In June 17th, China’s first driverless metro train at the “2014 China International Rail Transportation exhibition”. It is reported, this driverless metro train of 3 organizing into groups, the maximum load of about 1500 people, the appearance is similar to common subway, no cab. The new car will not be the driver and crew members involved, can realize the automatic train awakening, automatic departure leaves, downgrade driving, arriving precision parking, automatic opening and closing the door operation. According to the Xinhua News AgencyThis morning, reporters from the China North Locomotive was informed that the China first unmanned train will enter Yan real line.Metro vehicle tender in Beijing Yan real line held recently, CNR CRC to win, get full automatic unmanned 60 cars of the new generation of driving metro train orders.The highest running speed of train 80km/h, using 2 move 2 pull 4 cars type B stainless steel vehicle, the first two train delivery date for 2015 May.Yan real line is China’s first meet the full automatic unmanned IEC62267 standard GOA4 automation level of the highest driving circuit, the number of “unmanned” subway train is the train subway automatic rank to be highest, from the RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety) point of whole automatic vehicle system and the reliability of the vehicle electrical control index distribution.In 2002, the world’s first “unmanned” subway put into use in the Danish capital Copenhagen, was awarded the “world’s best subway” and many other awards. At present, many cities all over the world application of a fully automatic driverless metro, such as France, Paris and Lyon, Nuremberg in Germany, St Paul, Spain, Barcelona, Hungary, Brazil, Budapest etc..Full automatic unmanned is a systems engineering, in addition to the subway train, line operators need to fully closed, according to the “tide” features guest flow flexible organization of optimal interval. Yan Fang line along an elevated line, closed for the entire route, this provides possibility to take the lead in “early adopters” full automatic unmanned train.Yan real line to issue in 2015 will be opened in December. As the leader of China’s “unmanned” subway train well deserved, CNR CRC had unmanned train for Hongkong.”Unmanned”: that is, without the driver and crew interventional manipulation, can realize the automatic train awakening, self check, automatic departure leaves, downgrade driving, arriving precision parking, automatic opening and closing doors, complete the operation after the automatic sleep a full set of operation, complete copy of the Metro driver’s operation. (reporter Zhou Chao)Sponsor Link:halfen channel ringlock scaffolding erection anchor

New thumb Zhang in the rehabilitation trainingThe thumb is removed for crushed, this hand and only a semi invalid? The successful provincial Rehabilitation Center for injured the implementation of the “big move”, the toe to thumb”. Reporter recently saw, the hands can play mobile phone games freely.Zhang this year 26 years old, is responsible for stamping machinery in Guangzhou a large mechanical equipment company after-sales service. In April this year, he for customers in the maintenance of equipment, preparation work is not good, equipment down his left hand thumb crushed. He was taken to a nearby hospital, the crushing of the thumb, hospital management.Statistics show that in the hands of all the functions, there are 40% is completed by the thumb. Young Zhang, how to do? Family helped him contact around, that province inductrial injury rehabilitation center and finger reconstruction operation successful case, immediately contact, small Zhang sent rescue.The doctor after the study, finally decided to “local”, to Zhang a foot two toe off, transplantation as a new hand, thumb.Reporter recently saw, after meat, rehabilitation treatment, toe has been successful “long” in the hand, become flexible thumb. In the face of the reporter, Xiao Zhang flexibly see mobile phones, play games, pick up the phone.What’s more, during treatment, Xiao Zhang and his girlfriend feelings further, two people decide to get married, Xiao Zhang a discharge. (reporter Yin Anxue interns Huang Yining, correspondent Huang Lifeng photography reports)Sponsor Link:halfen channel BFD coupler anchor socket

The concern of the “Guangdong Environmental Protection Ordinance (revised draft revised two draft draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “draft”), 11 official in the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee on the official website of “appearance”, and open to the public for comments. And before the provincial people’s Congress meeting of the “Guangdong Environmental Protection Ordinance (Revised Draft)” in the draft not only retains the polluting enterprises “double penalty”, “daily penalty” and other terms, also add a new — in the Pearl River Delta region, strict control of high pollution and high energy consumption of construction project.High pollution projects in Pearl River Delta urban areas or movedNotable is, “strict control” and not an “empty”, but made very clear in the Pearl River Delta region in the province, not new construction and expansion of refining, steel and iron, coke, non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical pulping, high pollution and high energy consumption projects, and strictly control the printing and dyeing, electroplating (including supporting electroplating), construction, pulp and paper, leather, lead-acid batteries, ceramics and other high pollution and high energy consumption