The foreign exchange administration decentralization optimize the foreign currency exchange service

In order to meet the normal needs of cross-border exchanges in individual currency exchange, anchor nut improve the foreign exchange exchange machine and self management, the State Administration of foreign exchange recently issued the "foreign exchange and exchange management regulations" self-service machine business.   规定体现了进一步简政放权、优化外币兑换服务的改革思路,主要内容包括:一是简政放权,取消事前市场准入管理,外汇局不再对外币代兑机构和自助兑换机的外币兑换业务实施事前准入许可;二是转变监管方式,要求银行将外币代兑机构、自助兑换机管理前移和内化至内控管理中,合规、审慎开展外币兑换业务,外汇局重点加强对银行的事后和内控检查;三是明确业务范围,外币代兑机构和自助兑换机主要定位于银行柜台业务的延伸,增强市场服务能力,丰富个人货币兑换的便利渠道;四是完善业务管理,防范洗钱风险,强调个人持外币现钞在外币代兑机构和自助兑换机兑换人民币现钞时应遵守限额要求,不影响目前个人年度等值5万美元限额以内的正常结汇;五是推进法规整合,整合并废止了外币兑换业务的3部外汇管理法规,便利市场主体更好地理解和 The execution of foreign exchange management policy. (Peng Yang) lifting clutches

Fang Xinghai: China plans to launch crude oil futures

<strong> Beijing newspaper (reporter Wen Yuan) in May 25, formwork accessories</strong> commission vice chairman Fang Xinghai at the 25 meeting of the thirteenth Shanghai derivatives market forum said that China will promote the commodity futures market opening, the introduction of foreign investors to participate in commodity futures market in china. In the selection of species based on crude oil, iron ore, natural rubber and other varieties of higher degree of internationalization started, and gradually expand to other products. Fang Xinghai said that a large number of international trade and business enterprises have the spot spot in Chinese, they need to facilitate the use of Chinese futures market hedging, and many international financial investors is also eager to participate in China’s commodity futures market. The future of our country will be gradually introduced to specific varieties of foreign investors to participate in the domestic commodity futures trading. fixing socket

Shen Coal Group's main credit rating was lowered again

Following the CCXI has lowered Shenyang coal industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shen coal group") and the main related debt credit rating, and a Rating firm decided to reduce the credit rating of Shenyang Coal group. In May 24th, the joint credit rating Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "credit union") announced that, in view of the coal industry is still in the doldrums, expected future losses of Shenyang Coal Group is difficult, decided to subject the company's credit rating from AA+ down to AA-, the "10 Shen coal debt debt credit rating from AA+ down to AA, and will be included in the Shenyang Coal Group may cut credit rating watch list. Credit Union said in 2015, the coal industry boom continues to decline, coal prices continue to fall, Shenyang Coal Group operating income fell significantly, resulting squeeze on profit margins, the total profit of -14.61 billion yuan, compared to the end of 2014 to reduce the loss of 819 million yuan, to further expand the company over the same period; the size of short-term debt increased significantly, as of the end of 2015 the company, short-term debt for 14 billion 235 million yuan, an increase of 24.98%; for 6 billion 350 million yuan company in 2015 after deducting cash assets limited part, 0.45 times over the same period of short-term debt, short-term debt coverage is weak, short-term solvency pressure; as of 2016 3 at the end of the month, the company asset liability ratio and total capitalization ratio was 77.54% and 71.72%, the heavy debt burden; 1-3 months of 2016, net cash flow from operating activities was -8.17 billion yuan, greater liquidity pressures. (Wang Jiao) swivel coupler

Police: "e fast loan" suspected of illegal sequestration of hundreds of millions of dollars 13 jingfangxingju

Beijing In May 26, erection anchor according to the Guangdong province Huizhou city Huicheng District Public Security Bureau, micro-blog 25 evening news, Guangdong Department of finance investment limited company by using the "e quick loan platform funds illegally amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, the legal representative of the company and some of the shareholders to a simple way of issuing equity investment, investors will absorb part of the funds for himself. According to reports, in May 20, 2016, Huizhou city Huicheng District Public Security Bureau to carry out unified action to close the net, and the Guangdong Department of finance investment company's e rate loans net loan platform, and alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public to Jane led by a detention of 13 suspects. After initial police investigation, Guangdong Department of finance investment limited company by using the "e quick loan platform illegally funding amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, the legal representative of the company and the shareholders in equity investment, issuing way will absorb part of the funds investors accounted for. Said the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong city of Huizhou province Huicheng District branch of the public security organs shall be held liable relevant personnel involved in accordance with the law, and to restore the loss of the victim, the majority of investors "e rate loans" according to hukou (residence) public security organs, and truthfully reflect the investment situation, and actively cooperate with the investigation work. lifting clutches

