on the afternoon of 9,cast in ferrules a cross-country car through the Zhifu Airport Road and Kui Yu Road junction, knocked down a riding a bicycle citizens escape. It is understood,formwork clamp the driver was a repair factory, steal to repair the road, also did not have a driver’s license.Zhao is the Zhifu District Huang Wu a nearby garage repair workers, 20 years old this year. Due to the frequent tinkering with vehicle, Zhao has learned to drive a car, but suffer from does not have the car. 9 noon, auto repair factory workers have a lunch break, Zhao found the customer a car to be repaired SUV inserted into her car keys, a hand, just start the car on the road.More than 1 p.m., zhaomou driving this car to car, along the airport route north southward to Kui Yu Road, a bus running from west to east of the bicycle carrying the man and his car knocked to the ground, bicycle front wheel flew out, riding a bicycle Lee also fell wounded. Zhao Mou sees fear, no parking, all the way south to escape.After the incident, Lee entourage family immediately dialed 122, and hastened to Lee rushed to hospital. City traffic police three brigade police immediately rushed to the scene, the investigation. Due to the sudden, alarm people only remember the vehicle is a deep blue SUV vehicle license plate, only remember the 3 number one.The police seized the time monitoring, after repeated comparison and inquiry, lock the vehicle. The police through the police platform linked to the alleged accident SUV owners, the owners said their car is not false, but that day morning 8 when will the car to the Huang Wu a nearby garage.The police found the car repair factory boss, the boss said he had just learned from Zhao story. After the interrogation, Zhao honest account of the accident. The 10 day, Zhao Mou suspicion has no motor vehicle driving license to drive a motor vehicle traffic accident escapes and suspected, were sentenced to administrative detention for 20 days, a fine of 4000 yuan. (reporter Zhong Jianjun correspondent Wang Jian Yong Ming)

Li Jizuo (right) and his wife spent 3 years time to embroider the 22 meter long “along the river during the Qingming Festival” cross stitch. Longkou Mining Group Yang Xuanfeng photographLongkou Mining Group of retired workers Li Jizuo and his wife Wang Jinfen together with the completion of a 22 meters long, 0.6 meters wide cross stitch scroll “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”. The work started from 2011 June, embroidered,ledger blade consuming a total of more than 3 years,anchor socket with 87 kinds of color of the embroidery embroidery line system, the total weight of 26 pounds after mounting. Li Jizuo and his wife took this picture, many of his friends were shocked.Retirement leisure boredom cross stitch embroidery at homeThe 61 year old Li Jizuo 6 years before retirement from Longkou Mining group. Retired after a long period of time, Li Jizuo suddenly left the job due to idle at home is not used, the mood is low.By accident, he found that the cross stitch embroidery can divert oneself from boredom, kill time. So he and his wife Wang Jinfen bought some cross stitch embroidery, two people every day except housework, cross stitch together pondering.”I turned out to be a special type of work, did the safety and quality inspection, do things carefully, find the cross stitch embroidery is also very suitable for me.” Li Jizuo said, cross stitch embroidery is a Kung Fu work, and slowly they become very patient, think of cross stitch embroidery can be self-cultivation.More than two years, Li Jizuo and his wife was embroidered with greatly small dozens of cross stitch embroidery works. Embroidery was much like a breakthrough, Li Jizuo want to embroider the bigger things, then go to the store to buy 22 meters of “along the river during the Qingming Festival”.Every stitch ten hours, presbyopic glasses from 100 until 300 degreesIn 2011 June, Li Jizuo go to the store to buy some big cross stitch, the boss recommended 22 meters “along the river during the Qingming Festival to him”.The next in order to complete the “along the river during the Qingming Festival” as soon as possible, Li Jizuo and his wife in addition to the housework, will all the time on the embroidery, more than 5 in the morning to get up, sometimes busy until eleven o’clock at night. Although the presbyopic glasses from 100 degrees changed to 300 degrees, but Li Jizuo and his wife feel embroidered work very happy, want to quickly to complete the work.Li Jizuo said, embroidered template is 4 the A4 size books, used in the line of a total of 87 colors.In 2014 June 5th on Li Jizuo and his wife is very impressive, this day they macro works completed, two people happy to embrace together, in Li Jizuo’s words, “very has the sense of achievement”.Optical mounting spent 8800 yuan, have the right price will sellAfter the completion of the work, Li Jizuo found a mounting shop in Hangzhou, spent 8800 yuan will be the picture of 22 meter long “along the river during the Qingming Festival” framed up, the total weight of 26 pounds.Li Jizuo said, light mounting spent a month, this year 7 month, the painting “along the river during the Qingming Festival” to send home.So big a cross stitch value? Li Jizuo said, he has never sold his wife and embroidered cross stitch, so the market is not know.”My little niece Siyuan was only 8 years old, asked if she could be worth, she casually said, ‘one million’, and cried all day let me when Jiabao gave her!” Li Jizuo said, if there is a suitable buyer and the right price, he is considering selling loans to the daughter, paste. (Zhang Qianqian)

