Suning wealth has been settled in 37 cities to provide a full range of Internet financial services

Suning wealth center has settled 37 city to provide a full range of Internet financial services    Beijing Since April 29, the first batch of Suning Suning financial wealth center project landing in Nanjing Shanxi road and Shanghai Pudong store after just 1 years, cast in sockets Suning has set up 75 Suning financial wealth center in the 37 National City, finance and investment, for the user to raise the public, insurance, consumer loans etc. the full range of Internet financial services. Internet banking is the financial and investment diversification to user demand services using the Internet marketing and payment channels. Although the Internet Financial greatly enhance the user experience, but it never changed people for this thing "invisible" view, P2P run away with frequent cases, for the Internet financial trust worrying. In addition, the pure online Internet banking is also unable to meet user needs of customization, investment consulting. In order to solve these problems, Suning will finance the "invisible" online financial services moved to the next line, relying on cloud to set up shop in the center of wealth, with the professional manager, face investment management, wealth advisory services for users. Nanjing private enterprise owner Mr. Wang is a successful businessman, over the years accumulated millions of dollars, the wealth of value-added methods rely mainly on bank financial products and savings. Look at the financial revenue declining, Mr. Wang became interested in Internet banking, but the Internet financial platform does not let it rest assured. "A chance I attended in the center of wealth, Suning, Suning experts presented the current income and risk investment environment, different financial products, as well as the corresponding investment strategy. This benefit to me." Mr. Wang said. The user on the same day to buy 500 thousand Suning financial products regularly. As of now, such as public financial seminars, Suning Fortune Center has been held for 160 games, including "gift money" investment "to" women's financial investment in the stock market "exclusive" theme, mainly involving 33 Su Ningcai Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places of the rich center, benefiting 900 thousand people. Suning financial relevant responsible person said, for most people, Internet banking is still a vague concept, through a series of seminars and consulting service users to realize the Internet and traditional financial nature, even rely on big data Internet Financial can be more efficient, safe and convenient. In fact, Suning Fortune Center of Internet financial services experience to win user acceptance. In order to raise the public as an example, compared to other Internet financial services, to raise the public can say "pure Internet products". Su Ning in the center of wealth has raised the experience area, the user can actually touch is to raise public products, according to the real product experience to decide whether to raise. In the recent Suning congregation launched the "Qi family tree vertical farm" as an example, the user can see the intelligent equipment and experience in hydroponic vegetables nationwide Suning wealth center. Good experience in making the project over 10 times to reach the public to raise the target, raise the amount of 20 million 410 thousand yuan, attracted 14000 visitors attention and support. It is understood that the citycoco Intelligent Scooter, ensimai folding car as the representative of dozens of science and technology projects to raise the public has successfully landed Suning fortune center. Users to buy Suning Suning in the financial center of wealth, professional guidance can also get Suning financial experts, customized investment solutions. It is reported that Suning wealth center to attract consumers in the store within the scan code to buy financial products, the amount reached 2 billion yuan, these customers for online shopping complex is also very high proportion, truly realize the line drainage and fusion under. Suning financial is a new design and functional upgrading of the original Suning center of wealth, and constantly expand the store, Suning to achieve wealth center at the end of 2016, the number and quality of double crossing. lifting insert

A quarter of the national production of 111.563 tons of gold consumption 318.28 tons of gold

