Beijing on 14 cloudy 15 day air quality slip or slight pollution

Today, the cold air continues to function more favorable conditions, diffusion. Is expected to air quality level for level two good today, by the cold air cleaning after the sky is clear,fixing socket the day will remain sunny to cloudy weather, the air is fresh, suitable for outdoor activities and ventilation. Today, the highest temperature of 12 degrees, but at night the temperature is low, the minimum to 0 DEG C, relatively large temperature difference, and the public should pay attention to keep warm. 15 day air quality will slip, is expected to air quality levels for the three level of slight pollution. Reporter Deng Qi

Apart from long ago discovered in the Western Zhou Dynasty “bronze car” is not far, archaeologists recently in Qishan County of Shaanxi Province,lifting anchor Zhou Yuan ruins discovered a number of not less than 30 seats in the Western Zhou Dynasty large tombs. After the preliminary archaeological work, found that most have been stolen rejection, only unearthed pieces of pottery, the surprise is a “stone tomb” break the riverbed gravel layer and the formation of the retained Ding, GUI, respect, Duke, Ge nearly 30 pieces of bronze ware.It is understood, this large-scale tombs in Qishan County near the town of Beijing when he Jia Cun, belonging to the original site in the week be well-known, far and near “the Western Zhou Dynasty courtyard” — young Phoenix site southwest direction, with new found within the site of the city last week, its location is in the core zone.According to the archaeological exploration and excavation, preliminary expert judgment cemetery cross when longer but the overall belongs to the Western Zhou dynasty. Due to excavation of graves many stolen disturbance, currently found in a tomb of the full length of 3.7 meters, the tomb two layer platform as the distribution of a large number of beef ribs and leg bones, the tomb at the bottom end the accumulation of bronze, pottery and many other funerary objects.At present, this seat is formed by the “pebble and stone tomb”, in addition to bone, unearthed bronze carriages and horses, have found some important kinds of bronze, such as Ding, GUI, respect, you, Jia Zhi, Ge, etc., wherein the bronze tripod has 5 pieces, 3 pieces of bronze Jue, it can be said that green bronze vessels, weapons, and other categories relatively complete, the owner of the tomb of the nobility should no doubt.The tomb is still in the cleaning process of tension, experts said that at present the conclusion still has the possibility of deepening, especially the number of unearthed bronze cultural relics such as the only in the near future all extract the tomb, to get the most accurate data.Shaanxi Zhouyuan archeology from Peking University, China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Archaeology and Archaeological Research Institute of Shaanxi Province, formed a joint archaeological team, expand the common archaeological work. (reporter Feng Guo, red just)

Mom and dad to help the children to work to raise the children is very common, but the Ningbo Beilun court recently accepted together alimony dispute, is an old man put her son-in-law to court, ask for help with the children’s living expenses, tuition fees, service charges.This in the end is how one thing?  Son-in-law to sue for divorce  The mother-in-law sued the daughter and son-in-law to raise feesPeng was in 2008 from Beilun, Ningbo to work overseas, he and Beilun girl Kemou registration of marriage, 3 years later, the boy Kai Ko Mousheng next.Little Kay was born, in order to facilitate the care of children, Peng Mou family of three moved in with Kemou mother Lee live.At first, Kemou to resign at home, was to take care of the children, then considering the economic pressure, Kemou to re work. During this time, Lee has been to help the couple with children.Last year, Peng Ke Mou together with investment of business failure, began to frequent disputes between the two, Peng simply leave alone the mother-in-law home.The second half of last year, Peng sued to the court, for a divorce, but his indictment content is simple, the judges to do the mediation work, he described is also very vague “feelings fade” and other issues. The judge thought that husband and wife two people there and may, rejected his divorce suit.Li Mouben feel between the daughter and son-in-law feelings is a problem, when Peng sued for divorce, Lee confirmed his idea, she and her daughter had a long talk, know the couple between the situation.In July this year, Lee suddenly the daughter, son-in-law to court, demand the other party to pay the grandson was born 2011 to sue the living expenses, labor costs and other costs totalling 160000 yuan.  