projects.In the Pearl River Delta region in the province, no new coal fuel thermal power unit; new project shall not supporting the construction of owned coal-fired power station. Coal fired unit and coal-fired power stations have been built within the administrative region of this province, should be supporting facilities for desulphurization and denitrification and dust removing device or take other control sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot measures.At the same time, the draft also stressed that the Pearl River Delta region within the urban area, not built pollution or affect the lives of the residents of chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, iron and steel, building materials and other industrial projects; built should gradually adjust or relocation.Not only is the Pearl River Delta region, the Municipal People’s government at or above the level according to the need of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, shall be determined and published high polluted fuel forbidden area. In the no fly zone, the prohibition of new, expansion of high pollution fuel combustion facilities; the burning of coal, heavy oil, residual oil polluting fuel such as facilities, should stop use or to switch to clean energy within the prescribed time limit.The Pearl River Delta or the introduction of more stringent emission standards for motor vehiclesMotor vehicle exhaust has become a source of environmental pollution. To this end, the draft proposed that the provincial government can need according to the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, decided to advance the implementation of discharge standards of the new motor vehicle the national stage, and make the motor vehicle exhaust pollution is more strict in the Pearl River Delta and other key cities in air pollution control pollution control regulations.Level throughout the city, can also according to the need of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, in the administrative region within the vehicle fails to obtain environmental label of inspection, to restrict travel region, limiting driving time or restriction of running vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control of traffic control measures, and the regulations of the state and the province eliminated the term standard yellow cars within the administrative region of.For heavy pollution, long running distance of diesel cars, buses, taxis and other vehicles, the draft stressed, should be replaced regularly efficient exhaust gas purification device.Hotel sanatorium gradually moved out of the core scenic areaRevised draft regulations, scenic area should strictly control the construction of artificial landscape, ensure service facilities and construction projects shall be in harmony with the natural landscape, landscape, environmental pollution damage. Prohibit the establishment of development zones and the development of real estate projects in the scenic area, prohibited in the core scenic area in the construction of hotels, guest houses, training centers, nursing homes and the protection of scenic and historical resources independent of other buildings; has been completed, should be in accordance with the scenic area planning and gradually move out.The revised draft also explicitly, the Forest Park in addition to the necessary protection facilities and ancillary facilities, prohibited from engaging in any production has nothing to do with the resources protection and construction activities; the prohibition of arbitrary occupation and requisition, acquisition and transfer of land; a ban on the planting predatory soil and water resources, destruction of soil structure of inferior species.At the same time, in the geological park and may affect the geological park and the surrounding area, prohibit quarrying, earth, mining, grazing, deforestation and other protected objects damaging activities, integrity and lack of protection of Geology and geomorphology. (the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Lina)Sponsor formwork accessories lifting insert

Yesterday afternoon at three ten pm, Changsha Shaoshan Road near the sun times Avenue intersection occurred in trouble in the case, a man holding a knife to 4 past the masses trouble, caused a mass arm was scratched. Patrolling nearby police found the situation, quickly rushed to the scene, and the scene of the masses will force a man suspected of subdued.According to preliminary police investigation, suspected the man is called Ceng Jiekai, 19 years old, Hunan Yiyang Nanxian, criminal record, before the incident had been drinking. At present, the injured people have been hospitalized, no permanent damage. The suspect Ceng Jiekai has been the public security organs of control, the relevant situation is further investigation. (reporter Yan Jiawen Kong Yi correspondent)Sponsor Link:fixing socket scaffolding parts shuttering magnet