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, ferrule insert April 29, (Liu Xiaofeng) China Gold Association 28 in Beijing news release, a quarter of the national total production of 111.563 tons of gold, compared with the same period last year, gold production increased 0.858 tons, an increase of 0.78%. A quarter, a slight rebound in gold prices bottomed in January $1063 / ounce, the highest rose to $1282 / ounce, the highest increase of 20.6%. Along with the economic recovery in the United States and the rate hike is expected to increase, the latter is expected prices will show fluctuated. Affected by this, a quarter of China's gold production resumed growth, Chinese gold, Hunan gold, Yunnan gold group gold mineral production increase in the number two. At the same time, the physical gold investment also rose sharply, gold bullion, manufacturing and sales data both rosy. Among them, the Shanghai gold exchange gold standard personal sales blowout, an increase of nearly 5 times; banking and retail enterprise brand gold bullion business grew 5.77%, two gold bullion amounted to 91.35 tons, an increase of 22.44%. At the same time, China's central bank holdings of gold reserves total 35.15 tons, up to 3 at the end of 2016, China's gold reserve has reached 1797.5 tons. A quarter of the national consumption of 318.28 tons of gold, down 3.91% compared with the same period last year. By the weak macro economy influence, China's gold jewelry consumption of the overall performance of the doldrums, gold jewelry gold 193.57 tons, down 14.44%. According to Chinese Gold Association statistics, at present, the development of China's gold market is still rapidly. The first quarter, the Shanghai gold exchange gold all varieties of total cumulative volume of 11 thousand and 300 tons, an increase of 45.32%, becoming the world's largest gold exchange trading market; Shanghai futures exchange, gold futures contracts total cumulative volume of 22 thousand and 300 tons, an increase of 79.05%, trading volume ranks second in global futures contract. halfen frimeda

Export bank bonds bid rate was lower than two grade market

Return loose background in the capital, anchor socket the allocation of capital and capital Bo rebound positive admission, one or two grade bonds market appeared to pick up. In April 28th, import and Export Bank tenders issued three financial bonds bid rate was lower than the two level of market level, including 3 years, 5 year bonds bid rate is less than two level market level is about 6BP, the subscription ratio of more than 3 times, the 10 – year bond subscription ratio of more than 4 times, showed significant improvement in mood mechanism. The export tender issued three bonds are fixed rate bonds, including the 2016 first period, 2 period, 3 period increased debt, period was 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, issue size was not more than 5 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan and 6 billion yuan, the coupon rate was 2.82%, 3.07% 3.33%. According to market sources, the tender issued by the import and export for 3 year fixed rate bonds bid rate of 3.092%, the ratio of 3.44, marginal multiples of 2.91; import and export for 5 year fixed rate bonds bid rate of 3.2772%, the ratio of 3.28, marginal multiples of 1.2; import and export for 10 year fixed rate bonds bid rate of 3.575%. The marginal multiples of 3.34 times of 4.02. According to the bond yield curve shows that in April 27th, the inter-bank market pending repayment period is 3 years, 5 years, 10 years of fixed rate in non policy yields respectively at 3.1528%, 3.3357%, 3.5960%. On this basis, the tender issued 3 years, 5 years, 10 years period were lower than the opening line of the debt market of the two levels of 6.08BP, 5.85BP, 2.1BP. (Wang Jiao) halfen channel

Started the special rectification "annihilation" refers to the illegal fund-raising ride