Son-in-law request a paternity test  Is the mother and daughter boycottPeng themselves Sue divorce may also be prosecuted, mother-in-law, really intolerable plug, he told the judge the truth. Originally, he suspected that Kai is not his biological son. He said, to find their own things in his wife on the mobile phone, had accidentally discovered his wife’s mobile phone short message, there is a strange number love again, SMS and even mentioned that to let his wife take Kai to give each other have a look.”She just had a period of time before pregnancy in on a business trip, I think she might be with others in the outside, children are not necessarily my.” Peng speculation.When open a court session, the scene is very strange. Although Lee sat Pengmou, Kemou opposite, but Lee said every few words, this is the cubic Kemou just nodded, to the mother’s words represent the entire approval.”We as children, also do not want to default on their parents, mainly family income are Peng away, my mother age also big, very hard, with children is not easy, this should give compensation.” Ke said.After court, Peng proposed to the paternity test done, “if not for my children, alimony as I have not what relation.”The court thinks, if Kai not Pengmou son, he does not need to burden the cost of raising. But the paternity of the request was KO and Lee’s strong opposition, two people even stop identification work, eventually, Kai whether Pengmou son, still don’t know.In the following the mediation work, Peng relented, saying he had feelings for her son, left this for more than 1 years, the mother-in-law does labor in the care of children, regardless of whether the biological son, he was willing to bear the cost of more than 1 years.One of the Ke Mou as a defendant, continued to said his mother very reasonable demands. Finally, the court decision Pengmou assume custody fee 3 yuan, the rest of the expense of Kemou bear. (today morning correspondent Bei Yu Bei Ying reporter Wang Chenhui)

Datong former mayor Geng Yanbo was transferred to the Taiyuan mayor to trigger sustained attention and controversy. In Datong, “members of the Geng Yanbo fans” as Geng Yanbo petition,scaffolding accessories efficient, honest, want the government to carry out with drive and sweep. At the same time, part of the street because of Datong large demolition Dajian living in hardship, they are also involved in the petition, “let the old Geng back to clean up the mess, give us a statement!” (“the Beijing News” November 13th)Each of the local mayor has its own administrative style, caused some controversy can hardly be avoided. But did not expect, Geng Yanbo caused controversy in the Datong continuous fermentation, even in February last year removed from Datong, is still one of the most controversial mayor. Recently, in the Datong and because happened to Geng Yanbo petitions, and petitions are divided into two classes, one class of people want Geng Yanbo back to Datong, another kind of people hope that the “back to clean up the mess”.Although the possibility has served as mayor of Taiyuan Geng Yanbo back to Datong Office is relatively small, but the surrounding his controversy and events worth our reflection, for example, many of the current local ongoing transformation of the city, “Geng Yanbo style” big demolition Dajian whether can take? For instance, in the future to avoid officials transferred after leaving “mess”?Frankly, there is certainly a place worth Geng Yanbo, also have worthy of reflection, and the conclusion is now inconvenience. For example, the Geng Yanbo administration Datong five years city look increasingly improved, the construction of resettlement housing 8000000 square metres, is worth affirmation. Large demolition Dajian huge debt too violent to Datong government, are worthy of reflection. While Geng Yanbo launched the “City revival”, it needs time to prove its value.In the author’s opinion, “let the old Geng back to clean up the mess” the voice of the most worthy of our consideration. In fact, this reflects a portion of the people there are two kinds of discontent: on the one hand is not satisfied with the Geng Yanbo big demolition Dajian make their living in hardship; on the other hand, is not satisfied with the “new officer ignore old government”. Although the Datong officials promised “new official reason old government”, but the 125 projects have been stopped is a fact. So people want Geng Yanbo back to clean up the mess “”.That is to say, “one of the warning let old Geng back to clean up the mess” is, must put their spread “stall” packed in term of each official. If officials during the term “stall” shop too much, can not complete the words, “good stall” is likely to become a “mess”, the successor or not willing to take over, or do not have the ability to take over, and finally to the “mess” to the people.The two is a warning, the new officer must old government. Datong “new officer” was conducted 125 projects left by Geng Yanbo, not only because of government debt, but also because the “mess” too much. But look in the author, “new broom” Datong to reflect a question, which is why Geng Yanbo has the ability to simultaneously multiple projects? In addition, even if really have no money to build 100 projects, but also can’t let the people’s livelihood engineering work, let people in trouble.Warning of the three, is the most worthy of thinking place, that is the official term or mobilize should and key projects linked. China is carrying out of office, the principal officials of each term is 5 years, the Geng Yanbo administration of Datong is 5 years. Geng Yanbo job changes is very normal, but neglected many important projects he opened, it is ideal may be, he completed the main project after the change in work.No doubt, every mayor has its own policy ideas and performance demands, successor will not necessarily recognized