This summer, a experienced severe drought, many crops are crops, people drinking water problems. Recently, “officials send water photographs” topic causes netizen heat to discuss. Local people said that part of county and township leadership down water like a mere formality: they follow the water, sit limousine car, simply ask, the scene was filmed and photographed the scene lively for a while, and then went back to the car. In less than an hour, the leaders “home”. In the face of public water supply request, officials said: “too serious drought, water is needed everywhere, do not send.”The people in disaster rescue, some officials are in front of the camera to show their “love child”. To read of dry land, leaned sympathy after predicament of farmers, even all the responsibility. The disaster when the show, which is typical of formalism. In front of the camera, “being” is under the pressure of public opinion, but also to let the superior leadership see myself this time as to the top, “WuShaMao head”. This kind of practice, people naturally dislike.In spite of the people suffering, basic appeal ignored disaster relief of the masses, performing routine skilled in stylized. This kind of behavior and the party’s second batch of the mass line of educational practice. From which we can see, some government officials still from the masses, not based on needs, people hope to serve the masses, the masses satisfaction goals far distance. This is worth all Party member cadre thought, and learn a lesson. Ding Jinzhi.Sponsor Link:lifting clutches aop formwork lifting insert

Yesterday, a Changsha County company due to financial director QQ number is stolen temporarily not to notice, to fraud account to more than 28 yuan. Fortunately, the company staff found early, alarm immediately and will inform the bank. The bank staff and police quickly take measures timely freezing fraud accounts, retrieve the economic loss to the company.Director QQ stolen, cheated.Yesterday morning, Changsha County a company is operating as usual. According to the usual procedures, if the company needs to transfer, finance director for finance minister through the QQ message. The finance minister will call to the director of Finance for confirmation, and then transfer to the designated account. Yesterday, the company has a sum of money in accordance with the procedure of expenditure.About eleven thirty in the morning, the finance minister and a received QQ message sent to the finance director, Shanghai need a bank account to more than 28 yuan. Because just to finance director by telephone, finance minister didn’t call to confirm, put the money transferred through Internet banking. Subsequently, the financial secretary phone chief financial officer, said the money has been transferred.”I just didn’t send message to you.” Chief financial officer’s answer to the finance minister was frightened jump, it is found that the finance director of QQ stolen, behind the request transfer news is false, and the account is a fraud accounts.Intentional wrong password to temporarily freeze accountsThe staff will immediately notify the legal representative of the company, Mr. li. Mr. Li immediately alarm, and bring people rushed to the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xingsha branch, ask the staff to help.”Fortunately found in time.” The bank staff said that they understand the situation, immediately took the fraud account number entry in the official website, and deliberately wrong password 3 times, to the account within 24 hours can not transfer. Subsequently, they on the counter intentional wrong password 6 times. So, if you want to take this account the money inside, account must I hold identity cards and other documents to the counter to withdraw money. Bank staff said that the money to the account of time distance they temporarily freeze the accounts of the time, just 5 minutes, “if the late 5 minutes, the money may be transferred.”At the same time, the Xingsha police station after, will freeze notice sent to the bank, compulsory freezing on account. At present, no one can remove the accounts of the money. The police station will be rushed to Shanghai as soon as possible to the account opening branch, through the relevant legal procedures, take out the money returned to Mr. li. A false alarm, more than 28 yuan.Police reminded, in QQ, SMS, micro letter platform, if related to transfer money, money and so on, please call or face to face verification and transfer. If you find yourself falling into the fraud trap, and has put money into the account of the other side, should as soon as possible to enter the wrong password 3 times in the bank on the net, making it 24 hours not through the net transfer. At the same time, to the bank as soon as possible and alarm, turn to the counter staff and police, to take emergency measures to freeze the other account.Police reminded, in QQ, SMS, micro letter platform, if related transfers, money and so on, please call or face to face verification operation. Discovery is fraud, should as soon as possible to enter the wrong password 3 times in the bank on the net, making it 24 hours not through the net transfer, at the same time the alarm to freeze the other account. (reporter Nie Yingrong)Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors formwork accessories lifting insert

Yesterday morning, Shatou sand palace in front of sections, a business car suspected runaway in avoidance of vehicles, roadside tree after severing coarse turn 180 ° after falling into the river. Critical, sand House District security Zhang Dasheng rushed to jump into the river, carrying bricks hit the window.”The first great explosive sound, such as the sound of the explosion in general.” Mr. Deng told reporters that he was inside the room to rest, heard a loud noise after ran out a look, a car plunged into the river, coarse roadside trees were abruptly bump into two pieces.Mr. Deng said, the roadside is a mess, a truncated tree was crashed into the river, most of the body is not in the water.”Fell into the river is a commercial van and drive people heard that a young man.” Mr. Deng said, when he came out, the driver has been saved, it also is not very clear.Then, reporters