In view of the current industry and regional large potential risks, the disposal of illegal fund-raising inter ministerial meeting is scheduled for the second half of the country to organize the risk of illegal fund-raising special rectification activities, ringlock scaffolding the private investment banking, P2P net lending, private equity funds and other key areas to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the risk point. Authority to China Securities Journal reporters, regulators will gradually establish and improve a unified, open and transparent credit information exchange platform, and resolutely put an end to the illegal fund-raising illegal and criminal activities on private financing and Internet financial innovation ". Experts expect regulators will increase efforts to deal with the Internet financial risk related, and strengthen supervision in attracting investment, product pricing, lending and risk control etc.. Pseudo Internet financial institutions will accelerate the "escape", in order to run away or enter the core stage before the active closed way out. Special storm upgrade "Monthly income 30%" and "10 thousand yuan a year to 230 thousand yuan" for 15 days you can withdraw cash"…… A company called "MMM mutual financial community with high earnings, once attracting investors in droves. Since 2015, the virtual financial similar appeared. This kind of virtual money to "mutual aid" charity "interest" as a gimmick, no entity without solid support, no clear investment targets, high income, low threshold, high returns as bait, rely on the development of new investors to realize the profit, promotion, management and other activities that completely relies on Jin Yunzhuan network. In the recently held "the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising legal policy advocacy forum, including the central bank, the Commission, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of housing and other 14 members of the joint meeting, are invariably referred to the illegal fund-raising network is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, in the second half of this year the risk of illegal fund-raising special rectification activities, the P2P lending network as the representative of the Internet financial sector has become the focus of the investigation. In addition, from the source to curb the illegal fund-raising, advertising management will become one of the focus of the work of a ministerial joint meeting of the member units of current and future period. The inter ministerial joint meeting will be 5-7 months, the country continues to carry out the investigation of alleged illegal fund-raising advertising information processing activities, together with the relevant departments to revise and improve relevant policies and measures, strengthen the examination and supervision of alleged illegal fund-raising campaign, to strengthen the research on the portal, micro-blog, WeChat, mobile phone client, Baidu search and other emerging media advertising financing control. On suspicion of illegal fund-raising advertising examination and supervision. In fact, the joint meeting shortly prior to the convening of the 14 ministries have held a video conference, said it would start a one-year special rectification of the Internet in the financial sector nationwide. With the Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other places are to promote the diagnostic investigation wildly beating gongs and drums. "Jiangsu Province, net loan platform product model for the record management approach (Draft) issued in April 17th." Open Xin credit general manager Zhou Zhihan revealed that management of net lending platform in the development of Internet banking business, dealing with the issue of Internet financial products, business model of pre filing. The relevant departments of Zhejiang province but also the deployment of related work, and identified a list of Internet related financial companies, the first of these enterprises on the list of the investigation and rectification, after a comprehensive investigation of other related enterprises or financial company. The central bank responsible person told reporters that the next step, the central bank will further refine the requirements, rich means to increase efforts with the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising work well under the background of Internet finance. To strengthen industry self regulate and guide Internet financial institutions compliance activities. In addition, with the relevant departments and local governments to crack down on the Internet in the financial sector, cases of illegal fund-raising. Pseudo Internet Financial Judgment Day Experts, P2P illegal fund-raising areas mainly has two forms: one is part of the P2P platform designed by borrowing requirements into financial products sold to lenders, or first imputation funds, then find the loan object, intermediate account so that the lender funds into the platform, and the platform of actual control and control. The two is the P2P platform to publish false Gregory borrowing target, even fake self financing, and the loan by the new old Ponzi scheme model of the loan, in the short term to raise a lot of money to meet their funding needs, some operators even absconded. CICC analysts expect regulators will increase efforts to deal with the Internet financial risk related, and strengthen supervision in attracting investment, product pricing, lending and risk control etc.. Industry or face reconstruction to a certain extent, degree of concentration increased. With the aggravation of regulatory tightening, competition is likely to increase the number of platform collapse. Therefore, potential liquidity problems should be paid attention to. As the Internet financial risks, possible large-scale capital redemption and loan lead, lead to liquidity shock. If the risk aversion spread to other markets, or to further reduce the risk appetite, the overall tightening of liquidity