CITIC wealth index released May asset allocation scheme

Recently, CITIC wealth index report released in May, through the interpretation of the latest economic situation at home and abroad, puts forward suggestions on the market all types of asset allocation ratio, providing professional investment strategy reference for investors. The report shows that the current global downtown pressure on the economy is still not reduced, the world economic situation is still complicated, there are many risks and uncertainties. Internationally, the U.S. labor market although robust, but inflation is weak, industrial output continued weak economic situation is mixed, expected interest rate process will slow further. There are signs of improvement in economic conditions in Japan, but the policy effect remains to be seen. The EU relaxed stimulate domestic demand to promote economic growth through the expected currency, the unemployment rate has decreased, to become the world's rare economic zone highlights. At home, a quarter GDP growth slightly exceeded market expectations. Among them, the real estate construction, double drive steady growth significantly, but the real estate sales and other traditional growth mode greatly affected by the policy, not enough to give investors an upward trend is expected to. At the same time, although the RMB basis does not have the continued depreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, but at this stage does not depreciate against a basket of currency devaluation phenomenon is worth paying attention to. Prices, inflation and exchange rates and other factors are likely to further easing of the policy limit. With the current economic situation at home and abroad, CITIC Bank has made the corresponding adjustment of five major categories of assets investment proportion. Among them, the stock market in the near future more favorable policies, capital return trend, structural investment opportunities exist certain. At the same time, Shanghai shares through continued net inflow of funds, foreign investment in A shares enthusiasm to rise. Therefore, the allocation of weights over the previous period to repair 5 percentage points to 30%. While commodity due to the weaker dollar, domestic economic stabilization stage, rising temperature not more than. The Doha meeting stranded or by risk aversion increased, recommended adaptation strong hedging function of gold assets. In the short term, the commodity after the stage rose after adjustment or appeal, recommended configuration weights representing a reduction of 5 percentage points to 15%. In addition, the report shows that the current financial market and fixed income market returns are signs of decline, the bond market also frequency burst event of default, but holding cash assets to make liquidity arrangements is still necessary. At the same time that the class of fixed income market ahead of the layout of high quality assets and avoid the low rating credit debt assets. Recommended cash assets, fixed income assets, bond allocation ratio was 20%, 25%, 10%, unchanged from the previous period of weight allocation. As of now, CITIC wealth index has released the seven. According to the insiders, CITIC wealth index report is to make timely and reasonable professional evaluation according to the changing economic situation at home and abroad trend, through professional asset preparation strategy to meet the investment needs of investors, to reduce investment risk, stable income. While the investment income goal setting is also very attractive assets in the current shortage of the environment, can bring the best experience of asset allocation and investment for the majority of investors.lifting anchor

The middle of 26, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.5552 rose 141 points

Beijing In May 26, according to the latest data China foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of May 26th the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.5552, BFD coupler compared with May 25th 6.5693 price rose 141 basis points. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people's Bank of China, May 26, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.5552 yuan, 1 euro for 7.3180 yuan, 100 yen for 5.9597 yuan, HK $1 for 0.84432 yuan, 1 pound of 9.6368 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 4.7097 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.3981 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.7596 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.6166 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.0339 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.62246 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.9795 Russian ruble. lifting clutches

The online payment in July last year the real name system accounts accounted for half