former officials of the practice. If the successor recognized former practices, also have the ability to complete the predecessor’s work, undoubtedly, there will be no “mess”. But if the successor does not endorse the former approach, then, will be in accordance with their own policy ideas re shop “booth”, this kind of phenomenon exists in many places.The author suggests, or broke a five year tenure, the official term and key projects and the livelihood of the people project especially hook, allowing officials to better image from the incumbent post; or the regulations officials according to the term to plan their own work, for example, major projects must be completed within four or five years. Notably, the 2005 data show, officials “tenure” implementation rate of only 1%. Undoubtedly, officials frequently mobilized easy to leave the “mess”. (Feng Haining)

A local debt Research Report conducted by the Ministry of finance advice, study and formulate the “law” of local government debt risk of bankruptcy, clear the responsibility of local governments should take from the law, in the local government insolvency, to allow local governments to declare bankruptcy, and the provisions of debt restructuring and debt settlement program, to determine the superior and the central in which the government responsibility. (“twenty-first Century economic report” November 13th)Speaking of the local government bankruptcy, it is not uncommon in the world. In 1994 America orange county government declared bankruptcy; 1998, Jefferson county government USA declared bankruptcy; November 7th of this year, USA federal judge approved the Detroit bankruptcy plan…… In the past 30 years, American has more than 250 local government filed for bankruptcy protection. It should be noted that, American local government bankruptcy, refers to the government financial loss of the ability to pay off the debts, but is only financial insolvency, rather than the government function of bankruptcy.We must emphasize is, it America, local government bankruptcy, does not mean the “end of the world”, because the local government bankruptcy, not “hit” people. These local government once in bankruptcy, or is declared bankrupt, the usual do, one is forced local governments to cut public expenditure, a lot of the reduction of civil servants, more circumspect in spending, fight over the smallest trifles. The two is the compression and reduction of fixed asset investment projects of public services. The three is the local government to actively negotiate with creditors, debt limit extension request. In a word, not to the local people to raise taxes or for money. In this sense, allowing the local government bankruptcy, is a sign of modern political civilization and progress.In our country, the local debt risk is controllable, central government is the local debt bottom, over the years, there has been debate. But look from data, as of the end of 2013 6, the country at all levels of government has responsibility to repay the debt of about 20.69 yuan. At present the total liabilities China government debt rate is 39%, which is lower than the international 60% debt ratio debt warning line. Therefore, China’s local debt overall no crisis, but this does not mean that there is no risk of local.In the past, most local officials believe that, once the local debt problems, in order to prevent the local debt “too many to fail” and commercial banks “too big to fail”, the central government will for the maintenance of macroeconomic and financial stability needs to take “transparency” measures. But recently the State Council No. 43 expressly said, do not reveal all the details, for not helping the local debt, emphasize who borrow, who also own risk. Therefore, some places in order to debt, I’m afraid will use the old “old way” — some by selling land to pay off debts, resulting in demolitions and malignant events occurred frequently; some trapped in a “vicious spiral rob Peter to pay Paul”; some places even ahead of tax levy, “Mao Yin eat grain”. These phenomena to the local long-term development is obviously bad.In this situation, the relevant departments of local government proposals to allow insolvent, bankrupt, is an historic change. Because to allow local governments to bankruptcy, according to political civilization’s image, is the “unlimited government” to “reasonable transition limited government”; and, on the power of local government is a kind of constraint and clamping, prevent excessive leverage; in addition, allowing the government to bankruptcy has also established a system barrier, the protection of society from the government to prevent further abuses, local debt long into a “bottomless pit”. Of course, we can not copy the experience of America to perform in the rule of law within the framework of. (Hui Mingsheng)