rushed to the scene found that lifting and wrecker has been opened to the roadside, rescue personnel are on the car check to see anyone, ready to lift out seriously damaged vehicles. Yesterday morning 10 when much, damaged vehicles were hanging out of the water how to fry.”Hit hard, the whole car ahead full fragmentation concave.” Mr. Deng said that many who heard the residents, is shocked by the horrors damaged vehicles, all the more curious and concerned, car, driving people in the end how?Yesterday morning, reporters in the sand palace in front of the accident site visit that, when a 6 year old man jumped into the river to save. After looking, he is the original security Zhang students sandbar House District, this year just 60 years old.”At that time I was on duty room duty, she heard a loud noise.” Zhang Dasheng said, he rushed out to see, found adjacent to the duty room of the river was a car at the sink, at that time the car sinking speed.Zhang Dasheng looked at, aware of the event, no time to think, just pick up roadside bricks, suddenly jumped into the river and swim to the side, want to pull the door open, try not pull to open. Is ready to tap on the window with a brick, but found that the cab was nobody.”At first I thought it was an unmanned vehicle slip down.” Zhang Dasheng said, see off stump head damage shape and the side of the road, feel not slipping so simple. Then a hand on the roof, hand picked up the bricks, the window banged to near the cab.Picked up a brick through four or five, the window is open, Zhang students not find people in the car, the car still has a tendency to sink, he began to worry.”Cannot find the person, the water began to car leaching, very dangerous.” Zhang Dasheng said he found the cab airbag, seat open, nearly flat, adventure leaned into the car, found a 30 – year-old man, coma in the back seat.Zhang Dasheng said, may be hit too violent, the boy was stun. Seeing this, he kept shouting boy, the boy was wake up, he took the other pulled away from the body.”People frighten not light, but fortunately no big deal.” Zhang Dasheng said that he will only know each other, they save ashore, took only three or four minutes, but he felt that the rescue a particularly long time, main is to cannot find the driver.”If not being found in time, man trapped inside, a long time hypoxia also will have an accident.” Mr. Deng said that the more they touched, at that time the river situation is unknown, security guard Zhang Dasheng didn’t think carrying bricks jump, courage.People will be rescued after, Zhang Dasheng returned to the room, found some clean clothes again, just the soul stirring scene, laugh. He said, if at that time not to jump, if people in the car has the accident, he will be guilty.The car is open, a runaway severing roadside thick tree and plunged into the river, the accident happened? Yesterday, the reporter understands, the guy is probably running from west to East, driving an electric car and car suspected avoidance, the car lost control and crashed into the road on the north side of the tree, and into the river.”Probably the speed faster, see the scene from the dent, speed can be hit so hard.” During the interview, Mr. Deng speculation, so violent impact, and may run fast to brake in time has a certain relationship.Nearby residents told reporters, after the area in front of the vehicle, usually have more quickly.”Xiang Dao should limit it, but the car passed by, mostly open more fierce.” Residents said Mr. Xu Xiang Dao as urban road, lane markings, the speed limit is in place, and because most township road will be close to some villages, cold not the D will have cars and people flee out faster dangerous.Mr. Xu said that with the township village car retains the quantity increases, security issues also need to be paid attention to a country road.Yesterday, the reporters arrived, has not found the boy was rescued. At present, the specific cause of the accident remains to be further investigated.(please informer next Thursday and Friday to receive the information costs 40 yuan) reporter Meng JianThe original title: car head first into the river the driver coma good security with smashed windows brick jumped into the river to save the manuscript source: Yangzhou evening news, author: Meng JianSponsor Link:halfen channel prop nut pfeifer VS box

And there is a bus line is adjusted, this time is the 10 road. Bus 10, is a former Niujie and Xuanwu District residents are most important travel line. Starting from this Friday, will run according to the new line. Whether it is reality or the Internet, in addition we miss the old line, there are other hope. Adjustment before the best first solicit public opinion, whether it is adjusting the bus lines, or make any other policy.  Adjustment: 10 road and 37 road with the originalAn A4 copy paper notices, PA of a, attached to the 10 road bus terminus nancaiyuan platform. This can be traced back to the old line in 1946, it was changed. Even from after the liberation of the May 10, 1954 re line date, has 60 years of history.The original 10 bus, from starting to during the North East, via Niujie, Xidan to the East, go the Tiananmen Wangfujing, finally arrived at Beijing Railway Station. The line was the Niujie area residents and Nancheng residents shopping in the city the most important line. After adjustment, 10 road and 37 road from the original merger, the National Palace of culture to the west, walk three Li River,, all the way to Hangtianqiao.  