conditions. Experts predict, want the name of financial innovation "pseudo Internet financial free rider" will usher in "doomsday", and standardize the development of Internet financial enterprises will be to "spring". Jane financial CEO Zhang Yang said, with the risk exposure and regulatory compliance to promote a new era of Internet financial development will enter the compliance by the development of the wilderness. The real Internet financial enterprises do not involve the "pool", "self financing" supervision of the red line, there are essential differences of illegal fund-raising and other crimes. Therefore, not systematic and global Internet financial risk and. The Internet financial compliance remediation is precisely to the industry's "Li Gui" to clean out, this is the true meaning of the Internet financial enterprises to standardize the development opportunity. For the current Internet financial institutions in terms of the business model of uneven in quality, compliance and innovation will be the year of the Internet financial institutions baptism and test. The lack of financial support personnel, over the Internet enterprise risk management, lack of scientific and strict management of liquidity, asset allocation capabilities will face restructuring and exit choice. In the future, the Internet finance will gradually move towards the entrance license management stage, the domestic Internet financial industry will usher in a new dawn. The love of money into CEO Yang Fan believes that the P2P network lending risk rectification release so far the most stringent regulatory signals, and for the first time explicitly put forward the "ban" enterprises will face administrative punishment or criminal responsibility according to law. This will lead to more and more knowing escape punishment illegal enterprises eager to stop, in order to run away or enter the core stage before the active closed way out. The next few months, the most obvious active business platform number or growth." In the view of copper street CEO He Jun, a true Internet financial platform must have a lot of infrastructure, can provide a variety of integrated services, not only the trading function. 2016 gold industry will enter the mutual development of norms, and the transformation platform will become an important trend of development in the new era of mutual gold industry. On the one hand, the platform that network information intermediary lending return property; on the other hand, the Internet financial transactions provide comprehensive service platform, the series from the assets, funds, payment, credit, risk control, legal and other aspects, to themselves as the center to form a complete closed loop, in order to ensure the efficient and safe platform. Matching rules is expected to accelerate the floor Chinese Securities Daily reporter learned that the central bank will strictly implement the regulatory requirements. Strictly implement the third party depository system of customer funds, strengthen the all-round monitoring of Internet liquidity requirements; institutions to identify the customer identity, to strengthen the monitoring and active report suspicious transactions; revised illegal fund-raising monitoring indicators and models, to explore the establishment of illegal fund-raising risk identification and early warning mechanism. Brokerage analysts believe that although the reform of the financial regulatory framework is inconclusive, but the rapid rise of the industry and the risk that, in an increasingly market-oriented financial system, improve financial supervision is very important, especially when it comes to some emerging areas. The Internet financial industry is expected, with the escalating storm, segments of the Internet banking is expected to accelerate the floor all supporting details. Yang Fan said, should be the best way to self regulate and passive "two legs" synchronous rectification. The regulatory authorities grasp action to rectify the bottom line, according to the classification management of violations of Internet financial enterprises, involved in illegal fund-raising behavior of core enterprises should strictly banned, and severely punished or prosecuted for criminal liability, and give the other enterprise immediate rectification of space and time, avoid "one size fits all". "In the face of active business more and more, the exit mechanism of Internet financial enterprises supporting policy is particularly important, such as the collapse of the platform, the process of mergers and acquisitions or restructuring of investment and financing, repaying the debt recovery work, for violations of discipline, to regulate and restrain the policies and regulations of the protection of investors to the greatest extent." The purple horse Caihang investment management vice president Li Hongqiang said, the remediation goal is "norm" instead of "containment", at the same time the implementation of comprehensive Internet financial special rectification program, expect more people to look into the Internet banking industry to support and improve all aspects of infrastructure construction, the development of technology and more appropriate solutions to solve and effective, in order to protect the new financial format to the rectification in the environment to survive and obtain long-term development. The love of money to help the co-founder Zhao Jingting said, "we look forward to supporting regulations to land as soon as possible, for those of us the earliest access bank depository, business model security compliance platform, hope regulators can more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the business model, the clear information platform disclosure and risk control etc. the platform, including the executive team of financial professional background, platform whether they have a professional risk control team, whether it is pure online information intermediary service platform." Reporter Chen Yingying shuttering magnet