Note that want to adopt children Hefei citizens,lifting loop let the Civil Affairs Bureau approval a proof can go into people’s homes will become the history. Reporters from the Luyang District Civil Affairs Bureau was informed that, in our province to become the second batch of national development of adoption assessment pilot provinces, Luyang is the only pilot unit, in the future to adopt children must be evaluated by the third party agency. Yesterday morning, from Luyang District she becomes our province’s first assessment of the adoption.  Housing has to evaluateHow old are you? What is education? There are several sets of the house?…… This is not a blind date will be the scene, but the third party agencies are being carried out to evaluate the adoption of the adopter Ms. Wu qualification.Hefei city has loved the social work service center is to determine the District Civil Affairs Bureau of the third party evaluation institution, evaluation site, center director Liu Xuelin put forward many problems to Ms Wu in the form of questionnaire, covering education, economic condition, social security, housing, usually how parenting etc.. Liu Xuelin introduces, this evaluation is only the first visit, at the time the next year they will also be on the Ms Wu continues to track.  Experts to provide professional opinionDon’t be certification will not give the children on account, the next school, employment is in trouble. Luyang Secretary of the Party committee of the District Civil Affairs Bureau Li Li introduction, before the implementation of the evaluation work, want to adopt a child in the family qualification depends entirely on the Civil Affairs Department audit.But because of the lack of professional personnel of the departments of civil affairs, the relevant documents, and can not provide proof materials adopted in-depth, comprehensive audit, “so will now be specialized to the professional people to do things, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and other third party mechanism.”  Not qualified to adoptIn order to avoid the adoption, children were not qualified the adoption in September of this year, the Ministry of civil affairs decided to adopt the assessment of the pilot work carried out in our province this year, the pilot unit of the Luyang district. After the new adoption assessment process, want to adopt a child in the family first need to go to the civil affairs department to apply, the Civil Affairs Bureau examination after passing will send assessment notice to third party assessment mechanism, at the same time the child information tracing newspaper 60 days, in the confirmation of children have no relatives to claim they can enter the adoption process. Third party assessment agencies will be within 10 working days to make an appointment with the interview, visit the neighborhood form a written investigation report, assessment of qualified after the adopter may apply for adoption registration procedures, for going into the households in the police station.

In November 13th,lifting insert from the community of performing art lovers.In November 13th,scaffolding accessories Sichuan Province people square dance competition in Deyang division of the launch site,lifting loop from the community of performing art lovers.The morning of November 13th,swivel coupler Provincial Department of culture, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, articles of West China city newspaper, Xinhua winshare in Deyang, held a “M-Zone, people square dance songs featured” album and Sichuan Province people giving the square dance contest Deyang division ceremony.So far, this one from the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Department of culture jointly produced, included 30 songs Sichuan original songs “M-Zone, people square dance songs” album, also free of charge to the Deyang community square dance team. At the same time, guided by the Provincial Department of culture, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, propaganda department, Deyang municipal Party committee, Deyang Municipal Bureau of culture and the West China Metropolis Daily (West China media group WMG) Co sponsored, West China media group of the media hosted “Golden Spring dancing — Sichuan Tianfu square dance contest the masses” Deyang division game, also launched within Deyang city.Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhao Mingren, Party members, Party committee secretary of the Provincial Department of culture authority Yan SA cool, Xinhua winshare publishing media Limited by Share Ltd vice editor in chief Xiong Hong, Deyang Municipal Committee, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Yang Jianming and other leaders and common people in Deyang community, the square dance lovers representatives to participate in the activities of.Zhao Mingren said at the launching ceremony, at present the province’s public square dance lovers have more than 10 million, be enjoyed by the masses, the basic one of cultural activities. In order to meet the needs of the masses of the basic spiritual and cultural needs, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department to allocate special funds, in the province’s most outstanding collection of square dance tracks, and was careful to create, finally made into tens of thousands of sets of “M-Zone, people square dance songs” album, free of charge to the masses of jump square dance.Zhao Mingren said, this 30 track album, is the most outstanding pieces of our province experts from the province the first alternative tracks hundreds of carefully chosen, and joint efforts in our province the best arranger music and singing actor, was re recorded. Every song of the album is very beautiful, the topic health upward, beautiful melody, lively rhythm, is a very good square