Question: before sign public opinion?These two days, from the South Garden Bus Terminal in the passenger, people often ask the conductor. The answer is very simple, not cancel, just change the line. “Changes the line? I live in Niujie, I want to go to Wangfujing, I went to Hangtianqiao to do?” In the face of passenger complaints, the conductor also can find no way out: “the group will.”Published in accordance with the Beijing public transport group said, this is to adjust the Sixth Batch of this year, is to repeat the line in order to integrate urban trunk road, cut long distance through the city line, at the same time, further increase the suburban network coverage, involving a total of 27 bus routes.Lived in Niujie for 20 years of Mr. Jia, on the bus 10 familiar. In his view, line 10 has little effect on the actual travel, after all, there are many repeated line. He is not happy but these years, bus line every time adjustment, does not seem to be solicited public opinion.  Voice: open hearings should be adjusted before theThis year, public transportation group has carried out 5 large-scale line adjustment. Last year, a total of 9 batches of line adjustment. In recent years, the cancellation of the line, the most famous is “the most cattle bus line” 728 road and Chang’an Avenue’s “big 4 road”.Every familiar lines disappear, will have the old neighborhood, bus to ride off game. Every time before adjusting, simply on the website of the publicity, do not listen to public opinion, measures such as hearing. Frequent adjustment of bus line, let the loss to bus travel as the main way of the general public, and even anger.In Beijing Public Transport Group official micro Bo, a lot of netizens message, on the expression of dissatisfaction with the modified line bus. You want is not static, but before the adjustment respect public opinion.  Suggestion: respect public opinion began6 pm last night, a good news of suspected, in many bus fan when spread. Notice that will be implemented in August 15th Sixth Batch of bus line adjustment, suddenly in the Beijing public transport group website, twitter removed. The bus fans think, this must be the public transport group listened to everyone’s opinions, to make changes to the original line adjustment plan. They hope that this is the beginning of Beijing public respect for public opinion.  Related news  This FridayBus line adjustment  A moratorium onReporters from the public transport group was informed that, originally set for this Friday’s sixth batch of transit network optimization work, due to technical reasons a moratorium on.In order to further improve the Beijing city bus “fast, universal, and micro four level network, Beijing bus group scheduled for the Sixth Batch of line network adjustment in August 15th, opened a new line 6, shorten the line 7, adjust the line 8, revocation of line 6, involving a total of 27 lines. Now due to technical reasons, the Sixth Batch of line network optimization work on public sector specific implementation, time adjustment and optimization of a week in advance to the public.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor ledger blade pfeifer VS box

The Chengde August, everywhere a lush. The trees were tall and straight trunk, green barrier to form a barrier of sand “”. The positioning of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region function of water conservation, Chengde city in order to create ecological civilization and economic society coordinated development demonstration zone for total grasper, efforts to promote green crucial action, in leveraging the development of realization of the capital to build ecological security barrier, service in Beijing and tianjin.Chengde in Beijing and Tianjin and Inner Mongolia Hunshandake and Horqin Sand between the two, is the only way to invade the south of Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm, is also the important water conservation. Over the years, Chengde adhere to the “the water source for the Beijing Tianjin sand source, for farmers to increase resource developing wealth” ecological construction, relying on the “Three North” afforestation, Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control, returning farmland to forests, Beijing and Hebei water source forest, reengineering Saihanba forestry key projects, accelerating the pace of land greening. At present, the forest coverage rate of 55.8%, year can absorb 124440000 tons of carbon dioxide, release 110160000 tons of oxygen, stranded dust 80320000 tons, 6620000000 cubic meters of water conservation. Built in apricot, sea buckthorn, dry and fresh fruit trees and other economic forest industry base 7935000 acres, the city of farmers per capita income 2400 yuan of economic forest. Build a national, provincial nature reserve in 10, the national and provincial level Forest Park in 17, a provincial Wetland Park 2. “Ecological is the basis for building a beautiful happiness in Chengde, we should not only implement the green quantity increase and green promotion, but also realize high integration of Chengde ecological, economic and social and the benign interaction.” Chengde municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xuebi said.The city to highlight the focus of governance, accelerate the pace of land and plantation. According to the function partition the delineation of the dam on the northern windbreak and sand fixation forest, water conservation forest, water conservation forest in central and southern economy economic forest, according to local conditions, suitable tree adaptation principle, the comprehensive management of serious desertification and soil erosion