On each reporter Zhu Dandan The payment network real name system, the curtain will open your account, pfeifer VS box ready? The new regulations came into effect distance network payment for more than a month's time, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that a number of Payment institutions have gradually guide customers to the real name authentication information on the platform. Recently, Alipay announced that since July 1st, the mainland bank card is not binding Chinese users will not be able to save money on the Alipay account, can not use the balance in the account." At the same time, WeChat paid also said that after 1 July, if there is no real name, then by WeChat money, use change red envelopes and other functions may be limited. According to statistics, by the end of last year, the online payment accounts accounted for only 51.07%. A third party northern payment agency also told the "daily economic news" reporter, "the real name authentication has been doing." For fear of being frozen account balance ", Alipay said yesterday responded again, this is a misreading. It is worth noting that the recent news that the central bank in the Beijing area to carry out a comprehensive Internet payment mechanism of class II and class III personal payment account name proportion of verification work, request the payment mechanism of self-examination report submitted before the end of this month the central bank business management department. "<strong> The account balance for fear of being frozen" misinformation</strong>    As early as December 2015, the central bank announced the "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") regulations, Payment institutions to open payment accounts for customers, should be the real name system management for customers. In July 1, 2016, the "measures" will be formally implemented. In April this year, WeChat wallet payment, QQ products help, have relevant announcement invite user name authentication. In May 26th, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that Alipay is currently in succession by SMS, Alipay App message alerts, operation page tips and other ways to help and guide the user identity information is not complete complement and improve the personal identity information, complete the upgrade. WeChat also said that in response to the supervision department of the real name authentication regulations, WeChat users in July before the real name authentication. The company in 2011 July has begun to implement the account name system work, the whole process from account management, transaction, starting with the process and function of the system of perfect, effective identification of registered user, complete and accurate reproduction of each transaction." Fast money payment information company insiders have said. For the user identity information is not yet perfect, Alipay said, part of this type of account function will be affected by. For example, since July 1st, the mainland bank card is not binding Chinese users will not be able to save money on the Alipay account, can not use the balance in the account. However, Alipay also said that the specific influence to the degree of perfection of user identity information related to. WeChat also said that the real name authentication did not meet the users in the use of WeChat payment, the system will be targeted for tips and guidance, help user authentication. If the user is not the real name, according to the account, WeChat paid limited function. That is to say, by using WeChat money, change red envelopes and other features may be limited accordingly. However, the real name authentication system has caused the discussion of "account balance for fear of being frozen". In this regard, Alipay official told the "daily economic news" reporter said, there are many kinds of real name verification way, in addition to identity cards, bank cards, mobile phone, including social security accounts, payment accounts and so on, do not bind the bank card, the Alipay balance will be "frozen" that is a misreading. It is worth noting that the recent news that the central bank in the Beijing area to carry out a comprehensive Internet payment mechanism of class II and class III personal payment account name proportion of verification work, and require the payment mechanism of self-examination report submitted before the end of this month the central bank business management department. The northern Payment institutions admitted that "check things not too clear, but the real name authentication is what we've been doing." However, a southern region of the third party payment sources said, Shanghai (verification) has ended, as for standards, will have to see the results of the verification. <strong> The</strong> <strong> online payment accounts only 51.07% last year</strong>    In recent years, along with the network of payment innovation, many criminals through the Trojan virus, telecommunications fraud and other ways to steal personal financial information and the implementation of fraud. At the same time, the "daily economic news" reporter noted, "from the China payment and settlement industry report (2016)" the statistics show that as of the end of 2015, the total amount of non bank payment institutions to open payment account for 2 billion 636 million, which has a complete real name authentication 1 billion 346 million, accounted for only 51.07% of the total, up 8 percentage points than in 2014. The central bank official said earlier, first of all, only the real name system, in order to better protect the safety of funds accounts of all people, in order to protect consumers from the legal system of property rights, clear debts. Secondly, the account name system is the basis of economic and financial activities and the management of the account is the starting point and end point of access to funds, only the implementation of the payment account name system, in order to maintain the normal economic and financial order, so as to effectively implement the anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing requirements, to prevent and curb illegal activities. Finally, on account of the real name system will help to understand the basis of Payment institutions in their own customers, improve service quality, better service to the account owner, to lay the foundation for the promotion and improvement of the management level. Alipay also pointed out that the real name and perfect the identity information, there are a lot of benefits to users, such as transfer payments, you can easily check the payee name information, the transfer is not easy to turn the wrong person. In addition, password is also more convenient, when users forget the account password, the system can check multiple information, allowing users to quickly retrieve password security, and people outside have an ulterior motive. However, many industry insiders also pointed out that the real name system is an effective means, but not the only means. The real name, also in the fight against the impostor, strengthen network security, find clues to dig deep and punish Internet fraud and other aspects in the work. shuttering magnet