dance, everyone will love.Finally, Zhao Mingren hope Deyang vast square dance lovers, actively participate in the province’s public square dance, win honor for Deyang.Reportedly, the “Golden Spring dancing Tianfu — Sichuan Province public square dance”, will use the city state preliminaries, semi-finals and the final division of the province’s finals format. Early next year, will complete the city game, the year of the sheep before the Spring Festival held in the province’s finals. The activity will also organize expert committee, to ensure that the competition authority, impartial, credible results, and the winning team, will be awarded a certificate, money or a prize. In the province during the finals, the organizing committee will also organize the tens of thousands of square dance lovers, held a “million square dance” activities in Chengdu, impact and declare the Guinness book of world records, the entire competition to a climax.Activities to “hundred, thousand, ten thousand people field team” as the goal, will be built into a everyone can participate in mass events, do Sichuan mass cultural development towards a new milepost stage of cultural events, into an important landmark Public Culture Festival once let the Bashu culture of the masses to the country. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhao Mingren:  Participants should fully reflect the regional characteristics of danceThe scene in the 13 day event, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhao Mingren, Party members, Party committee secretary of the Provincial Department of culture authority Yan SA cool leadership, is from Deyang city “culture house” representatives presented “M-Zone — people square dance songs” album. Included in this album of 30 songs, all for the Sichuan original, by Zewangduoji, Jiangyangzhuoma and other singers sing Sichuan, from different perspectives reflect the huge development achievement, our province’s rich history and culture and the happiness of the life of the masses.”Deyang municipal Party committee, City Hall on grassroots cultural work, cares very, very seriously, the first in the province built more than 300 mass culture dam.” Zhao Mingren suggests, these cultural dam should carry out regular content positive health upward of cultural activities, “we issued these album tracks, the content is very healthy, I hope you put them to good use.” Make full use of the album, the best way to carry out the contents are positive and healthy cultural activities, is to participate in “Golden Spring dancing Tianfu — Sichuan Province public square dance”. To this, Zhao Mingren suggested that the majority of the contestants, increased novelty, art in choreography, synchronised, and can fully reflect the regional characteristics, reflect the local masses spirit.  Minister of the Propaganda Department of Deyang municipal Party committee Yang Jianming: through the game show Deyang people’s spiritDeyang Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Yang Jianming think, giving “M-Zone, public square dance songs” album to Deyang city square dance lovers, and start the Sichuan Province people square dance contest Deyang division game, government set up the stage, singing Opera invited by the masses, the masses can further stimulate cultural vitality, cultural construction of Deyang Municipal Publicity achievement.Yang Jianming said, at present Deyang City, accelerate the construction of the modern system of public cultural services, to explore the happy beautiful village (community) culture dam construction, has achieved initial results. “The 331 culture courtyard basically completed the upgrading of equipment, facilities, public cultural service extends downward, mass cultural activities carried out widely, not only become a distributing center for cultural services, also become a stage for people activities.”Yang Jianming said, Deyang district and county, municipal departments will be highly valued, cooperate closely, use the culture courtyard this integrated platform, organize the good Sichuan Province people square dance contest Deyang division game, promotion of good “M-Zone — people square dance songs” album of 30 songs. “We will through the competition, to show the people of Deyang spirit, show civilization activity fashion, show the positive energy of harmonious culture, to further promote the prosperity of Deyang culture development, provide more powerful support to write Chinese dream Deyang chapter!”  Deyang city “culture house” on behalf of Liu Tingting: helps to improve the level of the masses of the square danceLiu Tingting, director of the Deyang city district cultural centers of music and dance department. The 13 day, she Deyang as “cultural house” on behalf of “Deyang civilization, came to read the square dance proposal”, advocate all Deyang square dance lovers to participate in the “Sichuan Province public square dance” as an opportunity, “do the messenger of civilization, civilization, dance dance” to promote the healthy development of Deyang city square dance civilization.For by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Department of culture jointly produced the “M-Zone, people square dance songs” album, Liu Tingting thumbs up praise. “Before, a lot of square dance lovers do not know what kind of songs for jump square dance, don’t know how to choose music, very confused. Now the album came out, select music dance everybody is more convenient, very useful.”Liu Tingting thinks, “Golden Spring dancing Tianfu — Sichuan Province public square dance” very meaningful. “Now the square dance has become a necessary part in people daily life, become a habit, and held this competition, not only to enrich the spirit of entertainment life, more can improve the broad square dance lovers dance level.”Reporter Liu Peng Tang Jinlong photography Lu Jia