Shares of bank non-performing rate of the top three: China Merchants Bank Minsheng Everbright fast China Pudong

Chinese Economic Net Beijing on April 29th news (reporter Hua Qingjian) 16 A shares of listed banks in 2015 annual report disclosure, annual data show that net profit growth of listed banks generally fell to single digits, cast in sockets bad continue the upward trend has not changed. China economic network reporter combing report data found that the four lines (the Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank, ICBC, CCB) net profit growth is below 1%. The joint-stock banks only Ping An Bank net profit growth of two digit. The poor rate, the bank non-performing rate exceeded 2%, up to 2.39%, compared with an increase of 0.85 percentage points, the fastest growth. The joint-stock banks, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright bank non-performing rate, Minsheng Bank's top three, respectively 1.68%, 1.61% and 1.60%; in addition, China Merchants bank non-performing rate of the fastest growth, up 0.57 percentage points; followed by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank, were 0.5, 0.43, 0.43 and 0.43 percentage points. Analysts believe that in the current economic downward pressure and the risk of continued exposure of the background, the performance of listed banks to maintain positive growth is not easy. Large banks net profit has reached a considerable scale, on the basis of further growth with high difficulty. It was also predicted that in 2016 the banking sector will be profit peaked and may even negative growth. <strong> The four line net profit growth of less than 1% of the shares of Ping An Bank only to maintain two digit growth</strong> The industry consensus is that bank performance slowdown has double-digit growth, is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. According to statistics, last year, 16 listed banks total net profit of 1 trillion and 270 billion yuan, accounting for the annual report has been disclosed the total net profit of 2680 listing Corporation 52.1%. There are 13 listed banks in the performance increase is less than 10%; four lines (in agriculture, engineering, construction) net profit growth is below 1%; only shares of Ping An Bank net profit growth of two digit. City Commercial Bank, Nanjing bank and Ningbo Bank net profit growth to maintain two digit, respectively 24.82% and 16.29%. The faster the joint-stock banks are now facing a sharp decline in net profit growth after the dilemma. For example, the scale of net profit of joint-stock banks in the largest investment bank in 2015 the growth rate was 3.19%, while in 2014 the growth rate can reach 8.06%. Everbright Bank net profit growth also fell to 2.23% from 8.12% in 2014 from 15.96% to 5.02%, Huaxia Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank fell from 14.92% to 7.61%, Ping An Bank from 30.01% to 10.42%. The decline in net profit, ICBC chairman Jiang Jianqing said, achieved positive growth is commendable. "Chinese from banking profitability is still very strong, ranked first in the world." Jiang Jianqing said. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance Bank Research Director cenggang analysis, net profit growth of the banking sector is mainly due to the decline in the quality of banking assets, the first is poor, causing the bank to increase provision. The second is the profit rate marketization reform superimposed downward cycle, cause the commercial bank net interest margin continued narrowed sharply. PWC Chinese banking and capital markets partner in charge of Liang Guowei said, listed banks or by the high growth of the "golden age" into a zero growth or even negative growth (but the base is still high) "the silver age". The banking industry in 2016 will appear profit peaked and may even negative growth. <strong> The rate of increase in non-performing bank industry risk management is still a top priority</strong> In the performance slowdown at the same time, the listed banks' bad loans and rapid growth, the overall size of approaching trillion. Data show that 16 listed banks overall balance of non-performing loans totaling $994 billion 202 million. 16 banks, the Bank of Nanjing, non-performing rate of the remaining banks and non-performing loans are rising, and a number of the bank's non-performing loans growth rate in more than 50%. Among them, the Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank and other 4 banks non-performing loans increased over 60%. The poor rate, by the end of 2015, the bank non-performing rate exceeded 2%, up to 2.39%, compared with an increase of 0.85 percentage points, the fastest growth. The adverse rate of China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank and Minsheng Bank's ranking, reaching 1.68%, 1.61% and 1.60% respectively. Ningbo bank non-performing rate of 0.92%, remain low. In the high incidence of non-performing loans to the Bank of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province, nearly 3 years of non-performing rate is always less than 1%, quite brisk. In addition, the Bank of Nanjing contrarian non-performing rate reduced by 0.11 percentage points, to 0.83%. The surge in non-performing loans, the bank provision coverage declined significantly. Statistics show that ICBC, BOC, CCB, bank, Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank, the provision coverage ratio is less than 160%. While the regulatory requirements of the provision coverage for the 150% red line. Shen Wanhongyuan believes that if the 2016 provision coverage index did not reverse cycle management, then line net profit growth will be further down to below zero. According to the Economic Information Daily reported, bank asset quality continued pressure, the disposal of non-performing assets has entered the peak period. On the one hand to the bank including verification, collection, transfer and so bad out of the table, on the other hand, is also used by the new old, change the way that bad loans subject to delayed exposure. In addition to the traditional way, including the new disposal of non-performing asset securitization, debt and other regulators brewing will also usher in substantial progress in the near future. According to data released by the CBRC, as of the end of 2015, the balance of non-performing loans of commercial banks amounted to Chinese 1 trillion and 274 billion 400 million yuan. Multi channel bank "sniper" trillion bad assets has sounded the clarion call. China Banking Association had issued the "China bankers survey report (2015)", with the slowdown in economic growth and competition intensifies, the bankers growth for the next three years of revenue and profit after tax is expected to decline significantly. Compared with the previous bankers worried about the quality of assets in the future years also increased, about 40% of the bankers that their banks in the next three years the rate of non-performing assets will be in 1%-3%, that risk management has become a pressing matter of the moment of the banking industry. <strong> The annual report data of listed banks in 2015</strong>lifting anchor