“8 – 03″ the earthquake caused Ludian County water conservancy infrastructure serious earthquake damage, a large number of water supply pipe network of water cellar,halfen channel pool facilities damaged, affecting the county nearly 190000 people drinking water safety, including 84700 people need emergency water supply interruption, the restoration of water supply.After the disaster, Ludian County water authority to act immediately, sent a working group, in-depth front-line areas, emergency repair the damaged pipeline, robbed the resettlement victims drinking water pipeline point, has robbed the emergency water supply project and temporary water supply engineering transition board room school placement points total of 131, fully guarantee the settlements and the disruption of supply of drinking water supply area.The earthquake caused a total of 18996 Ludian county rural drinking water for people and livestock cistern damaged to varying degrees, of which the microseismic loss cellar 10411 pieces, 8585 pieces of severe earthquake damaged water cellar. In order to ensure maximum this winter and next spring to the people in the disaster area have water to drink, Ludian County Water Authority has launched 10411 repair work of earthquake damage of water cellar, and strive in the pipe engineering not covered by each household has 1 can store water cellar. Ludian County water authority to organize and guide the local people for minor earthquake damage repair cellar to take “pilot first, comprehensive promotion”. Through building materials with waterproof material and cement, sand etc. according to the certain proportion, the slight earthquake damaged water cellar for repair, ensure the normal water cellar. In the leading town bright, Sha Ba, along the river, camp, Longquan, screen, Longjing village repair 2700 pieces of minor earthquake damage repair cellar cellar, currently part has been filled with water.Is expected to fully completed restoration to the end of 10, to complete each household has a water storage cellars to target, the disaster area 55100 people drinking water safety and security. (reporter Chen Hongyan Su Yan)

“Road Cara OK us that every night, 5 yuan will be able to sing the song, whether can sing up, in that howl,prop nut from this day warm up to now, never sleeps……” Home Bairong Shanghaimart nearby citizens Chen to reflect this edition readers mailbox, in addition to the Road Plaza Mall on K song, dance team, “the big yo, called on relevant departments to pipe it, we all can not stand fast”.Small round karaoke stationHave the guts to you howlJust to the south side of the road Bairong Shanghaimart, ear piercing sound of music through the windows live the eardrum, a song “song” a thousand is a male voice to sing tore heart crack lung. Stop the car, the reporter found that the south side of the road to a tricycle for the core around thirty or forty people, this song is from the crowd that.The reporter went up to look, I saw it a little tricycle is hidden but beautiful spot, the roof is a television screen, car lap with a jukebox, the generator at a wire extends westward to a roadside. A young man was holding a microphone stand in front of the screen to the subtitles into singing.”5 pieces of one song, 10 dollars three first.” Looking at the jukebox boss said.When no one up to k song, Cara OK will play music to attract people.A pass by the old man told reporters, the road here Cara OK has a very long time. “Eleven more along the square, can put four or five table jukebox, the voice of a race with a high, then check the back after eleven days, the less.” Speaking of the road Cara whether OK affected his life, the old man to the sentence, “touch Sang also become good, the wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, pumping cold work properly son can be scary!”The old man lived in the nearby told reporters, the Avenida Cara OK anytime move the place, here is someone to check, just over there, over there is someone to check, and ran to the side.Want to learn to dance 200 square above casually jumpIn addition to the road to k song, and square dance. In the shopping mall on the eastern side of the square Bairong, although it has been more than eight at night, there are still ten groups of people in jump square dance, some music leisurely, some rhythm