Reporters yesterday in the Chinese government and the campus interview to understand, the school has “water gate” incident reporting,formwork clamp handed over to judicial procedures. Serious processing request is poured boiling water Jiang teacher did not put forward.Jiang teacher at a Ruijin hospital after treatment, has returned to the home, the head and face and back fester, still need to continue dressing, normally hard bed.It is reported, at present this “college students majoring in the science of law” has to accept the police record, but the mood not calm, his parents have been to school. According to the “3+2″ educational system, the girls in the school enrolled in three years after the specialized subject to Chinese government and attended two years of undergraduate, postgraduate studies graduating next year, plan.The events in “double eleven” on the morning of the same day, Jiang teacher classroom in the campus of Songjiang, Songkran students first class school, second classes of late, and called himself in other classroom self-taught, did not hear the bell. Therefore, Chiang Kai Shek teacher expressed “absent late I” mean. In second, the third section during the break, the students take the teacher Jiang insulation Cup, in the tea containing boiling water and returned to the office. At that time, Chiang Kai Shek teacher that students as he poured water refill, also expressed gratitude, but unexpectedly was splashing water scald.School leadership in the face of this relatively low-key. They hope that, after the judicial identification issued by the conclusions, combined with the results of the police investigation, before the announcement of the handling opinions. (reporter Xu Ruizhe)

People’s visionAt the end of 10, Jiaxing,prop sleeve Hohhot occurred in two Empty Nester died after a few days at home,lifting anchor in different places of work children found events. Empty nest family, living alone in families, reflects our country family miniaturization trend, and trigger a series of social problems.The family is society the most basic unit, bear children, the elderly support functions such as tending. Family size changes, play directly influences its function. The first half of this year, the National Health Planning Commission issued “Chinese family development report” shows, our country family scale is small, the average family size to 3.02.- “you son” had become the pastThere are about 430000000 families in China, the average household size of 3.02 people, 1 – 2 micro family households accounted for nearly 40% of all the number of households”You son, is the generation of parents memory. A generation of people generally have brothers and sisters, three generations or even four generations under one roof, six or seven people living under one roof is very common.” Has been working in Beijing for 10 years of Liu Hong said, “now the situation is not the same, a family of three, or even one or two people of small family into the mainstream. I was like, I’m in Beijing marry and settle down, have a stable family of three. Parents two people still live in Fujian home.”All the year round in the migrant workers migrant workers, changes on the family status of the deeper feelings. Lei Hao works in Zhengzhou for many years, “my wife and I work here in Zhengzhou, his home was safe in here. Children in rural Shanxi province by the parents to take care of, usually will give home send some living expenses, a year would go back one or two times. For children, Shanxi is the grandparents, parents home is our work place.”Similar to Liu Hong, Lei Hao such a situation, not in the minority in the country. The first half of this year, the National Health Planning Commission issued the first “China family development report”, pointed out that there are about 430000000 families in China, the family scale is small, the average family size is 3.02 people.According to the national census data, China’s average family size all the way down. In twentieth Century before the 50′s, family average population basically maintained at 5.3 level of people. With the economic and social development and the change of population, the average size of family households begin to shrink, especially twentieth Century since 80, the average size of family households shrinking trend more obvious: in 1990 reduced to 4 people in 2010, reduced to 3.1 people, in 2012 further reduced to 3.02 people.With the shrinking family size, household composition also changes continuously. Since 2000, the number of 1 – 2 households households increased sharply in 2000 mini, micro families accounted for all household 1/42010 years has been close to 40%; 3 to 4 households and small household number decreased, the number of 4 households was reduced from 78220000 to 70600000; 5 to 6 households and medium-sized family decreased proportion, accounting for the proportion of households fell from 18.7% to 14.2%; 7 and above large-scale household number continued to decrease.”A man’s home is also the home of.” Ms. Meng is taught at a university in Beijing, at the age of 39, she still single. “Every time a colleague at the end of the party, I say I want to go home, there are always people tease me, ‘do you live alone, what is called home.’