Sino US monetary policy loose resonance "financial market or a strong recovery

The stance of monetary policy will remain loose, so as to further improve the employment market and inflation to return to 2% support." The Fed's statement on Wednesday to further clarify, scaffolding accessories to maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged. The orientation of the Fed's monetary policy in line with market expectations. "China will be flexible and appropriate implementation of prudent monetary policy and maintain a reasonable liquidity ample." The central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan held in mid April in the group of twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting commitments. In April, the central bank has 3 Chinese interim lending facility (MLF) operation and significantly improved the reverse repo scale, eliminating the time factor on reasonably adequate liquidity impact. The reason why the author of two important Sino US economy monetary policy to make a comparison, to show that in the current depth of the integration of the world economy, monetary policy tools can have different emphases, but the direction should be consistent, so as to achieve the recovery of the world economy. In mid April meeting of the group of twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting on the global economic recovery to continue the status quo in the affirmative, and stressed that "financial markets recovered to the level before the beginning of this year". The meeting stressed that some G20 members welcome to support the growth and stability of market policy actions, their common use and reiterated that monetary, fiscal and structural reform policies and all other policy tools to enhance confidence and promote growth. The meeting promised monetary policy continues to support economic activity, to maintain price stability. The spirit of resolution of Zhou Xiaochuan's statement and Fed policy in line with the meeting. As another important member of the world economy China, decision-makers in different occasions has repeatedly stressed the importance of maintaining reasonably adequate liquidity, the central bank also take various measures to achieve the goal. After years of innovation accumulation, the current release of the central bank liquidity in a variety of ways, the current reliance is "MLF+ reverse repurchase" way. This way is known as quasi disguised drop in the first quarter of this year by 2 and accompanied by related varieties of lower interest rates, launched in April 3. At the same time, March 1st generally RRR 0.5 percentage points. These measures can effectively eliminate the influence of liquidity point, ensure the reasonable liquidity ample. The author observed that the implementation of the central bank quasi disguised drop is a very important indicator is the Shanghai interbank offered rate (Shibor) overnight interest rates. Before the 5 time this year the central bank in the RRR, Shibor overnight rate are approaching or exceeding the level of 2%, and to carry out this level of interest rates will fall below 2%. Thus, Shibor overnight rate has become an important indicator to determine the current money market liquidity, the liquidity is seen as the "bottom line" is not a bad idea. In addition to disguised RRR, the central bank also generally RRR measures can be used. The industry is widely expected that the next central bank and 3 common drop space, the central bank will judge and choose to use the time according to the situation of demand and liquidity in the real economy. But this does not mean that the central bank this year will make full use of this opportunity to drop 3. There are many central banks to maintain appropriate and sufficient liquidity tools, such as standing loan facilities (SLF), mortgage Supplemental Loan (PSL), short-term liquidity adjustment tool (SLO), the interest rate corridor. These tools disguised drop from above, across-the-board RRR cuts which ensure reasonably adequate liquidity of the cards, but also can be enabled at any time. I think, with the capacity to lever and drop the further progress of the present and future in the foreseeable period of time, the central bank will comprehensive measures to ensure appropriate and sufficient liquidity. With the convergence of the economies of monetary policy easing orientation, the world economy continues to recover the state will continue, and the financial market will make a response to the advance. There is of course contains A stock market. (Yan Yue) fixing socket