Madden, like heavy metal percussion sound strikes at the heart.A square in the middle of the square dance group of people the most, and hundreds of spectators gathered around a site, inside the 5 dancers are to follow the music quickly wriggle. At the end of the song, and 5 pairs of dancers playing, followed immediately sounded music to dance.One just down the dancers told reporters, they jump sailors from seven thirty in the evening dance, jump to ten points. See the reporter is very interested, she pointed to the crowd on the north side of a dozen is a step move dancing crowd told reporters, “someone to teach how to dance, to learn the 200 block.”Is to teach dance is a pair of middle-aged men and women. Man told reporters, to give him 200 dollars can follow, “as long as it doesn’t rain, every night here to teach, learn so far. Well can the big scene to jump.” The man said, this 200 dollars just such a dance of the price, if you want to learn something else, have to pay.A dancer told reporters, here to teach the dance categories can be enriched, GB, slow three, Jitba, in addition to a team, the rest to pay, just a different price, some 300 yuan, 200 yuan, 150 yuan, 100 yuan will not be the cheapest. The police came to rest in peaceResidents call standIn the square of the many dance team, the reporter found only a free team. The team dance are the most, can have forty or fifty pairs of dancers. A dancing aunt told reporters, Bairong Shanghaimart square before dancing people gathered more, “it’s cold, can be reduced by five or six adult.” For those charges teach dance team, the aunt is not agree with, “this is a public place, a place for all, to dance is a joy and teach each other, but also money, one hundred or two hundred money to collect money, is coming or dancing?”A nearby residents told reporters, K Street, square dance nuisance Bairong Shanghaimart has lasted for a long time. “At night can go more than ten minutes, I reported to the police, but the police came, rest in peace, the police left, and banging on the.”Live near Mr. Zhang also complained to reporters, “my family from there must have seven hundred or eight hundred meters, these people often at ninety p.m. still howl, a good song that they sing the miserably, it must make much effort ah. Plus the square dance, sometimes noisy television voice heard, I really do not know from their more recent inhabitants is to survive.” (reporter Sun Ying text and photo)

Ms. Liu sister Liu was the boss of KTV, illegal detention, Ms. Liu to rescue the sister cried and went to the bank to withdraw money. Zhucheng City Hongxing community commercial bank staff found abnormal, then call the police. The Zhucheng police strike quickly, will Liu sister rescued. In October 14th, the reporter learns, the suspect has been xingju.Eight early in the morning of October 8th or so, the industrial and Commercial Bank of Zhucheng City Hongxing community just open the door, the staff also did not go to work, there is a woman crying came in, asking the staff can put the money out, say to want to take the money for my sister. The bank staff heard things wrong, call the police.  Development Zone police station quickly out of the police, the police asked in detail about the women’s situation. The original, take money woman Lau in October 8th 3 a.m. received its sister Liu telephone, let her take 4500 Yuan Bao community to the city of Mizhou streets in five a KTV to redeem her. Due to the relatively late, no place to take the money. Ms. Liu wanted to go to her sister back, but my sister told her, do not take the money they don’t let go. In desperation, Miss Liu told my sister let her wait, wait for the bank to take the money and work to meet her. This evening, Ms. Liu is very worried, the morning of the second day of the bank to work quickly to withdraw money. To understand the situation, the Development Zone police station quickly and Ms. Liu went to the sister of KTV, its sister quickly rescued, and the suspects will be fan, Li, Zhao mou.After investigation, October 7th around 3 pm, Xiao Liu boyfriend Liu Moumou was fan et al caught five Fort community in Mizhou Street within a KTV, then let people informed Xiao Liu to come over. Xiao Liu hurried to the post, forced to write down $4500 IOU, and fan et al. Illegal custody. 3 October 8th morning, Xiao Liu to sister Liu call, asked her if she had a 4500 yuan of money, let elder sister took the money to redeem her KTV.  The police identified, fan, Li Mou, Zhao Moudou is Zhucheng people. The night of October 7th to October 8th at about 10, in five in Zhucheng City Fort Mizhou street community within a KTV, fan to Liu owes its cash on the grounds, to Liu beat arrangements, after Lee, Zhao Liu Moumou custody and his girlfriend liu.  In October 14th, the reporter learned from Zhucheng police learned that, at present, the criminal suspect fan, Li, Zhao Mou already was detained by criminal. (reporter Zhao Lei correspondent Yang Xiaolin Yu Ping)