. I do not want to explain, but I think, in my own house for 10 years, warm and comfortable, can not call home?”The family miniaturization and more diversified, family type. Investigation of Wei Planning Commission demonstration core family (a couple and their unmarried children formed a continuous decline in the proportion of elderly people living alone), increase the proportion of single parent families, family, Ding Ke, such as the rapid growth of cross generation family. The floating population family migration is becoming more and more obvious, the flow of family and family left behind the emergence of a large number of.- the population mobility family miniaturizationSince 2000, the decline of fertility effect on households reduce weakens, large-scale population migration has become an important thrust reduction of family size, economic development, housing improvement boost family miniaturizationHome turns small, what are the factors behind?”For my family, one of the reasons is because the family planning reasons, my wife and I are the only child, also only the birth of a child,” Liu Hong said, “on the other hand, I choose to leave their hometown and development work in Beijing, economic conditions do not allow me to put the old man took a life together.”"Housing improvement, small family can be independent.” Beijing city residents uncle Liu had two sons, 90 of the last century in the mid-1990s the children have been married, and uncle Liu live together, most of a set of two rooms to live in 3 family of 7 people. More than a decade ago to catch up with the demolition, a set of the old town house changed into the city of Victoria, two sets of new houses, two sons moved in, the family also chipped in to buy uncle Liu in the ring edge of real. “There is real, who lives in the family size is small, no?”"Households total population decline and the total number of households increase will cause the average household size smaller.” Professor at the Renmin University of China School of society and population Song Jian said. Overall, the reason Chinese family size smaller embodied in three aspects: first, the process of modernization influenced people’s thought idea, the independence of the highlights the individual, at the same time occupation increased mobility, spatial distance among family members becomes large, young people are more likely to leave their parents living independently, one person households, “empty nest family” and “the pure old family” quantity, proportion will increase. Secondly, the city into a large number of surplus rural labor in the process of urbanization, the formation of a “mobile home” and “family left behind”, the objective to increase the number of households, reduces the average family size. Third, economic development and housing system reform has the ability, may have multiple sets of housing to people, to achieve intergenerational separation. These three factors make the number of households increased rapidly over the same period, the family planning policy to reduce the fertility rate, the number of children in each family reduce, family size gets smaller.The state committee of planning the development of Wei family division responsible person said, household size miniaturization is the common effect of many aspects of social, economic, cultural, demographic and other results. From the perspective of population change, the age of marriage, marriage and divorce rate without delay, improve the rate of low birth rate, life expectancy, the flow of population have resulted in the smaller family size. “Since 2000, the decline of fertility decrease the effects on the family household is weakening, large-scale population migration continued is becoming an important thrust reduction of family size.” This point in the rural areas is particularly evident, the faster speed than city family miniaturization.How the future development trend of Chinese family? The Planning Commission responsible comrades of Wei family development division said, type from the family point of view, immediate family (consisting of parents with a married children and their spouses and children of the family) the amount and proportion will appear significant growth; from the life cycle of family structures on look, empty nest to earlier and last longer.With the “separate” two child policy, part of the family will be in accordance with the policy of family of second children, this will let the home become larger gradually? Song Jian said, planning the new deal will help to promote the national household type 4 the proportion of households, but this kind of family is still relatively limited, not to significantly improve the national household scale.