The middle of 29, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price appreciation of 365 points to 6.4589

Beijing In April 29, swift lift anchors according to the latest data China foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of April 29th the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.4589, compared with April 28th 6.4954 middle price appreciation of 365 basis points. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of China, April 29, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.4589 yuan, 1 euro for 7.3439 yuan, 100 yen for 5.9820 yuan, HK $1 for 0.83257 yuan, 1 pound of 9.4403 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 4.9289 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.4964 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.8106 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.6854 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1498 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.59935 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.9933 Russian ruble. cast in sockets

China financial leasing assets amounted to 1 trillion and 630 billion

China CBRC vice director of the non silver Xu Chunwu 27 in the second China maritime Finance (Xinjiang) said the international forum, water stopper as of the end of 2015, the country opened a total of 44 Finance Leasing Company, the industry total assets of 1 trillion and 630 billion yuan, industry average NPL ratio of 0.9%, the capital adequacy ratio of 12.66%, total net profit of 17 billion 700 million yuan. Among them, the financial leasing industry ship leasing business balance of nearly 70 billion yuan, an increase of more than 10%. Xu Chunwu said, the next step, the CBRC will be concerned with the decision to conscientiously implement the national plan, is committed to creating a favorable policy environment for the development of financial leasing industry, encourage the financial leasing industry in accordance with risk control, the principles of sustainable business, promote the development of shipping industry in transition. In addition, the state will also support qualified Finance Leasing Company to set up specialized subsidiaries, including ship leasing, domain specific business, improve the professional level. Guide the financial leasing industry with the supply side structural reform, active service Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt and other major national strategy, to production, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board to play its due role. halfen frimeda

The central bank will accelerate the construction of Chinese green financial system

Vice president of the people's Bank of Chinese Chen Yulu in 2016 Chinese Green Finance Forum and China Finance Association recently held a "green financial Specialized Committee annual meeting said, scaffolding accessories to promote economic and social development is the" green 13th Five-Year "and even a longer period of an important task, BFD coupler therefore, the people's Bank will be concerned with speeding up the construction of Chinese green financial system. Chen Yulu said that since the reform and opening up of China's economic and social development has made great achievements, but also accumulated a number of environmental problems, has become obvious shortcomings, strengthen environmental protection and ecological construction, has become a major national development strategy. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed a new development concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, promote economic and social development "green is an important task in 13th Five-Year" and even a longer period. As a kind of institutional arrangement of market, finance plays a capital raising, resource allocation, risk management, providing information, solve the incentive problem and other core functions. In the promotion of environmental protection and ecological construction has played an important role. Shortly before the promulgation of the "13th Five-Year" plan explicitly proposed to establish the green financial system, the development of green credit, green bonds, the establishment of the green development fund, pointed out the medium-term development direction for the development of green finance in china. Chen Yulu pointed out that in the past year, the pace of development of green finance in China accelerated, realized the innovation and breakthrough in many fields. One is the green financial policy framework gradually clear. In December 2015, the people's Bank of China and green financial Specialized Committee issued a "green" and "green financial bonds announcement notes directory", officially launched the China Green bond market. In March 2016, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued "on the green bonds pilot notice" to actively guide the corporate bond market, support the development of green industry, the people's Bank of China is to promote green finance pilot work place. The two is the green financial products increasingly rich. Agricultural Bank, industrial bank and other commercial banks in domestic and overseas market successfully issued green financial bonds, the first quarter of 2015 China's green bonds circulation of more than 50 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of the total over the same period of the global green bond issue, the country also have to speed up the establishment of green credit policy, the green credit standards into the whole process of management. The ICBC took the lead in developing the environmental pressure test, walking in the international forefront of green finance practice. Continue to expand the social capital to enter the green financial channel. Three is the international financial deepening cooperation. China is this year's G20 summit presidency, in the Chinese initiative, G20 established the green finance team, by the people's Bank and the Bank of England served as co chairman of china. At present, the research team has held three meetings, best practice of green finance development in various countries, in-depth study of the main obstacles facing the global economy and promote the green transformation of policy initiatives and other issues. Held in Shanghai in March this year, G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting for the first time, green finance as the key issues to G20 bulletin. Chen Yulu stressed that the China Green Financial Development on the whole is still in the initial stage. Whether it is the design of institutional framework and policy system, or the green financial product innovation and popularization of the concept of green finance are still a lot of work to do. The prospects for the development of green finance in Chinese is very wide, huge market potential, the people's Bank will be deployed in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decision, in conjunction with the relevant aspects of speeding up the construction of Chinese green financial system, promote green financial products innovation, popularization of green financial concept, to jointly promote the China Green Finance continued to upgrade the healthy development and economic transformation. ringlock scaffolding