of ecological fragile zone, to channel, residential area, urban area of mountain and urban entrance window strip as the focus, the implementation of sandstorm source control, water conservation, water conservation forest, economic forest four big projects, speeding up the greening process. Around Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, careful planning of the project construction of biological system for the prevention and control of harmful pines, Yudaokou 1000000 acres of reengineering Saihanba construction projects and 1000000 acres of tidal river water conservation forest project, the Luanhe River 3000000 Mu water conservation forest project, returning farmland to forest two phase of 1500000 acres of engineering project, and the construction of forest fire prevention system in Chengde city Chengde city forestry. At the same time, the city’s about 20000000 acres of forest ecological benefit single, low and poor economic forest, developed in Chengde in the young forest tending and construction project. Deepening and Beijing Forestry University, China Agricultural University, Institute of Chinese Academy of forestry, Agricultural University of Hebei, Beijing Fruit Research Institute, Changli Institute of Pomology, Academy of forestry and other cooperation, study and solve the bottlenecks in the development, strengthening science and technology achievements transformation and technical support; improve the nursery breeding level and supply ability, afforestation technology of comprehensive drought in the main container seedlings promotion, and comprehensively improve the quality of afforestation.Strong base scale, build green income people rich industries. According to “the economic forest as a general idea of basic industry” in the city to achieve well-off, take Yijiangdaibu, first built after the meeting mode, to speed up the land transfer, leasing, contracting and water circuit supporting infrastructure construction, application of modern means of science and technology, construction of a characteristic, high technology content, business scale, comprehensive benefits of good fruit demonstration garden, stimulate and promote the forest industry in the economic development. The formation of apricot, fruit, wood, seabuckthorn industry leading enterprises, giving priority to discount, key support, promote the upgrading of capacity expansion and transformation of enterprises, to extend the industrial chain, promoting the industrialization. To further strengthen the market construction, perfect function, expansion of scale, enhance the quality and level, increase market visibility and reputation, improve market competitiveness. To do a good job in Beijing and Tianjin market docking, the completion of Chengde, the green, organic, pollution-free fruit supply base.Improve the comprehensive benefit of forest. The implementation nurture quality engineering and artificial pure forest mixed renovation project, improve the stand structure, improve forest quality, enhance comprehensive benefits. Well forestry “three residues” (logging residues, bucking lave, processing residues) comprehensive utilization, encourages cooperation Hongsen wood, gold Jiao group and other leading enterprises and state-owned forest and collective forest right of all people, the order form, grasp the comprehensive utilization of forestry “three residues”, in the wood coal, bio diesel, the development of edible fungi industry at the same time, makes the contribution for the control of air pollution. The industrial development of forest, and vigorously promote the forest vegetables, Lin medicine, forest fungi intercropping and poultry, livestock breeding and other solid composite forest management model, and actively guide the development characteristic planting, aquaculture farmers, improve the land utilization, the forest land resources into “food basket”, “meat dishes”, “medicine garden”.Strengthen the protection of resources, construction of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei ecological security barrier. Focus on key areas and important period in fire prevention, implementation of major forest fires, major casualty accidents, forest fire damage rate is less than 0.3 ‰ not happening target. Highlight the main body responsibility of the government to seriously implement the Beijing Tianjin Hebei prevention plan, strictly prevent the invasion of alien pests, to ensure that the American white moth and other key forestry pests do not spread, non proliferation. In strict accordance with the examination and approval procedures, in accordance with the law for the forest harvesting and forest land use, strict control of harvesting and forest land use indicators, reduce loss of resources, to ensure that the limit does not break. At the same time, the integration of forestry law enforcement forces the forest public security, and severely crack down on all kinds of forest related violations, to ensure that forest resources security.Sponsor Link:halfen channel cuplock scaffolding lifting loop

9, Zhuxi County, after 90 female college students “shepherd” Tang Jie in sheep. After graduating from Hubei University in 2013, according to the investigation and research, decided to use the Home Xiaoshang vast mountain development of aquaculture, and one joint venture in Zhuxi County Long Ba Zhen natural breeding cattle and sheep, 800 sheep head, while the establishment of farming cooperatives to attract around 70 households in. (horizon net Yan Yizhong perturbation)Sponsor Link:lifting socket cuplock scaffolding lifting loop