- smaller families, the elderly are the bigger impactPublic service should adapt to the function of family social trend, encourage the elderly and children living near the construction of city, to meet the needs of family service systemHome small, or is not good — many people said the tangle of the new changes of family.”Live together with parents, the concept of life, habits of different, sometimes it is difficult to avoid friction. And his wife and children live together, I feel more free.” Liu Hong said. However, along with the parents grow older, he also began to worry about parents’ daily life. “Parents are now also can take care of myself. After a few years, someone has to take care of them, I work and can not escape, still not sure how after.”"Family size small, more autonomy in daily life. Not only the young people are not willing to and old people live together, many elderly people also think that as long as the conditions or their own single live at ease. However, there will be some new problems.” Ms. Zhao home in Beijing, the son returned from abroad to choose employment in Shanghai, married, “3 months one meet good, sometimes quite like children.” My father is over 80 years old, is not willing to live in his daughter’s house, “I myself every day to see, more tired, also worry about.”"Household size, which may be a number of family structure under certain Chinese children, in reality, is more likely to be in the family structure of complex or not, such as whether a common living with the old man, etc..” Said Song Jian, household size directly affect the play of family function. Family members living together as a family unit, members help each other, help to reduce the personal burden, solace in spirit; but the relationship is not handled well, will be the formation of family problems. Therefore, family size should be moderate, need to be suitable for different age groups.”Our family size becomes small in some sense can be regarded as the progress of the times, reflecting the increase among family members of independent consciousness and improvement of housing conditions.” Song Jian said, but the family size is smaller for the different effects of different age groups, especially more significant negative impact on the elderly. Because of smaller families and with the population aging, family in general “age”, which put forward more requirements on pension.Song Jian thinks, no matter how family size variable, children should do to the old man’s duty to support. At the same time, the public service should adapt to the function of family socialization trend as soon as possible, the one hand to strengthen the service for the old, meeting the needs of older people in daily life and medical care; on the other hand should balance the work of young people the burden of housework, through social service reduce young people in children start going to a nursery school, and other aspects of the burden of housework. “Should encourage and children living in close proximity to residential construction; lifting the residency restrictions and different medical disorders, so that family members as much as possible the city, living nearby, in order to take care of each other. Public opinion should be aware of family size smaller trend of the times and the positive significance, and vigorously advocate social service system and the construction of the.”The person in charge of the National Health Planning Commission Family Development Division also said, the country will pay more attention to the basic status and development needs of the family, from the aspects of providing security for the family. Including: promoting family development policy of moderate Pratt & Whitney, providing general support for the general family, focusing on high risk family support; according to the weak variation trend of family and family function, targeted for family support; with the government as the main body, the implementation of policy to establish and expand the family service system fully mobilize, integration, market and the strength of social organization, construction meet the demand for home service system. (reporter Kou Jiangze)

Yesterday morning,lifting anchor Castle Peak District Baiyushan street,cuplock scaffolding a 85 year old father whim, want to help the elderly fitness ball constipation relief pain,halfen frimeda who knows the sphere inadvertently enter the body, after the operation before the ball out.The father and his wife Chen mother-in-law lives in Baiyu mountain street, Qingshan District Yu at the age of 85. Chen Popo introduces, yesterday morning 10 when make, Yu father at home on the toilet, because of suffering from constipation torture whim, took out a stone fitness ball, ready to use it to anal constipation relief. Soon, the toilet room efferent pain cries, she hurried to find, the diameter of about 7 cm ball has entered the body of his wife. She hastened to call 120, ambulance will he sent to a nearby hospital workers of the Wuhan Iron and steel second.Wuhan Iron and steel second hospital workers outside the two Wang doctors, yesterday afternoon 3 when Xu, Yu daddy on the operation table. Because the ball is too large, the general method is very difficult to take out, and old age has been high, surgery is a risk. Doctors used a soft tube into a net, with the help of medical technology to the ball out. See the fist sized ball, the presence of the doctors and nurses were petrified. (reporter Zhu Ze)