Minsheng Bank financial network layout full speed

May 19th, ringlock scaffolding Minsheng Bank assistant governor Lin Yunshan China Banking News in a regular press conference that the bank financial network upgrade to the core strategy, increase innovation, strive to provide a low threshold, whenever and wherever possible available, easy to use, safe and fast, low cost of online financial and online life service for our customers. The main channel of network financial business In recent years, the development of Internet Financial Minsheng Bank, has achieved remarkable results. As of May 15, 2016, Minsheng Bank direct customer number over 3 million 400 thousand households, Mani total purchase volume exceeded 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan, first mover advantage; mobile phone banking customers exceeded 21 million this year, the cumulative transaction amount close to 3 trillion yuan, the number of transactions of more than 150 million pen, customer activity ranking the top three users of WeChat bank; the number of online banking customers reached 12 million; the number exceeded 15 million, this year the total transaction amount of 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the replacement rate of transactions remained above 95%; electronic channels of personal financial sales this year accumulated over 1 trillion yuan, accounting for 98% in the whole line of personal finance of total sales. At present, people's livelihood financial network has become the main channel for the majority of customer self-service financial services." Chinese general manager of Minsheng Bank Network Finance Minister Qiu Shangqi said at the press conference, the Minsheng Bank to take measures to innovate the development of network finance, the bank has a complete platform system, unique products and services, reliable security as well as a number of free services and other advantages, won the majority of customer recognition and trust. To construct the system of network financial platform to complete In recent years, in order to make our customers more convenient access to financial services, Minsheng Bank building outlets, village banks and self-service banking service area in the country at the same time, a large outbreak to network financial demand an opportunity to further improve the financial network platform system, continue to optimize the online bank, WeChat bank, construction bank, key bank, mobile phone sales mobile payment, online payment platform four, has become one of the most complete commercial bank network financial platform system, fully meet the demand for financial services between individuals, small and micro enterprises and credit card customers. It is worth emphasizing that, as the first launch of the Minsheng Bank direct, according to the needs of Internet users and habits, to create a dedicated website, mobile phone APP, WeChat bank and other pure online one-stop financial services platform, has attracted more and more customers, at present, the students direct bank good development trend. At present, the network finance ushered in a good opportunity for development, Minsheng Bank said, will focus on the market changes and customer demand, accelerate the network financial strategic layout, sustained force platform and product innovation, make the network financial benefit a majority of customers. (Zhang Tongxing) steel chamfer

Tu Guangshao: the Shanghai pilot comprehensive financial supervision

In May 25th, Shanghai City Vice Mayor Tu Guangshao attended the thirteenth Shanghai derivatives market forum said that Shanghai has formed a comprehensive financial supervision, shuttering magnet functional supervision framework, will start the implementation, the overall framework will not change the existing pattern of financial supervision under the condition that the first exploration, provides the experience for our country in the next step financial regulation. Tu Guangshao said, "gold forty" of Shanghai to explore the comprehensive supervision, functional supervision, at present, Shanghai has formed the framework. This framework is mainly exploration will include all of the financial services industry into the regulation, to achieve full coverage of financial supervision, while the supervision of all financial services, information sharing, the formation of regulatory coordination mechanism between the state and local government departments in the supervision and on the basis of. "The next step, the construction of Shanghai international financial center will focus on four aspects: one is to implement, landing" financial reform forty ", strive for the early results; two is to play the role of financial institutions to support the supply side structural reform, strengthen the role of financial support institutions in innovation; three is the introduction of specialized programs in the construction of financial center environment, to create an international market and the rule of law of the business environment; the four is with the financial supervision departments, increase financial risk disposal efforts in perfecting the financial supervision." "12th Five-Year" period, the normative development of Shanghai commodity futures market, products are increasingly rich, steadily expanding the scale, function gradually play, has become an important part of the financial elements of the market in Shanghai. Tu Guangshao said that the futures market shift from quantity expansion to quality improvement, more and more business entities in the futures market, the futures market pricing of price information, improve business efficiency; use futures tools to manage risk, enhance the anti risk ability of enterprises, the role of futures market in the service of the real economy is becoming more and more play. Tu Guangshao pointed out that in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the process of risk corporate entities facing intensified, need more variety of risk management tools to resolve the risk, deepening reform. The development of Shanghai commodity futures market, and steadily push forward the opening, the formation of a more influential price risk management tools, expanding supply, can more effectively promote the market pricing mechanism, the elimination of backward production capacity, adjusting the industrial structure, upgrade the escort for the transformation of corporate entities. At present, China is actively promoting the supply side structural reform, efforts to improve the supply efficiency and quality of the supply system, enhance the new driving force of China's economic long-term stable development. Tu Guangshao said that the financial industry is the core of modern economy, the development of good grasp the rhythm and intensity of the financial elements of the market, to promote the supply side structural reform, the development of commodity futures markets in Shanghai for the construction of Shanghai international financial center, put forward new requirements, create great opportunities. The supply side structural reforms focus on the three to a drop for a "five major tasks, is a system engineering task, the key is to deepen the market-oriented reform, need to follow the laws of the market, use the market mechanism to solve the problem. Reporter Guan Ping bfd coupler

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