The fee of three days 12 times the "black line" futures cooling

CNR net Beijing on April 28th news (reporter Xu Jin) according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported yesterday, with coking coal, the futures market "black" fell sharply. Among them, iron ore fell 5.44%, coke limit, coke fell 4.86%. This fall, since the end of the last period of time, continuous rise in commodity futures market situation. <strong> The fee is 12 times three days intensive exchange control shot</strong> Why the "black" futures fell yesterday? Analysts believe that the inflection point occurs, and the Shanghai futures exchange, Dalian commodity exchange, Zhengzhou commodity exchange, the three futures exchange adjustment measures. Just the day before yesterday, DCE raised coke and coking coal fee, but people did not think that, just yesterday evening, the DCE once again announced that from today, continue to increase coke and coking coal standard fees, the transaction amount at 3.6, adjusted to 7.2 live births, and on Friday, the DCE announced that since April 26, 2016 will be the standard fee of coke and coking coal varieties by turnover at 0.6 adjusted at 1.8. Not only the Dalian Mercantile Exchange, since April, three futures exchange issued 10 cumulative regulation instructions, including an increase in commodity transaction fees, adjust the margin trading, adjust the price limits and so on. <strong> Afternoon to see obvious speculation cooling capacity to progress</strong> Why the big three futures exchange will invariably sell? First look at exactly what kind of igneous commodity futures to feel, through the data: as of 26, coke futures contract rose this year reached 78%, the main iron ore contract rose 48.6%, rebar and hot rolled coil also rose more than four; and these varieties only in April rose more than 20%. With futures prices rose, huge volume and turnover also let people be struck dumb by April 21st rebar, RB1610 contract as an example, the volume of 22 million 360 thousand hands, with a hand of 10 tons, day trading volume is equivalent to the steel in China in 2014 the total output. Yongan futures analyst Ren Xinpu said, in such a boom and speculative forces inseparable. Exchange regulation instruction is very timely, dramatic trend can slow the market, at the same time to relieve some enterprise and industry have been locked in crisis. As the new general exchange: these measures are correct, to resolve market risk has a positive role in future, can ease the violent market trend. At present, the slow surge signal is very clear and clear, when the market information, the inflection point appeared on the stage. After the hand control in three markets, market speculation cooling is more and more obvious. Then, after this round of volatility, the futures market outlook will be how to? Ren Xinpu believes that the fundamentals of how in the end, still need the actual progress of combination of supply side reforms, capacity to see. As the new general: along with the development of iron and steel industry to production conditions, such as steel timber price decline will be supported, then the furnace, iron ore, coking coal and other conditions, affecting the progress will depend on their capacity to the actual demand, determine the future price trend. cuplock scaffolding

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